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Full text of "Book of common prayer and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the Church .."

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)~> J a 





The BOOK of 

COMMON prayer; 

And Admin isTRAT^ioN of the 




Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, 


?. Tbe Proteftant Epifcopal Church ^ 

5 IN THE :^ 




G R 


N E fr - Y R Ki 



^ HANOVER-SQUARE, m,dcc,xciv. |S 


X 'T^ H E Ratiftcatiofi of 
JL the Book of Com- 
mon Prayer. 

I The Preface. 

3 The Order how the PfaU 
tcr is appointed to be 

The Order how the Reft 
of the Holy Scripture is 
appointed to be read. 

3 Tabks of Leflbnsof Holy 
Scripture, to be read at 
MorVJng and Evening 
Prayer, throughout the 

6 The Calendar. 

Tables and Rules for 
^he Moveable and Im- 
moveable Feafts, toge- 
ther with the Days of 
Fafting and Abfrinence 
throughout tlie Year. 

Tables for finding the 

The Order for Daily 
Morning Prayer. 

Tl-e Order for Daily 

jivenine Pravvr. 


II Prayers and Thankrgrfr 
ings upon feveral Occa- 
fions, to be ufed before 
the two final Prayers of 
Morning and Evening 

I a The Collea,s Epiftle^s 
and Gofpelsj to be ufea 
throughout the Year. 

13 The Order for the Ad rni- 

niftration of the Lord's 
Supper, or Koly Com- 

14 The Miniftration of Pub- 

lic Baptifm of Infants,ta 
be ufcd in the Church*^ 

15 The Minif:ration of Pri- 

vate Baptifm of Chil- 
dren, in Houfes. 

16 The Miniftration of Bap- 

tifm to fuch as are of 
Riper Years, and able 
to anfwer for them- 

17 A Catechifm ; that is to 

fay, an Inftrudionto be 
learned by every Perfon 
before he be brought to 
be ct:>nfirmt?ti by the 
z . 14. The 


iS The Order of Confirma- 
tion, or laying on of 
Hands upon' thofe that 
are baptized, and come 
to Years of Difcretion. 

19 The Form of Solemni- 

zation of Matrimony/ 

20 The Order for theVifi- 
. tation of the Sick. 

a I The Communion of the 

2^ The Order for the Burial 
^of the Dead. 

iZ3 The Thankfgiving of 
Womea after Child- 
Birth ; commonly cal- 
led, The Churching of 

24 Forms of Prayer to be 
ufed ai Sea. 

ZS A Form of Prayer fottW 
Vifitation of Prifoners, 

36 A Form of Prayer ami 
Thankfgiving to 
mighty God, for 
Fruits of the Earth 
all the other BleffmL 
of his merciful Prcvif 

Forms of Prayer to- h\ 
ufed in Families* 




Seledions of Pfaims, t 
be ufed inftead of th 
Pfalrns for the Day, 
the X>ifcretion of ti> 


The Pfalter, or rfa3ms< 





Book of Common Prayer. 

TIT the Bishops, /Z'*? Clergy, and ih^ Laity of the 

Protejiayit Epifcopal Church in the United States of 

Amrrica^ /;/ C O N V E N T I O N, this Sixteenth Day of 

Ocfoher^i in the Tear of our Lord One Thouf and Seven Huht 

dred and Eighty rnine : 

This Conventiony halting in their preftnt SeJJion fit forth 
A Book OF Common Prayer, and Administration 
PF THE Sacraments and other Rites and Cere- 
^VoNiES OF THE ChurCH, do hereby ejiablijlj the f aid 
Book: And they declare it to be the Liturgy of this Church; 
4Vtd require^, that it he received asfuch by all the Members of 
tJ:}efame : And this Book fmll b'e in Ufe from and after the 
Pirft Day ofOdoier^ in the Tear of our Lord One Thoufand 
" zen Hundred and Ninety, 


T H 1 


IT IS a moft invaluable part of that blcflcd " I'lhfrty noiffretoit 
Chk isr'hatb made ui frecy'' that, in his worihip, diiierer 
fsrms and ujag:z may without offence be allowed, provided th 
fubfiance of the faith be kept entire j and that, in every Chiircl 
what cannot be clearly determined to belong to doSirlne mufl I 
referred to difciplint'^ and therefore, Uy common confent and authc 
rity, may be altered, abridged, enlarged, amended, or otherwi: 
difpofcd of, as may feem mofl convenient for the edification < 
the people, " according to the various exigencies of times ar 

The Church of Ens lakd, to which theProteftantr.p»rcop 
Church in thefe States is indebted, under GOD, for heV lii 
foundation and a long continuance of nurfingc^re and prote£tioi 
liath* in the Preface of her Book of Common Prayer, laid it dovs 
as a rale, that ** The particular Forms of Divine Worfhip, and tl^ 
Ritfes and Ceremonies appointed to be u fed therein, being thifigs i 
their own nature indifferent and alterable, and fo acknowledge* 
It is but reafonable that, upon weighty and important confiderj 
tions, according to the various exigencies of times and occ^on 
fuch changes and alterations fliould be made therein, as to tho 
who are in places of authority flioald, ffom time to time, feei 
«icher neceffary or expedient. 

The fame Church hath not only in htr Pfefdcey but likewi 
In her y^rrij/^i and tlomUksy declared the neccffity and expedient 
of occafional alterations and amendments in her Forms of Publ 
Worihip j and we find accordingly, that, fceking to ** keep tl 
happy msan between too much ftiffnefs irt rsfujing and too muc 
tajinefs in admitting variations in things once advifedly cftabliihe 
ihc hath, in the reign of feveral Princes^ (ince the firft compilii 
©f her Liturgy in the time of Edward the Sixth, upon juft ai 
weighty fonfidwatisnsher ihcrcunto moving, yi«li«d to make fu< 



lAterafiOAfl in fome particulars, at in their refpe^^Ive tiAaes were 
t)|oaght convenient : Yet fo as the main body and efTential part» 
q£ the fa"!nc (as well in the chiefcft materials, as in the frame PJid 
#rder thereof) have itili been continoed firm a^d unlhaken.'* 

** Hct general ami in thefe dlfTcrent rnrk^ws and afteratknt 
lltthbeen," as fhe further declares in her faid Preface, ** to do thaC 
which, according to her bcft undcrftanding, might moil tend to the 
|»refervacion of peace^and urity in the Church j the procuring of re- 
verence, and the exciting of piety and aevotion in the worlhipof 
Cod J and, finally, tlic c utting off occaiion, from them that fcekoc* 
eafion, of cavil or quarrel againft her Liturgy.*' And although^ 
■according to her judgment, there be not ** any thing in it contrary 
to the Word of God, or to found d3<^ine, or which a godly maa 
may not with a good confcience ufe and fubmit unto, or which is 
not fairly defenfihle, if alh^wed fsch juft and favourable con- 
ilruAion, as, in common equity, ought to be allowed to all hu- 
man writings ," yet upon the principles already laid down, it can- 
not but be fuppofed, that further alteration would in time be 
louPid expedient. Accordingly, a Conimifiion for a review wa3 
ifiued in the year 16S9 : But this great and good work mifcarrici 
flt that tim^-5 and the Civil Authority has not fmce thought pro- 
|«r to revive it by any fiew CommiiTion. 

But when, lo the courfe of Divine Providence, thefe Arifterjcaa 
States htzzmc independent with refpe£t to Civil Government, their 
£.cclefiafikal Independence was neceifarily included ^ and the diffe- 
rent religious denominations of Chriftians in thefe States were lefc 
at full and equal liberty to model and organize their refpeftive 
churches and forms of worfhip and difcipline, in fuch manner at 
they might judge moll^ convenient for their future profperity 5 con- 
fiftently with the Conffitution and Laws of their Country, 

The attention of this Church was, in the firft place, drawn 
to thofe alterations in the Liturgy which became neceflary in the 
Prayen for our Civil Rulers, in confequence of the Revolution. 
And the principal care herein was to make them conformable to 
what ought to be the proper end of all fuch prayers, namely, that 
** Rulers naay have grace, wifdom, and underftanding to execute 
jufticc, and to maintain truth j and chat the People may lead quiet 
and peaceable live«, \% all godliaefs and honelly.'* 

t 4 ]B«t 

The P R E F A C E. 

But while thefe alterations were in review before the Con- 
tention, they could not but, with gratitude to God, embrace 
the .happy occ alien, wbich^wa^ offered to them (uninfiuenced and 
unreftrained by any woridly authority whapfocver) to. take a fur« 
ther review of the Public Ser'vicey and to eitablifh fuch other alte- 
rations and amendments, tlierein as might be deemed expedient* ■ 

It feems unnecgfiary to enumerate all the different alterations, 
and amendments. They will appear, and it is to be hoped, the 
reafons of them alfo, upon a comparifon of this with the Book of 
Common Prayer of the Church of England. In which it will alfo 
appear, that this Church is far from intending to depart from the 
Church of Eagiand in any ellential point of doctrine, difcipline, 
VV worliiip j or farther than local clrcumltanccs require. 

And now, this important work being brought to a conclufion, 
St is hoped the whole will be received and examined by every truc^ 
JVlembtif of our Church, and every fincere Chriftian, vyith a meek, 
cand'.a, and charitable frame of mind j without prejudice or pre- 
pofle/Tions ^ ferioufiy conGdering what Chriftianity is, and what the, 
trutiis 01 the Gofpei are , and earneilly befeechirig Almighty God, ' 
to accompany with his bleliing every endeavour for promulgating ■ 
them to mankind in the cleareft, plaineil;, moft afTeci:in,g and ma^^ 
jellic manner, for the fake of Jefus Chrift, our bieifed Lord and* 



^ Tbe ORDER- hoto tbe Pjalur is appointed to be read* 

THe Plalcer ihall be read through once every Month, as it Is 
there appointed, both for Morning and Evening Prater. But 
in February it fiiail be read only to* the Twenty -eighih or l*wenty- 
ninth Day ot the Month. 

And whcreai January y March, May, July, Auguft, OB^jher^ 
tnu Dtcemhcry have 0;ie aiid Thirty Days a-piece \ it is ordered, 
that the lame Pfalms fliaii be read tiie laft Day oi the faid 
^ Monihs, whicli were read the Day before jfo that the Pralter may 
Wgiri agalft the Firft D^y of the cext Month enluing. 

And whereas the CXIX Pfalm is divided into XXI I Portions, 
and is over long to be read at one time j it is fo ordered, that at 
one time fhiill not be read above four or five of the faid Portions. 

The Miniller, inftead of reading from the Pfalter as divided 
for Daily Morning and Evening Prayer, may take from the Selec- 
tions fct out by this Church, 

And, on Days of Fafting and Thankfgiving, appointed either by 
the Civil or by the Ecclcfialtical Authority, the Minirter may apr, 
point fuch Pfalms as he lliali think fit in his difcrction, ualefs'any 
(hall have been appointed by the Ecclefiailical Authority, in a 
Service fet out for the Occaiion 3 which, in that cafe, ihall be. 
iiied, and no other. 

? roper P S A L M S 0/: certain Days, 







Pfalms 89 


1 10 

































The Minif^er may ufe one ofthe Sele<^Ions, inftead of any one 
of che above Portions. 

A 5 ^rbs 

f ?J^ ORDE R hoiv the reft af the Holy Scripfun 

is appointsd to be r^ad, 

THE Old Teftament is appointed for the Firft Leflbns at 
Morning and Evening Prayer; fo that the moft part thereof 
will be read every Year once, as in the Calendar is appointed. 

The New Tedament is appointed for the Second Leflbns aC 
Morning and Evening Prayer. 

And to know what Leflbns Ihall hte read every Day, look for 
the Day of the Month in the Calendar following, and there ye 
/hall find the Chapters that {hall be rtad for the Leflbns, both at 
Morning and Evening Prayer j except only the Moveable Feafts, 
which are not in the Calendar; and the Immoveable, where there 
is a Blank left in the Column of Leflbns ; the proper Leflbns for 
all which Days arc to bs found in the Table of Proper Leflbns. 

And, on Days of Fafting and Thankfgiving, the fame Rule is 
l« obtain, as in reading the Pfalms. 

And the fame difcretion of choice is aHowed, on occafions of 
Ecclefia(iical Conventions, and thofc of Charitable Colledions. 

And Note, That whcnfoever Proper Pfalmt or Leflbns are ap- 
pointed, then the Pfalms and Leflbns of ordinary Courfe ap- 
pointed in the Pfalter and Calendar, if they be different, &all 
be omitted for th^t Time. 

Note alfo, That the CoIle£^, EpiftJe, and Gofpel, appointed for 
the Sunday^ fliali ferve all the W«^ after, where it is not ia 
t^s B-ook otherwife ordered. 


^ TABLES of Lfssons of Holy 

Scripture, to be read at Morning and Bvcning 
Prayer, throughout the Year. 

A TABLE of LrssoNS for Sundays. 

Sundays )i!ornjng. 

I S, in A.i'V 


I S. a/, Cbr, 


I S. aft. Ep. 





Sept. fund. 

; ijx. Sunday. 

\£^jf7. Sunt 

I S. iff LMt. 



^/fer Day. 
I ^. af. £a/}, 

$. a^. A'^tr. 



Fitft Lefi*. 
Ifiiah I 




, ^5 
J?rcin. 5 

'Lam 1 
'jer'm. 7 
£ie. 14 

zo to 

Mic. ' 6 
Hag. 2 ro 

Dan. 9 
£xo. 12 

Ifai 4 J 
Hof. I J 
joei J 'y 9 


Dcu. 16 to 

Seco/id Lenon 
Luke I toi».3(y 

1 1/. 39 

3 to 1/. I 9 
Mat. itov. 13 
Luke z-r/ 25 
>1 .rk I toi;.T6 
Matt. 21/. J 3 
John I t/. 29 
.\iatt. JL t;. 12 
LudO/ 1410 3 J 
Matt. 5 



Luke 71;. 19 

^-k 6 tofjc 

nt. 10 


Mark 9 to xi 30 

Luk. f9t;.z8 

'4 at. 1 6 
'vOm. 6 

Ads I 

8 -t/. 5 

John T7 

Aits 4 to 1/. 36 

a 6 

Fir ft Lciion. 
ifaiah 2 






er. Z2 

Lam. 3 to •1^37 
-ere. 9 

ze. 18 


ilab. J 
zee. 13 

al. I Sc4 

l-XO. 12 1;. J7 

Ifai. 48 
Hof. !4 . . 

.ic. 4 

ah, I 
^.ec TO 

ii. II 

Second LeiTofl 
Rom. 10 

^ *^ 
J Cor. f 

Htb. a 

1 Cor. J 

2 Cor. 4 
Gal. I 






Philip. 1 
Keb. stovt 

Afts 2 V. ZX 

f Cor. 1? 
Coloff. I 

Thef. I 

Ac^s i^to-y 21 


A TABLE of Lessons for Sundays. 

Sunday s. 

Trin. Sund. 
I .S. af. "i tin 




Ill i-eiipn, 
Gen. I 


9 to- 
«i;. 20 



Exo. 3 


Num. 16 

Deut. 4 T, 
•v. 4.1 

Jofh. 2? 
Judges 4 

1 SauMZ 

2 Sam. iz 

I KL 8 to 
•z/. 22 

2Ki. 5 
baa. 6 
Prov. 1 




Second Leli'on 
Matt. 3 
A6rs 9 to T/. 3 1 















1 5. to 




jofh. 24 
rudp. 5 
I Sam. 17 
i Sam. 19 
1 K. 8 ^. 22 
to 6: 
iKi. J9 
Dan. 7 
Prov. 2 

Second Leffon 

I Johii 5 

I Tim. 6 
z Tinii » 

^ &4t0 -T'. 9 

i itus 2, & 3 
to T.'. 10 
Heb. 10 


1 John 

2 John 


1 A T A B L E of Lcff)n9 for Ho 



M O R N I M G . i 

E V 

E N I N G, 

.V. ^r.drizu. 




2 1 

S:. 7t'jtf.a%'» ' 




1 I^efibn, 


9 to 'v.S 


7 -Z/. TOtO 17 

! I'Leiron'. 


2 to -Z/. I 5 


I f. 41^9 

St. Stephen- 

j I LeiTm 





i LeiTbn 

A6t3 6'v:S&:cb. 7 j 


7 i/.joto 55 

.3t. John. 

(i.0 v. I J 

j I LefTon 





2 LciTon 







31 to 1/. i3 




t l.efion 


17 to 1/. 15 


10 v. \% 

! z L'e.T^n 





; EplpbaTiy. 

\ I LefTon 





i z Leflbn 




2 to 1/. 12 

Cmt)irf.Qn of S'. Paul. 

I Leiion 





2 LeiThn 


22 to 1;. 2Z 

A as 

26 to-z/. 24 

Purlf' Virgin Mary. 









An nun. llr^in Mary. 




jljb mdnefday. 


1 Le/Ton 





2 LefTon 


6x/. 20 

z Pet. 


Monday before Eaaer. 

1 . , 

j 1 LefTon 



Ho Tea 


1 2 LeiTon 



i'i uefday before flayer. 


\ ' I LeiTon 


II to v. 30 


' 2 Le/Ton 




I I LefTon 


II 1/. 30 


; 2 LeiTon 


II 1/. 45 

Thurf. before Ea^er. 

1 I LeiTon 





1 2 Lefion 




I LefTon 

Gen. . 

22 tO-t/. 20 

irai.52'y. 12 Sect, jj 

1 2 LefTon .John 


Philipp. 2 


A T A fi L li of Lcffons for HoJy-Days. 



t LciTon 

2 Le.Ton 
Mo7j. in EaJier-lVeek. 
I Leir>n 

Tuef. in Eaftcr-Week. 
I LelTon 
% Lefibn 
i\ Mari. 

' S:.Pbil-pQfSt.Jumc$. 
j I Leilon 

' Afcerifiort. 
j I teiToii 

t LeiTon 
i Afa«. infVhii. l^eek. 

II L^iTon 
Tuef. in IVbit. ll'eik. 
I Lelion 
2 Leiicn 
i".'. Barnabas 
j I Le/Ton 

i 2 Lefiba 

j 1 LoiTcn 

' 2 LeTion 

^t. Peter. 

\ I LdTon 

' 2 LeiTon 

^r. Jaf^es. 

it. Michael. 
I I LeJTon 

I 2 LefTon 

I ^'. Lute. 

^'. S^m3v& St.^ude. 

^11 1 Samiz. 

1 LeiTon 

2 Lcflbn 





11 V. 50 



ifaiah 26 to 1/. 20 
Luke 24 to "z/. 13 
Eccius. 4 


11/. 4J 

2 Kings a 
Luke 24 'V. 44 

Gen. 11 to V. 10 
i Cor. iz 

1 Sam. 10^. iS 
I Thef. 5 

Eccius. 10 
Ads 14 




Eccius. 15 

Eccius. 21 




2 Cor. 



Ac's 12 to V. ao 
Eccius. 51 
Job 24 & aj 

! Wifd. 3 to'y. 10 
i HiV . I 'y. 7 2 & r. 1 2 to i>-. 



Deut. 10 

Eph. 4 to v. 17 

Numb. II 

1 Cor. 14 tot;. 26 

Deut 30 
Gal. 5 

Eccius. 12 

Afts 15 to T. 36 

Malac. 4 

l^iatt. 14 to V. 13 

JEcclus^: 19 

Afts 4 

tcdus. 22 . 



Dan. 10 v. $ 
Jude 1;. 5 to 16 
Job 1 


Wifd. 5 to •». 17 
Rev.- 19 to v. 17 

A Table 

A Table of Lcdons for January. 

Calendar. Morning pkayer. Evesmng Prayer 



A \Urcum- 



fion of 
U. Paul 

1 1.CU. 

;enefi6 1 


'9 ?o V JO 

* * /O V Zl 

*4 r^ V 31 
»5/' V 19 
i6 to V 17 
27 ro y 30 

»9 V 15 

30 V ij 

31 V Z5 
31 V Z4 


41 V J7 
4z V 25 

43 V 15 

44 V 14 

2 LdT. 

Matthew i 


5 M 7 21 

5 V 11 

6 ^0 V 16 
6 V 16 

8 ^0 V 18 

8 V 18 
gtov 18 

9 V i8 
1 1 

11 foy 12 

12 V 12 

1 1 toy 31 

13 V 31 


IS fov 21 

15 V 21 


I ^ /''J Y 2 1 
lis V 21 


10 fo V 17 

1 Leir. 

Gcntfis 2 

6 I 




18 V 17 

21 V 22 

24 V 32 

25 V 19 

26 V 17 

27 V 30 

29 fo V 15 

30 fo V 25 

31 ro V 25 

32 ^o V 24 



41 f^ V J-' 

42 /o V 25 

43 rov 15 

44 ^0 V 14 

45 ^© V 1 6 

2 Lcii. 


1 Cor. 









A Table 


A Table of Lefibns for February.* 




















1 1 





































V, M. 

Morning Prayer 

1 Leii". 

Jen, 45 V 


47 to V 



50 ^0 V I 


Exod. I 



6t4>y \ 



8 V 16 

9 V 13 

10 V 12 

12 AO V 37 i 






21 V 18 

22 V 16 

23 vzo 

32 ?:) V 



34 V 27 

Le. i9^ov 



20 /O V 


2 Leir. 

at. 20 V 17 

21 to V 23 

21 V23 

22 to V 23 

22 V23 



2 ; /O V 31 

25 V 31 

26 i5 V 36 

26 V 36 




4 fo V 26 

4 V 26 

5 /"o V 21 

5 V21 

6 ?o V 30 

V 30 

7 /"o V Z4 

7 V 24 

8 ?ov 27 

8 V27 

9 f <? V 30 

9 V30 

10 /o V 52 

* Note, y^^f, ^;i:c^/>? in euery Leap-Tear^ February baib 
28 Dayi only. 




I Lefi. 


Q<ii\. 46 

1 Cor. 



47 V 13 




50 V 15 

2 Cor. 


Exod. 2 


4fo V 18 




V 14 


8 ?o V 16 


9 fo V 13 


\OtO\ 12 


.12 V37 


i4fov 15 









21 f v 1 8 


ZZtQ V 16 


23 /o V 20 




32V 15 




34 to V 27 




Lev. 19 v 19 




26 v 21 



A Table 


A Table of LeiTons for March. 


i I,<l/. * 





















n A 

20 b 


2.1, c 


22 1 

2? e 


M f 






27 b il/jrj-. 

28 c 


29 (i . 





MORNING Prayer, 

Nu. 1 1 tovz4 

■id tow 



|I V2.5 

35 . 

De. I tov \\ 

L to V Z[ 


4 V25 

5 V 22 




28. ?(? V 1 5 




2 LefT. 
Mar. lovjz 
1 1 

,12f0 V 28 

li V iS 
' S 

14 ^0 V 26 
14 V 26 

16 ' 
Lu. I /9 V 59 
» V 39 
z" to V 40 


6 ^0 V 20 

6 V 20 

7 r^ V 36 

7 V 36 

8 r3 V 26 
S V 2^ 

9 ^5. y-37 
9 V 37 

10 to V 25 

10 V 25 

11 /i3 V 2j9 

11 V 29 


'3 1 


EVENING Prayer. 

1 LeiT. 

'U. II V 24 

14 V a6 
16 V 36 




3 I f V'2 5 
Deu. I V 19 

2 V26 

4 ^;) V 25 

5 ^0 V 

6 ' 





2 Left'. 


I ThefT. 

2 TheiT. 
I Tim. 

2 Tim. 


A Table 'f 

A Tabic of Lcffons for April. 

Calendar. 1 Morning Pkayer. 


I Leir. 

2 htil. 

I Leff. 

2 Leii. 


! M? 

jofh. 1 

Luke 15 

Jolh. 1 

Heb, 1 


2. , 



6 to y 11 

J I 


17 fo V 20 



6 V 12 

17 V 20 

y toy 16 

5 - 

7 V 1 6 

1 8 /<? V 31 

8 fo V 14 




iv 14 

18 V 31 



7 ' 

JO to y n 

19 ro V 28 

10 V 15^028 



19 V23 

22 r* V2I 



22 V 21 



IC t 

24 fO V 1 c 


24 V 19 

I I f 

Jud I toy zi 

22 ro y Jl 

jud. 1 V 22 


U , 

1 to V \\ 

22 V 31 

2 V 11 

James 1 



Itov \1 


? V 12 



2 + 



M ^ 

6 to V I ; 

Jon. I toy If) 

6 V II fo 25 

1 6 


V 2 

I V Z9 






8 V22 

1 Pete* I 


lo ( 


3 fO.V 22 

()y 11 to 46 




iw 11 


20 ■ 

II tovi 


u V 29 

21 f 






6 /«v 22 


1 Peter 1 

i i ' 


1 6 ?o r 2 1 

6 V 22 

16 vii 

^Zv . 


7 ?o V 32 


2 ^ ' 


7 V JZ 

I John 1 



jgto V 2: 

8 ?^ V 2i 

19 V22 


20 to V 26 

8 V2I 

20 V x6 


21 fO V 16 


21 V 16 


Ruth 1 

10 to V 21 

Ruth 2 




10 V 22 

4 2, ^ Tohn - 

A Table 


A Table of Leffons 

for May. 

Calkndak.' MohNing Prayer. 


1 Leif. 

2 Leii'. 

1 i^eii". 

2 i^eu 




S^Fb & 






I Sam. I 

John 1 1 fo V 

1 Sam. itov 





1 V 22 

1 I V JO 





I 2 f V 20 






12 V lo 


















14/0 V 24 












17 ro V 30 









I ■ 















AAb- 1 








I 7 









4 to V 23 

I Cor. 



2 Sam. 1 

4 V2J 

2 Sara. 2 





5 /O V 1 7 






^ V 17 











7 to V 30 




1 1 

8 M V 2^ 





xj tov ii 

ij V 23 




8 V26 






9.': V23 






9 V 23 

1 9 fo V 1 6 

1 1 



19 V 16 

10 tQ V 3J 










n '0 V 19 



A T^ble. 

A Table of LefTons for June. 





Evening Prayej 


I LefT. 

2 LeiT. 

I Uff.. ■- 

2 t^ 

. -^. 



I K.tov 28 

Ads 1 1 V 1 9 

I Ki. I V 2B 

I Cor. 




1 to V 26 


. 2 V26 





13 fo V 14 







13 VI4 






14 .?(? V 19 





14 V 19 





II tovzo 

1 5 

1 1 V 26 





16 to\ 14 






16 V J4 






I 7 ?0 V 16 



1 1 


St. Bar- 





17 V 16 




20 toy 21 

18 to V 18 

20 V 22 





18 V 18 

22 to V 29 




22 V 29 

19 /o V 21 

2 Kings I 




i Kings 2 






20 to V 17 







20 V 17 





















i - 







Nat. of 



17^0 V 24 



~ j 


S\ John 

1 7 V 24 







19 ro V 20 

27^0 V 21 

19 V20 





27 V 21 






28 tov 17 





St, Peter 




28 V 17 

2^ 1 


A Table 

A Table of LefTons for July. 

. tM^^^ - i^,, y: 














1 y 



1 6 








2 c 







. Jam, 

^ORNiNG Prayer. 

: Le#'. 
Ezra 1 

8 V 21 

Nel.. I 

4. toy I 




M V 15 
Eft. i 




v7 V 20 
Job 2 





24^ 25 

2 Ltlu- 
Mat. I 

Evening Prayer* 


4'tov 17 
4v 17 Neh 
5 ?o V 2 1 

5 V 21 

6 to V 16 
6 V 16 


8 to V 18 

8 V i8 
i)to V 1 8 

9 V 18 

1 1 

12 /?V 22 

12 V 22 

I S To V 3 1 
1{ V 5 

i4.rj V 22 

l| V 22 
I 5 .^^ V 2 1 
K V 21 



I 8 /(9 V 2 I 

13 V2I 

ig to V 1 61 

lO V It) I 

20 ^-9 V I 7 

V 13 

I } f V I i 

Eft. I 




9 /"o V 20 
Job I 




I J 




2 Le/r. 


Color. I ' 

1 Thef. t, 



2 Thef. I 

2 ; 

Tim, I 


2 Tim. I 


3 I 
Titus I 

2f 3 


A Table 

A Tabic of Leffons for August, 

. . . . 



MoRNiKG Prayer, 

Evening Prayer. 

i Lai. 

2 LefT. 

I L«l. 

2 Lefi; 


Job 33 

Mat. 20 V 17 

;ob 34. 

Heb. 4 

Z t 



21 tow 1^ 



3 ' 


21 V23 




22f!? V23 





2i V 23 


t r 



23^0 V25 

Prcv. I V 20 


1 ^ 


23 V25 









24 V29 

6 vio 


10 c 


25/* V31 



James i 

II ' 


1^ V31 


12 g 


26 fav 36 



13 A 



26 V 36 

14 ?o V f6 



14 V 16 


15 f'JV2l 


15 V 2 1 



I Pet. 1 



Mark i 

17 V 15 - 

17 :? 





^^ t 



i I ro V 1 7 



2 Fgt. I 


. 21 V 17 

4ri V i6 

22 ro V 17 

20 - 

11 V 17 

4 V26 

^3 r<JV22 

11 f- 

1} V 22 

S t9W 2 1 


1 A2 C 


5 V 21 



6 f« V 3c 


1 John I 

24 c 

^<. Sizr- 

6 V 30 



^ -9 

7 fo V 24 



16 t 

Ecci. 1 

7 V24 

Eccl. * 



27 - 
1 I'y, ■ 



$v zj 




g tow JO 


30 d 


9 ^ 3<^ 



1 1 

10*". V 32 



Rom. I 

m \W ■ ' ' r.-! r,iT 

A ' 


A Table of Leflbns for September. 











^r. Maf- 

p !A: r?/.' yy. 

Jer. 1 

V lO 
fO V 1< 









48 V25 

49 V 2J 

5^ V2 I 

Jark 10 V 32 Ijer. 

12 to V 28 
12 V x% 

14/3 V 26 

14 V 26 

Luke I fo V 59 

1 V39 

z />; V 40, 

2 V 40 



6/5 V 20 

6,v 20 

7 /o V ^6 

7 V36 

S fo V26 

8 V26 

9 ro V 3 
9 V 37 

10 ro V 15 

10 V 25 

1 1 /o V 19 
11 V29 


1 /» V 20 


4V 19 


7 V 21 








45 &46 
48 ro V 25 

49 '0 V 2j 
SO fo V 21 

I Cor. 


A Table 



t - . 

j A Table of Leffofls for October. 




Evening Prayer. 

I Leir. 


I Leff. 

2 Lcii 

T / 


Jer: 51 v 35 

Luke 14 

Jer. 52 

1 Cor. 


2 ^ 

Lam. I 


Lam. 2 

2 Cor. 


3 c 







I7/OV 2C 



5 * 

Eze. I 

17 V20 





1 8 ?o V 5 1 





18 V 31 




iqtOV Z% 

18 fQ V 17 



18 V 17 

19 V 18 

33 rtf V 21 


ic - 

36 V 21 




i 1 c 

Dan. i 


Dan. ^ fo V24 


12 e 

2 V 24 



1 1 

»3 ^ 


. 22 V 31 



t4 e 





I ; 








Joh.j toviq 

1 1 


i: <; 


I V 29 

Hof. 1 


i8 c 

I ^A.Lul: 



19 e 


Hof. 2,5 

3 r5V22 



20 f 


. 3 V 22 



21 .- 






22 . 




^5 ^ 





24 . 


6 V22 



^5 ^ 

Joel I 

7 f5 V 32 

Joel 2 fo V 1 5 



2 V 15 

7 V 32 


27 f 

Am. I 

8 f V 2 I 

Am. 2 



ih : 

\ ^t.S'anon 

8 V2I 



\ k^.:^ud. 


9 , 




^ .^.&M. 


\oto\ 11 





1 io V 22 





A Table 

A Table of Leffbns for Novembb-r, 

Calindar.I. morning prayer. 

Evening Prayzr. 

, I Ltui. 

1 Ltfu 

I Leii'. 1 L;-fir | 






Amos 9 

John 11 ro vj- 


Col. * 

Jonah 1 

11 V 30 

jDTi. 2 


11^0 V 20 


5 ^ 

Mic. I 

12 V20 

Mlc. 2 

. Thef, I 





1 + 




N'ah. 1 


'. 9j« 

Nah. i 

' J 


Hab. 1 


iUb. 1 

2 Thef, I 

1 »*^ 


iSeph. f 


Zeph. z 




H-^, 1 


Hig. 2 

I Tim^ I 

14 <^ 

^ecn. 1 


/Lech. 1 

2, 3 

M ' 

AAf 1 












2 Tim. 1 ! 








5 rt) V 1 7 



21 C 

•lal. 1 

5 V 17 

Mai. 2 





fitUf I: 


iUiah I 

7MV ?c 

Ifai. 2 




7 V JO 


'*h! enif 




Heb, 1 


$ V 26 


2 1 




lofO V20 

. ! 


10 V 2- 

'/ V2J 


^ 1 

; i^^id 

I I 

1-^ fO V 34 




10 vu 








A Table of Leflbns for December. 


r Leir. 

2 LeiT. I LefT. 

2 LeiT. 

I t 

Ifaiah 14 

Aas 11 ^'5 V i9iiai, 15 

H€b. 7 



1 1 V 19 








f ' 


I 3 ?5 V 1 4 



5 c 


*3 V 14 



6 1 



14 rev 19 



- rf 


14 V 19 



•- u 


»5 ^ 


James i 

r" 2 


id.'O V 14 



IC r 


16 V 14 





i-To V 1 6 





17 V 16 






1 Peter 1 

\X r 


18 V iS 



i; f 


19/'0V 2J 



»' 6 





J 7 -- 


20^0 V 17 



1^ •■ 


20 V 17 


2 Peter 1 














I John 1 

















2,- fc 

> 'CkriJ}tyi. d. 

26 c 

^f. ^n-^hen. 

Z^t z 

.}'. fobv^ E. 

1 ^^ ': 





2-^ V 21 


2 John 

3'- ' 


2Srov 17 


1 John 

51 - 



28 V i 7 ' 66 


f T A B L E S 


'fl T A B L E S and R U L E S for the Moveable 
and Immoveable FEASTS; 

Together with the Days of Falliing and Abllinence through 
1 tl;c whole Year. 

iRULES, to know when the Mcveable f eails and Holy- 
days begin. 

EASTER-DAY, on whidi the reft depend, is always the' 
Firft Sunday after .the Full Tvloon which happens upon.,! 
or next after, the I'wenty-^rft Day of March j and if the Full! 
[A^oon happen upon a Sunday, Eafter-day is the Sunday after,! 
I Advent Sunday is always the neareit Sunday to tiie Feail 
of St. Andrew, whether before or after. • 

Septuagefima 'J TNine. '^ 

'Sexagefima / „ , -J Eight / Weeks before 

r^ ■ r SSundavis; c J» -c a 

Qiiinquagehma ( - I Seven i £.alter. 

Quadragefima J (_Six J 

I Rogation Sunday"^ T Five Weeks "J 

Alccnficn-day / . J Forty Days ( 

Whitlunday I | Seven Weeks T 

Trinity Sunday J (_ Eigiic Weeks J 

after E after. 

• A TABLE of Feafts, to be obferved in thii Church, 
j throughout the Ye^,r. 

All Sundays in the year- 
I The eircumcifion of our Lord JESUS CHRIST, 

• The hpiphany. 

The Converlion of St. Paul. 

The Purif.cation of the ?<leircd Virgin. 
; St; Matthias the Apoftle. 

I The Annunciation of the BleiTtd Virgin, 
I St. Mark the Evangfiift, 

j St. Philip and St. James, the Apoftles. 

The Afcenfion of our Lord- TEbUS CHRIST. 

; 1 ;■ 

St. Barnaba.3.. 

TABLE of Feasts, &c. 

Su "Barnabas. 

7 be Nativity of St. John tht Baptift* 

St. Peter the Apoftle. 

St. James the ApoiUc, 

St. Bartholomew the Apoftlc. 

St. Matthew the Apol^le. 

St. Michael and all Angels. 

Sc. Li»ke the Evangel :fi, 

St, Simcn and St. jude, the Apoftles* 

All Saints. 

St Andrew the Apoftle, 

St. 7homas the Apoftie. 

The Nativity of our Lord JESUS CHRIST. 

St. Stephen the Martyr. 

S:. John the Evangclift. 

The Koly Innocents. 

Monday and i uelday in Eaf^er Week. 

Monday and 1 uefday in Whitfun Vveek. 

A TABLE of Fasts. 

Afh-Wednefday. Good. Friday. 

OtherDaysof Fast iN'G j on which the Church requires fuchj 

a meafure of Abftinence, as is mere elpecially fuifcd to! 

extraordinai^ A.6ts and Exercrfes of Devotion. 

ift. The Seafon of Lent. I 

i^d. The Ember-days at tho Four Seafons, being the Wed-' 
nefday^ Friday, and Saturday after the firft Sunday in Lentj 
the Feaft of Pentecoft, September 14, and December 13. j 

3d, The three Rogation Days, being the Monday, Tuef-' 
day and Wednefday before Holy Thurfday, or the Afcenfioflj 
of our Lord. 

4th. All the Fridays in the Year, except Chriftmas-DayJ 

In Addition to the above, the Firft Thurfday in November 
(or, if any other Day be appointed by the Civil Authority 
jthen fuch Day) fhall be obferved ae a Day of Thankfgiving 
[to Almighty God, for the Fruits of the Earth, and all other 
jBlefiings of hU Merciful Providence. 



^ T A B L jE;^ I^'f^j^i'J^ 'Ho-^^y-pA^Y^s. 

A TahU to find Eajicr 
Day, from the pre- 
vtnt Time till the 
Year i89Q,inclufive 

'Goi. tD;\vof chejSund/' 

No. Monlh. 




March 21 









A pril i 






2 J 






































ttrrip-i-.ini; c'f A^r/rr; to fiiKrwiuch, look 
for the Ooiden Number of Uic Year 13 
the firi.t Column of the Tabic a-^^inl'. 
which itandsthe Day of thePafchsl Full 
Moon ; then lOk^fC in tlie tihird Column 
for the S-'.uday Letter, ne:-it after tJic 
l>ay of the Kail Moon j and the Day of 
the Month ftjnding againilthat Swindav 
LctL^v is Enpr-day. If the Full Mooii 
happen^ upon .1 Stmday, then ^accordincc 
tG, r'<e -nrft Ruld) the' next 6undajr af;er 
is E.ijkr-day. 

To find the Golden Number or Prime, 
add one to the' year of our Lord, and 
then ■d4vide by 19; tlie R.<;niaindt;r, if 
any, U the Goldeo Number ; bat if no- 
thing reaiclii, then 19 is the Golden 

To rind tkeOominiCal or Simday Let- 
ter according Lo^:he Calendar, unul --- 
the year 1799, inclylive, a£ki to thej^il* 
Year of our Lord its iourth Part,' J 1^ 
omit tin 2: fradiious, ur^I aHb ihe^J^' 
Nmnbef i : Divide the fum by 7 ; ^t; ; 
and if there be no Remainder, then, 4:^, 
A is the Sunday Letter : BiK- if any^ > I'^ • 
Number remain, then the LetteV^^iA 
ftanding againil that Ncmber in tlie 
fma!T annexed Table, is the Sunday 

For the next century, tliatis, from tlie 
Year 4^joo till the Year 1S99, inclufive, | 
add to the current Year only its fourth • 
Part, and tlien divide by 7, and proceed j 
as In the Ij'.ft Rule. 

Note^ Tliat in all Birextili or Ler.n~: 
Years, the Letter fou'id as above willj 
be the Sunday Letter from the interca- 
lated Day exckiiiye, to the end of .the 


Another TABLE to find Raster till the 
Year 1899, indufive. 



i n, 
} III. 

I IV. 

i VI. 
I Vlll. 
I IX. 
! X. 
1 XI. 

! x-T 



1 XVI. 

































































5|Mar 3c 











3iiApril I 

21I ^1 

14 8 

31 April I 

21 22 

^4 ■ ^ 

3»l 25 

H 15 

7 8 

^4 2.5 

H . 15 

311 April 1 



April 1 

TO make ufe of the preceding Table, find the Sunday 
Lc*-ter f)x the year in "the uppermoftr line, and the 
Gold?n i\ umber, or Prime, in the column of Golden Num- 
b^rsj and agalnft the Prime, in the fame line, under the 
Sunday Letter, y u have the day of the month on which 
Lastkr fa.Ueth tha year. Hut, 

Notty That the name of the Month is fet on the left hand, 
or juit v/lih the ngure, and folleweth not as ia Other tablesj 
by dcfcent, but collaterally. 

A Ta3L£ 


A Table of the Days on which Eajier will fall for thirty-l | 

eight ^'eaii., ht'iw^ 

the time of 'i 

wo Cycles ot the Moon. 1 

Years of 
our I. ore). 


The Epad. 

Sill. day ^ «. 
Letter?! ^^r^"-?.-^- 




April 16 









F E 

March 23 





April 12 














A G 






March 31 j 





April 20! 









C B 

March 27 





April 16 










March 24 





April 13 



















A G 















Mjirch 29 




C B 

April 3 ' 



















E D 

March 29 





April 18: 










March 25; 




G F 

April' 14' 








•5. 'I 


March 24 


. J5 



April 13 




B A 











7 1 



i3 1 


March 30 ^ 


A T A B L E of the Moveable Feafts, according to the feveral DiaTS, 

tnar ^^.c/Zcr can pj^i'ibiy jail upon. 

, ii alter J 
day. ' 

*5. £ 







,an. iS 

Feb. 4 

Apr. 50 

Mav 10 


Nov. 29 





May I 




1 '. 







Dec. I 













14-! 27 










1 ^t 26 

•i6i 26 

N0V.27 . 
28 1 






171 26 

29 1 






18 26 

SO i 




J 5 


19} 26 

Dec. I ; 

April I 





2ci 26 

2 1 

2l 3 


I ^ 


2ii 26 

3 \ 

3| 3 




22J 25 

Nov. 2 7 1 

4! 3 

3 ' 




2S 1 

5 3 

Feb. I 



24 25 

29 j 

6 3 




25 25 


7 3 




26 25 

Dec. I 





271 25 








lol 4 
1 ' 




29 24 


11 4 




s<^ 24 









13! 4 




Jime 1 



I4i 4 






Dec. I 












Mar. I 




























29 1 





'= 29 




211 5 






Dec. I 

22| 6 










June 1 




24; 6 






Nov. 27 

2s' 6 



I3» 22 ' 28 1 

1 Note, T 

hat in 

a BiiTex 

til J or L 


the Nur 

nber c 

)f 6»indavs 

afce; Epiphany will be the fame as if Ea"ier-diiy had fallen one Day 
later tliah it feally does. And for x\\z fame Reafon one Day mutt in 
every Leap-Year'be added to the Day of the Month given "by the 
i Table for Scptuagejtma Sunday, dnd to/ the nrit day ot Leiit. 

A T ABLE to find Eas- 
tik-Day, from the Ycai 
1900, to the Year 2199,! 

' incluhv 




Day of the Sunday 





March Z2 




E 1 






26 A 


27 B 


28 C 

29; D 


30! E 


. 31! F ■ 

April I 











5 D 

gj E 


7 F 


S G 

9 A 















15^ G 


16 A 






















THE GoId<wi Num 
hers in the fore- . 
going Calendar will 
point out the Days of 
the Palchal full Moons, 
till the Year of our . 
Lord 1900; at which 
Time, in order that the 
EcclefiaHicalFuil Moon* 
may fall nearly on the 
fame Days with the real 
Full Moons, the Golden 
Numbers muft be re- 
moved to different Days ; 
of the Calendar, as is ' 
done in the annexed 
Table, which contains | 
fo much of the Calendar ; 
then to be ufed, as is ! 
neceffary for finding the ! 
PafchalFull Moons,and j 
the Feaftof ^<^y?«?r, from | 
the Year 1900, to the 
Year 2199, inclufive. 
This Table is to be 
made ufe of, in ail re- 
:pe6ls, as the Firft Ta- 
nle, before infcrted, for 
finding Eajler till the 
Year 1899. 




j General TABLES for finding the Dominical or Sunday 
Letter, and the Places of 'the Golden Numbers in the 


1 ■ ■ 

1 T A B L E I. 


i . 

\ ■ 









" i ' 















2 100 
























5 J 00 



6300 ' 



^700 ' 






















^c. 1 






TT^O^nd the Dominical or Sunday Letter for any giv 
JL Year of our Lord, add to the Year its fourth Par 
-Dieting Fra£l:ions, and alfc the Number, which in Table 
anderh at the top of the Column, wherein the Number 
[undredsxontained in that given Year is found : lyivide tj 
um by 7, and if there be no Remainder, then A is t) 
unday Letter 5 but if any Number rem.ain, rhcn t] 
etter which ftandeth under that Number at the Top of tJ 
^atjle, is the Sunday Letter, 



t, ' 

1. : 


le \ 




T A 













of our 




















* / 




































1 1 



5 B 


























70 CO 


































































4900 ; 






Si 00 


TO ^.nd the Month and 
Days of the Month L> 
which the Golden Numbers 
ought to be prefixed in the Ca- 
lendar in any given Ye.if of 
our Lcrdy conliiVing of entire 
Hundred Yearsi and in all the 
intermediate Years, betwixt 
that and the next Hundreth 
Year following, look in the 
Second Column o^' Table 11. 
for the given Year, confj ting 1 
of entire Hundreds; and note 
the Number or Cypher which 
ftands againft it in the Third 
Column j then in ^' able Hi, 
look for the fame Number in 
the Column under any giren 
Golden Number, which when 
you have found, guide your 
Eye fideways to the Left Hand, 
and in the Firft Column you 
will find the Monrh and Day 
to which that Golden Number 
ought to be prefixed in the 
Calendar, during that Period 
of One Hundred Years 

The Letter B prefixed to 
certain Hundreth Years in 
Table II. denotes thole Years 
which are ftill to be accounted 
Biflext'le or Leap Years in the 
New Calendar ; vvh"reas all 
the other Hundreth Years are 
to be accounted only common 















T A B I- E III. 

























' 9 
















• 2 



























' 1 







Mar i^ 



































Mar. 26 



















; f 




















Mar. 28 
































































Apr. i 



1 • 









' •' 


Anr. 2 



















Apr. 3 


















\pr, 4 





















■pr. 5 

Apr. fy 






f I 






I - 

■ 5 






.".pr. 7 



















Apr. 8 
















: T 



ppr. 9 






















■ 2. 





Apr. ic 

Apr. 1 1 












i ' 







^pr. 12 
\pr. 13 
























Apr. 14 














: w 

: .-^ 

Apr. 15 


















29 10 


Apr. 16 


• <? 














' ^ 





















































Apr. t8 









5 ^^i^.? 



f T 


















The order for Daily 


t; The M I N I ST E R Jhail begin the Morning Prayer, 
by reading ore cr more of tbe folloioing Sentences of Scripture, 

7*^ HE Lord is in his holy 
temple j let all the earth 
keep filence betbie him. 
Hab, ii. 20. 
From the rifin^ of" the fun even 
unto the going down of the fame, 

your God : for he is gracious and 
merciful. How tD ange.', and of 
great kindnefs, and repenteth 
him of the evil. Jo:! \\, 13. 

\o the Lord our God belong 
mercies and forgiveneffes, though 

my name fhall be great among we have rebelled aijainii: him j 

the Gentiles j and in every place 
incenfe ihall be offered unto my 
name, and a pure offering: for 
my name ihall be great among 
the heathen, faith, the Lord of 
Hoih. Mai. i. II. 

Let the worJs of my ni'^uth, 
and the meditation of my heart, 
hi aiway acceptable in thy light, 
O Lord, my ftrength and my Re- 
deemer. PfaL xix. 14. 

When the wicked man turneth 
awayl'rom his wickednefs that he 
hath committed, and doeth that 
which is lawful and right, he Oiali 
fave his foul alive. ir;2f/t.xviii. 27. 

1 acknowledge my tranfgref- 
fions j and my fin is ever before 
me. PfaL li. 3. 

Hide thy face from my fins j 
an4 blot out all mine iniquities. 

f/i?. i;.9. 

The lacrifices of G^ii are a 

neither have we obeyed the voice 
oi the Lord our God, to walk In 
his laws which he fet before ub. 
Dan, ix. 9, 10. 

Lord, corrrect me, but with 
judgment j not in thine anger, 
left thou bring me to nothing. 
Jer. X. 24. Pfah vi. I. 

Repent ye j for the kingdom 
of heaven is at hand. St. Mat, 
iii. 2. 

1 will arife, and go to my fa- 
ther, and will fay unto him: Fa- 
tiver, 1 have finned again.'t hea* 
ven, and before tliec, and anj n* 
more -.vorthy to be calhd thy fen. 
St. Luiic, XV. i8, 19. 

Enter not into j«ign«!ent with 
thy fervant, O Lc?rd \ for in thy 
fighr ih all no man living bejjn.{H- 
tied. Pfal, cxiiii. i, 

\i we fay that we have no^fin, 
e deceive ourfeives, and the 

broken fpirit j % broken and a i truth is not in us j but if we con 
coiitrite heart, O God, thou wilt ! \qU our fins, God is faithful and 
notdefpife. PfaL ii. 17. I juil: to forgive us our fins, and 

Rend your heart and not your ' to cleanfe us from ail unrighte- 
" "T^ -":.,and turn uiuo chei^ord i oufauG. i Su J^bn i. 8, 9, 

A ^ Trcn 


<5[ Ihen the Mlnifier pall Jay ^ 

D Early hTelo^xd brethren, the 
Sciipture moveth us, in 
fundry places, to acknowledge 
and confefs our rhanifold fins and 
wickednefs, and that we /hould 
notdiiTemble nor cloak them be- 
fore the face of Almighty God, 
our heavenly Father, but confefs 
them with an humble, lowly, pe- 
nitent, and obedient heaiCj to the 
end that we rhay obtain forgive- 
nefs of the fame by his in.^nite 
goodnefs and mercy. And al- 
though we ought, at all times, 
humbly to acknowledge our fins 
Befjre Goi \ yet ouv^ht we chiefly 
fo to do, when we al3emble and 
meet together, to render thanks 
fur the great benent^ that we have 
recelvcrd at his hands, to fet forth 
his moll worthy praife, to hear 
his moft holy word, and to aik 
thofe things which are rewifite 
and neceiTary, as well for the bo- 
dy as the i'uul. Wherefore, i pray 
and befcech you, as many as are 
here pvefent, to accompany me, 
with a pure heart and humble 
voice, unto the throne of the hea- 
venly grace, fa\ing— 

r A general Confcffion to be f aid 
by tie ivbole Congregation afier 
the M'inifier^ all kneeling, 

ALmighty and mo(^ merciful 
FacJicr j Wc have erred and 
ftrayed from thy ways like lort 
/heep. We have followed to© 
much the devices and defires of 
our own hearts. We have offend- 
ed againfl thy holy laws. We have 
jefl undone thofe things wKich 

"we ought to have done 5 And we 
have done thofe things which we 
ought not to have done : And 
there is no health in us. But thou, 
O Lord, have mercy upon us, 
miferable offenders. Spare thou 
thofe, O God, who confefs their 
faults. Reftore thou thofe who 
are penitent ; According to thy 
prom'ifes declared unto mankind, 
in Chrift Jefus our Lord. And 
grant, O moft merciful Father, 
for his [i\Lt j That \Vc may here- 
after live a godly, righteous, and 
fober lite ; To the gory of thy 
holy Name. Afncn, 

%\ The Dcclaraticr of AbfoJuticni 
or RerraJfioK sffins. ; to be made 
by the Priest alone, fiand^ 
v:g 5 the ptople Jtiil kneeling, 

ALmighty God, the Father 
of our Lord Jefus Chrift^ 
v/iio de/ireth not the death of a 
linner, but rather that he may 
turn from his wickednefs and live, 
hath given power and command- 
ment to his minifters to ueclare 
and' pronounce to his People, be- 
ing penitent, the Abfoluiion and 
Remifiion of their lins. He par- 
doneth and abfolveth all thofe 
who truly repent, and unfeign- 
edly believe his holy Oof. el 
Whercf )re, let us befeech him to 
^rant us true rcpenttince, and l:jis 
holy Spirit; that thofe things 
may pl'jafe him which we do at 
til is prefent, and that the reft of 
our life here«iftc-r may be pu'^-c 
and holy; fo that at die laii wej 
iiiay c«»me to his eternal joy, 
tliroagh Jefui Chiili our L' rd. 


^ 1'h': PfCp/e Jhall arifwer here, 
ami at the end of every Prayer, 

^ Or this. 

ALmlghtyGod, ourheavertly 
Father, who, of his great 
mercy, hath promifed Forgive- 
ncfs of Sins to all thofe who, with 
hearty Repentance and true Faith 
turn unto him'j have Mercy upon 
you, pardon and deliver you 
from all your Sins, confirm and 
ftrengchen you in all Goodnefs, 
and bring you to everl ailing Life, 
through Jel'us Chrift our Lord. 

^y Then the Minifier fiall kneel, 
and fay the Lord's Peayer j the 
People JiUl kneeling, and repeat- 
ing it with him, both here, and 
nubercfjcvcr elfe it is ufed in 
Divine Service » 

OUr Father, who art in 
Heaven, Hallowed be thy 
Name J Thy Kingdom come; 
Thy Will be done on Earth, as it 
is in Heaven ', Give us this day 
our daily bread} And forgive us 
our tieipaifes, as we forgive thofe 
who ti-cfpals againft us } And 
lead us not into temptation ; But 
deliver us fiom evil : Fc»r thine 
'5 the Kingdom, and the Power, 
. d tiii Glory, For ever ani ever. 

ir Th.'n likev:fe he fiall fay, 
O Lord, open thou our lips ; And our mouth in ail 
low ♦orlh thy pra.fe. j 

% H:rc, all jiandivg up, the 
Ti'r.y.:r Jhall fay, 
C :• ■> be to the Faihcr, and to I 
. ; 5knd to the Holy Ghoft \ \ 
A 2 

Anfju, As it was in the bcgifi- 
ning,' is now, and ever ihall be^ 
world without end. 

Mini/kr» Prail'e ye the Lord. 

Anfiv, The Lord's name be 

^ Then Jhall ke faid or fur.g the 
follonuing Anthem 5 except 
en thofe days for ivhich other 
Anthems are appointed 5 and 
except alfo, ivhen it is afcd m 
the courfe of the Pfa/ms, on the 
nineteenth day of the month* 

Venite, exult emus Domino, 

OCome, let us fing unto the 
Lord, let u& heartily rejoice 
in the ftiength of our falvation. 

Let us come before his prefence 
with thankfgiving, and fho-.v our- 
selves glad in him with Pfalms. 

For the Lord is a great God 5 
and a great King above all gods. 

In his hand are ail the corners 
of the earth J and the ftre igth of 
the hills is his alfo. 

The fea is his, and he made 
it J and his hands prepared the 
dry land. 

O corae, let us vvonnip and 
fall dov/n } and kneel befcre the 
Lord, our ?y!ak-r. 

For he is the Lord our God ; 
and we ,rc the people of his paf- 
ture, and the flieep of hii hand. 

O woriTitp th6 Lord in the 
beauty of bojinefs 5 hit the whole 
earth {^and in z\Kt of b'm. 

For h^ cometh, for he ccir.'ith 
to juJge the earth j and with 
, t !gh'eoufn<rfs to Jii3ge'the world, 
and the people ^v'.th his tri:^h. 


f, 7h€rJhaUfoIlo^v ^ Portion 
cf the Pfalmsy as, they are ap- 
pointed, cr cne of the S e L e c ■ 
Tioixs of P f alms fet forth by 
this Church : and at the crd of 
ei-ery F film, and Ukacff at the 
end of the Venife, Benedicite, 
Jubilate, BenediOus, Cantate 
Domino, Bonum eft confiteri, 
Deus miieieatur, Benedic A- 
nima mea — may be faid cr 
fung the Gloria Patri \ 
and^ at the cj:d of the ^cvhole 
Poi tion, or Seletlion ofPfalms 
for the day — shall he f aid 
cr fung the Gloria Pa t r i , 
cr elfe the Gloria in Ex- 
cel s i s , as foUfj^Mith : 
Gkr'ia in F.xcCifs, 

(^ Lory be to God on high, 
^ and on earth peace, good 
will towards men. We praife i 
thee, we blefs thee, we uor/hip | 
thee, we glorify thee, we give 
thanks to thee for thy great glo- I 
ry, O Lord God, heavenly King, i 
God the Father Almighty. > 

O Lord, the only begotten | 
Son, Jefus Chriilj o'Lord God, 
Lamb of God, Son of the Fa- 
ther, that takeft away the iins 
of the world, have mercy upon 
us. Thou tha:t takeft away the 
fins of the worid, have mercy 
upon us. Thou that takeft away 
the iins of the world, receive our 
prayer. Thou that fitted: at the 
right hand of God the Father, 
have mercy upon us. 

For thou only art holy ; thou 
only art the Lord 5 thou only, O 
Clirift, with the Holy Ghoft, art 
moil high in the giory of God 
th: Faiiicr. wir/^;;. 

€^Thtn jhail be read the firft 
hep'on^ according to the Table 
or Calendar ; after ivhichjhall 
he J aid or fung the folloiuing 

f; Note, That before every heffon^ 
the MlnUier fiall Jay, Here 
beginneth fuch a Chapter, or 
Verfe of fuch a Chapter, of 
fuch a Book : And afer every 
LcfJln, Her-- end^th the Firft, 
or the Second Leffon. 

Te Deum laudamus, 

WE praife thee, O Gnd j 
we acknowledge thee to" 
be the Lord. 

All the '•arth doth woriliip 
thee, the Father everlafting. 

To thee all Angels cry aloud ; 
the Heavens, and all the Powers 

To thee Cherubim and Sera- 
phim, continually do cry. 

Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God 
of Sabaoth. ' 

Heaven and Earth are full of 
the Majefty of thj Glory. 

The glorious company of the 
Apoftles praife thee. 

'i'he goodly fellowfhip of the 
Prophets praife thee. 

The noble army of Martyrs 
praife thee. 

The Holy Church, through- 
out all the v/orld, doth acknow- 
ledge thee, 

The Father, of an intir.itc. 
Majefty ; 

Thine adorable, true, and 
only Son ; 

Aifo the Holy Gl.oit, the 



Thou art the King of Glory, 
O Chrift. 

'1 hou art thexeverlafling Son 
of the F.itlier. 

When thou tookeft upon thee 
to deliver man, thou didft: hum- 
ble thyf:jlf to be born of a Virgin, 

Whcin thou hadit overcome 
the iharpnefs of death, thou didft 
open t'hc kingdom of Heaven to 
all believers. 

Thou fitceft at the right 
hand of God, in the Glory of 
the Father. 

We believe that thou fhalt 
come, to be our Judge. 

We therefore pray thee, help 
thy fervants, whom thou haft re- 
deemed with thy precious blood. 

Make them to be numbered 
will! thy faints, in glory ever- 

O Lord, fave thy people, and 
blefs thine heritage. 

Govern them, and lift them 
up for ever. 

Day by day we magnify thee j 

And we wor/hip thy name, 
ever world without end. 

Vouchfafe, O Lord, to keep 
us this day without fin. 

O Lord, have mercy upon us, 
have mercy upon us. 

O Lord, let thy mercy be upon 
us J as our tru>r is in thc-e. 

O Lord, in th-«! have I tru{^- 
cd y let me never be confounded. 

fj Or this Canticle, 
B^rtcdiiitCj omnia opera Domini, 

OAll ye works of the Lord, 
blefs ye the Lord \ praife 
Ln^. and magnify liim for ever* 
A 3 

O ye Angels of the Lord, blefs 
ye the Lord ; praife him, and 
magnify him for ever. 

O )e ^leavens, blefs ye the 
Lord ; praife him, and magnify 
him for ever. 

O ye Waters that be above the 
Firmament, blefs ye the Lord j 
praife him, and magnify him for 

O all ye powers of the Lord, 
blefs ye the Lord j praife him, 
and magnify him foi ever, 

O ye Sun and ]VL;on, blefs ye 
the Lord } praife him, and mag- 
nify him for ever. 

O ye Stars of Heaven, blefs 
ye the Lord j praife him, and 
magnifs' him for ever. 

O ye Showers and Dew, blefs 
ye the Lord ; praife him, and 
magnify him fv;r ever. 

O ye Winds of God, blefs ye 
the Lord ; praife him, and mag- 
nify him foi- ever. . 

O ye Fire, and Hear, blefs 
ye the Lord ; praife him, and 
magnify him for ever. 

O ye Winter and Summer, 
blefs ye the Lord j praife him, and 
magnify him for ever. 

O ye Dews and Frofts, hYch 
ye the Lord j praife him, and 
magnify him for ever. 

O ye Froit and Cold, blefs ye 
the Lord 3 praife nim, and mag- 
nify him for ever. 

O y-i Ice and Snow, blefs ye 
the Lord j praife him, and mag« 
nify Mm for ever. 

O ye Nights and Days, blefs 
ye t4ie Lord ; praife him, and 
magnify him for ever. 

O )€ 


O ye Light a-d Darknefs, 
"fs ye the Lcrd ; praife him-, 
-d magnify him for ever. 

O ye Lightnings and Clouds, 
blefs ye the Lord j praife him, 
and magnify him for ever. 

O let the Earth blefs the Lord j 
}ea , let it praife him, and mag- 
nify him for ever. 

O ye JVIountains and Hills, 
blefs ye the Lord ; praife him, 
and magnify him fcr ever. 

O all ye green Things upon 
Earth, blefs ye the Lord 5 praife 
him, and magnify him forever. 

O ye WellSj blefs ye the Lord 5 
praife him, and magnify him for 

O ye Seas and Floods, blefs 
ye the Lord j praife him, and 
magnify him for ever. 

O ye Whales, and all that 
rnove in the Waterii, blefs ye the 
Lord ; praife him, and magnify 
him for ever. 

O ail ye Fowls cf the Air, 
J)lefs ye the Lcrd ; praife him, 
and magiijfy him for ever. 

O all ye Be:ifts and Cattle, 
blefs ye the Lord ; praife him, 
ajid nqagnify him for ever. 

O ye Children of Men, blefs 
ye the Lord J praife him, and 
magnify him for ever. 

O let Ifrael blefs the Lord 5 
praife him, and magnify him 
iot ever, 

O ye PrieOs of the Lord, blefs 
ye the Lord ; praife him, and 
magnify him for ever. 

O ye Setvants of the Lord, 

■^s ve the Lord 5 praife him, 
. '-: magnify him for ever. 

O ye bpirits and Souls of 

the righteous, blefs yc the Lord ; 
praife him, and magnify him, 
for ever. 

O ye hcly and humble Men of 
heart, blefs ye the Lord j praife 
him, and magnify him for ever. 

^ Then fkall he read, in like man- 
tier, the Second L(JJcn, taken out 
cf the Neiv Teflamcnt^ accord^ 
h-g to the Table or Calendar ; 
and after that, the fdhiuing 
Jubilate Deo, Pfalm c. 

OBe joyful in the Lord, all 
ye lands 5 ferve the Lord 
v^ith gladnefs, and come before 
his prefence v^ith a fong. 

Be ye fure that the Lord he is 
Cod, it is he that hath made us, 
and nit vi-e our felves j we are his 
people and the ilieep of" his paf- 

O go your way Into his gates 
with thank/giving, and into his 
courts with praile j be thankful 
unto him, and (peak good of his 

For the Lord is gracious, his, 
mercy is everlailing , and his 
truth endureth from generation 
to generation. 

4|y Or this Hymn, 

BenediSus, St. Luke i. 68. 

BLefTed be the Lord God of 
Ifrael, for he hath vifued 
and redeemed his people, 

And hath raifed up a mighty 
falvation for us, in the houfe of 
his fervant David ; 

As he fpake by the mouth of 
his holy Prophets, which have 
been fince the world began } 



That ive {hould be faved from 
p.vjr cnemifs, and from the hand 
pf all that hate us. 

r Then Jh all he faid the Apoflki 
Cncd by the Minijier ana the 
PevpUf Jiand'iTjg : j^nd arty 
Churches may omit the ivordf, 
Ke defcended into Heil, or 
mayt inftead -jf theiji^ ufe the 
ivcrds. He went into the Place 
of departed Spirits, luiich are 
conjidered at nvords of the Jame 
meaning f in the Creed* 

1 Believe in God the Father 
Almighty, Ma Jeer of heaven 
and earth : 

And in Jefus Chrirt: his only 
Son cur Lord; Who was con- 
ceived by the Holy Ghoft, Born 
of the Virgin Mary^ Suffered un- 
der Pontius Pilate, Vv^'ascrpcified, 
(dead, ana buried j He defcended 
into Hell ; The Third day he 
fofe from the dead ; He afcended 
into Heaven, And fitteth on the 
ji^ht hand of God the Father 
Almighty j Froqi thence heihail 
(Come to judge die quick snd the 

I believe in the Holy Ghoft j 
The holy Catholic Church ; The 
communion of Saints ; The for- 
giveneis of fins j The refurrec- 
tion of the body, Arjd the Ufe 
everlailing. yln.a:, 

^ Or this. 

I Believe in one God, the Fa- 
ther Almighty, Maker cf 
Heaven and Earth, and of all 
things vifible and inviiible : 

And in one Lor.i jefus Chrift, 
the only bpgotten Son of God, 
^otteji of his Father before all 
A 4 

ifA-^rlds; Cod cf Gori, Light 0^ 
Li^ht, very God of v.ry God, 
begotten nor made, be'ng of one 
fubftance with the Fa:her, by 
whom all things were made j 
v/ho for us men, and for our faU 
vation, came down from heaven, 
and was incarnate by the Holy 
Ghoft of the Virgin Mary, and 
was made man, and was cruci- 
fied aifo for us under Pontius 
Pilate. He fufFered and was bu- 
ried, and the third day he rofe 
again, according to the Scrip- 
tures, and afcendcd into Heaven, 
and fitteth on the right hand of 
the Father; and he /hail come 
again, with glory, to judge both 
the quick and the dtid ; whofe 
kingdom mall have no end. 

And I belJevQ in the Holy 
Ghoft, the Lord and giver of life, 
whoproceedeth from the Fatlier 
and the Son ; who with the Fa- 
ther and the Son together is wor- 
fhipped and glorified, who fpake 
by the prophets. And I believe 
one Catholic and Apoftolic 
Church. I acknowledge one 
Baptifm for the i emifiiion of fins j 
and 1 look for the refurreclion 
of the dead, and the life of the 
world to come. Amen, 

^ And after that, thefe Prayen 
f'JloiviPg^alldc'i'cutly kneeling j 
the Minijier frji pronouncingy 

The Lord be with you ; 
Anf* A.nd with thy fpirit. 
If[ Minijier, Let us pray. 
O Lord, fliow thy mercy upan 
us j^ • 

^ Anf^ And grant us thy falva- 

Minijic. • 


MiKifftr. O God. make clean 
our hearts within;, us i 

Anf'W. And take not thy Ho- 
ly Spirit from us. 
f[ Tktn ffjall folL-^^ the CcIUa 
for the day, epcccpt ivhen the 
Ccmmanicn Ser'vice is. read -^ 
and then ike Ccl'cSl for the 
ilay Jljiill he omit led iere, 

^ Colha for Peace, 

OGoi,who art the Author cf 
reace and lover of concord, 
in knowledge of whom ftandeth 
our eternal life, uhoi'e fervice is 
pcrftft freedom j defend us, thy 
humble fervants, in ail ailaults 
of our enemies, that we, furely 
trufting in thy defence, may not 
fear the power of any adverfaiies, 
througii the might of Jefus Chrift 
our Lord, Amen, 

^ A Cclieclf*' Grace, 

O Lord, our heavenly Father, 
Almighty and everlafting 
God, who hail: fafcly brought us 
to the beginning of this day j de- 
fend us in the fame v;ith thy 
mighty power, and grant that 
this day ve fall inro no fin, nei- 
ther runlnto any kind of danger 5 
but tha^ a!l our doingt, being or- 
dered by thy governance, may be 
righteous in thy fight, through 
Jefus Chrifl cur Lcrd. Amen. 

C A Prayer fvr r^if P r z s i d E K t 
cf the United State:, and all in 
ci-v:/ Authority, 

("^ Lord, our heavenly Father, 
j the high and mighty Ru- 
le/ of die un- verfe, wh.> deft from 
thv thrciiii behold all the dwellers 

upon earth 5 moir heartily we ttf- 
feeth thee, with thy favour to 
behold and blefs thy fervant. The. 
Pr E S f D E N T of the UnitedStafesi 
and all others in authority 5 and 
fo replenijTi them with -the grace 
of thy holy Spirit, th^t they may 
always incline to thy wil!, and 
walk in thy way ; Endue them 
plenteoufly with heavenly gifts j 
grant them in health and profpe- 
rity long to live j and finally, 
afcer this life, to attain ever- 
iaftin^joy and felicity, through 
JefuS Chrift our Lord. Arnen» 
^ The folkzving Prayers are tQ 
- be omitted here, hvhtn the LI-' 
ta^y is read, 
If] A Prayer for the Clergy and 

ALmighty and everlafting 
God, from whom comerh 
every good and perfect gift, fend 
down upon our Bimopsand ether 
Clergy, and upon the Congrega- 
tions committed to their charge, 
the healthful fpiritof thy grace 5 
and, that they may truly pleafe 
thee, pour upon them the conti- 
nual dew of thy blciTing : Grant 
this, O Lord, for the honour of 
our Advocate and Mediator Je-^ 
fus Chrift. Amen, 
fff A Prayer for all Cjnditlons of 
Men, '■'^ 

OGod, the Greater and Pre- 
ferver of ail mankind, v/e 
humbly befeech thee for all forts 
and conditions cf men, that 
thouvvoulueit bepleafcd 10 maks 
chy vva\s known unto them, thy 
faving heairij unto ail nationL. 
More ef^eciaiiy. we pray for th ,' 


holy Chujch univerfal j that it 
pay be fo guided and governed 
by tliy good Spirit, til at ail who 
profeis and callthen)fe]vei,Chrir- 
tians, may be led into the way 
of truth, and, hold the faith in 
unity of SpirK, in the bond of 
peace, and in righteoufnefs of 
life. Finally, we commend to 
thy Fatherly goodnefs, all thofe 
who arc any ways atiiitted or 
dillieflcd in mind, body, or 
cftatc J that it may pleafe thee to 
comfort and relieve them, ac- 
cording to their feveral necefii- 
ties } givinjthem patience under 
their fufferings, and a happy 'flue 
out of all their at^ic^ions : x'lnd 
this we beg for Jefus Chriffc's 
fake. Amen, 

fl A General Thankfglvhg, 

ALmighty God, Father ot all 
mercies, we, tliine unwur- 
tliy lervanns^ do give thee moft 
humble apd hearty thanks for all 
thy goodnefs and loving kindnefs 
to us, aad to ail men. We blefs 
thee for our creation, preferva- 
tion, and all the bieUin^s of 
this life ; but, above all, for 
thine ineftimable love in the re- 
demption of the world by our 
Lord Jelus Chrift 5 for the means 
of grace, and for the hope of 
glory. And, we befeech thee. 

give us that due (tn(z of all thy 
mercies, that our hearts may be 
unfeiy;nedly thankful, and that 
we may lliow forth thy praiie, 
not only with our lips, but in 
our lives j by giving up ourfeives 
to thy fervice, and by walking 
before thee in holinefs and righ- 
teoufnefs ail our days, through 
Jefus Chrift, our Lord j to 
whom, with thee and the Holy 
Gholl, be all honour and glory, 
world without end. Amen, 

^ A Prayer of St, Chryfoll:om. 

ALmighty God, who halt 
given us grace a': this time, 
with one accord to make our 
common fupplications unto 
thee 5 and doft promife that 
when two or three are gathered 
together in thy Name, thou wilt 
grant their re.^uefts 3 fuihl now, 
O Lord, thedefires and petitions 
of thy fervants, as may be mod 
expedient for them j granting u'i 
in this world knowledge of thy 
truth, and in the world to come 
life everiailing. Amen, 

2 Cor, xiii. 14. 

TKe grace of our Lord Je- 
fus Chrifl:, and the love of 
God, and the fellowship of the 
Holy Ghoft, bev.'ith us aile-.e. 
more, Atnen, 

Here er^^th the Order of M9?.^lli0 F R .\ Y £ ?. • 

A 5 

The order for Daily 


(|[ The MINISTER (hall begin the Ev eking Prayer, by 
reading one or more of the foUoiving Sentences ©/"Scripture. 

THE Lord is in his holy 
temple; Jet all the earth 
keep filence before him. 
Uab, ii. 20. 

From the rifing of the fun 
even unto the going down of the 
fame, my name fhall be great 
amoiig theGentiles J and In every 
place incenfe fhall be offered un- 
to my name, and a pure offering 5 
for my n? me fhall be great among 
the heathen, faith the Lord of 
Hofls. MaL i. II. 

Let the words of my mouth, 
and the meditation of my heart, 
be alv, iiy acceptable in thy fight, 
O Lord, my flrength and my Rc- Ffal, xix. 14. 

When the wicked man turneth 
away from his wicked nefs that he 
hath committed, and doeth that 
^hich is lawful and right, he fhall 
fave his foul alive ^x^^.xviii 27. 

I acknowledge my trangrefTi- 
ons j and my fin is ever before 
me. PU. 11. 3. 

Hide thy face from my fins ; 
and blot out all mine iniquities. 
Pfal. Tu 9. 

The facrifices of God are a 
broken fpirit j a broken and a 
contrite heart, O God, thou 
wilt not defpife. Pfal. li. 17. 

Rend your heart, and not your 
garments, and turia unto theLord 

your God ; for he is gracious and 
merciful, flow to anger, and of 
great kindnefs, and repenteth 
him of the evil. Joel ii. 13. 

To the Lord our God belong 
mercies and fL/rgivene{res,though 
we have rebelled ^gainft him 5 
neither have we obeyed the voice 
of the Lord our God, to walk in 
his laws which he fet before us. 
Dan* ix. 9, 10. 

O Lord, corre6i me, but with 
judgment 5 not in thine anger, 
left thou bring me to nothing. 
Jer, X. 24. Pfal, vi. i. 

Repent ye j for the kingdom 
of heaven is at hand. St., Mat, 
iii. 2. 

I will arife and go to my father, 
and will fay unto him ; Father, 
I have finned againf^ heaven, 
and before thee, and am no more 
worthy to be called thy fon. 
St. Luke XV. 18, 19. 

Enter not into judgm^ent with 
thy fervant, O Lord j lor in thy 
light fhall no man living be juf- 
tifkdr Pfal* cxliii. 2. 

If we fay that we have no f.n, 
we deceive ourfelves, and the 
truth is not in us j but if we con- 
fcfs our lins, God is faithful and 
jufl to forgive us cur fins, and to 
cleanfe us from all unrighteoaf- 
nefs. I St. Jobr, i. 8, q. 

'CI Then 


If 77vff tke M'mijicy [ball fay y 

D Early beloved brethren, the 
Scripture moyeth us in 
fundry places, to aclcnovvledge 
And conFefs our manifold fins and 
wickednefs, and that we fhould 
not dilTcnible nor cloak them be- 
fore the face of Almighty God, 
our heavenly Father, but confefs 
them with an humble, lowly, pe- 
nitent, and obedient heart j to 
^he end that we may obtain for- 
givenefs of the fame by his infi- 
jiice gooonefs and mercy. And 
although we ought, at aJA times, 
humbly to acknowledge our fins 
beXbre God j yet ought wc chiefly 
fo to do, when we aHemble and 
meet together, to render thanks 
for the great benelits th^t we 
have received at his hands, to fet 
forth his moft worthy praife, to 
hear his moft holy word, and to 
a(k thofe things which are requi- 
^ts and necefiary, as well for the 
body as the foul. Wherefore, I 
pray and befeech you, as many as 
are here prefent, to accompany 
me, with a pure hearl,and hum- 
ble voice, unto the thron*: of the 
heavenly grace, faying— 

l(| A general CotifiJJioTty to he f aid 
by cbe ivbde Corgro^ulkn afcer 
the M'ln'ifiery all knctUng, 

ALmighty and moft merciful 
Father j We have erred 
and ftrayed from thy ways like 
loft iheep. We h.ive f«>llowed too 
much the devices and deiires ot 
our own hearts. We have oiTend- 

cd againft thy holy laws. V/e 
have left undone tbole things 
which we ought to have done; 
An<i we have d.>ne thofe things 
which we ought not to have done; 
And there is no health in us. 
But tliou, O Lord, have mercy 
upon u^ miferaole offenders. 
Spare thou thofe, O God, who 
confefs their fauits, Reftorethou 
thofe who are penitent j Accord- 
ing to thy promifes declared unto 
mankind, in Chrift Jefus our 
Lord. And grant, O moftmerci- 
ful Father, for his fak.e j That 
we may hereafcer live a godly, 
righteous, and foberlife j To the 
gloiy of thy holy name. Anen, 

^ The Declaration of Ahjolu^ 
tion, or Rcmijfion of fins \ to 
be made hy the Priest alone ^ 
frandiny\ tke People fiill knecU 


ALmighty God, the Father 
of our Lord Jefus Chrift, 
who defireth not the death of a 
finner, but rather that he may 
turn from his wickednefs and 
live, hath given power and com- 
mandment to his Minifters to 
declare and pronounce to hisPeo- 
ple, being penitent, the Abfoiu- 
tion and RemiiriDn of their fms. 
He pardoneth and abfolveth all 
thofe who truly repent, and un- 
feignedly believe his holy Gofpel. 
Wherefore, let us befeech him 
to grant us true repentance, and 
his holy Spirit; that thofe thing! 
may pl'-afe him which we do a( 
this prefent, and that thcteft o# 


our life hereafter may be pure 
and holy j lo that at the laft ws 
niay come to his eternal joy, 
through Jefus Chriftour Lord. 

^ The People pall arj^uer here^ 
find at tkc end oj e-ucry Fraycr, 

^^Orth'ii, ■ 

ALmighVy God, our hea- 
venly Father, who, of his 
great mercy, hath promil'ed For- 
givenefs of Sins to all thole, who, 
with hearty Repentance and true 
Faith, tura unto him j have 
Mercy upon you, pardon and 
deliver, you from all your Sins, 
confirm and ftrengthen you in 
all Goodnef?, and bring you to 
everlaftlng Life, through Jefus 
Chrift our Lord. Amen, 

^ Then the Mimfier foall kneel ^ 
and jay the Lord's Prayer ; the 
People ftill knetl'ing^and repeat- 
ing it "With h'tm^ both here^ and 
^whercjoe'ver eje it is ujed in 
Di-vine Sern;ice* 

OUr Father, who art in 
Heaven, Hallowed be thy 
Kamej Thy Kingdom come j 
Thy Will be done on Earth, as 
it is in Heaven ; Give us this 
day our daily bread j And for- 
. give us our trefpalTes, as we for- 
give thofe v/ho trefpafs againff 
us ; And lead us not into temp- 
tation ^ But deliver us from evil : 
For thine is the Kingdom, and 
the Power, and the Glory^ For 
ever and ever, Am^n, 


«f[ i:hcn4ike^vije he pall fay ^ 

O Lord, open thou our lips ; 
Anfiv, AnA our mouth ihall 
fhovv forth thy praife, 

^ Here, all (landing up, the 
Minijier pall jay , 

Glory be to the Father, and to 
the Son, and to the Holy Ghoft j 

Arf'vj, As it was in the begin- 
ning, is now, and ever ihaii be, 
world without end. 

Minijls'f, Praife ye the Lord. 

A?:fw, The Lord's name be 
pra^i fed. 

^ Then po all foil otv a Portion of 
the Pf alms, as they are appoint ^ 
ed, or one of the Sele<5tion?, 
as they are fet forth oy this 
Church, ivith the Doxolcgy^ 

as in the AIoj 



Then pall he read tktfrp Lef^ 
fon, according to the Talk or 
Calendar ; after which pall 
be [aid or fung the folloiuing 
Pfalm, except tuhen it is read 
in th'e ordinary courfe cf the 
Pfafmsj on the nineteenth day of 
the m'.ntht 

Cantate Domino* Pfal. xcviii* 

OSing unto the Lord a new 
fong ; for he hath done 
matvellous things. 

With his own right hand, and 
with his holy arm, hath he got-, 
tea hlmfeif the victory. 

The Lord declared his faiva- 
tion ; his righteoufnefs hatTi he 
openly (howed in tlie ii^ht of the 




He hath remembered his mer- 
cy and truth toward the houfe of 
lirae! i and all the ends of the 
world have (ten the falvation of 
our God. 

Show yourfelves joyful unto 
t^e Lord, iill ye lands j fing, 
rcjv»lce and give thanks. 

Praifethe Lord upon th^ harp ; 
f:ng to the harp with a pfalin of 
thankfgiv ng. 

V/ith trumpets alfo and 
fha\vms,0 ih;)w yourfelves joyful 
bjfore the Lord the King. 

Let the fea make a noife and 
all that therein is, the round 
world and chey that dwell therein. 
Let the floods clap their 
hands, and let the hilis be joyful 
together before the Lord j for he 
Cometh to judge the earth. 

With righteoufnefs ihall he 
judge the world, and the people 
with equity. 

^[ Or tbiu 

Bonum tfl confiteri, Pfal. xcll. 

IT Is a good thing to give 
thanks unto the Lord, and 
to fmg praifcs unto thy Name, 
O MoPi Fluheft j 

To tell of thy loving kindnefs 
early in the morning, and of thy 
truth in the night-feafon j 

Upon an inftrumeni of ten 
firings, and upon the lute; upon 
a loud inftrument, and upon 
the harp. 

For thou, Lord, haft made me 
glad through thy works j and 1 
will rejoice in giving praife for 
the operations of thy hands. 

^ Then a Leffon of thi NeiJ 
Tcflament, as It is appoint eti : 
And afur that ^ Jhali be jufig or 
Jaid this Pj'alm, except on th4 
tivelftb day of the mantb, 

Deus mifereatur, Pfal. Ixvil. 

GOd be merciful unto us and 
blefs us, and fhow us the 
light of his countenance, and be 
merciful unto us. 

That thy way may be known 
upon earth, thy faving health 
among all nations. 

Let the people praife thee, O 
God J yea, let all the people praife 

O let the nations rejoice and 
be glad j for thou /halt judge the 
folk righteoufly, and govern the 
nations upon earth. 

Let the people praife thee, 
O God J yea, let all the people 
praife thee. 

Then fhall the earth bring 
forth her increafe ; and God, 
even our own God, fhall give 
us his bleffing* 

God fhall blefs us 5 and all 
the ends of the world ihall fear 




Ar.'ima mea, 

Pfal, ciiL 

PRaife the Lord, O my foul j 
and all that is within me, 
praife his holy Name. 

Praife the Lord, O my foul, 
and forget not all his benefits ; 

Who forgiveth all thy f.n, and 
healech all thine innrniities j 

Who faveth thy Ih^e from de- 
ftru<^ion, and crowneth thee with 
mercy and loving kindnefs. 

O praifs 


pralfe the Lord, ye Angels 
of his, ye that excel in ftrength j 
ye ths-t fuilii his commandment, 
«nd hearken unto the voi<:e of 
his word. 

O praife the Lord, all ye his 
hofts j yefervants of his, that do 

O fpeak good of the Lord, all 
ye works of his, in all places of 
his dominion. Praife thou the 
Lord, O my foul. 

qy Then jkall he Jaid the Apojiln 
Creed by the Minljler and the 
People, jianding : And any 
Churches may omit the luords, 
He defcended into Hell, 

of the body j And the Jifc €^er- 
1 ailing. Avien, 

^ Ortbh. 

I Believe in one God, the Fa- 
ther Almighty, Maker of 
Heaven and Earth, and of all 
things viiibie and invifible : 

And in one Lord Jefus Chrift, 
the only begotten Son of God, 
begotten qf his Father before ail 
v/orldsj God of God, Light of 
Light, very God of very God, 
begotten, not made, being of one 
fubftance with the Father, by 
whom all things were made j 
who for us men, and for our fal- 
vaiion, came down from heaven, 
may infiead of them^ ufe th^ | and was incarnate by the Holy 
words, He went into the Place Ghofc of the Virgin Mary, and 

cf departed Spirits, 'which are 
con^dered as words of the fame 
meaning in the Creed, 

1 Believe in God the Father 
Almighty, Maker of hea- 
ven and earth': 

And in Jefus Chrift his only 
Son our Lord ; Who was con- 
ceived by the Holy Ghoft, Born 
of the Virgin Maiy, Suffered 
under Pontius Pilate, Was cru-- 
cified, dead, and buried 3 He 
defcended into Hell ; the third 
day he rofe from the dead j He 
afcended intoHeavenj And fitteth 
on the right hand of God the 

Father Almighty : From thence .'prophets. And 1 believe one 
he {hail come to judge xht (^uick ! Catholic and Apoftoiic Church. 
iind the dead. .1 acknovyledge one Baptifm for 

I believe in the Holy Ghoft j the remiilion of fins j and I look 
The boiyCatholic Church j .'I'he for the refurre^tion of the dead, 
ComiBunJon of Saiars j The for- J and the life of the world to come. 
g .■V'^Deli of Si.-isj Thtref'J rrs^^ion ,' Amen, 

t^ Ani 

was made man, and was cruci- 
fied alio for us under Pontius Pi- 
late. He fuiTered and was buried, 
and the third day he rofe again, 
according to the Scriptures, and 
afcendea into Heaven, and fit- 
teth on the right harjd of the 
Father \ and he fhall come again, 
with glory, to judge both the 
<^uick and the dead j whofe king- 
dom fhali have no end. 

Arid I believe in theHolyOhoU^ 
the Lord and giver of life, who 
proceedeth from the Fa:her and 
the Son , who with the Father 
and th?Son together is worfhipped 

nd glovhed, 'who fpake by the 


€1 And after, th^t, thefe Praytrs 
folitauitigy all de'uoutly kneel- 
ing y the Mintjter Jirft pro- 

The Lord be with you ; 
A'-iJ-rv. And with rhy fpirit. 
%\ Alinijitr^ Let U3 pray. 
O Loru, fliow thy mercy upon 

us y 

jirjiv. And grant us thy 

M'ln'ijier. O God, make clean 
ur hearts within us j 

Anfuf. And cake not thy 
Holy Spirit from us. 
ff Then Jhall he feud the Colka 

fir the day, and, after that, 

the CdUtti and Frayers fjl- 


fT AColkn for Peace. 

OGod, from whom ail holy 
deiires, all good counfels, 
and all jud works do proceed ^ 
Give unto thy fervants that peace, 
which the world cannot give ^ 
that our hearts may be fet to 
obey thy commandmentSj and 
alio thac by thee, we, being de- 
fended from the fear of our ene- 
mies, may pafs our time in reft 
and Guietnels, through the merits 
of Jelus Chriil our iiavioar. 

f[ A CoUeB for Aid a^a'inji 

/'^ Lord, our lieavsnly F.ather, 
\J hy whofe almighty power 
we ha\x beenpreferved tiv.s day 5 
by thy great mercy defend us 
rrom all perils and dangers of 
this nijht, for the love cf thy 
.)n)y Son* our Saviour, JeOi*; 
•?hrill. Arr.en. 

f[ A Prayer for the PrEsi^ 
DENT of the XJnited States, 
and all in ci'vil Authority. 

OLord our heavenly Father, 
the high and mighty Ru- 
ler of the uni verfe, who dolt 
from thy throne behold all the 
dwellers upon earth 5 moft hear^ 
tiiy we beleech thee, with thy 
favour to behold and blels thy 
fervant. The President of the 
United States, and all others in 
auihojity j and fo replcnifh them 
with the grace of thy holy Spirit, 
that they may always incline to 
thy will, and walk in thy w^y j 
£ndue them plenteoufly with 
heavenly gifts 5 grant them in 
health and profperity long to 
live ; and iinally, after this life, 
to attain everlaiting joy and it- 
licity, through Jefus Chrift our 
Lord. Amtn, 

^1 A Prayer for the Clergy and 

ALmighty and everlafting 
God, from v^hom cornetK 
every good and perfe£i gift, fend 
down upon our Biihops and other 
Clergy, and upon the Congrega- 
tions cornrnitted to their charge, 
the healthful fpirit of thy grace j 
and, that they may truly pleafe 
thecj pour upon them the conti- 
nual dew of thy blefling : Grant 
this, O Lord, for the honour 
of our Advocate and Mediator^ 
Jefus Chriil. W^^«; 
^ A Prayer for all Conditions 
' of Men, 

OGod, the Creator and Pre- 
ferver of all mankind, we 
humbly btfccch thee for all forts 


and conditions of men, that thou 
wouldeft be pleafed to make thy 
ways known unto them,, chy 
faving health unto ail nations. 
More elpecialiy we piay for thy 
holy Church univerfalj that it 
may be fo guided and governed 
by thy/good Spirit, that all who 
profefs and call themfelves Chrif- 
tians, may be led into the way 
of truth, and hold the faith in 
unity of Spirit, in the bond of 
jpeace, and in righteoufnefs ot 
life% Finally, we commend to 
thy Fatherly goodnefs, all thoic 
Who are any ways affiided or 
diftreHed in mind, body, or ef- 
tate ', that it may pleafe thee to 
comfort and relief them, ac- 
cording to their feveral necefli- 
ti€s ; giving them patrence under 
their fufferings, and a happy 
iffue out of all their afflictions : 
And this we beg for Jefus ChriU's 
fake. Amen. 

Ij[ A General Thankfgi'uing, 

ALmighty God, Father of 
all mercies, we, thine un- 
worthy fervants,do give thee moft 
humble and hearty thanks for all 
thy goodnefs and loving kindnefs 
to us, and to ail men. We blefs 
thee. for our creation, preferva- 
tion, and all the bleifmgs of this 
iife J but, above all, for thine 
ineftimable love in the redemp- 
tion of the world by our Lord 
Jefus Chrift 3 for the means of 

grace, and for the hope of glory. 
And, we befeech thee, give us 
chat due izr\(^ of alJ thy mercies, 
chat our hearts may be unfelgn- 
edly thankful, and that we may 
JliDw forth thy praife, not only, 
with our lips, but in our lives ; 
by giving up ourfelves to thy 
fervice, and by walking before 
thee in holinefs and righteouf- 
nefs all our days, through Jefus 
Chrift our Lord j to whom, 
with thee and the Holy Ghoft, 
be all honour and glory, world 
without end. Amen, 

fl ^Pr^^fr o/5V. Chryfoftom. 

ALmighty God, who haft 
given us grace at this 
time, v/ith one accord to make 
our common fupplications unto 
thee j and doft promife that 
when two or three are gathered 
together in thy Name, thou wilt 
grant their requefts j fulfil now, 
O Lord, the defires and petitions 
of thy fervants, as may be 'moft 
expedient for them j granting us 
in this world knowledge of thy 
truth, and in the world to come 
life everlafting» Amen, 

2 Co\ 


TFIE grace of our Lord Je- 
fus Chrift, and the love 
of God, and the fellowftiip ot 
the Holy Ghoft, be with us all 
evermore. Amen, 

Here endeth the OrderofEvzsii^c Prayer* 


m Trf hlTA'Sy, or General Supplication, to hc.vfed 
tftcr Mutnnig Scfviciy en Sunday iy JVcdncfdays^ and Fridays* 

OGod, the Father of hca 
vsri ; have mercy upon us 
milerable fi'mers. 

God, the Futher cf heathen j 

■:e mercy np'tn us mifsrable 


O God the Son, Redeemer 
of the W'jiid j hSve meicy upon 
|](^ miferabie linners. 

God tbi Soiy Redeemer of 
the naorld j kavs mercy apon us 
miferabU fmners, 

O God the Holy Ghoft, pro 
ceeding from the Father aiitJ 
the Son ^ have mercy upon us 
miferabie fiiiners. 

Ccd the Holy Ghoft, pn- 
ceeding from the Father and the 
Sen '^ banje mercy u^-on us m'lfera- 
hle fmnirs, 

O holy, blefled, and glorious 
Trinity, three perfons and one 
God i have mercy upon us mi- 
ferabie Tinners. 

I'Jy, hUJfedy' and glorlyus 
Trinity, three perfons and one 
God', have mercy upon us mtfe- 
rahle fiKTicrs* 

Reinember not, Lord, our of- 
fence's, nor the oiTences of our 
fore-fathers ; neither rake thou 
vengeance of our fins : Ipare us, 
good Lord, fpare thy people, 
whom thou haft redeemed with 
thy moft precious blood, and be 
not angry with us for ever : 
Kparc us, good Lord. 

From all evil and mifchief j 
from fm j from the, crafts and 
fe^aults of the devil 3 from- thy 

wrath, and from everiafting 
damnation ; 

Good Lord, de lifer us. 

From all blindnefs of heart ; 
from pride, vain glory, and hy- 
pocrifyj from envy, hatred, and 
malice, and all uncharitable- 
ntU j 

Good Lord^ delinjer us. 

From all inordinate and finful 
affe(flions ; and from all the de- 
ceits of the world, the flefh, and 
the dev'l J 

Good Lord, dclit'er us. 

From lightning and tempeft \ 
from plague, peftilence, and fa- 
mine ; from battle, and murder, 
and from fudden death j 
Good Lord, deli'ver us. 

From all fediuion, privy con- 
fpiracy, and rebellioji 5 from 
ail falfe dodlrine, herefy, and 
fchifm; from hardnefs of heart, 
and contempt of thy Word and 
Commandment J 

Good Lord, de/i'ver us. 

By the rayftery of thy holy 
Incarnation J by thy holy Nati- 
vity and Circumcificn 3 By thy 
Eaptifm, Falling, and Tempta- 
tion ', 

Good Lord, dell'ver us, • 

By thine Agony and bloody 
Sweat j b; thy Crofs and PalB- 
on J by thy precious Death and 
Burial ; by thy gloricus Refur- 
recLon and Axcenfion \ and by 
the coming of the Holy GhoH: j 
Good Lordy dell'ver us. 


The L I 

Jn all timeof our tribulation J 
in all time of our profperity j in 
the hour of death, and in the day 
of Judgment j 

Good Lord, deJi'ver us. 

We Tinners do befeech thee to 
hear us, O Lord God j and that 
it may pleafe thee to rule and 
govern thy holy Church univerlal 
In the right way j 

0^e bejeech thee to bear us, 
good Lord, 

That it may pleafe thee to 
blefs and preferve all Chriftian 
Rulers and Magiflrates 5 giving 
them grace to execute jultice, 
and to maintain truth 5 

fp^s hejceck thee to bear us, 
good Lord, 

That it may pleafe thee to 
illuminate all Bifhops, Priells, 
and Deacons, with true know- 
ledge and underftanding of thy 
Word ; and that both by their 
preaching and living they may 
iet it forth, and fhnw it accord- 
ingly J 

ffi befcech ther to hear us, 
good Lord, 

That it may pleafe thee to 
blefs and keep all thy people ; 

JVe bef^cch thee to hear us, 
good Lcrd, 

That it may pleafe thee to 
give to all Nations, unity, peace, 
and concord ; 

ffe befcech thee to hear us, 
good Lord, 

That it may pleafe thee to 
give us aji heart to love and fear 

T, A N Y. 

thee, aad diligently to Jive afiei: 
thy Commandments } 

I'P^e befcech thee to hear us, 
good Lord, 

That it may pleafe thee to give 
to all thy people increaie of graces^ 
to hear meekly thy Word, ancj 
to receive it with pure affedticn, 
and to bring forth the fruits of 
the Spirit j 

PFe befeech thee to hear us, 
good Lord, 
■ That it may pleafe thee to 
bring into the way of truth, all 
fuch as have erred, and are de- 
ceived J 

JVe befeech thee to hear us, 

good Lord, ' 

That it may pleafe thee IsJ 1 
ilrengthen fuch as do ft and, and 
to comfort and help the weak- 
hearted, and to raife up thofe who 
fall, and iinally to beat down Sa- 
tan under our feet j 

Jf'^e befeech thee to hear us, 
good Lord, 

That it may pleafe thee to 
fuccour, help, and comfort all 
who are in danger, neceiTity and 
tribulation j ' 

fVe befeech thee to hear us, 
good Lord, 

That it may pleafe thee to 
preferve all who travel by land or 
by water, all women in the perils 
of child-birth, all fick perfons, 
and young children, and to fhow 
thy pity upon all prifoners and 

fVe befeech thee to hear us, 
good Lord. 

That it may pleafe thee to de- 
fend,, and proviae for, the fathc 

The L I 

'iildicn, at, A'idows,arjd all 
re defolate and oppreHed j 
. bcjcccb tbee to bear usy 
g'cd herd, 
I That it may pleafe thee to have 
Dcrcy upon ali men j 
IVt bfjeecb tbee to bfar us, 

good Lord, 
That it may pleafe thee to 
'orgive our enemies, perfecutors 
ind flanderers, and to turn their 

lye bcfeccb tbee to hrar us^ 

good Lord, 
That it may pleafe thee to give 
jandprefervetoour ufe theicindly 
i fruits of the earth, fo that in 
due time we may enjoy them j 
, fy£ hefeech thee to hear us, 
gocd Lord, 
That it may pleafe thee to 
give us true repentence, to for- 
give us all our fins, negligence?, 
»nd ignorances, and to endue us 
with the grace of thy Holy Spi- 
rit, to amend our lives accord- 
ing to thy holy Word ; 

/?> hffeecb thee to hear us, 

gocd Lord, 
Son of God, we befeech thee 
to hear us. 

^on of God, zue bcjecch thee to 
bear us. 

O Lamb of God, v/ho takeft 
iway the fins of the world j 
• Grant us thy peace, 

O Lamb of God, who takeft 
away the fins of the world j 
Have mercy upon us, 

^ The Mlni/ier may, at his dif- 
creticn, emit all that follczvs, to 
the Prayer, We humbly be- 
feech tiiec, O father, &c, ■ 

T A N Y. 

[ O Chrift, hear uz, 
Chtiji, htar us. 
Lord, have mercy upon u3# 
Lord, have mercy titon us, 
Chrift, have mercy upon us. 
Cbriji, han/e mercy upon us. 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 
Lord, hanje mercy upon us, 

^ Then pall the Mirifier, and 
the People ivith bim. Jay the 
Lcrd's Prayer, 

OUr Father, who art in 
Heaven, Hallowed be thy 
Name J Thy Kingdom come; 
Thy Will be doi.e on Earth, 
as it is in Heaven j Give us this' 
day ourdaily bread; And forgive 
us our trefpafl'es, as we forgive 
thofe who trefpafs againft us ; 
And lead us not into tempta- 
tion j But deliver us from eviK 

ATwiJler, O Lord, deal not 
with us according to our fins. 

y^nfiv. Neither reward us 
according to our iniquities. 
^ Let us pray, 

OGod, merciful Father, wha 
defpif*ft not the fighing 
of a contrite heart, nor the de- 
fire of fuch, as are forrowful ; 
mercifully aiftft our prayers 
which we make before thee in 
all our troubles and adverfities, 
whenfoever they opprefs us j and 
gracioufiy hear us, that thofe 
evils which the craft and fubtiity 
of the devil or man worketh 
agamft us, may, by thy good 
providence, be brought to 
nought; that we, thy fjrvants, 
being hurt by no perfecutionsp 
may evermore give thanks unto 


thee m thy holy Church, 
through Jefus Chrift our Lord. 
Lord^ arife, help «s, avd 
Ml'i'ver us, for thy Nams'% jakc, 

OGod, we have .heard wiih 
our ears, and our fathers 
have declared unto us the no- 
ble works that thou didft in their 
days, and in the old time betore 

Lord, arife, help us^ and 
dcli'ver us, for thins honour. 

Glory be to the Father, and to 
the Son, and to the Holy Ghoft j 

Anjiu, As it was in the be- 
ginning, is now, and ever fhall 
be, world without end. Amen, 

Froai our enemies defend us, 
O Chrift. 

Grackufly look upcn our af- 

With pity behold the forrows 
oi our hearts. 

Merc fully forgi've the fins of 
thy people. 

Favourably with mercy hear 
otr prayers. 

Son of Da-vid, ha-ve mercy 
fLpon us. 

Both now and ever, vouch- 
fafe to hear us, O Chrift. 

Gracioujly hear us, Chr'ifi j 
gracioufiy hear us, Lord Chriji, 

Minijier, G Lord, let thy 
mercy be fhowed upon us j 

Anfiv, As we do put our truft 
in thee.] 

^ Let us pray* 

WE humbly befeech th4e, 
O Father, mercifully 
to look upon our infirmities j 
and, for the glory of thy Name, 
turn from us all thofe evils tiiat 

we moft juftly have deferved ] 
and grant that, in all our trou- 
bles, we may put ourwhjle truii 
and confidence in thy mercy , 
and evermore ferve thee in holi 
nefs and purerefs of living, xs 
thy honour and glory, througr 
our only Mediator and Advocate 
Jelus Chrift our Lord. Anizn, 

^' A General Tkankfgl'vlng, 

ALmighty God, Father of all 
mercies, we, thine unwor- 
thy fervants, do give thee mof 
humble and hearty thanks for ai 
thy goodnefs and loving kindnel 
to us, and to tA\ men. We hiti 
thee for our creation, prefervati- 
on, and all the bleflings of thi: 
life ; but, above all, for thii* 
ineftimable love in the redemp 
tion of the world by our Lon 
Je^us Chrift ; for the means o 
grace, and for the hope of ^\orv 
And, we beieech thee, giv€"\i 
that due fenfe of all thy mer 
cies, that our hearts may be ua 
feignedly thankful, and chat w: 
may lliow forth thy praife, no 
only with our lips, but in ou: 
lives ', by giving up ourfelves ti 
thy fervice, and by walking be 
fore ti-iQ m hoiinefs and righte 
oufnefs all our days, throug! 
Jefus Chrift, our Lord j to whom 
with thee and the Holy Ghoft 
be all honour and glory, worl 
without end. Amen, 

€\ A Prayer of St, Chryfoftom 

ALmighty God, v/ho hal 
given us grace at thi 
time, with one accord to mak 
our common fupplicatians uot 
thee j and doft proaiiiv tha 

P R A Y E 

•hrn two or three arc gathered 

'^cr in tiiy name, thou wilt 

- their rrqueftsj r'ullil now, 

-ord, the detires and petiti- 

-. ot thy fervants, as may be 

- , - 1 rxpedieht for them ; grant- 

! , in this world knowledge ot 

ruth, and in the world to 

life everlafting. Atnen, 

R S. 

2 Cor, xlil. 


THe grace of our Lord Jcfus 
Chrift, and the love of 
God, and the feilowfliip of the 
Holy Ghoft, be with us ail ever- 
more, y^mcn. 

Here cndetb the LlTASY^ 

T'lt ylTERS arJ THANKSGIVINGS upon fe-veral 
Occajionty to be ufed before the tivo Jinn/ Prayers of MoR MJN G 
"««</ Evening SERviCE. 


f[ A Prayer for Congress, 
to be ufed during the'tr feffion, 

MOft gracious God, we 
humbly befeech thee, as 
for tiie People of^thefe United 
States in general, fo efpecially 
for their Senate and Reprefen- 
tatlves in Congrefs afTetr.bled ; 
that thou wouldeft be pleai'ed to 
dire(5t and prolper all their con- 
fuitatlcns, to the advancement i 
of thy Glory, the good of th;' j 
Church, the fafety, honour, and 
welfare of thy people ; thart all 1 
things may be fo ordered and | 
fettled by their endeavours, upon 1 
the beiV and fureii foundations, j 
that peace and happinefs, truth 
and julVxe, religion and piety, 
:Biay be eAabliihed among us for 
nerations. 'ihefe iad all ' 

other necefTaries for them, for 
us, and thy whole Church, we 
humbly beg in the name and 
mediation of Jefus Chrift, our 
moft blelled Lord and Saviour, 

^ For Ram, 

OGod, heavenly Father, 
who by thy Son Jeius 
Cbrift harl prom.iled to all thofe 
who feek thy kingdom and the 
righteoufnefs thereof, all things 
ncceiTary to their bodily fuften- 
ance j fend us, we befeech thee, 
in this our neceHity, I'uch mode- 
raie rain and ihov/ers, that, we 
may receive the fruits of the 
earth to our comfort, and to thy 
honour, through Jefus Chrllt 
our Lord. Amen* 

P R A 

i([ For fair JVeather, 
A Lmi^hty anri mofl merciful 
J^ Father, we humbly befeech 
thee, of thy great goodnefs, to 
retrain thofe immode!!-ate rains, 
wherewith, for our fins^ thou 
haft a(Bi<fted us : And we pray 
thee to fend us luch feafonable 
weather, that the earth may, in 
due time, yield her increafe, for 
our ufe and benefit j and give us 
grace, that we may learn, by thy 
puniihments, to amend our lives, 
and for thy clemency to give 
thee thanks and praife, through 
Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen, 

^[ In Time of Dearth and 


OGod, heavenly Father, 
whofe gift it is that the 
rain doth fail, and the earth 
bring forth her increafe } be- 
hold, we befeech thee, the af- 
flictions of thy people j increafe 
the fruits of the earth by thy 
heavenly benediction j and grant 
that the fcarcity and dearth, 
which we now moftJulUy fufFer 
for our fins, nnay, through thy 
goodnefs, be mercifully turned 
Into plenty, for the love of Jefus 
Chrift our Lord j to v/hom, with 
thee and the Holy Ghoft, be all 
honour and glory, now and for 
ever. Amen, 
^ In Time of V/ar and Tumults, 

O Almighty God, the fu~ 
preme governor of ail 
things, whofe power nQ creature 
IS able to refill, to whom it be- 
longeih juftly to punifh finders, 
and to be merciful to thofe v^rho 
truly repejiit j fave and deliver 


us, we hDmbly befeech theCj from 
the hands of our enemies 3 that 
we, being armed with thy <ie- 
fence, may be preferved evermore 
from all perils, to glorify thee, 
who art the only giver of ali 
victory, through the merits ol 
thy Son, Jefus Chrift our Lord. 

^ For thofe ivho are to be admit- 
ted into holy Orderly to be ufed 
in the loeeks preceding the fa- 
ted times of Ordination* 

ALmighty God, our hea- 
venly leather, who haft 
purchafed to thyfelf an univerfal 
Church, by the precious blood 
of thy dear Son j mercifully 
look upon the fame, and at this 
time io giuide and govern the 
minds of thy fervants, the Ei- 
ihop and Paftors of thy flock, 
chat they may lay hands fuddenly 
on no man, but faithfully and 
wifely make choice of fit pcrfons, 
to ferve in the facred miniftry 
of thy Church. And, to thofe 
who Ihall be ordained to any holy 
function, give thy grace and he ^- 
venly benedi£lion j that both by 
their life and doftrine they may 
ihow forth thy glory, and fet for- 
ward the falvation of all men, 
through Jefus Chrift our Lord. 

«]" Or this, 

Lmighty God, the giver 
11 good gifts, who of 
thy divine providence haft ap- 
poinced divers orders in thy 
Church j give thy grace, we 
humbly befeech thee, to ail thofe 



who are to be called to any 
^(Hcc and adminiitrntSon in the 
jftntfe ; and (o replenilh thenn 
with the Ciiith of thy do£>iine, 
,aiid endue them with innocency 
of life, that they may faithfully 
fcrve before thee, to the glory ot 
thy great Name, and the benefit 
of' thy holy Church, through 
fefus Chrift our Lord. j4men, 
f j In Time of great Sicknefs and 

O Almighty God, the Lord 
or life and death, offick- 
nefs and health 3 regard our lup- 
flications, we humbly befeech 
theej and, as tHou ha!t thought 
fit to vifit us for our fins with 
gieat ficknefs and mortality, in 
the midft of thy judgment, O 
Lord, remember mercy. Have 
pity upjn us miferable iinnerd, 
and withdraw from us the griev- 
ous ficknefs with which we are 
affli<Sled. May this thy fatherly 
Corre<Sion have its due influence 
upon us, by leading us to confi- 
der how i'riW and uncertain our 
life is J that we may apply our 
hearts unto that heavenly wif- 
dom, which in the end will bring 
us to cverlafting life, through 
Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen, 
fl For dfick Ferftn, 

O Father of mercies, and 
God of all comfort, our 
only help in tim«j of need j look 
down from heaven, we humbly 
befeech thee, behold, vlfit, and 
relievp thy fick Jtrnjant^ for 
whom our prayers are defired. 
Lonk upon km with the eyes of 
thy meicy j corafoU him wich a 

fenfe of thy goodnefs ; prefer vi 
i>i»ifrom the temptations i.f the 
enemy i give hm patience under 
/)/.$ artiidlion 5 and, in thy good 
time, reftore hhn to health, and 
enable hhh to lead the refulue of 
hh life in thy fear, and to thy 
glory : Or elfe give him grace fo 
to takethy vifitation, that, after 
this painful life ended, kc may 
dwell wiih thee in life everlafting, 
through Jefus Chrift our Lord. 

f[ lor afickChild. 

ALmightyGod, andmcrcifuf 
Father, to whom alone be- 
looj^ the iflues of life and death j 
look down from heaven, we 
humbly befeech thee,- with the 
eyes of mercy, upon the fick 
child for whom our prayers are 
defired. Deliver i?im, O.Lord,' 
in thy good appointed time, from 
his bodily pain^ and vifit hlni 
with thy falvation j that if it 
ihould hh thy good pleafure to 
prolong bis days here on earth, 
he may live to thee, and be ait 
iiiftrument of thy glory, by ferv- 
ing thee faithfully, and doing 
good in his generation : Or eife 
receive blm into thofe heavenly 
habitations, where the fouls of 
thole who Oeep in the Lord Je- 
fus enjoy perpetual reft and teli- 
city. i^irant this, O Lord, for 
the loveofchy Son,our STaviour, 
Jefus Chrift. Amen, 
^ For a Perfon, or Perjchsy gowj^ 
to Sea, 

O Eternal God, who alone 
fpreaJeft out the heavens, 
and ruleii the racing of the fea ; 


^e commend to thy Almighty 

protection, tliy jewant^ for 
whofe prel'ervadon on the great 
deep our prayers are defired. I 
Guard i^it-^, we befeech thee, 
from the dangers of the fea, 
from ficknefs, from the violence 
of enemies, and from every etril 
to which he may be expoff^d. 
Conduct h'lm in fafety to the 
haven where he would be. with 
a grateful fenfe of thy mercies, ; 
through Jefus Chrill our Lord. 

l[[ Tor a P erf on under affiiElhn. 

O Merciful God, and hea- 
venly Father, who hart 
trught us, in thy holy Word, 
that thou doft not willingly af- 
fli6^ or grieve the children of 
men j look with pity, we be- 
feech thee, upon the lorrows of 
th)- fernjant , fttr whom our pray-, 
ers are defired. In thy wif-. 
dom thou haft feen fit to vifit 
h'lm with trouble, and to bring 
diftrefs upon him. Remember 
hhn, O Lord, in mercy; fandlify 
thy fatherly Qorrt(X\on to him j 
endue his foul with patience xin- 
^cx his afiiidlion, and with reiig- 
nation to thy blelfed will j com- 
fort him with a itnit of thy 
goodncfs J lift up thy counte- 
ss ance upon hlmy and give bi7n 

peace, through Jefi^s Chrlit our 
Lord. Amen, 

^ ¥or Malefactor Sy after Co*i^ 
demnat'ion. Or clje the Prayer 
in the Vifitation of Prifoners 5 
beginnings O Father of mer- 
cies, l^c, may be ufed, 

Moft gracious and merci- 
ful God, we earneftly be- 
feech thee to have pity and com- 
palTion upon thofe perfons recom- 
mended to our prayers, who now 
lie under the fentence of the law, 
and are appointed to die. Vifit 
thonyO Lord, with thy mercy and 
falvation 5 convince them of the 
miferable condition they are in, 
by their (\ns and wickednefs; and 
let thy powerful grace produce 
in them fuch a godly fonow, and 
fmcere repentance, as thou wilt 
be plea fed to accept. Give /".ti^ 
a ftrong and lively faith in thy 
Son our blefTed Saviour, and 
make fceffeftual to thefaivation 
of their fouls, O Lord , in judg- 
ment, remember mercy , and 
whatever fufferings they are to 
endure in this world, yet deliver 
themy O God, from the bitter 
pains of eternal death. Pardon 
their fms, and fave their fouls, 
for the fake and merits of thy 
dear Son^ our bleHed SavioMr 
and Redeemer. Amen, 


T H A N K S G r V t N G S 

jk The rhankfgi'Ving cf iVomcn 
afttr ChllJ-birth-^ to be [aid 

aft . 

ivhtn any lVom:in^ beivgprefent 

;« Churchy (hall ha-ve. deftred 

; return Thanks to Alniighiy 

■:d for her fafi Deli-vcrance, 

O Almighty God, we give 
thee h'lnible thanks, for' 
that thou ha;^ heeiigracioiifly 
^leafiid to pr^ferve, through the 
groat pain and peril of Child- 
birth, this ivonmni thyferi'an^f 
who df/ires, now to offer her praifes 
tnd thankfgivings unto thee. 
Cram, we hefeech thee, moft 
merciful Father, that/^f through 
thy help may both faithfuily 
live and walk according to thy 
will in this life prefent, and alfo 
may be partaker of everUfting 
glory in the life to come, thr.->ggh 
Jefus Chrift oar Lord. Anicil, 
f[ Fcr Rahi, 

OCod, oiir heavenly Fa- 
ther, who by thy graci- 
ous providence doft caufe the 
former and the latter rain to de- 
fcend upon the earthy that it may 
bring forth fruit for the ufe of 
^rian j we give thee humble 
thanks that it hath pleafed thee, 
in our great necfility, to fend us 
|t the lal\ a joyful rain upon thine 
Inherit a nco, and to rcfrelli it 
vhen it was dry, to the great com- 
fort of U3 thy unworthy fervants, 
^nd toth^i^iory of thyhoiyName, 
through thy mercies in Jefus 
Chrift our Lord. Atnen, 
^ F':r fair VAather. 

OLord God, who halt juflly 
humbled i-s by thy late vi- 
/^, , f.f- .,, ^yjfh immoderate 

rain and raters, and in thy mercy 
had relieved and comforted our 
fuuls hy thit» fi'afon^ble and blef- 
fed change of we:ither ; we 
praif° and glorify thy holy Name, 
for this tiiy mercy, and will al- 
ways declare thy loving kiiidnefs 
from generation to generation, 
tinough Jefus Chrilt our Lord« 

f[ For Plenty, 

OMoft merciful Father^ who 
of thy gracious goodnefs 
had heard the devout prayers of 
thy Church, and turned our 
dearth and fcarcity into plenty; 
we give thee humble thanks for 
this thy fpecial bounty ; befeech- 
ing thee to continue thy loving 
kindnefs unto us, that our land 
may yield ui- her fruits of in- 
creafe, to thy glory and our com- 
fort, throuigh Jefus Chriil our 
Lord. Amen, 

^ For Feacey and Deli'verance 
fri/m cur Enemies, 

O Almighty God, who art a 
ftroiig tower of defence un- 
to thy fervants againft the face 
of their ene.mies^ we yield thee 
praife ?nd thankfgiving, for ocir 
deliverance from thofe greit and 
apparent dangers v.'herev/ith we 
were compafTed ; we acknow- 
ledge it thy goojnefs tiiat w« 
were not delivered over as a prey 
unto them 5 b?fecchingth;:e ftiil 
to continue fuch chv mejcies to- 
wards us, that all the world may 
know th^t thou art our Saviour 
and mignty Deliverer, through 
Jefus Chnft our Lord. yiV.rv. 


^ Tor refiorlng publich, Peace at 

O Eternal God, our hea- 
venly Father, who alone 
makeil men to b" of one mind in 
a boufe, and llUleft the outrage 
of a violent and unruly peoplp j 
we biels thy holy Name, that it 
hath plealed thee to app^afc the 
feditious tumults which have 
been lately raifed up amongfl- us j 
moll: humbly befeeching thee to 
grant to all of us grace, that v^e 
may henceforth obediently walk 
in thy holy commantiments j 
and, leading a quiet and peacea- 
ble life in all godlinels and ho- 
nefty, may continiially offer un- 
to thee our facrince of praife and 
thankfgiving for thefe tliy mer- 
c'es towards us, through Jefus 
Chriit our Lord. Amen, 

^ For DelitJerance from great 
Sicknefs and Mcrtality* « 

OLord God, v/ho haft 
wounded us for our fins, 
and confumed us for our tranf- 
^reiTions, by thy late heavy and 
dreadful vifitation j and now, in 
the mid ft of judgment remem- 
bering mercy, hait redeemed our 
fouls from the jaws of de^ith j 
we offer unto thy fatherly good-- 
nefs, ©urfelves, our fouls and 
bodies.which chou haft delivered, 
to be a living fafrrince unto th-e j 
always praiiing and magnifying 

thy mercies in the midft of thy 
Church, through Jefus Chri/l 
our Lord. Amen^ 
^ Tor a RecG'ver'f from Sitkrff* 

OGod, who art the giver of 
life, of health, and of fafe- 
ty j we blefs thy name, that 
thou haft been pleafed to dclivisir 
from his bodUy ficknefs tblf 
thy feri'a^ty who now defireth to 
return thanks unto thee, in the 
prefence of all thy people. Gra- 
cious ?.vt thou, O Lord, and full 
of <:ompaftion to the childjcn of 
men. May his heart be duly im« 
preffed with a fenfe of thy mer- 
ciful goodnefs, and may he 
devote the refidue of his days to 
an humble, holy, and obedient 
walking before thee, through 
Jefus Chnft our Lord. Amen, 
f| For a jafe Return from Sea, 

MOft gracious Lord, whofe 
mer'cy is over all thy 
works j we praife thy holy 
Name, that thou haft been plea- 
fed to condutt i-n fafety, through 
the perils of the great deep, thif 
thy fer-T/anty who now de/iretlr 
to return his thanks unto thee, 
in thy holy Church : May he be 
duly fen fi hie of thy merciful 
providence towards him, and 
ever exprefs his thankfuinefs by 
a holy ttuft in thee, and obedi- 
ence to thy laws-, through Jefus 
Chrift our Ldrd. Amen, 



To be uied throughout the Year. 

^h2 Firfi Sunday in j^dvent. 

Tci C'jUcSJ. I fieep ; for now is our falvatloa 

. j ri'^arer than when we believed. 
The night is far fpent, the day- 
is at hand ; let us therefore calt 
off the works of darknefs, and 
let us put on the armour of light. 
Let us walk honeflly, as in the 
day } not in rioting and drunk- 
ennefs, not in chambeiing and 
wantonnefs, not in ftrife and 
envying. Bat put ye on the Lord 
Jelus Chrifl, and make not pro- 
vifion for the fieih, to fuirii the 
iufis thei'et)f. 

ALniiehty God, give us 
grace that we may call 
away tne works of darknefs, and 
{>ut upon us thearmour of light, 
now in the time o/ this mortal 
lite, in which thy Son Jefus 
Chrift came to vi/it us in great 
humility j that in the laft day 
when he /hal! come again in his 
glorious Majefty to judge both 
the quick and d'rad, we may 
rife to the life immortal, through 
him who livcth and rcignerh 
with thee and the HoJy Ghoft, 
now and ever. Jir.iai, 
if l^iu CrlltEi is to he repeated 
eifry Day iv'itij the ether CcU 
Ueii in Adnjenty until Chrxjl- 

The t:j.ij}/c, Rom. xiii. 8. 

OWL no man any thing, but 
to love one another j for 
he that.lovtth another, harh 
fulfilled the law. For this, Thou 
nialt not comsnit adult(»ry,l hou 
ftalt not kill. Thou ihalt not 
rteal. Thou ihalt not bear faife 
witnefs, Thau ilialt not covet j 
and if there be any other c«,)n"i- 
mandment, it is brie'^.y compre- 
hended in this faying, namely, 
Thou fiialt love thy neighbour 
as thyfelf. Lo'.e \Vorketh no 

The Gc/fel St. Matth. xxi. i. 

WHen they drew nigh un- 
to Jerufalem^ and were 
come to Bethcage, ' unto the 
mounr of O'ives j then fcnt Jefus 
two difciplej, faying, unto t-hem, 
G© inr</ t xe village over againic 
you, and il/n ghtway ye lliail find . 
an als tied, and a colt with her : 
loafe them, and bring them un- 
to me.,A^d if any man fay ought 
unto you, yr fhall fay. The Lord 
hath need of them j and llraight- 
way he will fend them. All 
this was doncj -that it might 
be fuHilled which was fpoken by 
the prophet, faying, Tell ye 
the daughter of Sion, Behold, 
thy King comcth unto thee, 
meek, and fitting upon an afs. 

to his fi.Mghbour ; therefore love 'and a colt the foal of an afs. 

Is the fulnlling of the law. And And the difciples went, and did 

t'lar, kntiM^Irg the time, thatpow as fefu^ comm.tnded them ; and 

i hi^jh time to awake out oV brought tie ifs, and the colt, 

B z and 


The Second Sunday in Advent. 

And put on them their cloatiis, i The Ep'iflte^ ' Holri. xv. 4«, 
and they let him thereon. And ! TT /^liatloeCsr things wi 
31 very great multitude fpread V v written aforetime, w( 
their garm.ents in the v/ay ; others I written for our learning j that 
cut down branches from the we, tlirough patience, and corn- 
trees, and flrawed them in the j fort of the Scripiures, might have 
\vay. And' the multitudes that j hope. Now the God of patience 
went before^ and that foliov;ed, and confolation grant you to be 
cried, faying, Hofanna to the , likemindedane towards another^ 
Son of David ; bieffed is he t\\z.t j according to Chrift Jefus : 1 hat 
comedi in the name of the Lordj ' ye may with on^ mind and one 
JHcfann?. in the higheft. And mouth glorir'y God, even the Fa- 
when he was come inj-o Jerufa- \ ther of our Lord Jefus Chrift. 
lem, ali the city was moved. Wherefore receive ye one ano* 
faying, Who is this ? And the ther,as Chrift alfo received us, to 
multitude faid, This is Jefus the the glory of God. Now 1 fay, 
Frophet of Nazareth of Galike. ' that felus Chrift was a minifter 
And Jef iS went inro the temple of the circumcifion, for the truth 
cf God, and caft out all them that of God, to" confirm the promifes 
ipld and bought in the temple, ! made unto the tatners : And that 
and overthrew the tables iof the I the Gentiles might glorify God 
money -changers, and the feats : for his mercy 5 as it is written, 
of them that fold doves, and laid ! for this caufe I will confefs to 
unro them, it is writien, jwly 

houfe fhali be called the houf^ of 
prayer; bur ye have made it a 
den of thieves. 

Second Sunday in Ad'vent, 

) Leffed Lord, who haft cau- 
fedaii holy Scriptures to be 
'written for our learning ; grant 
that we may in fuch '.yife hear 
them, read, mark, learn, and 
inwardly digeft them, that by pa- 
tience, and comfort of thy holy 
Word, we may embrace, and 
ever hold fait the bieil>d hope 
of everlafting life, which thou 
haft given us in our Saviour 
I cfus Chrift. Arntn^ 

thee among the Gentiles, and 
fmg unto thy Name : And again 
he faith, Rejoice, y? Gentiles, 
with his people : And again, 
Praife the J.ord, all ye Gentiles 5 
and laud him, all ye people. And 
again Efaias faith, There ihall be 
a rootof JeiTe, and he that ftiall 
rife to reign over the Gentiles, 
in him fhall the Gentiles truft. 
Now the God of hope £11 you 
with all joy and peace in "believ- 
ing, that ye may abound in 
hopd, through the power of the 
Holy Ghoft. 
Ihe GcfpeL St. Luke xxi. 25. 

ANe there Ihall be hgns m, 
the fun, zni in the moony 
and in the ftars j and upon the 
earth diftrefs of nations, with 
perplexity, the fea and the waves 
roaring |- 

The Third Sund 

roaring; mens hearts failing them 
for fear, an.^ for looking after 
Xhofc tilings whicii are coming? on 
the earth j for the povVeis of hca- 
Tcri lha:l be ihaken. And then 
.fliall they fee the Son of man co- 
ining in a cload with power and 
great glory. Arid \Vhch thefc 
things begin to come to pafs, 
then look Dp, and lift up your 
heads ; for yoar redemption 
draweth nigh. Ahd he fpake to 
them a parable^ Behold the fig 
tree, and all the trees; when 
they now fhoot forth, ye fee and 
know vf your own felve.:, that 
fummer is nownigh at hand. So 
like wife ye, when ye fee thefe 
thin^js come to pafs, know ye 
that the kingdom of God is nigh 
at hand. Verily I fay unto you. 
This generation fnali not pafs 
away tHl all be fulfJled. Hea- 
ven and earth lliall pafs away ; 
butmy words (hall net pafs away. 

i'he Third Sunday in Adnjent^ 
The Collea. 

OLord jefus Chrid, who at 
thy firil coming didil Tend 
thy meifenger to prepare thy 
v.jy before thee ; grant that the 
Minilters and Stewards of thy 
my faeries may Irkewife fo pre- 
par-". and make ready thy vvay, 
by turning the hearts of the 
difobeJient to the wifdom of the 
jinr, tliat at thy fecond coming 
lo judge the world, we maybe 
• ud an acceptable people in 
.iv fight, who liveft and reign- 
eil with the Father and the holy 
Spiiit, ever one God, wc^ld 
wi:ho'-.t cfid. A:ii:n. 
^ Z 

ay in Advent, 

Tke Epinie. i Cor. iv. r. 

LEt a man fo account of us, 
as of the Minlilers of 
Chrifl-, and Stewaids of the my- 
rteries of God. Moreover, it is 
required in llewards, that a ma,i 
be found faithful. But with 
me it is a very fm.alf thing, that 
1 Should be judged of you, or of 
man's judgmeat : yea, I judge 
not mine own felf. For I know 
nothing by mylelf, yet am I not 
hereby juftiiied j but he that 
jadgeth nie is the Lord. There- 
fore judge nothing before the 
time, until the Lord come, who 
both will bring to light the hid- 
den things of di.rknefs, and will 
make manifeft the counfels of 
the hearts : and then fhall every 
man have praife of God. 

The St, Mattb. xi. z. 
'\ST ^w when John had heard 
J^ \] in the prifon the works of 
Chrift-, he fent two of his dif- 
ciples, and faid unto them. Art 
thou he that /hould come, or 
do we look for another ? Jefus 
anfv.'ered and faid unto them. 
Go, and fliow John again thofe 
things which ye do hear and fee: 
The blind receive their fight, 
and the lame walk, the lepcri 
are cleanfed, and the deaf hear, 
the dead are raifed up, and the 
poor have the gofpel preached to 
them : And bleifej h he who- 
foever fliall not be offended in 
me. And as they departed, Jefos 
beg^n to fay unto the multi- 
tudes concerning John, What 
went ye out into the wildernefi 
to fee? A reed Uiaken with 


The Fourth Sunday in Advent. 

the wind? But what went ye, Tbe GofpcL St, John i. 
out for to fee ? A man clothed '~|~^His is the record of JdJtn 
in foft raiment f behold, .they \ JL vvhen the Jews feut Pr ierts' 
that wear fofc clothi:ng are in ; and Ley'ites from jerufalem ta 
kings houfes. But what went ' afk him, Who art thou? And 
ye out for to fee ? A prophet ? > he confefled, and denied not j 
yea, I fay unto you, and more but confelT^ci, I am not the 
than a prophet. For this is he of ; Chrift. And they afked him, 
^hom it is written, Behold, 1 | Wi^at then ? Art thou Eha^.? 
fend my meffenger before thy | And he faith, I am not. Art 

- face, which fhaii prepare thy 
way before thee. 

'The Fcurth Sunday in Ad^vent^ 

Lord;, raife up, we pray 
thee, thy power, arid 
come among us, and with great 
might fuccour usj that whereas, 
through our fins and wicksdncfi, 
we are fore let and hindered in 
. running tlie race that is fet before 
us, thy bountifui grace and mer- 
cy may fpeedlly help and deliver 
illy through the faLisfr.Clion of 
thy Son oui Lord ; to whom, with 
'Cvit^ and the Holy Ghoil, be 
honour and glory, worid without 
end. Amcr,, 

T:he Ep'.jtJe, phil. iv. 4. 

REjoice in the Lord alway j 
and again I fay. Rejoice, 
"Let your moderation be known 
unto all men.- The Lord is at _ . 
hand. Be Cdrefui for nothing 3 '^ ^^ N.-iti-uity oj our Lord, or the 
but in every thing by prayer and Birth-day of Qhj^isi y com^. 
fapplication, with thankfgiving, '^''^^^b '^^^'^ ChriAmas-day.. 
let your rcquefts be made known T^he ColleB » 

Tjnto God. And the peace of A Lmighty God, who haft 
God, which paffedi all under- x\- g'"^'''" us thy only begotten 
landing, ihall keep your hearts . Son to take our nature upon him, 
and riiiiidb through Chrill Jefus- j and as at this time to be •born«of • 

'a pure. 

hou that prophet ? And he an- 
fv.'ered. No, Then faid they 
unto him. Who art thou ? that 
we may give an anfwer to them 
that fent us : What fayeft thou 
of thyl'elf ? He faid, 1 am the 
voice of one crying in the wil- 
dernefs, Make ftraight the way 
of the Lord, as faid the prophet 
Efaias. 'And they which v^erc 
fent were of the Pharifees. And 
they afked him, 2nd faid unto 
him. Why baptizeft thou then, 
if thou be not that Chrift, nor 
Elias, neither that Prophet ? 
John anfwered them, faying, I 
baptize with water \ but there 
x*i:andeth one -among you, whorh' 
ye know not 5 he it is, who, 
coming after me, is preferred 
before me, whofe ihoes latchet I 
am not vv;:^rthy to unloofe. 1 hefe 
things were done in Bethabara^ 
beyond Jordan, where John was 

C H R I S T M A S. 

;-ure Vir^n ; grant that we, 
^ regenerate and made thy 
chiiJren by adoption and grace, 
may daiiy be renewed by thy holy 
Spirit, through the lame our 
Lord Jefus Chiift, who livcth 
and reigneth with thee and the 
iUme Spirit, ever one God, v.orid 
without end. Amen, 

rheEfiftle, Heb. i. u 

C^ Od, who at fundry times, 
J and in divers mannero, 
i'pake in time part unto the fa- 
thers by the prophets, hath in 
thcfe iafl: days fpokcn unto us by 
his Son, whom he hath appoint- 
ed heir ot all things, by whom 
alfo he mace the worlds : Who, 
being the brightneis of his glory, 
and the c;;pref3 image of lus per- 
fon, and upholding all things by 
the w;>rd of his power, when he 
had by himfelf purged our fins, 
fat down on the right hand of 
the MajeiVy on high j being 
made fo much better thsn the 
angels, as he hath by inheri- 
tance oi)tained a more excellent 
Name than they. For unto 
which of the angels faid he at 
any time. Thou art my fon, 
this day have 1 begotten thee ? 
And, I will be to him a 
Father, and he fhail be to me a 
Son ? And again, rvhen hr bring . 
cth in the iirft begotten into the 
world, he faith. And let all the 
;kngeibof God worship him. And 
of the angels he faith. Who ma- 
keth his angels fpirits, and his 
iTiinJfters a Hdme of fiie. But 
onto the Son he faith. Thy 
ik^on^, O Ced, is for ever and 

ever J a fceptre of righteoufncfs, 
is the fceptre of thy kingdom :' 
Thou hail: loved righteoufnefs, 
and hate4 iniquity j therefore 
God, even thy God, hath a^ 
wointed thee with the oil of 
gladnefs above thy fellows. 
And, Thou, Lord, in the be- 
ginning haft laid the founda- 
tion of the earth j and the hea- 
vens are th^ works of thine 
hands : They fliall perilh, but 
thou remaineil j and they all 
ihall wax old as doth a gar- 
ment j and as a vefture /lialt 
thou fold them up, and they 
ihall be changed j but thou art 
the fame, and thy years fliaii 
r+at fail. 

Tki Cof^el. 5r.Johni. i. 

IN the beginning was the 
Word, and theW^ord was with 
cod, and tr:e Word was God. 
The fame was in the beginning 
with God. All things were 
made by him 5 and without him 
was not any' thing made, that 
was made. In him was life, 
and the life was the light of 
rtien. And the light Ihineth in 
^^arknefs, and the darknels 
comprehended it not. There 
was a man fent from God, 
whofe naxiie was John : The 
fame came for a witnefs, to 
bear witnefs of the light, chat 
all men through him might 
believe. He was not that lighf, 
but was fent to bear witnefs cf 
that light. I'hat was the true 
light, which lighteneth ev^y 
man that cometh into the 
world. He wa^ in the world, 

Sunday after 

and the world was made by 
him, and the world knew him 
not. He came unto his own, 
znd his own received him not. 
But as many as received him, 
to them gave he power to become 
the Tons of God, even to them 
that believe on his name :Which 
were born, not of blood, nor of 
the will of the flelh, nor of the 
will of man, but^)f God. And 
the Word was made flefh, and 
dwelt among us, (and we beheld 
his glory, t})e glory as of the 
only begotten of the father) 
fill! of grace and truth, 

Ti?^ Sunday after Chrljimas-day. 
'"The Colka, • 

ALroighty God, who haft 
given us thy only begotten 
Son to take our nature upon 
him, and as at this time to be 
born of a pure Virgin j grant 
that we, being regenerate and 
made thy children by adoption 
and grace, may daily be renewed 
by thy holy Spirit, through the 
fame our Lord Jefus Chrift, who 
liveth and reigneth with thee 
and the fame Spirit, ever one 
God, world without fend. Amen. 
The Epiftle. Gal. iv. i. 

NOw I fay, that the heir, 
as long as he is a child, 
differeth nothing from a fer- 
vant, though he be lord of all ; 
"but is under tutors and gover- 
nors, until the time appointed 
of the father. Even fo we, when 
we were children, were in bond- 
age under the elements of the 
-world ) but when the fulinefs oi 


the time was come,' 
forth his hon, made of a wo» 
man, made under the law, to 
redeem them that v/ere under 
the law, that we might receive 
the adoption of fons. And, be- 
caufe ye are fons, God hath lent 
forth the Spirit of his Son into 
your hearts, crying, Abba, Fa- 
ther. Wherefore thou art no 
more a fervant, but a fon j and 
if a fon, then an heir of God, 
through Chrift. 

Tie Go/pel. St. Matth. i. 18. 
^THHe birth of Jefus Chrift 
X_ was ©n th's wife ; When 
as his mother Mary was efpoufed 
to Jofepb, before they came 
together, ihe was found with 
child of the Holy Ghoft. Then 
Jofeph her hufband, being a 
juft man, and not willing to 
make her a public example, was 
minded to put her away privily. 
But while he thought on thefe 
things, behold, the angel of the 
Lord appeared unto him in a 
dream, faying, Jofeph, thou fon 
of David, fear not to take unco 
thee Mary thy wife 5 for that 
which is conceived in her is ot 
the Holy Ghoft : And fhe ihail 
bring forth a Son, and thou 
ftialt call his name Jefus ; for he 
ftiall fave his people from their 
jfins. Now^ all this was. done, 
that it might be fuliilled which 
was fpoken of the Lord by the 
prophet, faying, Behold, a Vir- 
gin ftiall be with child, and 
ftiall bring forth a Son, and 
they fhall call his name Emma- 
nuel^ which being interpreted, 

The C I R C U M C 1 5 J p N. 

unto Uiem alfo : And tlie f^theif 
of ciicumci/tonto them who are 

Cod with us. Then Jofeph 
ot*ng raifcd from ilcep, did as 
the angel of the Lord had 
bidden him, and took unto him 
Jsiswife : And knew her not till 
fhe had brought forth her fivrt- 
born Son'; and he cailed his 
faarfic Jefus. 

The Chcumafon df Cbr'iJ}, 

The CoiUa. 

ALmighry God, who mrdcft 
thy bicired Son to be cir- 
cumcifed, and obedient to. the 
law for mi^n ; grant us the true 
tjfcumcifion of the Spirit, that, 
our heart3 and all our men:. hers 
being mortified from all worldly 
and carnal lufls, we may in ail 
things obey thy blciTed will, 
through the fame thy Son Jefus 
Chrift our Lord. Jlmen. 

The Eftjih, Rom. iv. S. 

BLeilcd is the man to whom 
the Lord will not impuic 
fin. Cometh this blcffednefsthen 
upon the circumciiion only, or 
ujpcn the uncircamcifion alfo? 
Ft)r we fay, that faith was reck- 
oned to Abraham for rigiiteouf- 
licfs. How was it ;hen reckoned ? 
when he was in circumcifion^ or 
in uncircumcilion ? Not'in cir- 
cumcifion, bvt in uncircumci- 
fion. And he received tiie fign 
6f circumcifion, a feal of the 
i^ghteoufnefs of the faith which 
he had, yet being yncircumcifed j 
that he might be the father of 
alt them that belTeve, though 
t^ey be not circumcifedj that 
fl^hteoufnefs mijht be imputed 

not of thecircumcifion onl\ , but 
alfo walk in the Heps of that 
faith vt our father Abraham, 
which he had, being yet unclr- 
r.umcifed. For the pDmife, 
that he fliould be the heir of the 
world, was not to Abraham, or 
to his feed, throu^^h the law, but 
through the righteoulnefs of 
faith. For if they which are of 
the law be heirs, faith is made 
void, 2.n(i the prcmile made of 
hone efi"e£l. 

I'hcGcfpeU St. Luke ii. 15. 

ANd it came to pafs, as the 
angels were gone away 
from them into heaven, ihc 
1 Shepherds faid one to another, 
I Let us now go even unto Feth- 
jlehem, and fee this thing which 
lis :ome to pafs, vyhich the Lord 
hath made known unto us. And 
they came with hafie, and found 
I Mary and Jofeph, and the babe 
ilying in a manger. And when 
'they had feen it, they made 
jkjiown abroad the faying which 
jwas told them concerning this 
; child. And all they that heard 
ic wondered at thofe things wiiich 
were told thern by the fhepherds. 
I But Mary kept all thefe things, 
and pv)ndered them in her heart. 
iAnd ihc fhepherds returned, glo- 
rifying and praifmg God for all 
the things th^t they had heard 
and feen, as it was told unco 
them. And when eight days 
were accompli fhed for the cir- 
cumcifing of the child, his name 
was called lESUS, which was 

^ The E p i 

fo named of the angel before he 
was conceived in the womb. 

Ocfptl jhtill j'eriK for ei'ery 
Day ^ficr^ unto the Epipbar.y, 

T/)£ Epiphany^ cr the 'Mariijefi- \ 
at ion of Chr'iji iG the Gentile:, ; 

The Colha. I 

OGod, who by the leading of; 
a Star didfl manifell thy : 
only begattejvSon to the Gen- '• 
tiles J mercifully graat that' 
we, who know thee now by | 
faith, may after this life have | 
the fruition of thy glorious God- i 
head, through Jefus Chriil: curl 
Lord, jdmen, \ 

rheEpifile. Ephef. iii. r. | 
IT"^ Or this caufe^ I Paul, the 
Xj prifoner of Jefus Chrlft 
for you Gentiles; if ye have 
heard of the difpenfaoion of the 
grace of God, wiiich is given me 
to you -ward : How that by re- 
velation he made knowii unto 
me the irivitery (as i wrote afore 
in few words, whereby, when ye 
read, ye may underftand my 
knowledge in the iifyfteiy of 
Chri ft) which in other ages was 
hot made known unto the fons 
of men, as it is now revealed, un- 
to his holy Apofcles and Prophets 
by the Spirit; that the Gentiles 
fhould be fellow-heirs, and of 
the fame btidy, and partakers 
of his promife in Chrift, by 
the Gofpel i y.hereof 1 was 
made a minlfter, according to 
the gift of the grace oi Go^^ 
§iv€n unto me by the eiTecftual 

P H A N Y. 

working of his power.. V n'^ 
me, who am le.^3 than the le^tt^ 
Oi- ail faints^ is tijis grace givea^ 
that I fhould preach among tUcj, 
Gentiles the unfearchable lichrv 
es oi Chnft ; and to^make all 
men fee what' is the^ feilowiliip 
of the myftery, which from 
the beginning of the Woild hath' - 
been hid in God> who cieated 
all things by Jefus Chrift : to 
the inteijt that now unto the 
principaiitles ^nd powers in 
heavenly places might be known^ 
by the Church, the manifold 
wifJom of God, according to 
the eternal purpofe which he 
prcpofed in Chrift Jefus oar 
Lord J in whom we have bold"- 
nefu and accefs with confidence 
by the faith of him. 

rhe Gcjpel, 5f. Matth. ii. i.' 

W'PIen Jefus vvas horn in 
Eethieliern of Judea, 
in the days of He.oJ the King, 
behold, there came wife mea 
from the eali to Jerufalem, fay- 
ing, Where is he that is born 
King of the Tews ? for we have 
ictn his ftar in the eaft, and are 
come to worfhip him. When 
Herod the King iiad heard thefe 
things, he was troubled, and all 
Jerufalem with him. And when 
he hai gathered all the chief 
prieils and fcribes of the people 
together, he demanded of them, 
where Chrid fhould be born,' 
And they faid unto him, In 
Bethlehem of Judea ; Tor thus 
it is written by the prophet. And. 
thou Bethlehem in the land of 
Tuda, art not the ieafl among 

The Firll Sunday after Epiphany. 

th| princes oi'Juda : tor out of 
t\\zc fhaU come^a Go\ernor that 
fliallruic my people Ifiae]. Then 
Herod, when hz had privily cal- 
led the wife men, enquired of 
them dilijjendy what time th.e 
ftar apjeircd. And he Cent 
them to Bethlehem, and faid, 
Go, and tVarch diligently for the 
young child, and when ye have 
f.mnd him, brin^ me wr-rd 
again, that I may come and 
worfhip him alf>. When the^' 
bad heard the King, they de- 
parted J and \6, the (tat which 
they faw in the eaft went before 
them, till it came and ftood over 
where the young child was. 
When they faw the liar, they 
rejoiced with exceeding great 
joy. And when they were come 
into the houfe, they faw the 
young child with Mary his mo- 
ther,and felldown and wonliipped 
him : And when they had opened 
their treafures, they prefented 
unto him gifrs ; gold, and franlc- 
incenfe, and myrrh. And being 
warned of God in a dream, that 
they fhould not return to Herod, 
they departed u»to their own 
country another way. 

^bc Fu-J} S::rJjy after the 

Tht Colleci. 

Lord, we befeech thee 
mercifully to receive the 
; of l^is people who call 

and alfo may have grace and 
power faithfully to fulfil the 
fame, through Jefus Chrill our 
LorJ. Amen, 



Efifilc, Rom. xii. r. 

Befcech you therefore, bre- 
thrt'.n, by the mercies oi 
God, that ye prefent your bodies 
a living facrifice, holy, accepta- 
ble unto God, whitxh is youi' 
reafonable fervice. And be not 
conformed to this world 5 buc be 
ye transformed by the renewing 
of your mind, that ye may 
prove what is that good, and ac- 
ceptable, and perfect will of 
God, For I fay, through the 
grace given unto me, to evny 
man that is among you, not to 
think of himlelf more highly- 
than he ought to think, but to 
think foberly, according as God 
hath dealt to every man the 
meafure of faith. For as w-e 
have many members in one bo- 
dy, and alj mcmbej-s have not 
the fame olfice j io we, being 
mmy, are one body in Chriil, 
and every one members one of 

rhs Gcfpel. St. Luke ii. 4 1. 

^VTOw his parents went to 
j/^ jerufalem every year at 
the feaft of the pailover. And 
when he was twelve years old, 
they went up to Jerufalem, af- 
ter the cuflcm of the feaft. And 
when they had fulfilled the days, 
as they returned, the ciiild Jefus 



up-on thee ^ and grant that they 1 tarried behind in Jerufalem j and 

ixxay both pert^ve and know j Jofeph and his mother knew not 

wliatihijj^^ they ought to do, J of it. 

EuL thcv fuppofing him 

The Second Sunday afrer Epifhant. 

to have been in the company, 
went a da\'s journey, and they 
fought hinn amop.o^their kinsfolk 
and acquaintance. ^\nd when 
they found him !iot, they turn- 
ed back a^ain to Jerufalem feek- 
ing him. And it came to pafs 
that after three days they found 
him in the temple, fitting in 
the midft of the do£^ors, both 
hearing them, and a/king them 
qaeilicns. And all that heard 
him were af'ronifhed at his un- 
derftanding ind -nfwers. And 
when they faw hirfi, they were 
amazfd : and his mother faid 
unto him, Son, why hail thou 
thus dealt with us r behold, thy 
father and I have fought thee 
forrowlng. And he faid unto 
them, how is it that ye fought 
me ? wift ye not that i muft be 
about TTiy Father's bulrnefs ? 
And they underftood not the 
faying which he fpake unto 
them. And he went down with 
them, and came to Nazareth, 
and was fubjedl unto them : but 
his mother kept ail thefefayings 
in her heart, ArA Jefus increaf- 
ed in wifdom, and ftature, and 
in favour with God and man. 

Jve Second Sunday after the 


A Lmighty and everkiling 
j^\^ God, vvho dofl: govern 
a|l things in heavrn and^earth : 
mercifully hear the fupplications 
of thy people, and giant us thy 
Beace all the dav3 of our Wisy 

through Jefus Chrift our L" 
Amen, . 

The Fpifile, Rom. xii. 6. 

HAving then gift^, differing 
according to the grace that 
is given to us, v/hethcr prophecy^ 
let us prophecy according to the 
proportion of faith j or miniftry,' 
let us wait on our miniliering ^ 
or he that teacheth, on teaching ; 
or hre thatethorteth, on exhorta- 
tion : he that giveth, let him do 
it with fimplicity j he chat ruleth, 
with diligence j he that ihoweth 
mercy, Vvith cheerfulnefs.Let love 
oe v;itl)out diiViniutation. Ab- 
hor that which is evil, cleave to 
that which is good. Be kindly 
afi^edlioned one to another : with 
brotherly iove, in honour pre- 
ferring one another : not fiotb- 
ful in bufinefs 3 fervent in fphitj 
ferving che Lord 5 rejoicing in 
hope j patient in tribulation 5 
continuing imlant in prayer j 
diftributing to the neccfiiry t 
faints; given to hcfpitality. Blefs 
them which pcrfecuteyou ; blefs, 
and curfe m^t. Kejoice wirh them 
thai do rejoice, and w?ep wit!x 
thrm that weep. Be of the famei 
mind ©ne towards another. Mind 
not high things, bur condefcend 
to men of low eilatc, 

rieGofpel. -Sr. John ii. i. 

A<Cd the third iJay there 
was a mairiagc in C^a 
6f Galitei;,. and the mciber of 
Jefus was there. An^ both je- 
fus W2^ '•>?.H^'i. and his difciplcs, 
to the marriage. And when 
they wanted wme, the mother 
of Jefus faith unto him, 1 hc^ 

The Third Sunday after Epiph ant. 

havfl no wine, Jcfus faith unto 
he. Woman, wliat ha'vc I to 
dh #ith tlve ? mine hour is not 
yet come. Ili^ mother fiaith 
unto the fer%'aiits, Whatfocver 
]re Talth unto you, do it. And 
tiv.rc were let thTC fix water- 
pots ot' ftone, after the manner 
of the purifying of tlie Jews, 
containing two or three firkins 
a-piecC' Jefus faith unto them, 
Fiii tlic water-pots with water. 
And they filled them up to the 
brim. And he faith unto them, 
Draw out now, and bear unto 
tile governor of the fcalt. And 
thoy bare it. When the ruler 
of the feail had tafted the wa- 
ter that was made wine, and 
knew not whence it was (but 
tl>e fervants which drew the 
waCci' icncw) the governor of the 
fcaft called the bridegroom, and 
faith unto him, Evt;rv m:inatthe 
beginning doth fct forth goed 
U:inc, and wh'in men have well 
dnink, then that which is wcrfe : 
b'Jt thou haH: kept the good wine 
until now. This beginning of 
miracles did Jefus in Cana of 
Galilee, and manifefted forth his 
glory, and his difcinles believed 
on him. 

^he Third Sunday after tie 

ALmlghty a"rid everlafting 
God, mercifully look 
Upt:>n our inftrmrties', aind in all 
our dangers and necellicies llretch 
forth thy right hand to he In and 
defend us, thro\>g!i jcfus Chrift 
our Lord* Amen, 

Tkf Epijile.* Rora. xii. i6,' 

BE not wife in vour own 
conceits. Recompence to 
no man evil for evil. Prcnqdc 
things honeit in the fight of all 
men. li it be poflibiej'as much at 
licth in you, live peaceably with 
all men. Dearly beloved, avenge 
not yourfelves, but rather give 
place unto wrath ; for it is writ- 
ten. Vengeance is minej I wiU 
repay, faith the Lord. There* 
fore, if thine enemy hunger, feed 
himj if he thirft, give him drink: 
for in fo doing thou ihalt heap 
coals of fire on his head. Be not 
overcome of evil, but overcome 
evil with good. 

TheGojpcL St, Matth. viii. f. 
TT7Hen he was come down 
W from the mountain, 
great multitudes followed him-. 
And behold, there came a leper 
and worshipped him, "faying,, 
Lord, if thoa wilt, thou- canft 
i make me clean. And Jefus put 
forth his hand, and touched him, 
faying, 1 will, be thou clean. 
And immediately bis leprofywas 
cleanled. And Jefus faith unto 
him. See thou tell no man, but 
go thy way, fiiow thyfelf to the 
;>riefl:, and offer the gift that 
Mofes commanded for a teiHm^- 
ny unto them. And when Jefu« 
was entered unto Capernaum, 
there came unto him a Centurion 
befeeching him, and faying. 
Lord, my fervant lieth at home 
fick of the palfy, grievoufly tor- 
mented. And jefus faith unt¥ 
him, I will come and hea| him. 
I he Centurion anfwercd and 
faitJ, Lord, 1 am not worthy 

The Fourth Sunday after Epiphany. 

The Eftfile. Rom. xiiU I» 

that thou Ihouldcft come wxlcr 
my roof ^ but fpeak the word 
only, and my ien ant fball be 
healed. For I am a man under 
authority, having foldiers under 
me : and 1 fay unto thiS man. 
Go, and he goeth j and to another, 
Come, and he cometh ; and te 
my fervant, Do this, and he 
(ioeth it. When Jcfus heard it, 
he marvelled, >amd faid to them 
that followed, Verily I fay untp 
you, 1 h.;ve not found fo great 
faith, Ro not in Ifrael. And 1 
fay unto you, that many /hall 
come from the eaft and weft, 
and fliall fit down with Abra- 
ham and ifaac ai:id Jacob, in 
the kingdom of heaven : But 
the children of the kingdom 
/hall • be caft out into outer 
darknefs ; there /hall be weeping 
^ndgnafhing of teeth. And Je- 
fus faid unto the Centurion, Go 
thy way, and as thou haft be- 
lieved, fo be it done unto thee. 
And. his fervant was healed -in 
the fcif-fame hour. 

tr^f Fourth Sunday after the 

The ColUn. 

OGod, who knc7»'eft "as to 
be fet in the midft of ^<:> 
many and great dangers, that 
by reatbn of the frailty of our 
nature we -cannot always ftand 
upright j grant to us fuch 
ftrength and protection, as may 
/uppcrt us in ail dangers, and 
carry us thr(»ugh aii tempta- 
tions, through Jefus Chriit our 
L«rdr Ar^n* * 

LEt every foul be fubie£l 
unto the higher powers; 
for there is no power but of 
God : the powers that be, are 
ordained of God. Whofoever^. 
therefore, refifteth the power, 
relifteth the ordinance of God: 
and they that refift, Ihall receive 
to themfeives damnation. For 
rulers are not a terror to good 
W'Orks, hiit to the evil. Wilt 
thou then Hot be afraid of the 
power ? do that which is good, 
and thou ftialt have praife of 
the fame : for he is the minifter 
of God to thee for good. But 
if thou do that which is evil, 
be afraid ,* for he beareth not 
the fword in vain : for he is the 
minifter of God, a revenger to 
execute wrath upon him that 
doeth evil. Wherefore ye m.uft 
needs be fubjeft, not only for 
wrath^ but alfo for confcicnce 
fake. For, for this caufe pay ye 
tribute alfo j for they are God's 
Mlnifters, attending continually 
upon tills very thing. Render, 
therefore, to all their dues ; tri- 
bute to whom tribute )s due, cu- 
ftom to whom cuftom, fear ta 
whom fear, honour to whom 

TUGc^eL St, Matth. viil. 25. 

A N4 when he was entered 

/>^ into a fhip, his difciples 

followed him. And behold, there 

arofe a great tempeft in the fea, 

. infomuch that the ihip was co- 

^ Ycrcdl 


The Fifth SiinJay nfter KprpffA^r. 

The F \f{h Sunday after 

The Crjka. 

OLord, we befeech thee 
to keep thy Church and 
Hou(ho!d continually in thy trui^ 
religion, that they who do lean 
only up'>n tiie hope of thy hea - 

errd with the waves ; but he 
?as aflecp. And his difciples 
ame to hi'm, and awuice him, 
ning, Lord, fave us, we perifh. 
(t\\ he faith unto them, Why 
reycfcaiful, O ye of little faith ? 
rhcn he arofe, and rebuked the 
rinds and the fea^ and there was 

crcat cairn. But the men mar- 

^ . ^ • -.ttu c venly crace, may evermore be 

J cdi faving, Whatmanncrof , r j j i .u • i. 

"^ / ' 7 6> 1 • J defended bv thy mighty power, 

•lan IS this, that even the winds , , .- ^ V.u n. ' i j 

. , .' , u- > A J through jefus Chnit our Lord, 
nd the fea obi-y him r And ^^ ^ J 

hen he V.MS come to the other . 

dc, into the country of the Ger- The Epiflle, Col. ili. ii. 

rfenes, theri met him two pof- TTJ Ut on therefore (as the ele£l 

jfed with devils, coming out of Jj^ of God, holy and beloved) 

jc tombs, exceeding fierce, fo bowels of mercies, kindnefs, 
iiat no man might pafs by that humblenefs of mind, meeknefs, 
lay. And behold, they cried long-fafFering ; forbearing one 

It, faying, What have we to do another, and forgiving one ano- 
lith thee, Jcfus, thou Son of ther, if any man have a quarrel 
[' od ? art thou come hither to againft any; even as Chr/ft for- 
^rment us before the tnne ? | gave you, fo alfo do ye« And, 
erewas a goodway off from above all thefe things, put on 
n herd of many iwine, i Charity, which is the bond of 

. '\.\. 't^ the devils f>ef>ught 
7,, laying. If thoacaftus out, 
■ -r us to go away into the herd 

fwine. And' he faid unto 
em, Go. Aj:d when they were j 
me out, they went into the i 
rdof fwine ; and behold, the 
lolc herd of fwine ran violently 
wn a flcep place into tho fe^, 
d peri iTied in the waters. And 
*'iat kept them fled, and 
:!ieir ways into the cr.y, 
d told every thing, and what 
ji ^fallen to the poffefTed of 
2 devils. And behold, the 

perfedlncfs. And let the peace of 
God ruh in your hearts, to the 
which alfo ye are called in one ■ 
body ; and be ye thankful. Let 
the word of Chrifl: dwell in you 
richly in all wifdom j teaching 
and admonifliing one another in 
pfalms, and hymns, and fpiritual 
fongs ; fmging with grace in your 
hearts to the Lord. And what- 
foever ye do in word or deed, do 
all in the name of the Lord Je- 
fu^ \ giving th.'»nks to God and 
the Father by him, 

1h€ GofpeL St, Matth. xlii.. 2^» 

loIc dty came out to meet Je- 

■ ; and when they fiw him, ' « ^He kingdom of heaven is 

'fiught him, that he would 1 X likened unto a m-afl which 

: uat of their coafls. I fowed good feed in his field. T^ut 

C z whilt 

Tic Sixth Sunday after EfipKany. 

^Mle men frcpt, his enemy cajnc 
and fowed ta«s among the whear, 
and went his way. But when the 
blaae was fprung up, and brought 
forth fruit, then appeared the 
tares alfo. So the fervants of the 
^Guflioldcr came and laid unto 
him, Sir, didft not thou low good 
feed in ihy field ? from whence 
then hath it tares ? He faid unto 
tiiem, An enemy hath done this. 
The fervants faid unto him, Wilt 
thou then that wc go and gather 
tlieni up ? But he faid, Nay ; 
Icli, while ye gather up the tares, 
ye root up alfo tne wheat with 
them. Let both grow together 
until the harveiij and in the 
time ot hirvelll wiil fay to the 
reapers,. Gather ye tog-^^ilicr fiiit 
th^ tares, and bind tliem in bun- 
dles to burn them ; but gather 
the wheat into my barn. 

The Sixth Su:}day after the Epi- 


OCod, whofe blefled Son 
was manifeited that; he i 
might oelh-oy the works of the j 
devil, and make us the foni of, 
Cod, and heirs of eternal life j j 
grant us we bcfeech thee, that 
having this hope, w^ may purify 
ourfelves, even as Ke is pure j 
that when he ihaii appear ajiain 
with power and great glory, we 
may be made like unto him in 
his eternal and glorious kingdom^ 
where, with thee, O I-ather, 
and thee, O Holy Ghofi, he 
liveth and reignech, ever one 
Cod, world without end. ^m^.. 

The EpiJlU, i St, John, mi" 

BEhold what manner of lo' 
the Father hath bcftow 
upon us, that wc fhould be ca 
led the fons of God j therefo 
the world knoweth us hoc, b 
caufc it knew him not. Belove 
now are we the fons of God j a1 
it doth not yet appear what i 
fhall be : but we know, tfa 
when he ihall appear, w« fli, 
be like him ; for we Ihall fee hi 
as he is. And every man ti 
hath this hope in him purihe 
hirafcif, even as he is pure. WJj 
foevercommittetb fin, tranfgrc 
eth alfo the law ; for fin is t 
tranfgrefiion of the law. Ai 
ye know that be was manifei-l 
to take away our IJns j and 
him is no fin. Whofoever abi 
eth in him, finneth not : wh 
foever finncth, hath not fe 
him, neither known him. L: 
tie children, .let no man decei 
you : he that doeth righteou 
ncfs is righteoLis, even as he 
righteous. He that commi 
teth fin is of the devil \ for t 
devil fmneth from the beginnin 
for this purpofethe Son of G 
was manifeiied, that he mijB 
deftroy the works of the devi: 
The GcJpeL St. Mattb. xxiv.: 

T Hen 'if any man ihall : 
unto you, Lo, here 
CHri)l, or there i beli'eve it n 
For there fiiall arife faife Chr 
and fnlfe prophets, and d 
ihow great figns and wonde 
infomuch that (if it wc«re po 
ble) they Ihall deceive the \ 
elect. Behold, I have told 
befars. Wherefore, if they i 


|jy ,antp you. Behold he is in 
^^- 'oferti ^o not forth : beholtl, 

- in the fecrct chambers j 
:? itnot* . For as the iight- 
omcth out of the eaft, ani 

, h even unto the weil j to 
alii) the coming of the Son 

- in he. For \vher?ibever 
aiCafe is, there will the ea- 
jj gathered together, im- 
ateiy after the tnoalanofi of 

^ iiw>k d2L)-i, l>.s\ll the fun be dark- 
, cned, md the mooai ihali not 
give her lignt, and the liars fhall 
fall from heaven, and the pow- 
ers of the heavens Ihatl be fha- 
ken. And then ihall appear the 
jign of the Son of man ir> hea- 
ven : a«d then iliiW all tlie 
tribes o£ the earth mourn, and 
they ihall fee the Son of man 
coming in the clouds of heaven, 
with power and grcar^lory. And 
he /hall fend his angels with a 
-great found of a trumpet, and 
they fliall gather together his 
cle^ from the four winds, from 
oae end ot heaven to the other. 

*2hc Stinday called Ss/-tuagcjima, 
•r th€ Third Su nd^y before Lent, 

The Cvika, 

OLord, we befcech thee fa- 
vourably to hear the pray- 
ers of thy people, that we, who are 
juftly puniihed for our offences, 
may he mercifully delivered by 
thy goodnefs, for the glory of 
thy Name, thrcugh Jefus Chriit 
our Saviour, who liveth and 
relgneth with thee and the Koly 
Ghoft, ever onf? God, world 
"wit!:out end. Amen, 

c -. 

MA S U N D A V. 

7ke E fifth, 1 Cor. \t, 14, 

KNow ye nor, that they 
which run in a race, run 
all, but onereceiveth the prize,? 
So run, that ye may obtair«. 
And every man chat itrivcth for 
the maittry, is temperate in all 
things. Now they do it to ob- 
tain a corruptible crown, but 
W2 an incoiruptible, 1 tliereforc 
fo run, not as uncertainly j fo 
li^ht 1, not as one thai bt-ateth 
the air : but i keep under my 
body, and bring it into fubjec- 
tion, left that by any means, 
when I have preached tt"» others, 
I myfeif ihould b<i a caftaway, 

Tke Gcf^d, St. Matlh. xx. u 

THe kingdom of heaven is 
like unco a man that is an 
houfholdc.', which went out ear- 
ly in the morning to hire labour- 
ers into his vineyard. And when 
he had agreed with the labourers 
for a penny a day, he fent them 
into his vineyard. And he v/ent 
out, about the third hour, and 
favv others ftanding idle in the 
market place, and fald unto 
them, Go ye clfo into the vine- 
yard, and whatfoevcr is right I 
will give you. And they went 
their way. Again he went out 
about the lixth and ninth hour, 
and did likewife. And about 
the eleventh hour he v;ent out, 
and found others ftanding idle, 
and faith unto them, Why ftand 
ye here all the day idle j They fay 
unto him, becaufe no man hath 
hired us. He faith unto them. 
Go ye alfo into the vineyard, and 

S B X A G E S I M A S U N D A Y. 

-y^hatfacver IS right, that ihaU ye 
receive. So when even was come, 
the Lord of the vineyard faith 
Uiito his fteward, Caii the la- 
i)oyrers, and give tl'iem their.hire,. 
■beginning from the iaft unto the 
firli. An^ when they eame that 
were hired about the elevench* 
hour., they received every man a 
penny. But when the iirft came, 
they fuppoied that tliey ih )uld 
have received morcj ai:d they 
-iikewife received every man a 
- ^^enny. And when they had re- 
ceived it,* they murmured aguinft 
the good-man of the houfe, fay- 
ing, Thcfe lall have wrought but 
one hour, and thou halt made 
them equal unto us, which have 
borne the burden and heat of the 
<day. But he anfwered one of 
them, and faid, Friend, I do 
thee no wrongs didii not thou 
agree with me for aptnny ? Take 
that thine is, and jgo thy way j I 
will give nnto this Iaft even as 
unto thee. Is it not lawful for 
me to do v.'hat I will with mine 
own? Is rhinccve evil, becaufe 
I am gooJ ? So the la^t (hall be 
^rft, and thcf^rft Iaft : for many 
be called, but few chofen. 

*jle Suiidcry called Sex agcftTTi a y or 
the Secun'd Sunday before Lent, 

The Cdua. 

OLord Go<l, who feeft that 
we put not our truii: in any 
tking that we do ; mercifully 
grant that by thy power we may 
be defended againft all adverfity, 
thioui^h Jefus Chriil our Lord. 

the Efiflk. , 2 Cor. xi, i^. 

YE fuffer fools gladly, fee- 
ing ye yourfelves are wife. 
For ye fuffer if a man bring you 
into bondage, if ^ man devour 
you, if a man take of you, if a 
man exalt himfelf, if a man 
fmite you on the face. 1 fpeak as 
concerning reproach, as though. 
we had been weak : howbeit, 
whercinfoever any is bold (I fpeaiw 
fooiifhly) 1 am bold alfo. Are 
they Hebrews ? lo am I : are 
they Ifraelites ? fo am I : are I 
they the feed of Abraham ? fo 
ain 1 : are they miniftcrs of 
Chrift ? (I fpeak as a fool) i am 
more : In labours more abun- 
dant J in ftripps above meafure ; 
in prifons more frequent} inr 
deaths oft. Of the Jews five 
times received I forty ftripes favc 
one j thrice was I beaten with 
rods J once was 1 ftoned ; thrice 
1 fuffered lliipwrcckj a night 
and a day i have been in the 
deep J in journeyings often 5 in 
perils of waters \ in perils of rob- 
bers \ in perils by mine own coun- 
trymen j in perils by the hea* 
then; in perils in the city j in 
perils in the wildernefs ; in perils 
in the fe^ ; in perils avnong fail'e 
brethren j in wearinel's andpain- 
fulnefs ; in watchings of^en j in 
hunger and thirft ; in failings of- 
ten \ in cold and nakednefs \ be- 
fidesthofe things that are without, 
chat which Cometh upon me daily, 
the care of all the Churches, 
Who is weak, and 1 am not 
weak ? who is offended, and 1 
burn not ? If I muft needs glory, 
I will glory of the things which 

crn mine Infirmi ties. The 

1 and Father of our Lordje- 

fus Chrif^ which is blefled tor 

evermore, knowech thu^w I lye not. 

* ^bs Qa(piL S:* Luke> viii. 4. 

WHen much people were 
gathered together, and 
were come to him out of every 
city, he Tpake by a puriWe r A 
lower went out to low his (ccd. ; 
jjid as he fowed, lome fell by the 
way fide, and it was trodden 
4own, and the lov^ls of the air 
devoured it j and fonie fell upon 
•a rock, aiid as foon as it was 
Yprung up it wrtherCii away, be- 
caule it hcked moiilurej and 
feme fell among thorns, and the 
thorns %rang up with it, and 
choaked it ; and other fell on 
good ground, and fprang up and 
bare fruit an hujidred fold. And 
when he had faid thefc things, he 
cried, He thit hath ears to hear,. 
let him hear. And his difciples 
alked him, faying, What mi^ht 
this paraWe he ?< And he laid, 
Unto you it is given to kaow the 
Riyfteries of the kingdom of 
God : but to others in parables ^ 
that feeing they might not fee, 
and hearing they might not un- 
•dertland. Now th*? parable is 
tbtst The feed is tlie word of 
God. Thofc- by the Way fide 
stre they that bear i then cometh 
the devil, and taketh away the 
word out of their hearts, left 
they ihouid believe and be faved.. 
They on the rock aie they^ 
.which, when they hear, receive 
the word with joy; and the<e 
have no root^ which for. a while 


betieve, and in time of tempta- 
tion fall away. And that which 
fell among thorns arc they, 
which when they hav? heard, f;o 
forth, and are clioJccd with 
cares, and riches, and pleafurei 
of this life, and bring no fruit tt> 
prfe<S\ion. But that on the 
good ground are tbevj which, ia 
an honeft ai;d go-^d heart, having 
heard the word, keep it, and 
bring forth fruir with patience. 

The SuTiiiay called ^lulnqua^eji^ 
ma, or the mxt Sundc^ hej'cre 

The Colka-. 

OLord, whohafl taught ua 
that all our doings without 
chaiicy are nrjthing worth j fend 
thy Holy Ghoft,. and po^r int^ 
our hearts that moit excellent 
gift of charity,, the very bond of 
peace, andof all virtues 3 without 
which, whofoever liveth is coutt- 
ed dead before thee : Grant thh 
for thine only Soajefus ChrilVs 
fake. Amen,. 

7he EpiJlU^ iCor. xiii. r. 

T Hough 1 fpeak with the 
tongues of men and of ai]/- 
gelsv and, have not chai^ity, 1 am 
become as founding brafs* or a 
tinkling cymbal : And though 
1 have tlic gift of prophecy, and 
underlland all mvllcries^ and all 
knowledge , ai^vd though I. have 
all faith, fo that 1 couid remove 
mountain?,, and have not chari- 
ty, i am Rctiiing. And though 
1 bellow ail nr^y goods to ^ted. the 
poor, and though I give my bo- 
dy to be burned, and have not 

As H - W I IX N E S. O- A. Y- 

?harl^y it proiiteth me nothing. 
Chanty Taffeieth long, and is 
Jcind ^ charity envietih not j cha- ' 
rity vaunreth not itieii} is not 
puffed up 5 doth not behave itfelt" 
unfeemiy 5 feeketh not her own j 
is not eaiily provoked 5 thinketh 
no evil j rejoiceth not in iniquity, 
but rfjoiceth in the truth j bear- 
€ch ail things, beiievetb all 
.things, hopeth ail th-ngs, endur- 
eth all things. Charity never 
faileth : but whether there be 
prophecies, they fhaii fail 5 whe- 
ther there be tongues, they ihaii 
ceafe ; v.'h^cher there be know- 
ledge, it £iial} vantfli away. For 
we know in part, and we pro- 
phefy in part. But when that 
which is perfe<El: is come, then 
that which is in part fhall be 
done away. When 1 was a child, 
I fpake as a child> I nnderftood 
as a child, I thought as a child ^ 
but when 1 became a man, I put 
away childiih things. For now 
v/e fee through a g[afs darkly j 
but then face to face : now I 
know in part ; but then &all I 
know, even as ajfo 1 am known. 
And nov/ abideth faith, hope> 
charity, thefe three : but the 
greateft of thefe is charity. 

7ht GifpeL St. Luke,xviii. 31. 

THen Jefus took unto him 
the twelve, and faid unto 
them. Behold, we go up to Je- 
rufaiem, and all things that are 
written by the pro; hets concern- 
in^g the Son of man fhall be ac- 
complilhed. For he ihall be 
delivered unto the Gentiles, and 
ihdll be mocked^ ;ind fpitefuUy 

cntreatedv and fpittcd on : And 

they ihall fcourge him, and put 
him to death : and the third day 
he iliall rife again. And they 
underilrood none'of thefe things i 
and this faying was hid from 
them, neither knew they the 
things which were fpoken. And 
it came to pafs, that' as he \V2H 
corce nigh to Jericijo, a cer- 
tain blind man fat by the Wifcy- 
fide begging j and hearing the 
multitude pafs by, he afked what 
it meant. And they told him^ 
that Jefus of Nazareth paHeth 
by. And he cried,' faying, Je- 
fus, thou Snn of David, hav« 
mercy on me. And they which 
went before rebuked him, th^t 
he ihould hold his peace : buche 
cried (o much the raorc> Thou 
Son of David, have mercy on 
me. And Jefus ftood, and com- 
manded him to be brought unto 
him : and when he was come 
near, he afked ..him, faying> 
What wilt thou that Ifhould do 
unto thee ? Aild he faid, Lord, 
that I may receive my light. 
And Jefus faid unto him, Re- 
ceive thy fight 5 thy faith hath 
faved thee. And immediately 
he received his fight, and fol- 
lowed hirn, glorifying God : and 
all the people, when they faw it, 
gave praife unto Gou. 

The firp: Day of Lent y commonly • 

calltJ AJh - if^edne/daj • 

The CoiUa, 

ALmighty and evcrlafting 
God, who hateft nothing 
that thou had made^ and ^o&. 

As H-WeD N £ S DA T, 

forgive the fins of thofe who 
^rc penicent j create ajici make 
in us new anJ contrite hearts, 
that we, worthily laaienting our 
fins and acknowledging our 
w^tchednefs, may obtain of 
thee, the God of all mercy, 
perfect rcmilfion and forgive- 
nel's, through Jefus Chrilt our 
Lord. Amen, 

k\ ^Th'tt CkUecl is to he read every 
day m Lmt, after the CclleB 
appointed for the day. 
I|j At Morn'nig Prayer, the Li- 
te ry he'wg ended, Jhall oe /aid 
the /o/ioiving Prayers, imme- 
d'idtely before the general 

OLord, we befeech thee, 
mcrcifullyhear yur prayers, 
and i'pare all thofe who confels 
their fins unto thee ; that they, 
whofe confcicnccs by (m are ac- 
cufed, by thy merciful pardon 
may be abfoived, through Chrill 
our Lord. Amtn, 

OMoft mighty God, and 
merciful Father, who hal^ 
compalTion upon all, men, and 
bate»l nothing that thou haft 
inadii J who wouidelit not the 
death of a tinner, ,j;t rather that 
he Ihould turn from his fin, 
and befaved ; mercifully forgive 
us our trelpalfesj receive and 
comfjrt uS, v.ho arc grieved and 
wearied with the burden of our 
iins. Thy property is aKvays to 
have rpercy ; to thee only it ap- 
pcrUilneth to forgive lins : fpare 
therefore, good ^.ord^ fpare 
people, whom thou bait re- 
enter no:|'rito judr;mcnr 
C : 

with thy fervants, who. arc vile 
earth, and niilerable finncrsj 
but fo turn thine anger from us, 
who meekly acknowledge our 
vilenefs, and truly repent tis of 
our faults J and fo make halle to 
help us in this world, that we 
may ever i've with thee in the 
world to come, thro'jgh Jefus 
Chrift our Lord. Amen. 

^ Then fh all the Pccpjs fay this 
that fclloivethy after the Mi^ 

TUrn thou us, O good Lord, 
and lb ihall we be turned. 
Be favourable, O Lord, be fa- 
vourable to thy people, who tarn 
to thee in weeping, faitiig and 
praying. For thou art a merci- 
ful God, fuH of compalTion, 
long-fuffering, and of great pity. 
Thou fpareft when we defcrve 
puni/hmenc, and in thy. wrath 
thinkeft upon mercy. Spare thy 
people, good Lord, fpare them ; 
and let not thine heritage be 
brought to confulion. Hear us, 
Lord^ for thy mercy is great 5 
and after the multitude of thy 
mercies look upon us, through 
:he merits and m diation of thy 
blefled Son, Jefus Chriil our 
Lord. Amen. 

For the Epifiie. Joel, ii. T2. 

TUrn ye even to me, faith 
the Lord, with all your 
heart, and with fafting, and 
with weeping, and with mourn- 
ing. And rend your heart, and 
not your g irments, and turn unto 
tl^e Lord your" God : for he *ffe 
gracious ■ afitl merciful, flow t() 
an^ei'J ajivldf great kindnef^, and 


The Firll Sunday in Lent, 

repentcth him of the evil. Who 
knowevh it he vviil return, and 
repent,and leave a blefling behind 
him, even a meat-offering and a 
drink-offering unto the Lord 
your God f Blow the trumpet in 
Zion, fan^tify a faft, call a fo- 
lemn affembiy, gather the peo- 
ple, iandify the congregation, 
afiemble the elders, gather the 
children and thofe that Tuck the 
breads j let the bridegroom go 
forth of h\s chamber, and the 
bride out (Jit her clofet j let tlie 
priefts, the minii^ers oi the Lord, 
weep betvveen the porch and the 
altar, and let them fay. Spare 
thy people, O Lore, and give 
not thine heritage to reproach, 
that the heathen ihou Id rule over 
them ; wherefore /hould they fay 
among the people, Where is 
their God P 

Tt e Gofpeh 5/ . M atth . vi . 1 6 . 
TTTHen ye faft, be not as 
YV t^^^ hypocrites, of a Tad 
countenance : for they disfigure 
their fac££, that they may appear 
unto men to faft. Verily 1 fay 
unto you, they have their/eward. 
But thou, Avhen thou fafteft, 
anoint thine head, and wafh thy 
face-, that thou appear not unto 
men to fall, but u.ito thy Father 
which is in I'ecret j and thy Fa- 
ther which feeth in fecret, iliail 
reward thee openly. Lay not up 
for yourfeives treafures upon 
earth, where moth andruft doth 
corrupt, and where thieves break 
through and fteal : But lay up 
for yourfelves treafures in hea- 
ven, where neither moth nor ruft 

doth corrupt, and where thiev^ii 
do not break through nor fteal : 
For where your treafure is, there 
will your heart be alio. 

The I'lrjl Sunday in Lent. 
The ColUa. 

OLord, whd for our fake 
didft fait forty days and 
tcrty nights j give ns grace to ufe 
luch abftinence, that our fiefh 
being fubdued to the Spirit, we 
may ever obey thy goaly motions . 
in righteoufnefs andtrueholinefs, 
to th) honour anxj glory, who 
liveft and reigneft with, the Fa- 
ther and the Holy Ghoft, one 
God, world withoutend. Armn. 

Ihe Epifile, % Cor. vi. l. 

WE then, as workers to- 
gether with him, be- 
feech you ailb, that ye receive 
not the gr^iceof God in vain: 
(For he faith, I have heard thee 
in a time accepted, and in the 
day'of falvation have I fuccourcd 
thee : behold, now is theaccept- 
ed'time ; behold, now is the day 
of falvation) giving no offence 
in any thing, that the miniftry 
be not hiamej] j but in all things 
approving ourfelves as the mini- . 
iters of (Jed, in much patience, *^ 
in afflldions, in neceffities, in ^ 
diftreffes, in ftripes, in impri- ;' 
fonments, in tumults, in labours, " 
in watchings, in failings; by 
purentfs, by knowledge, by long 
fuffering," by kindncls, by the 
Holy Ghoft, by love unfeigned, ^ 
by the word of truth, by thfe " 
power of God, by the armour of ' 

f'ighteoufrcfs on the right hand 
and on tlie left, by. honour and 
difhonour, by evil report a^iid 
good report j as deceivers, and 
yet true j as unkrtuwn, aiid yet 
well known j as dying, and be- 
hold we live J as chaft^'-ned, and 
not killed j as lorrowtul, yet ai- 
way rejoicing ; as poor, yet 
making many rich j as having 
nothin^^, and yet poiielfm^ all 

TbeGofpeU St. Matth. iv. i, 

THen was Jefus led up of the 
fpirit into the wikcrneU, 
to be tempted of" the devil : And 
when he had fafted forty days 
and forty nights, he was after- 
ward aa han^red. And when 
the tempter came tr> jiiiri, he 
(aid. If thoa be theScnof God> 
command that thefe ftones be 
made bread. Bat he anfvvered 
and faid^ It is written, Man 
Oiall not live by bread alone, but 
by every v^ord that proceedeth 
out of the Bioiith of God. Ihen 
the devil tdkcth him up into the 
holy city, and fettcth him on a 
pianacle of the tempk, and faith 
unto him, if thou be the Son of 
God, call thyfelf down ; for it 
is written. He fhaJi give his an- 
gpls charge concerning thcc j and 
in their hands tirey ihail bear 
tfaec up, left at any time thou 
dalh thy foot againliaitone. Je- 
fus faid unto him. It Is written 
again, Thou Hialt not teinpt tb'- 
Lord tiiy God. Again the devil 
*i':eth him up into an exceeding 
::iOuntain, and fhoweth him 
:e kijigdouii of the world, 
C 6 

and the glory of them ; and faith 
unto him, Alltliefe tilings will 
i give thee, if tlK)u wilt fall down 
and worship me. Then faith je- 
fus unto him, Get thee hencr, 
Satan j for it is written,. Thou 
iTialt worHiip the Lord thy God,, 
and him. only fualt thou fervc. 
Then the devil ieaveth him, and 
behold, angels came ami minif* 
tered unto him. 

The Second Sunday in Len''^ 

The CoUiEl: 

ALmighty God, who feeft 
that we have no power of 
ourleivex to h*elp ourlelvei; ; keep 
us both outwardly in our bodies^ 
and inwardly in our fouls 3 that 
we may be defended from dil ad- 
verfities which may happen to. 
the body, and from ail evil 
thoughts which ma^y alfault and 
hurt the foul, through Jefuj 
Chriil: our Lord. Amen, 
The EfijVd, I ThefT. iv. i*. 

W£ befeeeh you, brethren, 
and exhort you by the 
Lord Jefus, that as ye have re- 
ceived of us how ye ought to 
walk, and to pleafe God, fo yc 
would abound more and more. 
For ye know what command- 
ments w£ gave you by the Lord 
Jeuib. For this is the will of 
God, even your fanftification» 
that ye fhould abftain from for- 
nication 5 that every one of yon 
Ihoiild know how to poiTefs his 
veflel m fanttmcation and ho- 
nour ; not in the iuit of -concu- 
pifcence, even as the Gendles 
which kiiuw noc God: that nc% 


The Third Sunday in Lent. 

hearty defires of thy htimbte 
fervants, and ftretch forth the 
right hand of thy Majefty, to 
be our defence ngainft all our 
enemies^ through Jefus Chrift 
our Lord. Amen, 

^UEfifile, Ephef. V. i. 
E ye therefore followers of 
God, as dearchildren ; and 
v.-alk in love^ as ChrHl alfo hath 
loved US) and hath given himfelf 
for us, an offering and a facrificc 
to God, for a fvvcet fmclling fa- 
vour. But fornication and all 
uncleannefs^ or covctoufnefs, let 
it not be once named amongft 
you, as becometh faints; neither 
iilthinefs, nor foolilli talking, 
nor jefiing, which are not con- 
venient j but rather giving of 
thanks, for this ye know, that 
no \Vh; remonger, nor unclean' 
perfon, nor covetous man, who 
is an idolater, hi^th any inherit* 
ancein the kingdom of Chriil, 
and of God* Let no man Receive 
Lord, help me^ But he answered, \ you wich va'n words : for becaufe 
and faid, it is not meet to takis ' of tljcfe thir.gscomoth thewfarh 
the children's bread, and to caft *o^' God Upon the children of dif- 
it to dogy. Aridfhefaid, Truth, ; obedi<;nce. Be not ye therefore. 
Lord ; yet the dogs eat of the : partakers with them ; for Ve 
crumbs which fail from their • were fometimcs d'ctrknefs, but 
mafters table. Then jefus an- j now are ye light in the Lord : 
walk as children of light : (For 

man go beyond and defraud his 
b^-other in any matter; becaufe 
that the Lord is the avenger of 
all fuch, as we alfo have fore- 
warned you and teftified. For 
God hath not called us untoun- 
cleannefs, but unto holinefs. He 
thetefore that defpifeth, defpifeth 
not man, but God, who hath alfo 
given unto us his Holy Spirit. 
^hc GcfpeL St. Matth. xv. 21. 

JEfus went thence, and depart- 
ed into the coafts of Tyre and 
Sidon. And behold, a woman of 
Canaan came out of the fame 
coafts,and cried unto him>faying, 
Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou 
Son of David : my daughter is 
grievoudy vexed with a devil. But 
he anfwered her not a word. And 
his difciplcs came and befought 
him, faying. Send her away j 
for Hie crieth after us. But he 
anfwered and faidj I atn not 
ferit but unto the lo(l iheep of 
the houfe of Ifrael. Then came 
fhe and worshipped him, faying, 

fwered and fa;d unto her, O wo- 
man, great is thy faith : be -it 
unto thee even as thou wilt. 
And jier daughter was made 
whoie from that vcrv hv>ur» 

Tie ThirJ Sunday in Lent. 
The CdUa, 
TE befecvh theej Almigh 
ty Goa^ look upon the 


the fruit of tfhe Spirit is in ail 
goodncfs, and riuhteoufnefs, and 
truth) provingvvhat is acceptable 
unto the I ord. And have no 
fe!!o Willi p with the unfruitfuT 
V-'orks of darknefs, but rather" 
icprove them : for it is a /hame' 
even to fpeak of thofe thingjS 
which are done of them in fccret. • 

The. Fourth Sunday in Lent. 

But all things that are rcprov^d^ 
arc maJe nan:f#I> by the ligrit j 
. fjr whatfoever sloth make niani- 
M, is light. Wherefore he 
fal:h, Awake, thoa that flecpell:, 
and arile from the dead, and 
Chrill ihkll give tliee light. 

1'hc GofpcL 5/. Luke, xl. 14. 

TEf'JS was calling put a devil, 
and ic wis dumb. And it 
;:-ne to pafs, when the devil 
..js gone out, tht dumb fpake ; 
and the people, wondered. But 
fome of them faid, He cafieth 
out devils through EeeUebub, 
the chief of the devils. And 
others tempting him, fought of 
him a fign frjm heaven. But 
he knowing their thoughts, fiid 
unto them, Every kingdom di- 
vided againftitfelf, is byought to 
<defola:ion j and a houfe divided 
^ againft a houfe, falleth jf Sa- 
tan alfo be divided againft him- 
(dti how fhill his kingdom ftand ? 
becaufe ye fay that i caft oat de- 
vils throui;h Beelzebub. And if 
I by Beelzebub call: out devils, 
by whom do your fons caft them 
out ? therefore 4hal! they b?' your 
judges. But if 1 with the linger 
of God call: out devils, no doubt 
the kinguom of God is come 
upon VDU. When a ftiong man 
armovi kecpeth his palace, his 
goods are in peace ; but when a 
/trongsj^ than He fhail come upon 
him, and overcome him, he 
t ikcth from him all his armour 
v.hereih he truftcd, and^divideth 
' .. fpoils. He that is not with 
-'■■, is againil me : and he that 
^*:hercth not with me, fcatier- 

cth. When thciinclcanfplfit J« 
g'jne out of a man, hc- walkcth 
through dry places, feeking rcll: j 
and finding none, he faith, I 
will return unto my houfe whence 
I came out. And w hen he com- 
eth, he findeth it fwepr and gar- 
nifhed. Then goeth he, ttn4 
taketh to him fcvcn other fpirits 
more wicked than liimfelf, and 
they enter in, and dwell there j 
and the Uik ftate of that man is 
woife than the firft. And it 
came to pafs, as he fpake thefc 
things, a certain won^aji of the; 
company lift up her voice, and 
faid unto him, Bleiled is the 
womb that bate thee, and the 
paps which thou hall fucked. 
But he (\.id. Yea, rather biefTed 
are they that hear the word of 
I God, and keep it. 

j— ■ 

i Tie Fourth Sunday in Lent, 
I rie Col/ea. 

GRant, we befeech thee, 
Almigh:y God, th".t we, 
; who for our evil deeds do wor- 
, chily d^ferve to be punilhcJ, by 
: the comfort 'of thy grace may 
; mercifully be relieved, through 
j our Lord and Saviour Jefu^ 
j Chrill. \.zimen.' 

j 7'be Efifile. Gal. iy. ai. 

TEll me, ye that deiire to be 
under the law, do ye not 
hear "the law ? For it is written 
, that Abraham had two fons, the 
I one by a boncl-maid, the other 
I by a free woman. But he who 
I wai of the bond wrman, .wa:. 
b^,^a jliiqz tfiS x'xiti j but ht- of 

The Fiftii S^unday m Lewt. 

tli<-free woman was by promife. 
Which things are an allegory : 
for thefe are the two covenants j 
the one from mount Sinai, which 
gentiereth to bondage^ whif h is 
Agar. For this Agar is mount 
Sinai in Arabia, and anfwereth 
to Jerufalem which now is^ and 
is in bondage with her children. 
But Jemralem which h above, 
is free j which is the mother of 
us ali,. For it i^ written, Rejoice, 
thou barren, that bcareft not j 
break forth and cry, thou that 
travaileft not :. far. the defo* 
late hath many more children 
than fhe whj<;h hath an hufband. 
Now we, brethren, as Ifaac was, 
are the cl-vildren of promjle. 
But as then, he that was born 
after the flelh perfecuted hjm 
thatwasbornaftertheipirit J even 
To it is now. Never theiefs, what 
faith the Scripture ? C ail out the 
bond-woman and her Ion j for 
the fon OS the bond-woman fhali 
not ht heir with the fon of the 
free-woman. So then, brethren, 
we are not children of the bond- 
woman, bat of the free. 

The Gsfpel, St, John, vl. i. 

T Efus went over the fea of Ga- 
^1 iilee, which is the fea of Ti- 
bcjias^ And a great multiti>de 
followed him, becaafe they faw 
his miracles which he did on 
them that w^re diieafed. And- 
Jeius went up into a mountain, 
and there he fat v/ith his difci- 
ples. And the pallbver, a feaft 
of the Jews, was nigh. When 
Jefus then lift up his eyes, and 
f^w a great company come unto 

him,he faith unto PhilipjWhenCe 
ihailwe buy bread,,that thefe may 
eat ? (And this he faid to prove 
him j for he himfeif knew what 
he would do.) Fhilip anfwered 
him, Two hundred penny-worth 
of bread is not fufEcient for them, 
that every one of thenxmay take 
a little. One of his difciples, 
Andrew, Simon Peter's, brother, 
faith unto him. There is. a lad 
here which hath live barley 
loaves, and two fmali filhes j but 
what are they among fo many ? 
And Jefus faid. Make the men 
lit down. N ow tjier.e was much 
grafs in the place. So the mea 
iat down,, in number about five, 
thoufand. And Jefus took the 
loaves, and when he had given 
thanks, hediflributed to the dif- 
ciples, and the difciples to them 
that v/ere let down, and likewifc 
oftheliihes as much as they would. 
W hen they were filled he Laid un- 
to his dilciples. Gather up tlie 
frs^^ments thjt remain, that no-, 
thiu^ be ioil. Therefore they ga^ 
thercd them together, and iiiled 
twelve balkets with the fragments 
of the five barley loavc-?, which 
remained over and above unto 
them that had, eaten. ,Then 
thofe meji, when they had:feeii 
the miracle that Jefus did, faid^ 
This is of a trutn that Prophet 
tha,t ihould come into the world. 

^be Fifth Sunday in Lerit* 
'The Coika,. 

WE befeech thee, Almlg.hty 
GoO; mercifully to look 

n tfiy people i that by thy 
it gix»dncls iheymay ie go- 
verned and pi'cterved evewmoir, 
botli ia body a«d foul, through 
Jeios Chriit our Lord. Amin, 

The Efijilf. Hcb. ix. ii. 

CHnft being come an high 
prieft of good things to 
- ".-!, by a greater and more per- 
cabernack, not naade with 
'.is J that is tof^y, notoft-iiis 
building ; neither by the blood of 
goats and calves j hut by his own 
blood he entcped in once into the 
boly place, having obtained eter^ 
B.i4 redemption for us. For if 
the blood of bulls anu, of goats, 
and the afhcs of an heiftr fpiink- 
ilog the unclearr> fan^ftifieth to 
the purifying of the flelli j how 
jnnuch more ifeall the bipod of 
Chrii^, who, through the eternal' 
Spirit, offered himfelf without 
Ipot to God, purge your confci- 
cnce from dead works to ferve 
the living God ? And for this 
caufe he is the Mediator of the 
new Teftament, that by means 
of death, for the redemption of 
the tranrgrefiions that were under 
the firft Teftament, they which 
are called ml^bt receive the pro- 
mife of eternal inheritance. 

The GoJfteL St, John, viii. 46.- 

JEfuj faid, Which of you con- 
vincs.h me of fin ? And if I 
fay the truth, why do ye not be- 
lieve me ? He that is of God, 
heareth God's words ; ye there- 
fore hear thsm r.ot, bccaufc ye 
art' not of God. Ther. anfwered 
the Jews, ar-dfaid unto him, Say 
wc no: -Acll, that :iaou :j:: a i>a- 

marltan, and haft a devil ? Je^'us 
anfwered, J have not. a devil r 
but I iionour my Father, and yc 
do di/honour me. And I feek 
not mine own glory : there is 
one that feeketh and judgeth. 
Verily, verily, 1 fay umoyou, If 
a man keep my faying, he ihall 
never fee death. Then faid the 
Jews- unto him. Now we know 
that thou haft a devil : Abra-. 
hara is dead, and the prophecs.j 
and thou fay eft, if a man keep 
my Laying, he fliail never tafte pt 
death. Art thou greater than 
our father Abraham, which is 
dead ? and the prophets are cead : 
whom makeli- thou th-yfelf? Je- 
fas anfwered, \^ I honour myleir 
my honour ia nothing j it is my 
fathea- that konoureth me, of 
whom ye fay, that he is your 
God : yet ye havje not known, 
him J hut 1 know him : and if 
1 ihould fay i. know him not, I 
Jhall be a liar like ujito you j but 
1 know him and keep his fayii:j. 
Your father Aoraham rejoiced 
to fee my cay, and he faw it, and- 
was glad. Then faid the Jews, 
unto hiiT>, Thou art not yet fifty 
years, old, and haft thou feea 
Abraham ? Jelus faid unto them>. 
Verily, vcrily> I fay unto you> 
Before Abraiiam wa^, I am. 
The« took they up ftones to cait 
at him j but Jefus hid hjmfelr> 
and wen: out of the temple. 

The Sunday next hefore Eafur^ 
The CollccJ. 

ALmighty and everlafting^ 
God, who, of thy tender 
love towarda maiikind^ haft 

Sunday before E a ^ t e r. 

fcnt thy Son our Saviour Jefus 
■iC'iirift, to take upon him our 
ft-ttitiy and to fuffer death upon 
the crofs, that al! mankind 
ihould follow the example of his 
^reat humility j mercifully grant 
tliat we may both follow the ex- 
ample of his patience, and alfo 
be i»iade partakers of his refur- 
re<ftlon,, through the fame Jcfus 
Chriil our Lord. Amen» 
The Epftie, Phil. ii. 5. 

LEt this mind be in you, 
which was alfo in Chrift 
Jefus : who being in the form of 
God, thought it not robbery to 
be eq-ial with God ; but made 
Jiirnfelf of no reputation, and 
took upon him the form of a 
fervant, and was made in the 
ijkei.efs of men : and beihg 
found in fafhion as a man, he 
tumbled himfelf, and became 
obedient unto death, even the 
* death of the -crofs. Wherefore 
God al^o hath highly exalted 
him, and given him a Name 
which Is above every name \ that 
at the Name of Jef-us every knee 
ihouid bow, of things in heaven, 
-Q^w^ things iTi earth, and things 
under the '^arth \ and that every 
tongue fhould confefs that Jelus 
Chrifl is Loid, tQ the glory of 
Go4 the Father. 
T^he\}oj,i)£l, Si, Matth.xxvii. r. 

WHen the morning was 
come, all the chief 
prieni^cs and eL>ers of the people 
took council agalnft Jefus to put 
him to death. And when they 
liad bound him, they IrA hJm 
- awjy, and ddivcred hi;a :c Po4:- ! 

tius Pilate the governor. Then 
Judas, who had betrayed him, 
when he faw that he was cod- 
dcmned, repented himfelf, and 
brought again the thirty pieces 
of fiiv^r to the ^hief priefts and 
ciders, faying, I have iinned, ia 
that I have betrayed the innocent 
blood. And they faid, What is 
that to us ? fee thou to that. 
And he caft down the pieces of 
^Ivcr in the tem^h^ and depart- 
ed, and went and banged himfelf. 
And the chief priefis took the 
filver pieces, and faid» It is not 
lawful for to put them Into the 
treafury, b^caufe it is the \w\cz 
of bloed. And they took coun- 
fel, and bought with them the 
potters £eld to bury Grangers in. 
Wherefore that field was called. 
The ticid of blood, unto this 
day. (Then was fulfilled that 
which was fpoken by Jeremy the 
prophet, faying, And they lo'jk 
the thirty pieces of filver, the 
price of him that w?.s valued, 
whom they of the childrca r>f 
Ifrael did value, and gave them 
for the potters field, as the'Lori 
appointed me.) And Jefus ftood 
before the governor j and the 
governor a'ked him, faying. Art 
thou the Kijjg of the Jev/a ? And 
Tefus faid untoh m-, Ihoufayeit. 
And when he was accufed of the 
chief priefh and elders, he an- 
fwered nothing. Then faith Pi- 
sate unto him, Heareii thou not 
how many things they v/itnefs 
ag^iintt thee ? and ht anfwered 
him to never a word, infomuck 
that the governor marveiledj 
^r£;^:ly, No',v at th^t.feail: the 

Sunday before East e-r. 

governor was wont to rclaxic unto 
tht people a piiioiler, wboui cbt) 
wouki. Apd they had then a 
notable prifoncr, called Barabbas. 
Therefore, \vhe/» the) were ga- 
thered together, Pilate Paid uncu 
them, Whom will ye thdt i i<- j 
leafe onto you ? fiarSbhas, or 
|cru:> which iscallei Chrill: ? For 
he knew that tor envy they had 
delivered him. Whei;i he was 
fet down on the jodgment-feat, 
his Wife fcnt unto him, fdying, 
Huv^thou nothing to do 
tiiat jud man j tor i have i\it- 
fered many things this day 'm a 
drearh b-icaule ot him But the 
.chief prieih and elders persuaded 
the multitude that they i?iould 
d/k Barabbas, and deitroy jefua. 
The governor anl'wered and faid 
,4into them, VVtiether of the 
twain will yc that 1 relcafe unto 
you ? They taid, Barabbas. Pi- 
late faith unto them, WhatfhaU 
i do then with Jefus, which is 
called Ch.illr They all fay unto 
•kirn, let l;im be crucified. And 
the goveiror. faid, VVny, wh«tr 
evil tiath he done ? But tliey i 
nicd out the more, faying, Let I 
him becruciiicd. When Pibte | 
faw chat he could prevail nothing:, j 
but that jratlier a tumult v/as 
made, he took water, and wa/hea 
his hands before the muiticuae, 
faying, I am innocent of the 
Wood of this.juft perfon : fee yc 
to it. Then anfwered all the 
people, and faid, Kis blood be ^ 
on us, and on our children. 
T hen releafed he Barabbas unto 
them : and when he had fcourged 
ti ht (kiivered him to be 

crucified. Then the foldlerrcf 
the g^)vernor took Jefus into the 
<;ominon-hall>, ano gathered unto 
him the whole bana of foldiers. 
And they iiripped him, and put 
oa him a k«rle: robe. And 
wiien they had platted a crown 
ot thorns, they put it upon ha 
head, and a reed in hi* right 
hand ; and,tht;y bowed the knee 
before him, and mociced himv 
iayinj2:. Hail, King of ctie Jews I 
And they fpic upon him, and 
took the retd ana fmot«*. him oa 
the head. And after that they 
had mocke-i iiim, they took the 
rctbe oti^" ir<im him, and p«t his 
own raiment on him, and led 
him away to crucify him. And 
.as they come out, they found a 
m^iii of Cyrcnc, Simon byname 5 
him they compelled to bearhfs 
crofs. And when they were 
come ento a place called Golgo- 
tha, that is to fay, a place of a 
fkull, they gave him vinegar to 
drink mingled with gall ; and 
when he ^lad tailed thereof, he 
would not drink. And they 
crucified him, and parted hrs 
gai^fients, cafting lots: that it 
mi^ht be fulfilled, which was 
fpoken by the prophet, They 
parted my garments among themj, 
and upon my veilure did they 
caft lots. And fitting down, 
they watched him there j and 
fet up over his head his accafa- 
ticn wricteii, THIS IS JtSUS 
THE King of the JEWS. 
Then weje there two thieves 
crucified with him j one on the 
right hand, and another on the 
left. Ana they that pafied by 


Monday before Eastern 

r,cvled him^wagging then heads, 
ti^nd faying^ Thoutlv&t deftroyeft 
the temple, and buiMeft it ia 
three days, favc thyrdf :. It thou 
be the Son of God, coiDe down 
from the csofs. Likcwife alfo 
the chief priefts, mockin-g hin^^ 
with the tcribes and elders, faid. 
He faved oth.ers, Kimfclf he can- 
not Uve : if he be the^ of 
Ifrael, let him now come down 
from the crofs, ajid we will be- 
lieve him.. He trailed in God j 
}et him deliver bJm now, if he 
will have kini : for he faid^ I am 
the Son of God. The thieves 
alfo which were crucihed with 
him, call the fame In his teeth* 
Now from the fixth hour there 
was daxkneiJs aver ail the land, 
unto the ninth hour. And about 
the ninth hpur Jefus cried with 
a loud voice, faying, £"/;, £/i, 
Lima fabachtbani ? that is to 
fay. My God, my God, why 
haft thou foifakea rae } SoKie 
of them that Itood there, when 
they heard that, faid. This man 
callethfor Eiias. And ftraight- 
way one of them ran, and took 
a fpunge. and filled it with vine- 
gar, and put it en a reed, and 
gave him to drink. The reft 
faid, Let be, let ui> fee vthether 
Elias will come to fave hi-m. 
Jefus, when he had cried ayain 
with a ioud vdicc, yielded -up the 
gholl. And behold, the vail of 
the temple was rent in tvvain^ 
. from the top to the battom j and 
the earth did quake,^ and the 
.rocks rem; and the graves were 
, opened 5 and many bodies of 
, faints, which llept, arofe, and 

came out of the graves after hlj 
reiiirre<5tion, and went ijito the 
hoiy city, and appeared unto ma- 
Ay. Now when the Centurion, 
and they that were with him 
watching Jefus, favv the earth- 
(juake, and thofe things that 
wezc done, they feared greatly, 
faying. Truly this was the Soa 
of God. 

Monday before Eafier, 
For the Epijlle, Ifai. Ixiii* i. 

WHo is this that cometh 
from Edom, with dyed 
garments from Bozrah ? this 
that is glorious in his apparel, 
travelling in the greatnefs of his 
ikengtli ? i that fpeak in righte- 
oafnefs, mighty to lave. Where- 
fore art thou red in thine appareJ, 
and thy garments like him that 
treadeth in the wine-fat ? I have 
trodden the- wine-prefs alone, and 
of tlie people there was none with 
me : for f wiU tread them in 
min2 anger, and trample them m 
my fury, and their blood (hall be 
Ipdnkled upon ray garments, 
and I will ftain all my raiment. 
For the day of vengeance is in 
mine hearty and th^ year of my 
redeemed is come. And I looked, 
and there was n^ne to help j a^d 
i wondered that there was none 
to uphold : therefore mine own 
arm brought falvation unto me j 
and my fury iu upheldme. And 
i will tread down tiie people in 
mine a^^er, and make them 
drunk in my fury, and I wiU 
bring down their ftrength to the 
4:arth.. I will mention the iovin§- 

Monday before Easter. 

Icinc^nefTcs of the Lord, and the 
praifcs of the Lord, according 
to all that th« Lord hath bellowed 
onus, and the great goodncft co- 
wards th« houie oflfrael,. which 
he hath bciloweid on thenri> ac- 
cording to his nreixjieji, and ac- 
C(Tding to the multitude of his 
lovin^'-kindneOi^s^ F«)r hefaid, 
Sureiv they are uiy people^.chil- 
dren-that will not lie : So he was 
their Savidur. In a41 their atflic- 
tion kewas aillicfted, and the an- 
gel of his prefencc faved thena : 
m his love and in his pity he re- 
deemed them, and heljare them, 
and carried them all the days of 
old. But they rebelled, and vexed 
his holy Spirit : therefore he was 
turned ta be their enemy, and he 
fought agaijifcthem. Then he re-, 
mennbcred th« days oFold, Mo- 
fes »ndiris people, facing,. Where 
h he that brought them up out of 
the fea, witi^the /hepherdof his 
flock ^ Where is hc-that put his 
Holy Spirit within him ?• that led 
theniby the light- hand of IV^fes, 
with his g.lorious arm dividing 
the water before them,, to- make 
himfcif an everlafting Name? 
That led them through the deep 
as un horfe i^^ tlxc wildernei's, 
that they fliould not ftumble ? 
As a beafr goetjt down into the 
yalJry, the Spirit of the Lord 
caruicd-him to reft : fodidltthou 
lead thy people,, to make thyfelf 
a glorious Name. Look down 
from heaven, a!rd behold from 
"the habitation of' thy hoHnefs, 
and of thy glory : Where is thy 
«ca^, and thy ftrcngth, the found - 
!ftg of th^ bpweU, and of thy. 

mercies ft'wards itit ? aire Pi\cy 
retrained ^ Doubtlcfs thou art 
our Father,. though Abraham be 
ignorant of us, and Ifracl ac- 
knowledge U3 not : thou, O 
Lord, art our Fatlicr, our Re- 
deemer, thy Name is from ever- 
lalli::g. O Lord,, why haft: cliou 
made us to err from thy ways ? 
and hearkened our hearcfrom thy 
fear ? Return, for the fervant'? 
fake, the tribes of thine in})eri- 
tance-. The people of thy holi- 
nefs. have pofTeiTed it but a littl^c 
vvhiie : our adverfaries have trod- 
den. down thy fan<fluary. We are 
thine, thou never bcareft rure 
over them ; they were aot called 
by thy N am-c. 

The Gofpeh Su Mark, xiv, i». 

AFter two days was the feaft 
of the Pafibver, and of un- 
it a vened bread : 2^:d the chief 
prielh and- the fcribes fought 
how they might take him by 
craft, and put him: to de^rh. 
But they faid, Not on the feafb 
day, leir there- be an uproar oF 
the people. And being in Be- 
thany, in the houfe of Simon 
the leper, as he fat at meat^ 
there came a woman irraving an 
alabafter bcrx of ointment of 
fpikenard, very precious j and 
fhe brea-kthe box, and'poured it 
on his head. And there were 
fornethat hadindignation within 
them felves, and fa-i^. Why was 
this ^^aile of the ointment 
made j for it might have been- 
fold for more than three hundred 
pence, and- bavc bcea given co. 

Monday before Easter. 

tfec#^poor ? and they murmarcd 
againft he?. And jefusfaid, Ler 
lier alone j why trouWe ye her ? 
iht hkth %vrought a good work 
.on me : For ye have the poor with 
you always, and u'henfoever ye 
wWl ye zmy do them good j feut 
nie ye have not always. She hsth 
done what fiie couid ^ iht is come 
aforehand to anoint my body to 
^he burying. Verily 1 fay unto 
70U, Wherefocver this Gofpel 
ihaii be preached throughout 
the whole world, this ailb that 
ihe hath done ihaii he fpoken of, 
for a memoris! of her. And Ju- 
das Ifcariot, one of the twelve, 
went unto the chief prie^s, to 
betray him unto them. And 
when they heard it they v^-ere 
glad, and promifed to give him 
money. And he fought how he 
■might conveniently betray him. 
And the £rft day of unleavened 
bread, when they killed the paff- 
over, hh difcipies faid unto him. 
Where wiltthou that we go and 
prepare, that thou mayeft eat 
the pafTovcr ? And ke iendeth 
•^orth two of his difcipies, and 
faith unto them, Go ye into the 
<ity j an<i there ihali meet you a 
man bearing a pitcher of wa- 
ter ; foi'ow him. And whereio* 
«vcr.he ihall go in, fay ye to the 
good- man of the houie, The 
Ala iler faith, Where is thegueft- 
chamber, -where I (liaii eat the 
pafToverwith my difcipies ? And 
he will fhow you sl large wpper 
room furniilied and prepared : 
there make ready for us. And 
his difcipies went forth, dnd 
«2me Into the city^ and found sls 

he had faid -snto tbcm-i an4 
they made ready the padover. 
AriJ in thetivening he cometh 
with the twelve. And as they 
fat, and did eat, Jefus faid. Ve- 
rily i id)' Hnto you, one of you 
which eateth with mt ^hail be- 
tray me. Atid they began to be 
forrov/ful, snd tQ fay unto him 
one by one, Is it 1 ? And ano- 
ther faid. Is it i ? And he an- 
fwered and faid unto their,, Xr 
is one of the twelve th^it di^pech 
with mt in the dilli. The fon of 
man inde<;d ^oeth, as it is writ- 
ten of him : but woe to that 
man by whom the Son of man is 
betrayed : good wers it for that 
man, if h^ had never been born. 
And as tliey di4 eat, Jefus took 
bread, ana bielied, and brake it, 
and gave to them, and- faid. 
Take, eat : This 4s my body. 
And he took the cup, and when 
he had given thanks, he gave it 
to them : and they all drank of 
it. And he faid unto them. 
This is my blood of the new 
T(-*amcnt, which is fhed for 
many. Verily I fay unto you, 
I will drink no more of the 
fruit of the vine iintil that day 
that I drink it new in the king- 
dom of God. And when they 
had fung an hymn, they went 
out into the mount of Gllve^i 
And Jefus faith unto them. All 
ye ihall be offended becaufe of 
me this night : for it is written, 
i will fmitc the ihepherd, and 
the ihccp Ihall be fcattcred. But 
after that I am rifen, 1 will go be- 
fore you into Galilee. But Peter 
faii unco him. Although all ihall 

, Monday before Easter* 

be oifen<ie<i, yet will not I. And* 
J«r<js Taith unto hrm. Verily J 
Jay onto thee, th*it this day, even 
ia this nigkt, h^fore the cock 
crow twice, thou fhalt deny me 
thrice. But hj£ tpake the more 
vchemeatiy^ If 1 fhould dievvith 
tbee, I will not deny thee in any 
wife. Likcwiie alio laid they all. 
And they c^nne to a place which 
W4S named Gethlennane : ai>d 
Jie Ulth to his difciples. Sit ye 
Ivere, while I fhall pray. And Ke 
t4keth 'with him Peter,, and 
|ames, and John, and began to 
ie ibie amused, and to be very 
>ieavy i and faith unto thcm^ 
illy ibul js exceeding, forrowful 
^ato death : tarry ye here and 
watch. And he went foiward a 
Uit^le, and fell on. the ground, and 
prayed, that, if it -.vcre pollible, 
the hoor might pais from hinrv. 
And he taid, Abba, Father, ail 
things are p«')iribie unto thee : 
take away this cup from me : 
ijeverthclefs, not what I will, 
Vut what thou wilt. And he co- 
roeth, vind bndeth them fleecing; 
and i^th unto Peter, Simon, 
fieepefl thou r c.oildeit not thou 
watch one hour ? watch ye, and 
pray, left ye enter into tempta- 
tioaj the fpirit truly is ready, 
but the fleOi is weak. And 
jkgain he went away, a: d prayed, 
and ("pake the hnte words. And 
vhen he retorned he found them 
aiiecp again (for their eyes were 
heavy) neither wift they what to 
anfwer hira. And he con»eth the 
third time, and laith unto them, 
Sleep on now, and take your reft : 
it it enough, the hour is come j 

behold, the Son of man is be* 

trayed into the han<k of finner^.. 
Rife up, let us go j iO, he tha 
betrayeth me is at hand. An^ 
immediately, while he yet fpakc, 
Cometh Judas, one of the twelve, 
and with him a great multitude, 
with fwords and ilaves, from the 
chief priefts, and the Icribes, and 
the ciders. And he that betray- 
ed him had given them a token, 
faying, Whomfocver 1 fhali kils, 
tiiat fame is he ^ take hira and 
lead him away l^fely. And a^ 
foon as he was come, he goeth 
llraightway to him, and (aitl>, 
Matter, Mafter ; and killed hinu 
i^*nd they laid theijr hands or 
him, and took him. And or.e. 
of them that ftood by dr-ew 2- 
fword, and fmote a iervant ot 
the high prieft, and cut off his. 
ear. And Jehts anfwered and 
faid unto them. Are yc corric 
out as againft a thief, with 
iwords and with ii-aves, to tzkc.: 
!?>c ? I was daily ^vith you in the 
temple, teaching, and ye took 
me nowj but the. Scriptures muft 
'be fulfilled. And they a)l for- 
fook him, and ficd. And there 
followed hirn a certain young 
man, having a linen cloth caft 
about his naked body j aiid th'j 
young men laid hold on him 
And he left the linen cloth, ;ui:; 
tied from them na.ked. A:^. ;. 
they led Jcfus aw.ay to the hi^h 
prielt : and ^yith him were ^.f 
fumbled ail the <;hjef priefts, ; :: 
the elders, ajid the fcribes. A: -. 
Feter followed him afar ojf, e', c^, 
into the palace ol'the higii pnc;' 
.and he fat with the ff.rv^:K ^ 

TaeOay before E 

A B T E R, 

and warmed himfelf at the fire. 
And the chief prielts, and all 
the council, fought for witnefs 
againft Jefustoputhim to death j 
and found none. (For Tnarry 
care falfe witnefs againft him, 
but their witnefs agreed not to- 
gether.) And there arofe cer- 
tain and bare falfc witnefs 
egainft him, faying, We heard 
kim fay-, I will deftroy this tem- 
ple that is made with hands, 
End within three days I will build 
another made without hands. 
But neither fo did their vvitnefs 
agree together. And the high 
prielt ftood up in the midft, and 
afked Jefus, faying, Aiifwerefl 
thou nothing ? what is it which 
thefe witnefs agarnft thee ? But 
he held his peace, and anfv.ered 
nothing. Again the high prief! 
afked him, and-faid unto him, 
Art thou the Chrift, the Son 
of the Blefied ? And Jefus 
faid, I am : and yz fhall fee the 
Son of man fitting on the right 
hand of power, and coming in 
the clouds of heaven. T-hen the 
high prieft rent his clothes, and 
"faith, What need we any further 
witneflTes? ye have heard the 
biafphemy : what think ye ? end 
they all condemned him to be 
guilty of death. And feme be- 
gan fpit on him, and to cover 
his face, and to buffet him, and 
to fay unto hira, Prophefy. And 
the fervants did ftrike him with 
the palms of their hands. And 
as Peter was beneath in the pa- 
^lace, there cometh one of the 
jntvids of the high prieft: and 
wiien. /lie fayf Fc^f warming 

himfelf, ftie looked upon Kfm, 
and faid, And thou alfo waft 
with Jefus of Nazareth. But he 
denied, faying, 1 know-not, nei- 
ther underf^and I what thou fay- 
eft. And he went out im:o the 
porch 5 and the cock ere v/. And 
a maidfaw h'm agai^, and be- 
gan to fay to them thatlftood by, 
This is one «f them. And he 
denied rt again. And a little 
after, they that flood by faid 
again to Peter, S-yrely thou art 
cne of them ; for thou art a Ga- 
lilean, and thy vfpeech agreeth 
thereto. But he began to curfe 
and to fwear, faying, I know not 
this man of whom ye fpeak. And 
the fecond time the cock crew. 
And Peter called to mind the 
word th:ft Jefus faid unto him, 
Before the cock crow t\vic», thou 
fhalt deny me thrice. And when 
he thought thereon he wept. 

Tuefday before Eafer, 
■For ike Epiflk^ Ifai. 1. 5. 

THc Lord G^d hath opened 
mine "ear, and I was not 
rebellious, neither turned av^-ay 
back. I gave my back to th-e 
fmiters, and my cheeks to them 
that plucked off the hair : i hid 
n&t my face from fhamc and 
fpittin^. For the Lord God witi 
help me, therefore ftiali I not he 
confounded : therefore have I fct 
my face like a flint, and I know 
that 1 iliall not be aihamed-. He 
i€ near that juflifieth me ; who 
will contend with me ? let «s 
ftand together j who is mine ad- 
verfary? Letiiim come near to 

Taefday before E a s t u r. 

ax, JBehold, the Lord God will 
help me ; who \s he tliat fhall 
condemn me } Lo, they aW /hall 
wax old as a ^armcm : the moth 
fhall eat rhe.n up. Who is 
among you due fearerh -the Lord, 
thatobevtch th« voice ofhisTer- 
vAnt, that ..aiiceth in <larknefs, 
m\d hachiio hgi::? lethim truft 
Jo the Name at tli€ Lord, an<i 
(lay upon his Go i. Behold, all 
ye that kiodle a tire, fhat com- 
pafs yourlclves aboul with fparks; 
^allc in the light of your hre, and 
hi the Iparks that yz have kind- 
led. This iliall ye hAveof m^ne 
hand, ye ikali lie down in forrow. 

neCf'fprh St, Matk, Xv. i. 

ANdftraightway in the morn- 
ing, the Aief priefts held 
a confultation with' the elders 
and fcribes, and the whole 
council, and bound jefus, and 
carried him away, and delivered 
him to Piiatc. And Pilate afked 
him, Art thou the King of the 
Jews ? And he anTwering, fsid 
unto him, Thou fayeft it. And 
the chief priefts accufed him of 
many things t but he anfwered 
nothing. A«d Pilate afked him 
again, faying, Anfwereft thou 
nothing ? behold how many 
things they witncfs againft thee. 
But Jcfus yet anfwered nothing : 
fo that FUate marvelled. Now 
•t t|;iat teaft he rcieafed unto 
them one prifoner, whomfoever 
they defired. And tli^re was 
one named Barabhas, which lay 
bound with them that had made 
infurrcdion with him, who had 
co»»iued murdci* in tns iarur- 

re<5lion. And the multi hi decry- 
ing aloud, began to defire him 
to do as he had ever done «nto 
them. But Pilate anlwered them, 
faying, Will ye that 1 releafe 
anto you tiie King of the Jews ? 
(Frn- he knew that t^e chief 
priefts had delivered him for 
envy. )But the chi'ef priefts moved 
the people, that he ftould rather 
releafe Barabbas unto them. 
And Pilate anlSvered, and faid 
again unto them. What will yc 
then that I ^all do unto him 
whom ye call the King of th6 
J ew5 ? And they cried o\it again. 
Cruelty him. Then Pilate faid 
onto them, Why, what evil hath 
he done ? And they cried out the 
more exceedingly, Crucify him. 
And fo Pilate, willing to content 
the people, releafed Barahba^ 
untolhem 3 and delivered Jefus, 
v/hen he had icourged him, to 
be crucified. And the foldiers 
led him away into the hall, c^^l- 
led Pretorium ; and they called 
togetiier the wlioie band. And 
they cloathed him with purple, 
and platted a crown of thorns, 
and put it about his head, and 
began to falute him, Hail, King; 
of the Jews. And they fmote 
him on the head with a reed, and 
did fpit upon him, and bowing 
their knees worihipped him. 
And when they had mocked him 
they took off the purple from 
him, and put his own clothes on 
him, aud led him out to crucify 
him. And they compel one Si- 
mon, a Cyrenian, who pafTed by, 
coming out of the country, the 
father of Alexander and Rufus, 

Wedftcfday before E a s t t n. 

to-bear hjscrofs. And th^ybnng 
him unto the place Golgotha, 
which is, being iaterprcted, the 
place of a fkuU. And they gave 
him to drink wine mingled with 
myrrh 5 but he received it not. 
And when they had crucified him, 
they parted his garments, cafling 
\rits upon them, what every man 
^ould talce. And it was the 
third hour, and they cruciiiei 
him. And the fupcriciipcion of 
bis accufation was written over, 
And with him they crucify two 
thicvesj the one on his right hand, 
^nd the other on his left. And 
the Scripture was ful^^lled, v/hich 
faith, And he was numbered with 
the tranfgreiTors. And they that 
paiTed by railed on him, wagging 
their heads, and faying. Ah, 
thou that deilroyeft the teinple, 
jmd buiiaeft it in three days, fave 
thyfelf, and come down from the 
crofs. Likei,vife alfo the chief 
prTerts moci<:ing, faid among 
themfelve^, with the fcribes, He 
faved others, bimfelf be cannot 
fave. Let Chrifl the of 
Ifrael defcend dqw from the 
crofs,that \ye may fee and believe. 
And they that were crucified with 
him reviled him. And when 
the fixth hour was come, there 
was darknefsover th'^ whole land^ 
until the ninth houj:. And at the 
ninth hour Icfus cried with a 

he calleth Eii^s. And one ran 
and filled a fpjunge. full of vine- 
gar,, and put it on a reed, and 
gave him to drinJc, f^ying^ Let 
alone j lee wis fee whether Eliaii 
wiU come to take, him dowjij'. 
And JcfviS: cried with a loud' 
voice, and gave up the ghofty 
And the yail of the tempk vfafc 
rent in twai^ from the top to-* 
the bottom* And when the- 
Centurion, which, flood over 
againlt him, fa «* that he fo cried 
out, and gave up the ghoft, be 
faid. Truly this man was the 
.*>on of God. 

rbeEpiJiU. Keb. ix. i6. 

WHere a teftapnent is^ 
there mult alfo of ner 
celTiLy be the death of the telU- 
tor : for a teftazaent is of force 
after men are dead j other wifj 
it is of no ftrength at all, whiltt 
tlie teilator liveth. Whereupon, 
neither the ftrft teftament was 
dedicated without blood. For 
when Mcfcs had fpoken every 
precept to all the people, accord- 
ing to the law, he took the \AotA 
of calves and of goats, with wa- 
ter, and Icarlet wool, and hy.ifop, 
and fprinkled both the book, and 
ail the people, faying, Thii is 
the blood oi the teltament whicb 
God hath erijoi!>ed unta you- 

loud' voice, faying, EIo'i^ £/oi, | Moreover^ he fprinkled iik^ewifc 
lantfi jabcitthani i" which is, ; with b^ood both the tabernacle^ 
being inteipnted,. My "^od, my l and all the veScIs of the mini- 
Cod, why haii rhou forfaken me^ i ilry. And almoin ail things art 
And iomeof them that ftood by, j by the law p'orged v.-ith blood; 
when they heard it, faid, Btbold, j and without iheddin^of blood ii 

Wedncfcjny Ijcfore Easter.' 

yo T-^midion. It was therefore 

hfcefiary rhat the patterns of 
things in the heavens H^i.-uld be 
purified with th'?fe j butihcUea- 
♦enly things chemfelves wiVh 
better facriticc than tUc^c. for 
Chriflis not entered into the holy 
places macfe ^'ith hands, which 
arf ths figures of the true j but 
into heavcii -tfelf, now to appear 
in the prefcnce of God for as : 
nor yet that he ihould ojFer h'rn ■ 
fclf often, as the hi^ih prien: en- 
tcreth into the holy place every 
year v^ith blood of others : [fov 
then mull he ofcen have/uffjred 
fince the foundation of the world ^< 
but now once, in the end of the 
world, hath he appeared tc put 
away lin by the f.u:r.ifice of him- 

he p'.omifcd, and fought oppon* 
t unity to betray him unto chenn 
iu cue abreace of the multitude* 
Then canie the day, of unleaven- 
ed bread, when the paffover muft 
be k;.ht^d. A ad he fant Peter 
and John, faying, C ?, ani pre- 
pare uf tjie paiT»ver, that we may 
eat. And chry faid untojiim. 
Where wilt dioa that we prepare ? 
And he faid untothein. Behold, 
when ye are entered into the city, 
there /hall a man meet you bear- 
ing a pitcher of water , follow 
him into the houfe where he en* 
tcreth in. And ye Uiall fay unto 
tl^e good-jpan of the houfe, The 
Madcr faith unto thee, Where 
is the gueil-chamber, where I 
fiiall eat the pafibver v/ith my 

felf. And as it is appointed unto difciples ? And he fliallihow you 
men once to die, but after this 
the judgment : fo ChrlH: was 
once ottered to bear the fins of 

y 5 and unto them that look 

him fhall he appear the fe- 
fond time, without lin, unto 

'/be G4pel, St, Luke, xx'ii. i. 

'V XOwthe fe.aft of unleavened 

%' bread drew nigh, which is 

■a the Paffl^ver. And the chief 

'.*3 and fcribes ibught how 

might kill ijirn j for they 

d the people. Then entered 

n into Judas, furnamed if- 

A, being of the number of 

twelve. And he went his 

, and communed wirh the 

-Uief priefts and captains how 

he might betray him unto them 

And they were glad, and c-'Ve 

If riaftted' to \^lvt him mone v , Ar^d 

A large upper room f ami {bed : 
there make ready. And they 
v/ent and found as he had faid 
unto them j and they made ready 
the paiTover. And when the hour 
was come, he fat down, and the 
twelve Apoflles v/ith him. And 
he faid unto them, With defire 
I have defiredtoeatthis pafTover 
with you before I fuffcr. For I 
fay unto you, 1 will not any 
more eat thereof, until it be ful- 
filled in the kingdom of God* 
And he took the cup, and gave 
thanks, and faid. Take this, 
and divide it among yoarfe'ves. 
For I fav unto you, I will not 
drink of the fruit of the vine, 
until the kingdom of God ihall 
come. A.nd he took bread, and 
gave thanks, and brake it, and 
gave unto them, faying, This is 
my body, which is given for you ? 

Wednefday before Easter. 

this do in remenibrance of me. 
Likewile alfo the cup after fup- 
pfr, faving, This cup is the new 
t^flament in my blood, which is 
fb.ed for you. But behold, the 
hand of him that betrayeth me 
IS with me en the table. And 
truly the Son of man gccth as it 
v/as defermined ; but woe unto 
that man by whomheis betrayed, 
^ndthey begant;> encuireamong 
themlelves, which of them, it 
was that fhcruld do this thing. 
And there was -Ifo a ilrife among 
them, which of them fhould be 
Accounted the greateft. And he 
faid unto them, The kings of 
the Gentiles cxercife lordfhip 
©ver themj and they thatexer- 
ciie authority upon them are 
called benefatlors. But ye iha!) 
not be io j but he that is greateft 
among you, let him be as the 
younger 5 and he that is chief, 
as he that d»th fervc. For whe- 
ther is greater, he that fittcth at 
meat, or he that ferveth r is not 
he that fitt^th at meat ? Fut 1 
am amongypu as hethatj'erveth. 
Tc are they which have conti- 
nu<».d with me in my temptations. 
And I appoint unro you a king- 
dom, as my Father ha:h appoint- 
d unto me : that ye may eat 
'na drink at my table in my 
■ ingaom, and fit on thrones, 
idging the twelve tribes of If- 
ael. -And the Lord faid, Si- 
•lon, Simon, benola, Satan hath 
eiired to have ycu, that he 
ay hft you as wheat : but i 
ave prayed for thee, that thy 
ith fail not y and when thou 
: converted, ftrengthen thy bre- 

thren. And he fai<i unto him. 
Lord, I am ready to go with thee 
both into prifon and to death. 
Apd he faid, I tell thee, Peter, 
the cock ihail not crow this day, 
before that thou ihalt thrice deny 
that thou knoweft me* And he 
faid unto them. When I fent you 
without purfc, and fcrip, and 
ihoes, lacked ye any thing ? And 
they faid^ N<>thing. Then faid 
he unto them, Sut now he that 
hath a purfe, let him take It, and 
iikewife his fcrip : and he that 
hath no fworci, let him fell h'ls 
garm.'entand buy one. For I fay 
unto ypi:, that this that is writ- 
ten muil yet be accompii/hed in 
me, And he was reckoned ami>ng 
the tranfgreflors : for the thirsgs 
conreinin^mchaveancnd. And 
they faid. Lord, behold, here 
are two fwords. And he faid 
unto them, it is enough. And 
he came out, and went, as he 
was wont, to the m<)unt of 
Olives ^ and his difciples alfo 
<'oUowed him. And when i.e 
was at the. place, he faid unto 
them. Pray that ye enter not 
into temptation. And he wai 
withdrawn from them about a 
fton«'s caft, and kneeled down, 
and prayed, faying, Father, if 
thou be willing, remove tiiis cup 
from me : neverthelel?, not my 
will, but thine be done. And 
there appeared an angei unto, 
him from heaven, itrengthehing 
him. And being in an agonyj 
he prayeJmbre earneftiy i and 
his fweat wa* as it were great 
drops of blood falling down tc 
the ground. And when he rw 

«p from prayer, and was come 
to his difciples, he found them 
flceping for forrow 5 and faid 
-unto them, Why fieep ys ? rile 
ind pray, hft ye enter into 
temptar.ion. And while he )et 
ipake, behold, a multitude, and 
lie ti^at was called Judas, one of 
'the twelve, wxnz before them, 
and drew Reir unto Jcfus to kifs 
him. But Jcfus faiJ uacohim, 
jLidas> betrayeft thou the Son of 
man wl:h a kli's ? When they 
which were about him faw wh it 
Wouid foiiow, they laid u no 
liim. Lord, lliall we fmite with 
the fword ? And one of them 
fmote the fervant of the high 
f riell, and cut off his rigllt car. 
And Jefus anfweied and faid, 
Su/J"er ye thus far. And he 
touched his ear, and healed him. 
Then Jefus faid unto tlie chief 
'f riefts and captains of the tem- 
ple, and the eiders which were 
come to him, Be ye come out as 
.agaiHfla thief, with fwords and 
•ftaves ? When I was iiaiiy with 
you in the temple, ye ilretched 
forth no hands againft me : but 
this is your hour, and the power 
of darknefs. Then took they 
him, and led him, and brought 
him into the high prieft's houfe. 
And Peter folk)W(5d afar off. 
And when they had kindled a 
fire in the midii of the hall, and 
were fet down together, Peter 
fat down among them. But a 
certain maid bel-veld him, as he 
fat by the fire, and earneiHy 
. looked upon him, and faid, This 
man was alfo with him. And 
he denied him, faying, Woman, 
1 know him not. And after a 

little while another faw him, and 
faid," Thou art alfo of them. 
Antit Peter faid, Man, I am not. 
And about the fpace of one hour 
after, another confidently af- 
firmed, faying. Of j truth, thi;*; 
fellow alfo, was with him j for 
be is a Galilean. And Peter 
faid, Man, 1 know not what 
thou faycil:. And immediately^ 
while he yet fpake, the cock, 
crew. And the Lord turned, and 
looked upon Peter ; and Peter 
remembereii the word of* the 
Lord^ how he had fiiid unto him. 
Before the cock crow, thou fnalt 
deny mc thrice. And Peter went 
out and wept bitterly. And the 
men that held Jei'us, mocked 
him, and fmote 'him. And 
when they had blindfolded him, 
they ftruck him on the face, and 
afked him, faying, Prophefy, 
who is it that fmote thee ? And 
many other things blafphemoully 
fpake they againtl hjni. And, as 
foon as it was day, the eiders of 
the people, and the chief priefts, 
and the fcribes came together, 
and led him into the^r counc:!, 
faying,- Art thou the Chrili i* 
Tell us. And he faid unto them. 
If 1 tell you, you will not be- 
lieve. And if 1 alio aik you, you 
will not anfwer me, nor let me 
go. Hereafter fhall the Son of 
man fit on the right hand of the 
power of God. Then faid they ail. 
Art ihou then the Son of God ? 
And he faid unto them, Yc fay- 
that 1 am. And they faid, What 
need we any further witnefs ? for 
we ourfeives have faeaixi of hia 

own moutn. 
D z 


Thurfday before 

^kurjday before Eajler,. 
The Epifile.. i Cor. xu 17. 

IN this t^at I declare cnto yoii, 
I praife you not 5 that yoo 
corns together not for the better, 
but for the wcrfe. for firit of 
z\\, when ye come togetlier in 
the Church, I hear thst there be 
dJvjfion- among you ; and i part- 
ly believe it. For there muft be 
aTfo herefies annong you, that they 
which are approved may be made 
rn an ifeft a m or. g. y f! . W h en ye ' 
conic together therefore into one , 
place, thisis not to eat tV)e Lord's ; 
Supper. For, in earing, every | 
ere taketh before othei his own 
fupper : and one is hungry, and 
anotherisorunken.What ha-seye 
not houfes to eat and to drink \n ? 
or defpife ye the Church of God, 
and Ihame them thijt have not ? 
What fhail I fay to ycu ? fhall \ 
praife you in this ? I praife you 
not. Fcr I have^ received of the 
Lord that which alio 1 delivered 
unto you, 'l hat the Lcr-d Jefus, 
the fame ni^ht in which he was 
"betrayed, took bread ; and v.'hen 
he had given thanks, he brake it, 
and faid, Take, est ^ this is my 
body, which is broken for you : 
this do in remembrance of me. 
After the fame manner alfo he 
took the cup, when he had fup- 
ped, faying, This cup is the new 
tedament in my blood : this do 
ye, as oft as ye drink it, in re 
rr.embrancc of me. For as oftiin 
as ye eat this bread, and drink 
this cup, ye do Oiow the Lord's 
death trll lie come. Wherefore, 
whofo€ver iKall: eat thii bicad^ 

E A S r £ Re 

and drjhk this cup of the L<n^ 

unworthjiy, ihah' be guilty of th«?- 
body and blood of the Lord, But 
let a man examiae himfcUV and 
{0 kt him eat of that bread, and. 
drink of that cup. For be 
eateth and, drinketh unworthily- 
eatetii and drinketh damnatioOr 
to himlelf,. net difcerning the 
Lord^i bod\ . For this cauie ma- 
ny are ^eak and fickiy among^ 
you, and mjny Heep, For if we 
would judge ourfelves, we ihoulj^i 
not be judged. Bat when we 
are judged, we are ch^tened of! 
the Lord, that v;e /hould not be 
condemned with the wori^* 
Wherefore, my brethren, \yhea 
y.ecome together to eat, tarry one 
for another. And if any maiv 
hujiger, let him eat at home j 
thar ye conie not together unto 
cor.demnation. And the reft ^WV 
I fet in order when I come. 

TSf G:>fpeL St, Luke, xxiii. i. 

T He whole multitude of therti- 
arofe, and led him unto 
Pilate. And they began Co ac- 
cufe him, faying, We found thii. 
fellow perverting tlje n<>tIon, and 
forbidding to give tribute to Cae^- 
far, faying, that he himfelf isL 
Chrift a king. And Pilate alked 
hJm. faying. Art thou the King 
of thg |e\vs ? and-he anfv\ered 
him, and laid, Thou fayelf it. 
The.1 faid Pilate tj3 the chief 
pric'i}, and ta the people, I find 
no faalt in this raa«. And they 
were the more fierce, fayjf^g, He 
ftirreth up the people, teaching 
throughout all Jewry, beginning 
from Galilee to thiji place. \^ hen 

Thurfday before Easter. 

Pilate heard of Galilee, he afkcd 
whether the man were aOaiiiean. 
Anvi as foo.i a^ he kne.v that he 
beii^nged unro Kerod's jiirlfdifti- 
on, he lent him to Herod, who 
himfelt was alio at Jerufalem at 
that time, and wjien Herod Uw 
Jelus, he was exceeding glad j 
for he was defirous to Ice him oF 
a long feafon, becaufe he had 
hca:u many things of him j and 
he hoped to have Cetn fome mi- 
racle done by him. Then he 
^uellioned with him in many 
wonisj but he anfwered himjio- 
thing. And the chief prielh and 
fcribes ftood and vehemently ac- 
cufcd liim* And Herod with his 
men of war fet him at nought, 
and mocked him, and arrayed 
him in a gorgeous robe, and fcnt 
him again toPilate. And the fame 
day Pilate and Herod were made 
friends together j for before they 
were at enmity between them- 
f«lve?. And Pi J ate, when he 
had called together the chief 
priefts, and the rulers, and the 
people, faid unto them, V'e have 
brought this man unto me, as one 
that perverteth the people : and 
behold, I having examined him 
before you, have found no fault in 
this mnn, touching thofe things 
whsrerif yc accufe him : No, nor 
yet Herod : for i fcnt you to him ^ 
and h, nothing worthy of death 
is done unto him. 1 will there- 
fore chailife him, and rcleafe 
him..'Fjrof neceiTity hi- muft re- 
/ Icafe one unto them at the tcafV. ) 
Afid they cried out all a: once, 
dying, Away with this man, 
"" " -'-,' .Vj vw Barabbas ; 

(who for a certain fedition made 
in the city, and for murder, was 
caft into prifon.) Pilate, there- 
fore, willing to releale Jcfus, 
fpake again to th^m. But they 
cried, faying, Crucify him, cru- 
cify him. And he uid unto 
them the third time. Why, whac 
evil hath he done ? I have found 
no caufe of death in him : I will 
therefore chailiie h;m, and leC 
him go. And they were inftanC 
with loud voices, rec^uiring that: 
he might be^rucified : and the 
voices of them, and of the chief 
prielh, prevailed. And Pilate 
gave fentence that it fhould be ai 
they required. And he releafed 
unto them him that for fedition 
aud murder was caft into prifon, 
whom they had deured ; but he 
delivered jefus to cheir will. 
And as they led him away, they 
laid hold upon one Simon, a Cy- , 
renian, coming out of the coun- 
try, and on him they, laid the 
crofs, that he might bear it after 
Jefus. And there followed him 
a great company of people, and 
of women, who alfo bewailed and 
lameni'cd hiai. But Jefus turning 
unto them, laid, Daughters of 
jerufalem, weep not for me, buc 
weep for yourfclves, and for your 
children. For behold, the days 
are coming, in tiie which they 
ihail fay, hleifed are 'Jie barccn, 
antl the wombs that never bare, 
and the pars which never gaVe 
fuck. Then ihall they begin to 
fAy to the mouatains, Fa^ on 
us J and to the hiHs, Cover ^us. 
For if they do tlisfc things in a 
gicien tree, what fliali bi done In 


the dry ? And there were alfo 
two ether Rialefactors. icd with 
him to be put to death. And 
when they were coirje to the 
phce which is called Calvary, 
th^re they crucified hUn, and the 
malefactors j one on the right 
hand, and the other on the left. 
Then faid Jefus, Father, for- 
give them, for they know net 
whiit they do. And they parted 
his rahr.ent, and call lots. And 
the people ftood behcldrng : and 
the rulers alfo with them derided 
hi-m, faying, He faved others j 
let him fave himfclf, if he be 
Chriflthe chofen of God. And 
the foldicrs alfo macked him, 
coming to him, and offering him 
TJncgar, and faying. If thou be 
the king of the Jews, fave thy- 
felf. And a fuperfcription alfo 
v.'as writtea over him in letters 
of Greeks and Latin, and He- 
OF THE JEWS. And one of 
the malcfac'tois, which were 
hanged, railfd on him, faying, 
If thou be Chrift, fava thyfelf 
and us. But the other anf-A-er- 
ing, rebuked him, faying, Doll 
not thou fear God^, feeing thou 
art in th^ fame condemnation ? 
And we indeed juiily ; for we 
receive the due reward of our 
deeds: but this man hatii done, 
nothing amifs. And he faid unto 
Jefiis, Lord, remember me when 
thou Cornell into thy kingdciri. 
An^ Jefus faid unto him,. Verily 
I fay uuto thee. To day ihalt 
thou be with me in ! aradife. 
And it was about the fixth hour, 
' and ther? Wds darkntfs ovxr aH 

the earth until the ninth houf. 
And the fun was darkened, and" 
the vail of the temple was rent in. 
the mJdil. And when Jefqs had. 
cr.ed with a loud voice, he fai^. 
Father, into thy hands. I com- 
mend my fpirit: and having faid. 
irlvjs, he gave up the ghoft. Now 
when the Centurion faw what 
was done, he glorified God, fay- 
ing, Certainly this was a righ- 
teous man. And all the people 
that cam^ together to that fight, 
beholding the things that were 
done, Imote their brealls and re-, 
turned. And all hie. acquaint- 
ance, and the women that fol- 
lowed hinFi from C'alilee, Hood 
afar off, beholding thefe things. 

Good Friday, 
The ColleBs. 

ALrpighty. God, we befceeh. 
thee gr^cioufly to behold- 
this thy family, for whicii our 
Lord Jefus Chrill was contented^ 
to be betrayed, and given up 
into the hands of wicked men, 
i-nd to fuffer death upon the 
crofs, who now liveth and reign, 
eth with thee arid the Holy Ghoil, 
ever one God, wOrid without 
end. j4men»- 

ALmighty and everlafting 
God, by. whofe Spirit the 
whole body of the Church is go- 
verned and fan£liiied j receive 
our fupplications and prayers, 
which we otler before thee for ail 
ellates of men in thy holy 
Church, that every member of 
the iairje, m his vocation and 


I^iniftry, may truly and godly 
(cf ve thee, through our Lor J and 
Saviour Jel'us Chrift. Aii::n, 

OMercifui God, who haft 
made all men, and hatelt 
;>ot:hing that thou hall made, nor 
defireft the death of a iirner, but 
rather that he (hould be con- 
verted and live \ have mercy 
upon all Jews, Turks, Infideh, 
^nd Heretics j and take from 
ihem ail itcnorance, hardnel's of 
heart, ana contempt of thy word \ 
and fo fetch them home, bleHed 
Lord, to thy hock, that they 
may be faved among the rem- 
nant of the true Ifraelitcsjj and 
be made one fold under one 
Shepherd, Jefus Chrift our Lord, 
JvJio iiveth and rei^neth with 
thee and the Holy Spirit, one 
God, world without end. Amen, 

rhe Epljile, Heb. x. i. 

THe law having a fhadow of 
good things to come, and 
not the very hnage of the things, 
can never with thofc facrifices 
which they oftered year by year 
continually, make the comers 
thereunto perfect. !f or then, would 
they not haveceafed tobeoft'ered? 
becaufe that the wor/liippers, 
once pureed, fhould have lud no 
mnre confcience of fins. But in 
thofe facrifices there is a remem- 
brance again made of dns, every 
year. For it is n»t poiTible that 
the blood of bulls and of goats 
ihould take away lins. Where- 
fore, when he cometh into the 
world, he faith, Sacrifice and 
offering thou wouldeft not, but ! 
a body hail thou prepared lae ; i 

In burnt-offerings and facrificej. 
for fm thou halt had no pleafure : 
'1 hen faid 1, Lo, \ come (in the 
volume of the book it is written 
of me) to do tliy v<:ill, O God. 
Above, when he faid. Sacrifice 
and offering, and b^urnt-oiferings, 
and offering for fm,thou wouldeil 
not, neither hadlt pleasure there* 
in, which are offered by the law ; 
Then faid he, Lo, i come to 60 
thy will, O God. He takerh 
away the firft, that he may efta- 
bliJh the fecond. By trui which 
wiJl wc are fandlified, through 
the offering of the body of Jelua 
Chrilt once for ail. And every 
prieft ftandeth daily mini Bering 
and ofr'ering oftentimes the fame 
facrifices> which can never take 
away fms. But this man, aftsr 
he had offered one facrifice for 
fins, for ever fat down on the 
right hand of God j from hence- 
forth expecting till his enemies 
be made his ruotftooi. For by 
one offering he hath perfected 
forever tl -em that are fanttihed : 
whereof the Holy Gholl alio is 
a witnefs to us : For after that 
he had faid before, thii is the 
covenant that 1 will make with 
them afier thofe days, faich the 
Lord. I wiii put my laws into. 
their hearts, und in their minds 
will \ write them j and' their fms 
and iniquities will I remember 
no tx^.oit. Nov.', where rem.ill:oa 
of thefe is, there is no more of- 
fering for fin. Having, there- 
fore, brethren, boldnt:fs to enter 
into the holielt by the blood of 
Jefus, by a new and living way, 
which lie hath coofecratea for u* 


through the vail, that is to fay, 
his fleih j acd having an high- 
prieft over the ho ale of God j 
let us draw near with a true heart, 
in full afTurance cf faith, having 
our hearts fprinkled from an evil 
confcience,aad our bodies walhed 
with pure wiitcr. Let us h'^ld 
faft -the profellion of our faith, 
without wavering ; (for he is 
faithful that promifed ;) and Jet 
us confider one another to pro- 
voke unto love, and to good 
works ; not forfaking the afieai - 
bling of ourfeives togcrher, as 
the manner of r)me is j but ex- 
horting one another : and fo 
much the more, as ye fee the day 

^ke Goj^eL St, John, xix. T, 

Pilate therefore took Jefus, 
and fcourged him. And the 
foidiers platted a crown of thorns, 
and put it on his head, and they 
put on him a purple robe, and 
faid, Hail, king of the Jews ! 
And they fmote him with their 
hands. Pilate therefore went 
Yorth again, and fkith unto 
them, Behold, I bring him forth 
to you, that ye may know that 
1 find no fault in h>m. Then 
came Jefus forth, wearing the 
€rown of thorns, and the purple 
robe. And Pilate faith unto 
them, .Behold, the man. When 
the chief prielh therefore and 
officers faw him, they cried out, 
laying, Crucify him, crucify 
him. PiJate faith unto them, 
Take ye him, and crucify hirnj 
for 1 find no fault in him. The 
Jews anfweisd him, VVc have a 

law, and hy our law he ought to 
die, becaule he made bimfelt the 
Son of God. When Pilate tliere- 
forc heard that frying, he was 
the more afraid j and went agiia 
into the judgment-hall, anA 
faith unto Jefus, Whence art 
thou ? But Jefus gave him no 
anfwer. Then faith Pilate untO 
him, Speakeft thou not unto 
me ? Knoweft thou not that I 
have power to crucify thee, and 
have power to relcafe thee ? Jefus 
anfwered. Thou couldert ha\'^ 
no power at all againft me, ex- 
cept it were given thee fron^ 
above i therefore he that deliver- 
ed me unto thee hath the greater 
fin. And from thenceforth Pr- 
late fought to reieale him 5 but- 
the Jews cried out, faying, If 
thou iec thii man go, thou art' 
not Cicfar's friend : Whofoevei' 
maketh liimfelf a king, fpeaketh- 
againlt CaefVir. When Pilat^' 
therefore heard that faying, he- 
brought Jefus foith, and fat- 
down in the judgment-feat, in at 
place that Is called the Pave- 
ment, but in the Hebrew, Gab- 
batha. And it was the prepiir-i- 
tion of the PaiT)ver, and abcu- 
tiie fixth hour : and ne faith un- 
to the Jews, Behold your KJig. 
But they cried out, Away wiih 
him, away \Aith him, crucify 
him. Pilate faith unto therat 
Shall I crucify your King ? Thr 
chief priefts aniwered, We ha',c 
jio king but Ca.'far. Then deii 
viTtd he him th^irefore u:i^ 
them to be crucified ; ajiJ th- 
took Jefus, and led i»im avd- 
And h-f bfaiiujZ liii ;;rof8, w?' 


forth into a pUce called the 
place of a llcull, which is calkd 
in the HtUrew, Golgotha j where 
they crucified him, and two 
Cthei with him, on either C\^e 
one, and Jcius in the midlh 
And rilate wrote a title and put 
it on the crofs-, and the writini^ 
This title then read many of 
the Jeyvii^ for the place where 
Jefus wab crucified was nigh to 
the city J and it was vyritten in 
JJcbrcw, and Greek, and Latin. 
1 hen iaid the chief priells of the 
Jews to Pilate, Write not. The 
King of the Jews j but that he 
faid, \ am the king of the Jews. 
Pilatc anfwcred. What I have 
Vyritten, I have v/ritten. I'hen 
the foldiers, when they had cru- 
cified Jefus, took hig garments, 
(and made four parts, to every 
(oidicr a part) and alfo his coat v 
nww the coat was without feam, 
woven from the top throughout. 
They faid therefore among them - 
("eivej, Let us not rend it, byt 
taft lots for it, whofe it ihall be : 
that the Scripture might be ful- 
filled, which faith, They parted 
my raiment among them, and 
for my vefture they did catl lots. 
Thefe things therefore the ioU 
diers did. Now there ftood oy 
t^it crofs of Jefus, his niorner 
and his mother's filter, Mary th^ 
wife of Cleopha;, and Mary 
Magdelene. When Jefus there- 
fore faw his mother, and the 
di'.cipie landing by, whom he 
loved, he faith unto his mother, 
\yoman, behold thy (on. Then- 

faith he to the dUciple, Beheld 
ihy mother. And from that 
hour that difcif le took hey unto 
his own home. After this, J^- 
fus knowi; j that all ihingi were 
now accompiilhed, that the 
Scripture nii^ht be fulfilled, 
fauh, I thiriT, Now there was 
fet a vcii'el full of vinegar : and 
they filled a fpungewirh vinegar, 
and put it upon h\ flop, and put 
ir to his mouth. When Jefi;$ 
therefore had reccj-.ed the vine- 
gar, he faid, It it finiAed : and 
he bowed his head, and gave up 
the ghoil. The Jews therefore, 
becaufe it was the picparation, 
that the bodies fnould not remain 
upon the crofs upon thefabbath- 
day, (for that fabbath-day was 
an high day) befought Pilate 
that their legs might fcc broken, 
and that they might be taken 
away. Then came the foldiers 
and brali;e the legs cf the firft, 
and of the other which was cru- 
cifieo with him. But whe9 they 
capie to Jefus, and faw that he 
w.s dead already, they brake not 
his legs. But one of the foldiers 
with a fpear pierced his fide, and 
forthwith catne thereout blooU 
and water. And be that faw it 
bare record, and his record ifi 
true : and he knoweth that ht, 
faith true, thatyc bclievt-. 
Por diefc things were done, that 
the Scripture ihouid be fuifiiicd, 
A bone of him ihall not be bro- 
ken. And agalL, anotiier fcrip- 
tare faith, They /hall look on 
hi TO whom they pierced. 

E A S T E.R-D A Y. 


GRant, O Lord, that as we 
are baptized into the death 
ef thy blefled Son our Saviour 
Jefus Chril^, fo by fonrin»jal 
mordf. ing our corrupt affedtions, 
yn, may be buried with him j and 
that thuough the grave and gate 
cf death we may pafs to our j 'V- 
ful refurredlion, for his merits, 
who died, ind was buried^ and 
rofe again for tis, thy Son Jefus; 
Chrill: our Lord- Amen, 
^hc E^ipic, I St. I'et. iiL 17. 

IT is better) if the will of God 
be fo, that ye fuft'er for wcll- 
<ioing, than for evil-doing. For 
Chrift alfo hath once fufTered for 
fins, the juft for the unjufl (that 
he might bring us to God) being 
cned by the fpirit : by which alfo 
he went and preached unto the 
fpirits in prifon j which fcmetime 
were difobedient, when once the 
long-RifferiPig of God waited in 
the days of Noah, while the jrk. 
was a preparing; wherein few, 
that is, eight fouls were laved by 
water. The like fiiUre whereun- 
to, even Br^tifm, doth aho now 
fave us (not the putting away the 
fiirh of the flcfh, but the anlwer 
of a good confcience towards 
God) by thcrefurrection of Jelus 
Chrift: who is gone into hea- 
ven, and is on the right hand of 
God ; angels, and authorities, 
aad powers, being made fubjeCt 
unto him. 

TbeGofpel. .'^V.Matth. XaViJ. 57. 

T\ THen the even was coirte, 

W there came a rich roan 

of Arimathea, named Jofepb, 
who alfo himfelf was Jefus* dif 
crple : He went to i'ilatc, 8n< 
begged the body of Jefus. Thej 
Filate commanded the body t< 
fee delivered. And when JaifepI 
had taken the body, ht w-j^-pc 
it in a cican linen cloth, and lai. 
it in his own new tomb, whkl 
! he had hewn out in the rock 
ana he rolled a great (lone to th 
door of the fcpulchrc, and de 
parted. And there was Mar; 
Magdalene, £nd the other Mary- 
fitting over againft the fepuichie 
Now the next day that foUov/ct 
the day 0/ ti*e preparation, th< 
chief prlefts and Pharifees cam* 
together unio Pilate, faying. Sir 
we remember that that deceive 
faid, while he was yet alive, Af 
ter three days I will rife again 
Command therefore that the fc 
pulchrc be made fure until th^ 
third day, left his difciplcs com 
by night, and" ftcal him away 
and fay unto the people, He i 
rifen from the dead j fo the lal 
error ftiall be worfe than the firft 
Piiate faid unto them, Ye hav 
a watch j go your v.'ay, mak 
it ^s fure as ycu can. So the 
went and made the fepulchre fure 
fealing the ftone, and fetting 

^ At Mcrn'wg Pruyer. in^ecu 
of the FJaJri (O come !et y 
fing, ^c») tbcfe Anthems pB 
be lung 6r faid. 

CHrift our palToveris faCrifi 
ced for us j therefore let i 
keep the feaft j 


t wTth the o?d leaven, nei- 

.vith the leaven of malice 

wickednefs; but with the 

avenei bread of finceriry and 

rath. 1 Cor. v. 7. 

CHrift being raifed from the 
dead, dieth no more j death 
lath no more dominion over him. 
For in that he died, he died 
into fin once J but in that he 
iv:!th he liveth unto God. 

'lewile reckon ye alio your- 

to be dead indeed unto fin j 

ive unto God through Jefus 

our Lord. Rom, vi. 9. 

L^ Hrift is rifen from the dead, 
/ and become the full tVuics 
'^^ "T^m that ilept. 

/ iince by man came death, 
r, *n came alfo the refurrec- 
[ tioa of the dead. 
!; For as in Adam all diej even 
fo in Chrill ihall all be made 
alive, s 6V. xv. 20. 

rbf Cciua, 

ALmigbty God, who through 
thine only begotte;i Son 
Jefu^ Chritt haft overcome death, 
and opened unco us the gate of 
everlailing life 5 we humbly be- 
fecch thee, that as, by thy fpc- 
cial grace preventing us, thou 
doll: put into our minds good de- 
iires ; To by thy continual help 
we may brin^ the fame to good 
effeti, through jefus Chrill our 
Lord, who liveth and reigneth 
with thee ajnd the Holy Ghoft, 
•ever one God, world without 
end. Amen. 

The EfiJiU. Col. iii.i. 
F yc then be rlfen with Chrift, 
fcek thoic tniijgs which are 


j above, where Chrift fittcth on 

the rijht hand of God. Set your 

aft"e*!^ion on things above, not oa 

things on the cartii : For ye arc 

dead, and your life is hid with 

Chrirt in God. When Cbrilt, 

I who is our life, ihall appear, 

I then fhali ye alfo appear with hin^. 

i in glory. Mortify therefore your 

I members, which are upon the 

I eaith J fornication, uncleannefs, 

i inordinate atTpecflion, evil concu- 

I pifcencc, andcovetouinefs, whicii 

! is idolatry : for which things 

j fake tfie wrath of God comath 

, on the children of difobedience. 

In the which ye 'Aio walked fomp 

time, when ye lived in them. 

n'be Gof^eL Su John, xx. i. 

TRe lirft day of the week 
cometh Mary Magdalene 
eaiiyi when it was yet dark, 
uiito the fepulchrc, and fe^th the 
llone taken away from the fe- 
puichre. Then ihe runneth and 
cometh to Simon Peter, and to 
the other difciple whom, jefu^s 
loved, and faith unto them, They 
'nave t iken away ch? Lord out of 
the fepulchre, and we know not 
were they have laid him. Peter 
therefore went forth, and that 
other difciple, and came to the 
fepulchre. So they r.m both to- 
gether J and the other difcipl- did 
out-ran Peter, and came firll to 
the fepukhve j and he, ftooping 
down and looking in, faw the 
iineii clothes lying, yet went he 
not in. Then cometh Simon 
Peter following hiiTi, and went 
into the fepulchre, ana leeth the 
iineii clothe* lie 3 and the napkin 

Monday in Eastei^-Week. 

bhat was ibout his head not lying 
with the iineri clothes, but wrap- 
ped together in a place by itlelf. 
Then went in alfo that other dif- 
ciple which came firft to the fe- 
pytlchi'C, and he faw, and believ- 
ed. For as yet they knew not 
the Scripture, that he muft rife 
igain from the dead. Then the 
<Jifciplcs went away again unto 
their own home. 

Monday in Eafler -Week* 

ALmighty God, who through 
thine only begotten Son 
Jefus Chrift haft overcome death, 
and opened unto us the gate of 
everlafting life j v^-e humbly be 
feech thee, that as, by thy fpe 
cial grace preventing us, thou 
dolt put into our minds good de 
fires J fo by thy continual help 
"we m.ay bring the fame to good 
effect, through Jefus Chrift our 
Lord 5 who iiveth and reigneth 
with thee and the Holy Ghoft, 
ever one God, world without 
end. Amen^ 

Tor the Epiftle, A<3:s, x. 34. 

PEter opened his mouth, and 
faid, Of a truth I perceive 
that God is no refpedler of per- 
sons : but in every nation he that 
feareth him and worketh righ 
teoufnefs, is accepted with him. 
The word which God fent unto 
the children of Ifrael, preaching 
peace by Jefus Chrift : (he is 
Lord of all :) That word, \ fay, 
ye know, which was publilhed 
throughout all Judea, and began 
frtm Galilee, after the bapuim 

which John preached : How G<»d 
anointed Jefus of Nazareth with 
the Holy Ghoft, and with .pow- 
er J who went about doing §ood, 
and healing all that, yvere op-, 
prefled of the devil : . for God 
was with him. And w*e are witt 
nefTes of all things which he did» 
both in the land of the Jews, and 
in Jerufalem j whom they ilew, 
and hanged on a tree. Him God 
raifed up the third day> and 
ihowed him openly ; not to all 
the people, b\lt unto witneflcs 
chofen before of God, even to 
us, who did eat and drink with 
him after he rofe from the dcad% 
And he commanded us to preach 
unto tne people, and to teftify 
that it is he who was ordwined of 
God to bethejudgeof quick and 
dead. To him give all the pro- 
phets witnefs, that through hit 
name,whofoever believeth in him 
/hall receive remiflion of (ins» 

The Gofpel, St, Luke, xx\v, 13. 

BEhold, two of his difciples^ 
went that fame day to 4.,. 
village called Emmaus, v.'hichv 
was from [erufalem about thr-re- 
fcore furlongs, i'^. nd they talked 
together of all thefe things which 
had happened And it came ro 
pafs, that while they communed 
together, and reafoned, JeTus 
himfelf drew near, and went with 
them. But their eyes were hol- 
den, that they (hould not know 
him. And he faid unto them^ 
What manner of communlc&ti* 
ons are thefe that ye h^ve one; 
to another, as ye walk, and are. 
fad ? And one of them, whofe, 

Tuefday in Easter-Week. 

time was Clcopas, anrwcringj 
{\id unto li'im, Art thou only a 
flian.^er in Jerufaleni, and lialt 
not known the things v/hich ar.e 
come to pafs there in theCe days ? 
And he faid unto them, What 
things ? And they faid unto him, 
Concerning ]c[^s oi Nazareth, 
\vho was % prophet niiijuty in deed 
a,nd word, be/orc God and all 
the people : And how the chief 
prieils and our rulers delivered 
hitn to be conJeiUned to death, 
z^nd have crucified him. But v/e 
trailed that it had been he, who 
ihould have redeemed Ifrael : 
and bcfide all tliis,^to day it^ the 
third day hp.ce ti\i!l"c things v/ere 
done. Ytra, and certain women 
Jklfo of our company made us 
ailoniihed, who were early at the 
fcpiilchrej and when they found 
not his body^ they.came, faying, 
t\\zi they \\Ad alfa fcen a vifion 
of an-eU, which f:Jd that he was 
alive. And certain of them who 
were with ui went to the fepul- 
chre, and found it even fo as rhe 
wjtnen ha^ faid j but him tiiey 
faw not. Then he faii unto 
them, O foob, and llpw of heart 
to believe ail chac the prophets 
have fpoken I ought not Chrifl: 
to have fuifered thcfe things, 
and to eater into his glory ? Aiid 
beginning at Mofts and all the 
prophets, he expounded unto 
tliem in all the Scriptures, the 
thin^js concerning himfclf. And 
th^y drew nigh unto the village 
. whither they went : ajid he made 
as though he would have g )nc 
furtlier : But they conftrained 
him, faying, abide with us j for 

it is towards evening, and ths 
day is far fpenc. . And hi went 
in to tarry with them. And it 
cam.c to pafs, as he fat at meat 
with thciTi, he took bread, and 
bledcd it, and brake, and gave 
to them. And their eyes were 
opcued, and they knew him, 
and he va^iiHied out of their 
fight. And t!iey faid one to an- 
other. Did not our heart hum 
within us, while he talked with 
us by the v'ay, and while h- 
opened to us the Scriptures * 
And they rofe up the fame hour, 
and returned to Jerufalem, and 
fD-und the eleven gathered toge- 
ther, and them that were with 
them, faying. The Lord is rifen 
indeed, and hath appeared unto 
j Simon. And they told what 
[ things were done in the way, 
! and how he was known of theaa 
n breaking of bread* 

Tuefday in E(jjler-Week, 
The CrAUcl. 

ALmightyGod, who through 
thine only b.'gotten Son 
JelvisChriftdiair overcome death, 
and opened unio us the gate of 
. evcrlalling life ; we humbly bc- 
feech tiiee, that as, by thy fpe- 
cial grace preventing us, tliou 
doll put into our minds good 
defires ; fo by thy continual hetj> 
we may bring the fame to good 
eft'edl, through Jefus Chrilt our 
Lord i who liveth and reigneth. 
with thee and the Holy Ghoft, 
ever one God, world without 
end. Amen, 


Tuefday In Easter-Week, 

Tor the Eriftle^ A els, xiil. 26. 

MEn and brethren, children 
of the llock of Abraham, 
ajid wholoever among you teareth 
Gog, to you is the wcrd of this 
falvation fent. For they that 
dwell at Jerufalem, and their 
rulers, becaufe they knew him 
not) nor yet the voices of the 
prophets which are read every 
f^hbathoday, they have fuihiled 
them in condemning him. And 
though they found no caui'e of 
deaih in him, yefdclired they 
Pilate that he ihould be Gain, 
And when t]>ey had fuhilJed all 
that \va^ written of him, they 
took him down from the tr^.e, 
and laid him in a fenuichre. ijut 
Cod rSiifsd him from the dead : 
And he vvas i^e'n many days of 
rjicm v.'hicb came up with him 
from Galilee to JeruHilem, who 
are his witneiTes unto the people. 
And we declare unto you glad 
tidings, how that the promife 
which was made unto the fathers, 
God hath fulfilled the fame unto 
U4 their children, in that he hath 
raifcd up Jefuo again ; as it is 
aifo wri:tcnin the fecond pf^.Im, 
Thou art my Son, this day have 
I beii^>'"tcn thee. And as con 
cerring that he raifed him up 
from the dead, now no more to 
return to corrvption, he faid on 
itiVi wife, I will give you thv-, 
fpre mercies of L^avid.' Where- 
fore he fAJth alfo in anoth^^r 
pfalm, Thou /halt not fuffer 
thir^ ha'y One ro 'ee corruption. 
For David, afcer he had fervcd j 
his own ^eoerftlon, i>v tiu wiU] 

of God, fell on fl-sTcp, and waftr* 
liid unto his fathers, an6 faw 
corruption : But he, whom God . 
raifed again, faw no corruptioiik 
Ec it known unto you therefore, 
men and brethren, that through 
this man is preached unto you 
the forgivenefs of fins : And by 
him all that believe are jurtilied 
from all thmgs, from which ye 
could not be juftiiied by the law 
Qt Mofes. Eev.'are, therefore, 
kit that come upon you which 
is rpoken of in the prophets. Be- 
hold, ye defpifers, and wondt?rjf .> 
and perifii : for 1 work a woric - 
in your days, a work which you 
{hall in no wife believe, though 
a. man declare it unto you. 

TheGofpeL St, Luke, xxiv. 56. 

JEfus himfejf flood in tha 
midA of them> ?.nd faitft. 
unto them, Peace be unto you. 
But they were terrified and af- 
frighted, 'and fuppofed that they 
had feen a fpirit. And he faid 
un:o them, Why are ye trou- 
bled, and w'ly do thoughts arife 
in Y<^ur hearts? Behold my 
hands and my feet, that it is I 
mylelf: handle me, and feej- 
f:)v a fpirit hath nut Hefh and,' 
bones, as ye fee me have. And' 
when he had thus fpoken, he 
ihowed them his hands and his 
lT:et. And while they yet be- 
lieved not for joy, and vvoncicred, 
he la'd unto them, Have ye lierc 
any meat r and they gave him 
a piece of a broiled lij"];, and of 
an h^/ney-comb. And he toolc^ 
it, and did eat hefore themr 
Aad he faid unto.theai, 'ihefft,i 

;?rc the words which I fpakc unto 
yoiiy while 1 was yet with you, 
that ail things muft be fulfilled 
which v^-ere written in the law 
of iVlofes, and in the Prophets, 
and in the Pfalms, concerning 
vat. Then opened he their un- 
derflanding, that they might 
underltand. the fcripturesj and 
i'Jd unto them, Thus it is writ- 
ten, nnd thus it behoved Chrift 
to fuffer, and to rife from the dead 
the third day ; and that repent- 
ance and remlflion of fins rfiould 
be preached in his name among 
all nations, beginning at Jeru - 
fitlem. And ye are witnelles of 
rhefe things. 

I Irji Suvday after Eajier, 
The Colha, 

ALmighty Father, who haft 
given thine only Son to die 
fgr our fins, and to rife again for 
our jultincation j grant us fo to 
put away the leaven of malice 
and wicjcedncfs^ that we may 
alway ferve thee in purenefs of 
Jiving and truth, through the 
merits of the fame thy Son Jefus 
Chrift our Lord. Amen, 
The Ep'ifiJe. I St. John, v. 4. 

WHatfoever is born of 
God, overcometh the 
Vir-orld ^ and this is the vid^ory 
ih>t ovctcometh the world, even 
GUI' faith. Who is he that over- 
cometh the world, but he that j 
beiievech that Jefus is the Son ' 
ot Cod I Thif is he that came 
bv water and blood, even Jefis 
■ ; nor by water only, but 
• '^r and blood j?.nd it is 

the Spirit that beareth witnefs, 
becaufe the Spirit is truth. Tor 
there are three that bear record 
in Heaven, the Father, the 
Word, and the Holy Ghofl j and 
thefe three are one. And there 
are three that bear witnefs in 
e.*rth, the fpirit, and the water, 
and the blood : and thefe three 
agree in one. \i we receive the 
witnefs of men, the witnefs oi 
God is greater : for this is the 
witnefs of God, which he hath 
teftified of his Son. He that 
believeth on the San o( God, 
hath the witnefs of himfeif : he 
that believeth not God, hath 
made him a liar, becaufe he be- 
lieveth not the record that God 
gave of his Son. And this is 
the record, that God hatK given 
to us eternal life ; and this iife 
is in his Son. He that hath the 
Son hath life j and he that hath 
not the Son hath not life. 

The GofpeL St, John, xx. ig., 

THe fame .day at evening, 
being the firft day of the 
week, when the doors were fhut, 
where ihe difclples were allem- 
bled for fear of the Jews,, came 
Jefus and ftood in the midft, 
and faith unto them, Peace be 
unto you. And when he had 
fo faid, he fh«wed unto them 
his hands and his fide. Then 
were the difciples glad when they 
faw the Lord. Then faid Jefus 
to them again. Peace he unto 
you i As my Father hath fenc 
mc, even fo fend I you. Af^d 
v^rhen he had faid this, he breath- 
ed on th«m; and faith unto them. 

The Second and Third Sundays after Easter. 

Receive ye the Hcly GhoH: : 
Whofe foever fins ye remit, they 
are remitted unto them : and 
vvhofe foever Palo ye retain, they 
are retained. 

'The Secorid Suiuiay after Eafic>\ 
ne Coilca. 

ALmighty God, who haft 
given thine only Son to be 
unco us both a facrilice for fin, 
and alfo an cnfample of" godly 
life ; give us grace that ' we 
may always moffc thankfully re- 
ceive that his inellimable benefit, 
and alio daily endca^'our our- 
felves to tollovv the bleircd fteps 
of his mofl: holy life, through 
the f:!me Jelus Chrifl our Lord. 

"The F.fjftle, 1 St, Pet. ii. 19. 

1"^His is thank-worthy, if a 
m;in for ccnfcience to- 
ward God endure grief, fuftering 
wrongfully. For what glory is 
it, if when 3'e be buffeted for 
ycur faults, yc ihall take it pa- 
tiently ? But if, wlien ye do 
well, and fuiTer for Jt, ye take 
it p.^.tienrly, this is acceptable 
with Go>}i, For even hereunto 
v.ere ye called 5 becaufe Chrilt 
aifo fu tiered for u.$,, leaving us 
an example, tha'c ye ihould fol- 
low his i^;^ps : Who did no fin, 
neither was guile found in his' 
mouth : Who wheii he was re-| 
viled, reviled not again \ when 
be fuffered, he threav.en.ed notj 
,but committed him fe!f to h"m 
that judgeih righteocOy : Who 
his own fslf bars ©uf hr.:i\z his; 

} own body on the tree, that' w?, 
being dead to fin, fhould live 
unto righteoufnefs 5 by M'hoHc 
fiHpes ye were healed. For ye 
were as fhcep going ai^ray j but 
sre now returned unto the ihep- 
herd and biihop of your fouls. 

rhe Gofpeh 5^. John, x. ii. 

JEfus faid, \ am the gooii 
fhepherd : the good rnepbcfd 
giveth his life forthelheep. But 
jie that is an hireling, and not 
the mepherd, v.hofe own the 
iheep are not, feeth the wolf 
coming, and leaveth the iTieep, 
and fleerh j and the w: If catch, 
eth them, and fcatteieth the 
llieep. The hireling fleeth be- 
caufe he is an hireling, and 
careth not for the iheep. I am 
the good iliepherd, and know 
my Iheep, and am known of 
mine. As the Father knowerh 
me, even fo know J the Father : 
And I lay down my life for the 
fliecp. AnA other fliecp I have, 
which are not of thisfoid j them 
alfo 1 muft bring, and th'ey 
fnali hear my voice \ and there 
lliall be one fold, and one ih^p- 

Tbg Third Su7:day cftcr Ejfier,\ 
The Colka. 

ALmighty God, who fhcwef 
to them that src in erro 
the light of thy truth, to th^ ijfi 
tent that they may return in^'^ 
the way of righteoufnefs j grali 
ujitouli thofe who are ^rdniltfe 
into the fellowihip of Cirfiri'ft' 
reli^ioi:^ thiil they ma'y-^vei 

rhln^^s that a^e contrary 

cir proif^rion, and folic w 

. ..:h rhinos as are agreeable 

.('. famtf, throu;jh cur Lord 

jciu'. ChrkK yt/*rr;i. 

"tht Ep'iflle, 1 St. Pet. ii. ii. 

D Early beloved, J befc^ch 
you, ^'i ftran-^'ers and pil- 
grims, abrtain from flefhly luit.i, 
which war agaiiiil the foul j 
hiving your converrdClun hone(l 
amoc^ the Gentiles j that where- 
as they rpca.k agairft yoii as evil 
doers, they may by your good 
works, which they /hall behold, 
glorify Cod in the day of vilita- 
tiun. Submit yourfelves to 
r,ery ordinance ot man for the 
Lord's fake j whether it be to 
the king, as fupreme j or nnto 
governors, as unto them that 2re 
lent by him, for the puniiliment 
of evil-doers, and for the praife 
of them that do well. FOr fo is | 
the will of God, that v.]|h well- 
doing ye may put to fiicnce the ; 
ignor;ince of foolifh men : as 
free, and not ufing your liberty 
for a cloak of malicioufncis ^ 
but a^ the fervants of God. Ho*- 
nour all men : Love the brother- 
hc*od : Fear God : Koncjur tiie 
king. j 

The Ccfpel, Sr, John, xvi. i6. 

JLfusfaid to his difciples, A 
little while and ye lliaii not 
fee me ; and again, a litLic whiie 
and i p. fhaJl lee me j becaufe 1 go 
lo the father. Then faid feme 
at' his dilcipi'fs among ihem- 
feives, What is thij that he laith 
unto U5, A little while and ye 
£ 3 

{hall not fee me j and ^gam, a 
little while and yc Ihall lee mc ; 
and, Becaufc J gJto theFather ? 
Tht-r laid therefore, What 4$ 
this that he faith, A little while ? 
wc cannot tell what he faith. 
Now Jefuskncw that they were 
defirous to aHihim, and laid un- 
to tpem, Do ye enquire nmt»ng 
yourfcivc':; of that I laid, A litne 
while and ye fiiall no: fee me 5 
and again a liirl'!: while a ad ye 
jhail lee me .■* V^eriiy, verily, I 
fay unto you, that ye ihall weep 
and lament, bet the \v:jrld fhall 
rejoice : and yc ihall be forrow- 
fulj but your forrow (lizii be 
turned into joy. A woman 
when fhe is in travail hath for- 
row becaufe her hour is conie : 
but as foon as fne is deii\ered of 
the child, flic rememDcreth no 
more the angniih, for joy that a 
nK;n is born into the world. And 
ye now therefore have forrow : 
but i will fee you again, and 
your heart fiiail rejoice, and 
your joy no man talteth from 

: Thf Fourth Sunday after Eajicr, 

OAhnighty Gcd, who alone 
canlt order the unruly wilU 
land aff"c6tions of finful men j 
'■grant unco thy people, that they 
may love the thing which thou 
Cwmmandcft, and defire that 
'which thou doft promite 3 that 
fo, among the lundr) an^ mani- 
fold chan^ei of the world, our 
hearts may iurdy there be nxtdy 

The Fifth Sunday after Easter. 

where true joys are to be found, 
through Jeius Chrift our Lord. 

The EpifiU, St. James, 1. 17. 
^Very good gift, and every 
perft'tSl gift is from above, 
and Cometh down from the fa- 
ther of JIghts, with who:n is no 
variableaefs, neither iliadow of 
turning. Of his own v/ill begat 
he us with the word of truth, 
that vve ilioujd be a kind of firft 
fruits of his creatures. Wl)ere- 
fcre, my beloved brethren, let 
every man be fwift to hear, flow 
to fpeak, flow to wrath, j for the 
wrath of' man worketh not the 
righteoufnefs of God.. Where- 
fore lay apart all filthinefs and 
fuperfluity of naughtinefs, and 
receive with meeknefs the en 
grafted word, which is able to 
fave your fouls. 

. The GofpeL St. Jqhn, xvi. 5. 

TE^us faid unto his difciples, 
Now I go my way to him 
that fent me, and none of you 
afketh me, Whither goelt thou ? 
But bec3^lfe*A have f*id thefe 
' things unto you, forrow hath 
iiJIed your heart. Neverthelefs 
I teli you the truth ; it is expe- 
dient for you that I go away : 
for if J go n )t away, the Com- 
forter will not come unto you j 
but if I depart, I will fend him 
unto you. And when he is 
come, he will reprove the world 
of (in, and of righteou fnefs, and 
of judgment: Of fin ; becaufe 
they Relieve not on me : Of 
yi^hceoufnefs j becaufe I go to 

my Father^ and ye fee mc no 
more: Of judgment; becaulc 
the prince of this world is judged* 
I have yet many things to iay 
unto you, bu-t \e cannot bear 
them now, Howbeit, when he, 
the Spirit of truth, is come, he 
will guide you into ail truth : idi 
he ihali not fpeak of himfelf-; 
but whatfoeve^ he fliall hear, 
that /hall he fpeal;j and he will 
Ihow you things to come. H« 
ihall glorify me : for he fhaH 
receive of mine, and fhall Oiow 
it unto you. All things that 
the Father hath, are mine ^ 
therefore faid 1» that he rtiall 
take of mine, and ihalt fhow it 
unto you. 

Ti^ Fif:b Sunday after Eajier^ 
The Collea. 

OLord, from whoni all good 
things do come j giant 
to us thy humble fervants, that 
by thy holy infpiration we may 
think thofe thinii&that are good, 
and by tliy merciful guidin^-may 
perform the fame, through our 
Lord Jefus Chrift. Amuu 

The Epifile, St, James, i. az. 

BE ye doers of the word, an<i 
not hearers onlyji deceiving 
your own felves. For if any be 
a hearer of the word, and not a 
doer, he is like unto a man be- 
' holding his natural face in a 
glafs. For he beholdeth him- 
felf, and goeth his way, and 
ftraight\yayforgettcth what man- 
ner of man he was. But whofo 
looketh into the perfcft law of 

The A S CE N 

iB liberty, and continucth therein ; 

he beini( not a rcrgccful hearer, 

hut a dc^cr of the work, this man 

ihall be blelTed in hi^ deed. If 

jk /^ny man among you feem, to be 

I" Jreligious, smd briJleth not his 

tongue, but deceiveth h*s own 

hear:, this man's religion is vain. 

Pure religion and undefiled be 

fore Gad and the i-'ac!v:r, i^ thi>. 

To vifit the iathcrlel: ^nd wi- 

m i^owa In their afHidlion, and to 

W ' .if'iep himfclt unipottcd from, the 


'Toe Go/pel. St, John, xvi. 23. 

"TTErily, verilv, I fay unto 
Y you, Whanbcvfr ye fhail 
afK. the Father in my N^me, lie 
\viil give it yoy. Hitherto have 
ye afked nothing in my Name : 
Afk, and %c fhail receive, that 
your joy may be full. Thefe 
tilings h.ive I fpc!:pn unto you 
in proverbs : the time cor.'.cdi, 
when I fhall no more fpeakurto 
you in provjiiis ; but I ih^Vi iauw 
you plaialy of the Father. At 
tiia.t day ye Ihall afl^ in tny 
name : and 1 fay not unto you^ 
tliac i wiii pvay the Father for 
you J for the Father himfeif 
luveth you, hecaufe ye h:;ve 
loved mcj and have believed that 
I came out frcm God. 1 came 
forth from the Father, and am 
come into the. world : A^ain, I 
kave the world, and go to the 
Father, His difciple^ faid unto 
him,' Lo, Aow fpeakelt thou 
plainly, andfpeakeft no proverb. 
>:ow are wc fure that thou 
knoweil all things, and needeil 
nJt t^iat any man flijuid aftc 
E 4 


thee : by t'is we believe th«t 
I thou c?iTicft forth from God. 
f efus anfwercd them, Do ye new 
believe ? Behold, the hour com- 
cth, yea, is nov?? come, that y« 
/hall be fcattercd every man to 
his own, and (hall leave me 
aione : and yet I atn not alone, 
bscaufe the Father is with me. 
1 heie thin^ i have fpokcn unta 
you, that in me ye might have 
peace. In the world ye ihall 
have tribulation i biitbeofgood 
cheer, I have overcome the 

Tee Cdka. 

GRant,webeieechthec, Al- 
mi<;hty God, that like as 
we do believe thy Oiiiy begotten 
Son our Lord jefus Chrift to 
have afcehd^u into the heaveng j ^ 
fo we may alfv) in heart and 
m/md thither afceiid, and with 
iiira continually dwell, who 
liveth and rcigneth with thee 
and the Kvily Ghoft, one God, 
woiiu wi^hjut tnA, Amen, 

For the E^ifJe, Ath, i. i. 

THe former treat! fc have I 
made, O Thcophilus, of 
all that jefus began both to do \ 

ani teach, until the day in 
which he was taken up, after i 

that he,through the Holy Ghofl:, 
had given commandments unto 
the apoilles whom he had cho- 
izn : To whom alfo he ihowed 
himfeif aiive after his paiTion,by 
many infallible proofs, bcin^ 
iztn of tliem forty days, afid 

•S un day after A s c e x « i o n -D a r . 

fpeaklng of the tb'mgs pertain- 
iijg to the .kingdom of God : 
Anil being afiembled together 
v;ith them, comiranded them 
that they lliouid not depart from 
Jerufaiem, but wait for the pro- 
mile of the Father, which, faith 
h«, ye Lave heurd of me. For 
John truly -baptiztc- with water j 
but -ye be Dyptrzcd v.'iih 
the Kciy Chcii, not many days 
hence. Vvbcn -th^y tnercrfore 
were come. together, they aiked 
of him, faying, Lord, v.'i4t thou 
at this time reflore again the 
kir.gdcm to Ifr^.el ? Aild'hefaid 
unto them, It is "not for you to 
know the t'lmeb or the "fealons, 
which theFather^hath put in his 
own power-. But ye iliali receive 
power, after thai" th£ Holy Ghofi 
is tome upnn you : and ye ih;tli 
tc v.'it!ie/]es *nto me both in Je- 
rufaiem, and in all Judea, and 
in Samaria, ?.nd unto the utter- 
moil part of the earth, And 
when he had fpoken thefe things, 
while they beheld, he was taken 
up, and a cloud rece'ivcd him 
cut of their fight. And while 
thxy looked fkdfaftiy toward 
heaven, as he went up, behpjd,_ 
two men Hood by them in white 
apparel, which alfo faid, Ye 
men of Gaiike, why ftand ye 
gazipg up into heaven ? This 
fame Je/'ds, which is taken uji 

braided them with their unbelief 
and hardnefs of heart, becaufe 
they believed not them which 
had leen him afier he was lifen. 
And he iV\d unto them, Go ye 
into all the worlds and preach 
the Gofpe) totveryxreature. He' 
that believetb, axid is baptized, 
iliall be fave<i j but he ifiat be- 
Jieveth not, ihall be damned. 
And thcic figns ihaH foiicvv th.-m 
that believe i in my Name fh.ali 
they caft cut devils j they fliafl 
fpe;?k with hew tongues j they 
lliaih take up ferpents, and if 
th"£y drink any deadly thln^, "it 
/hall not hurt them j they fnall 
lay hatnds on the frck, and they 
fhali recover. So then, af:er the 
Lord h?»<i fpoken unto them, he 
w.-is received up into heaven, and 
fat on the right "hand of God. 
And they went forth, and preach- 
ed every where, the Lord work- 
ing Vv'ith them, and confirming 
the word wita figns following. 

Sunday after Af^cnficn-Day-^ 
The Collca, 

OGod, the king of glory^ 
who had exalted thine 
only Son Jefus Chri/i with great 
triumph unto thy kingdom it» 
heaven j we bcfeech thee leave 
us not comfortlefs j but iend to 

from vou into heaVen, j^all fo | vs thine Holy Gholt to comfort 

come in like manner as ye hiwe 
feen him go in:o heaven. 

Ti-f Gcfpel, St, Mark, xvi. 14. 
Efus appeared unto the eleven, 
as^they iat -^ jnca:, and up- 

and exalt us u»to the fame 
place whither our Saviour Chrift 
is gone before : who iiveth and 
reignech with thee and the Holy 
Ghofl, ose Cod, world without 
end. AiTun, 


IhcEpifile. I St Pcicr, iv. 7. 
'~J^iiii end of all ihingi is at 
JJL b:*nii : be ye therefore Ib- 
bci, and watch unto prayci-. 
p. An^ above all things have rer- 
\ vent charity amon^j yourielves : 
'fbr charity ihall cover the multi- 
tude of fins. Ule holpicality 
one to another without grudginj;. 
As every man hath received the 
gif^, even I'o minilkr the la.TiC 
■.'z to another, as good ilewards 
the manifold grace of God. 
^ny rna/^ Ipeak, let him fpeak 
:'ie oricics of God : If any 
.s\, miiiitter, let him do it as of 
'- abili'cy wnich God giveth : 
.c God in ail taings may be 
jrlfieo through JelusChriltj 
.vhom be praife and dominion 
. fver and ever. Amen. 
.:': Gcjfcl, i>t, Jo'r.v., xv. 16. 
^?.d part of tic ibtL ci. aptcr, 

W- Ken the Ccmfcrecr is 
come, whom 1 will 
'^d unto you from the Father, 
. . n the Spirit of truth, w hich 
or >v:eedt:h from the Frther, he 
;haK terr;fy of me. And ye alfo 
mail bear witnefs, becaufe ye 
have been with me from the be- 
ginning. Thefe things have 1 
ipoicen unto you, that ye Ihould 
net be o^ended, 1 hey iTiall put 
u cut of the fynagfgues : )ea, 
^ time corr.ech, that vvhofoever 
. iicth ycu, will think that he 
>^?lh God lervice. And thefs 
' ings v/iii they do unto you, 
•zaufe they Iv^^ve r.otknrwn the 
•>tner, nor me : bi't thcfc things 
T-. c 1 told you, tha: when the 
:,.T.c i'^all come, ye may remem- 
ti'x khac I iyid you 'of them. 

E 5 

The CoJU^, 

OGod, who as at this tlm€ 
didlt teach the heaits of 
tl.) faithful people, by fending 
ro them the light of thy Huly 
Spirit y grant us by the fame 
Spirit to have a right judgment 
in all things, and eveimorc 
to rejoice in liis holy comfort, 
through the merits of Chrilt Je- 
fus uur Saviour, who liveth and 
reignetli with thee, in the unity 
of the fame Spirit, one Cod, 
woria without end. Jluur,, 

For tU Epijile, A£^s, ii. i, 
T^T yTHen the day of Pentecoft 
W vvus fully come, they 
were all with one accord In one 
place : An(i fuddenly tnere cams 
a lound from heaven, as of a mighty vvind, and it fil- 
led ail the houfe where they 
were fitting. And there appear- 
ed unto thero cloven tongues, 
like as of fire, and it fat upon 
each of them : And thev were 
all filled the Holy Ghoft j 
and began to fpcak with other 
tongues, as the fpirit gave theai 
utterance. And there were dwell- 
ing at Jcrufaiem Jews, devout 
men, out of evwy nation under 
heaven. Now when this was 
noifcd abroad, the mui tit u de- 
came together, 2nd were con- 
founded, bccaul'e that every man 
}•- ird them fpcak in his own 
language. And they VkXre ail 
jmaied, and miirvelied, faying 
•)ne to another. Behold, aie noc 
.^:i th:i^ whi:h Ipcak GaliJrn-s > ^ 

IVJonday in Whitsun-Week. 

and how Hear we every man in 
our own tongue wherein we were 
born ? (r*archians, and Medes, 
and Elamites, and the dwellers 
in Mefopotamia, and in Judca, 
and Cappadocia, in Pontus, and 
Ana,Fhiygia, and Pamphylia, in 
'Egypt, and in the parts ot Lybia 
about Cyrene, and ftrangers- ot 
Rome, Jews and Prclelytes, 
Cretes and Arabians, we do hear 
tiiem fpcak in our tongues the 
wondert'ul works of God. 

^he GofpeL St. John, xiv. i 5. 

JEfus faid unto his dif^'iple?, if 
ye love me keep my com- 
mandments. And J will pray 
the Father, and he (hall give you 
another Comforter, that he may 
abide with you for ever ; even 
the Spirit of truth, whom, the 
world cannot receive, becaufe it 
feeth him not, neither knoweth 
him : but ye know him j for he 
dwellcth with you, and fhall be 
in you. I will not leave you 
comfortl^fs j I will come to you.' 
Yet a little v/hile and the world 
fecth me no more 3 but ye fee 
me : becaufe J live, ye fliaii live 
ahb. At that day ye iliall know 
that I am in my Father, and y<: 
in me, and I in you. He that 
harh my commandments, and 
ke.epeth them, he it is thatloveth 
me; and he that loveth me, 
iliall beloved of my Father; and 
1 will love him, and will manifc^lr 
m y fe) f to hi m . J u d a s fa i t h u n to 
him, (not Ifcaiiot) Lord, how 
is it that thou wilt manifelt thy- 
iclf untt) us, and not unto the 
w&ild ? Teiu;; jni.vwieJ i.::d iuld 

unto him, If a maij love rr>i», li^^ 
will keep my, words j and my 
Father will love him, and we 
will come unto him, and make 
our abode with him. He that 
loveth mc not, kcepeth not ipy 
fayir'gs : and the word which 
ye hear is not mine, but the 
Father's which fent me. Thefe 
things have I fpoken unto you, 
being yet pre^nt with you. But 
the Comforter, which is the 
Holy Ghofl, v.'hom the Father 
will fend in my name, he /hall 
teach you all things, and bring 
all tubings to your remembrance, 
whatfoever I have faid unto you. 
Peace 1 leave with you, my 
peace 1 give unto you : not as 
tne world glveth, give I unto 
you. Let no: your heart be 
troubled, neither let it be afraid. 
Ye have heard how 1 faid unto 
}ou,'I go away, and come again 
unto you. If ye loved me, ye 
would rejoice, becaufe I faid, I 
go unto the Father: fornny Fa- 
ther is greater than I. And now 
J have told you before it come 
to pals, that when it is come to 
pafs, ye might believe. Flerenf- 
tsr I will not talk much witli 
ycu ; for the prince of this worid 
cometh, and hath nothing in 
me. But that the world may 
know that 1 love the Father ; 
and as the Father gave me com- 
mandmentj even fo I do. 

Monday in fi^'kitJun-lVuk, 
rbc Ccllca. 

OGod, who as at this t'mc 
didfi teach the hearts of 
thy 'f.iJ.:hfu] |»eople, by Tendirs; 

Monday in Wh itsuk-'^Veei;. 

unto the people, and to tc/tif>' 
that it is he which was or.lahiai 
of God to be tiie judge <ji oa>ck. 
and dead. To him give aJl the 
jropheJis witnt/'s, that through 
his Name, whoibever believe:h 
ill him, ft all \cc''ive remiirion of 
fins. V/I'.ile Peter yet fydkt 
thele words, ihc Holy Ghoft t'eiJ 
on all thsrn who heard the vo-d. 
And they of the circumciTion 
who -believed, were aftonHhed, 
as many as came withv Peter, 
becaufe that on the Gentiles 
alfo v;a$ peared out the ^ift cf 
the Holy Ghofh For they heard 
them rpeak \%ith ton^vit.^ u:id 
magnify God, Then anfv/cred 
Peter, Can any man turbid wa'.er, 
that thcfe fbould not be baptized. 

ta them tht light of thy Holy 
Spirit J grant us by the fame 
Spirit to have a right judgment 
in dill thing5, and evcrnioie to 
rejoice in his holy comrort, 
through the merits of Chrift 
Jefus our Saviour, who liveth 
and reigneth with thee, in the 
unity af the fame Spirit, one 
God, v^orld without end. Armn. 

lor the Epijlk, A£ls, x. 34. 
^T"^ Hen Peteropened his mouth, 
JL and faidj Of a truth I per- 
ceive that God is no refpedei: of 
perl jns j but in every nation, he 
that feareth him, and worketh 
f;;^htcoufncfi, i^ accepted with 
hin). The word w/iich God 
fe.nt unto thq children of Pirael, 

preaching peace by Jefus Chrift, [ who h^ve received the Holy Ghoit 
(he is Lord of all j) that word, } as well as we r And he coiTi- 
J favj ye know, wij.ich was pub- I manded them to be haptized :n 
liihed througho'^^t all Judei, and ; the nana of the Lord." Thea 
began from Galilee, after the / prayed they him to tarry certam 
b.iptifm v;h'ch John preached : I days. 

Fioiv God anointed [efus of! _., _ ^ , ^^ _ , ... ^ 
N^.^areth with th. Holy Ghoft, ^"^ ^'ff'' ^'- J°*'"' "'' '"• 
iad with power.; who went f^ Od fo loved the world, that 
about doing good, and healing | \J he gave his only begotten 
i.- chat were opprelTcd of the | Son, that vvhofoever behevech in 
<iev.'i j for God was with him. l him inoulJ' not pcrifn, but have 
And we are witneirss of all ; cverlaiVing life. For God fent 
fliii'gs viialch hec^Ki, both in the j not his SCn into the world to 
land of the Jews, and in jeru- ■ condemn the world, but that the 
world tiirough him niighc be 
faved. He that belicvcth oit 
him is not condemned : but ne 
that believeth not is corftiemncTsi 
ali-eady, becaufe he hatli not be- 
lieved in the name of the only 
begotten Sr«j> of God. And this 
is the c"naenjna<:ioj^,- char light 
is c^iViCinib me wuiid; aiki mtn 

il\€m y sn^fi^m xh^y flew, anc} 
h:-ijged on a tree : Him Goii 
rai(ed up .the third dny, and 
fliowcd him openly ; not to ail 
the people, but unto' witnclfes 
chofen bvforc of God j even to 
u:,, who did eit ^nQ dr^r^ic with 
hir^i zt\cr he r.ofe riomx-.-ic aead. 
And hecornrfia'iicd IAS top.cicli 

T R I N I T Y . S U N D A Y. 

ioved darknefs rather than light, 
bccaufe their cced^ were evil, 
Por every one ihat doeth evil 
hateth the light, neither cometh 
to the light, left his ceeds fhoul<'i 
be reproved. But he thatdoctii 
truth come':h to the light, that 
his deeds may be made manitcft, 
that they are wrought in Ccd. 

Tuefd^y \r, Wbujun-Weck. 
The Colka, 

OGod, who as at tliis time 
didfttea<ih the hearts of thy 
faithful propic, by lending to 
them the light of thy Holy Spi- 
rit j grant us by the fame Spirit 
to ha-\e a rJ;_^hc judgrr.cnt in ail 
thing?,, and evermore to rejoice 
in his holy comfcrtj thrcugl; the- 
merits of Chrift Jefus our Sa- 
viour, %vho liveth and reigneth 
with thee, in the unity of tlic 
fame Spirit, one God, world 
without end. ArriCr., 

Fir the El'ifik, Adts, Viii. 14. 

"ITTHen th« Apoftles, who 
y'^' vere at Jerufalem., heard 
that Samaria had received the 
word of God, they fent unto them 
f ecer ?jnd John 5 who, when 
they were comedown, prayed for 
them, that, they mi^ht receive 
the Hcly Ghoft : ' (For as yet he 
was fallen upon nont. of them j 
only they were baptized in the 
fcame of the Lord Jcfus :) TKep. 
laid they their hands on them, 
and they received the KoKGhoft. 
Ihc GofveL St. J«>hn, x, i. 
T^TEi-Jly, v-nly, I fay -vnto 
\ foti, H§ that cr*i.srcch 

not by the dix)r into the iheep* 
fold, but climbeth up feme other 
way, the lame is a thjct and a 
robber. But he that entercih in 
by the door, is the fhepherd of 
the fhcep. To him the pcrter 
openeth 5 and the Ihcep hear his 
voice 5 and he callech his own 
fheep by name, and leadeth 
them out. And when he put- 
tcth forth h's own (heep, he go- 
cih before them, and the flicep 
follow him } ioT they know his 
voice : and a ftranger will rhey 
not folio tv, but -will flee from 
him j for they know not the 
voice of ftran^ers. 1 his parable 
fpake jefus unto rhem j but 
they underftood not what things 
they were which he fpake unto . 
them. Then fa id J el us unto 
tljem again, Verily, verily, I 
fay unto you, I am the door of 
thef/ieep: All that ever came 
befoie me are thieves and rob- 
bers 5 but the fiieep did not hear 
them, i am the door: by mc 
if any man enter in, he fiiall be 
h\^6y and lliail go in and out, 
and find pafture. The thief com- 
eth not but for to fleal, and to 
kill, and to deftroy : J am come 
that they might have life, and 
that they might have it meie 

Trinity -Surtday* 

rb( Colka. 

A Lmi^ty and everlafling 
X\ God, who hafl given unto 
ui thy fervancs grace, by the 
CLnfcifion of a tiuc faith, to ac-» 
knowledge tlis glory sf the eier- 



tisl) Trinity, and in the power of 

rhe <livjnc Majcfty to worihip 
the Unity j we befeech ihte 
that thou wouldeft keep us fted- 
fali in thJs faith, and evermore 
defend us from ail adverftties, 
who liveft and leigncft, on« God, 
world without end, Atmn, 

F.Qr the Epiftli. Rev. iv. I. 

AFter this I looked, and be- 
hold, a door was opened 
in heaven : and the iirft voice 
which J heard, was as it were of 
a trumpei, talking with mc 5 
which faid^ Come up hi her, 
and J wliijCiow thee things v\liich 
muft be hereafter. -And inTimi;- 
diateJy 1 was in the Spirit 5 and 
hehold, a throne was fet in hea- 
ven, and one fat on the throne : 
and he that fat was to look upon 
like a jafper and a far dine ftone : 
and theic was a rainbow round 
about the throne, infi^htlike 
unto an emerald. And roujid 
about the throne were four and 
twenty feats j and upon th-e fe>its 
I faw four and twenty ciders fit- 
ting, clothed in white raiment j 
and they had on their heads 
crowns of gold : ahd out rj the 
throne proceeded lightnings, and 
thunderings, and voices. And 
there were {it\Gn lamps of iire , 
burning before the throne, which • 
are the (^ytn fpirits of God. 
Aiid before the throne, there 
was a fea of glafs, like unto 
cryilal. And in thcmidftof the 
throne, and round about the 
throne, were four beafts full of j 
e)es before and behind: And j 
the iuii bea£i was Ukc a Hen, { 

and the fecond beaft Tike a calf, 
and the third bealt had a face as 
a man, and the fourth beaft was 
like a flying eagle. And the 
four bealis had each of them fix 
wings about him } and they were 
full of eyes withia : and they red 
not day and nigiit, faying, Holy, 
holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, . 
who wa's, and is, and is to comc-^ 
And when thofe beafis give glo- 
ry, and honour, and thanks to 
him that fat on the throne, who 
liveth for ever and ever, the four 
and twen-ty elders fall down be- 
fore him that fat on the throne,, 
and woriliip him that liveth for 
ever ard ever, ^nd call tscir 
crowns before the throne, fay- 
ing, Thou art worthy, O Lord, 
to receive glory, and honour, and 
power \ for thou haft created all 
things, and for thy pleafure they 
are, and were created, 

The Gof^eL St, John, iii, t. 

THere was a man of the Pha- 
rilees, named Nicodemus, 
a ruler of the Jews : l"he fame 
came to Jefus by night, and faiJ 
unto him. Rabbi, we know 
that thou art a teacher come 
i\OTi\ God : for no man can do 
thefe miracles that thou doefV, 
except' God be with him. [efus 
anfwered and faid unto him. 
Verily, verily, I fay unto thee, 
cxcert a man be born again, he 
cannot fee the kingdom oi God. 
Nicodtmus faith unto him, Kow 
can a man be born when he is 
old r can he enter tlie fecond 
time into his mother's w'omb, 
and bs born? jefus anfwered, 

The FIrfl Sunday after TaiNiTr. 

Yerily, verily, I fay unto thee, 
excepc a man be born of water, 
and of cheSpirit-^ he cannot en- 
ter into the kin^donni of God. 
That whiQh is borji of the tiefli, 
is fleili 5 and that vjhich ia born 
of the Spirit, is fpirit. iVIarvei 
liot that I faid unto thee, ye 
liiuit be born ag^ain. The wind 
btoweth. v/here it liftjCth, and 
thou heareil the fou/id thereof, 
buc canir not tell whence it Com- 
eth, and whither it goeth j fo \t 
every one that is. born of the 
Spirit. Nicodemus anfwered and 
faid unto' him^ How can tlieie 
tilings be ? Jcfus anfwered and 
faid unto hirn. Art thou a ma- 
iler of Ifrael, and knov.eft not 
thefe things? Veriiy, verily^ i 
fay unto thee, we fpeak that 
We do know, and teftify thatWe 
have feen ; and ye receive not 
our wicnefs. if I have toid you 
earthly things, and ye believe 
notj iio^v ihall ye believe, if 1 
tell you of iicavenly things ? 
And no man harh afcended up to 
heaven, but he that came down 
from heaven, even the Son of 
man, who is in iieavcn. And 
as Mofes lifted up tlie lerpentin 
the vviidernefs, even fo muil j 
the Son of man be lifted up 5 ! 
that whofoever belleveth in h;m \ 
ffi.julvl not perifh, buc ha*.eeter- I 
nai life. | 

j/^z't'i'wy; Siinduy after Trnnty. ! 
ru ColUa. j 

OGod, the Strength of all \ 
thofe wha pu.L their trutt I 
ii; tiie»% meicifnilv iiccrct oar J 

prayers; and beca.ufc, through 
the weaKnefs of our mortal na- 
tui-e, we caa. do no gooa thing 
without thee, grant us the help 
of thy grace, that in keepin* 
thy corn iTiand men ts wc may" 
pleafe thee, both in wjii and. 
deed, through Jefus Chrift our 
Lord. Amcn^^ 

The Epijih. I 5/. John, iv. 7. 

BEloved,_ l?t us love one an- 
other : for love is of God> 
.and every one that loveth is bora 
of God, and knoAreth God. He 
that loveth not, knoweth not 
God j for God is love. In this 
was m a ni failed the love of God 
towards us, bccajufe that God 
fent his only begotten. Son into 
the vvorid, that we might live 
through him. Herein is fove,_ 
not that we loved God, but that 
he K ved us,^ and lent his Son to. 
be the propitiation for our fins. 
Beloved, if God fo loved us, we 
ought aho to love one another.. 
No man hath feen God* at any- 
time, if we love one another, 
God dwelieth in, us* and his love 
is perfected in us. K^ieby knov/ 
we tliat we dvycU in him, and he 
in us ; becaufe he hath given us 
of iiis Spirit^ And v/.e hayc feen. 
and do teilify, that the Father 
-cut the Son to be the Saviour of 
the v/.orid. Whofoeycr {hall con-, 
fefs that Jcfiis is the Son of God, 
God dwelieth in him, and he in^ 
Go<i. And we have known and 
believed the love that God hath 
to uE, God is Icvc J and he that 
dwelieth in love,. dv*elleth in 
Gud, iinu Gou i>i him. Herein 

The Second Sundar 2.hcr Trinity- 

•^ •'uir lo^'c made perf*c£V^ that 
v\e mr>y have boldnci'5 in the day 
of juJgrccnt J becaule as he is, 
fo are we m this world. There 
is no fear in icve ; but perte£r 
love cal^f^'.ix. out fear j becaufc 
fear hath torment : He that, 
feareth, is non made pcrf^£t in 
Jove. We lavs him, becaufe he 
lirlr loved us. If a man la),' I 
love God, andhateth his brother, 
he is a liar : for he that loveth 
not his brother, whom he hath 
fj'cin, how can he love God, 
whonn he harh not leen ? And 
this comroandment have ue froir4. 
liinn, that he who loTeth God, 
love his brotl^r alfo. 

TbeGofpe!, St, Luke, xvi. 19. 

THere was a certain rich 
iXian, who was clothed in 
purple and hne linen, and fared 
lumptuoufly eveiyday.And there 
was a certain beggar, named 
Laz&ru£j \rho was laid at his 
gate, full of fores j and deiVing 
to be fed with the crumbi which 
fell from the rich man's table : 
moreover, the dogs came and t 
licked his fores And it c-me 
to pafs that tlie i>e^gar died, and 
wab carried by the angels into 
Abraham's bofom : die rich 
man alio died, and was buried : 
and in heil he lifted up his eyes, 
being in torments, and feeth 
Abraham afar ofr', and Lazarus 
in his bofom. And he cried, 
and faid. Father Abraham, have 
mercy on me, and lend Lazarus, 
that he may dip the tip of his 
Jiu^er in water, and cool my 
rcr.gne; t\i: 1 am tormewCCd Iii 

this rtamc. But Abraham faid. 
Son, remember that thou in th) 
life-lime recei%edii- thy good 
things, and likewilip Lazarus 
evil things j but now he is con*, 
forted, Jiid thou art tormented ^ 
A.nd befid'js all this, between us 
and you there is a ^reat feulph 
fixed : 10 that they wiio would 
pafs from hence to you cannot j 
neither can they pals to us that 
would ccme from thenv,e. 1 hen. 
he faid, I pray thee therefoie, 
father, that thou woulccil lend 
him to my father's houi'e : 'for. 
I have five brethren : that he 
may teftify unto them, \ci\ they 
alio '^cme into this place of tor- 
ment. Abraham faith unto him, 
They havje Mofes and the Pro- 
phets j let them hear tijem. 
And he faid, Nay, father Abra- 
ham ; but if one went unto them 
from the dead, they will repent. 
And he faid unto him, if they 
hear not Mofes and the Prophets, 
neither w 11 they b? perluaded, 
though one rofe trom the dead. 

The Scui:d2kifjday i^Jier Trir.istj\ 
The Cclha. 

Lord, who never failel^ to 
lielp and govern thole 
wnom thod doft brii'ikj up in thy 
iicdfaitjear and io\e^ keep us,^ 
we beffcch thee, under, tlie pro- 
ce<^iun of thy good providence, 
and make us to have a perpci-aal 
rear ard love of thy hoiy Narne^ 
through J.ius Chriil our Lord. 


The Second Sunday after Tri^jity. 

-I'he Epljile. i Sf, John, uu 13. 

MArvcI not, my brethren, 
if the world hate you. 
N\ e xnovv-that we have palled 
from death unto liie, becaui'ewe 
love the brethren. He that iov- 
«rh not his brother, abiderh ia 
death. "Whol'oev-er hateth his 
brother, is a nvurderer : and ye 
know that no murderer hath 
eiernal iife abiding in him. 
Hereby perceive we the love of 
God, becaufe he laid down his 
life for us : and we cught to lay 
ouwn Oiir lives for the brethren. 
But whoib hath this worki"*£ 
^ot'>d, and feeth his brother iizvo. 
need, and fhutt-eth uphk bowels 
of compasTion from him j how 
dwell eth the love of God in 
him f My little -chiidrGii, kt ua 
not iove in word, neither in 
tongye j but in deed» and in 
truth. And hereby we knov; 
tiiat we ^re of ti^ie truth, :tr.d 
ihail alTure our hearts before him. 
For if our h^art condtmn us, 
God is greater than our hearr^ 
zndi Icnoweth all tbiiig*. Beloved, 
if our heart condemn us net, 
then have we conligence towa^ui 
God. And whatfoever we afi^. 
"vn^ receive of him, becaufe v»e 
keep his commandments, and 
4o thofe things that are p^V^ii - 
irg in hi:: fight. Ai^d thi- is iji.s 
ccnmiandijient. That vn* ahoujd 
heiicve o/; the Name of his Sen 
Jcfus Chrifc, and love one ano- 
ther, as he gave us command- 
ment. And he that keepcth his 
commandinents, dw^-lJeth in 
iisi, £:id he in k'la ; ar i bereb) 

we kj)ow that he abi^^etk in vSi^ 
by the Spirit which be hath giv- 
^a us. 

^hcCoj^eL St, Luke, x'lv* 16^ 

A Certain man made a ^rcat 
fupper,anii bade mai.y j an4 
lent ilia leivaat ;-%: fu^^per time, 
to fay to ttem that were bidden, 
Cwne, for all thin_gs are now rea- 
dy. And they ail v/ith one con- 
fent began toinake excuie : The 
tiril: fajd unto him, i have 
bought a piece of ground, tndT 
mult neeas ^o end Jee it j I pray 
tiiee have me excufed : And 
another laic, i ha\t bought sv« 
yoke of oxe.i, and 1 go ro prove 
rhcna j I pray thee have cie ex- 
culed : And ano:ner iai.i, 1 have 
mirrisd a wife, and therefore I 
c&Knot come. So that fervant 
came and ihcved his Lord ttefe 
things. Tnen the IVi after or th^ 
houfe, being ^'igO* ^^^^ *-0 ^■* 
ieivAfit, Go out ouick'iy into the 
itreecs ajid lanes of the city^ and 
bring in ixithcr che poor^ and 
the maimtd, ^.iid the halt, and 
rhe biinvl. And the lervant {:i\(if 
Liiid it is clone ae thou hjit 
<:ommanQed, and yet there is 
r<M>{n* And the Lord faid :in- 
io the fervent. Go out into the 
hig}iw?iys and hedges, and com- 
pel them to come in, that mj 
ho^jie may be iilied : for 1 fay 
unto you, that none of thcf^ n/j". 
vvijich vveie hidden It - 
m.y lupi^cr. 

The 3d and 4tK Sunday & aft^r Trinity, 

^he ^'b'nd Sunday affcrTrivify. 


O Lord, we hefoech thee mer- 
iiAilly to hear us j ano 
grant that we, to' whom tiioi: 
hall given an hearty ddir'c to i 
pray, r-^ay, by thy mighty uid, 
be defended and comforted in^aJl 
dangers and adverSties, through 
Jefus Chrill cur Lord, yjmen, 
^he Fiiijtk, 1 5/, Peter, V. 5. 

ALL oi" you be rucje^t one 
to arto?her, and be clo*hed 
with huroliiry : for Gcd ft(]{\- 
«th the proud, and ^iv-eth g' ^e 
to the humble. Hum ble your- 
< elves therefore under the mighty 
hand olGod, th^t he rhay exait 
you in due tim« : carting all 
your care upoa him j for he 
careth for you. Be fober, be 
vigilant i bccaufe your acfverfary 
file ri<^vil,a? a roaring lion/Walk- 
tth aboutjfeeking whotn he may 
devour : whom refill, ftcdfaft in 
the fahh; knowing that the 
"fame a!^ii£tions are ?ccompl'jlie<^ 
in your brethren that are in the 
worW. Bi:t the God of all 
grace, ivho hath cailcd tis unto 
hi^etcrnal glcry by Chrifl Jefus, 
after that ye have fuftered a 
whi-Jc,mak« you pei'fcdl, llablifh, 
llren-gthen, fettle you. To hi'in 
be gJory -and dominion for ever 
and ever. Am«n. 

The GcJ}eI, S:. Luke, xv. i . ' 

THen drew near cnto him 
ail the Pubiicans and lin- 
ners for to hear him. And the 
Poarifees and Scribes murmured, 
fayijig, '1 hii man rtceivctii iin- 

iiers,and catethwith then. And 
he tpakc this pirab!e unto them,' 
, fayingjWhat man of you havinjf 
an hundred fhcep, if he loolt- one 
df them, d«)th not leave the 
ninety and nine in thewildernefs, 
and go after that Which is iM^y 
until be find it ? And when he 
hath found it, he Jaycth it on 
his thouWfrs, rejoicing. Arid 
when he ccmrth home, he calU 
cth together his friends and 
neighbours, faying unto tliem, 
Rcjoic« 'with me, for 1 hav^e 
found my flieep Which was loft, 
I fay unto you, that likcwife joy 
lliall be in henven over one fmner 
that ftpenterh, more than over 
•ninety end nine juil perfons, 
^A'hich need no lepentjincc. Ei- 
ther what wi man having tent 
pieces of fjlver, if ihc lofe one 
piece, doth not light a candle^ ' 
cind f-ACcp theTioufe, and feek 
diligently till (he find it ? And 
"J.vhen llie hath fo^lnd it, {he cail- 
eth h^T friends and her neighbours 
together, faying, Kejotce with 
me, for I have found the piece 
which I had lofl. Likewife, I 
fay unt#> yoa, There is joy in 
the prefeice of the angels of G6d 
over one Tinner that repcnteth. 

^be Fourth Sunday after Trinity^ 
The Collet. 

OGod, the prote^or of all 
that ti uft in thee, without 
whom nothing is llrong^ no- 
thing is holy j iucreafe and mul- 
tiply upon us thy mercy 5 that 
thou being our ruler and guide, 
ue may fo paXs through things, 

The Fifth Sunday after Trinity* 

Sempoval, that we finally lofe 
pot the thin 4 s eternal ; Grint 
this, O heaverjy Father» for 
jefus Chrlft's Uke. our Lord. 

The EpifiU, Ram. viii. i8. 

THeck-uii that the ra5enn^s 
_ of this prefent-time are not 
♦,v;)rEhy to be compared with the 
glory which fhall b.c revealed in 
■Js. For the earneft expectation 
of ine creatare waitech for the 
manifertation of the Tons of God. 
For the creature was raade fub- 
jecl to vanity, not v/iUin^iy, 
but by reafon of him who haih 
fubjedcd the fame in hope : be- 
Caufe the creature itfelf alio ihali 
^e delivered from rbe boi^da^eof 
corruption, inti^ the glorious li- 
berty of the children of God» 
For we knov/ that the whole 
creation groaneth.,and trayaileth 
in pain together until r* ^w : 
And njtonly they, but oarfeives 
11 fo, which have the firl^ fruits 
of the Spirit, even we ourfelves 
groan within ourfelx'ei, w\iiting 
fGr the adoption, to wit, theic- 
demption of 9ur body. 

The G off el, St, Luke, vi. 50, 

BE ye therefore merciful, as 
your Father ^Ifo is merci- 
ful, fudge not, and ye iliali nor 
be judged : condemn not, and ye 
^ill not be condemned: forgive, 
and ye iliall be for^ven : give 
and it fhail he given unto, you j 
good meafure prelTcd dov/n, and 
ihaken together, and running 
over, ihali men give into your 
bofom. For with the iam'e laca- 

fure that ye mete withal, it ihtTl 
be njeafured toynu ag*iin. And 
he fpake a parable unto them J 
Can the blind lead the biii>d ? 
{hall they not both fall tlj«. 
diti.h r The difciple h not above 
his maiber j hut every One that 
13 perfe^ft fliatl be as his matter. 
I And why behoideft thou the 
I mote that is in thy brother'? 
i eye, hut perceiveft not the beam 
i that is in thi.ije own eye ? Either 
how"canft thou fay to thy bro- 
ther. Brother, let mr. pull out 
the mote that is in thine cyc^ 
whin thou thyfelf beholJill not 
the beam that is in thine own 
eye? Thou hypocrite, cail out 
Srft the beam out of thine own 
eye, and then malt thou, fea 
clearly to pall out the mote tl^at 
is in thy brother's eye. 

The Fifth Sunday after Ttimty^ 

GRa^it, O Lord, we befeech 
tiv^e, that the counc of 
jthis vv^'ld m^y be fo peaceably 
ojdcreil by th) governance, tiiat 
thy Cii'i/ch may- joyfully fervc 
, thee in all godly quietnef^, 
through Jefus Chiiii pur Lord. 
■ /Ihyen^ 

The Eplflh. I St, Pet. iii. S^ 

BE ye all of one mind, hav- 
ing cc-tfipalTion one of ano- 
ther ; love as br».'thren,bc pitiful^ 
be courteoLS J not rendering evil 
for evil, or railing for railing j 
but contrari vvifejbleiiing ; know- 

ing that ye are thereiinto called. 

g that ye are 
tiiac ye inojld inherit a bkiTii'ig^ 

The Sixth Sunday 

For hs thrif will lovs life, and v 
fee good drjs, let him. refrain [ 
liis tongue from evii, and his lips I 
that they f^eak no g-iile : Let 
him efihcw evil, and. do good j 
let him i'cck pcacr, andenlueit : i 
For the e)cs Oi the Lord are over j 
the rightrovis, and hi.'* ears are ; 
open unto their piaj ers : bur. the » 
face of the Lori. is againlt them i 
that do evil. And who is he that i 
will harm you,, if ye be followers '■ 
of L'lat which is good ? But an^' J 
if ye fuJil'.r for iig'/itc^ufncli. ; 
fake, haj'pv arf ye :*and be not 
afraid of their rcrror, neither be 
troubled 5 but iandtify the Lord 
Cod In your hearts. 

The Gcfpel. Sf. Luke, v. 1. 

IT rarrc to pafs, that as the 
pcopie prefTed. upon him to. 
hear the word of God, he fto<Td 
by the lake of Gencfareth, and 
fav/ two ih'ifs i^anding by the 
lakej but the iilKermen were 
gone out f>i' them,, dnfi v/ere 
waihing tlie»r nets. And he en- 
tered into one ot the ihip~, which 
was Simoii.'s, aiid prayed him | 
that he would thruil out a little | 
from the lana : and he fa.t do'^rn, 
and tatight the people out of the 
fhip. Now when he had left 
fpeaking, he faid unto Simon, 
launc-h out into the deep, and 
let down your nets for a draught. 
And Simon anfw«iring, faid unto 
him, Maftery we have toiled all 
the night, aad have taKen no- 
thing i neverthelefi, at thy word 
I will let down the net. And when 
the had this done, they enclofed 
a great multitude of ftihcs, and 

after TRirviTx:. . 

their nr;t brak^ And they becic- 
oned unto their partners whicht 
were in lJic othsr fljip^ that tl/ey 
fliould tome ami help them. 
And they came, and filkd bothi 
the iliipi ; fo that they began to- 
.^nk. When Simian Pe:cr iiiw it,. 
he fell down at Jcfuo' knc-es,. 
faying. Depart from me, tor I 
am a fuiful m^n, O Lord, For 
he was aftonifned, and all that 
were with him,, at the draught 
>f the f'ihes v/hich they had ta- 
ken i and fo was aifo Ja.njcs and 
John the fons of Zete^ee, which. 
wera partners with Simon. And- 
jefus faid unto Simon, Fear, 
not j from henceforth thou fhalt 
catch men. And when they hai 
brought their fhipsto la/id, they 
forfook all, and followed him. 

The iUxtb Sunday after Trinity^ 

TU Collet. 

OGod, who haft prepared for 
thofe who love th'ie, fuch. 
good things a* pafs man's under- 
ftanding j pour into our heartg. 
fuch love towards thcLC, that we,. 
loving thee above ali things, may- 
obtain thy proncJfes, which ex- 
ceed ail that we can. dcfirc^ 
through Jefus Chrift our Lord. 
Amfn , 

The Ep'iflh, Rom- vT. 3. 

KNow ye not that fo many 
of us as were baptl*;ed in- 
to J efus Chrili^, were baptized in- 
to his death ? Therefore we are 
buried with iiim by baptiim into 
death \ t&at like as Chriii v.a^ 

The Seventh Sunday after TuoLKit^f., 

s:i'ifed up from the dead by the 
^ory tA' the Father, even lo v/e 
ailo flicvjld walk in nevrnefs of 
lift. For if V9e have been plant- 
ed together in the likenei's of his 
death, we ftall -be aifo in -the 
likcnefs of his refurrcxftlon-. 
Knowing this, that our old rein 
ii crucified with him, that the 
body of (in might be -deHroyed, 
that henceforth Ave foould not 
ferve ftn. For he that is dead. 

fool, fhall be in danger 'ot /he U 
fire* Therefore, if tjiou ^briP^ 
thy g/tft to the altar, and thexe 
remeTiiberei]: that thy Irother 
had aught ag^inft thee, le^v« 
there thy gltt beiore the ?.itaT, 
and go thy vvay, fifft be reconcil- 
ed to thy brother, and thfni'CC'mc 
and o*7"er thy ^ift- i^grec Vv'ith 
thine adverlaiy ^uicklyw whiles 
thou art in the way wtrh him 5 
left at anv tinne the iadverfarv 

is 'freed ttom £n, Now if v.'e 1 deliver thee to the judge, and the 
i>c dead with Chrlfl:, v^e believe *.:judge deliver tl>ee to the ciTi-cerj 
that we /liall alfo live with him ;! ;.nd thou he caft into prifon. 
Jcnovving that Chrlft being raifec j Verily i fay unto thee, thi>uihalc 
from the dea-l, <lieth no more j i by ko means come out thcnc-e, 
death hath no more dominion ; till thou haft paid theuttermt^it 

over imn. For in that he-died^ 
h»t-d\e4 unto fm once; but in 
that he liveth, he liveth wnte 
God, Likewife reckon ye alfo 
yourfclves to be dead indeed un- 
to fm ; b4jt alive unto God, 
through J«rui Chrift otir Lord, 

Tht CoJpeL St, -Matth. v. 20. 

JEfus faid tinto his di^fcipJcs, 
Except your righttoufneis 
{hall exceed the righceoufncfs of 
the Scribes and l-'harifces, ye 
{hall i^ no cafe -enter into the 
kmgdcm of heaven. Ye have 
heard that it was faid hy them of 
old tirne, '^I'hau ihalt-not kill; 
and whofosver fball kill, fhall be 
in danger of the judgment. But 
1 fay unto you, that whofoever 
is angry v.'ith his brother with- 
Ottt a caufe, ftiall be in danger 
of the judgment : and whofoever 
fhall lay Co hii brother, Raci, 
fhail be in danger of the council '■ 
ia2t whofoever ihali fay^ Thoii 


The ^(venth Siind(fy aftcrTrimtj^ 

lie Cdua. 

LOrd of all power andmtghc, 
who art the author and 
giver of all good things-^ £raft 
in our hearts the love of thy 
Name, increase in us tnie leli- 
,gion, nouriih us wltli all goad- 
ntii^ and of thy greivt tocrcy -•, 
keep «s in the fame, through 
Jefus Chrift ourU^orti, Amtn, 

The E/tfJe, Rom. vu 19. 

Speak after the manner oi 
men, becaufe of the infirmi- 
ty of your ^eih : for as ye have 
yielded your members fervants 
10 uncleann-cls, Txnd to iniquity^ 
unto iniquity j ev^n fo now yield 
your m^^mbers fervants to righ- 
teoufncfs, unto holinefs. For 
vvhc;n yc were trie fei var.ts of fin, 
ye were fice from ri^hteoufnefs. 


The Eighth Sunday after Trinitv. 

were- about four thouiand. And 
he fcnt them away. 

ATTiat fruit had ye then in thofc 

tlirng.s^, whereof ye ire now 

3i{\*dined ? for the e')d of thole 

things.*!., de:ith. But now being the Eighth iSunday after Irimf^f, 

made frfee fiom fin^ and become' 

icrvanti to God, ye have your ^^\ U.UEl. 

truituj.^o holinels, and th- end /^ ^'°^» whole never failing 

CVS Hall in- life. F )r the v/aj^jcs I V/ providence ordeieth ail 

of fiji 1-3 death: bot tl^ gift of j ^"i"gs.boch in heaven and earih ; 

God is ecrrnal lifc> through J e- | "*«= <iurpi>ly bcfeech. thc^ to pu^ 

fus Chrift our Lord. 

Tee Gofpel, St. rvTark, viii. i. 

''N' thofe days- t!i« multitude 
being very great, and having 
liothir.g to cut, Jcfus -called his 
dil'ciples unto him, iiiV^ faith u«- 
to th;;m, I have con^aifion on 
the muititud^, bccaufe they 
have now been with me three 
days, and have nofhin^ to eat : 
and if i fend tSem away failing 
to their own houfes, they will 
/aint by the w.ay : for divers of 
them c^me from. far. And his. 
difciples- anfwered him. From 
vrl-K'.ace can a maa farisfy thefe 
vatn with bread here in the v/.ii- 
dei-n?f:: i And he afi^ed them, 
How many loaves have ye ? And 
they faid, feven." And hecom- 
mandcil tV^z people to Ht down 
on chc giound : and he took the 
izxtn loaves, and gave thanks, 
and i>raire, and gave tohisdifci- 
plea to fet before them 5 and tiicy 
did fet them before the people. 
And they had a few irruU iiihes \ 
a 'id he blefTed, and commanded 
to fet tiiem alfo before them. So 

they did cat, and were fi«led :>| friecjjs cloathiig, but inward jy 
and thty took uo of the broken I they are wchvs. Ye 
meat rhit w^s left, feven baf. j [hall know them by their fruits •> 
k:t?, All.! ihcy thai had e-at.n '^Do inciJ. gather ^rape? of th&rr.s. 

aW2y from us all hurtful thi 
and to ^ive us thofe things wh:ch 
are protiubie for u^, chro>j?h 
J e f u s C hii It or Lord. Ami ». 
fbe^Efijik, Rom. viii. \l» 

BRethren,we are debtors, not 
.to the tlelh, to live after th? 
Heih: For if ye live afcer the 
iieih, ye ihail dre j but if yc 
through tiie Spirit do myrti fy 
the deeds of the bodyj^ ye fiiali 
live For as many as are led by 
the Spirit of God^ they are the 
fons 0^', God. For ye have not- 
received the fpirit of bon<3a£t 
again ta fear j but ye have re- 
ceived th? fpivit of adoption, 
whereby we cry,'Aj^ba, Father, 
Tile Spirit itself b^areth wiuefs 
with OUT fpirit, that v^e are the 
children of God. Ax\^ if chil- 
dren, then heirs ; l:cirs of God, 
and joint-heirs v;.ich Cinifl:: is 
\io be that Vv'e fuff^r with him, 
that v^c may be alfo ^lori£ed to- 

' The GcfpeL 5/.Matth. vii. 15. 

Fware of faife prop he is 

hich come to you in 


The Nintli Sunday after Tiii?jitv., 

iSr ^s'bf thi^*iC2 ? Even fa cve- 
-i^^nod tree bringcth forth good 
'■ fruit j but a corrupt tree bring- 
*ch forth evil fruit. A ^co€l tree 
cannot i>ring iortii evii fruit j 
nejthcr can a corrupt tree bring 
forth good frak. Every tree 
that -feringeth not forth good 
fruit, is hcwn^own, and caft 
Into the fire. Wherefore by 
their fruits ye fhall know the^a. 
Not every one faith unto 
me, Lord, Lord, fhaH enter into 
t;ie Icin^Jotn of heaven ^ but he 
that docth the wi-M of my Frcher, 
^hois in header.. 

^.b£ Ninth afterTrinity, 
^h£ ColUci, 

GRanttovs, Lord, we"be-r 
feech thee, the fpir^t IQ 
think: and do always fuch tkings 
as are rii;ht -j that we vviio can- 
iiot do any thing that is g^od 
without th^e, may by thee be 
enabled to live according to thy 
vviiJ, through Jefus Chrj£ our 
Lord . Atrnn , 

^^hi Ep'tjih. I Cor. X. I, 

BRetl>rea I would not that ye 
{hould be ignorant, iiow 
r.liat all our Fathers were under 
rhe cloud, and all palled througli 
':he fca; aad v.'ere all baptized 
unto Mofeo in tlie cloud, and in 
•^he fea ^ and diJ -jW eat thefan[:s 
spiritual meati, and did all drink 
the fame fpiritcai drink ^ (for 
they drank ef tliat fuhitu:''. 
Rock that follo^ved them j and 
that Rock was 'Chrift.) Biit 
%wijli many of ilit:m God was 

[not well plea fed j for tkey wer4 
overthrown in the wildernefs. 
Now rhefe things wea-e our ex- 
amples, to the intent we fhould 
not iuft after ewi things, as they 
alfo lafted. Neither be ye idol- 
aters, as were i^vut of them x 
ai3 it is written, The people fat 
dov/n to eat and drink, and rofc 
up to play. Neither let us com- 
mit fornic?.tion, as fomeof them 
cGmmitted, and fell in one day 
phrec and twenty thcufand. Nei- 
ther !«£ us tempt Chrift-, asfom« 
of them alfo terxipted, a-nd were 
deftroyed of ferpcnti. Neither 
murmur ye, as fome -of thera 
aho murmured, zni were de- 
ftroyed of the deilroyeT. Now 
all xheie things -haT^pened unto 
them for enfamples : and they 
are written for our admonition, 
upon whom the ends of the world 
are conie. Wherefore let him 
that thinkerfi ke ftandeth, talcc 
heed left he fall. There hath no 
teKnptation taken you, but fuch 
as is common to man : but God 
is faithfcl, who will not fuff«r 
you to be tempted abov* that ye 
are able j but will with the 
temptation alfo make a way to 
efcape, that ye may be able to 
bear it. 

Tie GoJjieU St, Luke, x?i. i. 

JEfus faid unto his difciples, 
1 here was a certain rich 
maa who had a ftevvard ; and 
the iame wos accufed ujiro hira, 
that he had wafted his goods. 
And he calkd him, and faid 
unto Jiim, How is it that I hear 
i.h'5 Qt thee: Give ah -account 

The Tenth Sunday after Trinity. 

ri£ F.yiflk. I Cor. xii. 

Concerning fpjrltual 'gifts, 
brcLhreii, I vvould not have 
you ignorant. Yc know that yc 
wcie Gentiles, carried aw^y un- 
to tliefe dumb idols even as yc 
were led. Wherefore I j^ive you 
to undcrfland, that no nan, 

of thy ffcwardfliip 5 f )r than 

maye4 be no longer 

Then the Reward faid within 

hirnfjilf, Vvhat fhall 1 do? Un 

my lord takcth away from me 

the HcvVardfhip : 1 caunotdijfj 

t-.» beg 1 am aHiamed. 1 am vz- 

(bived what to do, that when I 

ana put out of the rtewardlhip, j fpeaking "by tTic SpVit of God,' 

they may receive me into thor | ^.j^n^^h Jefus accurfed j and that 
no man can fay that Jefus is "the 
Lord, but by the Holy ^.Jhoft. 
Now tlicre are diverfitics of ^ifts, 
but the fame Spirit-. And there 
are dlfl-ercnccs of admiiiiilrati- 
ons, but the fame Lord. And 
there are diverhties of operati- 
ons, but it is the fanae Godj 
who vvorketh all in all. But 
the manifeftation of the Spirit 
is given 10 every nian to proht 
withal. Tor to one i.s given by 
the Spirit the word of wildom ; 

houfes. So he c?lled every one 
c^ hi& lord's debtors unto him, ; 
and f.iid wwt'^ the hil^, How i 
much owe ft- thou unto my lord ? 
And he fiid. An hundred m.ea- , 
furci'' ot^'ii. And lie faiJuntoi 
him, Take thy -biil, and fit 
down quictcly, and write fifty. 
Then faid he to another, And 
how much owell thou ? And he ' 
faid, An hundred meafures of^ 
wheat. Ai.d he iaid unto him, ,' 
Take thy bill, and write four- 1 
fcore. And the L6rd commended 

, to another, the word of know- 
the unjua fteward, hecaufe he i ledge by the fame fpiritj to an- 
had done w.lcly : tor the chiL | ^^.^er, faith by the fame Spirit ; 
dren of rh.s world arc m their I ^^ a^.^ther, the gifts of healing 
generation wrfer than the chil- ^y the fame Spirit j to another, 
dren of. light. And I fay uHto ^[^^ working of miracles } to 
you iviake to yourfelyes tnends ^„.,,j^^V, proohecy ; to another, 
ot the mammon of unr.ghteouf- . difcerning of fpirits ^ to another, 
nefsi that when ye fail, they ^i..^^, y^^^,^ ^^ tongues j to 
may receive you into evcrlaftmg I 3,^^^.^^^^ ^1^^ interpretation of 
I tongues. But ail thefe worketh 
that one snd the feif-fame Spi- 
rit, dividing to every man feve- 
rally as he will. 
The Goff.el, St, Luke, r.]x. 41, 

ANd when he was come near, 
he beheld the city, tind 
wept over it, faying, ]f thou 


Tie Tenth Sund^ry after Trinity. 
The Collca. 

LEt thy merciful ears, O 
Lord, be open to the pray- 
ers of thy humble fervantsj and 
that they may obtaiir their peti- 
tions, make them to afk fuch 

things as(hjilplealethee,through i hadft known, e^'cn ihou, at Tea/l: 
Jefui Chrifl our Lord. Jmcn^ ' in t\{\>i rhy da^'/ the tilings wliich 


The Eleventh Sttnday after Trinity. 

l?e!ong unto thy peace ! but now 
they are hid from, thine eyes. ' 
For the days fhall conrie i^pon 
thee, that thine encn^jcs Iliall 
caft a trench about thee, and 
compafs thee round, and keep 
thee In on every fide, and fa<x\\ 
lay thee even with the ground, 
and thy children within thee : 
and they iTiali n >t leave in thee 
one itone upon another j becauf? 
thou knev/eil not the time of thy 
visitation. And he went into 
the tenr^ple, and began to caft 
out them that fold therein, and 
them that bought, faying' unto 
them. It is written, My houfe 
is the Koufe of prayer : but yc 
have made it a d^in of thieves. 
And he taught d^.ily in the 

The Eu^'trtth Sunday afis.;' 
Trbilty , 

7be CoUeB. 

OGod, who declared thy 
•Ahnighty pov/er chiefly in 
ihovvijig metcy and pity j m'er- 
cifully grant unto us fuch a 
mcafure of thy grace, that w.e, 
running the way of thy cOm- 
ma'idments,^ may obt^n thy 
gracious promifes, and be made 
partakers of thy heavenly trsa- 
fures, through Jefus Chrift our 
Lord. Amen* 

Tee Epifile, i Cor. xy. i« 

BRethren, I declare unto you 
the Gofpel which I prcach- 
ci unto you, which alfo ye have 
received, and wherein )? ftand ; 
by which alfo ye are fa ved^ if ye 

keep jn. mpmory what I preached 
unto y,ou,unlefs ye have believed 
in, vain. For I delivered unto 
y-ou %ft of all, that which,! alfo 
received, how that Chrift.died for. 
our fins, according to the Scrip-. 
tures } ana that he .was buried ^ 
arid that he rofe again the thiri 
dxy, according to theSiripture^.j. 
and that he was feen of Cephas ; 
thpn of the tvi,elve i After that 
he vzas izcn. of above f^rve hun« 
dred brethren. at once j of whon\ 
the greater part remain unto 
this prefent J but fom© are fal- 
len afleep. After that he was. 
ictn of 3 then of all the 
Apoftles : and laft of all hs. was 
itzn of me alfo^as of one bora 
out of due time. For, I am the 
leail: of the Apofties, that am^^iot. 
nneet to be caMed an Apodle, be- 
;caufe 1 perfecuted the Church of 
God. But J by the grace of God^ 
I am v.Jbat 1 am.j ai>d his grace, 
which was beftowed upon me, 
was not in vain j but i laboured 
more abundantly than they all : 
yet not I, but the ^ra<;e of Goi 
vzhich Wris with mc. 'i'herefofe,^ 
wJiethc^r it were 1, or they, fovrc 
preach, and fcye believed. 

The GofpeL St. Luke, xviii- 0. 
Efus fpake thio parable ujiti> 
certain which trufted in 
themfelv&s that they wrc righ- 
tcou:^, aaddefpifed others : Two 
men went up into the temple to 
pray 5 the one a jpharifee, and 
the other a Pui^llcan. The Pha- 
rifee fo^od and prayed thus with 
himfelf : God,. 1 thank thee, 
imx 1 am^not as other men arc, 


The Twelfth Sunday after TRivrTy." 

the Spirit : for the letter kllMi, 
bat the Spirit giveth life. But 
if the mijiiltratioa of death, 
written and engraven in ftones, 
wa3 glorious, fo that the children 
of Ifrael could not ftedfatl-ly be- 
Hiold the face of Mofes for the' 

extortioners, unju.l, adulterers, 
<M- even as thU Publican : i faft 
twice in the week, I give tithes 
of ali that I pofl'efs. And the 
Publican flinviing afar off, would 
rust life up fj much as his eyes 
ante heaven, but fmore upon his 

brcaft, favint;, God be nrierciful jijiory of his countenance, which 
to me a fmner. I tell you, this jglory was to be done away j hov/ 
man went <iown to his houfe juf- Ifhall not the n:\iniftration of ther 
tificd rather than the other: for jSpirit be rather glorious ? For if 
every one that cxalteth himfelf, j the minirtration of condemnation 
/hall be abafed j and he that ;be glory, much more doth the 

humblcth himfelf, ihall be ex- 

Tbe %(ii)clfih Sutiddy after 

ALmlghty and everlaftlng 
God, who art always on ore 
reaay to hear than we to pray, 
and arc wont to give more than 
either we defire or deferve j 
pour down upon us the abun- 
dance of thy mercy, forgiving us 
thofe things whereof our confcl- 
ence is afraid, and giving us 
thofe good things which we are 
n(Jt worthv to afk, but through 
the merits and mediation of 
Jefus Chriit thy Son our Lord. 

^be Eplftle, 2 Cor. 111. 4. 

SUch trud have we through 
Chrift to God-ward : Not 
that we are fufHcient of ourfelves 
to think any thing as of our- 
felves j but our fufficlency Is of 
God. Who alfo hath made us 
able mlnlfters of the New Tcfta - 
Ijieijt ; aot of the lerter, but of 

j miniilration of righteoufnefs ex- 
jceed in glory. 

J77)<' GofpcL St, Mark, vil. 31, 

TEfus, departing from the 
coalt-s of Tyrvi and Sldon,, 
came unto the fea of Galilee^ 
thro-.!gh the midll of the coalts 
of Decapolis, and they bring un- 
co him one that was deaf, and 
nad an impediment in his fpeech J 
and they befeech him to pat his 
hand upon him. And he took 
him afide from the mukltude, 
and put his fingers into his ears, 
ai'id he fplc, and touched his 
tongue J and looking up to hea- 
ven, he fighed, and faith unto 
him, Epbphatkdy that is, be 
opened. And ftralghtway his ears 
were opened, an^^che itriiig of 
his txingue was loof^d, and he 
fpake plain. And he charged 
them that the? fhould tell no 
man : but the more he charged 
them, fo much the more a great 
deal they publi/hcd it; and were 
beyond meafure aftoniihed, fay- 
ing, He hath done all things 
well i he maketh both the dsaf 
CO hear, aad the uuuib w fpeak. 

The Thirteenth Sunday after Triivity, 

• ^fhc Tbh-te/nth Sunday after ■ 

TM Coiha, 

ALmighty andix-ercifulGod) 
of wnofe only^gitr it Com- 
eth that thy faithrul people d.^ 
unto thee true and laudable I'er- 
vice J grant, we befeech thee, 
that w'z may fo faithfully ferv.e 
thee in thi^ life, that vve fail not 
finally to attain thy heavenly 
pronjifes, through the merits of 
Jefus Chrift our Lord. Anicn^ 
The E^nk. Qal. ill, i6. 

TO Abrtham and his (t^ed 
were the'promjfes ntiade. 
He faith not, An^ t® i^.^^Zy as of 
many ; but as of one, fir^d to 
thy ize^^ which is Chtitt. And. 
this I fay, that the covenant 
that was confirmed. before of God 
in Chrifl, tJie law, which was 
four hundred; and thirty years 
after cannot difannuh, that' it 
fhouid make the promife of none 
effeft. For if the inheritance be 
fyf the law, it is no nwrc of pro- 
mile ^ hut God 'gave it to Abi'a- 
ham by promife. Wherefore then 
ferveth the law ? It was aided 
becaufe cf tranfgfefiions, till the 
feed fhoLild come to whoiT; the 
promife was r|pide ^ and it was 
ord?.ined by angels in the hand 
of a mediator. Nrow a m.edi^tor 
h not a mediator of one ; but 
God is one. Is the law then 
y" againft the proiTiiCes of God r 
God forbid; for if there had 
been a lav; given which could 
have gi^-en life, verily righteouf- 
^ ncfs /hould have been by the law. 
But the Scriotuie bach conclud- 

ed all under fm, that the. pre. 
mife, by faith of Jefus ChrVft, 
migJit be given to them that 

The Gofpel. St, Luke, X. 25. 

BLelTed are the eyes vvhich. 
fee the thmgs that ye fee; 
For i tell you, that many pro^ .^ 
phecs and kings have dehred tp- 
lee thofe things which ye fee^ 
and have not fcen them ; and to 
hear thofe things which ye hear, 
and have not heard them. And 
behold a certain lav/yerftood up, 
and tempted him, faying, Mat- 
ter^ v.'hat f>*aU. J do tp inherit 
eternal life ? .He fai(| unto him, 
What is written in the law '^ 
f low readeil thou ? And he an- 
fwering ff*id, Thou ihalt l(>ve 
the Lord thy God with all thy 
heart, and v/ith alt thy foul, and 
with all thy il^ength, and with 
all thy mind.; and thy neigh- 
bour as thyfclf. And he laid 
unto him, Thou haft anfwered 
right: this do, and thou {halt 
live. But he, willing to julVify 
himfelf, faid imto Jefus, And _ 
who is my neighbour f And [efutj 
anfvvering faid, A certain man 
w.ent dowa from Jerufaiem to. 
Jericho, and fell am -ng thieve:^, 
whicin ftr'npt r>im ofjiis rain»ent>^ '1 
cijid wounded him, and depai-ted, "' 
leaving, him haff dead. And by 
chance*'thcr^ came down a cer- 
tain IViefl that way ; and when . 
be faw him, he paiTed by on the 
other fide. And likcv/ife a Le- 
vi te, when he was at the place, 
came and looked on him, and 
pallid by on the other Hde. But' 
a ccrUin 

The Fourteenth Sunday after Tr i n i t v. 

« ccrtairt Samaritan, as he jour- 
neyed, came where he : and 
\vhcn he faw b'Kn, he had com- 
palHon on him, and went to him, 
and bttOnd up his wounds, pour- 
ing in oil and wirej and fet 
him on his own beafi:, and 
, brought hinri into an inn, and 
f6ok ca.e of him. And on the 
fnorrow, ^/hen he departed, ht; 
'took out two pence, and gave 
Aerfi to the kol}, and I'aid unto 
him, 1 ike care ot hifn ; and 
\vhatA>ever thdu ipendtft more, 
when i come again, i wiW repay 

cannot do the things that ye 
w(/uld. Dui if ye be ied by the 
Spirit, yc are not under the law, 
Isow the works oi the Rtfk arc 
manjfelt, wliich are theie. Adul- 
tery, loFnicacicn, uncieaniicfs, 
Jafcivioulncis, idolatry, witch- 
craft, hatred, variance* emula- 
tions, wrath, flrife, iedkions, 
herefieC) envylngs, murders, 
driini<ennersf5 reveUings, and 
fuch like : of the which I tell 
yoM before, a*? 1 have alio told 
you in time pa fr, that they who 
do -Tuch things, ihall not inhe- 

thee. Which now of rhefe three, I rit the kingdom of God. But 

thinkeft thou, was neiijhbouT 
unto him that r'ell jmong the 
tliieves? And he faid, Ke that 
fliowed mercy en him. Then 
faid j<^ius unto him, Go, and 
do ch'ju like wife. 

Toe tifurteerJh Sunday after 


ALmigbty and everb-Hiing 
God, give tnto us the in- 
crease of Uith^ hope, and cha- 
rity J and that we may obtain 
that which thou dol^ pronifc, 
toake us to love chat which thou 
doft command, through Jelus 
Chrilt our Lord. Amcr, 


J 6, 

Toe EfifiU 

I Say then. Walk in the Spi- 
rt, and ye ihaU .rset fu.ri! 
the luft o^" th€ Ji^'ih. For the 
flelh lufteth againll the Spi- 
rit, and th€ Spirit againft the 
fif^ih j and thefe are contrary the 
one to the other j fo that ye 
F i 

the fruit of the Spirit is love, 
joy, pesice, long-fufferJng, gcn- 
tlenefs, goodnefn, faith, meck- 
nef£, temperance : againft fuch 
there is no law. And they that 
are Ch;'ili:'a have crucified the 
fleih, with the affeclioni i-nd 

IhcGcJpzL St. Luke, xvii. ir. 

ANd it came to pafs, as Je- 
fus went, to Jerufalem, 
that he pa^tu i^rou^h the midft 
of Samaria an^ Galilee. Ani 
as he entered into a certain vil- 
lage, there met him ten men 
chat were lepers, who itood atar 
oft". And they liked up their 
voices, andfaidj^fcfus, Maimer, 
have mercy on us. And when 
..c faw them, he laid unto them, 
.Go Ihow yourfelves unto the 
prie/ls. And it came to pafs, 
that, as they went, they were 
cleanied. And one of them, 
when he faw (Jiat he was healed, 
turned back, and with a loud 
voics glorified God, and fell 

down on his face at his feet, 
giving Mm thanks; and he was 
a Samaritan. And Jefus an- 
fvTring faid, Were theie not ten 
clean fed ? but wliere are the 
fiine ? There are net found that 
returned to give glory to God, 
f3\e this frranger. An^'he faid 
unto him, Aflfc, go thy way: 
thy faith hath made thee whole. 

Hhe Fiftecrth Sunday after 

KEep, we befeech thee, O 
Lcid, thy Chuich witli 
thy perpe:ual mercy: And be- 
caufe the fraiicy cf man without 
thee cannot but fall, keep us 
ever by thy heip from ?|i things 
hurtful, and lead us to alj things 
profitable to dur faJvarion„ 
through Jefus Chrifl our Lord. 

7he Eujile, Gal. vi. ii. 

YE fee hc'.v large a letter I 
have ^vritten unto you 
\pith mine own hand. As mgny 
as de/ire to make a fair fnovv in 
the fiefli, they conltrain you to 
be c^rci'mcifedj only lell: they 
ihould fultcr perfecution for the 
crofs of Chrii^. for neither 
ti ey themfelves whoare circum-"" 
cifed keep the law ; but defire 
to have you circumcifed, that 
they may glory in )our fleili. 
But God forbid that I fr.ould 
g'ory, fave in the crofs of our 
Lord Jt-fus Chrift, by whom the 
world is crucihed unto mx. and 
I unto the world, Foiin Chrift 

Jefus neither circumcifioB avail- 
erh an) thing, nor uncircunici- 
licn, hut anew cresture. Afjd 
as many as walk a^cor^ing. tp[ 
this rule, peace be on them, a/j^ 
mercy, and upon the llraei of 
God. From 'henceforth Jet Dp; 
man trouble mc, for 1 bear ijj^ 
my body the markb of the Lor^. 
Jefus. Brethren, the grace, of 
cur Lord Jefus chriifc be vyit^ 
your Spirit. Amen. 

rke Ccjf^ch St, Mattb. V7. 24. 

^T O can ferve two maf- 
^ ters: for either .he wil^ 
hate the one, and love ti>e other j 
or e!fe he will hold to the one,^ 
and uefpife the Other : Ve can- 
not feive God and mammon. 
Therefore I fay unto you, Take 
CO thought for your life, wha^ 
ye (haii eat, or what ye {hall, 
drink } nor yet for your bo4y» 
what ye ihail put on :. Is not thig 
life nK>re than meat, and the bo- 
dy than raiment 1 BeJiold the 
fowls of the air: for tley fo'^ 
not, neither do they reap, nqjr 
gather into barns; y«t your hea- 
venly Father feetieth them. Are 
ye not much better than they ? 
Vvhjch of you, by taking 
thought, can add one cubit unto 
his itature ? And vyhy take y^ 
thouirht for raiment : Confider 
the lilies of the field, how they 
grow: they toil not, neither >do 
theyfpinj and yet 1 fay unto, 
you, that even bolomon in all 
his glory was not arrayed like 
one of thele. Wherefore if God 
(b clothe the grafs of the field, 
which to-day is, and to morrow 

The Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity. 

is cafl nto the oven ; ihall he 
not much more clotlit* ynu, O ye 
of litcle faith ? f iierefore take 
no th.fught, Jnyin-, VVh?tt Ihail 
we eat ^ or, V^ hat fhali we drink. ? 
or, Wner.wiihai ihall we be 
clothed ? (for after all thefe 
things do the Gentiles feek :) 
for your heavenly Father know- 
trth that ye have need of ail thefe 
things. But feek ye tirft the 
kingdom of God, ar.d his righ- 
teoufnefs, and ail thefe things 
{hill be added unto you. Take 
therefore no thought for the 
morrow y for the morrow lliali 
take thought for the things of 
itfelf : f'.iftcient unto the day is 
the evil thereof. 

The Sixtccfttb after 


Tht Cdka, 

OLord, we btf-ech thee, let 
thy continual pity cleanfe 
and defend thy Church \ and be- 
caufeit cannot con linuf in fafety 
without thy faccour, prcfervj it 
evermore by thy help and good- 
nefs, throujjh jefus Chrilt our 
Lord. AfK-n, 

TheEp^fiie. Ephef. Hi. 13. 

IDefire that ye faint not at 
my tribulations for you, 
waich is your glory. For this 
caufe I bow my knees unto the 
Father of our Lord JcfusChrii^, 
of whom the whole family in 
Jieaven and earth is named, that 
ht would grant you, according 
to the riches of his glory, to be 
flreagthened with might by his 
*■ ~ ' ■ '--r- ;hc inner 

Chrifl may dwell in your hearts 
by faith \ that yc, being rooted 
and gr:'unded in love, may be 
able to comprehend, with all 
faints, what is the breadth, and 
length, and deptli, and hei^htj 
and to know the love of Chriil, 
which paffcth knowledge, that 
ye might be filled with all the 
f u 1 ne fs of G od . N w u n to h i m 
thatis able todo exceeding aLun« 
dantly above ail that we alk or 
think, according to the power 
that vvorketh in us, unto him be 
glory in the Chuich, by Chrill 
Jelus, throughout all ages, world 
without end. Amen. 

TheGz'jpeU -S7. Luke, vii. II. 

ANd it came to pafs the day 
afcer, that Jefus went i;i- 
to a citf called Main ; and many 
of his difciples went with him, 
and much people. Now when 
he came nigh to the gate of the 
city, heboid, there was a dead 
man carried out, the only fon of 
his mother, and fhe was a wi- 
dow : and much people of the 
city was with her. And when 
the Lord faw her, he had com- 
palTioii on her, and faid untc? 
her. Weep not. And he came 
and touched the bier (and they 
that bare him ftood ilill) and he 
faid. Young man, I fay unt» 
thee, Arife. And he that was 
dead fat up, and began tofpeak : 
and he delivered him to his mo- 
ther. And there came a fear on 
all* and theygiorihed God, fay- 
ing, that a great Prophet is 
rifen up among us j and, that 
an J that God hatjik vifi;ea his peop e. 


The r7th and i8th Sarrdays after TRiNiir. 

'And this rumour of him went 
forth throughout all Judca, and 
throughout ali the region round 

^bd Senjenteenth Sunday cftcr 

The CoUca. 

LOrd, we pray thee, that tliy 
grace may always prevent 
and follow us ^ and make u^ 
continually to be given to all 
good works5through J<-'ius Chriit 
our Lord. Amen, 

^he Efijile, Ephef. iy. i. 

ITheretore,the pnfoner of the 
Lord, befeech you that ye 
\v'alk worthy of the vocation 
wherewith ye are called, with 
all lowlinefs and meeknefs, with 
Jong-fu-tering, forbearing one 
another in hive ; endeavouring 
to keep the \inity of the Spirit 
in the bond of peace. There is 
o;ie body, and one Spirit, even 
as ye are called in one hope of 
vour calling J one Lord, one 
F lith, one Baptifm, one God 
a \d Father of ail, who is above 
2I , and tlirough aij, and iji you 

TbeGcfpeL 5.'. Luke, xi v. i. 

IT came to pafs, ao Jefus went 
into the houfe of one ct the 
niief Phaiifees to eat bread, 
m\ the Sabbath-day, that they 
watched him. And behold, 
there was a certain man beiore 
iiim, who had the dr^pfy. And 
Jefus anfwcring fpake unto the 
iiiwyers and Pnariiees, faying, 

Is it lawful to heal on the fab- 
hath-day ? And they held their 
peace. And he took him, ani 
healed him, and lethirngo j and 
anfwered them, faying, Which 
of you iliall have an afs or an 
ox fallen into a pit, and will not 
itraighcway pull him out on the 
babbath-day ? And they could 
not anfwer him again to theie 
things. And he put forth a 
parable to thofe who were bid- 
den, when he marked how they 
ciiofe out the chief rooms j fay- 
ing imto them, When thou 'art 
bidden of any man to a wedding, 
fit not down in the higheit room, 
leil a more honourtsble man than 
thou be bidden of him j and he 
that bade thee and him come and 
fa) to thee, Give this man place j 
and thou begin with ihame to 
take th.;^ loweft room. Bntvvlien 
thou art bidden, go and lie down 
in the lov/ell room j that when 
he that bade tliee cometh, he 
may fay unto thee. Friend, go 
up higher : then flialt thou have 
worship in the pretence of them 
that fit at meat wich thee. Kot 
wiioioeverexaiteth himfelf, Ihall 
be abnfeJ : and he that hum- 
bleth himfelf, fhall be exalted. 

Tht Eighteenth Sunday afte- 

'The CoiUii, 

LOrd, we beletch thee,grajit 
thy people gr.:.ce to with- 
Itand the ten.ptations of the 
world, the fieih, and the dev.l j 
and v.'ith pure hearts and mids 

The Ninetetnth Sunday after Tr » ^' i t v. 

faith unto them, How then docth 
David in fpirit call him Lord, 
laying, the Lord i*a;d unto my 
Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, 
till I make lliine enemifl thy 
t'oot-itool ? If David tiicn 
him Lord, hovv' is he his fon ? And 
no man was able to iinf>vfr him 
a word, neither durlt ajiy man, 
from that day forth, uik him 
anv more quellions. 

Tho Nineteenth Sunday after 

The Cdka. 

OGod, forafmucli as with- 
out thee we are not able to 
pleafc thee \ mercifully g- ant th^ Holy Spirit may in ail 
things dired and rule our hearts, 
through Jefus Chrilt our Lord. 

TheE^ifth, Ephef. iv. 17. 

THis I fay therefore, and 
reitify in the Lord, that ye 
heaceforch walk no: as other 
Grntiles v/alk, in the vanity of 
their mmd 5 having the under- 
Handing darkened, bein.^. aliena- 
ted from the life of God, thronj^h 
the ignorance that is in them, 
becaufe of the blindn^fs of their 
heart: who, being pail feeling, 
have given thcmfelvss over unto 
lalcivioufnefs, to work ail un- 
cleannefs uith greedinefs. But 
ye have not fo learned Chrill; 
if fo be that ve have heard him, 
and have been taught by him, as 
faying, What think ye of Chritl r I the truth is in Jefus : '1 hat y© 
wnofe fori is he ? They fay imto ! put off, concerning the farmer 
him. The fon of David. He • converiadoii^the oi4ni_:i,v.hit-H 

^ follow thee, the only God, 
through Jefus Chrift our Lord. 


The Epiflle. I Cor. i. 4. 

I Thank my God always on 
your behalf, for the grace of 
Ood which is given you by Jefus 
Ciiridj that in everything ye 
a;e enriched by him, in all ut- 
terance, and in all knowledge : 
even as the Teilimony of Chrift 
was confirmed in you. So thai 
ye come behind in no gift j wait- 
ing for the coming of our Lord 
Jefus Chrifl-, who ihall alfo con- 
iirm you unto the end, that ye 
may be blarnelefs in the day of 
our Lord Jefus Chrift. 

rie GofptL St. Matth. xxil. 3.5. 
T XT' Hen the Pharifecs had 
VV heard that Jefus had put 
the Sadducees to fjlence, they 
were gathered together. Then 
one of them, who was a lawyer, 
2lked h'm a quel^ion, tempting 
him, and faying, Mailer, which 
is the great commandment in 
t!ie law r Jefus faid unto him, 
t'lou (halt love the Lord thy God 
with ail thy heart, and with all 
ti'V foul, and wich all thy 
wind : This is the firft and gicat 
-oinmandment. And the fecond 
is like unto it. Thou l]ialt love 
tliy neighbour as thyfelf. On 
tiicfe two commaadments hang 
all the law and the prophets. 
AVhilethe Pharif^cs were gather- 
ed together, Jefus afked them, 

The Twentieth Sunday after Trinitv. 

is corrupt according to the de- 
ccitrul lulls J and be renewed in 
thefpirit of your mind j and that 
ye put on the new man, which 
after God is creatf d in righteouf- 
nef:- and true holinefs. Where- 
fore putting away lyi ng, fpeak 
every man truth with his neigh- 
bour : for we are members one 
of another. Be ye angry j and lin 
not : let not the fun go dov/n up- 
on your wrath : neither give 
place to the devil. Let him that 
fioie, fteal nd more j but rather 
let him labour, working with 
his hands the thing which is 
good, that he may have to give 
to hiiTi that ncetJeth. Let no 
corrupt communication proceed 
out of your mouth, but that 
u'hjch is good to the ufe of edi- 
fying, that it may minifter grace 
unto the hearers. And grieve 
not the Holy Spirit of God, 
wJiereby ye are fealcd'unto the 
day of redemption. Let all bit- 
terncfs, and wrath, and anger, 
and clamour, and eviUfpeaking, 
be put away from you, v/ith all 
malice. And be ye kind one to 
another, tender-hearted, forgiv- 
ing one another, even as God for 
Chrift^s fake hath forgiven you. 

rheCofpeL St. Matth. ix. i. 

TEfus entered into a /hip, and 
paired over, and came into | 
h;s own city. And behold, they | 

the fcribes faid within them- 
ieives, 1 his man blalphemeth. 
And Jelus knowing their 
though. s, faid, \V herctore thii.k 
ye cvii in your hearts ? for whe- 
ther is eafier to fay, Thy fins be 
forgiven thee j or to fay, Arife, 
and walk ? But that ye may 
know that the Son of man hath 
power on the earth to forgive 
fins, (then faith he to the fick of 
the pally) AriTc, take up thy bed, 
and go unto thine houie. And 
he arole, and departed to his 
houfe. But when the multitude 
law it, they marvelled, and glo- 
ri!^ed God, who had given luch 
power unto men. 

The Tiuent'tetb Sufrday after 

The ColUa, 

O Almighty and moft mer- 
ciful God, of thy bounti- 
ful goodnefs keep us, we befecch 
thee, from all things that miy 
hurt us J that we, being ready 
both in body and foul, may 
cheerfully accompliih thole 
things which thou commandefl, 
through jefus Chrift our Lord. 

The Epifile. Ephef. v. 15. 

SEe then that ye walk clrcum- 
fpcftfy, not as fools, but a? 
wife, redeeming the time, be- 
brought to him a man fickofthe I caule the days are evil. Whera- 
palfy, lying on a bed. And Je- I fore, be ye not unvvife, but un- 
fus, Jeeing their faith, faid unto j derftanding what the will of the 
the ficl: of the palfy. Son, be of! l.ori is. And be nat drunk 
g;ood cheer, thy fins be forgiven j v/ith wine? wherein is excefs ; 
tii2e# And behold, certain of'c-a* be- filied with th^ Spirit •. 


The Twenty-firft Sunday after Trinity 

fpfaklngto yourfflves in pfa^ms 
anti hymns and fpiritual fungs, 
fuiging and making melody in 
^ou he^rt to the Lord j giving 
thanks alwavs f(/r all tliing*; un- 
to C6d and the FaLher, m the 
name of our l.ord Jefus Chriflj 
fubmitting vnuil'clves ojis to 
anQthar iii the fear ot God. 

fbfOoffcL ik, Matth.xxii. i. 

JEfus r^'d, The kingdon^ of 
heaven is like unto a certain 
kmg, who ma-e a marriage tor 
Ma Ton i and fcnt forth his <er- 
▼ ants to call them that were bid- 
den to the wedding : and they 
would not cgme. A^ain, hefent 
forth other ferv anrs, faying, 
'1 ell them who are bidden, Be- 
hold, I have prepared my din- 
ner : my oxen and my fatlings 
are killed, and all things are 
ready : come unto the marriage. 
But they made light of it, and 
^ent their ways,one to his farm, 
another to his merchandile : and 
the remr.ant took his ferviuits, 
and ent;c.\ted them' fpitefuliy, 
and flew them. But when the 
king heart! thereof, he vyas 
wrotfi : and he fent forth his 
armits, and deftroyedthofemur- 
tlerers, and burnt up their city. 
1 hen faith he to his rerv;jnts, 
1 he wedding is ready, but they 
who weie bidden weie not wor- 
thy. Go ye therefore into the 
highways, and as many as ye 
fhali iind, bid to the niairiage. 
So thofe fervants went out into 
the highways, and gathered to- 
gether all, as many as they 
fouiid, boch bad and good ; And 

the wedding was furnifhcd with' 
guclkz. And when the king came 
in to lee the t^ueft-s, he faw there 
a man vyho had not on a wed- 
ding garment. And hefaithun- 
to him, l''ri:-nd, ho\vcairi**«i t*"-oa 
in hither, not having a wedding 
garment ? And he wab fpeech- 
lefs. I'hen faid the king to the 
fervants, Bind him hand and 
foot, and take hirn away, and 
ca{t: him into outer darkncTr. : 
there fhall be weeping and gna{h- 
ing of teeth. For many are cal- 
led, but few arc chofen. 

The Tioefify-firfi Sunday after 

GRant, we befeech thee, 
merciful Lord, to thy 
faithful people, pardon and pc^re; 
that they may be cler^nfed from 
all their fins, and ferve thee with 
a quiet mind, through Jef'iS 
Chrift our Lord* Amcv* 

^he Epifile^ Ephef. vi. lo. 

MY brethren, be ftrong \n 
the I/ord, and in the 
power of his might. Put on- 
the whole armour of God, rhat 
ye may be able to ff'and agiinlt 
the wiles of the devil. For we 
wreflle not againft fiefli and 
blood, but agaull: principalities, 
againft po^vcrs, againfl^ the ru- 
lers of the darknefs of this world j 
againft fpiritual wickednefs in 
high places. Wherefore take 
unto you the whole armour of 
God, that ye may be able i:ci 
withftand in the evil day, in^ 

lidving done ali, to ftand. Stand 
therefore, having your loins girt 
about with truth j arid having 
on the bteait -plate of fighte- 
oufnels; and yoiirfect ihod vvlth 
the \)'-epaiat*ion of the gofpel of 
peace J aboye all, taking the 
ih.eid of faithj wherewith ye 
raall be able to quench ail the 
fiery darts of the wicked. And 
take the heimet of ("Ivationj 
and the fword of the Spir;t> 
which is die word of God ; 
prayirig always with all prayer 
and fuprlication in the Spirit, 
snd vvatching thereunto vVith ail 
perfeverance, and fu. plication for 
all fiinr^ -y and for me, that ut- 
terance ^iiay be given unto me, 
that I may open my mouth 
boldl), ts? tnake known the. 
myfl^ery of the gofpel j for which 
1 am an ambalfador in bonds : 
that therein I may fpeak bold- 
ly, as I ought to fpeaki 

The GofpeL St. John, iv; 46. 

THere was a certain noble- 
man, whole lbs was fick 
at Capernaum. ^When he heard 
that Jefus was come cut of Ju- 
dea into Galilee, he v^ent unto 
him', and befought him, that he 
would come down and heal his 
(on j for he was at the point of 
death. Then faid Jetus unto 
him. Except ye fee figns and 
wonders, )e will not believe. 
1 he noblemati faith unto him, 
3ir, come dOv/n ere my child 
die. Jefus faith unto him, Go 
thy way, thy fon liveth. And 
the man believed the word that 
Jefus had fpoken unto him. 

and he* went his vvay. And a* 
he was now -going down, his fer- 
vants met him> aiid told, him, 
faying, 'J hy fon liveth. Then 
enquired he of them the hour 
when he began to amend : and 
they fa] d unto him, Yelterdayj 
at the feventh hour, the i'ever 
left him. So the father knew 
that it was at the fame hour in 
the which Jefus faid unto him, 
Tliy fon liveth 5 and hi mfelf be- 
lieved, and his whole houfe. 
This is again the fccond miracle 
that Jefus did, when he vv ♦s 
come out of Judea Vnto Galilee. 

The litvtnty^tcond Zunday ^fter 


Th£ ColleQ, 

LOrd, vve befeech thee tO 
keep thy hou/hoid the 
Church in continual gocliiicfs 5 
that, through thy prote<tlion, it 
may be free from ail advcrfitiesj 
and devoutly given to ferve thee 
in good worksj to the glory ot 
thy name,^ through Jefus Chrift 
our Lord.* Anien, 

Tie E^ljlle. Phil. i. 3.* 

I Thank my God upon every 
remembrance of you (always 
in every prayer of mine for you 
all making requelf with joy) fof 
your fellow fliip in theGofpel from 
the firft day until, now j being 
confident of this very thing, 
that he who hath begun a ^op^c^ 
work in you, \v"ll perforrh it un- 
til the day of Jefus Chrift j €v<;n 
as it is meet for niC to think this 
of ycu all, becaufcl have yoa 

The Twenty-Third Sunday after Tr i. kit y. 

..1 nV heart, Ihiirmuch as both In 
my bOii^s, and in ths defence 
iiid coniirnidtion of the Gofpel, 
jre ^t^il partakers of my grace. 
F6f^C6cf IS my record^, how 
■gfeaftfy"! long after you all in 
tne boweU of Jefus Chriil. And 
tfi'vs 1 pray, that your icve may 
aboumd yet raore and more in 
Jt'hovv!$dge,'i>id in all judgment : 
That ye may r.p{,^ things that 
a-e excellent, that ye may be 
fincere", aM '.vlthout ofx;,Mice till 
the day of Chril^ j being fxUed 
with the fruits of righceoufnefs, 
which are by Jefus Chrii";, uato 
the glory and praife of God. 

rheGojye!, St. ^4arth. xviii. 2K 

PEter faid unto Jefus, Lord, 
how oft fhal! my biotl»er fin 
ag?/!nlt me, and 1 fDrgive him? 
till feven times ? Jefus faith un- 
to him, 1 (Pay not unto thee, 
Until feven times : but until fe- 
venty times {^ven. Therefore 
is the kingdom of heaven liken- 

gave him the debt. But the 
fame fervant went out, and found 
one of His fellow -fcrvants, who 
owed him an hundred pence ; 
2.nd be laid hands on hix-n, and 
took him by the throat, faying. 
Pay me that tliou owc:it. An4 
m& fellow- fervant fell down aC 
his feet, and befought him, fay- 
JngiHave patience with me, ?.nd 
I will pay thee ail. And hs 
v;ould not i but went and caft 
him into prifon, till he /bould 
pay the debt, bo when his fd^ 
lovv-fervants faw what was done, 
they were very forry, and came 
and told unto their lord all that 
was done. 'I hen his ioid, after 
that he had called him, faid un- 
to hirxij O thou wicked fer\'antj, 
I forgave thee, all that debt, be- 
caufe thou defiredft me : fhould- 
eft not thc.u alfo have had cdm« 
pafiion on thy fellov.-fervant, 
even as 1 had pity on thee ? And 
his iord wu.s v.T;th, and ddivered 
him to the tormentors, till he 

ed u-n:o a certain king, '%^'ho. /houlJ pay all that was due un- 
to him. So likewife fhall.*Qy 
heavenly Father do alfo unto you, 
if ye, from yo'^ir hearts, forgive 
n.'t every one his brother thc.r 

v-'oulJ take account cf his fer 
varȣs. And when he had be- 
gun tc reckon, one v/as brought 
unto him, who owed him ten 
thoufand talents. But foraf- j 
much as he had nut to pay, his 
lord comrr-andcd him to Le fold, i 
aud bis wife and childien, and ! 
all that he had, and payment to [ 
be made. The fervant there- I 
fore fell down and wor/hipped 1 
him, faying, Lord, have pa- j 
tiente with me, and I will pay ! 
thee all.'-g'hen the Lord of thit ! 
fervant w^as moA-^d with com- 
■palUon, a;ii locfed him, aaJ for- I 


l^be T^ivcnty third Sunday 


TT-d ColUa. 


God^ our refuge and 
flrength, who art the au- 
thor of all godlinefs 5 be rradyj 
we Lefeech thee, to hear the de- 
vout prayers of thy Church 5 
and graat that th,Te things 


which >ve aik faithfully, we may 
obtain ef}v<flually, through je- 
ftis Chriftour Lord. Amen, 

rhe F.p'ifih. Phil. Hi. 17. 

BUcthren, be followers toge- 
ther of mC; and mark them 
\vhj walk fo, as ye liave us f<f 
an enfAniple, (For m my walk, 
of whom J have t®ld you often, 
and now tell you even weeping, 
that they are the enemies of the 
fcrofs of Chrift \ whofe end is 
deflrud:ioji, whofe God is their 
belly, and whofe glory is in 
fheir rtiainc, who mind 
tiling's.) For our converfatlon is 
in heaven, from wlience alfo we 
look for tl'.c Saviour, the Lord 
Jefus Chrifl \ who (hall change 
our vile body, that it may be 
fa.l.ioned like unto his ijh-rious 
body, according to the working, 
wlierehy he is ahle even to fub- 
^ due all things unto himfelf. 

^hc Cfofpcl, St. Matth. xxli. 14. 

T Hen went the Pharifees, and 
took counfel how they might 
entangle him in his talk. And 
they fent out unto him their dif- 
ciples, with the Herodi^ns, fay- 
ing, Mifter, we know that thou 
art trut', and reacheil: the way 
ef GcJ in truth, neither careft 
thou for any man : for thou re- 
gardef: not the perfonofmen. 
Tell us, therefore, What thinkeft 
thou? Is it lawful to gi?e tri- 
bute into C^far, or not f But 
Jcfus perceived their wick ednefs, 
and faid, V/hy tempt ye me, ye 
hyppcriKS ? "Show me the tribute - 
money. Aad they bioughtunu 

him a penny. And he faith unto 
them, whofe is this image and 
luperfcription ? They fay unto 
him, Cfcfar's. Then faith he 
unto them. Render therefore un- 
to Cicfar the things wliich are 
Caefar's 5 and unto God the 
things that are^Cod's. When 
they had heard thefe words, they 
marvelled, and left him, and 
went their. way. 

The Tivenry -fourth Sunday afoer 

The CcUeSf. 

OLord, webefeech ihee, ab- 
foUe thy people from th-^r 
offences jthat,through thy boun- 
tiful goodnels, we may all be de- 
livered from the bunds of thofe 
fins which by our frailty we 
have committed: Grant this^.^ 
O heavenly Father, for Jefus 
Chriis fake, our blelTed Lord 
and Saviour. Amen, 

rheEplflle, Colof. i. 3. 

WE give thanks to God, 
and the Father of our 
Lord yefus Chrift, praying al- 
ways for yoy, fince we heard ot 
your f^ith in Clnili Jefus, ana 
of the love which ye have to all 
the fainti ; for the hope which 
is laid up for you in heaven^ 
\vhere< f ye heard before in l\it 
word of the truth of the Gafpel > 
which is come unto you, ai it i 
in all the world, and br;nget» 
forth fruit, as it doth alfo in y©i , 
fince the day ye heard of it, ai:. 
knew tile grace of God in trut. 
As yc alfo learned of Epaphra . 

The Twenty fifth Sunday after Trinity. 

our dear fellow fervant, who is 
for you a faithful minifter of 
Chrift J who alfo dechred unto 
us your love in the fpirit. For 
this cai^fe we alfo, fince the day 
we h'-ardit, do not ceafe to pray 
for you, and to dcfirc that ye 
might be filled with the know- 
iedge of his will in all wifdom 
and fpiritual underftanding ; that 
ye might walk worthy of the 
Lord unto all pleafiiig, being 
fruitful in every good work, and 
increafing in the knowledge of 
God 5 ftre«gthencd with all 
might, according to his glorious 
power, unto all patience and 
long/uft'ering, with joyfulnefs j 
giving thanks unto the Father, 
who hath made us meet to be 
partakers of the inheritance of 
the faints in light. 

rSe Gofpel. St, Matth. ix. i8. 

X X7*Hile Jefus fpake thefe 
V V things unto John's dlf- 
ciples, behold, there came a cer- 
tain ruler, and worlhipped him, 
faying, My daughter is even 
now dead ; but come and lay 
thy hand upon her, and ihe /hall 
liv€. And Jefus arofe, and fol- 
lowed him, and fo did his difci- I 
pies. (And behold, a woman, ' 
which was difeafed with an ilfue I 
of blood twelve years, came be- 
hind him, and touched the hem } 
of his garment : For {he faid 
within herfelf. If I may hut 
touch his garment, I /hall be 
whole. But Jefus turned him 
about, and- when \\z faw her, he 
faid. Daughter, be of good com- I 
fort, thy faith hath naade thee 

whole. And the wojiian wu 
made whole from that iiour.) 
And when Jefus came into the 
ruler's houfe, and favv the miti- 
ftrels and the people making a 
noife, he faid unto them. Give 
place : for the maid is not dead, 
bii^ fleepeth. And they la»ighed 
him to fcorn. But when th'j peo- 
ple were put forth, he went in, 
and took her by the hand, and 
the maid arofe. And the {Amo. 
hereof went abroad into all that 

The Tiuenty-jiftb Sunday after 

The CoiUa, 

STir up, we befecch thee, O 
Lord, the wills of thy faith- 
ful people ; that they plentcoufly 
bringing forth the fruit of good 
works, m*5iy by thee be plente- 
oufly rewarded, through Jefus 
Chrift our Lord. Amen, 

For the Epijlle, Jer. xxiii. 5. 

BEhold, the days come, faith 
the Lord, that J will raifc 
unto Pavid a righteous Branch j; 
and a fCing ihall reign and prof- 
per, and fhall execute judgment 
and juftice in the earth. In his 
days, Judah (hall be faved, and 
[frael fhall dwell fafely : and this 
is his Nsrme whereby he Hiall be 
called, THE LORD O U H 
Therefore, behold, the days 
come, faith the Lord, that they 
fhall no more fay. The Lord liv- 
cth who brought up the ehildreii 
of ifrael<3\it ot the land of Ejyptj 

Saint ANr)Rfiw*s"Say. 


"but, The Lord liveth^ who 
brought up, and who led the feed 
of the haufe of Ifrael cut of ihe 
north-country, and from all 
countries whither I had -ciriven 
them 5 and they Ihall dwell in 
their own land. ^. 

- 1'hc Ccfpel, St. John, vi. 5, 

"^I^TKen [efus then lift up 
V V his e) es, and favv a great 
company come unto him, he 
faith fcinU) Philip, Whence ihall 
we biiy bread, that thefe'niay 
eat r (And this he faid to prove 
him'; for he himfelf knew' what 
he would do.) Philip anfwsred 
him , rwo.hundrcd penny worth 
of bread is not fufficient for 
thsm, that every one of them 
may take a littie. One of his 
•difclples, Andrew,' Simon Peter's 
brother, fdilh unto him; There 
IS a lad here, who hath five bar- 
Icy-l'oave'^^, and tV/olmall rifhes; 
biit.what are they aiiiiong fo riia- 
ny ? .And jefus f:Tid» Make the 
men fit down. . Now there was 
in'uch gf-afs in the pla'ce. So the 
iTien f.<t dow:i, In humbcf aBoiit 
five thovlf^rrd.. 'And Jefus took j 
the Hav:s; ^i'^ when he had giv- : 
do.rhank*. he' cifiributed t.:- the- ; 
4il^i"ple3, and the dJfcipies to 
them That ^w.^re izt ^dov/ri, and 
fike-.vife of tlie fLIies, 'a^"i-huch 
£s''th-2y Would. Wfi en they vA.rS' 
'hliti, he f?i 1 \mto hi's d*'ifclple3, 
G ati.dr cp '.lie fragrnehtd that re- i 
Th'am, thafe nothhjg be loft, j 
Therefore the;^ gathei-ed themr j 
together, and hlied' twelve baf- ; 
keis v^ith the fragments of the ' 
five barley-ioavesy wrljicif it* j 

mained over and above untc^ 
thera that had. eaten. Thea 
thofe men, when they had feeit 
the miiacle tijaL j^n^s did, faid. 
This is of a trutn that Prophet 
tha" friould come into the world. 

^ Jf there hs any more Surdayi 
before Ad'ventSundayy the 
Set'nj'tce cf fome of thofe Sun- 
days that ivere omitted after 
the Efifihatiy, Jh&ll he taken 
in to fippiy fo many as 'are here 
ivanting. And if there bs. 
feiver^ the oijerflu^ 7ndy bi 
ofn'itted : Pro'v'tded that this I aft 
Colha^ Eylftky and Gcfpeli 
f:-all alzvays be vfd upon thl 
Sunday next before Ad-vent, 

St» Andrews Day, 
I'he CoUeEl. 

ALmdghty God,vvho dldft 
give fuch grace unto thy 
holy .'^p'oft'Je Saint Andrew, that 
he rca'diiy obg'ycd the calling of 
thy Son Jefus Chrift, and fol- 
lowed him without delay j grant! 
unto iTs all. that we, being called 
by thy holy Wofd, may forthwitH 
give UP G/urfelve?:! obedTently td 
fulfti rhy holy commandments,' 
through the fame Jefas Chrift' 
our Lord. Amen, 

■ The Ep'ftle, Rom. x. 9. 

F thou flnlt confer^ -vith thy 
mbach the Lord Jefus, anJ 
fhalt beiievS in' thine heait that 
God hath raifed him fi'om the' 
dead, thou flialt be faved. Foi*' 
with the hen:-r nsati* bfelieveth* 
unta rightcou fnefs, av.d with the 
mouth confeiiioji h made unto^ 

^airit Thomas's Da/". 

ti^Unt'on, For the Scripture 
faith, whofoever belleveth on 
him Ihall not be afhamed. For 
there is no difference between 
the ]ew and the Greek : for the 
fame Lord over all, is rich unto 
Sill that call upon him;- - For 
whofoever ihali call uponr the 
name of the Lord, lliall be feved, 
Kow then fhall they call on him 
in whom they have not believed ? 
And how rtiall they believe in 
him, of vk'hom they have not 
heard ? And h-.Wihali they hear 
^vithout a preacher ? and hpw 
ihall they preaah, except they be 
fcnt ? As it is written. How 
beautiful are the feet of them 
that preach the Gofpei of peace, 
and bring glad tidings of good 
things ? But thc;y have not all 
obeyed the Gofpei. E6r Efaias 
faitn, Lord, who hath believed 
our report?. So then, faixh com- 
e:h by hearing, and hearing by 
the Word of God. But 1 fay, 
have they not heard ? Yes veriiy, 
their found went into all the 
earth, arfd their words unto the 
ends of the world. Buc I fay, 
Did not ifrael know? Firit, 
Mofes faith, I will provoke you 
to jeak>ufy by them that: are no 
people, and by a foolilh nation I 
will ang^ you. But Efaias is 
very bold, 'and I'^ith, 1 was found 
of them that lought me notj 1 
was made maniieft unco them 
that aficed net after me. But 
to Ifrael he faith, All day long 
have 1 rtretched forth my hands 
»nto a difobedient and gain-fay- 
rng pcouk* 

rbe Gofpei. St. r8« 

JEfus walking by the fea of 
Galilee, faw two brethren, Si-» 
mon, called Peter, and Andrew 
his brother, caftir^ a net into the 
fea:. (for they wei-ihmeis.j And 
he faith unto them. Follow: me, 
and I will make you fifhers (f 
men. And tlxey ftraigbtvVay. left 
their nets, and followed him. 
And going on from thence, he 
faw other two brethren, Jaraet 
the fon of Zebecee, and John 
hrs brother, in a Ihip with Ze- 
bedee their father, mending their 
nets J and he called them. And 
they immediately left the fhip 
and their father, and followed 

Sair7t Thcmas the Apcftk. ' 
The CoIIea. 

ALmighty and everlivingGod 
who f jf the greater con-* 
iirmation of the faith, didil fuf-» 
fer thy holy Apoille Thomas to 
be doubtful in thy Son's refur- 
reftion j grant us fo perfe^ly, 
and without all doubt to believe 
in thy Son Jefus Chrift, that our 
faith in. thy fight may never be 
reproved. Hear us, O Lord, 
through the f^me jefus Chrift ^ 
to whom, , with thee and the 
Holy GhoH:, be all honour and 
glory, now and for evermore. 

The Epiftle. Ephef. li. 19. 

N' O w th eref^ re ye are no more 
ftrangersand r»reigneri:, but 
feilow-citizers with the faints, 
aa'si of the houihoii af G od \ anA 

Saint Stephen's Day, 

arc built upon the foundation of 
the Apoftles and Prophets, Jefus 
Chrift hirr/eif being the chief 
corner-ftone ; in whom aU the 
building, fitly framed together, 
groweth unto an holy temple in 
the Lord : in whom ye alio are 
builde<i together for an habitati- 
on of God, through the Spirit, 

Thi Gofpel. St. John, XX. 24. 

T Hamas, one of the twelve, 
called Didymus, was not 
with them when [efus came. 
The other difciples therefore 
faid unto him, We^have feen the 
Lord, But he faid unto them, 
Except 1 ihall fee in his hands 
the print of the nails, and put 
my finger into the print oft the 
nailo, and thruft my hand into I 
his fide, I will not believe. And 
after eight days, again liis dif- 
ciples were within, and Thomas 
with them : Then came Jefus, 
the doors being Tnut, and ftood 
in the midft, and laid. Peace be 
unto you. Then faid he to 
Thomas, Reach hither . thy 
finger, and behold my hands j 
and reach hither thy hand, and 
thruft it into my fide ; and be 
not faithlefs, but believing. And 
Thomas anfwered and faid unto 
him, My Lord, and my God. 
Jefus faith unto him, Thomas, 
becaufe thou haft {ten me, thou 
haft believed ; biefled are they i 
that have not (ttiiy and yet have i 
believed. And many other ligns I 
truly did Jefus in the prefsnce of i 
his difciples, which are not writ- 
ten in this book. But thefe are I 
written, that ye might believe i 

that Jefus i;s the Chrift,- the Soh 
of God 5 and that believing, ye 
might have life thro* hisName, 

Saint Stephen's Day> 
'lie ColUa. 

GRant, O Lord, that in all 
our futferings here upoti 
earthj for the teftimony of thf 
truth, we may ftedfaftly look 
up to Heaven, and by faith 
behold the glory that fhall bfi 
revealed ; and being filled with 
the Holy Ghoft, may learn td 
love artd blefs our perfecutors^ 
by the example of thy firft Mar- 
tyr vSaint Stephen, who prayed 
for his murderers to thee, O 
Blefled Jefus, who ftandeft at «- 
the right hand of God, to fuc- 
cour all thofe who fuirer for 
thee, our only Mediator and 
Advocate. Amen, 
qj Theh Jh all follow the Col/eff 
of the Ncit'fvity^ivhhh Jhail 
he faid continually until h'c^- 
Tear's E've, 
For the Epijile. A<fls, vii. 55. 

STephen being full of the 
Holy Ghoft, looked up fted- 
faitly into heaver., and faw the 
glory of God, and Jefus ftanding 
on the right hand of God^ and 
faid. Behold, I fee tiie heavens 
opened, and the Son of man 
ftanding on the right hand of 
God. Then they cried ouf with 
a loud voice, and ftopped their 
ears, and ran upon him with 
one accord, and caft him out of I 
the city, and ftontd him : and 
the v/itnefies laid dow^n their 
clothes at a young roan's feet, . 

Saint John the Evangelift^l Day. 

jCe name was Sau], And, bcamaof light upon thy Churct/^ 

thjy iloneU S;cphen> calling up 
on God, ajid faying, Lord Jefus, 
ifiC(Li\zmy fpirit. And hekned* 
ed dQWii, ai;d crkd w'lih a loud 
voice, Lord, lay no: this fin to 
their ch-irge. And when he had 
Uid th's, he fell a/leep« 
*2'he Gojpil. St, Matth, xxlli^ 34. 

BEhold, 1 lend unto you pro- 
phets, and wife men, and 

fcribes ; and fome of them ye ! , -^ , " , • ,"" • r • , 

n. II I -n J •.- J i- ( heard, wr*;cii we nave ieen with. 

ihail kill and cruciW : and fome ' ' ^^^ . . , 11^ 

r ' ^ our eyes, v/h)*:n we have iaoktr* 

^efeourge in your! ^ *, l j u u _* 

r -J' L > upon, and our handfiiiave «•««■ 

lynagogues, and perlecute them . V !.r li, a *- i;r /'f'^ 

i.- V / «;«,. -K ^ ied of the word ot life . (toi 

jroijx city to cify ; chat upon you 

may come all the righteous 

that it being inftru6ted by the 
dodtrine oif thy blefTetl Apofllc 
.and Evangelift Saint John, may 
(o walk in the light of thy truths 
that at length it niay attain t^ 
everlafting life, through Jelus 
Chrift our Lord. Amen, 

' The Ep'tjlle. I St. John, 1. i, 

TH at which was from :he be- 
ginning, which wc have 
heard, wfJ^^i we have feen with. 

„r ^k..^ A, 11 r ' ' i our eyes, v/h)*^h we ha\ c laoktci 

or them fhalJ yefeourge m vnnr! •' » ... 

blood {hed upon the earth, from 
the blood of righteous Abel, 
unto the blood of Zachariab-, 
{ot\ of Barachias, whom ye flew 
between the temple and ^e al- 
tar. Verily I fay unto yon, All 
thefe things /hall come upon this 
generation. O Jerusalem, Je- 
rufalem, thou that killeft the 
prophets, and ftoneftthem which 
are fent unto thee ; how often 
would I have gathered thy chil- 
dren tdgether, even as a hen 
gatherech her chickens under 
her wings, arfC ye w uld not ! 
Behold, your houfe is left unto 
you defolate. For I fay unto 
you. Ye fliall not fee rnc hence- 
forth, till ye lliall fay, Blefled 
is" he that cometh in the Name 
of the Lord. 

Saint John t)jc Evarrgelifi'i Day, 

MErciful Lord, we befeech 
thee to ca^ thy bright \ is not in us, 
G 3 

the life was raanifefted and we 
have Icen it, and bear witnefs, 
and fhow unto you that eternal 
life which was with the Father, 
and was manifclled unto us j) 
that which we have feen and 
heard, declare we unto you, that 
ye alfo may hav« teilowihip with 
us : and' truly our feJlowrtiip is 
with the Father, and with his 
Son Jefus Chri/l:. And thefe 
things write we unto you, that 
your joy may be full. This 
then is the .m^ifage which we 
have heard oi him, and declare 
unts you, that God is light, and 
in him is no d^rkrierb at all. If 
we fay that we have fellow/liip 
with him, and walk in darknefs, 
we lie, and do not the truth ; 
But if we wallc in the light, as 
he is in the light, we have fel- 
low/hip one with another, and 
the blood of Jefus Chrift his 
Son cleanfeth us from all fin. If 
we fay that we have no fin, we 
deceive purfelves, and the truth 
If we coiifefs our 

^ns, he IS fa'thful and juft to 
forgive us our fins, and to cleanfe 
us from all unrighteoufnels. If 
we fay that we have not finned, 
we nnake him a liar, and his 
Word is not in us. 

^'hcGofpeL ^/^^ J^jjnyxxi. 19, 

JEfus faid unto Peter, follow 
me. Then Peter turning 
about, feeth the difciple wh^rri 
Jefus loved, following, (whith 
alfo leaned on his breaft at fup. 
per, and faid, Lord, which is 
he thiiT-betf^cth tjjee ?) Peter 
feeing him, falch to Jefus, Lord, 
and what ftiall thi's-rn'an'do ? Je- 
fus faith unto him, If 1 will 
that he tarry till 1 tbmt^ what 
is that to thee ? Follow thou me. 
Then went this faying • abroad' 
am on g the b reth f ^h , ' t' h at th at 
difciple fhould not die : yet Jefus 
faid not unto him, Ke fhali not 
die : but if I will that he tarry • 
till J come, what is that to thee 3 
This is the difciple which tefti- 
fieth of ihefe things, and wrote 
thefe things, and we knovv that 
histeftimcJny is t*ue. And there 
are alfo many other things which 
Jefus did, the which, if they 
ihould be written' every one, ( 
fappofe that even the world itfelf 
could not contain thebookB that 
/hould be written. • 

The Jnrixicents Day% 
The CoUeB. . .' ■ 

O Almighty God, who -out 
of the rriouths of babt-sand' 
fucklings haft ordained ftrength, 
aiid madeft infants -to glovify 

thee by their deaths! mortJfy 
and kill all vices in us, and ft 
ftrengthen us by L-hygmce, that 
by the innocency of our lives, 
and conflancy of our faith even 
unto' death, we may -glorify thy 
holy Nanrie, through Jeiiis Chnft 
our Lord.*' j4nten* ~ 

Fpr'the^Epl^Ie, "Rev. xiv, t, 

ILookcd, -and io, a Lamb 
ftood on t|;i,e mount Sion^k 
and with him an hundred forty 
and four thcufand, having his 
Father's Namp written in their. 
forf head ». .^nd I iieard a y oice 
from heaven,^ as. the voice of, 
many waters, -jand- as, the voice^ 
of a great thunder : and 1 hearitj^ 
the voice of harpers harping vyith/ 
theii; h^i^z \\^nd they fung a? ^ 
it werci a new fong before the ." 
throne, and ^before the four', 
beaftsj and , , the > elders : and Ik.- 
'man cp-ild. learn ^^at fong, but 
the hundred ancj forty and four; 
thoufand, whicji vvere redeemed . 
from the earth. Thefe are they; 
which were pot defiled vvith w6«^ 
men, for they are virgins ^ thefe' 
are they which follow the Lanj])^ 
whitj^i^erfc^eyer he ^oeth ; thef?*f 
were redeemed from among men/* 
being the firft fruits unto God',' 
and to the Lamb, . And in their 
mouth was found no .guile j for: 
they are withaut fault before the - 
throne of God. 

The Go/pel, St, Matth. ii. 13* 

Trie angel of the Lord ap- 
peareth to Jofeph in a 
dream-, faying, Arife, and take 
the young' child and his mo- 

The Converilon of Saint Pavl* 

iher, and flee into Lgypt, and be 
thou there until i Dring thee 
word J tor Herod will ietic the 
voung child :o ddroy him» 
When he aroie, he took the 
youn^ child and his mother by 
night, and departed into ^^ypt; 
ind was there uatil :kl jeath of 
Herod : that it might be falf.l'cd 
which was fpoken of the L^ord 
hv the prophet, fay^'ig, Cu':of 
Egypt have I ciUed my fon. 
"irhen Herod, when he Taw that 
lie was mocked of the wiie men, 
was exceeding vyroth, and f^nt 
forth, and Hew all the children 
tha: wercin Bethi£hem,and in all 
tiie co-ills thereof, ft-orn two 
years old and under, according 
to the time which he had dili- 
gently enquired of the wile men. 
Then wa fuihlled that which 
was fpok- :i by Jeremy xhe pro- 
phet, faying, In Rama was there 
a voice heard, lamentation, and 
weeping, and great mourning, 
Rachael weeping for her chil- 
dren, and would not be comfort- 
ed, becaufe they are not. 

7bc Cdii'Lcrpm of St, Paul, 
■ 7he Coliea, 

OGod, who, through the 
preaching of the blefled 
ApoftieSaint Paul, haft cauled 
the light of the Gofpei to ihine 
thtoagnout tiie world j grant, we 
bei.!e'-h thee, chat we, having 
his wo:iderfol converfrcn in re- 
rne»nbrance, may ihowfoith Q.iir 
thanicfulne'.s unto thee for the 
lame, by following the holy doc- 
trine which he taught, through 
Tefus Chijil our Lord. Amfin% 

¥or thi y.p'ifile, A(Sls, Ix. T. 

A Nc' Saul', yet breathing oui 
i\^ threater'ngs and liaugltter 
a J aar: 'ihe ciiaples of the Lord, 
wc-^c unto the high prieft, and- 
Gcfiied o/hini letters to Damaf-' 
cus'to the rync'gogues, that if he 
found any of this way',' whether. 
liey v.'sre m-'n oi" women, he| 
night bring them bound unto 
Jerufalem. And as he journeyed, 
he came near Damafcxis : ii.:d, 
fuddenly there fhined roOmd'. 
about him a light from, h^aveii." 
And he fell t/ the earth, and' 
heard a voice faying unto him, ^ 
S!iul, Saul, why perfecuteil thou' 
me } And lie faici. Who art thoii. 
Lord ? And tlic Lord JfaiQ, lani 
Jelus whom thou perlecutelt : It 
is hard for thee to kick againft 
the pricks. And he, Treinbling' 
and arLonilT;ed, faid, LorC;, U'hatJ 
wli: thou have me tj[. do ? And 
the Loid laid unto him, Arife, ' 
and go into the city, and it ihuU, 
be told thee what th-vj mult do. * 
And the men w.ixh journeyed 
wlih him 'tooa fj^echlefs, hear- 
ing a voice, but feeing no man. 
And Saul avofe from the earth j 
and when his eyes were opened,' 
he faw no man : but they led him 
by the hand, and bijught him ; 
into DamafcuiS. And . he v^as ' 
three days without fight, and 
n-.'5ther did eatnot drink. And 
there was a certaiR difciple at' 
Damafcu-, nar::2i Ananias, and 
to him faid the Lord i»a vifior?, 
Ananiab : And' he faid," behold,, 
1 am here. Lord. And the Lord' 
faid unto him, Arlfe, and ^oin- 

The Purification of Saint Mary. 

to tht ilrect which is called 
Stra'ght, and cnqciirc in the 
houCe of Judas for one called 
SzmI, of Tari'us : for behold, he 
piciyeth, and hath feen in a vj- 
Con a man named Ananias, 
coming in, and putcinghls hand 
on him, that he might receive 
his fight. Ihen Ananias an- 
fwered, Lord, i have heard by 
mar\y of this man, how much 
evil he liath done ^o thy faints at 
JerMialern : and here he hath 
authority from the chief priefts 
tv bind all that call on thy name. 
Eut the Lord faith unro I)Im, Go 
thy vi'ay : for he is a cholen vef- 
fel unto mc, to bear my Name 
before the Gentiles, and kings, 
and the children of Ifrael : For 
1 will fiiow him how great things 
he mull fuffer for my Name's 
fake. And Anjijiias went his 
Way, and entered Into the houfe j 
and putting his hands on him, 
faid, Brotijer Saul, the Lord 
(tvtn Jefus, that appeared unto 
thee in the way as thou earned) 
hath fent me, that thou mighteft 
receive thy fight, and be iilled 
with the Koly Ghoft. And im • 
mediately there fell from his 
eyes as It had been fcales ; and 
he received fight forthwich^ and 
arofe, and was baptized. And 
when he hath received meat, he 
was flrengthened. Then was 
Saul certain days with the dif- 
Cjp]?s which were at Damafcus. 
And ftraightway he preached 
Chrlft in the fynagogues, that 
he is the Son of God. But all 
that heard him were amazed^ 
%nd faidj Is not this he that d€- 

^ro^ed them which called on 
this Name in jerufalem, and 
came hither for that intent, that, 
he mik^ht bring them bound un-*^ ' 
to the chief piieils ? But SauT^ ' 
mcreafed tJ.e more in frrength^"- 
and confounded the Jews vvhjcS^f" 
dwelt at Damafcus, proTijigthat 
this is very ChrilU 

The Gojpcl, St. Matth. xix. 27, 

PEter anfwered, and faid unto, 
Jefus, Behold, we have for- 
faken all, and followed thee; 
what iliail we have therefore ? 
And Jefus faid unto them, Ve- 
rily I fay unto you, that yc 
which have followed me, in 
the regeneration, when the Son 
of man fhall fit in the throne of 
his glory, ye aho fhall fit upon 
twelve thrones, judging the 
twelves tribes of Ifrael. Arid eve- 
ry one that hath forfaken bouf- 
es, or brethren, or fifters, or fa- 
ther, or mother, ©r wife, or chil- 
dren, or lands, for my Name's 
fake, /hall receive an hundred- 
fold, and iliall inherit everlafling 
life. But many that are iirik 
fhall be laft, and the lafl Ihali 
be iirfl. 

The Prefentatkn cf Ckrifi in tbt 
Temple, commonly called, The 
Purification cf Saint Mary tbi 

The CoUeB. 

ALmighty and everlivlng 
God,, we humbly befcecn 
thy Majcfty, that as thy only^ 
begotten Son ^ was this day prc- 
fentCiJ iii the Temple in fub- 

The Purification of Saint Mary. 

fiance of our Heih : fo we may 
be prelentcd unto thee with pure 
ai)d clean hearts, by the Tame 
thy Ton Jelus Chrill our Lord. 
For the Epiftlc. Mai. iii. i. 

BEholdp I will fend my mef- 
fenger, and he ihall prepare 
the way before me : and the 
Lord, whom ye feek, fliail fud- 
Uenly come to his temple j even 
the meiTenger oF the covenant, 
whom ye delight in : behold, he 
fliail come, faith the Lord of 
hofts. But who may abide the 
day of his coming ? and who 
/hall ftund when he appeareth ? 
for he is like a refiner's fire, and 
like fuller^a foap. And he fliail 
fit as a refiner and purifier of 
lilver : and he fhall purify the 
fens of Levi, and purge them as 
gold and fiiver, thac they may 
ofier unto the Lord an offering 
in righreoufnefs. Then fhail the 
offerings of Judah and Jerufi:lem 
be pieafant unto the Lord, as in 
the days of old, and as in for- 
mer years. And I will come 
near to you to judgment j and 1 
will be a fwift witnefs again ft the 
forcerers, and againft the adul- 
terers, and againft falfe fv.-earers, 
and againft thofe that opprefs the 
hireling in his wages, the widow, 
and the fatlierlefs, and that turn 
afidc the ftranger from his right, 
artii fear not me, faith the Lord 
of hofts. 

^'bcGof^cl. St, Luke, ii. 22. 

ANd when t"he d^ys ofher 
puiihcation, according to 
ithe i^w 01 Mofsis, wei-e accoai- 

G 5 

pliilied, they brought him to Jc« 
rufalem, to prelent him tv> the 
Lord (as it is written in the lavr 
of the Lord, Every m;jlc thit 
openeth the womb Ihall be call- 
ed holy to the Lard) and to offer 
a facrifice, according to that 
which is faid in the law of the 
Lord, A pair of turtle doves, or 
two young pij^eons. And behold, 
there was a man in Jerufalem^ 
whofe name was Simeon j and 
the fame man was juft and de- 
vout, waiting for the confolation 
of Ifrael : and the Holy Ghoft 
was upon him. And it was re- 
vealed unto him by the Holy 
Ghoft, that he ihould not fee 
death, before he had ie^n the 
Lord^s Chrirt. And he came by 
the Spirit into the temple j and 
when the parents; brought in the 
child Jefus, to do for him after 
the cuitom of the law, then took 
he hira up in his arms, and bleff- 
ed God, and faid, Lord, n.)\v 
letteft thou thy fervant depart in 
peace, according to thy word ; 
For mine eyes have feen thy faU 
vation ; which thou haft prepa- 
red before the face of all people ^ 
a light to lighten the Gentiles, 
and the glory of thy people If- 
rael. And Jofeph and his mother 
marvelled at thofe things which, 
were fpoken of hini. And Simeon 
bleiVed them, and faid unto Mary 
his mother, Behold, this child is 
fet for the faJl and rifing again of 
many in Ifvaelj and for a (ign 
which fhali be fpoken againft, 
(yea, a fword fhalj pierce through 
chy own (l)ul arfj,) that the 
thoughts of many i;carts may be 

SainfMATTHiAs's' Dav. 

revealed. And their was one 
Anna, a prophetefs, the daugh- 
ter or 11. anuei, oi the tribe of 
Afer ; fhe was of a great age, and 
had lived with an huiband feven 
years from her virginity 5 and fhe 
was a widow of about four-fcore 
and four years, which departed 
not from the temple, but ferved 
God with falFmgs and pravers 
night and day. And fhe coming 
in that inftapt, gave thanks 
likewife unto tlie Lord, and 
fpake of him to all them that 
looked for redemption in Jeiu- 
falem. And when they had per- 
formed all things according to 
the law of the Lord, they re- 
turned into Galilee, to their own 
city Nazareth. And the child 
grew, and waxed llrong in fpirit, 
filled with wifdom 5 and the 
grace of God was upon him. 

SaitJt Mattbiai^s Day, 

The CoUeSl, 

O Almighty God, who into 
the place of the traitor 
Juda?, didft choofe thy faithful 
fervant Matlhias to he of the 
number of the twelve Apoftles j 
grant that thy Church, being 
a! way preferved from falfe Apof- 
tles, may be ordered and guided 
by faithful and true Pallors, 
through jefus Chrift our Lord. 

For the Fpijlle, Adls, i. 15. 

IN thofe days Feter flood up 
in the mid A of the difciples, 
and faid, (the number of the 
na«ies together were about an 

hundred and twenty;) Meaand 
bretiiren, this Sciipture mult 
needs have been fuiiil led, which 
the Holy Ghoft by the raouth of 
David ipake before concerning 
Judas, who was guide t9 them 
that took Jelus. For he was 
numbered with us, and had ob- 
tained part of this miniftry* 
Now this man purchafed a held 
with the reward of iniquity ; and 
falling headlong, ke burft afun- 
der in the midft, and all his 
bowels'gulhed out. And it was 
known to all the dwellers at Je- 
rufalem j infomuch as that fi^^ld 
is called in their proper tongue^ 
Aceldama, that is to fay, The 
held oi blood. For it is written 
in the book of Pfalms, Let his 
habitation be defolate, and let na 
man dwell therein : and his 
BiHiopiick let another take. 
"Wherefore of thefe men, which 
have companied with us all the 
time that the Lord Jefus went in 
and out among us, beginning 
from the baptifm of John, unto 
that fame day that he was taken 
up from us, muft one be ordain- 
ed to be a witnefs v»ith us of his 
Refurredtion. And they appoint- 
ed two, Jofeph called Earl.:bas, 
who was furnamed Juflus, and 
Matthias. And they prayed, and 
faid, Thou Lord, v.hich knoweft 
the hearts of ail men, ihow whe- 
ther of thefe two tkou hafV cho- 
itn-^ that he may take part of 
this miniftry and apoftle/hip, 
from which Judas by tranfgref- 
fion fell, that he might go to 
his own place. And they gave 
fpjth their lets j and the lot fell 

The Annunciation of the Virgin Mar v. 

For the Epijilc, Ifai. vii. 

- i^on Matthias. And he was 
"■ numbered with theeleveii Apof- 

The GcJpeL St. Matth. xi. 25. 

AT that time Jefas anfwer- 
ed, and laid, 1 thank thee, 
vO Father, Lord cf heaven zvA 
" ea'-th, becaufe thou liaft hid 
thele things rrom the ;vife and 
{Tudent, and hafl: revealed them 
unto babes. Even fo, Father, 
for fo it feemed good in thy 
fight. All things are delivered 
unto me of my Facherj and no 
man knoweth the Son but the 
Parher ; neither knoweth any 
man the Father, fave tlie Son, 
and he to whomlbever the Son 
wilj reveal him. Come unto me, 
all ye that labour and are heavy 
laden, and 1 will give you reih 
Take my yoke upon you, and 
ler^rn of me , for I am meek 
and lowly in heart: and ye fhall 
find reft unto your fouls. For 
my yoke is eafy, and my bur- 
then is IJ'rht. 

^he Anvuti elation ef the bUJ'ed 
Virgin Mary, 

The Ccllea. 

WE befeech thee, O Lord, 
pour thy grace into our 
hearts 5 that as wc have known 
the Incarnation of thy Sonjefus 
Chrift by the metfage of an an- 
gel i fo by his cixfs and paliion 
wc may be brought unto the glo- 
ry Tji hi:> Refwrreclion, throu£,h 
the fame Jefu< Chrifi our Lord. 

G 6 

Moreover, the Lord fpake 
a^ain unto Ahaz, faying^ 
Aik t'lee a ivj^n of the l^ord thy 
God; aikiteiihe: in the depth, 
orin theh ■i^iitabovc. But Ahaz 
Uid, 1 wi:! not afk, neither will 
1 tempt the Lord. And he faid, 
Hear ye now, O houfe of David j 
Is it a fmall thijig for you to 
weary men, but will yc v/eary 
my God alio? Theieioie the 
Lord hjmfelf mall gi^e you a 
fign : beheld a virgia (hail con- 
ceive, and bear a f^n, «nu fhall 
call his name Immanuel. Sutter 
and honey Ihall he eat, tiial he 
may know to refufe the evil, 
and choofe the good. 

rheGfyel. Su Luke, i. 26. 

ANd in the fixth month, tiic 
angelGabi lei was hnx. from 
God unto a city of Galilee, na- 
med Nazareth, to a virgin ef- 
poufed to a man Vv^hofe name was 
Jofeph, of the houfe of David : 
and tlie Virgin's name was Mary, 
And the angel came in untcj^her 
and faid. Hail, chou that art 
highly favoured, the Lord is with 
thee J Llcflc-d art thou among 
women. And when (he fawhim, 
fhe v.'as troubled at his faying^ 
and caft in her mind what man- 
ner of falutation this Ihould be. 
And the angel faid unto her, 
Fear not, Mary ; for thou baft 
found favour with God. ArA 
beholdj'thou iliait conceive in thy 
wcmb, and bring f^rth a fon,and 
Ihalt cull his name Jcfus. He 
ftiali be greac, and iliall be called ^ 
the fon of the h'-gheft 5 iJid rh* 

Saint Ma 

Lord Cod fhall give unto him the 
throne of his father David. And 
he (hall reign ov<»r the hcufe of 
Jacob forever: and of liis king- 
dom there fliall be no end. 1 hen 
faid Mary tinto the angel, How 
fhall this be, feeing I knov/ not 
a man ? And the angel anfwered 
md faid unto her. The Holy 
Gboft ihail come upon thee, and 
the power of the Higheft ftiail 
overfiiadow thee *. therefore alfo 
that holy thing which ihall be 
born of thee, /hall be called the 
Son of God, And behold, th], 
coufin Elizabeth, flie hath alfo 
conceived a ion in her old a^e ; 
and this is the f.ith month with 
her, who was called barren. For 
with God nothing {hall be im- 
poflible. And Mary faid, behold 
the handmaid of the Lord ; be it 
unto me according to thy word. 
And the a^igel departed from her, 

Sdint Mark's Day, 

The CrJka. 

O Almighty Cod, who haft 
ini1:ru<5tt!d thy holy Church 
with the heavenly dotftrineofthy 
Evangelift Saint JVIark ; give us 
grace, that being not like chil- 
dren carried away with every 
blaftof vain do<5trine, we may be 
eftabliihed in the truth of thy holy 
Gofpel, through Jefus Chrift 
our Lord. Atr.en, 

rThe Epjjile. Ephef. Iv. 7. 

ty K to every one of us is ^iven 
} grace, according to the 
incafure of the gift of Chri/l. 
WJierefore he faith, when he 

RK*s Day. 

afcended up on high, he lei ctf» 
tivity captive, and gave gifts unta 
men. (Now that he afcended, 
what is it but that he alfo de^ 
fcended £ii£t into the lower part* 
of the earth ? He that de fcended, 
s the f'ame alfo that afcended up 
far above all heavens, that he 
might hll all things.) And he 
gave fome apoftks, ai:^! fonit pro- 
phets, and fome evangelills, and 
fome paftors and teachers, fpr 
Lhe perfedling of the faints, for 
the work of the miniftjy, for 
the edifying of the body of Chriff J 
till we all come in the unity of 
the faitk, and of the knowledge 
of the Son of God, unto a perfe<f^ 
man, unto the meafure of the 
ftature of the fulness of Chrlil : 
that we henceforth be no more 
children, tolled to and fio, and 
carried about with every wind of 
dodtrine, by the fleight of men, 
and cunning craftinefs, whereby 
they lie in wait to deceive j but 
fpeaking ths truth in love, may 
grow up into him in all things^ 
which 15 the head« even Chrilt % 
From whom the whole body fitly 
joined together, and compared 
by that which every joint fuppli- 
eth, according to the effedual 
working in the meafure q( every 
part, Kiaketh increafe of the 
body, unto the edifying of itfeif 
in love. 

rhe Gofpel. St: Joh/i, xv, i. 

I Am the true vine, and my 
Father is the huibandman. 
Every brt;nch in me that beareth 
not fruit, he taketh avvay j and 
every branch that beareth fruit, 

Saint Philip and Saint James's Day. 

life } that following the ftcps of 
thy holy Apoltles, Saint Philip 
and Saint Jan:es, we may flcd- 
Talliy walk in the way that leaJ- 
eth to ttern&l liic, rhroogh thfe 
fame thy Son Jefus Chrilt ottr 
Lcid. Anicn* 

he purgeth it, that it nriay bring 
forth more fruit. Now ye are 
clean through the word which I 
have fpuken unto you. Abide 
4n me, and I in yiu. As the 
branch cannot bsar fruit of it- 
felf, except it abide in the 
vine j no more can ye, except ye 
abide in me. 1 am the vine, 
ye are the branches. He that 
abideth in me, and I in him, 
the fame br^ngech forth much 
fruit : for without me ye can do 
nothing. If a man abide not in 
me, he is caft forth as a branch, 
and Is withered j and men gather 
them, and ca'l th'^m into the 
fire, and they are burned. It 
ye abide in me, and my words 
abide in you, ye (hall a/k whr^t 
ye will, and it fhall be done unto 
you. Herein is my Father gio- 
fihed, that ye bear much fruit j 
io fhall ye be my difciples. As 
the Father hath loved me, fo 
have I loved you : continue ye 
in my love. If ye keep my 
commandments, ye fhall abide 
in my love \ even as 1 have kept 
ipy Father's commandments, 
and abide in his love Thel'e 
things have 1 fpoken unto you, 
that my joy mig'u remain in 
vou, and that your joy might be 

iSr. Pkilip and St, 'Jamed Day. 
The Collea, 

O Almighty God, whom tru- 
ly to know is everlafting 
life J grant us perfectly to know 
thy Son Jefus Chriil to be 
Xht way, the truth^ and the 

i:heEf\file» 5/. James, i. i. 

J Ames, a fervant of God, and 
of the Lord Jefus Chrift, to 
the twelve tribes which are fcat- 
tered abroad, greeii. g. My bre- 
thren, count it all joy when ye 
fdll into divers temptations ; 
knowing this, that the trying of 
your faith worketh patience. 
But let-patience have her perfect 
work, that ye may be perfedl 
and entire, wanting nothing. 
If any of you lack wifdom, let 
him afk of God, that giveth to 
all men liberally, and upbraid- 
eth not J and it fhall be given 
him. But let him afk in faith, 
nothing wavering j for he that 
wavereth is like a wave of the 
fea, driven with the wind, and 
tolled. For let not that man 
think that he fhall receive any 
thing of the Lord. A double- 
minded man is unftable in all 
his ways. Let the brother of 
low degree rejoice in that he is 
exaked ; but the rich in that he 
is made low ; bccaufe as the 
flower oi the grafs he fhall pafs 
away. For the fun is no fooner 
rilen with a burning heat, but 
it withereth the grafs, ana the 
flower thereof falleth, and the 
grace of the faihion of it periih- 
cth : fy alfo fhali the rich man 
fade away in his ways, Biefled 

Saint Ba-rnab 

U the man that endureth temp- 
tation J for when he is tried, he 
fhall receive the crown of life, 
which the Lord hath promifed 
to them that love him. 

ne Gofpd, St, John, xiv. i. 

ANd Jefus faid unto his dif- 
cipies, Let not )€)ur heart 
be troubled : ye believe in God, 
believe alfo in me. In my Fa- 
ther's iioufe are many maufions, 
if it were not {o, i would have 
tcld you. 1 go to prepare a place 
for you. And if I go and prepare 
a place for you, I will come again, 
and receive you unto rayfclfj 
that where I am, there ye may 
be alio. And whither 1 go, ye 
know, and the way ye know. 
Thomas faith unto him, Loru. 
we know not whither tiou goelt, 
and how can we know the way r 
Jeius faich unto him, 1 am the 
vvciv, the truth, and :he life : no 
man Cometh unto the Father but 
by me. If ye had icnown me, ye 
ihould have known my Father 
aifo : aad from hencerorth ye 
know him, and have fecn him. 
Phihp faith unto him. Lord, 
jUiovv us the Father, and it futli- 
cech us. Jefus faith unto him. 
Have 1 been (o long time with 
you, and yet halt thou not 
known me,Piiilip : He that hatli 
fcen me, hath ittn. the Father j. 
^nd how faycit thou then, Show 
us ihe Father ? . Eelieveil: thou 
not that 1 am in the Father, and 
the Father in me ?- , Tiie wjids 
that I fpcak unto you, i fpeak 
not of myfeif J bur the Father 
that dwciisth ii\ mc, he doetii 

AS the Apoftle. 

the works. Believe m£, that \ 
am in the Father, and the i-'a- 
ther in me j or elfe believe me 
for the very works fake. Verily, 
verily, I fay unto you, Ke that 
believeth on me, the works that 
I do ihall he do alfo; and greater 
works than thele fhall he do j 
becaufe I go unto my Fathei. 
And whatloever ye ihall afk in 
my Name, that v.'ili I do, that 
the Father may be glorified 
in the Son. If ye ihall aik any 
thing in my Name, 1 will do it. 

St. Barrahas the Afofile, 
The CoJka. 

OLord God Almighty, who 
didil endue thy holy Apof- 
tle Barnab.^.s with fmguhir gii'ts 
of the Holy Ghojl ; leave us 
not, we befeech thee, deftitute of 
thy manifold gifts, nor yet of 
grace to ufe them alway to thy 
honour and glory, through Jefus 
Chriit our Lord. Amen, 

For the Ep'iflle, A£ls, xi. 22. 

Tidings of thefe things came 
un:o the ears of the Church 
which v/as in Jerufalem : and » 
they fent forth Barnabas, that 
he ihoUld go as far as Antiocli : 
who, when he came, and had 
feen the grace of God, vvasglad ; 
and exhorted them all, that 
with purpofe of heart they w.oiUd 
cleave untp the Lord. For he 
was a good man, and full o^the 
Holy Ghoil-, and v)f faith : an4 
much people wa^ add^d unto the 
Lord. Then departed Barnabas 
to I'arfys for to feek 5«t^il J And 

Saint John Baptift's Da/, 

when he had fouiid him, he 
brought him unto Antioch. 
A nd it came to pals, that a whole 
jear they aifemblcd then^ilelves 
with ihe Church, and taught 
much people : and the difciples 
♦ere called Chriftiani tirft in 
Anticch. And in thefe days 
came pro{>hets from Jerufakm 
unto Antioch. And there ftood 
•Bp or.eof tJiem, named Agabus, 
and fign'hcd by the Spirit, tiiat 
there <>iould be great dearth 
throughout all the v^oiid : which 
time to pafs in the days of Clau- 
dius Caefar. Then the djlciples, 
every man according to his abi- 
lity, determined to lend relief 
wnro the Lie'hren which dwelt 
isjudea. Which alfo they did, 
?nd fent it to the elders by the 
h.iTids fef Barnabas and Saul. 
TheGoj^eL 3t, John, xv. 12, 

THis is my commandment, 
That ye love oile another, 
as 1 have loved you. Greater 
love hath ho man than this, 
that a man lay down his life for 
his friends. Ye are my friends, 
if ye do whatfoever I command 
\ou. Henceforth 1 call you not 
Jervants j for the fervant know- 
•th not what his Lord doeth : but 
3 have called you friends ; for 
ail things that 1 have heard of 
njy Father, I have made known 
wnto you. Ye have rirot chofen 
nie, but I have ch.ofen you, ^nd 
♦rdained you, that ye fhauld go 
and bring loru^^ fruit, and that 
your fr-uit fnould remain 5 that 
uhatfoever ye fhal! a fit of the 
Father in my Name, he may 
i'vve it ycii. 

St, John Fupt'ijri Day. 
^i Le LoiUti, 

ALm'tnt/ C^od, -by whofc 
frMvli'^nce. thy feivant. 
]>h.i Bapt it nas wonderruii) 
bom, and i^^itto | u-pare the way 
of t'ly Son ,Ui Saviour, by 
preaching rej;cnL.i'nre j make uj 
lo to follow his dj^Ciir^anun'ily 
life, t.iat v/e mav tiaky repent 
according to his pr^achln^ j and 
after his ex .n'.pie c nfl^ntly 
fpeak the trum. boialy' rcK j :e 
vice, and pa ientiy ;or 
the truth's lake, througii J^ius 
Chrift our Lord. Amen, 
h'or the Effile. Kaiah, x). i. 

COmfort ye, comfort ye my 
people, laith your God. 
Speak ye cojiifortably to Jerufa- 
km, and cry unto her, that her 
warfare is accompliihed, that her 
iniquity is pardoned : iorilie hath 
received of the Lord's hand dou^ 
ble for all her fins, 'i he voice 
of him that crieth in the wilijer- 
nefs, Prepare >e iht way or the 
Lord, make ftrai^ht ia the de- 
fert a highway lor our God. 
Every vaUey iliaii be exalted, and 
every mounLuin and hill (hall be 
made low : and the crooked Ihall 
be made ftrajght, an^ the rough 
places plain. And the glory of 
the Lord Oiall be revealed, and 
all flefh fniiil fee it together 5 for 
the m.outh of the Lord hath fpo- 
ken it. The voice faid, Cry. 
And ^.e fiiid, V;hat fhaJl I cry ? 
All flelft is grafs, and all the 
goodlinefo thereof is as the Hewer 
of the field, Thegrals v^ithciech, 
the flower fadeth, becauTe the 
Spiiit of the Lord blowcth-upotj 
It ; 

It : furely the people is grafs. The 
grafs withereth,the flower isdethj 
but the Woi:d of our Go^ fhall 
ftand for ever.O Zion,that bring- 
til good tidings, get thee up into 
the high mountain : O Jeiufa- 
lem,rhat bringeftgood Lidings,lift 
«pthy voice with flrength j lift 
it up, be not afraid : fay unto 
the cities of Judah, Behold your 
God. Behold, the Lord God 
will come with ftrong hand, and 
his arm ihail rule for him : be- 
hold his reward is with him, and 
his work before him. He Ihall 
fend his flock like a fhepherd j 
he fhail gather the Iambi with 
his arm, and carry them in his 
hofom, and fhall gently lead 
rhofe that are wkh young. 
"The GofpeL St, Luke, i. 57. 

ELifabeth's full time came 
that ihe fhould be deliver- 
ed j and ihe brought forth a fon. 
And her neighbours and her 
coufins heard how the Lord had 
fhovved great mercy upon her ^ 
and they rejoiced with her. And 
it came to pafs, that on the 
eighth day they came to circum- 
cife the child ; and they called 
him Zacharias, after the name 
of his father. And his mother 
anfwered and faid, Not fo j but 
he /hall be called John. And 
ihey faid unto her, There is 
none of thy kindred that is cal- 
led by this name. And they 
made figns to his father, how 
he would have him called. And 
he afked fof- a writing table, and 
wrote, faying, his name is John. 
And they marvelled all. And 
Ills mouth was opened immedi* 

ately, and his tongue loofed, 
*nd he fpake, and prai fed God- 
And fear came on ail that dwelt 
round about them : and all 
thefe fayings were jioifed abroad 
throughout all the hill-country 
of Judea. And all they that 
had heard them, laid them up 
in their hearts, faying, What 
manner of child fliall this be ? 
And the hand of the Lord was 
with him. And his father Za- 
charias was filled with the Holy 
Ghod, and prophefied, faying, 
Bleifed be the Lord God of U- 
rael j for he hath vifited and re- 
deemed his people, and hath 
raifed up an horn of falvation 
for us, in the houfe of his fer- 
vant David j as he fpake by the 
mouth of his holy prophets, 
which have been fince the world 
began j that we fliould be faved 
from our enemies, and from tht 
hand of all that hate us : To 
perform the mercy promifed to 
our fathers, and to remember 
his holy covenant : the oath 
which he fware to our father 
Abraham, that he would grant 
unto us, that we, being deliver- 
ed out of the hands of our ene- 
mies, might ferve him without 
fear, in hoiinefs and righr.couf- 
nefs before him, all the days of 
our life. And thou, child, {halt be 
called the prophet of the High- 
eft : for thou Hialt go before 
the face of the Lord, to prepare ' 
his ways : to give knowledge c>{ 
falvation unto his people by the 
remiflxon of their lins, through 
the tender mercy of our God ; 
whereby the Day-fpring from 

Oh high hath yifitfA us, t6 give 
light to them thai fit in dark- 
nefs, and in thr fhadow of death, 
to guide our fVet into the way uF 
peace. And the child grew, and 
waxed ftrong in fpirit j and was 
in the delerts till the day of his 
/howing unto Ifrael. 

Saint Peter's Day. 

©ut ceafing of the Church untO 
God for himt And when Herod 
would have brought him forth, 
t!ie fame night Peter was fleep- 
I ing betwcfn two foldiers, bound 
: with two chains ; and thekeepert 
before the door Icept the prilbn. 
And behold, the Angf^l of the 
Lord came upon him, and a light 
fhined in the prifon : and he 
fmote Peter on the fide, and 
raifed him up, faying, A rife up 
quickly. And his chains fell 
off from his hands. And the 
angei faid unto him. Gird thy- 
felf, and bind on thy fanaais : 
and fo he did. And he faith 
unto him, Cafl: thy garment 
about thee, and follow me. And 
he went out, and followed him ) 
and wiA not that it was true 
which was done by the angel ; 
but thought he faw a vifion. 
When they,v/ere paft the firft and 
the fccond ward, they csme unto 
tlie iron gate that leadeth unto 
the city, which opened to them 
of his own accord : and they 
went our, and pafled on through 
one ftreet, and forthwith the 
angel departed from him. And 
when Peter v^as comb to himfelf, 
he faid, Now i know of a furety 
that the Lord hath fent his an- 
gel, and hath delivered me out 
of the hand of Hercd, and from 

-57. Fet€)''i Day, 
"The ColUa. 

O Almighty God, who, hy 
thy Son jefus Chrift, didft 
give to thy Apollrle Saint Peter 
many excellent gifts, and com- 
mandedft him earneftly to feed 
tTiy flock : make, we befeech 
thee, all Bifhops and Paftors di- 
ligently to preach thy holy Word, 
and the people obediently to fol- 
low the fame, that they may 
receive the crown of everlafting 
glory, through Jefus Chrift our 
Lord. Amen, 

■For tb€ Epijih, A^s, xii. i. 

A Bout that time, Herod the 
king ftretched forth his 
hands ta v;x certain of the 
Church. And he killed Jarnes 
the brother of John with the 
fword. And becaufe he faw it 
pleafed the Jews, he proceeded 
further totalce Peter aifo. (Then 
were the days of unleavened 
bread.) And when he had ap- ! afl the expectation oi the people 
prehended him, he put him in \ of the Jews. 
prifon, and delivered him to four ^ /• , f^ , 

quaternions of foldier., to keep ; ^^f'' ^'fP'-' ^^' -^^"^- ^^^- ^3- 
him, intending after Eafter to [ TT T Hen Jefus came into the 
bring him forth to the people. | V V coail of C;efarea Phi- 
Peter therefore was kept in pri- i lippi, he afked his difciplcs, fay^ 
fon j burprayer was made with- • ing, Whom do men lay that I, 


Saint James 

the Son of man, am ? And they 
iaid, Some fay tliat thou art 
John the Baptift, fome Elias, 
aad others, Jeremias, or one of 
the prophets. He faith unto 
thcni. But whom fay ye that 1 : 
am r And Sjrn'^n Peter anfNyered ! 
and faid, thou art Chrift, the j 
Son of the liviiig God. And] 
Jefus anfwered and faid unto 
him, Blefled art thou, Simon 
^arjona : for fieili and blood hath 
not revealed it unto thee, but 
my Father which is in heaven. 
AiVd I fay alfo unto thee, that 
thou art Peter, and upon this 
rock 1 will build my Church : 
and the gates of h^ll fliall not 
prevail again^: it. And I will 
^.ive unto thee the keys of the 
kingdom of heaven : and what- 
ibever thou fhalt bind on earth, 
iliall be bound in heaven y aud 
V'hatfoever thou /halt loofe on 
^arth (hall be loofed in heayen. 

St, James the JpoJlU. 

GP^ant, O merciful God, 
that as thine holy Apoftle 
Saint James, leaving his father 
;^nd all that he ha<i, without de- 
l(ay was obedient unto the calling 
of thy Son Jefu Chrilr, and fol- 
lowed him ; fo we, forfaking all 
worldly and carnal affections, 
riiay be evermore ready to follov*^ 
thy holycommandmejits, through 
Jefus Chrifl our Lord. Arnen^ 
Tor the Epiftle. "Aftg, xi. 27. 
and part of Chap, xii» 
N thofe days came prophets 
from Jerufalem unto An- 

the Apoille. 

tioch. And there liood up one 
of them named Agabus, and 
lignified by the Spiiit, that there 
Should be great dearth through- 
out all the wo4d : which came 
to pafs in the days of Claudius 
Ca^far. Then the.difcipies, every 
man according to his ability, de- 
termined to fend relief unto the 
brethren which dwelt in Judea, 
Which aifo they did. and tent it to 
the elders by the hands of Bar- 
nabas and Saul. Now abouf: chat 
time, f-^erod the king iberched 
forth his hands to vej^ certain oi 
the Church. And he killed 
James the brother of John with, 
the fword. And becaufe he faw 
it pleafed the )ew^ he proceeded 
further to t:ake Peter alfo. 

The Gofpel. St. Matth. xx. 20. 

THen came to him the mo- 
ther of Zebedee's chkldien, 
with her Ions, worlhippin^ him, . 
and defiriiig a certain thing of 
hiiiv And he ,faid unto bee, 
Wiiat wilt thou ? She faith unto 
him, Grant that, thefe my two 
fons may fit, the one on thy right 
nand, and tlic other on the Jefr, 
in thy kingdom. . But Jefus an- 
fwered and faid, Ye know not 
what ye afk. Are ye able to 
drink of the cup that I ihall 
drink of, and to be baptized w;]th. 
the baptifm that 1 am baptifed 
v/ith ? 1 hey fay unto him. We 
are able. And he faith unto 
them. Ye fhall drink indeed o£ 
my cup, and be baptized witk 
the baptifm that I am baptized 
with j but to fit on my , riglit. 
hand, and on my left, is ,not 
' ' " niinc 

Saint Bart HOLD 

wire t(? give ;, but it fhall be 
^ivcato them for whoin it is pre- 
pared (if hiy Father. And when 
the ten heard of it, they were 
moved with indignation againft 
the two brethren. But J* fus cal- 
led thtm unto him, and ^aid. 
Yc know that tlie princes of the 
Gentiles exercife dominion over 
them^and they that are great ex- 
' crcifc authority upon theai. But 
it /hull not be lo among you: 
But whofoever vvill be great, let him be your mi - 
niiler ;' and .whofoever will be 
chief^among you, let him be 
yoiir feirvant : Even as the Ton of 
man cante not u>- *u^ ir»ljili}er£d 
Urto^ b6t to minifter, and to 
jjlve hii lift a ranfom for many. 

• •' "The Collet, , 

O Almighty everlafting 
^o^,~wHor3T?It"give to 
thine Afoft'e T^artholomewgiace 
truly to believe and to preach 
tifty >yprd^ grants we beieech 
tliee, unco thy Church, lo lovfe 
triiit;.,yv'ord which he believed ; 
and both, jtQ preach and receive 
the fame,? thro' jefus Chrift our 

^For fBc Epljik. Afts, V. 12. 

BY the hands of the Apcfries 
were many figns z:\a won - 
dcrs wrought among the people 
(and they were all with one ac- 
cord in Solomon's porch. A.nd 
of the* relt durft no man join 
himreif to them ; but the peo- 
F^5 floagxii^^^d them. And be- 

MEw the Apoftle. 

lievers were the more added to 
the Lord, multitudes both of mea 
and women) infomuch that ihey 
brought' forth the fick into the 
ilreets, and laid them en beds 
and couches, that at the leaft 
the ihadow of I'etcr pairing by 
migliL ovar/hadow fome of them. 
There came alfo a multitude out 
of the cities round about unto 
Jerufalem, bringing fick folks, 
and them which weic vexed with, 
unclean fpirits j and they were 
healed every oxie. 

TlKGcifpeU Su Luke, xxli. 24. 

A Nd there was alfo a ftrif(^ 
Xjl a^T^>ng them, which of 
th?m ihould be accounted the- 
greatpit. And he f^id imro them. 
The kings of the GentUes e^er- 
cife lordlhip over them 5 and 
they that exercife authority up- 
on them are called benefactors. 
But ye ihall not be {0 : but he 
chat is greateft among you, let 
him be as the younger ; and he 
that is chief, as he that doth 
ferve. For whether is greater, 
he that fiiteth at meat, or he 
that fcrveth ? is not he that fic- 
t^th at meat ? but I am among, 
you a& he that fervech. Ye arq 
they which ha,ve continued with 
me in my temptations- And I 
appoint unto yoii a kingdom, a^ 
my father hath appointed unto 
me J that ye may eat and drink- 
at my table in my king^dom, and 
fit en thrones, judging the twelve 
tribes of Ifroei. 

Saint Mattheiv the ApojlU, 
The Cvlka. 

O Almighty God,vvhobytby 
bkn'ed Son didft call Mat- 
thew from the receipt of cuftom, 
to be an Apoftic and Evangeliftj 
grant us grace to forfake ell co- 
vetous defires, and inordinate 
love of I'icheo 5 and to follow 
the fame thy Son Jefus Chrifl-, 
who iiveth and reigneth with 
thcc and the Holy Ghoft, one 
God, world without end. Amen, 

The Ep'iftle, 2 Cor. iv. i. 


■^Hereforc, feeing v^e have 
this miniftry, a« we have 
•Eceived mercy, we faint not j 
but have rengunc'd the hidden 
thir^g^of dillieneily, not walking 
in craftinefs, nor handling the 
Word of God deceitfully, but by 
manifeftation of the truth, com- 
mending ourfelves to every man's 
confcience in the fight of God. 
But if our Gofpel be hid, it is 
hid to them that are loft : In 
whom the God of this world 
hath blinded the minds of them 
which believe not, left the light 
• of the glorious Gofpel of Chriii, 

^ who is the image of God, ihould 

fhine unto them. For we preach 
not ourfelves, but Chrift Jefus 
the Lord j and ourfelves your 
fervants for Jefus* fake. For 
God, who commanded the light 
to (hiue out of darknefs, hath 
ihined in our hearts, to give the 
light of the knowledge of the 
glory of God, in the face of Je- 
Ui Cbrift. 

The Gofpel. St. Matth.lx. 9. 

ANd as Jefus paiTed fortt 
from thence, hefawamap 
named Matthew, fitting at the 
receipt of cuftom : and he faith 
unto him, follow me. Ajid he 
arofe, and followed him. Aod 
it came to pafs, as Jefus fat at 
meat in the houfe, behold many 
publicans and fmners came ^nd 
fat down with him and his dif- 
ciples. And when the Phanfees 
favv it, they f^id unto his difci- 
ples. Why eateth your ^?tifter 
with publicans and iinners ? But 
when Jefus heard that, he faid 
unto them; They that be v.'hoie 
need not a Phyfician, but th€;|r 
that arc fick. But go ye and 
learn what that meaneth, I will 
have mercy, and not faciifice j 
for I am not come to call tk« 
righteous, but finners to repen- 

JSt. Michael and all Aiigeh, 
The Colhet. 

OEverlafting Ggd, wbo haft 
ordained and conftituted 
the fer vices oi Angels men 
in a wonderful order j merciful- 
ly grjnt, that as thy holy An- 
gels always do thee fervitt: 111- 
heaven ; fo, by thy appaintment, 
they may fuccour and defend us 
on earth, through' Jefus Chrift 
our Lord. Amen, 
lor the EpiJIle, Rgv, xii. 7, 

THere w as war in heaven ; - 
Michael and^ bis Angels • 
fought againlt the dragon ; aliii 
the dragon fuo^ht ^)4 his aft-»^- 

Sainc Luke the Evangelift. 

gtis, and prevailed not} neither 
was their place found any more 
irt heaven. And the great dra- 
gon was caft out, that old ier- 
pent, called the devil and Satan, 
^hichdeceivcth the whole world^ 
lie was caft out into the earth, 
Arid his angels were caft out with 
him. And I heard aloud voice 
fjiyifi^ in heaven, Now is come 
fahvtion and ftrength, and the 
kingdom of bur God, and the 
power of his Chrift : for the ac- 
clufer of our brethren is cad 
down, which accufed them be- 
fore our G«d day and night. 
And they overcame him by the 
blood of the Lamb, and by the 
word of their teftimony j and 
they loved not their lives unto 
the death. Therefore rt-joice, i 
yc heavens, and ye that dwell in I 
them. Woe to the inhabitants! 
of the earth znd of the Tea : for 
the devil is come down unto 
you, having great wrath, becaufe 
he knoweth that he hath but a 
{hort time. 

The Gofpd, St» Matth. xviti. i. 

AT the fame time came the 
difciplesuntojefusf faying. 
Who is the greateft in the king- 
dom ef heaven ? And Jefus call- 
ed a little child unto him, and 
let him in the midft of them, and 
feid, Verily 1 fay uato you, Ex- 
cept ye be converte<i,and b^icome 
as little children^ye fhali not en- 
ter into the kingdom of heaven 
Whofocver therefore fhail hum- 
ble hlmfelf as this little child, 
the fame is greateft in the king- 
«bm of he a Yea. And whofos 

(hall receive one fuch little child 
in my Name, receivcth me. Bat 
whofo ihall ofiend one of thefts 
little ones which believe in me» 
it were better for him that a milU 
ftone were hanged about hi» 
neck, and that he were drowned 
in the depth of the f.;a. Woe 
ujito the world becauft: of offen- 
ces : for it murt needs be that 
offences come : but wee to that 
man by whom the offence com- 
eth* Wherefore, if thy hand or 
thy foot offend thee,, cut them 
offi and call: them from thee i 
it is better for tliee to enter inta 
life halt or maimed, rather thaa 
having two bands or two fett,tcx 
be caft into everiafting lire. And 
if thine eye offend thee, pluck 
it out, and caft it from thee : It 
is better for thee to enter into 
life with one eye, rachei than 
having two cyes,^ to be caft into 
hell-fire, Ta.^e heed that ye 
defpife not one of thele little 
ones : for I fay unto you. That 
in heaven their angels do always 
behold the face of my Father 
which Is in heaven. 

St, Luke the E'vangellji, 
The Collecf, 

ALmighty God, whocalledft 
Luke the Fhyfician, whufe 
praile is in the Gofpel, to be an 
Evangeiift and Phyfi^iian of the 
foul j may it pleafe thee, that by 
the whoiefome medicines of the 
doctrine delivered by hira, ail 
the difeafes of our fouls may be 
healed, through the merits of 
thy fon Jefu.8 Chrift our Lord* 

Saint Simon and S^int Jude, Ajibilles. 

^^be Epiftle. 2 Tim. iv. 5, 

W-itch thou in all things, 
endure afiiiclions, do 
the v/ork of an Evange'tifl, make 
full proof of thy minidry. For 
1 am now ready to be offered, 
and the time of my departure is 
^t hand. I have fought a good 
fight, I have iinifhed my courfe, 
i hdve kept the faith. Hence- 
forth there is laid up for me a 
crovyn of righteoulnefs, which 
the Lord the righteous Judge 
ihall give me at that day: and 
not to me onlyjbut unto ail them 
alfo that love his appe?>ring. Do 
thy diligence to come ihortly un- 
to me : For Demas hath forfa- 
ken m?, having loved this pre- 
fent Vw'orld, and is departed unto 
Theflalonica j Crefcens to Ga-- 
latia, Titus unto Dalm'atia; 
Only Luke is with me. Take 
Mark and bring him with thee: 
for he is profitable to me for the 
miniflry. And Tychicus have 
I fent to Ephefus. The cloak 
that I left at Troas v/ith Carpus, 
when thou comeft, bring with 
thee, and the books, but efpe- 
cl ally the parchments. Alexan- 
der ti'ie copperfmith did me niuch 
evil : the Lord reward him ac- 
cording to his works'. Of whom 
be thou ware alfo, for he hath 
greatly v/ithftood our words.' 
The Gojpel, St. Luke, t, I. 

T He Lord appointed other fe- 
venty alfo, and fent them 
two and two before his face into 
every city and place, whither he 
himlelf wouJd come. Therefore 
faid he unto them. The Ixarveft 

truly is great, but the labtMireri 
are few : pray ye therefore tb^. 
Lord of the harveft, that hd- 
would 2^end forth labourers into 
hi* harveft. Go your ways; be- 
hoid, I fend you forth as Jambs 
among wolves* Carry neither 
purfe, norfcrip, nor Ihoes j and 
faiute no m.xn by the way. And 
into whatfoever houfe ye enter, 
firll: fay, Peace be n :his houfe. 
And if the fon of peace be there, 
your peace fhall reft upon it : if 
not, it iliall turn to you again. 
And in the fame houfe remain, 
eating and drinking fuch things 
as they give ; for the labourer 
is worthy of his hire. 

Saint Simon and St, "Jade^ 
Almighty God, who haft 
built thy Church upon the 
foundation of the Apoftles and 
'ropheirs, Jefus Chrift himfelf 
being the head corner (lone j 
grant us fo to be joined together 
in unity of fpirit by their doc- 
trine, that we may be made an 
holy temple acceptable unto 
thae, through Jefus Chrift, our 
Lord. Amen, 

The Efiftle, St. Jude, 1. 

JUde, the fervant of Jefus 
Chrift, and brother of Jameij, 
to them that are fand:ificd br 
God the Fatlier, and preferv'edin 
Jefus Chrift, and called : Mercy 
unto you, and peace and love be 
multiplied. Beloved, when i 
gave all diligence to write unt(» 
yoa of the cofnHion faivation. 


ii was needful for me to write 
iinto you, and exnort you, that 
ye ihouli earneftly contend 'br 
the faith which vVas once deli- 
vered unio the faiii'ts. For there 
axe certain men crepe in una- 
wares, who vVeie before of old 
drdained to ih'.s c mdcmnacicn j 
lingndly men, taming tne grace 
of our God into lalcivioulnefs, 
and denying the only Lord God, 
and our Lord Jefus Chrift. I 
Will iheref)re put you inremen- 
brance, though ye once knew 
Ihis, how that the Lord having 
faved the people out of th* land 
of Egypt, aKerward delbojeJ 
them that believed not. And 
the- angels which kept not their 
firft eftate, but leit their own 
habitatiuh, h^ hath refer ved in 
eyerlafting chains under dark. 
nefsj^unto the judgment of the 
great day. I^t-en as Sodom and 
GottiOrrha, ^nd the cities about 
them, in like manner giving 
themfelvcs over to fornication, 
and going after ftrange rteili, are 
fet forth for an exar^.ole, fufFer- 
ing"the i'eneeance of eternal nre. 
Likewife alio thefe filthy drSam- 
eri defiie the fleih, defpife domi- 
nion, ani fpeak evil of dignities. 

7be Gofpe/. St. John, xv. 17. 

THcft things I eon-.mand 
you*, that ye love one ano- 
ther. If the world hate yon, ye 
know that it hated tne before it 
hated you. If ye were of the 
world, the world would love his 
own : but becaufe ye are not of 
the world, but I have ciiofen you 
•ut ©f tiie worlds tticreiere tlie 

world hateth you. Rem-mbtf 
the w.)rd that 1 fald unro yoa| 
The fjrvanr is not greater thaii 
his lord ; if they have perfecuted 
me, they will alfo perfecute you ; 
if they have kept my faying, 
they v;ill keep youi s alfo. But 
ail ihcfe things will they do unto 
you for my Name's fake, be- 
caufe they know not him that 
fen t me. If I had not come and 
fpoken unto them, they had not 
had fin; but now they have no' 
clouk for their lin. He that 
hateth me, hateth my Father 
:^ifo. If I had not done among 
them the works which none other 
man did, they had not had fin j 
but now they have both fecn^' 
and hated both me and my Fa- 
ther, But this Cometh to pafs, 
that the word might be fulfilled 
that is written in their law. 
They hated me without a cacfe. 
But when the Comforter is 
come, whom I will lend unto you 
from the Father, even the Spi- 
rit of truth, which proceedeth 
from the Father, he fliall teftify 
of me. And ye alfo Ihall bear 
witnefs, becaufe ye have been 
with me from the beginning. 

A// Sawn Day, 
Toe Colh-a, 

O Almighty God, who haft 
knit together thine eledl in 
on& communion and fcJlowftiip, 
in the myftical body of thy Son 
Chriil our Lord j grant us grace 
(o to follow thy blefied Saints in 
all virtuous and gouiy l.'vtng, 
that we may come to thofe un - 

fpeakable joys, which theu haft 
prepared for thofe who unfeign- 
ed ly love thee, through JafuG 
^phiiit our Lord. Amtn, 
For the Eplfile, Rev. vii. 2. 

ANd i faw nnother angel af- 
ccrridi^from thseaft, hav- 
iftig the feal of the living God; 
auH he cried with a ioud voiee 
to the four ar:gels, to whom'it 
V'as given to hufi the earth and 
the fea, faying. Hurt not the 
?arth, neither the fea, nor the 
trees, till v^re have fealed the fer- 
vants of our God in their fore- 
heads. And I heard' the number 
of thtm which were fealed j and 
there werefaaied an hundred and 
forty and four thoufand, of all the 
tribes of the children of Ifrael, 

Of the tribe of Judah were 
fealed twelve thou fan d. 

Of the tribe of Reuben were 
fealed twelve thoufand. 

Of the tribe of Gad were feal- 
ed twelve thoufand. 

Of the tribe of Afer were 
fealed twelve thoufand. 

Of the tribe ef Nepthalim 
were fealed twelve thoufand. 

Of the tribe of Manalfes were 
fealea twelve thoufand. 

Of the tribe of Simeon were 
feaied twelve thoufand. 

Of the tribe of Levi were 
fealed twelve thoufand. 

Of the tribe of Ifachar were 
fealed twelve thoufand. 

Of the tribe of Zabwlon were 
fealed. tvvelve thoufand. 

Of the tribe of Jofeph were 
feaied twelve thoufand. 

Of the tribe of Benjamin were 
feakd twelve thoufand. 

After this I beheld, and lo, 9 
great multitude, which no man 
could number, of all nations, 
and kindreds, and people, and 
tongues, fto"6d before the»throne> 
and before the Lamb, cloathed 
witk white robes, and palms in 
their hands ; and cried with a 
loud voice, faying, Salvation to 
our God, which fitteth upon the 
throi.e, and unto the Lamb. 
And all the angels ftood round 
about the throne, and about the 
elders, and the four beaits, and 
fell before the throne on their 
faces, and worshipped God, fay- 
ing. Amen : Bleliing, and gl'ory. 
And wifdom, and thankfgiving, 
and honour, and power, and 
might, be unto our God for 
ever and ever. Amen. 

^he GcJfeL St, Matth\ v. r, 

^TEfus feeing the multitudes, 
J went up into a mountain ; 
and when he was fet,his difciples 
came unto him. And he opened 
his mouth, and taught them, 
faying, BleHed are the poor in 
fpirit : for theirs is the kingdom 
of heaven. BleiTed *e they that 
mourn : for they (hall be com- 
forted. Blefled are the meek ; 
for they ihall iiiherit the earth. 
Blefied are they which do hunger 
and thirft after righteoufnefs : 
for they iliall be filled. Blefled 
are the merciful : for they Ihall 
obtain mercy. Blefl'ed are the 
pure in heart : for they fhall fee 
God. BlefTed are the peace- 
makers 'r for they (hall be called 
the children of God. Blefled 
are they which are perfecuted for 

The C O M M U N I O. N> 

lightesurnefa fa Ice : for theirs Is i againft you falfly for my fak^o 
the kingdom of heaven. I'leHed | Rejoidc and be exceeding glad s 
are yfc, when men fhall reviie I foV is your reward ui hear 
you^ and petfecute you, and ven : for fo perfecuted they thi 
ihall fay all n^nner of evil , prophets \Vhich were before you- 

— S " ^ — ■ — ''" 

The ORDER for the 

AoMrNisTRATiON of the LORD's SUPPER, or, 

^ TF amor.'^ th^fe *u>ho come to he parta}:zri of the Holy Communhriy 
the Min'iftcr (hall knoiv any to he an o^en and notorious enj'il 
Vi'uer^ or to hd've done ar.y lurong to hh neighbours by ivord or 
deed, fo that the Uor.gregar'wn Be thereby offended j he Jhall ad- 
vert'ife him, that be frgfume not to come to the Lord''s Taols, until 
be hci've openly declar^^ birafelf to ha7}e truly rcpente'd and amended 
hii former evil life, that \he Congregation may thereby be fafisfed ^ 
and that he hath recompenfed the parties to tuhcm. he harh done 
Hvrong ; or at leafi declare bimjelf to be in full pufpofi fo to do'^ 
as fi^n as be cowjcnicntly jnay, 

^ The fame order fkall the Minifler ufs ivith thofe, hetivixt luhom 
he percei'ueth malice and hatred, to reign 5 not fi'-ffcring them to be 
pf^rtakcrs of tht Lord\ Table, until he kno'w ti^etn to be reconciled. 
And if one of the parties, fo at inxriance, be conrevt to forginje 
from the bottom of h's heart all that the other hath trefpcffcd 
sgainU him, and to make amends for that nvherein he h'nrfeif hath 
offended ; and the other party luill not be perfuaded to a godly 
unity, but remain fill I in his froivardntfs and 7naHce', the Minifi^r 
in that cafe ought to admit the penitent pcrfcji to the Ho^y Com?nunicny 
and not him that is obftinate ': Provided, that every Mini II er fo 
repelling any, as is herein fpecified, fhall be obliged to give an 
)ttccairtt of the fame to the Ordinary, asfoon ai conveniently may be, 

^ The Table, at the Communion-time, having a fair ivhite linen 
cloth upon it, fhall Jiand in the body of the Church, or in tie 
Chancel ; and the Mnvfizr, flanding at the north fide of the table ^ 
6r luhere Morning and Evening Prayer are appointed to bs faid, 
fhall fiiy the Lord's Prayer and tht Collet follovAng, the People 
kntyiing : bt/t the Lord's Prayer may be omitted, if Morning 
rv::ycr hath bien faid immediately before, 

H Cur 

|J J^enfiatlbcrcadtheApcfiles' 
or Nicene Creed : urJejs one of 
thepj hatb been read irmmediatcly 
before, in the Morr.lrg Ser-v'ice, 

'fj Then .heMmUlerpall declare 
v,nto t^f People n.vhat Holy- 
t^.aysy or Fafilng days, tire in 

• 'the iveek folknving to be cb~ 
Jdr-ued-^ and (if occajicn ^tfj 
• fhall Notice be giojen of the 
Ccmr^iunion, and of the Banns 
of Mdiriir.ony, and other jyiat • 
teri to bi publifhed, 

^ Then Jh all foUofW the Sej-mon j 
after .ivbichy the Mmifter, 
kuht'n there is a' Ccmfnur/ion, 
/kali return to. the herd's 'Table, 
/ind begin the Offertory, faying 
cne or more of thefe Jentences 
folloiving^ as he thmketb mofi 

' connjement, 

,T Et your light {o ihine le- 

•^8 / |cre rr.eni that they may 

fee your good wtirks, and glorify 
\pur f <ither v.hich is in heaven. 
i>. iI4^/i)t«u', V. 1 6. 
' Lay not up for yourfelves trea- 
furec upon earth, v. here moth 
?ihd ruft doth coriupt, and where 
'thieves breakthrough and flcal : 
iib't lay up for yourfelves trea- 
iiires in heaven, where neither 
■mr^th norruit'doth corrupr, and 
^here thieves do not break 
|:hroug-h.nor ffeal. St» Matth, 
i'i. 19, 20. 

-- Whatfoever ye vc'ould that 
nicii fnould do to you^ evea fo 
'do to them : For this is the law 
itnd thi prophets. St» Matth, 
vii. J-4. 

?'>9t every one that faith unto 
me; L6rd>Lord, fhall enter into 

the kingdom of heaven j but h( 
that doeth the wiii of my Farhe 
which is ifi heaven. !St, Matih 
vii. di. 

Zaccheus fvood forth, and fai( 
unto the Lord, Behold, Lord 
the half of my goods I give tt 
the poor 5 and h' I have don 
any Vv-rorg to any man, I re 
fforefour^-fold. St.l^ukeyXix. 8 

Who go'etK a warfare at an 
time at his own coft ? Who plant 
ech a "vineyard, and eatuh not 
the fruit thereof? or whofeeded 
a flock, and eateth not, of th 
mjik of the tlock ? 1 Cor, ix. 7 

If we have fown untoyoa fpi 
ritual things, is it a great matte 
if we fhai) reap your worldl 
things ? I Ccr, ix. 11. 

Jjo ye not know, that the 
v/hc minifter about holy thing? 
live of the facrifice ; and the 
who wait at the altar, are par 
takers with the altar ? Even ( 
hath the Lord alfo ordained 
tliat they vvho preach the Gof 
.pel, fhouW liye of the Gofpel 

1 Cor, ix. J3, 14. 

He th:-4: foweth little, ihal 
reap little ^ and he that fowetl 
pknteuufiy^ fliall reap plente 
ouily* Let every man do accord 
ing as he is difpoftd in his heajt 
not grudgingly, or of neceiiity 
for C,-od loveth a cheerful giver 

2 Cor. ix 6, 7. 

Let him that is taught in th 
vyprd. mjnifter unto him tha 
teacheth, in all good things. B 
not deceived, Cod is not mock 
ed' : For whatfoever a man fow 
eth, th^t fli?U he reap. Gal. vi 
6,7.- ' 


.The C O M M 

While wc f^.ave time, Jet us 
Jo gvTjd unto all men : and ef- 
peciaily unco them that aie of 
the hoafhold of faith. GaU vi. 

Godllnffs is gr<?3t riches, if a 
man be content with that he 
hath ; For we brought nothing 
intorhis world, neither may we 
carry any thing out. i T««. vi. 

Charge them who are rich in 
this world, that they be ready 
to give, and glad to diilribute ; 
laying up in (lore for themfefves 
a good foui)dation againft the 
time to come, that they may 
attain eternal life, i Ti/w. vi. 
17, 18, 19. 

God i« not unrighteous, that 
he wiii forget your works, and 
labour that proceeoeth of iove j 
which love ye have ihowed for 
his name's falce, who have mi- 
jiiftered unto the faints, and yet 
4o minifter. Heh, vi. 10. 

U N I O N. 

To do good and to diftribute, 
forget not j for with fuch l^cri- 
fices God is well pleafed. Heb. 
xiii. 16. 

Whofohath this world's goo<l, 
■and feeth his brother have need, 
and (huttelh up his compaflion 
from him, how dwelleil the love 
of God in him ? i St. Jobny iii. 

Give alms of thy goods, and 
never turn thy face from any 
pocr man ; and then the face 
of the Lord Hrall not be turned 
away from thee. Tob, iv. 7. 
H 3 

Ec merciful after thy power/ 
If thou kail much, give plen- 
teoufly. if thou hail little, do 
thy diligence gladly to give of 
that lictie : for fo gatherelt thou 
thyfelf a g'K)d reward, in the 
day of ncceility. Tob, iv. 8,9. 

He that ha:h pity upon the 
poor, lendeth unco the Lord : 
a;)d look, v.hat he layeth out, 
it fhall be paid him again. Figv, 
xjx. 17. 

Blefled be the man that provl- 
deth for the fuk and needy : the 
Lord fhall deliver him in the 
tii^e of trouble. Pj'a/, xli. i. 

f[ lyhVJi tbefe Sentences are in 
reading, the Deacon, Church- 
ivardensy or c^er Jit ferjons 
appointed fo" that purpofe^jhall 
recerje the yiims for the Pcor^ 
and other De'votions of the Peo- 
ple, in a decent Bafon to be 
pr§^ided by the Parifh for that 
purpcfe ; and reuerentty brin^ 
it to the Pricfiy i^'ho jhall hufri" 
bly prej-^nt and place it upon the. 
holy Table, 

^ And the Prief} fhall then place 
upon the Table fo much Bread 
and f^ine, as he fcill think 
jugiclent. After luhicb dene, 

Let us pray for the whole (late 
of Chrift^s Church Militant. 

ALmighty and everlafting 
God, who, by thy hoiy 
Apoftle, hath taught us to make 
praters arid fappiications, and 
to give thanks for all men : Wc 
hunibl^ befi^ch thee moft mer- 


cifiiliy [*to ac- 

* If tnere be -. ^^ *" / . ; 

■ no alms or oh- 'T '"'' ^^^' ^''^ 
laiiSns^ then oblatlcns, andj to 
Jl^uinheifmdf receive thefe our 
(to accept our , . , 

alms and ol.^ prayers, which we 
lations, and) offer unto thy di- 
he left unfaid. ^j,^^ Majelly ', be- 
feeching thee to inlpire continu- 
aiiy the iTnlverral Church v/ith 
the fpirit of' truth, unity, and 
concord J and graptthat all diey 
who do, confels thy holy N?.me 
rnay agree in the truth of thy 
holy word, and live in unity 
and godly love. We befeech 
thee alfo, fo to dh-eft and dif- 
pbfe the' hearts of all Chriftian 
Rulers, that they may tru^y and 
impartially adminifler jiiltice, 
to the puniihn:ientof vvickednefs 
and vice, 'and to the maintenance 
of ihy true religion and virtue. 
Give grace, O hei»yenly Father, 
to all Biihops and txher Mini- 
l^ers : that they may, both by 
- their life and dodlrine, fet forth 
. thy true and lively word, and 
V rightly and duly adminiiler thy 
holy Sacraments. And to ail 
thy people give thy heavenly 
grace ; and efpecially to this 
Congregation here pr(.'fcnt j that 
With meek heart, ^nA dueVever- 
• er.ce, they may hear, and receive 
thy holy Word j truly fervin^ 
thee In holinefs and righteoufnefs 
ail the days of their life. Anci 
we rnoft humbly befeechth?e, of 
thy gpodnefs, O Lord, to com- 
fort and fuccour all thofe who, 
in thistranfitoi-y life, are in trou- 
ble, forrow, need, iicknefs, or 
any other adverfity. And we 
v\(o blefs thy holy Name, for all 

thy fer.vants departed^this li/e [n 
thy faith and fear; befeecshin'g 
thee to give us grace fo to follow 
their good examples, that with 
tiiem we may be partakers of 
thy heavenly .kingcfom : Grant 
this, O Father, for Jefus Chrift^s 
fake, our oxiiy Alediator and 
Advocate, ylmen, 

% When the Miniftsr gl'vctb 
coaming for the Celehnnion of 
the holy C'jtnmumcn (ivbkh he 
pell ahuay^ do iipcn the SunL 
day^ orjoms Bcly-day, 'mme^ 
d lately preceding) he pall read ' 
this Exhortation foli-jiving :^ or 
jo much thereof a^^ in hiz dif^ 
cretTcny bemay think ccn-venicnt. 

D Early beloved, on- day 
next, I purpofe, through 
God's aiTiftance, to adminifter 
to all fuch as fhall be religicuily 
and devoutly difpofed, the moft 
comfortable Sacrament of the 
Body and Bioad of Chrlft j to 
be by them received, in remem- 
brance of his meritorious Crofs 
and Pallion j Vvhereby aloiie we 
obtain remifiion of our fins, an^ 
are ^nade partakers of the king- 
dom of Keaven. W>ierefore it 
is our duty to render moft hum- 
ble and hearty thanks to Al- 
mighty God, our heavenly Fa- . 
ther, for that he hath given his 
Son our Saviour Jefus Chrilt, 
not only to die for us, but alfo to 
be our fpiritual food and fufte- ; 
nance in that holy Sacrament, '\ 
Which being fo divine a*id ccm-i ., 
fortable a thing to them who re- 
ceive it worthily, and fo dange- 
rous to thofe v/ho vvill prefumc 


to receive it unworthily j my 
iiuty is to exhort you, in the 
mean feafon, to confider the dig- 
nity of that holy Myftery, and 
the great peril ot' the unworthy 
receiving thereof 5 and fo to 
iearch and examine your own 
confcienccs, (and that not light- 
ly, and after the manner of dif- 
femblers with God j but fo) that 
ye may come holy and clean to 
fuch a heavenly fealt, in the 
marriage-garment required by 
God in holy Scripture j and be 
received as worthy partakers of 
that holy Table. 

The way and means thereto 
ib, Flrft, to examine yoar lives 
and converfations by the rule of 
God's commandmenrs ; and 
wherein foever ye fhcill perceive 
yourfelves to have offended, ei- 
tiier by will, word, or deed, there 
to bewail your own finfulnera, 
and to confefs yourfelves to Al- 
mijihty God, with full purpofe 
of amendment of life. And ii 
ye fnaii perceive your offences to 
be fuch as are nbt only again.1 
God, but alfo a^ainft your 
aeighbours} then ye fhall re- 
concile yourfelves unto then:i : 
being ready to make rellitution 
and fatisfaition, according to the 
uttcrmoft of your powers, for 
all injuries ana wrongs done by 
you CO any other 5 and bein^ 
iikewife ready to forgive others 
who have offended you, as ye 
Would have forgivenefs of your 
off'ences at God's hand : for 
otherwife the receiving of *hvi 
holy Communion do;h nothing 
elic but increafe vour condem 

nation. Therefore, if anyofyott 
be a blafphemcr of God, an 
hinderer or ilanderer of his 
Word, an adulterer, or be in 
malice or envy, or in any other 
grievous crime ; repent ye of 
your fms, or elfe coniC not to 
that holy Table, 

And becaufe it is requifitc 
that no man fhould come to the 
Holy Communion, but with a 
full truA in God's mercy, and 
w;th a quiet confcience j there- 
fore, if there be any of you, 
who by this means cannot 
quiet his own confcience herein, 
but requireth further comfort or 
counfei; let him come to ra<, 
or to fome other Minifter of 
God's word, and open hisgiief j 
that he may receive fuch godly 
counfel and advice, as may tend 
to the quieting of his confciencf , 
and ti~:e removing of all fcruple 
and doubtfulnefs. 

^ Or, /;: cafe be Jhall fee the Peo^ 
fk negligent to ctmeto the Holy 
Ccmmunion^ injiead of the for^ 
mer, be f/jali uje this Exbor- 

D Early beloved brethren, on 
i intend, by God's 

^race, to celebrate the Lord's 
riupper; unto which, in Goa's 
b^-half, I bid you all who are 
here prefent j anu befeech you 
ijr the Lord J^fu? Chrift's fake, 
chat ye will nc: refuse to come 
thereto, being fc lovingly called 
and bidden by God himfe'f. Ye 
kn^w hfAVv- grievous and unkind 
a thing it is, when a man hatb 
prepared a rich foaft, decked his 

table with all kind of prbvifion, 
#0 that there hcketh noihing 
but the guefts to fit down j and 
yet they who are called (vvithoui; 
any caufe) moft unthankfully 
refufe to come. Which of you 
in fuch a cafe would not be 
moved ? Who would not think 
SI great injury and wrong done 
unto hinri ? Wherefore, moft 
dearly beloved in Chrift, take ye 
good heed, left ye, withdrawing 
jourfelves from this holy Sup- 
per, provoke God'b indignation 
againft you. It is an eafy mat- 
ter for a man to fay, I will not 
communicate, becaufe 1 am 
otherwife hindered with worldly 
bufinefs. But fuch excufes are 
not fo eafily accepted, and al- 
lowed before God. If any man 
fay, I am a grievous finner, and 
therefore am afraid to come j 
wherefore then do ye not repent 
and amend ^ When God calieth 
you, are ye not aihamed to fay, 
ve will not come ? When ye 
ihould return to God, will ye 
excufe yourfelves, and fay, ye 
are not ready ? Confider earneft- 
ly whh youifelves, how little 
fuch feigned excufes will avail 
before God. I'hey who refufcd 
the feaft in the Gofpei, becaufe 
they had bought a farm, or 
would try their yokes of oxen, 
or becaufe they were married, 
were not fo excufed, but count- 
ed unworthy of the heavenly 
feaft. Vv^herefore, according to 
mine Office, 1 bid you in the 
Name of God, I cafi you in 
Chrift's behalf, I exhort you,', 
as ye love your owJi falvauon,"* 

that ye will be partakers of this 
Holy Communion. And as the 
Son of God did vouchfafe to 
yield up his foul by death upon 
the crofs, for y6ur falvation j fo 
it is your duty to receive the 
Communion, in remembrance of 
the facrifice of his death, as he 
himfelf hath commanded : 
Which if ye fhall neglc<^ to do, 
confider with yourfelves, how 
great is your ingratitude to God, 
and how fore punifhment hang- 
eth over your heads for the fam.e, 
when ye wilfully abftain from 
the Lord's Table, and feparacc 
from your brethen, who come 
to feed on the banquet of that 
moft heavenly food. Thefe 
things if ye earneftiy confider, 
ye will, by God's grace, return 
to a better mind : for the obtain- 
ing wheieof we iliall not ceafe to 
make our humble petitions unto 
Almighty God, our heavenly 

^ At the time of the celebration 
of the Ccmmunion^ the Priefl 
f/jall fay this Exhortation, 

D Early beloved in the Lord, 
ye who mind to come to 
the holy Communion of the 
Body and Blood of our Saviour 
Chrift, muft confider how Saint 
Paul cxhorteth all perfons dili- 
gently to try and examine them- 
felves, before they prefume to 
eat of that Bread, and drink of 
that Cup. For as the bene^t is 
great, if with a true penitent 
heart and lively faith we receive 
that holy Sacrament; fo is the 
dai^ger great, if we receive the 

.The C O IVf M U N I O N. 

fimc unworthily. Judge theie- 
lore yourfeivc8, brethren, that 
yt be not judged of the Lord 5 
repent yc truly for your fins p;»fl: j 
have, a lively and ftedfaft faith 
JD pfo-ift our Saviour 5 amend 
your kves, "and be in perfect 
charity with all men ^ fo ihall yc 
be mcer partakers of thofe holy 
MyfteriL's, And, above all things, 
ve inurt: give mc'fl Humble and 
hearty tiviaks to God" the Fa- 
ther, the ^on, and the Holy 
Ghoft, fur the l-edcmption of 
ihe world by the death and paf- 
■fion of our Saviour Chrift, both 
iGod and roan j who did humble 
Jiimfelf, evea to the death upon 
the crofs, for^us miferable fin- 
jiers, who lay in darknefs and 
'the jfhadow of death 5 that he 
might make us the children of 
God, and exalt us to everlal^ing 
life. And to the end that we 
/hould always remember the ex- 
ceeding grea: love of our Mafter 
and only- Saviour jefus Chrift, 
thus dying for us, and the innu- 
merable benefits which by his 
precious blood-fhedd'ng he hi^ih 
obtained for us, he hjith iniiitu- 
tcd and ordained holy Myfterieji. 
as pledges of his love, and for a 
coiitinual remembrance of his 
death, to our great anci endlefs 
comfort. To him therefore, with 
the Father, and the Holy Choft, 
let us give (as we are moft 
bo'unden)continual thanks j fub- 
jr.ijtting curfelves wholly to his 
holy will and pleafure, and flu- 
dying to ferve him in true holi- 
nefs »nd righteoufnefs, all the 
^aya of our life. Amcji^ 

^ Then frail the Pr'isft jay 4^ 
thofe 'who com^ to rcccii'e the 
holy CcmV' union ; 

Y'E who do truly and car- 
neftly repent you of your 
fine, and are in love and charity 
with your neighbours, and intend 
to lead a new life, following the 
commandments of God, and 
walking from henceforth in his 
holy v.ays j draw near with faith, 
ana take this holy Sacrament to 
your comfort -J .ac»d make your 
humble conft;i1ion to Almighty 
God, devoutly kneeling. 
<(| Then frail this general Cen^ 
fcfrion be madsy -by the Prhji 
end all thofe loho ere minded t» 
receive t-he ' holy Communion^ 
humbly kneeling, 

A . Lmighty God, Father of 
X\ Qur L^^rd Jeil^s Ciirift, Ivla- 
kcir- of all things, Jud^e of all 
men j we acknowledge and be* 
wail our manifold lins and 
wickednefs, which we frorn, 
time to tijne mort grievoufly 
have committed, by 'thought, 
word, and deed, agalnH: thy di- 
vine Majeftyj proycking moll 
judly thy v/rath and ind.'gn^tioa 
againft us. We do earneilJy re- 
pent, and are heartily forry for 
thefe our mifdoings j" the re- 
membrance ol them fs gries'ous 
unto us : the blirthen of theni 
is intolerable. Ha-e. mercy upon 
us, "have -mercy ufon us, molt 
merciful Father j for thy Scii 
jiJr Lord Jefub ChriiVs fake, 
forgive us a;l iihat is paft j and 
^rant, that we may ever hereaf^ 
ter ferve and pleafe thee in ne\¥-r 

The C O. M M U, N I.O; N'. 

Tiefs of lifcj to the honour and 
giory of thy Name, through Je- 
lus Chrift our Lord. Amen, 
f 'ThtnJJjaU the prirfi (the Bl- 
Jhopy if be heprcfcnt^fiandupy 
and tuning to the people ^ Jay ^ 

A Lmighty God, our heavenly 
Father, who of his great 
mercy harii promifed forgivenefs 
of fms to ail thofe who with 
hesrty repentance and true faith 
turn unto him, Have mercy up- 
on you j pardon and deliver you 
froip all your fins , confirm and 
itrengthen you in all goodnefs j 
;ind bring you to everlafting life, 
through Jefus Chriil our tord. 

% rhenpaU the Vriefljay^ 
Kear what comfortable words 
oar Saviour Chrift faith unto 
ail who truly turn to him. 

COme unto me, all ye that 
travel and are heavy laden, 
and 1 will r&freih you. <Sr. Matt, 
xi. ^%, 

So Cod loved the world, that 
he gave his only begotten Son, 
to the end that all that believe 
in him fliould not perilh, but 
have evcrlafting life. St, john^ 
jii. J 6. 

Hear al'fo what -S/. Paul faith. 

This is a true faying, an:i 
worthy of all men to be received, 
that Chrifl Jefui came into the 
uorld to fave lianers, i 1^'im, 
u 15. 

Hear alfo what Bit, John faith. 

If any man fin, we have an 
Advocate with the Father, fe- 
fas Chrift the righteous j and he 

is the propitiation for our iirt§* 
I »SV. jf'Gbn^ ii. I. 2. 
% After I'jh'ich the Prifft fiall 
proceed, faylvgy '' 

Lift up your hearts. 

Ar,hver, \y'e lift them up 
unto Lhe Lord* 

Fricft, Let us givf thanks 
unto our Lord God. 

Arf.vir, It is meet and right 
io to do. ' - 

fl Then fifill ihe Pr-efi itirn t9 
the L&r^'s TabUy and jay , 

IT is very meet, right, and our 
bounden duty, that we /hould 
at all times, and in all placesi, 
give thanks unto t/^ee, O Lord, 
i*Holy Father, J ^imigbfy Lver- 
lafting God. 

* rkeje •u-!jrdi pioly Fa':hcr] inuji 
.be omitted 071 Trhii/y mindny, 

€[ Here foall fcllcnv the.propet; 
PrefacCy aci^crdhr^ to the t'lmCy 
if there beany fpcciaUy cppqint-^^ 
ed J cr eljs mju,ed lately Jhall hi 
fa'id or Jung by the Prkji <^nd 
People, ,1 

THeretbre vi'ith Angels and 
Archangels, and with al/ 
the company of heaven, we laOd 
and magnify thy glorious Narr.e ; 
evermore prailing th^e, and fay- 
ing, Holy, boiy, holy Lord <'rod " 
of Hofts ; heaven and are 
full of thy glory : Glory be to 
thee, O Lord MoftHigh. Amenl 


fl[[ Upon Chrifmas Day, and fe» 

njen Days after, 

BEcaufe thou didft give Jefus 
-Chrift> thine priy Son, to 
be born a& at this time for us \ 

t^ie C O M M U N r O N. 

Operation of thb/Wind, in the liketiefs of fierjr 
was ni;icle very tongues, lishtirife upotl the Apol- 
fubftance of the j ties, to t^nch them, arid to leafi 
; thchi to all tiuiii ; giving therh 
j both thii gift of divert lJngt>- 
luges, and alfo bnldnefs with 
fervant2eal,conftantly tbpTcncK 
I the gofpel lihto all natrons $ 
j whereby we hive been broUght 
iOUl of darknefs and error, into 
tJt chiefly are we bound to.^^g^jg^j. u^j^^ ^^j ^rue knoxv- 
praiie thee for the gionous jj^^^^^ ^f ^u^^^^ ^^^ of thy Son 
refurieaion of thy Son Jefus i . ^^^ Chrift : Therefore with 
Chrift our Lord : For he is the I^J^j^f^eis Cfc, 
verv Pafchal Liimb, which was L ^^ 7 » v, /< t- • •. ;j. 
ftftWed for us, and hath trl.ea ^I '^>""'^'.^'f ^/f"""-^ °"* 
awav the fin of the worid ; who „ ""y '" Jf\' , , 

,',,,,,.,. . ! T'T 7 Hn arf nnc» Lord 2 

by his aeath hatn delrroyi 
death, and by his rifing to life 

wht!), by the 
Holy Gh(7lt, 
man, of the 

Virgin Mary ^is naocher ; and 
tha: without fpot of fin, to make 
us clean from ail fin : There- 
fore with Angels, Cfr. 
^J Upon Ejjier D^y, and ftven 
Days after. 

d i\li 7HoartoneGod,oneLord; 
y y not orily ohe perfoh, hot 

again, hath reitored to^us ever, j three perfons in one ubilance : 
laWiite: Therefore ^vith p^^^^ ^-^^^ ^^^^^^^^f ^^'^^'^ ^.^ '^^ 

Angels, ^c, 

glory of the Father, the fame 
we believe of the Son, and of the 

9^^Up^nAjccnJimDay,andfe'ven\^^^^,^ q^^^^^ without any dif- 

Dayt after 
^Hroijgh thy moft dearly be- 
loved Son Jefus Chrittcur 

ference or inequality : Therefore 

with Angels, Qcfc, 

fl Or clfe this may he fiid, the 

; who, after his moli glo- ^^,,^^^ r^^^^ Father] l^eihp; 

in tbs introauaary 

rious Refurredll on, manireftly 
appeared to all his Apoftlcs, and, 
in their light afcended up into 
heaven, to prepare a place for us ; 
that where h " 
rmght alfo afcbnd, and 
W!th hirfi in glory : Therefore 
with Angels, &c, 
0^ Upon Whhfundny y and xfix 
Dayi after, 

THrongh Jefus Chriil oul- 
Lord ; according towhofe 
moft true promife, ' the Holy 
Ghoft came down as at this time 
from heaven, with a fudden great 
round, as it had been a mighty 



rj^Or the precious death and 

, {/ merits of thy Son Jefus 

thither we \Q\^^\^^ our Lord, and for the 

fending to us of the Holy Ghoft 

the Comforter ; who are one 

with thee in thycternalGodkead s 

Therefore v/ith Angels, &c, 

^ Theh fiall the Priejf, kr.cding 

dcivn at the hordes Tahle^faVy 

in the name of all thcfe ivho 

fr?aU receinje the Cortinunhn^ 

thin Prayer fol/o'cuifig : 

E do not prefirme to 
come to this thy Table, 

The C Q M M UN I O N. 

b merciful Lord, trufting in our 
6\yn righieoiifnels, but in thy 
manifold and great mercies. We 
are not worthy fo much as to 
gather up the crumbs under thy 
Table. But thou art the fame 
Lord, whofe property is always 
to have mercy : Grant us there- 
fore, gracious Lord, fo to eat 
the flefh of tliy dear Son Jeius 
Chrift, and to drink his blood, 
that our fmful bodies may be 
made clean by his body, and our 
fouls wafhed through his moft 
precious blood, and that we may 
^vermoie dweil in him, and he 
in us. Amen, 

HI H^ken the Prlefi^ ftandlng he- 
■■ fore the lable, hath fo ordered 
the Bread and Winey that he 
may ivlth the more rcadinep 
avd decency break the Bread 
before the Pe.'jf>le^ and take the 
- Cup mo hh hatids y he JJjali 
fay the Prayer of Corfecration^ 
as followeth : 

A Li glory be to tiiee,- Al- 
mighty God, cur heavenly 
Father, for that thou, of thy 
tender mercy, didft give thine 
©nly Son Jefus Chrift to fuffer 
de^ath upon the crofs for our re- 
demption 5 who made there (by 
his one oblation of himfelf os;ce 
offered) a fal', perfed^, and fuf- 
ficient facrifice, oblation, and 
fatisfaftion, for the iins of the 
whole world : and did inftitute, 
and in his holy . gofpcl com- 
mand us to continue a 
petual memory cf that his pre- 
cious de^th and facritice until 
kis coming again ; For in th; 

night in which he 
was betrayed (a) 
he took bread 5 
and when he had 
given thanks, {b) 
he brake it, and 
gave it to his 
difcipies, faying. 
Take, cat, (t)' 
This is my Body, 
which is given 
for you 5 Do this 
in remembrance 
of me. Like wife 
after fupper {d) 
he took the cup ; 
and when he had 
given thanks, he 
gave it to them, 
faying, Drink ye 
ail ofthis^ for (e) 
This is my Blood, 
of the New I'ei- 
tament, which is 
fhcd for you, and 
for many, for the 
remiirion of fins : Do this as oft 
as ye (hall drir.k it, in remem- 
brance oi me. 

The Oblatiotu ^^THerefore, 

heavenly Father, according to 
the inititaticn of thy dearly 
belovexl Son our Saviour je- 
fus Chrift, we, thy humble 
fervants, do celebrate and make 
here before thy divine Aiajefty, 
with thefe thy holy gifts, whicii' 
we now offer unto thee, the 
memoriaj d y fon hath com- 
manded us to make ; having in 
remembrance his bici^ed pafiion 
and precious death, .his mij^ity" 

(a) H&e tf:l 
Triffi i.; to toL^ 
the Pcteu hit 9 
his Hands, 

(h) Atidhr: 
to. oreak tite 

(c) And hcrk 
ttlayhh hands 
uputt all tiie. 

(d) Here he h 
to take the cup 
into his hand. 

(c) y^nd here^ 
he is to Iny bir 
Hand upon a- 
'very l-'i'//e'\ in 
ivhicfi t'riere is 
any Jf'inc to be 


r^'farrcftion and glorious afccn- 
tn»n j rendering unro thee moft 
hearty thanks, for the innume- 
rable beaeiits procured unto 
us by the fame. 
Ty Ini'ifcatiort, And we moft hum- 
bly beleech thee, 
O merciful Father, to hear us 5 
and, of thy almighty gooinefsj 
vouchfafe to hlefs and fantlify, 
With tliy word and Holy Spirit, 

although we are unwonhy, 
through our manifold fins, to of- 
fer unto thee any faerihcc j yet 
wo bolccch thee to accept this 
our bounden duty and fervjce, 
not weighing our merits, but 
pardoning our cffences ; through 
Jefus Chrill our Lord j by whom, 
and with whom, in the unity of 
the Holy Ghoft, all honour and 
glo-y be unto thee, O Father 

thefc thy gifts and creatures of 1 Almighty, world without end, 
bread and wincj- that we, re- Amen, 

ce'iving them according to th 
Son our Saviour Jefus ChriiVsj 
holy inftitution, in remembrance 
of his Death and Pa/lion, may 
be partakers of his m^i\ blcffed 
Body and Blood. And we ear- 
neftly defire thy fathe»ly good- 
nefs, mercifully to accept this 
our facrifice of praife and thankf- 
giving j moft humbly befeech- 
ing thee to grant, that by the 
merits and death of thy Son Je- 
fus Chrift, and through faith in 
his blood, wC) and all thy whole 
Church, may obtain remilfion of 
our fins, and all other benetits 
of his palTion. And here we of 

f[ Here p? all he fung a HymSy cr 
Part of a H\mr,y from the 
ScleSIiom for the Feafs and 
Fajis, &c. 

fl Then Jhall the Prleft firfi re~ 
receife the ComMunion in both 
kinds himfelf, and prcaed 19 
dellt'er the fame to the Bijho^^^y 
Priefsj and Deacons, in liks ' 
manner (if any be f^refent ) anJ^ 
after that, to the Pecfle alfo 
in order, into their Lands, all 
de'vcutly kneeling : And ivben 
he deli'veretb the Bread, he 
pall fay, 

fer and prefcnt unto thee, O [ ^ 1 ^He body of our Lord Jefus 
Lord, ourfelves, our fouls, and; \^ Chrift, which was given for 
bodies, to be a reafonable, holy, ] thee, preferve thy body and foi|l 
?.nd living facrifice unto thee j unto everlafting life : Take and 
humbly befecching thee, that eat this nn remembrance tliat 
weV and all others who jhall be Chrill: died for thee, and fed 
partakers of thib holy Commu- on him in thy h 'art by faith, 
nion, may worthily receive the with thank'gu'i' g 
mvTi^ orecio us Body and Blood cf , , , ,4- , , ,r 

thv Son Jefus ChrilK be filled ^ And the Mimfter ivhc dea-ver- 
with thy grace and h-jaxenly be- ^'^ ^^^ ^^Z"* Z'^^' .%'> 

nefii^ion, and made one body | ' ■ 'He blood of our Lord Jcfiis 
\S'ith him, that he may dwell inj J^ ^hriil, which was flicd for 
■ themy and they in -him. And ■ thee^ preferve thy body ^n^ fuuT 
1 unt« 

The C O M M U N I O N. 

Tanto everlafting life : Drink this 
\n. remembrance that ChrifFs 
Blood was ihcd for tli«e> and be 

^ If }hc confecrated Bread and 
. TVine be Jpent before all ha've 
communicated, the Prleji is to 
. coiif cerate. morCy accord itig to 
the Form before prefer ibid \ be- 
ginning ^r-— All Glory be to 
Thee, Almighty God — and 
ending ivltb thcfe ivards—' 
Partakers of his moil blefled 
Body and Blood. 

€T When all ha've communicated, 
the Mirifter jhail return to the 
Lord's liable, and reverently 
place upon it ^vhat rcmaineth 
of the confecrated Elements, 
co'vering the fame ivith a fair 
Linen Cloth, 

fj Then pall the Minifter fay the 
Lord's Prayer, the People re- 
peating after him enJ€ry petition, 

OUr Father, who art in 
Heaven, Hallowed be thy. 
Name J Thy Kingdom come j 
Thy Will be done on Earth, as 
it is in Heaven 5 Give us this 
day our daily bread ; And for- 
give us our trefpafTes, as we 
forgive thole who trefpafs againft 
us 5 And lead us nut into temp- 
tation ; But deliver us from evil : 
For thirle is the Kingdom, aj)A 
the Power, and the Glory, For 
ever and ever, yimen, 

^(Afterft:(4l he faid asfolloiveth . 

ALrmighty and - everliving 
Gqd, we mofl heartily 
thank thee^ for that thou dolt' 

vouchfafc to feed us who have 
duly received th^fe holy Myfte- 
ries, with the fpiritual food o( 
the moft pfecious Body and Blood 
of thy Son our- Saviour Jefu's 
Chriftj and doft allure us there* 
by ot thy favour and goodncfs 
towards us j and that we are 
very members incorporate in'the 
myRical body of thy Son, which 
is the blelTed company of all 
faithful people j and are aifa 
heirs through hope of thy ever- 
lafting kingdom, by the meritt 
of the moft precious death and 
pafiion of thy dear Son. And wc 
moll humby bcfeech thee, O 
heavenly Father, fo to aflift us 
with thy grace, that we may 
continue in that holy feliowfhip, 
and do all fuch good works as 
thou haft prepared for us to walk 
in, through fefus Chrift our 
Lord j to whom, with thee and 
the Holy Ghoft, be all honour 
and glory> world without end* 

%\ Then Jhatl be faid or fun g, all 
ftanding, Gloria, in ExcelfiS| 
or fome proper Hymn from the 

C"^ Lory be to God on high, 
X and in earth peace, go©i 
will towards men. We praifc 
thee, we blefs thee, we worfhip 
rhee, we glorify thee^ we give 
thanks to thee for thy great 
glory, O Lord God, heavenly 
iving, God the Father Almighty. 
O Lord, the only begotten 
Son jefus Chrift 5 O Lord God^ 
Lamb of God, Son of the Fa- 
ther, that takdl away the finy 


wi tlie world, i have mercy \ipon 
ui». Thou thit takell away the 
iiiis ot the world, have mercy 
Mjpon us. Thou thut takeft away 
the fins of the world, receive our 
prayer. Thou that fittell at the 
right hand of God the Father, 
have mercy upon us. 

For thou only art holy j thou 
only art the Lord j thou only, O 
Chril>, with the Holy Ghort, 
art moft high in the glory of 
God the Father, yimen, 

^ Then the Br'tefi (tht Bijhop 
if be be prcfoit ) ptill let them 
depart ivith this BieJJing, 

THe peace of God, which 
pafTeth all underftanding, 
keep your hearts and minds in 
the knowledge and love of God, 
and of his fon Jefus Chrift our 
JL.ord : And the blefling of God 
Almighty, the Father, the Son, 
and the Holy Ghoft, be amongft 
you, and remain with you aU 
ways, ^pten* 

<| CoikBs that may he f aid after 
the Collecfs $/ Morning or 
Evenirg Prayer, or Cowmufiict!, 
at the dijcretioni^fthe Minlfier, 

\ SSIST us mercifully, O 
jfj^ Lord, in thefe our fupplica- 
tions and prayers} and difpofe the 
way of thy fervants towards the 
attainment of everlaiFing fal- 
vation ; that among all the 
changes and chances of this 
mortal life, they may ever be 
defended by thy moft gracious 
and ready help, through Jcfus 
Chriil our Lord. Amer., 
I z 


ant, we befeech thee^ 
Alnfighty Godj that the 
words which wt* have heard this 
day with our outward ears, may, 
through thy grace, be fo grafted 
inwardly in our hearts, that they 
may bring forth in us the fruit 
of good living ; to the honour 
and praife of thy Name,through 
Jelus Chrirt our Lord. Ameiu 

DIred us, O Lord, in all our 
doings, with thy moft gra« 
cious favour, and further us with 
thy continual help \ that in all 
our works begun, continued, and 
ended in thee, we may glorify 
thy holy Name ; and finally, by 
thy mercy,! obtain evprlafting 
life, through Jefus Chrirt our 
Lord. Amen, 

ALmighty God, the fountain 
of allwifdom, who know- 
eft our necelTities before we afk, 
and our ignorance in afking ; 
we befeech thee to have com- 
paffion upon ourinfirmities j and 
thofe things which for our un- 
worthinefs we dare not, and for 
our blindnefs-' we cannot aflc, 
vouchfafe to give us, for the 
worthinefs of thy Son Jefus 
Chrill our Lord, Amen, 

ALmighty God, who haft 
promifed to hear the peti- 
tions of thole who alk in thy 
Son's name ; we befeech thee 
mercifully to incline thine ears 
to us who have now made our 
prayers and fupplications unto 
thee ; and giant, that thofe 
I chinas which we have faithfully 

Public Baptifm of Infants. 

&/ked according to thy will, may 
effeftually be obtained j to the 
relief of our necclTiy, and to 

the fetting forth of thy glor), 
through Jefus Chrift our Lord. 

^ Upon the Sundays and other Holy -days (if there hi ro Sertfton «'• 
Cammunion ) jhall be fa'xd all that is appointed at the Communion^ 
unto the end of the Gofpel, concluding ivirh the Blefing* And if 
any of the cenfecrated Bread and Wine remain af:er the Communion^ 
if Jhall not be carried out of the Church j but the Minifter -and 
ether C&mmunicants Jhall immediately .after the BUJjingy r^erently 
eat and drink the fame, - 


To be ufed in the Church. 

iy The "People are to he admonijhedy that it is n:cfi cowenlcr.t that 
Baptifm Jhould not be adminijiered but upon Sundays and ether 
Holy -days, or Prayer Days, Isienjer the left (if necejfifj Jo re- 
quire) Baptifm may be adminijiered upon any other day, 

fj There Jhall be for e'uery Male Child to be bapti^iedy luhen they can 
be had, tivo Godfathers and one Godmother 5 and for e'uery Fe- 
male, one Godfather and tTuo Godmothers j and Parents Jhall be 
admitted as Spcnjors^ if it be defired, 

^ When there are Children to be baptiz-cd^ the Parents cr' Sponfor% 
Jhall gi've knowledge thereof before the beginning of Morning 
Prayer, to the Minifter, And then the Godfath^'s and Godmd^ 
thers, and the People 'luith the Children, muji be ready at the 
Font, either imtnediatsly after the laji Lejjon at Morning Prayer, 
or eife immediately after the laji LeJJ'on at E'vening Prayer, as the 
JWinifier, by his dijcretion, pall appoint. And the Minijler 
coming; to the Font (ivhicb is then to be filed 'with pure Water) 
and Jtanding there, pall Jay, 

Hath this Child been already baptized, or no ? 
fy If they arjiver. No 5 then pall the Minifter proceed, asfoUoiveth, 

D Early beloved, forafmuch 
as all men are conceived 
and born in fin ; and our Sa- 

enter into the kingdom of God, 
except he be regenerate and born 
anew of Water and of the 

viour Chriil faj:h, None can ', Holy Ghoil 3 i bsfetch you 

. ' to 

Public Bapti 

■■■ 'i- ■'-.■-■ 
to call upon God the Fatiier, 
through car Lord Jelus Chrift, 
thac of his bounteous mercy, he 
will grant to this Child that 
which by hiturc he cannot have j 
that bt may be baptized with 
Water and the Holy Ghoft, 
and received into Chrift's holy 
Church) and be made a living 
member of the fame. 

I[[ Then p:>aH the Mmfier fa^ 

Let us pray. 

ALmighty and everlafting 
God, who, of thy great 
meicy; didll fave Noah and his 
family in the Ark from perilh- 
ing by water } and alfo didft 
{kit\^ lead the children of Ifrael 
thy people through the Red Sea, 
figuring thereby thy holy Bap- 
tifm J and by the Baptifm of thy 
wcU-belovei Son Jefus Chrift ih 
the river Jordan, didil fan<3ify 
watery to the myftical wafhing 
away of iin j we befeech thee, 
for thine intinite mercies, that 
thou wiU mercifully look upon 
th'ii Child J waih biniy and fane- 
tify him with the Holy Ghoft j 
that hcy being delivered from thy 
wrath, may be received into the 
Ark of ChrilVs Church } and 
being ftedfaft in faith, joyful 
through hope, and rooted in 
charity, may fo pafs the waves 
of this troubiefome world, that 
finally It may come to the land 
of everlalting life j there to 
reign with thee, world without 
end, through Jefus Chrift out 
LonJ. Amen, 

I 3 

fm of Infants. 

Or this. 

ALmighty and immortal 
God, the aid of all who 
need, the helper of all who flee to 
thee for fuccour, the life »f thole 
who believe, and the refurre^tion 
of the dead J we call upon thee 
(or this Infanty th;it he, coming 
to thy holy Baptifm, may receive 
rcmiifion of fin, by fpiricual 
regeneration. Receive hiwy O 
Lord, as thou haft promiled by 
thy weJl -beloved Son, faying^ 
Aik, and ye fhall have j leek, 
and ye fhall find' j knock, and 
it fhall be opened unto you : So 
give now u*uo us who af/C j let 
us who feck, find j open the 
gare unto us who knock ; that 
this Infer:: may enjoy the evcr- 
lafting bcnedidtion of thy hea- 
venly wafhing, and may come 
to the eternal kingdom which 
thou haft promifed by Chrift our 
Lord; Amen, 

l[[ Ihen the Minifier Jkall Jay as 
follcivs : or elfe fnull faj's on to 
the quejiions acidrejj'ed to the 
bporfors j and from th£?2ce to 
the Praysr in? mediately before, 
the Irrmerjiovy or the ^curing cf 
JVattr en the Infant, But note ; 
tbaty in e'vtry Churchy the in- 
ttrfiiediate parts of the Ser'vice 
fhall he ujedy or.ce at leaji in 
e'very month ( if there be a Bap- 
ti Jm ) for the better irfrk^irg 
of the people in the Grounds cf 
Infant Baptifm, 

Hear the words of the Gofpef, 
written by St. Mark, in the 
tenth Chaptei, at the thirteenth 


Public Baptifm of Infants. 

THey broughtyoung children 
to Chrift, that he fhould 
touch them 5 and -his drrciples 
rebuked thole who brought them. 
But v.'hea JeTus faw it, he was 
mucii difplealed, and faid unto 
them, Suffer the little children 
to come unto me, and forbid 
them not ^ for of fuch is the 
kingdom of God, Verily I fay 
unto you, Whcfoever ihall not 
receive the kingdom of God as 
a little child, he ihall not enter 
therein. And he took them up 
in his arms, put his hands upon 
them, and blefled thern. 

ff j^ftar the Gofpel is read^ the 
Mitiijier Jhafi make this brief 
Exhortation upon the loords of 
the Gcfpe.l : 

BEloved, ye hear in this Gof- 
pel the words of cHir Savi- 
our Chrift, that he commanded 
the children to be brought unto 
him 5 how he blamed thofe who 
would have kept them frorp him j 
how he exhorteth all men to fol- 
iow their innocency. Ve per- 
ceive ho\v, by his outward gef- 
ture and deed, he declared his 

fuaded oi the good wjH of our 
heavenly Father towards this In- 
fanty declared by his Son Jefus 
Chrift ; and nothing doubting, 
but that he favourably allowetii 
this charitable work of ours, in 
bringing this Infant to this holy 
Baptifm j let us faithfully and 
devoutly gi-v-e thanks unto him, 
and fay, 

ALmighty and cvtrlaAing 
God, heavenly Father,, wc 
give thee humble thanki, that 
thou haft vpuchfafed to call us 
to che knowledge of thy grace, 
and faith in thee : Increafe this 
knowledge and confirm this 
faitk in us evermore. Give thy 
Holy Spirit to this Infant j that 
he m?y be born again, and be 
made an heir of everlafting fai- 
vation, through our Lord Jefus 
Chrift, v.'ho liveth and reigneth 
with thee and the Holy Spirit, 
now and for eyer. Amen, 
fl Then Jhall the Minifier fpenk 
unto the Godfathers and Gad- 
mothers in this ivife : 

D Early beloved, ye have 
brought this Child here to 

good will toward them : For he ! be baptized j ye h^re prayed that 
embraced chem in his arms, he | our Lord fefus Chrift would 

laid his liands upon them, and 
bleffed them. Doubt ye not 
therefore, but earneftly believe, 
that he will likewiftrfavouvably 
receive this prefent Infant ^ that 
he will embrace him with the 
arms of his mercy ; that he will 
give unto him the blelTing of 
eternal life, and make him par- 
taker of his everlafting kingdom, 
"therefore, we being thus per- 

vouchfafe to receive him, to re- 
leafe him from fin, to fan£t'fy 
him with the Holy Ghoft, to 
give h'm the kingdom of iieaven 
and everlafting life. Ye havp 
heard alfo that our Lord Je^u? 
Chrift hath pn>mifed, in his 
Gofpel, to grant all t^efe things 
that ye have prayed for ; which 
promife, he for his part will ifhoft 
^furely keep and pcrforKi. Whtre- 
' fore 

devil a] 

Public Baptifm of Infants. 

^ Then fh all the Minijicrfa^^ 

O Merciful God, grant that 
the oid Adam in this Child 
may be fo burled, that the new 
man may be railed up in bim» 

Grant that all finful affe(5lion» 
may die in h'lm^ and that all. 
things belonging to the Spirit 
may live and grow in b'lm, Amen^ 

Grant that be may have pow- 
er and ftrength to have victory, 
and to triumph a-^ainlt the devil, 
the world and the ri'*fh. Aincn, 

Grant that whoioever is here 
dedicated to thee by our Office 
and Miniftry, may alfo be endu * 
I demand therefore, ed with heavenly virtaec, and 

everlaftingly rewarded, through 
thy mercy, O bleii'ed Lord God, 
who doll live and govern ,all 
things, world without cnd.-r^wtvf ♦ 

fore, after this prom'ife made by 
Chrift, tb'ii^lvfar.t mud alio 
fAUhfuliy, for k\i part, promife 
by you that are h'n furetieii (un- 
til be come of age to take it up- 
on bimfelf) that he will renounce 
t\\t Dc'Jl and all his Worksjand 
cbnftantly believe God's holy 
Word, and obediently keep \i\^ 

^ Xht Mmfifrpall then demand 

' ' tf the Sponjors as follows ^ the 

■ ^lux'Jiions being confidcred as 

add^-ej/ed to them fever ally ^ tind 

the Anjiven to be madeac(;crd- 


^Ofl thou, in the name of 
this Child, renounce the 
Tand aJl his works, the vain 
pomp and glory of the world, 
with all covetous defires of the 
fame, and the finful defires of 
the fielli ; fo that thou wilt not 
follow, nor be led by them .•* 

Arfio, I rtnounce rhem ^H j 
and, by God's help, will endea- 
vour not to follovy, nor be led 

'Minifl, Doft thou believe all 
the Articles of the Chrilrjan 
Faith, as contained in the A'^^cf- 
tles Creed ^ 

Anfiv, I d«. 

Miriijf, Wilt thou be baptized 
In this Faith ? 

Anfiv, That is rny defue. 

Mini/}, Wiit thou then obe- 
diently keep God*s holy will jincj 
commandments, and walk ip 
the fame all the days of thy life ? 

^«/w, I will, by God's help. 
■'-■■■ 1 4 

ALmighty, everliving God, 
whofe mod dearly beloved 
Son Jefus Chrili, for the for- 
givcnef:i of our fins, did ihed ouC 
of his moft precious lide both 
water and blood ; and gavecom- 
mandment to his dilcipies, that 
they iiiouldgo teach ah nations, 
and baptize them in the Name 
Of the Father, and of the Son, and 
of the Holy Ghoil ; reg^ard, ws 
befeech thee, the fupplicationiv 
of thy Congregation ; fan(Slify 
this water to the myilical walh- 
ing away of fin J and grant that 
this Chi/d, no\M to he baptized 
therein, may receive the fulnefs 
of thy gr^ce, and ever remain ia 
the number of thy faithful chil- 
dren, through Jefus Chrill our 
Lord. Amen^ 

^ rben 

Public Baptifm of InfanU. 

^ ^I'hen the Mimfier Jhall take 
' fbe Child into his hands, and 
Jhall fay to the Godfathers and 

Name this Child, 
■fjy And then, naming it after 
ihetn^ he pall dip it In the Hea- 
ter dlfcreetly, cr fhall four 
Water upon it, faying, 

Nl baptize thee in the 
t Name of the Father, 
and of the Son, an4 pf the Holy 
Ghoft. Amen* 

^ rhen the Mimfier Jhall fay , 
\Xr^ receive this Child into the 
Congregation of Chrift's 
Flock,, and do* 

* Here tire Ml- ijgn him with the 
l!^^:^L:t fign of the Croft; 
aiii'd'j forf- in token that 
^^* hereafcer he ihall 

not be aniamed to confefs the 
faith of Chrrit crucitied, and 
M^ianfwlly to fight under his ban • 
ner, againil fin,' the vvorid, and 
the devil j and to cpntinue 
Chriif s faithful foldier and fer- 
vant unto his life's en4. Amer, 

€[ If thofeivho prefent the Infant 
ftal! def^re thefign of the Crofs 
to he omitted, ahhcLgh the 
Church Incnvs noiv'or^hy caufe 
cffcr: pie concerning the fa v. e, 
yet J in tint cafe, the 'Mlnlfcr 
way omit that' part of the 
ab:.'ve ivhlch Jolloivs the 1m 
merjion, or th^ pouring cf Wa- 
ter on the Infants 

. fl 1 hen Jhall the Minifierfay^ ' 

SEeing now, dearly beloved 
bretliren, that this Child is 

regenerate, and grafted into tj^ 
body of Chrift's Church y let us 
give thanks unto Almighty Co4 
for thefe benefits, and with one 
accord make our prayers un^io 
him^ that this Child may lead the 
reft of his life according to this 

^ Then Jhall ief aid, all kneeling 

Father, who art in 
Fleaven, Hallowed by tHy 
Name ; Thy Kitigdom come 5 
Thy Will be done on Earth, as 
it is in Heaven j Give us t^iis 
day our daily bread ; And for- 
give us our trcfpafTes, as we 
forgive thofe who trefpafs againft 
us j And lead us not into temp* 
tation i But deliver us frontevij. 

€[ Thenjbdll the Mimfer'fa^^^ 

E yield thee hearty, 
thanks, moft mercifut' 
Father, that it hath pleafed thee" 
to regenerate this Infar.t with 
thy Holy Spirit, to receive him 
for thine own Child by adoption, 
and to incor'f"orac|: him iniro thy 
holy Church. And humbly w^ 
befeech thee to grant, that he, 
being dead unto fin, and living 
unto rigl.toufnefs, and being 
buried wjth.Chrift in his death, , 
may crucify the old man, and 
utterly abolTfh the whole body ^i 
fin \ and that as he is Par- 
faker of the Death of thy Son, . 
he may alfo be Partaker of his 
Rerurredian ; fo that finally, 
with the refidue of thy holy 

Private Baptifm of Infants 

Church, he may be an Inheritor 
of thine cverlafting ICingdom, 
through Chirift our Lord. Amtn, 

^ Then all jtanding up, the M't~ 
nijterjhalljay to the Godfathers 
y:nd Godmothers this Exhorta- 
tion fdlo'iving : - 

Fbrafmuch as thii Child hath 
promiied by you his Sure- 
ties, to renounce the devil and 
all his works, to believe in God, 
and to ierve him j ye muft re- 
member, that it is your parts and 
duties to fee that this Infant be 
taught, fo foon as he lliall be 
able to learn, what a foiemn 
'vow, projTiife, and proteflion he 
hath here made by you. And 
that he may know thefe things 
the better, ye iliall call upon him 
to hear Sermons j and chieHy ye 
ihall provide, that he may learn 
the Creed, the Lord's Prayer, 
and the Ten Commandments, 
and all other things which a 
Chriftian ou:^ht to know and be- 

lieve to his four's health \ and 
that this Child TTiAy be virtuoul^y 
broui^ht up to lead a godly and 
a Chriftian life : remembcrinij 
always, that Baptifm doth rc- 
prefent unto us our profelTion ; 
which is, to follow the example 
of our Saviour Chrift, and to be 
made like unto him ; that as he 
died, and rofe again for us, fo 
rtiould we, who are baptized, die 
from fm, and rife again unto 
righteoufnefs j continually mor- 
tifying all our evil and corrupt 
art-'edtions, and daily proceeding 
in all virtue and godlineis of 

fl Then fhall he add, and fayy 

YE are to take care that /i)i5 
Cbiid be brought to the 
Biihop to be coniirmed by him, 
io foon as he can fay the Creed, 
the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten 
Cemmandments, and is fuffici- 
entl) inftrudled in the other parts 
of the Church Catechifm, fee 
forth for that Purpofe. 

The ministration of 

in Houfes. 

^ The Minijicr of every Parifh fjall often admonlp the Pecple, that 
they defer not the Laptijm of their Children larger than the frji cr 
fecond Sunday ntxt after their Birth, or other Ho'y~day fatUng 
bet-zoeen, unJ'-Js upon a great and reajcnable Caufe, 

f| And alfo thxy fhall tvarn ther/j, that, ivitbout like great caufe and 
neceffty, they procure not their Children t. he baptized at home in 
their houfes. But ivhen need Jhull coinpel tl^mft, tc do, then Bap;- 
tfvi Jhu.i be adminljiirtd u'i foUjiv-.i, 

i 5 f r,rj-i 

Private Baptifm of Infants. 

f[[ Thjly let the Minijler of the Panjh (cr, in his abfence^ any ofbtt .^ 
/(iivful Minijier that can be procured) loith thoj'e luho are pre^ ^ 
jtnty call upcn God, and fay the l^ord's Prayer^ and fo many ef ths'^, 
Cdlccii appointed to be J aid before in the form of Public La^itifm^ ^. 
0S the time and prejent exigence ivlll fuffer. And then, the' Child ^^ 
icing named by fome one ivho is prejent y the Minifter foali pour 
ivater upon it] faying thefe ivor4i ? 

NI baptize thee in the 
^ Narne of the Father, 
^nd of the Son, ;^nd of the Holy 
Ghoft. Amen, 

^ Then the Minifter Jhall give 
thanks unto Cod, and Jay, 

WE yield thee hearty 
thanks, mo4t mercifyl 
Father, that it hath pleafed thee 
to regenerate this Infant with 
thy holy Spirit, to receive him 
f»r thine own Child by adoption, 
and to incorporate him into thy 
holy Chu.rch. And humbly we 
befeech thee to grant, that be, 
being dead »nto fm, and living 
unto righteoufnefb, and being 
buried with Chrift in his death, 
may crucify the old man, and 
utterly abolish the whole body 
of fin 5 and that as he is made 
Partaker of the death of thy 
Son, he may alfo be Partaker of 
his Refurrection 5 fo that final- 
ly, with the RelJdae of thy holy 
Church, he may be an Inheritor 
of -thine everlafting Kingdom, 
through Chrift our Lord. Amen, 

^ And let them not doubt but 
that the Child fo baptized is 
iaiv fully and fuff»clently bap - 

ttxed, and ought not to he hgtp^ 
tized again, Tet never thelefs, if 
the Child ivhich is after this fort 
baptized, do after 'ward live } 
it is expedient that it be brought 
into tt^e Church, to the intent 
that if the Minifter of the fame 
Parijh did himfelf baptize that 
Child, the Congregation may be 
certified of the true form of bap ■ 
tifm, by him privately befcrc 
ufed : In 'zvhich cafe he Jhall 
f<^y thus, 

T Certify you, that according 
J[_ to. the due and prefcribed Or- 
der of the Church, at Juch a time 
and at fuch a place, before divers 
witnelles, I baptized this Child, 

^ But if the Child ivere baptized 
by any other laiuful Minifter, 
then the Miin/Jer of the Parijh 
I 'where the Child teas born or 
\ chriftened, ftj all examine %uhc- 
ther the Janie hath been Idiv ful- 
ly done. And if the Minifter 
fball find, by the^anjivers of 
Juch as the Child, that 
all things ivere done oi they 
ought to be; then ft: alt no: he 
chrifien the Child again, but 
fhall receive him as one of the 
Plock cf true Chriftian Pt^yplcy 
fa\ing thuSf 


Pnvatte Baptiim of Infants, 

ICertifyjou, that in this cafe ; l^.Eloved, ye hear m this Got- 
all is well done, and accord- | X3 P^^ ^^^ words ot our SavK 
injj unto due order, concerning j our Chrift, that he commanded. 
the baptising ot this Child -y who j the children to be brought unto 
is now by Baptifni incorporated \ him j how he blamed chofe that 
into the Chrillian Church :. For I would have kept them from him J 
our Lord Jefus Chrilt doth not | how he exhorteth all men to fol- 
deny his grace and mercy unto ', low their innocency. V'e pcr- 
fuch Infants j but moll lovingly j ceive how, by his outward ^ef^ 
doth call them unto him, as the . ture and deed, he declared his 
Holy Gofpel doth witnefs to our i good will toward them : For he 
comfort on this wife. > embraced them in his arms, he 

I laid his hands upon them, and 
^y ThfH the Mimfter Jh all fay as bleiVed them. Doubt ye not 
fdtlotos : cr elje fhall pajs on fa therefore, but earncil-ly believe, 
the quejilons aadrejjed to ^i?^ j that he hath iikewife favourably 
Sfonfors* I received this ^rcCent Infant,; that 

! he hath embraced him with the 
Hea.r the words of the Gofpel, arms of his mercy j and, as he 
written by St. Mark, in the tenth hath promifed in his holy word. 
Chapter, at the thirteenth Verfe. will give unto bim the blefling of 
i eternal life, and make him Par-^ 

THey brought young children taker of his everlailing kingdom. 
to Chrift, that he /hould .'Wherefore, we being thus per- 
touch themj and his difciples ' fuaded of the good will of our 
rebuked thofe who brought heavenly Father, declared by his 
them. But when Jefus faw it, ! Son Jefus Chrift, towards this 
he was muchdifpleafed, and faid j Infant, let us faithfully and de- 
unto them. Suffer the little chil- ! voutly give thanks unto him, 
dren to come unto me, and for- and fay the Prayer .which the 
bid them not; forof fuch is the \ Lord binifelf taught .us, 
kingdom of God. Verily I fay" 
unto you, Whofoever fhall not 

receive the kingdom of God a^ a 
little child, he ihall not enter 
theriiin. And he took them up 
in his arms, put his hands upon 
them, and blcffed them. 

f[ After the Gofpel is ready the 
Minifier Jhalf make this brief 
Exhortation ypcn the ivords of 
the Gofpel : 

V^ V£ 

r Father who art in Hea- 
ven, Hallowed ht thy' 
Name ; Thy K-ingdom come f 
Thy V/ill be done on Earth, as 
it is ia Heaven : Give ua this 
day our daily bread ; And for- 
give us our trefpafles, as we 
forgive ;hofe who trefpafs againft 
us J And lead us not into temp- 
tation j But deliver u« from evil* 

I 6 

f Then 

Private Baptifm of tnfatitsw 

t^jTChenfoallthe Mlnificr demand 
the Name of the Child \ ivhkh 
•ke'ing by the Godfathers and 
Godmothers pronounced, the 
Min'ijicr Jhail fay as folloivs ; 

DOrt thou, in the name of 
this Chi/df reoounce the 
devil and alj his works, the vain 
ponnp and glory of the woild, 
with ail covetous defires of the 
fame, and the finful deiires of 
the fie/li j fo that thou wilt net 
follow, nor be led by them ? 

-^^nfu>, 1 renounce them all; 
and, by God's help, will endea- 
vour not to follow, nor be Ipd by 

Mlriji, Doft thou believe all 
the Artlcies of the Chriftian 
Fakh, as contained in ihe Apof- 
tles Creed > 

Arfiu.'l do» 

Minift, Wilt thou be bapt;?ed 
in this Faith ? 

Anj'iv, That is my de fire r 

Mlnift, Wilt thou then obe- 
diently keep God's holy will and 
commandments, and walk in 
the fame all the days of thy litie " 

Artfiv, J will, by God's help. 
f[ T:h6n the Mlnift cr Jh a i! fay, 

WE receive this Child into 
fhp Congregation of 
.^, ... ., Chrift^s Flock, 
and do* fign him 
with the (\^n of 
the Crofs ^ in to 

* Mere ihf JVft- 
a Crofs upon the 

C!n!d!jfort:- ■ 

devil -y and to continue Chrlft'a * 
faithful foldier and fervant unto • 
his life's end, Amen^ 

^ The fame Rule is to he ohferi*ecl 
here, as to the Omiffion §f ttt 
Sign of the Crofs, js in the' 
Fubllc Baptifm of Infants, 
^ Then pall the Minifter fay^ 

SEeing now, dearly beloved ' 
brethren, that this Child tit- . 
regenerate, and grafted into the 
body of Chrift's Church j let us 
give thanks unto Almighty God 
for thefe benefit;^, and with one 
accord make our prayers unto 
him, that this Child may lead 
the reil: of hsis life according to 
this beginning, 

^ Then pall be faidy all kneeling, 
VTTE yield thee heartyf" 
VV thanks, moll merciful^ 
Father, that it hath pleafed thee' 
to regenerate this Irfant with ' 
thy Holy Spirit, to receive hint 
for thine own Child by adoption, 
and to incorporate him into thy 
holy Church. And hurnbly we 
belEch thee to grant, that he^ 
being dead unto lin, and living 
unto righteoufnefs, and being 
buried with ChriO in his death, 
may crucify the old man, and 
utterly abolilh the whole body of 
fin } and that as he is m^de Far- 
taker of the dt'ath of thy Son, he 

ken that hereaf- { may ^Ifo be Fartaker of his Re^' 

ter he /hall not 
be ainamed to confefs the faith 
of Ciiriit cruciried, and manful- 
ly to fight under his bann&T; 

furreclion J fo that finally, with 
the refidue of thy holy Cl*iTch, 
he may be an Inheritor of thine 
everlafting Kingdom, through 

a^ainft fin, the world, and the i Chrift cur Lord, Am^n. 

f Tbert 

Private Baptifm of Infants. 

Bilhop to be confirmed by bim, 
fa Toon as he can fay tl^c'Cf-pt^tl, 
the Lord^'s Prayer, anJ the Ten 
Comni.''ndments, and Is (ufRci- 
ently inftrudled in the other 
parts of the Church Catechifm, 
fct forth for that purpofe. 

^ ^fbeiiy allfiandhg z//>, the Mi- 
Tfifitfpjall jay to thf Godfather t 
.2 nil Godvtotben this Exhorta- 
tion f:>IJ(j'iL';rg : 
FOrafmuch as bis Child hflfh 
promlfed by you his Sure- 
ties, to renounce the devil and 
all his ft'prks, to believe in God, 
and to ferve him j ye muft re- 
member^ that it is your parts 
and duties to fee that this Infant 
be .taught) ib foon as he lliall be 
able to learn>what a folemn vow, 
pronaife, and profcflion he hath 
here made by you. And that 
he may know thefe things the 
better, ye iT^all call upon him to 
hear. Sermons j and chiefly ye 
fhall provide, that he may learn 
the Creed> the Lord's Prayer, 
and the Ten Commandments, 
and all other things which a 
Chriftian ought to know and 
believe to his fouPs health j and 
that this Child mA) be virtnoufly 
brought up to lead a godly and 
a Chriftian life : remembering 
always, that Baptifm idoth vp- 
prefent unto us our prol^flion j 
which is, to follow the example 
of our Saviour Chrii^, and to 
be made like unto him j that as 
he died, and rofe again for us, 
fo fhould we, who are baptized, 
die from fin, and rife again unto 
ri^hieoufnefs j continually mor- 
tifying all our evil and corrupt 
affections, and daily proceedi»g 
in all virtiie and godlinefs of 
^ Then fh ail he add^ amlfdy, 

YE are to take care that this 
Child be brought to :hs 

^ But if they ivho bring the In- 
fant to the Church do m^ike Juch 
urcertain Anfivers to the I\rih:i' 
Jier''s ^luefibns, as th^t it cannct 
afpear that the Child ivas lap- 
ti^cd nvith Water ^ in the Nart.c 
(f the Father, and of the Sen, 
and of the h^Jy Ghoji ('which 
are cjfentlal j^arts of Ba-^ti^m) 
then let the Minijier haj:tize it 
in the F orpi before appointed for 
Public Baptifm of Infants ; 
fa'ving, that at the dipping 6f 
the Child in the Fcnty Jbe /hail 
ufe <his F&nn of Words ; 

TF tl 
I tiz 

the Na] 

F thou art not already bap- 
zed, N, I baptize thee in 
ame of the Father, and of 
the Son, and of the HoJy Ghoft* 


^ If Infant Baptifm^ and the re~ 
cci'ving of Infants baptized in 
private, are to beat the fame 
time, the Minijier way make the 
t^uficns to the Sporfors and 
the Juccecding Fraycr fcrve for 
both- j^nd again, after th^ 
Immerfion, or the pouring of 
Water, a»:d the recel-jivg into 
the Church, the Minifijr may 
ufe the Remainder of the Ser- 
fice for both, 


BArrTJS M to fuch as are of RIPER YEARS, 

v'l .rf ^b '^'^^ *^^^ ^° iinfwer for th^mfelYes. 

^ Wbenit^ Juch Perfons at are of Riper Tears are to be bapttxed^ 
umcly noi'ice jhall ht gii'cn to the Mlmfier j that fo due care majf 
be. tak€n^for tbeir fxam'tnationy ivbether they be fuffdently in.' 
Jiru£i-ed in the principles of the Cknftian Religion j and that they 
rv.ay be exbertcd to prepare tbcmfelvcsy ivitb prayers and fafting, 
for (be ncei'ving ef this Holy Sacrament, 

^ And if they pail be found fity then the Godfathers and Gcd- 
mothers f (the people being afj'embled upon tbi Sunday , Jdcly-Day^ 
or Prayer Day appointed) jhall be ready to prefnt them at the 
Fonty immediately after the Second Lejjhny either at Morning or 
Evening Prayer ^ as the Miniftr, in his dijcretion, pall think ft, 

f[ And funding there^ the Mmifter pall dfly IVhether any of the 
Pcrfns here prefenttd be baptized or no t If they pall anfwery 
No j then pdi tk* Minijier fay thus : 

^ Then pall the Mimfter fay^ 

Let us pray. 

Al^mighty and everlafting 
God, who, of thy great 
mercy, didll fave Noah and bis 
family in the Ark. from periihing 
by water j and alfo didft fafeJy 
lead, the children of Ifrael thy 
people through the Red Sea, 
figuring thereby thy holyBaptifm i 
and by the Baptiim of thy weli- 
beloved Son Jelus Chrii> in the 
river Jordan, didft fandify the 
element of water^to themyftical 
walhing away of fin \ we befeech. 
thee, for thine infinite mercies,, 
that thou wilt mercifully iool^ 
upon theje thy Servants : waih 
them and i'an(^ify them with the 
Holy Ghoftj that they, being 
delivered from thy wrath, may 
be received into the Ark of 

ehrift's. .- 

D Early beloved, forafmuch 
. as all men arc conceived 
and born in fin (and that which 
Js born of the fieih is flc/h) and 
they who are in the flefh cannot 
pleafe God, but live in fui, com- 
mitting many adlual tranfgref- 
fions; and our Saviour Chrill 
faith, None fan enter into the 
kingdom of God, except he be 
regenerate and born anew of 
Water and of the Holy Ghoft; 
1 beleech you to call upon God 
the Father, through our Lord 
)efus Chrift, that of his boun- 
teous goodnefs he will grant to 
thefe Perjcns that vyhich by na- 
ture they cannot have \ that they 
may be baptized with Water and 
the Holy Gboit, and received 
hito Chnft^s Holy Church, and \ 
be made I'rucly members of the ' 
(aroc. ; 

Baptlfm of thofe 

; ill's Church J and being fted- 
■ in faith, joy tul through hope, 
4iifi rooted in charity, may (o 
pals the waves of this trouble- 
I'onoe world, that finally tbey 
mj^y conne to the land of evcr- 
lafting life} there to reign with 
thee, world without end, through 
Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen, 

Or this^ 

ALmighty and immortal 
God, the aid of all who 
need, the helper of all who Hee 
to thee ik)t fuccour, the life of 
thofe who believe, and the re- 
furre6tion of the dead j we call 
upon thee for tbefe 'Berfcn^, that 
tbey^ coming te thy holy Bap- 
tifm, may receive remiilion of 
their fms, by fpiritual regenera- 
tion. Receive thenjy O Lord, 
as thou haft promifed by thy 
well-bjclovcd Son, faying, Afk, 
and ye (hall receive j feek, and 
ye (hail find \ knock, and it flialt 
be opened oftto you : So give 
now u,nto us who afk; let us 
who feck, f\nd ; open the gate 
unto us who knock j that thefe 
Perjori may enjoy the everlaft- 
ing benedicVi on of thy heavenly 
wafhing, and may come to the 
eternal kingdom which thou haft 
promifed by Chrift our Lord. 

^ Then the Mlr'ipr fiall fay^ 

Hearthc wordiof the Gofpel, 
written by Saint John, in the 
third Chapter, beginning at th-e 
firft Verie : 

THere was a man of the Pha- 
rikci, named Nic«Jcmus, i 

of Riper Years. 

a ruler of the- Jev«[S* The f;i?n^ 
came to Jefus by aikiht, and {HA. 
unto him. Rabbi, we know that 
thou art a reachtr come froni 
God ; for no man can do thefe 
miracles that thou docft, except 
God be with him. Jcfu> an- 
fwered and (aid unto wm. Veri- 
ly, verily, 1 fay unto thee, Ex- 
cept a man be bova a^ain» he 
cannot tee the kingdom of Go^« 
NicoJemus faith uuto him, How 
can a man be bom when he it 
old r can he enter the fecon4 
time int^ his mother's wornb^ 
and be born ? Jefus anfv^ered. 
Verily, verily, 1 fay unto thee. 
Except a man be born of water 
and of the Spirit, he cannot en- 
ter into the kingdorn of God. 
That which is bom of the fleili, 
is fiefti J and that which is born 
of the Spirit, is Spirit, Marvel 
not that I faid wnto thee, Ye 
muft be born again. The wind 
bioweth where it lifteth, and 
thou heareft the found thereof; 
but canft not tell whence it Co- 
meth, and whither it goetli : fo 
is every one that is born of the 

^ After ivk'uh he Jhall fay this 
£xkcrtation foUiimng-: 

BEloved, ye hear in this Gof- 
pel tUe exprefs words of our 
Saviour Chrift, that, except a 
man be born of Water and of th« 
Spirit, he cannot enter into the 
kingdom of God. Whereby y& 
may perceive the great nece/Tity 
of this Sacrament, where it may 
be had. Like wife, immediately 
before hib afcennon into hea- 

Baptifm of thafe 

ren, (as we Kad in the laft 
Chapter of Saint Mark's Gof- 
pel,) he gave command to his 
difciplcF, faying^ -Go ye into all 
the world, and prea^ch the Qofpel 
to every creature. He that be- 
lieveth, and is baptised, ihall be 
faved j bwit he that belie veth not, 
iTiall be damned : Which alTo 
fhowcth ,unto us the great benefit 
'/ve reap thereby. For which 
caufe Saint Peter the Apoftie, 
when upon his fe>-ft preaching of 
the Gofpei many were j^ricked 
at the hearty and faid to him 
and the reft of the Apoftles, Men 
and brethren, v/hat {hail we d© ?- 
xeplied, and faid unto them, 
Repent and be baptized every 
one of you, for the rernilhon of 
£ns, and ye fhaJl receive the ^i ft 
of the Holy Ghoft : For the 
promife is to you and vour chil- 
dren, and to ail that are afar off, 
even as many as the Lord ovr 
God lliall call. And with many 
other word^ exhorted he them, 
faying, ^ave yo^rfelves from 
this untoward generation. For, 
as the fame Apoiile teilifieth in 
another place, even Baptifm 
doth alio nowXave us, (not the 
putting away of the filth of the 
fielli, but the anfwer of a good 
confcience towards God,) by the 
ye not therefore, but earnefl^ly 
believe, :that he will favourabiy 
receive tkxfe prefeat P^rjc^ns, 
truly repenting, and coming unto 
him by faJth j that he \yill grant 
rbefn remiliion of ihtir fins, and 
bellowuponr^e^ theHolyGhoi> j 
that he will give tb:m the blcf- 

of Riper Years. 

(mg of. eternal 4ifc, ani mTik^' 
them Partakers of his evcrrafl:Tng 

\vherefore, we; being thus 
perfuadedof the good-wUl of our 
heavenly Father towards t.hffi 
PerfcTJs, decl^Ttd by his Son Je- 
fus Christ, let us faith fy^ly and 
devoutly give thanks to k^m, 
and fay, ' 

Al^mighty -anci «ver|^fting 
G.o.i, heavenly Father^ \6,c 
give thee humble thanks, for 
that thou had vouchfafed Xo call 
us to i:he know ledge of thy grace, 
and faith in thee : Jncre.ajfe this 
knoy.'ledge, znd .conJSr;3> this 
faith jn us evermore. Giy,e thy 
Holy Spirit iq thefc Perfops^ that 
they may be born again, ;^nd be 
made Heirs of evverlafli ng falva- 
tion, through o,ur Lord Jefuf? 
Chrifl-, who liveth and rdgneth 
with thee and the Hojy Spirit, 
now ?-n4 for ever, j^jnen. 

fl Then the MiniJIer Jhal/ f^eak 
to the Performs to be laptj^cfl mi. 
this iL'iJe : 

T\ TEU- belove.d, whj^ are 
W' come hither de/^ring tu 
receive holy Baptifm, yc have 
heard how the Congregation hat)» 
prayed, that our Lord Jefus ChrHi^ 
would :Vouchfaf/2 to receive you 
and blefs v^u, to releafe you of 
your fins, to give you the king- 
dom of heaven, and eveiiaftin^ 
li f e . Ye h a ve he a r d a 1 fo X^ a t on : 
Lord Jefus Chrift hath pro'nijfc-d 
in his holy Word, to I'.ranc i>il 
thole -things that \ve pra)^^ 
i'oT ; v.'hkh uromile^ he tor i?"iN 

. Baptifm of thofe of Riper Yeart. 

ftsrX,, \\ill^moft fufcly keep and 
pcrrarm. Wherefore, ;ifter this 
piomiie made by Chrift,_)'tf mull: 
alfo faithfully, tor ysur part, in 
the prefcncc of thefe your Wit- 
nciTes, and this whole Cen^r*:- 
gation^ promife and anfv,'er to 
the following Q^cftions t 

•^ ne MijrtficrJhaH then demand 
- fft^e Ptrfons to ie baptized as 
JoUbttn^^ the ^efi'ions hein^ 
'" -^(Atfkk^J az addrtjjed tit them 
-' fevefiHly'; and th Arfivin to. 
■ 'lte^\}d't'iiccGrdingiy, 


D Oft thou renounce the de- 
' vil- and all his works, the 
^ain pomp and glory of the 
n^'orld, wirk all covetous dsfues 
rf the fame., and the finful de- 
lires of the flefh j fo that thou 
v.'llt not follow, nor be kd by 
them ? 

Ai'.fiv, I renounce them all j 
2ir\^, by God's help, will endea- 
-our not to follow, nor be led 
by them ? 

^^/f/f. -Doft thou believe all 
the Articles of the ChrilHan 
Faith, as contained in the Apof- 
tles Creed ? 

jinfio, I do» 

^eji. Wilt thou be baptized 
In this Faith ? 

AfifiOy,. That is my deflre. 

^eji. Wilt thou then obedi- 
ently keep God's holy will and 
comrpandments ; and- walk in 
the Xamc ail the days of thy 
life ? 

Anfip, I will, by God's help.- 

fy Ihcnjhalltte Mivi/}erfiy\ 

O Merciful God, grant tha<. 
the old Adam in tle/e 
Perfins may be fo buried, that 
the new man may be raifed up 
inthcm. Amiti, 

Grant that ail Cnful afte^ions 
may die in tkcmj and that all 
things belonging to the Spirit 
may live and grow in them. Amen • 

Grant that they rnay have 
power and ikength to have vic- 
tory, and to triumph againfl 
^he devil, the world, and the 
fle{h. •/wrn. 

Grant that they, being here 
dedicated to thee by our OfR-ce 
and Miniftry, may alfo be en- 
uued with heavenly virtues, and 
evcrlaftingly rewarded, through 
thy mercy, O bUiled Lord God, 
who doft live and govern all 
things,world without end. Amen, 

ALmiglvty, eyerliving God, 
whofe moil dearly beloved 
Son Jefus Chrift, for the for« 
givenefs of our fins, did /bed 
out of his moil precioiis fide 
b«th v^'ater and blood ; and gave 
commandment to his difcipies, 
that they iTjould go teach all 
nations, and baptize tliem in 
the Name of the Father, and of 
the Son, and of the Holy Ghqil ; 
regard, w£ befeech thee, the 
fupplicatlons of this Congrega- 
tion ; fandlify this water to tie 
mvrtical wufhing away of hn i 
and g;rant that the Pirjons, now 
to be baptized therein, may re- 
ceive the fulntfs of thy grace^ 
and ever remain in the nunibci' 
of thy faithful chlldrci-, through 
Jefus Chrift our Lo:^.> Amtn, . 

Baptifm of thofe of Riper Yews. 

ij 7iem Jball the Minijler take 
each Per fan to be baptiT^ed by 
the K'ight-Hand\ and f lacing 
him conveniently by the Font, 
acctrdtng to hii DifcrctizHjJhall 
^Jk the Godfathers and Godmo^ 
thers the Name j and thenfball 
dip him in the iVater, or pour 
W'ater upon bijn^fayingy 

NJ baptize thee in the 
, Name of the Father, 
and of the Son, and of„the Holy 
Ghoft. ^men, 

% Then pall the Minifier fay y 

WE receive /i>/s Perfon in- 
to the Congregation of 
Chrift's Flock, 
* mrethe Mi- and do * fign him 
nCroJsu^mthf ^.th the fign of 
Perjoii'i fore- the Crofs } in to- 
*'^^- ken that hereaf- 

ter be fhall not be aihamed to 
confefs the Faith of Chrift cru- 
cified, and manfully to fight 
under his banner, againft iin, 
the world, an4 the devil ; and 
to continue Otirift's faithful foU 
d-ier and fervant unto ki^ life-s 
end. Amen, 

0^ The fame Rulcy as to the Omf. 
ficn of the Sign of the Crofs, 
is to be obfcr-ved here, as in the 
Baptifm of fuck Infants, 

51" Then the Minifter pall fay ^ 

SEeing now, dearly beloved 
brethren, that thefe Perfns 
^zr^- regenerate, and grafted into 
tire, body of Chrilt's Church j 
let us give thanks unto Almighty 
God for thefe benefits, and with 
one accord make our prayers un- 
IQ him, that they may lead the 

reft af ihehr Wik ac^jbi'dmj f# 

ths beginning, ' '■'''- ^• 

fl Then Pall be f aid y the li?rd*i 
Prayfr^ all kneeling, . ^ 

OUr Father, %yho ar^ in 
Heaven, Hallowed be thy 
Name; Thy Kingdom' coniej 
Thy will be done on Earth, as 
it is in Heaven j Qiyc us th^ 
day our daily breacj j Ai^ for-» 
give us our trefpafles, as we for- 
give thofe who trefpaf$ againft 
us 5 And le^d us not iBtC! temp ^ 
tation J But deliver us froxn,cviI, 

WE yield thee humble 
thanks, O heavenly 
Father, that thou haft vpuch- 
fafed to call us to the knpwled^c 
of thy grace, and faith in tfiee : 
Xnqreafe this knowledge, and 
confirm this faith \n useyerniorc. 
Give thy Holy Spirit to fJbefe 
Pcrfons J that being now born 
again, and made Heirs of ever- 
lart.Ing falvation through our 
Lord Jefus Chrif^, they mz'^ 
contiri,ue thy Servants, and at- 
tain thy promifes, through the 
fame Lord Jefus Chrift thy Sou ; 
who liveth and reigneth with 
thee, in the unity of the fame 
H')!y Spirit, everlallingly.-^?7:^rr, 

^ Theny all Jlanding upy the Mi- 
nijler pall ufe this Exhortation 
foiloiuing : fpeaking to theGed- 
f at hers and Godmothers frji: 

FOrafmuch as thefe Perfons 
harue promifed, in your 
prefence, to renounce the devil 
and all his works, to believe, in 
God, and to ferve him j ye Jtiuft 
remember, that it is your part 

BaptiYm of thofe o€ Riper Yeirs, 

^^d.dxity to put them in mind, 
what a folemn vow, prouiife, 
and profcffion ftey have now 
Tnadfc behne this Congregation^ 
and cfpccially before you their 
chofen Witheffes. And ye are 
alfo to call upon them to'ufe all 
diligence to be rightly >nlHu<Slcd 
in God's holy Word j that io 
^bey may^ grrtw in grace, and. in 
the knowledge of our Lord Jefus 
Chrill y and liye godly, righte- 
oufty, and fobcrly^ in thi^ pre- 
fcnt Wprld. 

^ j4n/{ then f peaking to the hdp- 
lixed PerJsnSf be J})all pr»ceed 
mnd fay\ 

AN(i as far you, who have 
now by baptism p»3t on 

Chrift) it ia your part- and xfutjr 
alfo, being made the ChUdrert 
of God aod of tb« lijgKt, by 
faith ii> Jrfus Chrill, to walk 
anfwerabiy to your Chriftlan cal- 
ling» and as becometh the chil- 
dren of light 5 remembering al-* 
ways, that fiaptifm reprefentoth 
unto us our profeflron ; which 
is, to follow the example of our 
Saviojar Chrii^, and to be made 
like unto him ; thi^t as he died^ 
and rofe again for us, fo /hould 
we, who are baptized, die from 
fin,, artd rife again unto righte- 
oufnefs 5 continually mortifying 
all our evil and corrupt affe(f\i- 
ons, and daily proceeding in all 
virtue and godlinefs of living. 

^ Jt h Hcpedient that e'very Perfcn thus baptlxed Jbouid he confirmed 
hj the Eljkcpy fo fcon after his Baptifm as con-venkntly may be y 
that fo be may be admitted to the Ho/y,Comtzunion, 

f[ TVhereas necefjity may require the baptifctng^ of Adults in prit'ats 
houfesy in confideratton of ejctnme ficknefs ; the fame is hereby al" 
Uwed in t^hat cafe. And a czfi^jcnkift number of perfons fhall be 
afjeirbled in the houj£ ivhere the Sacrament is to be performed, • And 
in the exhortation^ Well beloved, ^c. inflfad of tbefe *wordi 
come hither defiring, fhall be inferted this rv$rd, defirous. 

fj" If there h(,nc€afion for the Of[r<e of Infant Baptifm and that of 
Adults c^t the fc^me tiinef the Minifisr Jhall ufe the exhorlat'iou and 
9fte of the prayers next folloiving in the office for Adult t j on/y, in 
the exhortation and praycry after the words thefc Perfons, 
and thcfe thy Servants, adding and thefe Infants. Then 
the Minifler jhall proceed to the quefiions to he demanded in the 
cafes refpeBi'Vcly . After the Jmmerjion, cr the pouring of*WAter^ 
the prayer Jh all be as in this fervice-^ only^ after the %uords, 
thefe Perfons, fjall be added, and theie Infants. After ivhichy 
the remaining part of each fervice fhall be ufed \ firfi that for 
AdtiltSy and lafly thatftr Infants, 

H if 

^ c A:t E c H r%-i[. 

■^ If Mny j^erJottSf not their rnfancy^JhaUhehrov^Stjciile 
baptised before 'they coine to 'yean of difcrtt'icm tQanfivirfcr'tfepi- 
fel'veiy it may fu^ce to ufe the Office for Public BapriJ?n'of lri~ 
finti J or, in caje <f extume danger ^ the Offia fr ti'.k;ute E^Lp- 
tifm'y only changhg the ivcrdy infant, fr^ Ch'Ady or Fcrfon, .^j 
T^:caJ}on requlretb» 

C A T E C H I 3 M{ 

^hat h to fay^ j, . r,. 


An Inst r u c t t o v , to be learned by every Perfon befare. he. be 
brought to be coufirnacd by th.e Bilhop. 

WHat is your name ? 
-Anftv.N. or M^ " 

^ef> Who gaviC you^ t'his 
^ name ? 

Anfip* My Sponfors in Bap- 
tifm j wherein I was made a 
ijiembcr of Chriiib, the chfld of 
God, and an wihcritor of the 
kingdom of Heaven. 

^efip What did your Spoa- 
•fors then for you ? 

Arjiv. They did promlfc and 
vow three things in my n;jtme : 
Firft, that I fhould renounce the 
i^devll and all his works, the 
pomps and vani.ty of this wic^ccd 
world, an4 all the finful lufts of 
the fleih-j Secondly, that I 
ihould beiieye all the .Articles of 
the Chriilian Faith j and third- 
ly, that J ihould keep God's he- 
ly will and commandments, and 
walk in the fame all the d;iys of 
my life. 

i^£/?. Doft thou not thiak 
that thou art bound to believe, 
and to do, as they have promiled 
-fyr thee ^ 

Ar^fio, Y-ts yerHy,) ani by 
God's help fo 1 will : And i 
heartily thank our heavenly fia- 
ther that h'e Hath called me'^to 
t^is ftate of falvatlon, thrtmgh 
Jefus Chrifl our Saviour : Aod 
1 pray iinto Ged to give aae hi'i 
grace, that I may contlniie hi 
the f^mc unto msylife's end. • 

Cattch'iji. Rehcark the Arti- 
cles of thy Belief. 


I Believe 111 God the Fafe^r 
Almighty, M^ker of ^eiv^./i 
a«d eaith : 

-And in Jefus Chijft his onJy 
Son our J^ord \ Who was con- 
ceived by the Holy Ghoil, Born 
of the Virgin IVfary, Suffered 
under Pontius -Fijate, Was crur 
cifiid, dead^ ^rtd buried \ He 
deicended into Hell 5 I'he third 
day he role from the dead \ 
He afcended into hjeayen, And 
ft,t6eth on the right hand of God 
the Father Almjghty 5 F;'om 
thence he iltall come to jjgdge 
the cjuv'c^ and the dtad. 

I beliey? 

TTvi 7: r w" 1 .- .. 

1 bslievc in the Holy Ghoft j 
^sh:>l^'eatTiollc^CKi>rch"; The 
fc^o'iirauniortbf Saints j Tlie for- 

_,- — _ ^ ^ ^ ^_ J 
JHen^fs of CfiYs ; "The refurrec 
mn cr>'*S* bb'a'y; 'Ana -tiie hk 
evcrlifKn^-. Amen, 

i^v"/. V^hat dof! thou clne^ 
le.irn m thcTe' Artiijies of thy 
T):liefr ' :J': ''. . 

J.ifiiftfff^^j't Uitn to fc'e- 
JisYc ir> Gjad thi Father, who 
hith m^vde' nK^ and ajl the 

Secondly,- in God the Son^ 
\ .10 h:iith redeemed hk^ and ali 

Thirdiy, .'fn God the Holy 
Ghcft, who fandcifieth me, and 
all the people of God. 

^efii You laid th^t your 
Sponlors dJd^ promifc for you,. 
Ihjt voir, fhouldk^ep God's com- 
mandments : Tell me hos« raa- 
nv there ^re, 
'A^f-^-^ Ten. 

^cfi^ Which, are they ? 


THe fifne which God fpake 
in tile twentieth Cliipter 
of Exodu^, faying^ J aril- the 
Lord thy God,who bronglit thee 
but of the lin»i of Egypt, out of 
the l^^fcfe of bondage, 

I. Thou fhalt have none 
^:ber g)ds but me. 

II* Thou ihalt dot ntake to 

nyfelf any graven image, nor 

rhe likcnels of any thing that is 

• '1 heaven above, or in the earth 

cneath, or in the water under 

.c earth. TiK)u iliult not bow 

i^wn to rh^.'ii, nor vwnhip 

'-eT, ; For 1 the Lord thv God 

am^^ jealous God^ and vifn U.sJ 
fir'A of tl'.e fathfrs upon thechiJr 
dreH,.unto the- third and fourth 
ge lie r » ti o n <jf th e m that hate 
m^ y ai»d: Hiow raercy unto thou- 
fiiids in them that love me^ aij4 
keep fiVy commandments. 

Ji;.. ThQu (halt not take the 
Name of the Lord thy God ii> 
vain : For the Lord wiH not hold 
him guilrlefs^^ that takcth his 
Name in vain* 

IV.. Pve member that thou 
keep hcly the $ Six 
days fhalt thou labour, and do 
all that thou haft- to do j but the 
feventh day is the Sabbath of 
the Lori thy Ged : In it thou 
ihak do no manner o^ work, 
thou^ and thy fon, and thy 
daughter, thy rtian-fervant, and 
thy maid-fervant, thy cattle, 
and the ftranger that is within 
thy gates. For in fix, days the 
Lore made heaven and earth, 
the fca, and all that in them is, 
and refted the feventh da) : 
Wherefore the Lord bleifed the 
feventh davj and- hallowed it.. 

V, Honour thy father, and 
thy mother, that thy days may 
be long ifl tlie land which the 
Lord thy God giyeth thee, 

VU. Thou, fhalt do no mur- 
der. ' . 

V1I», Thouih.alt not eoromit 

VIU. Thou fhalt not fteah 

IX. Thou ihalt not bear falic 
v;Itnef3 a^ainlt thy neighbour. 

X. Thou ihalt not co\et ihy 
rte'ighbour's houfe^thou (halt nut 
covet thy neighbour's wife, nor 
hiti feivint, nor his maid, nur Iiia 

A- C A T E C H I S M. 

«x, ;Bor hiK afs, ftbr aky thing 

that is his. - ' 

%f/?. What doH thoxj chiefly 
iearrvby thefe cQrnmandments ? 
^ Afi/vJ* I Icajrn two things ; Aiy 
^uty towards God, ^nd my duty 
towards my Neighbour:. 

^eft. What is thydatyto- 
"wards God ? 

Anftv* My duty towards God 
is,to believe in him j to fear him 5 
and to love him with all my 
heart, with all my mind, with 
ail my foul, and with all my 
flrength j to worfhip him 5 to 
give Mm tiianks 5 to put my 
whole truft in him j to call upon 
him 5 to honoAirhislioly Name 
and his Word; and torfervehim 
truly all the days of my life. 

^^. What IS thy duty to- 
wards thy Neighbour f* 

Anjiv, My duty towards my 
Neighbour is, to love him as 
myfelf, and to do to all men as 
I would they {hould do uutome : 
To love, honour, and fuccour 
ttiy father and mother : To ho- 
nour and obey the Civrl Autho- 
rity : To fubmit myfejf to all 
my governors, teachers, fpirit- 
ual paftors, and mafters : To 
order myfelf lowly and reverently 
to all my betters : To hurt no 
body by word or deed : To be 
true and juft in ail my dealings : 
To bear no malice nor hatred in 
my heart : To keep my hands 
from picking and ftealing, and 
my tongue from evil fpeaking, 
iying, and fiandering: To keep 
my body in temperance, fober- 
iiefs, and chaftity : Not to covet 
fior defirc ether men's goods j 

but to learn and iabbpr tr^^^V 
get mirie own liying, and to dd' 
my duty in that ftateof life unto 
which it &all plcafe God to cali 

C&tethiji. My good child, 
know this, that thoy art not . 
able to do thefethmgs Qi thyfelf^ - 
nor to walk in t^c ComFiaand- 
ments of God, and toferve httn^ 
without h!s«fpeciai Grace, whicb'v 
thou muft learn at all tiniesii?© ' 
call for by diligent Prayer : -tet 
me hear, therefore, if thou caijft^ 
fay the Lord's Prayer, ' 


OUr Father^ who art ,in 
Heaven, Hallowed be thy 
Name; Thy kingdom come; 
Thy will be done on Earth, as 
it is in Heaven : Give us cfeis ' 
<lay our daily bread ; And for- 
give us our trefpafl'es, as we f©r.. 
give thofe who trefpafs againft 
us ; And lead us not into teaip- 
tation j But deliver ^is from ^yHV 
Amen* *■' *,''■*'• 

%£/?. What defu^eil -tlrduVr '; 
God in this Prayer ? 

Anfiv* 1 defire my LordOod, 
our heavenly Father, who is the 
giver of all goodnefs, to fend his 
grace unto me and to allpeoplie, ; 
that we may worfhip him, fervc 
him, and obey him, as we ought ' 
to do : And I pray unto Cp«i^" 
that he will fend us all thia^ 
that are needful both for our 
fouls and bodies j and ^lathfe 
will be merciful whto us, and 
forgive us our fins ; and that it 
will pleafe him tofaveap^ de- 
fend us in all dangers both of ' 


foul and body ; and that he will 
Jceep us /rom all fin and wicked- 
ncfb, and from our fpiritual ene- 
my, and fromeverlalljng death \ 
And this 1 trull he will do of his 
mercy and goodnefs, through our 
Lord Jefus Chrift \ and therefore 
I fay, Amen : So be it, 

HOw many Sacraments hath 
Chrift ordained in his 
Church ? 

Anfw, Twoonly>as generally 
neceflary to falvation ; that is to 
fay, Baptifm, and the Supper of 
the Lord. 

^efi> What meancil thou by 
this word Sacrament f 

AnJio» I mean an outwatd 
and vifihle fign of an inward and 
fpiritual grace given unto us j 
©rdained by Chrift himfejf j as a 
means whereby we receive the 
fame, and a pledge to alTure us 

S^uefi, How many parts arc 
there in a Sacrament ? 

Anjii?. Two j the eutward 
vifiblc fign, and the inward fpi- 
ritual grace. 

^/ft. What is the outward 
viCble figrt ©r form in Baptifm ? 

Anfnv, Water J wherein the 
pcrfon is baptized. In the Name 
§f the Fatbery and of the Stn^ 
Mftd of the Holy Gboft. 

^eft. What is the inward 
and fpiritual grace ^ 

Anjic. A death unto fin, and 
a new birth unto righteoufnefs : 
For being by nature born in fin, 
and the children of wrath, we are 
herc4)y made the chiJdreto of 

^«f/?. What li required of 
perfons to be baptized ? 

Anfiu. Repentance^ whereby 
they forfake fin j an^ Faith, 
whereby they ftedfaftly belicv* 
the promifes of God made \9 
them in that Sacrament. 

^ty?. Why then are Infants 
baptizedjwhen by reafon of their 
tender age they cannot perform 
them ? 

Anfio, Becaufe they promifc 
them both by their fureties ; 
which promifc, when they come 
to age, themfeives are bound to 

^left. Why was the Sacra- 
ment of the Lord's Supper or- 
dained ? 

Anfiv, For the continual re- 
membrance of the facrifice of 
the death of Chrift, and oi the 
benefits which we receive there- 

&uefi. What Is the outwari 
part or fign of the Lord's Sup- 
per ? 

Anfiv, Bread and Wine,which 
the Lord hath commanded to b» 

^i^Ji* What is the inward 
part, or thing fignificd .•* 

Anjiv^ The Body and Blood 
of Chrift, which are fpiritually 
taken and received by the faith- 
ful in the Lord's Supper. 

^cfl. What are the benefits 
whereof we are partakers there- 
by ? 

Anfw. The ftrengthening and 
refre/hing of our fouls by the 
Body and Blood of Chrift, as 
our bodiea are bv clu; bread and 

-The Ordeu of Con firm AT'iai^\ 

.. ^efl^ What is required of 
lliofe who come to the Lord's 
Supper ? 

Anfxi^, To examine them- 
ftilyes, whether they repent them oi their former fms> fted- 

fiftly pxirpofmg to lead a r\ky$' 
life} have a lively faith in Go(i*V 
mercy> through Chriff, with a 
chanltful icemembraiice of his 
death ; and ht in charity with 
all men. 

^ 7 he Mhlfter of e'u^ry Partjh Jhall diligentty upcH Sanda^i an^ 

. Holy -days f or on fonte other convfjuent occafion^y openly in the ' 

Churchy injlruFt or examine fa many Children of bh FaKijhji,fcnt^ 

unto.hifKj as he p^all think confueniciit in Jome part QJ ^th^ 

C:z:cchijTr, ~ -^ 

ff ji)id all'Yathttiy Mothers, MafiefSy and Mij9rejh fiaUWufi 
their Children f Seri/ants, and Apprentices^ *who have not learned 
their Catechiftn, to come to the Church etc the time appointed, ^hd 
ebcdiently to hear, and to be ordered by the Minijier, until fuch 
time o-s they have learned all thcrt is here appointed for tbem-4*> 

^ So foon as Children are conie to a. competent age, and canf^y the 
Creedy the Lord's Fraycry and the "Ten Commandmcntsy and can 
atifiver to the other quejiiotts ofthisfoort Catechifrtty^ Jhall be 
brought to the Bipop,. 

^[ And ivhenjoc'ver the Sijhep JhaU gi've kito-wledge for Children ta 
be brought unto hith for their Confirmationy the Minif&- af every 
Parijh f>all either bring, or fend in ivith his hand fub». 
fcrihed thereunto, the Names of all fuch Perfons ivithin bis Parifhy 
as he Jhall think fit to be prefented to the Bijhop ta be confirmed^ 

The order of CONFIRMATION, - 

. ■ • • ^ • ■ ■ ,t». \i,\ 

Or Laying on of Hands upon thofe that ^e baptized, and^ tomil 
to Years of Difcretion, 

^" Upon the Bay appointedy all 
that are to be then confirmed y 
beings placed and Jiandirig in 
'crder before the Bipop j hcy <dr 
fame ether Minifier appcin'Ttd by 
him, Jhall. read tiis Preface 
f'/Uo"Lving ; _ 

TO the cad that Confirma- 
tion iTia.v be min'itcrcd Z'.' 

the more cdifyirtg of ruQh 3$, 
ihallreceive it, the Cbutch'^at^ 
thought good to order, that'ftone 
fhall be conftrmed, but fuch &s 
can fay the Creed, th€ Load's 
Prayer, and the Ten Command- 
ments J and can iX^o anfw^to 
• uch other Queilions^ as-in ttt* 
hort Cateclijfni aie con<:an^5Ed : 

The Order of CoNFiRMATiOH. 

Which Order is very coi^venient 
to be obferved ; to the end that 
children, being rww come to the 
years of difcretion, aad haying 
learned what their Godfathers 
and Godmothers proncifed for 
them in Baptifm, nnay them- 
felves, with their own mouth and 
conrent,openly before theChurch 
ratify and confirm the fame j and 
alfo promife, that, by the grace 
of God, they will evermore en- 
deavour thcmfelves faithfully 
to obferve fuch things as they, 
by their own confellion^ have 
affected unto. 

^ Then Jhall the B'lJhGp fay, 

DO ye here, in the prefejitc 
of God, and of this Con- 
gregation, renew the folenrin pxo- 
mife and vow that ye made, or 
that was ma<ie in your name, at 
your Baptifm j ratifying and 
confirming t^e fame; and ac- 
knowledgi^igyourfelves bound to 
believe and to do all thole things 
which yc then undertook, or 
your Spoafors tbea Undei^took 
far you ? 

4[[ And every one Jhall audibly 
arjiuer^ I do. 


OUr help is in the Name of 
the Lord ; 
Avj^. Who hath made hea- 
ven and earth. 

B'ljhop, Bleffed be the Name 
<>f the Lord. 

Anj'iv, Henceforth world with- 
out end. 

Bi^cp^ Lord, hear-^ur pray- 

Anfiu, And let our cry co^ 

"unto thee. 

B'ljhop, Let us pray^ 

ALmighty aa4 ev^rlivinj 
God; who hall vouchfafei 
to regenerate thele t))y (eryapt* 
by Water and the Holy Ghod, 
j and haft ^iven unto ttieii)i fof- 
givenefs of aJI their f:ns j 
Itrengthen theni.> we bcfeec^ 
tnec, O Lord, with the Holy 
Ghoil, the Comforter j and dair 
ly increafe in them thy manifold 
gifts of grace j the fpiric of jyif- 
dom and underftanding, the 
fpirit of counfel and ghoii^y 
ftrength, the fpirit of knowledge 
and true godlinef? ; and fill 
them, O Lord, with the fpirit of 
thy holy fear, now a^i(^ for cyf !> 

^ Then all^ them in order kmel* 
ing hefote the Bijhopy he Jhaii 
lay hii H/znds upon the Hfqd of 
.e<very one fe-uerally, faying^ ' 

DEfend^ Q Lord, this thy 
Child, [c, thh thy .^<rr- 
'vant'\ with thy heavenly grace; 
that ij* noay .conjtinue thine for 
ever, 9nd daily mcreafc in thy 
Holy Spirit more and more, un^ 
til he come unto thy eyerlaiHn| 
^J Then pyalltbe Bijhop fsy^ 
The Lord be with you. ' 
Anfnv. And with thy fpirit. 
^ And all kneeling doivn^ fj^f 
Bijhop Jhall add. 

Let us pray. 

OUr Father, who art in Hea- 
ven, Hallowed be thy 
Name 5 Thy Kingdom come j 

M A T R I M Q N Yu 

Thy Will h? done ori Earth, as 
It is in Heaven J Give us this 
day our dally bread ; And for- 
give us our trefpaffes, as we for- 
give thofe ^\\o trefpafs againft 
us ; and lead us not intr« tennp- 
tation ^ But deliver us ironi evil* 

^ jiHd thU CoIleEf. 

ALrnighty and everlivlng 
God, who makeff us both to 
"•vill and to do thofe things which 
are good and acceptable unto thy 
3>vine Majefty ; we maice our 
humble fupplications unto thee 
tor thefe thy fervants, ^pon 
whom after the example of thy 
holy Apoilles, v/e have nov/ laid 
our hands ; to certify them, by 
this ^\^'\, of thy favour and gra- 
»;:.iou3 goodnefs towards them. 
Let thy Fatherly h^nd, we be- 
feech thee, ever be over them : 
i.,et thy Holy Spirit ever be with 
them : And fo Jead them in the 
knowledge and obedience of thy 
Word, that in the end they may 
obtain evcrlafting life, through 
Oar Lord Jcfus Clirifcj who, 

with thee_^ajnd the Holy Ot^flgj 
liveth 'ar\d reigneth, ever one 
God,, \vo^ld without end. Amin* 

O Almighty Lord, and ever* 
lading God, vouchfafe, we 
befeech thee, to dired, fan£tify> 
and govern both our hearts an4 
bodies, j[n thp ways of thy laws, 
and in the works of thy com- 
mand menus 5 that through thy 
moft mighty protedion, botl> 
here and ever, we may be pre- 
fervcd in body and foul, through 
our Lord and Saviour Jclus' 
Chrift. Amen, 

f nen the Bifijop Jhall hUJi 
thcm^ faying thus z 

THe ble/rmg of God Al- 
mighty, the Father, t% 
Son, and the Holy Ghoft," be 
upon you, and rennain with you 
for ever. Amen, 

^And there Jhall ftone he adtnithU 

t9 the Holy CcmfniiniffTjy until 

juch time as he he confirmed^ or 

I be ready and dejirous to be con- 

! firmed^ ' ' 

Th E F O P. M o F 


|[f TheLa'tvs refpeBing MatrlrP.or,yy nvhether hy fublijhwg the Btzff^s 
in Churcheiy or hy Licence, being different- in the Jeojcral States '^ 
every Minljier is left to the dircEtlon cf thcfe La^v^, in every thing 
that regards the civil contraci betnveen the Parties, And ibh^n 
the Barons are pub h. (bed , it Jhall he in the Jolloiving form,'--\ pub- 
iifh the Baniis of Pvlarrlage between M, of — and N, ot"- 

— . Ir any of you know caufe or juft impediment, whv 
^o Perfons fhould not be join-'d together in holy Matri- 

thefc tv 

mony, ye are to declare 

time of ajkingz\ • " - 


'e frfi, Jecondy or thirds 

M A t R r 

^f'Jft'^e Day and Time appointed 

"f^r Soumrtixation of Matrimo- 

■ ny, the P effort i to be married 

JK>a!l come into the Body of the 

Churchy or Jhall be ready in 

fmeprtper houje, loirh their 

f riends iind Neighbours ; a. id 

there funding tcgethe'r y the Alan 

en the Ri^ht Hand) and the 

U%nan on ihe'Lefty the Minf- 

. ter pail fay y 

¥ ^Early beloved, we are ga- 
JLx tticrcd together here ia 
the fight or' God, 2.viik in the face 
of thts Company, to join toge- 
ther this Man and this Woman 
in hoJy Matrimony ; v.hich is 
commended of Saijit Haul to be 
honourable among all men j and 
therefore is not by any to be en- 
tered into unadvifedly or lightly 5 
but reverently, ailcreetly, ad- 
vifedly, foberly, and in the fear 
of God. ' Into this holy ertate, 
thefe two perfons prefent come 
now to be joined. If any man 
can fhow juft caufe, why they 
m^y not lawfully be joined toge- 
ther, let him now fpeak, or eh'e 
hereafter for ever hoid his peace. 

^ Andalfo f peaking unto the Per- 
Jons tifh-o are to be married, he 
jhdll jay, 

I Require and charge you both 
(as ye will anfwer at the 
dreadful day of judgment, when 
the fecrets of all hearts ihall be 
difclofed) th^t if either of you 
know any impediment, why ye 
"inay not be lawfully joined to- 
gether in Matrimony, ye do now 
^hf^^ls it : For be ye well aflur- 
■ ' K. 21 

M O N V. 

ed, that if any perfons arc j0J4iea 
together ocherwife than asGod's^ 
word doth allow, their marriage' 
is not lawful. 

^ The Minifier if be Jhall bait 
reafon to doubt cf the /a'zifulntjs 
of the prcpcjcd MarricgCy mLiy 
dematid jv^cient Jurety for k is 
in dtmnif cation 5 bu: f no ifn- 
pediment pall bt alUdgcdy of 
jujpeHtdy the MiJifterfjallfy 
to the Many 

///.TTTllt thou have this 
VV V/oman to thy wed- 
ded Wife, to live together after 
God's ordinance, in the holy ei- 
trte of Matrimony ? Wilt thou 
love her, comfort her, honour, 
and keep her, in (icknefs and ia 
health \ and forfi^king all others^ 
keep thee only unto her, fo long 
as ye both i^aii live ? 

C[ The Man jhcll anfa:ery 
I will. 

1([ Then fhail the Mlnijler faj 

unto the If^oviany 
A'. TT Tilt thou have this Man 
W to thy wedded Huf- 
band, to live together after God's 
ordinance, in the holy eftate of 
Matrimony ? Wilt thou Obey 
him, and fei-ve him, love, ho- 
nour, and keep him, in hcicnefs 
and in health j and forfaking 
all others, keep cnee only unt^ 
him, fo long as yc both ihali 
live ?^ 

fl The Jf^oman ft>all arftvcr^ 
1 will. 
f[ Then pall the Minifter Jay, 
Who givech this Woman to be 
married' to this naaii t 

M A T R I 

^ ^hen pall tbey^i've their Troth 
to each other in this Manner i 

4f ^UMtniJler receiving the Wo- 
fnan at her Father'' s or Friend's 
bmidij Jhall caufe the Man 
^iih his Right Hand to take 
ibe tVoman by her Right Handy 
tlfid to fay after hint, as/oJloiv- 
/*tb i 

I Mi taice thee N» to my wed- 
ded Wife, to have and to 
hold^ from this day forward, for 
hftxjtr for worfcj for richer for 
pooref^ in ficknels and in health, 
tc? iove and tacheriilv, tiM death 
^s da party according to God's 
holy ordinance ; and thereto 1 
plight thee my Troth # 
^ Then Jh'all they h'ife their 
tiandty and the Woman lukh 
her Right Hand taking the 
Mdn by hit Right Hand ^ jh all 
iikenvijejay after the Minijier : 

IN. take theeM. to my v/ed- 
dsd Hufband, to have and to 
hold from this day forward, for 
better for worfe, for richer for 
pooicf^ in ficV ids and in health, 
to love, cherifh^ and to di?ey> till 
death VLS do part, according to 
Cod's holy ordinance ; and there- 
to X give tlice my Troth* 

m Then ]%aH they agatM hofe 
their Hands ; ard the Man flmll 
gi-v" unto the Woman a» 
^nd the Minificr takittg tie 
Ring p^all deli'ver it unto the 
Man^ to put ii up^n tbefiurth 
Finger of the Woman'' s I^eft 
Hand„ And the Man holding 
the Ring there^ and taught by 
thi Minifier, pall Jay^ 

M O N Y. 

With this Ring I thee v/fiifi 
and with all my worldly 
goods I thee endow : In thff 
Name of the Father, and of the. 
Son, and of th^ Holy Ghoft*. 

^ Then the Man kdaj'ing the 
Ring upon the fourth Finger »f 
the Woman's Left Handy iht 
Minifer pall fay y 

Let as pr4y,. 

OtJr Father, who art \n 
Heaven, Hallowed be thy 
Name J Thy Kingdom come; 
Ttyy done on Earth, as it 
is in Heaven j give us this day 
our daily bread ; AM forgive us 
our trefpafies, as we forgive thole 
who trefpafd againfl us- j And 
lesd us not into temptation j But 
deliver us from evil. Amen» 

O Eternal God, Creiitor and 
preferver of all rri^nkind, 
giver of ail fpi ritual grace, the 
author ot everlafting life ^ fend 
thy blefiing upon fhefe thy iet~ 
vants, this man and this wo^ 
man, whom we blefs in thy 
Naj-ne 5 that as iJaat; and Re- 
becca lived faithfully together^ 
fo thefe perfons nw.y furely per- 
form and keep the vow and 
covenant betwixt tllem made, 
(whereof this Ri-ng given and. 
received is a token and pledge) 
and may ever remain in perfe<5l 
love and peace together,, zw^ live 
according to th.y laws, through, 
Jefus Chrift our. Lord, Amen*' 
f" Tbcm 

Viilta:ion of the Sick, 

||f -Tib^w fijall the M\r/ijier join 
\their Right UMkis u^c'thcr and 

Xhofe'.'vhom God hath joined 
together, let no man put al'under. 

I|[ Thin Jhall the Miniftcr fpsak 
. unto the Company : 

J.X)rafmuch as M, and N. 
P have coarented together in 
holy Wedlock, and hive vvitners- 
cd the fame berbre God and this 
Company, and thereto have 
given and pledged their troth, 

are Man and V^if^'l fn the' 
Namc-or th« Father, and of f he 
Son, and ot the Holy Giioiri 

^ And the Miv]f:er f/.^all add this 
Blcjfing : 

Od the Father, God ths 
_ Son, God the Holy Ghoi'i, 
bleii, prelerve, and keep you i- 
The Lord mercifully with his 
favour look upon you, and iiU 
you with ^li fpirJtu<il bcnedi(^iori 


tach to the other, and have de- \ and grace j that ye may fo live 
clared the fame by giving and j together in this life, that in the 
receiving a Ring, and by joining \ world to come ye may have lifg 
Hands i 1 pronounce, that they 1 everlailing, Armr., 



f[[ When any P erf on hfick^ no- 
tice Jhall be given thereof to the 
Minijler of ths Fari/l 5 *zvhc^ 
coming into the Jick Ferfoni 
Hcufe, fhallfay, 

PEare be to thii Houfe, and 
to ail that dwell in it. 

I[[ fVhen he cometh into the Jick 
Mani prefencey he Jhall Jay ^ 
kneeling doiun, 

REmember not, Lord,, our 
iniquities, nor the iniqui- 
ties of our forefathers : Spare 
us, good Lord, Ipare thy people, 
whom thou haft redeemed with 
thy moft precious blood ; and 
be not angry with us for ever. 
Arjzi', Spaie us, good Lord. 

^I Ther. the Mlnlfler fiallfiy^ 

Let us pray. 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 
Chnjiy ha-ve mercy upon ui. 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 

OUr Father, v- !:o arr in 
Heaven,- H<illoweJ be :iiy 
Name 5 Thy Kingdom com^ j 
Thy Will be done on Ejtnh, "ai 
it is in Heaven ; Give us this 
day our daily bread , And for- 
give us our trefpafll-s as We fur- 
give thofe who trefpafs aga:;v.t 
us ; And lead us noc IntOtemo. 
tatlon J But dciivcrub from evil. 

Minifl. O Lord, five thy fer- 
van: ^ 


y^^pt^. "Who ^MttQlh his tru(\i 
m thee, 

Minijf, Ssild bim help from 
thy holy place j 

^rifw. An<i evermore migh- 
tily defend hm» 

Miitif}„ Let the enemy haye 
no advantage of him j 

Attjiv, Nor the wicked ap- 
proach to hurt hhn, 

Mfnifto Be unto hinty O Lord, 
a itrong tower, 

Anjiv^, From the face of ^6/5 

M'lmji^ O Lord, hear our 
prayer j 

Anjiv^ And let our cry come 
unto thee. 


O Lord, look down from hea- 
ven, behold, vifit, and re- 
lieve this thy fervant. Look 
upon h\m with the eyes of thy 
mercy \ give h'lin comfort add 
fure confidence In thee j defend 
hm frorn the danger of the ene- 
my j and keep bim in perpetual 
peace and fafety, through Jefus 
Chrift our Lord. Anun^ 

HEar usy Almighty and mofl 
merciful God and Savi- 
our ; Extend thy accullomed 
goodnefs to this thy ftrvant,wl)() 
is grieved with ficknefs. Sanc- 
tify we befeech thee, this thy 
Fatherly corrrtli«)n to Lint ^ that 
the (cni'G of his weaknefs nlay 
add ftrength Xo his faith, ana 
leiioufnefs to his repentance : 
'i hat if it fhall be thy good 
plea lure to rellore i'iw: to hit for- 
mer htAihfbe may lead the re- 

Vifitatioh of the StcK. 

fidue of bis life in thy fear,^ zthI 

to thy glory j or cHe give him, 
^grace io to take* thy vifitation, 
that after this painful life ended, 
he may dwell w^ith thee in lite 
ever! afting, through Jefus ChEi ft; 
our Lord, Amen, 

fl Then pall the Minifier exhort 
thejick Per/on ajtur this Forrtif 
or other like : 

DEsrIy beloved, kao^ this^, 
that Almighty God is the. 
Lord of life and death, ancj. of 
all things to them pertaining y 
as youth, ftrengthj. health, age, 
weaknefs, and fi.ckpefs. Where- 
fore, yvhatlbever your fickneu 
is, know you certainly that it is 
God's vifitatioti. And for what; 
caufe loeyer this ficknefs is fent 
untdyou J whether it be to tr^ 
your patience for ^Ik^ example of 
others, and that your faith may 
be found, in the day of the Lord) 
laudable, glorious, and honour^' 
able, to the in^reafe of glory. 
and endlefs felicity j or clfe it 
be feat unto you to correal an4 
amend in you whatfoeyer doth, 
offend the. eyes of your he^yenly 
.Father, know you certainly, 
, that if you truly repent you o/ 
your fins, and bear your ficknefs 
patiently, trufting in God's mer- 
cy,forhis dear Son Jefus Chrill's ^ 
fake, and render unto him hum- 
ble thanks for his Fatherly vj- 
fication, fubmitting yourfelf , 
wholly unto his will, it fh all- 
turn to your profit, and hc4pyoi> •> 
forward in the right way that . 
Jeadeth wnto everiailing life. . \,i 

'Villtation of the Sick. 

^■'IfiBe P ey fort 'vif ted he n:ery 
" Jii'ky then the Mint/fir may end 

his Exhortation jn t^jis jP/^f^, 

or elfe pfot^eed : 

Ty\ke therefore m ^ooJ pan 
the challifement of the 
Lord : For^ as Sair>t Paul faith 
iii the twelfth Chapter to the 
Hebrews, whom the Lord loveth 
he challeneth, an<i fcourgeth 
eyery Ion whom he recciveth. 
If ye endure cha/iening, God 
dealeth with you as with fons : 
For what fon is he whom the 
Father chafteneth not? But if 
ye be without chaftifement, 
whereof all are partakers, then 
are ye bailards, and not fons. 
Furtherrriore, we have had fa- 
thers of pur flelh, which cor- 
rected us, and we gave them 
reverence : Shall we not much 
rather be in fubjedlion'unto the 
Father of fpirits, and live ? For 
they verily for a few diss chaf- 
tened us after their own piea- 
fure J but he for our protit, that 
wc might be partakers of his 
holinefs. Thefe vyords, good hrQ- 
tber^ arc written in holy Scrip- 
ture, for our comfort and in- 
ftru^^ion } that wc /hould pati- 
ently, and with thankfgiving, 
bear our he3ver»!y father's cor- 
rection, whenfoeyer, by any 
manner of adverfity, it fhall 
pieafe his gracious goodnefs to 
vifiL us. And there iliould be 
T\Qi greater comfort to chriftian 
perfons, than to be made like 
fento Chrift, by fuffering pati- 
ently advfirfities, troubles, and 
llcknelTcs. For he himfelf went 
BO t up to joy, but firit he i^U 

fercd pain : He entered npjC i;it>> 
his glory, before he wasciucih • 
ed. So truly our way to eternal 
joy^i- to furter here with Chrill ;_ 
and our dour to enter into eternal 
life, \% gladly to die with Chri^ \ 
that we niiy rife again fronx 
death, and dwell with bim in 
ever 1 ailing life. Now therefore^ 
taking your fickn^ls, which is 
thus profitable for you, paticat- 
ly, I exhort you in the Name 
of God J to remember the pro- 
fcflioa which you made unto 
God in your Baptifm. And 
forafmuch as after this life there 
is an account to be given unto 
the righteous Judge, by whom 
all mull be juaged, without re- 
fpect of perfbns j 1 require yoii 
to examine yourfelf> and your 
eftate, both toward God and 
man j fo that, accufing and con- 
demning youifelf for your own 
faults, you may find mercy at 
our heavenly father's hand for 
ChrilVs fake, and, not be accufoi 
and condemned in that fearful 
judgment. Therefore 1 fhall re- 
hearfe to you the Articles of our 
Faith ; that you may know whe- 
ther vou da believe as a Chriilian 
man inould, or no, 
fj litre the Mintjier fljall rckcarfe 

the yir tides of the Faith^/jy- 

ing thus : 
T~XOli: thou believe in Gccf 
1. J the Father Almighty, Ma- 
ker of heaven and earth ? 

And in Jefus Chriil his only- 
begotten Son our Lord ? And 
that he was conceived by the 
Holy Ghofl, born of the Virgin 
Maryj that he fuffered under 

Vifitation of the Sidk. 

Pontius P)l^tc, was c^uciiied, 
deaxl, anti buried j that be went 
down ,int,Q,,heU, ^"4 alio did 
rife, again it^e third day j that he 
alcended into ii^aven, and fitteth 
on the right hand of God the 
Father.. Almighty J aiid from 
thence ihall come again at the 
end of t^ie world, to judge the 
Quick and tlae dead ? 

And. dott thou believe in the 
Holy Ghoftj the holy Catho- 
lic Church J the Communion of 
Saints j jthe Remilhon of fins ; 
the RelurredHon of the fleih j 
and everlafting life after death ? 
€^\The fick P erf on fiat! anjkuery 

Ail this I ftetlfaiUy believe. 

Cy TLeiTjhallth.e M'lmjicr examine , 

'whether he rej^ent him truly of 

hhfinsy and' be in- charity ivith 

ail the tvorld j exhorting him to 

forgive, from th", bottom of hii 

'heart, all .perjons that hai'e 

•ff ended him\ and if he hath 

sffended any other, to ajk them 

farglnjencji j and ivhere he hath 

. dene injury cr ivrong to any 

man, that he make amends to 

themtefpirjiofhispoiver. And 

dfhe hath, not before difpcfed of 

■■his goods, let him then he ad- 

• nior.iJjHd tcinake his JVill, and 

tc diclare his dibts, luhat he 

&ftf.'etb, and zuhat is onving unto 

. • him, for the better difcbarging 

• jcf bis C'jnfcien-ce, and the qui- 

etitlfs of his Executors, But 

-ftiinjhcu.ld often h^ put in re- 

niopvi'pfite to take, order for the 

jntliJfg'Pftheir temporal ejiates, 

^^hitji they are-in heajih* , 

f^ -7 'hiMxhor(atio/,bef<re rehearfcd 

mcJj be jaui hfur& the Mihfier 

begin his Prdyer, as hefjMl^ 
fee caufe, 
^ "TheMinifer Jh all not omit ear ' 
nejily to movt fueb fick Verfont\ 
as are of ability, to he liberdV 
to the Poor, 
fl And then the Minifier pall fay " 
the ColieB folloiu'ing. 
Let us pray, 

OMoil merciful God, who, 
according to the muititudf ^ 
of thy mercies, dofl fo put aw^y, 
the fins of thofe who truly repent, 
that thou remembeieil them no 
more ; open thine eye of mercy 
upon this thy lervant, who moft 
earneftlydefireth pardon andfor- 
givenefs. Renew in him, moft. 
loving Father, whatfoever hath 
been decayed by the fraud and 
malice of the devil, or by his own 
carnal will and fraiinefs ; prftr - 
ferve and continuethis fick. mem*' 
ber in the unity of the Church j 
confider his contrition, accept i)/f 
tears, aflwage his pain, as ihall 
feem to thee moft expedient for 
him. And forafmuch as he put- 
teth his full truil only in thy mer- 
cy, impute not unto him his for- 
mer finsj hut ftrengthen him with 
thy bteffed Spirit 5 «nd when thou 
art pleafed to take him hence, 
take hi7n unto thy favour,thiough 
th^ merits of thy moft .dearly be^ 
loved Son Jefus Chrift our Loi^4' 
Amen, ' " . . - .; . ..•,- ' 

^^TBenpallfht MfiiprfaythH 
Pfalm, . ' - ■- i^ 

Pfal. cxxx. De prcfuTidis^^ ' .. 

OUt of the deep have 1 calkcj 
unto thee, O Lord 3 LorJ'^, 
hear my voice, ' • 

O let 

Vifltatjon of the Sick. 

'.O let thine cars confider well 
the voice of my complaint. 

If thou, Lord,\vikbc extreme 
to mark what is done amifs j O 
Lyrd, who may abide it ? 

For there is mercy with thee ; 
thcrefoje /halt thou bewared. 

I look tor the Lord, my fowl | 
doth wait for him j, iu his wprd | 
is my truft. ' 

My foul flceth unto the Lord j 
before the morning watch, I fay, 
before the morning watch. I 

O Ifrael, truft in the Lord,} 
for with the Lord there is mercy ;| 
and with him K plenteous re- 

And he /hall redeem Ifrael 
from all his ^s. 

m Adding this t 

O Saviour of the world, who 
by thy Crofs and precioys 
Blood haft resleemcd us \ fave 
us, and help us, we h-umbly be- 
(bech thee, O Lord. 

f[ Tbenjhail the Mimflerfayy 

THc Almighty Lord, who is 
a moft ftrong tower to all 
thofc who put their truft in hina, 
to whom all things in heaven^ 
in cjrth^ and under the earth, 
do bow and obey^ be now and 
evermore thy defence j and make 
thee know and feel, that there is 
none other Name under Heaven 
given to man, in whom, and 
throujjh whom, thou mayeft re-'ve health and falvation, but 
only the Name of our Lord Je- 
fus Chri^. u'l^nert. 

f[ Here the M'wifer may uft t^y 
fartof the jervict of tb'n Bocf, 
nvbich. In bn difcretion, be 
Jhall think ccrtvenimt to the 
occafion j and after th<it fkali 

"T^ T Nto God's gracious mercy 
\^ and protc^titon we commit 
thee ; The Lord blcfs thee, and 
keep thee : The Lord make his 
face to Oiine upon tbee^ and be 
gracious cnto thee : The Lord 
lift up his countcnanccr upon 
thee, and give th^e peace both^ 
now and evermor^. Amen, 

f^ Prayen luhich way be faid 
nvitb the foregoing Jervicfy or 
any part thereof ^ at the dif^ 
cretion of the Mimfier, 

f[ A Prayer for afick Child. 

O Almighty Goi ^t\^ mer- 
ciful Father, to whom 
alojie belong the ifTues of life 
and death j look down from* 
H<»aven, we humbly befeech 
tkee, with the eyes of mercy 
upon this Child, now lying upon 
the bed of ficknefs : Vifit hjm^ 
O Lord, with thy ^Ivation ; 
deliver b'lm rn thy good appointed 
time from ki^ bodrjy pain, and 
fayc bii ^o«l for thy mercies 
fake j that if it /hall be thy 
plcafure to prolong bit days here 
on earthy be may live to thee, 
and be an rnftrumftnt of thy 
glory, by (trv\n^ thtfe faithf^Hy, 
and doing good in bis generation j 
ofclfe receive i'.'w into thofc hea- 
venly habitat ions, where the foyli 
of thofe who flcep in the Lord Jc- 
fus enjoy perpetual reft and feli- 

Vifitation cf' the Sick.' 

tHy V Grant this,OLord^for tHy j, and mediation of Jcfus Chrl'ft- 
mercies lake, in the fame thy j thine only Son, our, Lprd aii^ 
Son our Lord Jefusiphnft, who Sayiour. Amen, '• \ '', 

iiveth and reigneth with thee , ' 

and the Holy Ghoft, ever* one 
God, world without end. Amtn^ 

^ A Prayer for a Jick Perfon^ 
*wben there appear eib hut Jmaii 
hope of Recovery, • .? , ,^: 

O Father of merciesj and 
Ood of all comfort, our 
only help in time of need j we 
fly unto thee for fuccour in be- 
half of this thy fervant, here 
lying under thy hand in great 
Vvteaknefti of bpdy : Look graci- 
oully upon/6/^;, O Lord j and the 
rnore the outward man decayeth, 
idrcngthen h'lmy vve befeech thee, 
lo much the more continually 
with thy grace and Holy Spirit, 
in the iniier man : Give blrn 
unfeigned repentance for all the 
errors of h'n life pafl, and iiedfafl: 
faith in thy Son Jefus, that hh 
fm:> may be done aw-iy by thy 
mercy, anid his pardon feaied in 
Heaven,-hefore be go hence, and 
be no more iztn» We know, O 
Lord, that there is qo word im- 
poiribie with thee j and that>.if 
th^'U wilt, thou canft even yet 
ralfe him up, and grant bir/i a 
longer continuance amongft us : 
Yet, foralmuch asin ail appear- 
ance the time of hli diilbiiitioh 
draweth near, fo fit aad prepare 
himt we befeech thee, againll the 
hour of death, that after hi's de- 
parture hence in peace, and in 
thy fivoUr, hii foul may be 
received into thine everlaftin^ 
Klhjgdom 5 through the merits 

f[ A Commendatory Prayer for 4 
fck Perfon at thepoint of De^ 

O Almighty God,withwhoiTi 
do live the fpirits of juit 
nien made perfed, after they 
are delivered from their earthly 
prifons \ we humbly commend 
the foul of £)iis thy fervant, our 
dear Irother; into thy hands, as 
into the han'ds of a faithfuj 
Creator, add moft iherciful Sa* 
viourj moft humbly befeeching 
thee, that it may be precious in 
thy fi^ht : Waih it, vye pray 
thee, in the blood of that im- 
maculate Lamb, that was flain 
to take away the fins of the 
world 'y that whatfoever defile- 
ments it may hav.e coritradted 
in the midft «f this miferable 
arid naughty world, through the; 
lults of the fleili, or the wiles of 
Satan, being purged and done 
away, it may be prefented pure 
and without fpot before thee. 
And teach us who farvive, irv 
this, and other like daily fpedla- 
cles of mortality, to lee how - 
frail and uncertain our owa,^- 
condltiori is j and fo to num- 
ber our days, that we iftay feri- 
oully apply our hearts to that 
holy aiid heavenly wifdorh, 
whilfb we live here, which may 
in the end bring us to life ever- > 
laiting, through the merits of^f 
Jefus Chrift thine only Son our*' 
Lord; Amen^ 

Vifita^tian of tlie Slcxk. 

€[ A Pr-itycr fjr PerfjTjs troubled 
in Mikd of^fn'€d>ifciertcc. "■ 

OBIeiTcd Lord, the Father 
^of ine.rcTes, and the God 
of all comfort's, we beleccK thee^! 
look down jn pity, and compaflion 
upon this tBy at'fl'.d:ed fervant. 
'rhouwriteft bitter things againft 
him, and uiakeA- him'to poilefsi'M. 
tornier iniquities' : ' Thy wrath 
lieth hard upon him, and his foul 
IS full of trouble : But, O merr 
cifulGod, who haft written thy 
holy Word for our learning, that 
we, through patience and com- 
fort of thy holy Scriptures, might 
hzvt hope ; ^wzk'im a right un- 
derrtandingof /ji;«/£r//*, and of thy 
threats and promifes j that he 
may" neitKer cal^ away his confi- 
dence in thee, nor place it any 
where but in thee. Give him 
ftrength againfl all hh tempta- 
tions, aod h6a,l all bis diftempers : 
Break not the bruifed reed, nor 
quench the fmoking flax : Shut 
not up thy tender mercies in 
difpleafure ; but make him to 
hear of joy and gladnefs, that 
the bones which thou haft bro- 
ken may rejoice : Deliver him 
from fear of the enemy, and lift 
up the light of thy countenance 
upon him j and give him peace, 
through the merits ar,d media- 
tion of Jefus Chrift oar Lokj. 

^ A Prayer J lohicb may be [aid 
by the Minifier, in behtilfc^ all 
prcfent at the Vijitation. 

/' "V God, whofe days are with- 
\^^ out end, 'dr\(\ wbofe mercies 
cdiiuot be numbeied 3 make us, 

we bcfeech thee, deeply f^nfibfe, 
of ih'e rtiortncfs and unccrtaiiity 
of tlurnan life j and let thy.Holjr 
Spirit lead us through- this v^le 
of milery, in holinels and righ- 
tcoulncfs, all the days of our 
Jives : That, when we {hall have 
fervfid t4^ce m our generation, 
v/e piay be gathered -^jnto our 
fathers, having the ti;^ipiony 
of a good cohfcicnce. i in the 
.cqmnMinion of the Catholic 
church J in the .confidence of a 
certain faith ; in the comfort of 
a reafonable, religious", and holy 
h'-^pe 5 in favour with thee our 
God, and in perfect: charity 
with the world : All which we 
afk through Jefus Chrift our 
Lord. Amen. 

t ■ xH 

^ A Prayer <ivhlch way he faid 
in cafe vf fudden furprije and 
immcdiiite danger, 

OMoft gracious Father, we 
fly unto thee for mercy, in 
behalf of this thy fervant, here 
lying under the fudden vihtation 
of thine hand. Jf it he thy ^-ill, 
preferve his life, that there may 
be place for repentance : But, if 
thou haft otherwil'e appointed, 
let thy mercy fupply to him the 
want of the ufual opportunity for 
the trimming of i'f: lamp. Stir 
up in kirn fuch forrow for fm and 
fuch fervent love to thee, as 
may, in a fhort time, do the 
work of many days : That 
among the praifcs which thy 
Saints and holy Angels fhall 
fing to the honour of thy mercy 
through eternal ag6s, it may be 
to thy unfpeakable glory, that 

The Communion of the S 

thou haft redeemed the fo^il of 
this Chy Tervant from eternal 
<Jeath, and made kiffi partaker 
of the everlafting life, which is 
through Jelus Chrift ow L^jrd^ 

^ A *Than\fgi'vmg for the ht- 
ginning of a Reccvery'p 

GReat and mighty Go4» who 
bringeft down to the grave, 
and bringeil up agaip ^ vye blefs 
thy wonderful goodfjuefs, for 
having turned our heavinefs in- 
to joy an4 our mourning into 
gladnefs, by reftoring this our 
Prother to fome degree oi his for- 
mer health. BklTed be thy N ame, 
thai: thou dl-dft not forfake him 
\n. his ficknefs j but didft yilit 


him with comforts from abov^ ; 
didft fupport him in patience and 
fubmiflion to thy will}, and, at 
laftj didlt fend i>;>«fcafona bit re- 
lief. Perfeft, we befeech theei, 
this thy mercy towards him j and 
profpcr the means which ihall be 
made ufc of for his cure : That 
being reftorcd to health of body> 
vigour of mind, and cheerfulnefs 
of fpirit, he may be able to go 
to thine Houfc, to offer thee an 
oblation with great giadnefs ; and 
to blefs thy holy Name for all thy 
goodnefs towards himt through 
Jefus Chrift our Saviour : To 
whom with thee and the Holy 
Spirit, be all honour and glory, 
world witliout end. Amen, 


-(^ Forafmucb as all mortal men are fubjeSi to many fudden perils^ 
difeafesy andfckncjjes, and ever uncertain ivhat time they Jhall de- 
part out of this lije j therefore^ to the intent they may be ahvays in 
rea.d'w^fi to die, ^henjoc'vcr it pjall pletije Alvugbty God to call 
thepi-i fhe Minijiers Jhall diligently from time to time (but ejpecially 
in the time of pejlilence, or other infeBious ficknefs ) exhort their Pa- 
rijhioners to the often receiving of the Hcly Communion of the Body 
and Blood of our Saviour Chrijiy ivhen it Jhall be publickly admi^ 
nijiered in the Church j that fo doing, they mayy in caje of fudden 
'vifitation have the lefs caufe to he df quieted for lack of the fame. 
But if the fick perfon be not able to come to the Church, and yet is 
defirous to receive the Communion in hi% kcufe ; then he muft gitrs 
timely notice to the Minifier, fignifying alfo how many there arc t4 
communicate ivith him (*ivhich fiall be tivo at the leafi\ ) and all 
things neccfj'ary being prepared, the Minjfier pall there celebrate 
the Holy Communion, begimiing ivitt the Cclle^^ Epifilfy and Gif» 
fel^ here fgllo'iving : 


The C<immunion of the S it K.iT 

ALmlghcy everlivlivg. Cod, I ^^ '{^Y Ion,' dcf^pife 'fco^ tho^l'** 
Maker of mankind^, who | |Yj[^thecba-Ter.:nsnr tl)e'LoV(J,''*'' 
Qoii cojcrecl tKcs<"e • whom' thot i r,ur lai'nt whc'A tri^uart- r6bi?ftfcd'"j^' 
da^ love, »ajid ch^fhlfc every- one ft?: him. "For'whoi-ft the liofd 
whom tbou iteu:i<ecciv« ; we &'»;* | lov^erii, he chaiieneth ^ and 
fcoGh>riiee'CD have mercy' ifp^n i4covirg<^^h eyery.£on.^^ilg^he u- ^ 
thisiitfcy feivant' Vulled -w-th I'ctriverh. , .'*!.* •"■n,.^ j«<v 
thine-hand; and t© -grant thHt-|- ' ' >JV"«' 

hejnay.t.ikr. i;;i fickneis p:itieht- | '^^^ ^'fP'^-* */• >hn,'-'^.- 24. 
ly^^idreowjriij botiily kcaltii, ! "^ TEriJy, verily, IiTay unto" 
if it be thy gr«*^io"^ ^^^^ J -^^J^^ j V you? I^c th.4t.l^an!thmy' 
thar wh^aiosvcr ifc/j foul ihall Uverd, and believeth 'on him ^ 
dqi^'t from the body, It may be 1 that fent me, hath^ everlafting, 
witj^utfpot pre fen ted unto thee, life, and ihall npt come. into./ 
through Jefus Chrilt our Lord. I condemnation 5 bu' is pafled . 
Amen*^ ^ j from death unto life. 

€[ After *wh'ich the Mmficr pall proceed octQrding^o the ^orm before - 
frejcribed for the Holy ConmuTiiofi, bcgir.nijig at tbefe. 'luorxL^^ Ye 
who do truly, &c, 
^ /it tic time of the d^frihution-of the Holy Sacrament ^ -the M'lnifier 
jhail frfi recel've the Co??imur:ion hmfelf, and after nzln'ifer unto 
thcfe ^mLo are ' appuinted to ccmmunicute ivith the ficky andiaji of 
all to thcjick Pcrfon. . 

ly Bia if a man, eithir by reafon of extremity cf Jicknefs, cr for ivant , 
(.fivarnlng in due time to the Mlrfter, or for lack cf ccwpany to 
f^cei-ve <with hi?r?, or by ar.y &th;r jvfi i;vpediment, an net recei*ve 
the Sacrament cf Chrff's Body and Bhcd, the Minifer fKallin^ 
firuci him, that if he do trvly rcpfrt him cf his fns, arA fed- 
faftly helienje that Jefus Chriji hath Juffcred death upon the Crofs 
for bira, and fhed his Blood for hisredempti<ir, eameftiy remember ~ 
ing the benefits he hath thereby, and giving him hearty thanks 
therefore, he doth cat and drink the Body and Blood of our Sa'viour 
Chr'ifi prcfirably to his foul's healthy akhcugh hJe do- not receive the 
Sacrament ivithhii mouthi 
^ -f^'hcn thefick perfon is t'iftcd and recei<vcth the Holy Ccmmurilon 
eUlatonse timfr, then the Minificr, for more expedition, pall cut off 
^h^ Form of tbeiVfitation at the PfsUm, and go flrai^bt tw the 

C J a thi. tmtei of contagious ftcknefs or dfcafej , ivhen none of the Pa^ 

■■■'.Ih or Ndghloi.t s can be gotten to comnutnicate tiy'fth the fck in 
.clr houjes,for fear of the infEilon ', upon fpccial rcpieji cf thi 

■ iL^fed, the MirAjhr aloKc may cK/mmu file ate with him, 
' * . L Thi 


The ORDER roR 

i^y Here is tc I e noted that the O^cc enfnhg is not to he ujeS f^,r any 

unkaptixM Adults^ any ivho die exccmmunicatc^ or ivho ka'v'e laiq 

*oioknt hand's upon thtivftln/es, 
^ ne Mir.iji'cr^ meeting the Corpfe at the entrance of the Church^ 

yard^ nnd going before it either into the Churfh, or towards the 


Am the rerurre<n:ion and the 

life, farth the Lord:^ he that 
bsiieveth in me^ though he were 
daad, yet (hall he iive : And 
whofoev^r Hve^h and believethin 
rr>e, fhail never die. St. John^ xi. 

Know that -my Redeemer 

liveth, and that he /hall ftaind 
at the latter day upon the earlh ; 
And though - --ifter my ikin, 
worms deiiroy this body, yet in 
my flelh fhall 1 fee God ; whom 
I ihall fee tor m\felf, and mine 
eyes ih all bfe hold, and not ano- 
ther, Joh^ xijc. 25, 26, 27, 

WE brought nothing into 
this world, and it is cer- 
tain wre can carry nothing out. 
The Lord give, and the Lord 
hath taken away 5 blelTed be the 
Name of the Lord, i I'm, vi. 
7. jobyuzi. 

^[ j^fur they are ccme into the 
' Chircbjjha/l he/aid orfurg the 
Jcilo'wir.g Anthem^ taken frcvi 
(hf 'iQ^.th ard ^Qth Pj'alms. . 

LOrd, let me know my end, 
and the number of my 
days 5 that I may be certiAed 
how Jong 1 have to live. 

Behold, thou hall made my 
d-jys as it were a fpan long 5 and 
mine age is feven as nothing in 
refpecl of thee j and veriiy every 
man livihg is altogether vanity. 

For m;m walketh in a vain 
fhadow, and difquieteth himfelt 
in vain j lie heapeth up riches, 
and cannot tell who ihall gather 

And now, Lord, what is my 
hope ? Truly my hope is even in 

Deliver me from all mine of- 
fences J and make me not a re- 
buke unto the fooliih. 

When thou with rebukes dod 
chailen man for fin, thou makeft 
his beauty to confume away> 
like as it were a moth fretting a 
garment ; Every man therefore 
is but vanity. 

Hear my prayer, O Lord ; 
and with thine ears confider my 
calling : Hold not thy peace at 
my tears. 

for 1 am a ftranger with thee> 
and a fojourner j as ail my fa- 
thers were. 

O Ipare me a little, that I 
may recover ii^y ftiengthj be- 
fore I go hence, .ind be no more 

Bnrlal of the D e' a t>. 

"I, '^o\s hsK been our re- 
• from one gcncrauoh to 

: T. 

r >re thr moantains Mrer^ 

^:ht forth, or ever the earth 

and the world were marle» thou 

art God from evcrlafting, and 

world without end. 

Tfaou turne^l man to del^ruc- 
tJon ; aeain thou fayell, Come 
again, ye children of men^ 

For a thoufand years in thy 
fight arc but as yefterday ; feeing 
that is pail as a watch in the 

As foon as thou fc atterefl 
them, they are even a:'a fleep, 
and fade away fuJdenly like the 

In tfee morning it is green, 
and growerh up j but in the even- 
ing it is cut down, dried up, and 

For we confume away in thy 
iifpleafure ; and are afraid at thy 
wrathful imdignafiion. 

Thoa haft fet our mifdeeds 
before thee, and ourfecret fins in 
the light of thy countenance. 

For when thou art angry, all 
our days are gone j we bring our 
years to an- end, as it were a tale 
that is told. 

The days of our age are three- 
fcore years and ten ; and though 
m^n be fo ftrong that they come 
to roiirfcore years, yet is their 
ftrength then but labour and for- 
row 5 (o foon palfeth it away, 
and we are gone. 

So teach us to number our 
days, that we may apply our 
hearts unto wifdom. 
«. L 2 

Glory be to the Fp>hcr, arr'l f^ 

thr* Son, andtothe H )ly Ghof^ ; 
As it was in the beginning, is 

np>w^ and ever ihalt be, world. 

vNTthoiit end. Amn, 

^ TBcn'/haft folloTJ the Lepn, 
fa k^ out ' of the fifteenth 
Cha;?ter of the fi-fi Eplfilc of 
Saint Pauf to the Cor'intblunt, 

J Cor, XV. 20, 
Ow is Chrift rifen from 
the dead, and become the 
firft fruits of them that Hept. 
For fmce by man csjne death^ 
by man came aifo the refurrec- 
tion of the dead. For as in 
Adam all die, even fo in Chriit 
ihall ail be made alive. BuC 
every man in his own order : 
Chrift the firft fruits; afterward 
they that are Chrift's, at his 
coming. Then cometh the tnd^ 
when he (hall have delivered up 
the kingdom to God, even tlw 
Father ; when he fhall have put 
down ail rule, and all authority^ 
and power. For he muft reiga 
till he hath put all un- 
der his feet. The laft enemy 
that fhall be deftroyed is death : 
f^ he hath put all things under 
his feet. But when he faith all 
things are put under him, it is 
manifeft that he is excepted 
which did put all things under 
him. And when all things ft.all 
be fnbdued unto him, then (hall, 
thel-onalfo himfeif be fubje^b* 
unto him that put all things 
under him, that God may be ail 
in all. Fife what fhall they d*^ 
which are baprized for the dead, 
if the dead rife not at all ? Wlty 

JBuriar cf -the D £ A d'; 

are they tht;n baptized tor the 
deaU ? And why ftand we In jeq-' 
pardy every hour? 1 prot?ft.i?y 
your rejoicing, which 1 have in 
Chrift Jelusour Lord, 1 die dai- 
ly. If after the manner o^'.rhen 
1 have fought with ^be^ils at' 
iEphefus, what advantageth it 
me, if the dead rife not r Jet, us 
eat and drink, for to-morrow 
we die. Be not deceived : Evil 
communications corrupt good 
manners. Awake to righteguf- 
Befs, and (in not : for fom^ have 
not the knowledge of God. I 
fpeak this to your fh;*me. But 
fome man will fay, How are the 
dead raifed up ? and with what 
body do they come ? Thou fool, 
that which thou fowelt is not 
quickened, except it die. And 
that which thou foweft, thou 
foweil not that body that fhall 
be, but bare grain j it may 
chance of wheat, or of fome 
other grain. But Cod givcth it 
a body as it hath pleafed him j 
and to every feed his own body. 
All lieih is not the fame fleih ; 
but there is one kind of flefli of 
men, another flefh of beafts, 

incorruptlon ! It is fxDwn in dlf- 
n^noqrj it is.raifed in^glory : it 
is fown in weaknefs ^ it is raife4 
in power : it is fowji- a jiaturai 
body J it is raifed a fpiritual bo- 
dy. There is a natural body» 
and there is a fpiritual body. 
And fo it is vyritten. The firft 
man Adam, was made a living 
ifoul, the laft Adam was made a 
quickening Spirit. Howbeit, 
that vyas not firil which is fpiri- 
tual, but that which is natural ^ 
and afterward that wliich is fpi- 
ritual. The firft man is of the 
earth, earthy : The fecond man 
is the Lord from heaven. As is 
the earthy, fuch are they that are 
earthy : and ah is the heavenly, 
fuch are they alfo that are hea- 
venly. And as we have borne 
the image of the earthy, we fliall _ 
alfo bear the irnage of the hea- ^ 
veiily. Now this 1 fay, brethren, 
that flefh and blood cannot in- 
herit the kingdom of God ; 
neither doth corruptioTi inherit 
incorruption. Beliold, I fhow 
you a myftery : We ihall not all 
fleep, but we ihall all be changed, 
iin a moment, in the twinkling; 

another of iilhes, and anothft i of an eye, at the Init trump : 
1 For the trumpet ihall found, and 
j the dead fhall be raifed incor- 
j ruptiblf, and we fhall be changed. 
I For this corruptible mutbput o» 
I incorruption, and this mortal 
mnft put on immortality. So 
when this corruptible ihall- have 
put on incorruption, and this 
mortal Ihail have put on immor- 
tality, then jhall be brought to 
pafs the faying that is U'ritten, 
Death it fv\ allowed up in vidorv 

ot birds. There are alfo celef- 
tial bodies, and bodies terrellri- 
al : But the glory of the celeftial 
is one, and the glory of the ter- 
refbriai is another. There is 
one glory of the fun, and. ano- 
ther glory of the moon, and 
another glory of the fears : For 
one rtar differeth from .another 
itar in glory. So alfo is the re- 
furredfion of the dead, it is 
fown in corruption 3 it is raifed in 

Burialiof tihe D g a n 

O death, whcr« is <ihy ftinj ? 
grav6, 'Avhei^ 'is thy viiitory i* 
The> liingi ot-dtath is fui, and 
the ihength'of i5n-i8 the law. 
f But thaaks b&' to GqJ, which 
-gfivcthus the Vi^ory, through 
Tour Lord Jefus Chrilh There- 
fore my beloved brethren, be 
cyeftedKait, unmoveabie, always; 
aboundir»g in t!ie work of thcj 
Lord ; ■ forafmuch as ye know 
that your labour is not in vain 
in the Lordw 

^ Tfbcn they come to the gravCy 
ivbiid tb^ Corpff is rtuicU rcudy 
to he /aiit^into ('be earthy jhall 
he Jung or jlildy 

MAn, that is born of a wo- 
man, hath but a ihorC 
time lO live, and is full of mife- 
*ry. Ho Cometh up, and is cut 
down like a rtower , he rleeth aa 
•it were a I'hadow, and never con- 
tinueth in one ^lay. ^ 

In tae micft of life we are in 

death : Of whom may we (eek 

for fuccour, but of thee, O Lord, 

who for our art juilly dif- 

•plcafed? • * . 

Yet, O Lord God mafl "holy, 
O Lord moft -mighty, O holy 
and. moil merciful 3avioar, deli- 
ver us not into the bitter pains of 
eternal death. 

Thou knoweli, Lord, the fc- 
crets of our hearts : Shut n»>t thy 
merciful ears t6 our prayers ; 
but fpare us, Lord moll holy, O 
God moft mighty, O holy and 
merciful Saviour, thou moll 
worthy Judge eternal, fuiier us 
nor, at our la<l hour, for any 
pains of death to fail from thee, 
L 3 

•^ "Iheny ivhi:c t,.H- rnrtt.^ jvaU 
-^'■ea^i upun the Body hy f'jme 

Jtandlng lyy the AlimJ^ir j'uull 

IT^Orafmuch as it hath f^cafcd 
7 Almighty , God, m hi^^wilc 
^Providence, to take out of ttiis 
world the Soul of our deccalod 
BrotheTy w,e therefore commit b'n 
Body to -the grounji ; earth to 
earth, , aihcs to aihet,, duft to 
duit ; looking for the general 
RefurretlJQn in thelail Day, ami 
the itfs of the world to come, 
through ftur Lord J efus Chriit ; 
at whofe, fecond commg in glori- 
ous Majeity to jud;;e the World, 
tiie Earth and the Sea ftiall give 
up their Dead j and the corrupti- 
ble Bodies of thofe who Hecp in 
him ih.iil be changed, and made 
like V'nro his own glorious Body 5 
according to the mighty word- 
ing whereby he is able to lubdue 
all things unto himfelf. 

^ 1 hen jhall he jam y or jangy 

I Heard a voice from heaven, 
fa} ing unto me, Write, From 
henceforth blcired are the dead 
who die in the Lord 5 even 16 
(aith the Spirit j for they rei't 
from their lab.)urs. JRtv. xivj 13, 

^ T:Un the M:mj}ey f Mill jay tie 
Lord^s Prayer^ 

OUr Father, who art in 
Heaven, Hallowed be tl^y 
Name;* Thy Kingdom come; 
Thy Will be done on Earth, as it 
is in Heaven J Give us this di^y 
our daily bread ; And forgive us 
our trefpaiTes, as we forgive thofe 
who. tiefpafs againft usj And 

deliver us from evil. Mme-n, 

€[ Tten the Mhnfi^ Jhail Jay om 

or both of ike foiio'ivmg^i-o.y 

■ers^i 'at-bxidijcrttifmy- ■ ^ 

A Lmighty God, with wliom 

jf^ do live the-lpirits of-ihoie 

'Wlio depart hence' in the Lord ; 
and wi'h whom the ibul^ of the 

^t'ai^nfu'i, after they are delivered 
ixQ'PkS t'he burchen of theliefh, are 

»ln jcvy a/ld f^licityj ^ve give^thee 
Kearcy ti^anks, for the good ex- 

•^mples of all thofe thy fei-vafnts, 

:wh(), having fiiiilhed thsir <:ourfe 
in faith, do now reft from their 
labours. And we befee<,h thee, 
that we, with' all thofe who are 
departed in the true faith of thy 
holy Iv ame, may have our per- 
fe<St confummation and ilifs, 
both in body and fotl, in thy 
eterft'al and everratling glor)', 

-throt^gh Jefus Chrill our Lord. 

OJVierciful God, the Father 
of our Lord Jefus Chrift, 
who is the refurre<ition and the 
Jife \ in whom whofoevcr believ- 
-eth, fhall live, though he die \ and 

The Churching iof \ WoSi e n . 

lead us not into tempta^iioijf Biitfjivhafoeverulr>«tJa, ,and rbqlkvc^h 
in hiiiv, ih^l liot- difeteffiiiUy j 
who aha hath j:aught>.H5, ky his 
holy Apoftiei£ai:itfPati^ 'not to 
be forry9 as .n>en withpiJt bope> 
tor thofe wh;fe:fieep in ihim \ Jwe 
humbly befeeth thee, O i-'^ther, 
to raiie us from tfare deaih f/f ftn 
unto thri .life of ri^hteoufnefs \ 
that when we ihali <lrepar't th4s 
life, wf may relt in him 5 and 
that. at the general refurrec^ion 
in the laft day, we may be fcuiid 
acceptable hi thy fight ^ and re- 
ceive that bieiTing, which thy 
weli-beloved Son ihali then pro- 
nounce to ail who love and fear 
thee, faying, Come, ye bleired 
children oi my Father, recerve 
the kingdom prepared for you 
from the be;giDnirkg of the world : 
Grant thrs, we beiieech thee, O 
merciful Father, through Jefus 
Chr'Hl:, our mediator and Re- 
deemer. Amen. 

T^He grace of our Lord Jefus 
C brill, and the love of 
God, and the fejiaw/hip cf the 
Holy Ghofl:, be v/ith us all ever- 
more. Amen, 

The THANKSGIVING oi Women after Child-birth: 

Commonly called^ 

The C H U R C H 1 N G of WO M E N. 

.€[ T^hh SernJice, cr the concluding Prayer alone ^ asitjlands among 
the Occajtahal Prayers and I'bankjgi'vin^s, may be pfed at ibs 
difcretion of the Min'ifier, 

f[ I'he Womany ^t the ufual ^' after her dili'very^ pall come 
into the Church decently a-^fare-lled. and there fjail kneel dcivn 
in fme con-ventent ^laccy as hath been accufiomcdy or as the 
Ordinary Jh^ll direct : ^^id then the PrUji jhall fay unto h&Vy 


Tiie'<!'hirrc}iing^6r Wom^*\'. 

T^^Oraf-nuch as it hath pleafdJ i ^ Then fiaU tht Ml}:, 

i^ Almighty God, of his good- i Lord's Piaycr^m^'ul 

iK'.i'iy to you Tate deliver- | 
-'«hce, and to preferve you in the 

fti-eat danj;^'' of Ciiihi -'birch: you j 
*- wiW tijeiet-'ore give hearty thanics 

unto God, and fay, • 

Lord's P fay ^r, nr'ul nvhaifiU 
lews : But ihi.LorH^T Prayer 
way be cif:il:ed, if tlisbn uJeJ 
IV, ih (hi Xlcrfvr- ?,• i^fve/!tr^ 

l[f Then jhall the Mimjler fay 
the foUo-iving Hymn, taken 
from the j jOf^T Pf^^fp* 


I J quoHi 


Father, who art In 
nven, riai lowed be thy 
Name J I'hy Kii.gJom come; 
Thy VViU be,4on^> on j: art h, as it 
is in Heaven J Give us this day 
our daily bread j and forgive I'S 
our trefpaiufs, as we forgive thole 
who trefpaf* againlt us : And 
lead us not into temptAdon; Bus 
deliver us fiom evil. Atnen^ 

I Am well pleafed, that the 
Lord ha:h hea^d the vcice of 
my prayer j 

'1 hat he hath inclined his car 
unto me : Therefore will i call 
upon him as long as I live» 

I found trouble and heavi- 
nefs, and 1 called upon the 
Name of the Lord ; O Lord,, 1 
befeech thee, deliver my foul. 

Gracious is the Lord, and 
righteous J yea, our God is mer- 
ci f ul . 

What reward lliall I give unto 
the Lord, for all the benefits 
that he hsth done unto me ? 

I will receive the cup of fal- 
vation j and call upon .the Name 
of the Lord. 

1 will pay my vows nov.* in 
the prefence of all his people j in 
the courts of the Lord's houfe, 
even in the mldft of thee, O Je- 
rufalem. Priiife the Lord- 

Glory be to the Father, and 
t> the Son, and to the Holy 

As it was in the beginning, | moil mercifulFAthcr, that ihc, 

" is how, and ever iliall be, woiid ! through thy help, may both 

/withoat ead. Amen. I faltaiuily live, aiid vValk accord - 

L 4 ing 

Mhujl, O Lord, fave this wo- 
man thy fervant j 

Ar.J'o;, Who putteth her truil 
in thee, 

Mln'iJ}, Be thou to hat a Hroi^g 

Ar.fiv. From the face of her 

M^nijl. Lord, hear our prayer s 

ArSiv, And l«ic our cry coniC 
unto thee. 

M'fnifi. Let us pray. 

O Almighty God, we give 
thee huii.ble thanks, for 
that thou haft been gracioufly 
pleafed to preferve, through the 
g*^eat p.tin and peril of Child- 
birch, this woman th^' fervant, 
who de fixes now to f»|fer her 
prulfcs and thank-f^^ivings unto 
thee. Grant, w.r oeJeech thee. 

Forms of Prayer to be ufed at Sea, 

ing to th\ will in this life pre- 
fent, and aUb may be partaker 
of everlafting glory in the lite to 
corne, thiougli Jelus Chrift our 
hordt Amen, 

^ T^he TJ%naK that com&th to glnje 
her tharJis^ V^^fi. ^ff^*". accujium - 

e/1 "ffcrir^Sy lubkb fhalij}c im- 
plied by the Alini/ier .^ffti^be 
Church M'ar^'ens to the relief 
of dijircjj'ed Women in pbil4~ 
bed: And if there be a Com^ 
muKJc/ij it is ccTiucnient ibat 6^6 
reci'i've the holy Cojnmunion, j 


To be ufed at Sea. 

IT ^he'Morrhg eird E'ven'ivg Ser-vice to he. v fed daily at Sea, p?all 
'" betBe^femd Tvhicb is appoimed In the Book of Common Prayer, 

ful remembrance of tby mercies, 
to praife and glorify thy holy 
Nao^e, through Jefus Chrift oilr 
Lorci. A;»cr.» 


DIred: us, O Lord, In all our 
doings, with thy moil gra- 
cious favour, and furtner us wit^ 
thy continual help; that in ajl 
our vvOiks begun, continued, and 
ended in thee, we may glorify 
thy holy Name j and iinally by 
thymercy obtairi evenaftiBg iife j 
through Tefus Chrill our Lord. 

Prayers to he zfcd in Siortns at 

OMoft powerful and gloiious 
Lord God, at whofe com- 
mand the winds' blov/, and lift up 
the waves ot the Sea, and who 
ftiikft the rage thereof; we, thy 
creatures, but miferable finneis, 
do in this our great diftreTs cry 
unto thee lor help: Save, Lord, 

fT Thefe ttuo foUonving Prayers 
maybe afo ufediii Ships oflPar. 

OEcernuI-Lord God, who 
aTi>ne foreadcn: out the 
heavens, and ruleft t'.ie raging or 
•the Sea ; who hafl compalfed the 
waters wiu\ bounds, until day 
land nighc comc'to an end ; be 
pleafed to receive into thy Al- 
' rnigkity'ihd mo{t gracious pro- 
tedtisn,' the peiTons of us thy 
fervants, and the fleet [or Ship] 
in which w^ ferve. riifcrve us 
from ttie. dangers of the Sea, 
and from l\\t violence of the 
enemy; that we may be a fa^- 
guard unto the United States of 
America, and a fccurity for fuch 
as pafs on the Seas upon their 
lawful occailons: that the inha- 
bitants of our land may in peace 
and quietne fs ferve thee our 
God ; and that we may recurn 
in f.ifety to enjoy the blcilings 
of the land, w'th the fruits of 
cur labour j and, with a thank- 

Forms of Prayer to be .ufed at Sea, 

-♦»«lfc we pcrifli. We confefs 
- vthen we have been fate, and leen 
• alj things »^uiet about us, we 
have Forgotten thee our God, and 
refufed to hearken to the if; 1 1 
voice ot* thy word, and to obey 
thy ;Commandipents : But now 
we Tee how terrible thou art in 

eft all things j thou ^^ttef^ In 
the throne judging right : And 
therefore wa jnuke our addi^fs 
to thy Divine Majefty, in this 
our neceflity, that thou wouldclt 
take the caui'e into thine own 
h^nd, and judge between us 
and our enemies. Stir up thy 

all thy works of wonder ; the ! ilren^th, O Lord, and come and 

great Gcfd to be feared above all j 
and therefore we adore thy Di- 
vine Majelty, acknowledging thy 
power, and imploring thy good- 
nefs. Help, Lord, and fave us, 
for thy mcjcies fake in Jefus 
Chrift, thy Son our Lord, Amen, 
Or this : 

OMoft glorious and gracious 
Lord God, who dwelled in 
heaven, but b-^holdeft all things 
below j look down, we befeech 
thee, and hear us, calling out of 
the depth of mifery, and out of 
the jaws of this death, which is 
now ready to fwallow us up : 
Save, Lord, or elfe we perifh. 
The living, the living (hall praife 
thee. O fend thy word of com- 
mand to rebuke the raging 
"Winds, and the roaring Sea j 
that we, being delivered from 
this difirefs, may live to fervc 
thee, and to glorify thy Name 
ail the days of our life. Hear, 
Lord, and fave us, for the infi- 
nite merits of our. blefled Savi- 
our, thy Son our Lord Jefus 
Chrift. AmcM. 

*Tbe Prayer to he fa'id before a 
Fight at Sea, againji any Enemy. 

OMolt powerful and glorious 
Lord God, the Lord of 
hoits, that vuleit and comm:^nd- 

help us \ for thou givert not al - 
way the battle to the itrong, but 
canft fave by many or by few. 
O let not our fins now cry againll 
us for vengeance j but hear us 
thy poor fervants begging mercy^ 
and imploring thy help, and 
that thou wouldeft be a defence 
unto us again ft the face of the 
enemy : Make it appear that 
thou art our Saviour and mighty 
Deliverer, through Jefu:j Chrill 
our Lord. Amen, 

Short Prayers for Jingle Pcrfnsy 
that cannot meet to join in Pray- 
er ivitb others, by reafon of the 
Fight or Storm, 

General Prayers, 

LOrd, be merciful to us fin- 
ners, and fave us for thy 
mercies fake. 

Thou art the great God, whi 
haft made and rulcft all things ; 
O deliver us for thy Name's fake. 
Thou art the great God t) be 
feared above all : O fav^ us, that 
we may praife thse. 

Special Prayers ivith rcfpeEi to 
the Enemy, 

THou, O Lord, artjuftand 
powerful : O defend our 
caufe sjainft the face of the 

O G"ou, 

Forms of Pravcr to be ufcd at Sea. 

O God,th'JU art a ftrong: tower 
«f defciice to all who liy unto 
thee : O fave us from the vio- 
lence of the enemy. 

O Lord of Hofts, fight for us j 
that we may gioiiw thee. 

O fuffcr us not to fink under 
the weight of our fins, or the 
■vioience of the enemy. 

O Lord, arife, help us, and 
deliver us for thy Name's lake. 

Short Prayers in refpe& of a 

St or 771, 

THou, O Lord, who fJlleft 
the raging of the fea, hear, 
hear us, and fave us, that we 
peri Hi not. 

O bleHed Saviour, who didft 
fave thy difciples ready to perilh 
in a florm ; hear us, and fave 
us, we beleech thee. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Chrilt, have mercy upon us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

O Lord, hear us. 

O Chrill, hear \:.s, 

God the father, God the Son, 
God the Holy G holt, have mercy 
upon us, fave us now and evi:r- 
jnore. Amen. 

OUr Father, who art in 
Keaven, Hallowed be thy 
Name J Thy Kingdom come j 
Thy Will be done on Earth, as it 
is in Keaven J Give us this day 
cur daily biead j And for^^ive us 
our trefpafies, as we forgive thofe 
who trefpafs againil us j And 
lead us not into tempta:ion ; B;-: 
deliver us from evil. Amen, 

^ When there fhall he mntmcvA 

' davgery as ■ rnairy ai can he 

feared ji^f ihccjj'tiry Ja-^'icc 

in the Sh'ip (hall ^e called fnp - 
tbfr, anil make an humble Ccti- 

fifftcn (f their fms to God 5 in 
luhich every one ought Jerku lly 
M rejie£i upon thije particular 

Jiiii, of ivhich his Conjcknse 

pMl accuje him I J^yingy as 

f(JloiL'etb : 

The Confejfion. 

ALmighty God, Father of 
our Lord Jefus Chrill, 
IVlaker of all things, Judge of 
all men j we acknowledge and 
bewail our manifold /ins and 
wickednefs, which we from time 
to time moft grievouily have 
committed, by thought, word, 
and deed, againll thy divine 
IV'jajefty, provoking moft juftly 
thy wrath and indignation agair.fl 
us. We do earneftiy repent, And 
are heartily forry for thefe our 
mifdoiiigs : The remembrance 
of them is grievous unto us 5 
The burthen of them is intoler- 
able. Have mercy upon us, have 
m.ercy upon us, moft merciful 
Father: For thy Son our Lord 
Jefus Chrift's fake, forgive us 
all that is patt j and grant, that 
we may ever hereafter ferve and 
pleafe thee in newnefs of life, 
to the honour and glory of thy 
Kame, through Jefus Chrifl our 
Lerd. Amen, 

^ "Xher. fiMlUhe Minijiery if there 
he any in the fjipy Jay : 

ALm.)ghcy God, our heavenly- 
Father, v/ho, of his great 
mercy, hath promifcd forgivenefs 
of fins to all thofe who with 
hearty repentance and true^aifh 
turn unto him 3 have merj^y 

Forms of Prayer to be ufcd at Sea. 

f«l»pon you 5 pardon and deliver 
i you from all your lins j coJiHrin 
, , atnd ftren^thcu you in all gooJ- 
» Deii) and bring you to.everlalUn^ 
life, through Jtlus Chiiil our 
' Lord. Amen, 

^ Tbankfgj'vmg afur a Storm. 
Pralm kvi. Jubilate Deo, 

OBe joyful in God, all ye 
lands j fing praifcs unto 
the honour of hi« Name j make 
his praile to be gbrioua. 

bay u:iro GoJ, O hou' v/on- 
derful art thou in thy works j 
through the greatnefs of thy 
power fh-li thine enemies be 
found liars unto thee. 

For aii the world ihall worfhip 
thee, fing of thee, and praile 
thy Name. 

O c^me hither, and behold the 
w^rks of God, how wonderful 
he is in his doings towards the 
children of men ! 

Heiulethwirh his power for 
cverj his eyes behold the people j 
and fuch as will not believe, 
ihall not be ahie to exalt them- 

O praifo our God, ye people ; 
and make the yoke of his praife*^ 
to be heard ; 

Who holdeth our foul in lii^ j 
arid futi'^rcth not our feet to nip. 

i or chou, O Gixi, halt proved 
us ; thcuailo haft tried us, like 
■as fiiver is tned. 

Thxu brou^hteil us into the 
rnare,:-and laiJlt trouble upon 
-^ur loins. 

:' • J Will go into thine houfe with 

burct^otftrin^^j, and will -pay 

" L 6 

thee my vows which Tpironiired 
wit!i roy lip.;, and Ip^kc with 
my mou'vh, wlieu i was in trouble. 

U come hitiiir, and hearken, 
all )e that fear Cod, and 1 will 
tell )ou what he hath done for 
my foul. 

1 called unto him with my 
mouth, and gave him praifcs 
witn my tongue. 

if 1 incline unto wickednefs 
with mine heart, the Lord will 
not hear me. 

Eut God hath heard me ; 
and coHlidered the voice of my 

i Praifed be God, who hath 
not call out my prayer, nor turn- 
ed his mercy from me. 

Glory be to the Father, and to 
the Son, and to the Holy GhoA j 

As it was in the beginning, 
is now, and ever fnall be, world 
without end. Jl)n::n, 

?falm cvli. C^vftemlm Dopi'inc, 
4 '^1 That men would praife the 
V Jf Lord for lis jioodnefs j and 
declare tnc wonders that he dberli 
for the children of men I 

That they would offer unto 
him the facrihce of thankf- 
iviiig, and tell out his works 
With giadnefs! 

They that go down to the fea 
in ihips; and occupy their buH- 
nt\% in great wate; s j 

I'hcfe men fee the works of 
the Lord, and his wonders io 
the de^p. 

For at his word, the i^orpny 
wind arileth j which ilfieih up 
the waves thereof. 

Tney ►tre caii*cd up 


he a 

Forms of Prayer to be ufed at Sea. 

heaven, and down again to the 
deep j their loui melceth aw^y 
becaufe of the cioubie. 

I'hey reel to and fro, and 
Hagger like a drunken man 3 
ajid are at their v-its end. 

So when they cry unto the 
Lord in their trouble, he deli- 
vereth the'm out of their diilrefs. 

For he ir.aketh the ftorm to 
ceafe, fo that the waves thereof 
are ftill. ~ 

Then are they glad, becaufe 
. they ar;i at reft j and fo he 
bringeth them unto the haven 
where they would be. 

O that men would therefore 
praife the Lord for his goodnefs j, 
and declare the wonders that he 
doeth for the children of men ! 

That they weuld exalt him 
alfo in the congregation of the 
ptiaple ; and praife him in the 
feat of the elders ! 

Glory be to the Father, and to 
' the Son, and to the Holy Ghoft; 

As it was in the beginning, 
is now, and ever fliall be, world 
wltbout end. ^men, 

CollcUi cf Thanhfgi'v'wg, 

OMoft blefted and glorious 
Lord God, who art of in- 
finite goodnefs and mercy J we, 
thy poor creatures, whom thou 
haft made and preferved, holding 
our fouls in life, and now refcu- 
ing us out of the jaws of death, 
humbly prefent ourlelves agai- 
before thy Divine Majefty, to 
offer a facrifice of praife and 
•thankfgiving, for that thou 
J^earucft us when we called in our 
trouble, and didit not caft out 

I our prayer, which we made be- 
j fore thee in our great diftrefs ; 
even when we gave all for loft, 
our Ship, our Goods, our Lives, 
then didft thou mercifully lock 
upon us, and wonderfully com- 
mand a deliverance 3 for which 
we now, being in fafety, do gwe 
■all praife and glory to. thy holy 
Name, through Jcfus Chrift our 
Lord. Amev, 

Or this : 

OMoft mighty and gracious 
good God, thy mercy is 
over all thy works, but in fpe- 
cial manner hach been extended 
towards us, whom thou haft fo 
powerfully and wonderfully de- 
fended. Thou . haft fliowed us 
terrible things, and wonders in 
the deep, that we might fee 
how powerful and gracious a 
God thou art j how able and 
ready to help them that truft in 
thee. Thou haft ftiowed us how 
both Winds and Seas obey thy 
command j that we may learn 
even from them hereafter to 
obey thy voice, and to do thy 
will. We therefore blefs and 
glorify thy Name, for this thy 
mercy, in favjng us when we 
were ready to perilh. And we 
befeech thee, make us as truly 
fenfible now of thy mercy, as we 
were then of the danger j and 
give us hearts always ready to 
exprefs our thankfulnefs not 
only by words, but alfo by our 
Jives, in being more obedient to 
thy holy commandments. Coja- 
tinue, we beleech thee, this thy 
^-podncfs to us J that we, whom 

Forms of Prayer to 

thou ha(t faved, may ferve thee I 
jn holinels an^ righccoufnefs all 
the days or our life, through 
Jelus Chrift our Lord and Sa- 
viour. . Amen. , 
An Hymn »J Praife atui Thanhf- 
gi'ving after a danger qus ^ im- 

f'fi- . , . 

OCome, let us give thanks 
unto the Lord, tor he is 
gracious; and his mercy endur- 
eth for ever. 

Great is the Lord, and greatly 
to be praifed : Let the redeemed 
of the Lord fay fo, whom he 
hath delivered from the merciiefs 
rage of the fea* 

The Lord is gracious, and full 
of compaflion ; flow to anger, 
and of great mercy. 

He hath not dealt with us ac- 
cording to our fins ; neither re- 
warded us according to our 

But as the heaven is high 
• above the earth ; fo great hath 
been his mercy towards us. 

We found trouble and heavl - 
nefs 5 we were even at death's 

The waters of the fea had 
well nigh covered us ; the proud 
waters had well nigh gone over 
our foul. 

The fea roared ; and the 
ftormy wind lifced up the waves 

We were carried up as it were 
to heavfen, and then down again 
into the deep j our foul melted 
within us, becaufe of trouble. 

Then cried we unto thee, O 
Lord J and thr'U didft deliver us 
out of our dilirefs. 

be ufed at Sf. .\ . 

^lelTed be thy Nam?,, wl 
diuft not dcfpife the prayer f- 
thy fervants ^ but didft hear d 
cry, and halt laved us. 

Thou didll fend forth tl; 
commandment J and the win., 
ftorm ceafcd, and was turned 
into a calm. 

O let us therefore praife tlic 
Lord for his goodnefs j and de- 
clare the wonders that he hath 
done, and ftill doeth, for the 
children of men ! 

Praifed be the Lord daily 3 
even the Lord that helpcth u:., 
and pourcth his benefits upon ui.. 

He is our God, even the Ciod 
of whom Cometh falvation : God 
is the Lord, by v/hom we have 
efcaped death. 

Ihou, Lord, haft made us 
glad through the operation of 
thy hands 3 and wc w;il triumph 
in thy praife, 

BleHed be the Lord God ; 
even the Lord God, who only 
doth wondrous things j 

And bi-cjfed Le the Name of 
his Majeiiy for ever j and iet 
every one of us fay, Amen, 

Glory be to the Father, and 
to tlie Son, and to the Hoi 
Ghort i 

As it was in tlie beginning, 
is now, and ever fhall be, woi'ji 
without end. Amen, 
f[ A^. rfalm or Bymn 9/ Praif 

andThankfgl'ving after Vi^bry . 

IF the Lord had not been cd 
our fide, now may we fay ; 
if the Lord hirnfeif had not been 
on our fide, whea men rcfe up 
agalnfl us 3 


Forms of Prayer to be ufed at Sea. 

They had fvvallovved us up 
quick ; when they were fa wrath- 
fully difpiealed at us. 

y.ea, the waCt^rs hjd drowned 
us, and the ftieam hud gone over 
our foul } the deep waters ot the 
proud had gone over our foul. 

But praifed be the Lord, who 
hath not given us over as a prey 
unto them. 

The Lord hath wrought a 
mighty falvatit^n for us. 

We got not this by our own 
fword, neither was it our own 
arm that faved us j but thy right 
haj.d, and thine arm, and the 
light of thy countenance, becaufe 
thou hadit a favour unto us. 

The Lord hath appeared for 
us J the Lord hath covered our 
heads, and made us to itand in 
the aay oi battle. 

The Lord hath appeared for 
us J the Lord hath overrhrown 
our enemies, and daflied in pieces 
thole that rofe up a^^ainit us. 

Therefore noc unto us, O 
Lord, not unto us j but unto thy 
Name he. ^iven the glory. 

The Lord hath done great 
things for us j the Lord hach 
Qone. great things for us, for 
which we rejoice. 

Our he-p ftandeth in the 
^Name of the Lord, who hath 
jmade heaven and earth. 

BkO^zd be the Name-of the 
Lord, from this time forth for 

Glory be to the Father, znd 
to' the Son, and to ihi Hoiv 

M it was VI the bc^innJr^ it 

now, and ever fhall be, world 
without end. Amen, 

^ After ^kh Hymn may be /aid 
the Te Deum. 

€y rben this Colha. 

O Almighty God, the Sove- 
reign Commander, of ;all 
the world, in whofe hand 15 pow- 
er and might, which none is 
able to withiland \ we blefs and 
magnify thy great and glorit^us 
Name for this happy victory, the 
whole glory whereof we do afcribe 
to the€, who art the only giver 
of vidlory. And we befecch 
thee, give us grace to improve 
this great mercy to thy Glory, 
the advancement of thy Gofpei, 
the honour of our Country, and, 
as much as in us lieth, to the 
good of all mankind. And 
we befeech thee give us fuch a 
fenfe of this great mercy, a^ may 
engage us to a true thankful- 
nels, fuch as may appear in our 
lives, by an humble, holy, -^w^ 
obedient walking before thee aH 
our days, through Jefus Chrlit 
our Lord j to whom, with thee, 
and the Holy Spirit, as ibr.ail 
thv mercies, fo in particular for 
this vi(5tory and deliverance, be 
all glory and honour^ world 
without end. uimtn, 

2 Cor^ xiii. 14, ■ 

THe |:r2C€ of our Lord JeCus 
Chrifr, and the love of 
Gcd, and the fcllowfhip of the 
Holy Ghoii, be v;ith us all ever- 
more. Amen* 

f [ At 

Vifitation of Prisoners. 

^ j4t the Burial of the Dead at Sea, the Office in the Ccfnmcn 
Frayer Btok may be uject j cnly irjhixd of rheje ifofdsy Wc 
therefore commjt his Body to the Ground, Ldrlh lo Earth, 
ts>c* fay, We therefore commit his Body to the Deep, to be 
tarned into -corruption, looking for the reiurredtionof the Body 
f^'hcn the Sen ihal! give up her Dead, and the life of the 
world to come, through our Lord Jefus Chiift j who at his 
Coming ihall change our vile Body, that it may be like his ^Ic- 
rifou* Body, according to -ti-ie mighty working whereby he ia 
, able to fubdue all things to himfelf. 

A Form of Prayer for the 


1^ When Mormrig or E'vening Prayer fhall be read in any Pr'ifr^y 
:r.jicad cf the Pjalm, (j come let us fing, &c, fail te nad 
l^e j^ct/j Pfaltn j ai:d the Minifer fall it^fri, ojter the Cdk'ct 
Jyr the Day^ the ColUtl in the fUotUirg C)£r'vice, O God who 
/p^rc^-, Cl^r, and at Juch times as the Litany is not read, he 
fscll add the Pi ay er, O God, merciful Falher, who defp-iltit 

€r And *tx!hen Notice is given to the Minifer, that a Prlfcnerh con- 
fnedfr fme great cr capital ciime, he jhaii fift h'.iri -^ and 
*lifhen he ccmeth intQ the J^laceiuhcre the Prifntr is, he fail Jay ^ 
hfeelifig doivn, 

REmeniber riot, Ldrd, our 
inic^uities, nor the iniqui- 
€)fL^ of our forefathers 5 neither 
feke thoa vengeance of our fins : 
S^ari us, good Lord, fpare thy 
^.3ple, whoiTi thou lialt redeem - 
^ with thy moft piccicus biocd, 
i;>d he not argry with us forever. 
^vf'iv, Sp^re us, good Loxd* 

Let U5 pray. 
I,>M-d, have mercy upon US, 
Chrif^ hanjc mercy upon us, 
Lord, hjsve mercy u^>onus. 

OUr Father, who art in Hea- 
ven, v^t*. 

Minif, O Lord, fljow thy 
mercy upon us \ 

AitfM, And grant us thy fai- 

Minif, Turn thy face from 
our fins 5 

Anfju. And blot out all our 

Minif, Send \w help from thy 
holy place ; 

Ar.jixj, For thine indignation 
lieth hard upon us. 

Minf, O Lcid, hear our 
prayer j 


Viritation of Prisoners. 

^f^fzv. And ]ct the fighing of 
rile PriToners come before thee. 

7'he CcIIeSI, 

GRant, we befeech thee, 
Almighty God, that we, 
who for our evil deeds do wor- 
thily deferve to be punlftied, by 
the comfort- cf thy grace may 
mc'rcifully be relieved ; through 
our Lord and Saviour Jefus 
.Chria. j^men. 

OGod, who fparefl when we 
deferve punifhment, and in 
thy wrath remembered mercy j 
we humbly befeech thee, of thy 
goodnefs to comfort and fuccour 
all thofe who are under reproach 
and mifery in the houfe of bon- 
dage j correft them not in thine 
anger, neither chaften them in 
thy fore difpleafure. Give them 
a right underftanding of them- 
/ felves, and of thy threats and 
promjfes j that they may neither 
caft away their confidence in 
thee, nor place it any where but 
in thee. Relieve the" diftreffed, 
proted the innocent, and awaken 
the guilty : And forafmuch as 
thou alone bringeft light out of 
darknefs, and good out of evil, 
-^rant that the pains and puniili- 
ments which thele thy fervants 
endure, through their bodily 
confinement, may tend to fet- 
ting free their fouls from the 
chains of fin ; through Jefus 
Chrift our Lord, ^m^n, 

<5[ Here the M'mijler, as he pal! 
fee convenient, may' read the 
Prayer for A\\ Conditions of 
U^f tbeC'Jkafor Afh- Wed- 

nefday, and the CoUeS h€gi^» 
. »;>;^,Aimighty God, tiie foixu- 
tain of all Wifdom, ^c, *r 
any other Prayer of the Liturf^y^ 
ivhkh he jhall judge prober* 

fl Then Jhall the M'mfier exhort 
the Prfoner or Pr if oners fijUf 
this Formy or other like : 

Early beloved, knew thig^ 

that Almighty God,whofe 
never failing providence govern- 
eth all things, both in heaven and 
earth, hath i'o wilely and merci- 
fully ordered the courie of tbis' 
world, that his judgments arc 
often ient as fatherly coixtikiOBS 
to us J and if with due fubmif- 
fion and refignation to his "holy 
will we receive the fame, they 
will work together for our good* 
It is your part and duty, tiiere- 
fore, to humble yourfeif under 
the mighty hand of God, to 
acknowledge the righteoufnefs Qi 
his judgments, and to endeavour^ 
that, by his grace, this pr«fent 
vifitation may lead you to a fin- 
cere and hearty repentance. 

The way and m^Sins thereto U^ 
to examine your life and conver- 
fation by the rule of God's com- 
mandments 5 and whereinfo£v<?r 
you ihall ^Qrctivzyourf If to hhvc 
offeiided either by vviij, word, or 
deed, there to bewail your owfi 
finfulneis, andto conieil yottrfcjf 
j to Almighty God, with full pur- 
pofe of amendmejit of life. And 
it'you ihall ptfrc-eive your offfiuces 
to be fuch as are not only againji 
God, but aifo rgalnft your 
neighbours 5 rh?n to reconcile 

ViTitation of Prisoners. 

ycvrj'iiy to them, being-ready tjo 
inaTce reftitution and fa tisrai^Vi oil, 
according to the uttcrmolt ot 
your power, for all injuries and 
wrongs done, hy you to any other : 
ind being likewife ready to ror- 
give others who have'onded 
yoUf^ as you would have for- 
givenefs of your offences at God's 
hand. And to this true repent- 
ance and change of" mind you 
muil add a lively and liear'all 
ralch, and dependence upon the ' 
merits of the death of Chriil, 
fVitb • an entire reugnation' of 
ji-^^r/^/f'to the will of Cod. Ex- 
c^^t ycu repent, and believe, we 

' can give you no hope of faiva- 
tion : I)ut it ytu do fmcerely 

■ repent and believe, God hath 
declared, though your fins be as 
red as fcarlet, they ihall be made 
white as fnow j though your 
\yickednefies have gone over your 
head, yet ihaii they not be your 

vVe exhort ycu therefore in the 
name of God, and of his dear 
Son Jefus Chrirt: our Saviour, 
and as you tender your own fal- 
vation, to take good heed of thefe 
thVngs in time, while the d^y of 
falvatidn laHiethj for the night 
coraeth, when no man can work. 
While you have the I ght, be- 
lieve in the 'light, and walk as 
children of the light, that you 
be not call: into outer darknefs 3 
that you may not knock, when 
the door fhall be fhatj and cry 
for mercy, when it is the time 
cf juitice. Now ycu are th^ 
object of God's mercy, if by 
repentance and tiue faith ycu 

j turn unto him : but it you nog- 
lecl thefe things, _>:-« will be the 

I objedt of his. juitice and ven- 
geance: Now, ^c?tt may claim 
U\f. merits of ChrilVj but \i you 
die in- your f.ns, his bufferings 
will tend to yova- greater co/i- 

, demnatlon. O beloved, coiiiider 
in this your day, how rearful a 
thing it will be to fall into the 
hands of the living God, when 

y.u can neither Hy to his mercy 
tv proted ycu, nor to the merits 
of Chrifl to cover you in that 
terrible day. 

^ Here the Mhljler fyall examlre 
him ccncerrirg his faifh, end 
' rekcjirfc the Articles cf the 
Creed, Doft thou believe in 
'God, fefr. 

And the Vr'ijoner Ji:aU avjiver^ 
AH this 1 fteafaltiy believe* 

^ThfnJI.ail the Mlniftfr examwe 
^ivhcther he repent hm truly tf 
hisjinsy and be in charity luith 
all rhe ivorldy and further ad- 
nionijh him ptirticularly ccniern- 
irg the crfmei ivhertiuitb he is 
charged] and exhort him, if 
he ha've any Jcruplesy that he 
<would declare the fume, and pre- 
pare hirrjelf for the holy Com- 
muv'ion, again ft the time that 
it may be proper to admimjler it 
to him* 

%^ Theny all kneeling, the Mini' 
fie r fhall fay as foilonvs, from 
the ^^fi Pjair?! : 

tTAve meicy upon rne, O 
J^ God, after thy great good- 
r.efd j uccui\:in^ :o the mukilude 

V'liitzticfn of T R I'T-o N* t ft s. 

of thy meixies, do awa-y mine 

Wafli me thoroughly from my 
wickednels j and clear.le mc 
uom my hn. 

For I ackn i)wledg€ my faults j 
and my f.n is ever before me. 

Aguinl't thee only ha-v'e I fan- 
ned, aiid done this evil in thy 
fight j that thou mighicfl be 
jullifisd in thy faying, and clear 
when thou art judf:ed. 

Behold, I was fhapen in wick- 
ednefs ; and in fm hath my mo- 
ther conceived me. 

But lo, thou required truth in 
the inward parts j and fnalt 
make me to und«rftand wifdom 

Thou Hialt purge mc wkh 
hyHop, and I ihal! be dean ; 
thou ilialt waih me, and 1 fhail 
be whiter than fnow. ' ' , 

Thou ihalt make irc hear of 
joy and gladnefs j that the bones 
which thou hafl broken may re- 

Turn thy face from my fins ; 
a»d put out all my mifdceds. 

Make me a clean heart, O 
God j and renew a right fpirit 
within me. 

Caft me not away from thy 
prefence J and take not thy Holy 
Spirit from me. 

O give me the comfort of thy 
help again ^ and ftabiifh me with 
thy free Spirit. 

Then (hall I teach thy ways 
unto the wicked j and lianeri 
ihall be converted unto thee. 

Deliver me from blood-guilti- 
nefs, O God, thou that art the 
God of my health j and my 

tong:tJe ftiali fing of thy rJgfife- 
oulnefs. ♦. • ••' 

Thou flialt open my lipb", O 
Lord 3 arid my mouth lhaiii}:6\v 
thy praife. 

For thou defirefc no facrific^, 
^ifc would I give it thee ; ' b^t 
thou delighLcli: not in burnt- 

The facvlficc of God is a 
troubled Ipirit^ a broken and 
contrite heart, O God, fiiaic 
thou not del pife . ' *' ^ " 

^ TJbcn the Mitiifier J^kjayi 

Let us pray. 

OLord, we befee«;h thee, 
mercifully hear our pray- 
ers, and ipare all thoit who 
corifcta tliCir fms unto xhee. ; 
that tn-iy, whpie conicjences l^y 
fin ar* acculed, by thy meiciiui 
parao)>»may be abfoived, throug-h 
Chriil our Lord, ^mtn, . 

God, whofe mercy is ever- 
_ lairin^^, and power infinite j 
look down wiih pity and com- 
paiTion upon the fuffeiings of 
ti'is thy feri-ant 5 and wh^'thcr 
thou vifueft for trial of bis pa- 
tience, or punifhm^nt of b:i 
offences, enable km by thy grace 
cheerfully to fubrait hitnjdj to 
thy holy will and jleai'uie. Go 
not far from thofe, O Lord, 
whom thou hafl laid in a place 
of darknefs, and in the deep j 
and forufmuch as thou haft not 
cut him off fuddenly, but cha- 
ftencft him 2l% a Father 5 grant 
'hat ht, duly confidering thy 
great mercies, may be unfeign- 
edly thdiikfu]> and turn unto 

Vifitatioft of P 

tltipe With true repentance and 
fjncerity m heart, through J-el'us 
Chxift our Lord, j^mat, 

^ Prcyers for Pfrfcr.i vrder 
Jimenez X)f Death, 

^ Ji^fT. a Crm'ral is trr.der 
Si^tiKce cfDeathy the Miniver 
Jhall procttiiy i mm ed lately ^fter 
the Ccile^^ O God wno ipa- 
relt, tSi, to exhort h'lm after 
thii Forniy or other like : 
jiurly belovtfd, it hath 
pie a fed Almighty God, 
in his judice to bring you under 
■ the fer. trnc« and coud-emnation 
' cl the law : You ai-e ihortly to 
iua'er death in fuch a manner, 
that others, warned by your ex- 
ample, may be the more afraid 
to oiiend j and we pray God, 
that you ms»y make fech ufe of 
yoxit punifhments in this world, 
that your foul may be favcd in 
ihc world to come. 

Wherefore wc come to you in 
the bowels ci CDmpaiiion j aad^ 
beirg defirous that you ihould 
avoid prefumptioii^ on the one 
hand, *and deipair on the other, 
ihali plainly iay before you the 
wrerchednefs of your condition, 
and declare how far you ought 
U depend on the mercies of God, 
in6 the merits of our Saviour. 
Coiifider then ferioufly wi:h 
yoiiffelf, in aii appearance the 
lime of year diilblution draweth 
Jiearrj your fins have laid i'zii 
hold upon )ou , you are foon to 
he removed from among men by 
a violent death j and you fhail 
fade away fuddenly like the grafs, 
m'hich ia the jnorning is green 

R I $ O N E R b. 

and groweth up, but in the even- 
ing is cut down, dried up, an., 
withered. Af:er you have thu;> 
finilhvd the couile of a finfui 
and miferable life, you iTiall ap- 
pear before thejudge of all flefn ; 
who, as he pronoujiccc blcfiing^ 
on the rightecui, (hall likewsfo 
fay, with a terrible voice of m^t!: 
}m\ judgment, to the wkhcd. 
Go, ye accurfed, into ihc hre 
eveilafting, prepared for the de- 
vil and his angels. 

Your fms have brought you 
too near this dreadful ftntence : 
It is therefore your psit and 
duty, my brother, humbl\ t«> 
confcfs and bewail your gre;it ?.nd 
manifold cffences, and to repi-r.: 
you truly of your (ins, as yc?ii 
tender the eternal falvation of 
your foul. 

Be not deceived with a vain 
and prefijmptucus exped^cation of 
God's favour, nor fay withni 
yourfeif, l-eace. Peace, where 
there is no peace j for there Is no 
peace, fays my God, to the 
wicked. God is not mocked ; 
he is of pnrer eyes than to be- 
hold iniquity j and without holi- 
nefs no man fhail fee the Lord. 
On the other hand, defpair not of 
God's mercy, though trouble is 
on every fidej for God fhutteth 
not up his mercies for ever in 
oifpleafure : but if wc confefs 
our ftns, he is faithful and juft 
to forgive us our fms, and to 
cleanfe us from all unrighteouf- 
nefs. Do not either way cbufe 
the goodnefsofGod, who calleth 
us mercifully (o amendment, 
and of his endlefs pity proBiifeoh 

Vifitation of P R I s o K E R s. 

\is forgivenefs of that which is 
pall, if with a perfedt aiid true 
heart we returp unto hiiTj. 

Since therefore you are foon 
to pafs into ,an endlefs apd un- 
• changeable ftaccjand your future 
. happinefs .or mifery depends 
upon the few moments which 
are left you 5 I require you 
ftridtly to examine yourfelf, and 
your eftate both towards God 
and towards man 5 and let no 
worldly confideration hinder you 
from mak-ing a true and full con- 
fefiion of your fins, and giving all 
the fatisfadlion which is in your 
power to every one whom you 
have wronged or injured j that 
you may find mercy at your hea- 
venly Father's hand for Chr ill's 
fake, and not be condemned in 
the dreadful day of judgment. 

La/lly, beloved, fubmit your- 
felf with Chrifcian refignjttion 
lo the juft judgment of God, 
v.'hich your own crimes have 
brought upon you, and be in 
charity with all men } being 
ready fincerely to." forgive ail 
foch as have offended you, not 
excepting thofe who have profe- 
cuted you even unto death : 
And, though this may feem a 
hard faying, yet know alTuredly, 
that Without it your charity is 
not yet perfect. And fail not 
earneftly to endeavour and pray 
for this blelfed temper and com- 
pofure of mind : So may you 
caft yourfelf with an entire de- 
pendence upon the mercies of 
God, through the merits" of 
ycur Saviour and Redeemer Je- 
i'm Chrift, 

4[r H^re the Minifier fbaUexamini:. 
him conurmng his Faitby ai^l 
reheat Je the Arficles of tht 
Creed y Doit thou believe ia 

u^nd the Criminal p^aU anj^*ujnf 
AW this I ftedfaitly beiicr\T.;> 

^ I'J^en pjill the Mimjier 'exa^ 
mine ^vhether^. he repent l^in 
trury of bisfitiSY exhortlr.g'hlm 
to a particuiar Confejfion of the 
fn- for-ivhkh he is condemned ; 
and u pen Corf ejjic77 f be p^aHir.- 
fru[i him IV bat fatifaciion 
cught to be made to tbof: ivbom 
he haz D d thereby 5 and if 
he hwijveth ary cGmbinaticrts m 
ivickcdnejs^ cr any evil praC" 
tices defvxned agairjl other s^ let 
hivi be udmonfbid io the ut" 
mop. of hi% poivcr to dijcover 
and prenjentrhtm^ 

^ After his Cotfcfion, the Mi- 
n'per fhall declare to him the 
pardoning vercy of God^ in the 
Form lohicb 75 ufed in the 
Communion Service, 

^ After which foall he /aid the 
Colicti following^ 

Olloly Jefus, who of thine 
infinite goodnefs didll ac* 
cept the convcrUon of a fmner 
on the crofs j open thine eye of 
mercy upon this thy fervant, 
who delireth pardon and forgive- 
nefs though in his lateft hoiw 
he turneth unto thee. Renew 
in him wharfoeyer hath been de*- 
cayvd by the fraud and malice 
of the devil, or by his own car» 
nal will and frailnefs, Conhder 
his contrition j accept his repent- 
ance j and forafpnuch as he pu^^ 

Vifitation of- P 

t5t!i his full trull orii/ in thy , 
ni;ercy.^ impute npt unto him his 
tocjTier lins, \)ur{?fen^tht;B 
with thy bkifi^d Spirit j ^ and 
when thou art ^pleafeci to take 
him hence, take him unto chy 
fivoiir : This we beg through 
thy merits, O LorJj our Saviour 
a!»<i our Redeemer, Amen, 

^.TBsn tbc Mimfierjhallfay, 

O Father at mercies and God 
otallcomtorC j v-e liy unto 
fU^ for iuccour in behalf of this 
tny lervant, who is now under the 
feitence or condemnation. The 
<Jsiy of his calamity is at hand, 
an4 hr is accounted as one of 
thofc who go down into the pit. 
Eiellcd Lord, remember thy mer- 
cies i 1 )ok: upon his iniirmities j 
fear the voice ci h.\\ complaint y 
fc'.ve him, we betecch tliee, pati- 
rvrzt in this his time of adverfity, 
srnd fupport under the terrors 
which encompafs him ; fet before 
his ey€3 the things he hath done 
III the body, which have jurtly 
jT^vok-d thee to anger j and for- 
sfmucK as h'\s continuance ap- 
' y^-ueth to be {hort amongft us, 
<5;ix:ken him fo much the more 
v>/ thy grace and holy Sprit ; 
tiictt h^ being converted ajiu re- 
toflclkd unto thee, before thy 
Tudgments have cut him oft' from 
the earth, may at the hour of 
hrs death dsuart in peace, and be 
inrceived into thine ever! ailing 
kntgdam, th'-<jugh Jef^is Chiill: 
our Lord, Anrcn, 


Saviour of the world, who 

R I S O N E R S. 

blood haft redeemed us, (^\•t us 
and help us, we humbly befecch 
thee, O Lard. 

^ Then the nfinipr, Jiandlrg^ 

IN the midil of life we are in 
death : Of whom may wo 
leek for fuccour, hut of thcc, 
O Lord, who for our fins ai: 
juftly difpleafed ? 

Ver, O Lord God moft holy, 
O Lord moft mighty, O holy 
and moft merciful Saviour, de- 
liver us not into the bitter paljia 
of eternal death. 

Thou knoweft, Lord, the fe- 
crets of our hearts : Shut not 
thy merciful ears to our prayers j 
but fpare us, Lord moft \\o\)j 
O God moft mighty, O holy 
and merciful Saviour, thou molt 
worthy Judge eternal, fuffer us 
not at our ialt hour, for any pair. . 
of death to fall from thee. 

^ Then the Minlfierjhailfay^ 

THe Almighty God, who is 
a moft Itrong tower to ail 
thofe who put their trult in him j 
to whom all things in heaven, 
in earth, and under the earth, 
do bow and dbey ; be now and 
evermore thy defence : and make 
thee know and feel that there i : 
none other, name under heaver^ 
given to man, in whom ana 
throagh whom thou mayei't re- 
ceive falvation, but ouly the 
name of our Lord Jefus Chriit. 

^ And after that pall fas ^ 
]f TNto God's gracious mercy 
\J ind pivicui^n we com- 

Vifitation of P r i s o n e r s. 

ir/:: thee : The Lord blefs thee , 
2ii.i keep thee : The Lord make 
his face to rtiine upoa thee, and 
b: gracious unto thee : The 
}.o.d lift up his countenance 
U3oa thee, atid giv>: theepyace,. 
i fejth ijow and evermore. 

5 ^'At the tme of Execution y bt- 

.1 Jidez all ^ or fuch parts of the 

\ foregoing Ojice di the Minlficr 

^- fhaU judge proper y Jhall he 

faidtbe Commendatory Prayer 

tor a Perfon at the point of 

Departure, as it is in the Vijl- 

ration of the Sick, 

^he Collecf for the Communion 

O God, who declared thy Al- 
mighty power chiefly in 
Showing mercy and pity ; we be- 
feech thee to have mercy upon 
this thy fervant, who for his 
tranfgre (lions is appointed to die. 
Giant that he ma^y take thy 
judgments patiently, and repent 
him truly of his (ins j that he 
recovering thy favour, the fear- 
ful reward of his adiions may end 
with this life : and whenioever 
his foi'.l thai! depart from the 
h'd,', it may be without fpot 
prell-nted unto thee, through je- 
lus Ciuirtour Lord. Amen, 

The Epifik. Heb. xii. i r. 

NO chaftening for the pre- 
fer: feeme-ih to be joyous, 
■ but grievous ; neverthelefs, af- 
terwards it yieldeth the peaceable 
fruit of righteoufnefs, unto them 
which are exerciied thei-eby. 

The G of pel, St, John, x, 1^4. 

VErily, verily, I fay utittj 
you, He that heaieth vssnf 
word, and bclicveth on him that 
fent me, hath everlafling lj|i^ 
and fnall not come into condeui- 
nation j but is pafTcd from deara 
unto life. 

^ A Prayer for iTiiprlfoneA 

MOft Gracious God, look 
down in pity and cora- 
paiiion upon thefe thine afBided 
feryants, who are fallen under 
the mifery of a ciofe reiiraiizt* 
Give them always a deep fenis 
of their fins, and of thy fathei!/ 
love and correiflion; and tb« 
more their confinement prefletk 
hard upon them, the m.ore let 
the comforts of thy Grace aacl 
Mercy abound towards them* 
Give to their Creditors teoder- 
nefs and compaflion, and i<* 
them a m.eek and forgiving fplrit 
towards all thofe who have con- 
fined them, and a full purpose 
to repair all the injuries and 
lofies which others have AiRainc^ 
by them. P. aife them up frier-os 
to pity and relieve them j give 
them the continued comfort of 
thy countenance here j and (9 
fanflify their ^ffliflrioas, that 
they may work for them an etei- 
nal weight of glory, throti^ft 
the merits and mediation of Je- 
fu3 ChriCl thy Son our Lord. 

A F O R M o P 


To Almighty God, for the Fruits cf the Earth, and all the other 
B!ef!lngs of his merciful Providence ; to be uled yearly on the 
Firji ^ihurfday in No'Dcmhery or on fuch otlier Day as ihall be 
appointed by the Civil Auchority. 

f^ The Siri''iC€ p?all teas vfual, except <:vhcrc it is hereby Qtbcr'w':ff 
' • ^fpoinu-d. 

t\ j'htj;ig the S^.ntencei at the Beg. 

Honour the Lord with thy 
fuDlt-ance, and with the 
rirft fruits of a!I thine increafe: 
So ihaii thy barns be hiicd with 
plenty, and thy ureiles ihull burll 
out with new wine. Pro'v, iii, 

^ 1 he Lord by w^fdorn hath 
founded the earth } by under- 
standing hath he cflabii/hed the 
heavens : ' By his knowledge the 
"depths are broken up> and the 
clouds drop down the de^v. 
Prcu, iii. 19, 20. 

The et^crnal God is thy refuge, 
and underneath are the everiaii- 
ing arms. Deut. xxxiii. 2". 

ifrael then fliall dwell in fafety 
aione } the fountain of Jacob 
/hail be upon the land of corn 
and of wine, a>fo his heaven. (hali 
drop down dew» Deut, xxxiii. 

Happy art thou, O Ifrael ; 
who is like unto tliee, O people 
faved by the Lord, the fhleid of 
tliy help, and who is the hvord 
I'l^ thy cxteilency ! Diut* xxxiii. 

nn:ng cf Morning Prayer J): ail he 
tvir.g : 

^ hijieadcf O come let us fing, 
(^c, the folhiu'ing pall ifefaid 
or Jung : 

PRaife ye the Lord ; for it is 
^^ good to fing praifes unto 
our God ; for it is pleafant, and 
praife is comely. 

The Loi-d" doth build up Je- 
rufalcm ; he gathcreth together 
the out-caihof Ifrael. 

He healeth thofe that arc 
broken in heart, and bindeth up 
their wounds. 

He covereth the heaven with 
clouds, and preparcth rain for 
the earth j he maketh the grafs 
to grow upon the mountains. 

He giveth to the beads hi? 
food; and to the young ravens 
which cry. 

Praife the Lord, O Jerufalem ! 
Praife rhy God, O Sion : 

For he hath ftren^thened the 
bars of thy gates , he hath bicireJ 
thy children within thee. 

He maketh peace in thy bor- 
ders, and filleth thee with the 
iincit of wheat. 

Thankfgiving for the Fruits of the EAft.TH. 

fy Then jhall be (aid or fujtg one 
ef the Sckctions, or fome other 
porticn' ef'the PfalmSy at the 
difsretun ef the M'lmfter, 

fi^he Firft Lejfon Jhall he, Deut. 
viii J and the Second LeJJhn 
'Jhall be J i ThellV v. 12 70-24. 

^ After the Genera! Tbankfgi'v- 
V2gi pall be Jliid this %uhich 
foiloiueth : 

MOST gracious God, by 
whofe kjiowledgc- the 
depths are broken up and the 
clouds drop down.the dew j we 
yield thee unfeigned thanks and 
praile, as for all thy merci-es, fo 
efpeciaJly for the returns of beed- 
time and Harvell, and f.^r crovvn- 
iiig the year with thv goodnefs, in 
the increafe of the ground and 
the gathering in of the fruiis 
thereof. And we befeech tliee, 
give us a ju(l fenfe of this great 
mcrcv ; fuch as may appear in 
our lives, by an humble, holy, 
and obedienc walking before thee 
all our days, through Jefus 
Cbrift our Lord 5 to whom, with 
thee, and the Holy Gholl, be all 
glory and honour, world without 
end. Amen, 

^ ne CoUea to be ufed inftead 
of that for the day. 

OMoft merciful Father, who 
h^ft blefied the labours of 
the huibandman in the returns 
of the fruits of the earth j we 
give thee humble and hearty 
'thanks for this thy bounty j be- 
feeching thee to continue thy 
loving kindnefs to us j that our 
V^Ti<. n\.\\ £\\i\ yjciu her increafe; 

to ^thy glory and our comfort, 
through Jefus Lhrift our Lor J. 
Amn.r- ■ 

The Ep'iftle, St. James, u l6» 

DO not err, my beloved 
brethren : every good gift 
and every perfedt gift ib from 
above j and cometh. down from 
the Father of Lights, with whom 
is no Variablenefs, neither fha- 
dow of turning. Of his own 
will begat he us' of the word- of 
truth, that we fhould be 'a kind 
of firft fruits of his creatures. 
Wherefore, my beloved brethren, 
let every man be fwift to hear, 
! llow to fpeak, flow to wrath : 
j for the wrath of man worketh 
I not the righteoufnefs of God. 
Wherefore lay apart ail filthi- 
nefs and fupeifluicy of naughrf- 
nefs, and receive with meekinefs 
the ingrafted word, which is able 
to fave your fouls. Be ye doers 
of the word j and not hearers 
only, deceiving your own ff Ives, 
For if any be s. hearer of the 
word and not a doer, he is like 
unto a man beholding his natu- 
ral face in a glafs : for he be- 
holdeth himfelf, and goeth bis 
way, and Itraightway forge tteth 
what manner of man he wa^. 
But whofo looketh into the per- 
fect law of liberty, and continu- 
eth therein, he, being not a for- 
getful hearer, but a doer of the 
work, this man fhall be blefied 
in his deed. If any man among 
you fee-m to be relig'o'js, and 
bridieth not his tongue, isutde- 
cejveth his own heart, this" man's 
religion is vain, pare reiigion 

F A Kt 1 L Y P R 


ami undented before God and 
the Fachcr is this : to vifit the 
fathcrlels jni widowu in their 
AtHiittian, and to keep himfelf 
unfpot^evl trom the world. 

Tht Gofpel, St, Mutth. v, 43. 

YE have heard that it hath 
been laid, Thou {halt love 
thy neighbour and hate thine 
enemy. But i fay unto you, love 
your enemies, bleis them that 
curie you, do ^ood to thsm that 
. hate you, and pray for them 
wh:ch defpitefuUy ufe you and 

1 pcvfecute you : that ye may be 
i the children ot your lather 
! which is in heaven j (or he 
I makcth his fun to rile on tl»€ 
I evil and on the good, and fcnd-< 
j erh rain on the juft and on th^ 
i unjul^. For if ye love therA 
j wliich love you, what rewr/1 
have ye ? do not even the P<ib- 
i licans the fame ? Or if ye failure 
j your brethren only, what do ye 
! rriore than ethers r do no; evefi 
the Publicans io ? Be yc there- 
fore perfect, even as your Father 
which is in heaven is p£rfe£t. 


To be ufed in Families. 


C The Majler or M:ftrefs ha'vin^ called together as man'i cf tha 
FayrAly as can c^nnji'niently he yrefent ^ let one of them, or a^iy other 
*u}hom th*'j fiall think yr^^pcry fay as folio^viy ail Heeling : 

OUr Father^ who art in Heaven, f Tallowed be :hy N^me 5 Thy 
Kingdom come j Thy Will be done on Eanh, as it is iii 
Heaven j Give us this day our daily bread j And forgive us our 
trefpaffes, as we forgive thofe who rrefpafs again il us j And kai 
us net into temptation j Eu: cllyer -js rVo,n evil: For thine is 
the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory, for ever and 
ever. Amen, 

ALmighty and everiafting Go J, in w]iora 
we iiv^ ard move and nave our being j 
we, thy needy creatures, render thee our 
humble praifes, for thy prtTervation of us 
fr 'm the b-*.,inning of our lives to this day, 
and cfpeciaily -l.-r having delivered us from 
the dangers of the pall ni^ht. 'j o thy 
M watchful 

Acln'^toUdgmcnt of 
God's rrurcy and prejcr- 
rjnti-m, ej'^erialh itj-ouih 


* Jf^£n diJlvrb^nces watchful providence we owe it, * (that na 

mlly, injicAd. of thls.fay^ diilurbance hatu come nigh us or our dwell- 

-:bai, notwithftarifling ing j but, that v^c are brought in lafecy tQ 

V'uifht'in &fety to the "-^^ beginning of thi. day.^ For thefe thy 

^e^inning of tiiis day. mercjes, we blets afjd magnify thy giorious 

+Came j humbly beTeeching thee to accept 

this our rnornmg lacrilice of praile and 

thanklgiving j tor his fake who iay down 

in the grave, and rofe again for us, thy 

Son our Saviour J-efus Chriil. jlmen» 

dedication effojdard A ^^d, fince it is of thv mercy, O ^ra- 
b<k!y to God's fervice, LX • i- ^u ^t. J u j ♦ 

luith a rtfohitioH to he X^ ^lous father, that another day is 
daily 'ui ^ood- added to our lives j we here dedicate both 
our fouls and our bodies to thee and thy 
fervice, in a fober, righteous, and godly 
life : In which refolution, do thou, O mer- 
ciful God, confirm and ftrengthen us ; 
that as we grow in age, we may grow in 
grace, and in the knowiedgeof our Lord and 
ijaviour Jelus Chrili. ^pien. 


i'to perform UhU rt- 


PrnyrrJ^nrgrncPtoenn' TJ^*^) ^ ^°^> who knoweft the weak- 
fl ncfs and corruption of our nature^^ 
and the manifold temptations . which we 
'J ally meet with ; wc humbly beleech thee to have compaflion on 
our inlirmities, and to give us the conftant a/Tiltance of thy Holy 
Spirit 5 that we may be effedualiy refhained from fm, and excited 
to our duty. Imprint upon our hearts fuch a dread of thy judg- 
ments, and fuch a grateful i'tnit of thy goodnefs to us, as may 
rr Ke us both afraid and afbamed to offend thee. And, aoove 
«]1, keep in our minds a lively remembrance of that great Day, 
\i\ vAhich we muft give a ftri£t account of our thoughts, words, 
?!nd actions ; and, according to the works done in the body, be 
CLernaily rewarded or puni/hed, by -him whom thou haft appointed 
llie Judi^e of quick and dead, thy Son jelus Chrift our Lord. Avin, 

For grace to vtiide and "T" K oarticularj we Impk)/? thy grace and 
^•"^hr-s th^'foHo'r'fTy: dcv^ | ^j^^^jon ^^j. ^\,^ cnfuing day. Keep ^ 

• . j-^hffs if Hitjii^nt. lio temperate in our meats and drinks, 
^tA diligent in our ieveral caJIlngs; Grant 
US patience under any affliftions choa fnalt 
Iwe nc.:o iay on us, yind minds aKvays con- 


F A M T 

A Y E R S# 

tpnred with our prefent condition. Give 
Us grace tobejuftand upright in all our 
dealings ; quiet and peaceable ; full of 
compairton J and ready to do g<-rod to all 
men, according to our abilities and oppor- 
tunicies. Dire<5l us in all our ways* (and 
profper the works of our hands in the bu- 
iinefs of our feveral ftations.) Defend us 
from all dangers and adverfities ; and be 
graciouily pleafcJ to take us and all things 

belonging to us under thy Fatherly care and to the confideraiion of 
proteaior.. Thefe thi-.^s, 2nd whatever the ne>rt, that \ye m:ly 
lrL.^_lr rr J • ^ ferventlv join in tticr 
die thou ihalt fee necellary and conven.ent prayers ' and praucs of 
to us, we humblv beg, through the merits thv' Church, and iiitca 

and mediation of 'thy Son Tefjs Chrift our ^'^^^ ^"^^ ^^^ ^'"""'^^ 
, . . o • >. ■' huarca, in order to prac- 

Lord and Saviour. Arncn^ tile it. 

TFie grace of our Lord Jefus Chrift, and the love of God, 
and the fellowship of the Holy Ghoil, be wiih us ail ever- 
more. Ariidi, 

^ * Oft Sunday Mornttif^i 
hificnJ oj th:sy fay^ £.nd 
let thy Holy Spirit a»:- 
coinpany U5 to tlie placa 
of tiiy pi>b!ic worship; 
inakiii.]« us ferious and 
attentive, and r^iijup; 
our ininds froni the 
thoui^hts of tills world 


f[ The Family beir.g tcgftker, cfiltk before Bed^Time, let the M,:-- 
J}er or Mi/frcfs, or any other ivhom they jhall think proper, /'jy 
asfollo'ivs, ail kneeling: 

OUr Father, who art in Heaven, Hallowed by thy Name; 
Thy Kingdom come ; Thy Will be done on Earth, as ic iq 
m Heaven j Give us this day our dailj. bread j And forgive us -">ar 
trefpafles, a^ we forgive thofe who trefpafs againil: us , And lead 
us not into temptation } But deliver us from evii : for thine is 
the Kingdom, and tiie Power, and tlie Glory, for ever and 
ever. Amen, 

MOft merciful God, who art of purer 
eyes than to beh<^ld i-rtiqifiLy,^ 
haft prora'fed fo'giveneis to a' I thole who 
confefs and forfake their hns ; we come 
before thee in an humble fenfe of our owri 
unworthinefs, acknowledging ourmanfold 
tranfgrel^ons of thy righteous laws.* Butj 
O gracious Father, who defireil iroT the 
death of a finner, look upon us, we befeech 
thee, in mercy, and forgive us ail our tranf. 

Conferion of Jin s^ -r 

♦ Hcre^ ht him ivh(» 
rejds Tnakeajhort paufe ; 
th,7t_ e^'ery vtif mry fe- 
cretly coiipfs the fin/ and 
failing of that dry . 

' grelTions, 

Fa mi l y P ti a -^y £ r s, 

greflions. Make us deeply fenfible of the great evil of thenh j ^rti 
work in us an hearty contrition j that y.e may obtain forgiveneic 
at thy hands, who arc ever r<;ady to receive humble and penitent 
fmners ; for the fake of thy Son Jefus Chrift^ our only Saviour 
and Redeemer. AiJicn. 

.Trayer far ^race to A Nd left, through our own frailty or the 
reform and groivvetter. J^ tempiations which encotnpafs us, we 
be diawn again into fin, vouchfafc us, v.*e 
hcfeech thee, the dire<Stion and aiiiilance of thy Holy Spirit'. Re- 
form whatever is amifsin the temper and difpoficion of our fouls j 
that no unclean thoughts, unlawful defi^ns, or inordijiaie oc fires, 
2i)ay reil there, ^'urge our hearts" from envy, hatred, and malice j 
that we may never fuffer the fpn to go down upon our wrath 5 but 
may always uo to our reft in peace, charity, and good-wili, with 
a confcience void jf oftcnce towards thee and towards men : That 
fo, we may be preferyed pure and blameierb, unto the coming of 
cur Lord and Saviour Jeiui, Chrift. Amtn* 

Tm inisrcrjion. * Kd accept, O Lord, our interceiTions 

^l\ for ail mankind. Let the lii^ht of thy 
Gafpel fhir.e upon aU nations j and may ag many as have received 
k, live as be^jomes it. Be gracious unto thy Church j and grant 
that every member of theiame, in his vocation and miniftry, may 
le-rve thee faithfully. Bleis ail in auihoriiy over us j and fo rule 
their hearts and ftiengtheh then- hands, that they may punifli 
wicksdnefs and vice, and maintain thy true religion and virtue. 
Send down thy blellings tempoial and fplritual, upon, all our re- 
lations, friends, and neighbours. Pvewi-rd all who have done us 
good, and pardon all thoie who have done or v-'iih us evil, and 
^ive them repentance and better ■minds. Be merciful to all who 
are in any trouble 3 and do thou, the God of pity, 'adminifter to 
them aecording to th-eir levcral neceftitieS, for his fake who 
went about doing good, thy 6on our Saviour Jefus Chrift. ATnen* 

Thi ThanV^i-L-irg. ^^^0 our prayers, O Lord, we join our 
t unieigned thanks f(yr all thy mercies J 
for onr beijlg; o.ur.reafon, and all other endowments and facultiei 
of foul and body 3 for our liealth, fricnqs^ fo()0, and raiment, and 
ail the other comforts and conveniencies of life. Above all we 
adoie thy mercy in f^iiding thy only Sea into .-ths woild to re- 


F A MILT Prayer, s. 

1 us from Ohi ai\ci eternal death, and ia giving us the know- 
u u^e and fenl'c of our duty towards thee. We bJefv thee for thy 
patJCJice v;ith us, notwithftanding our many and great provoca- 
tions j for ail'the direc>ions, aHitlances, Undlcomforts of thy Holy- 
Spirit j for tiiy continual care and watchful pruvidcnce over ua 
through the whole courfe of our lives j and particiilarJy fwr th^ 
Tiicrcies and bcneiits of the pad day : Befeechin'g thee to continue 
thefe thy bleiVings to us j and to give us ^race to ihow r>ur thank- 
fuUiefsina fmcere obedience to his laws through whofe merits 
arid intcrccihon we received them all, thy Son our Sayiour Jelus 
Chi-ilt. Amen, 

I Xnarticular, we bcfccch thee Co continue Prnyer for GofV's prn^ 
thy gracious proteaion to us this night. ^fZ-Z""'^^ '"' ""'^'^ 
Defend us from all dang'^rs and mifchiefs, 
and fnjm the fear of them ; that vvt-; may 

enjoy fuch refrelhing fieep as may fitus r.)r th? duties of the fol- 
lowing day. Make us ever mindful of the time when v,e fhall 
lie down in the duft ; and ^iant us grace aiways to live in fych a 
ftate, that we may never be afraid to d:e : S'^ tSa: /.vin^ and dving 
we may be thine, thr<jug'i the merits and fatisfadlion of thy Son 
Chriil Jelus, in whofe Name we offer up thele our im[-erfwCl: 
prayers. Atticnm 

THe grace of.our Lord Jefus Chrift, and the love of God, and 
the feiiowlMp of the Holy Gboil, be with ui ail' evermore, 


^ On. Sundays and on other daysy TOlen It may he connjen'yn:, :ii ru'dl 
he prbper to begin tvith a Chatter, or part of a Chapter, from 
the New T^jlament, 



tr<3 he ujcd inpad of th£ FfaUm for the Daj^ at the D'ljcfitUn c^ 
the Mimfier. ' . . -fr 


Pfalm XIX. Call 'enarrant, 

THe heavens ' declare the 
^lory of Go(i~3f ^"^ tl^e 
iirmameni: .faov/eih His handy- 

One day telleth another j and 
one night ceriifieth another. 

There is neiiher fpccch nor 
Janguage j -but their vpiceo are 
jitard among them. 

Their looiid is gone out into 
if] Unas J and the;;- words into 
the ends cf the woi-ld. 

In them hath he fet a taber- 
nacle for the fun j which com- 
€th forth as a bridegroom out of 
hiS chamber, and rejoiceth as a 
giant to run his courfe. 

it gee th forth from' the utter- 
moil part of the heaven, and 
runneth about unto the end of 
ic ag-ain 5 and there is nothing 
>)id from the heat thereof. 

The law of the Lord Is an 
\ndehied law, converting the 
j'oLil J the teilimony of the J-ord 
i* fure, and giveth wifdom unto 
riie fim.pie. 

The ilatutes of the Lord are 
ri^ht, and rejoice the heart ; the 
commandment of the Lord is 
pure, aiid giveth li^ht unto th-e 

T I le Tear of the Lord isTl e a n , 
and enoureth foreyer ; the judg- 
rnsnts of the Lord sre true, and 
?-l;<htequ3 altogether. 

>>/i.o\t CO be defixed «ire they 
.'an^rwr^- yeej-'ttran much finc: 
»4o!d ; TweTtei-^aTrcTthan honey, 
♦nd the honey-cOiT.b. 

I Moreover^, by them Is thy fcr- 

vant taught j and in keeping of 
thtm there is reward. 

"VVho can teii how oft lie ot- 
fendeth ? O cleanfe thou mc 
from my fecret faults. 

Keep thy fervant alfofrom 
prefumptucus fins, left they get 
the .dominion over -me. 

Let the wordo of my mouth, 
and the meditation of my heart, 
be'alway acceptable in thy fight, 

i-ord, my ftrength, and my 
Pfalm xxiv. Domlm eji terra* 

THe earth is the Lord's, aRd 
all that therein is j the 
compafs of the world, and they 
that dweiT therein. 

for he hath 'founded it u^oil 
the feas, and prepared it upon 
the fioads. 

Who ihall afcend into the ^111 
of the Lord 5 or who ifhall rhc 
up iii his holy place t 

Even he that bath dean handS| 
and a pure heart j and that hath 
not lift up his rnind unto vanity, 
nor i'^'^xw to deceive his neigh- 

f'e fliall receive the blefTing 
from the Lord ;.and rigbteoufhcli 
from the God of his li^vation. 

TThis IS thcgeneratiori of chofe 
who feek him ; even oi thofe 
who feek thy face, O Jacob. 

Lirt up your heads, p ye gates, 
and be ye lift up, ye e-'<ierlaftin^: 
door^, and .the King of gior^ 
mail CGine iru ^" ■■- 



Selc£lions of P b a l m 

Who is the King of glory ? ft 
js t'no Lord ftrong ami nii^jhty, 
even the Lord mighty in battle. 

Lift U4> your heads, O ye gates, 
and be ye lift up, ,ye everlaftiiig 
doors, and the King of glory 
ihall come in. • ' 

Who is .the King of glory ? 
even die Lor J of' hoils, he is 
the King- of glory.' 
Pfilm ciii. Bertedic, anima mea, 

PRaife the Lfii'i^d, O my foul ; 
and all that is within me, 
praife his holy Naois. 

Praife the Lord, O my foul j 
'and forget not all his benefits j 

Who forgjveth all thy f:n, and 
lieal^th all clfme iniirmJtiea j 

Who faveth thy life from de- 
ftruction, and crownerh theewich 
inercy and loving kindnefs j 
• Who fatisfieth thy mouth with 
good things, making thee young 
and lufty as an eagle. 

The Lordexecutethrighteouf- 
nefs and judgment, for ail them 
that are oppreiVed with wrong. 

He ftioWed his ways unto Mo- 
fes, his works unto the children 
of ]fi-ael. 

The Lord Is fuU of compafTion 
and 'rriercy, ^long-luffering, and 
of great goodnets. 

He will not always be chiding 5 
liei'tHer keepeih h^ his an^cr lor 

He hath not dealt with us af- 
ter our fins; nor rewarded us 
accbrrf'ing to our v/ck?dne:Tes. 

For look how higli the hcavea 

it; iii c'oniparifbn'to the earth j fo 

£ti2at 15^15 mercy alfo toward 

Ihofe who i't'iT hirn . I 

^"JL<>ok hoy/ widt alfdtiie ealt is 

from the weft j fo far hath he fct 
our fins from us ! 

Yea, like as a father pitieth 
his own children j even fo is the 
Lortl merciful unto them thai 
fear him. 

Tor he' Ttnowetli whereof we 
are made'; heremembereth that 
we are but duil. 

The days of man are but as 
grafs J for he fiourifneth as a 
liower of the h^\i^» 

For as foon as the wind goeth 
over it, it is gone j and tlie place 
thereof fhall know it no more. 

But the merciful goodnefs of 
the Lord endureth for ever and 
cv.:r upon thofe who fear him ; 
and his righteoufnefs upon ciiil- 
drens children ; 

Even upon fuch as keep his 
covenant, and think upon his 
commandments to do them. 

Ihe Lord hath prepared his 
feat in heaven, and his kingdom 
rulcCh over all. 

O praile the Lord, ye Angels 
of his, ye that excel in ilrengrh ; 
ye that fui/ii his commanament, 
and hearken unto the voice of 
his words. 

O pra'.fe the Lord, all ye his 
hofts; ye fervants of his, that do 
hid pleafurc. 

O fpeak good of the Lord, all 
ye works of his, in all places of 
his dominion : Praife thou the 
Lord, O my foul. 

"S~E L E Clf I O N iu 
From Pfahii cxxxix. Dcmiri<, 

OLord, thou tiafl: fcarcheJ 
■ jiic c'lit, iiTid k?j(^VD me; 

Sele^lions 't)f P s a L M 3. 

thou knoweft my down -fitting, 
und mine up-rifmg j thou under- 
llandeftmy thoughts long beture.- 

Thou art about my path, and 
about my bed j and fpieA out ali 
my ways. 

For lo, there is not a word in 
my tongue, but thou, O Lord, 
" knowelt it altogether. 

Thpu'haft falliioned me be- 
hind and before, and laid thine 
hand upon me. 

Such knowledge is too won- 
derful and excellent for me j I 
cannot attain unto it. 

Whithsr ihall 1 go then frodi 
thy Spirit t or whither fhalll go 
then from thy prefencc ? 

if I climb up into heaven 
thou art there ; if I go down to 
hell, thou art there aifo. 

It 1 take the wings of the 
morning, and remain in theut- 
termofl parts of the fea j 

Even there alfo ihall thy hand 
lead me, and thy right hand 
ihallhold me. 

If I fay, Peradventure the 
darknefs fnali cover m.ej thea 
fnaii my night be turned to day. 

Yea, the darknefs is no dark- 
nefs with thee,, but the night is 
as clear as the day j the darknefs 
and light to thee are both alike. 

For my reins are thine j thou 
haft covered me in my mother's 

I will give thanks unto thee, 
for 1 am fearfully and wonder- 
loillymade: MarVellbus^are thy 
works, and that my foul know- 
eth right well. 

My bones are not hid from thee, 
thou;^h i be made fecfetly, an«i 

fafhioned beneath In thf! e^rlit. 

Thine eyes did fee my fub- 
ftance^ yet being imperfedl ; and 
in thy book were ali my members 

Whichd^y by day werefafhion- 
ed, when as yet there was none 
of them. 

How dear are thy counfels 
unto me, O ^oii j O how greac 
is the fum of them i 

If I tell them, they are more In 
number than the fand ^ when I 
wake up, 1 am prefent with thee. 

Try me, O God, andfeek the 
ground of my heart j prove me^ 
and examine my thoughts. 

Look well if there be any way 
of wickednefs in mej and lead 
me in the way everlarting. 
Pfalm cxlv. Exaltabo tCy Dcus, 

I Will magnify thee, O God, 
rpy King, and I v/ill praift: 
thy Name for ever and ever. 

Every day will I give thanks 
unto thee, and praife thy Name 
for ever and ever. 

Great is the Lord, and mar- 
vellous, worthy to be praifedj 
there is no end of his greatnefs. 

One generation fhail praife thy 
works unto another, and declare 
thy power. 

As for me, I will be talking 
of thy worfhip, thy glory, thjf 
praife, and wondrous works. j . 

So that men fliall fpeakof the 
might of thy marvellous 3i^?,i 
and 1 will alfo tell of thy gre^tneiis- 
.The memorial of ^thii^^ Vt>un- 
dant kindnefs fhall_b€ flio\ved, 
and men. ihall fing. of. thy rfgh- 
teoufnefs. - j' . 

The Lor<J is gi^cljjus and ir^ieirt. ' 

.tdeflions of Psalm ^. 

Mful ; long-fufferlng, and of 

^,;cjt goodnefs. 

Tl»e Lord is loving ulito every 
ni\in> and his mer^/ is uyer all 
• his works. * 

All thy worths prajfe thee, O 
. J*or-d ;.<an.d thy Uintsgivc thupks 
unto thee. 

They Aov» the glory of thy 
. jdngdoFii i and'talKofthy power j 
That thy power, thy glory, 
-and nii^jhtint^fs pf thy lyingdom, 
plight be kndu^ unto men. 
• Thyki-ngdom is aneverlirfting 
'.|cingdofn, and thy dnminion en- 
ijpiar'ir.h throughout ail z^e^, 
' ■ The Lord uphoideth all fuch 
as fail, -and iitteth up all thofe 
who are do'.yn. 

The eyes of all wait upon 
thcc, O Lord, and thou glveft 
them their mc-at in due feal'on. 

Thou opcncft thine hand, ajid 
■•filleR- fill tilings living with plen- 

Thc'Lor-d.h righteous in all his 

ways, and ho h' in ail his works. 

The Lord is nigh unto all them 

that call upon him ; yea, all fuch 

as call upon him. faithfully* 

He will fulfil the defire of thofc 
who fear him j he alfo will hear 
their cry, and will help them. 

The Lord preieryeth all thofe 
who love him.j but fcattereth 
abroad all the ungodly. 

My mouth fliall fpeak the 
praifa of the Lord : and let all 
ftelh give thanks unto his holy 
Name for ever and ever. 

.s h L E C r i (^ Iv HI. 
FromP Cairn li. Mifer^rt ?):ci,Deus . 

HAve mercy upon me, O 
God, after thy great good- 

nefsj according to the multjTuflc 
of tl^' mercici., do away mineot- 

Waih me.fhoToughly from ray 
wi eked nels, and clean*e mefrt>fa 
my An : 

Fori acknowledge my faulPb, 
and ray fin is -before me. 

-Againft thee only have I fin- 
ned, and done this evil in thy 
dght, th^tthou xnightcil bejul- 
tificd in thy faying, and clear 
wlien thou ^rt judged. 

Behold,! was fhapeh in wick- 
ednefs, and in lln hath my rao- 
ther conceived me. 

But lo, thou required: truth in 
the inward parts, and ihak make 
ane to underfland wifdom leeretiy. 

Thou fhalt purge me with 
h\n(>p, and 1 fhall be clean ; 
ihou ihalr wafli me, and i ihall 
PC whiter than f^iow. 

Thou fl.alt; xnake me hear <)f 
joy and gladnefs, that the Bones 
which thou halt broken may i^- 

Turn thy fate from my fms, 
and put out all my mildecds. - 

Make mt a clean heart, O 
Cod, and renew a rij^ht fpirit 
within me, 

Caft rac not away from thy 
prc-fence, and take not thy Ho4y 
Spirit from -me. 

O give me the comfort of thy 
help again, and ftablifh me with 
thy free Spirit. 

Then (hall I teach thy ways 
unto the wicked, anct fmncrs 
ihall be converted umo thee. 

Deliver me from blood-guilci- 

nefs, O God, thou that art the 

God -o-f m^y health 3 and my 


Se]e6lior.£ of Psalms. 

r tongue {hall fing.of thy righte- 
, oufiiefs. 

Thou Ihalt open my lips, O 
Lord, and iny mouth ihail fhow 
, thy prajfe* 

For thou dcliieft no-facrifice, 
^ elfe would I give it thee j.but thou 
delighteft nor in burnt-oileijngs. 
The facritice of God is a 
troubled fpirlt : a broken and 
contrite heart, O God, i>.alt tiiou 
not defpiie. 
From Ffalmxlii. 0uemadmoduw, 

Like as the harx delireth the 
vvater-brook-s io iongeth 
my-loul afcer thee, O God. 

My Ibul is athirft for God, 
yea, even for the living God : 
. When iliali I come to appear bc- 
, fore tlie prefeivce of God? 

My tears have been my meat 
: day and night 5 wluie they daily 
fay unto me, Vvhere is now thy 

Now when I think thereupon, 

. I pour out my heart by myfelf 3 

for 1 went with my multitude, 

^ and brought them forth into the 

ho.ufe of God, 

In the voice of praife and 
thankfgiving, among fuch as 
keep holy-day. 

Why art thou fo full of hea- 
vinefs, O my foul ? and why art 
thou me ? 

Put thy truHr in Godj fori 
;will yet give him thanks for the 
help of his countenance, , 

ihe Lord hath granted his 
loving kindnefs in the day-time ; 
and in the nighc feafon did J 
fing of him, and made my prayer 
unto the God of my life. 

1 will lay unto thc_G.Qd of my 

ftrength. Why hart- thou forgot- 
ten me f why go 1 thus heavily^ 
while the enemy opprefleth me ? 
Namely, while they fay daily 
untome,WjVre is now thy vrod ? 
Why art thou fo vexed, O my 
foul ? and why art thou fo dif- 
quieted within me ? 
O put thiitruft in God; for I v/ill 
yet thank him, who is the help 
of my countenance and my Cod, 


Pfalm xxxvii, No^i amulari, 

f,"'Ret not thyfelf becaufe of 

X^ theungodiy 9 neither be thou 

envious againft the evil-doers : 

For they ihallioon be cut down 
like the grafs, and be withered 
even as the gjeen lierb. 

Put thou chy.trultin the Lord, 

and be doing good ^ dwell in the 

land, and verily thou ihalt be fed. 

Delight thou intheLord, and he 

(hall give thee thy heart's defire. 

Commit thy way unto the 
Lordj and put th)- truft in hira, 
and he fhall bring it to pafs. 

He ihall make thy lightcouf- 
nefs as clear as the light; ,and 
thy jull dealing as the noon-day. 

Hold thee iViU in the Lord, 
and abide patiejitly.. upon him ; 
but grieve not thyfelf at him 
vvhofe way doth profperj^ againffc 
the man that doeth after evil 

Leave off from wrath, and let go 
difpleafure; fret not thyfelf, elfs 
iliait thou be moved to do evil. 

Wicked doers ihalj be rooted 
out;, and they that patiently 
abide the Lord, thofe ihall inherit 
the land. 

'• Yet 

Seleclions of P s a l m 

Yc: a little while, and the un- 
godly <hall be clean gone j thou 
Ihalt look i/tef his place, and he 
(hall be away. 

But the meek/pirltcd fhall pof- 
fefs the earth, %nd. ihali beretVeih- 
ed in the multitude of peace. 

The ungodly feeketh counfel 
agaiiift the juft, and ^nalheth 
upon him with his teeth. 

The Lord fhall laugh him tf> 
fcorn ^ for he hath leen that his 
day is coming. 

The ungodly drawn out 
the fword, and have bent their 
bow, to call: down the poor and 
needy, and to Hay fuch as arc 
of a ri^^ht converiation. 

Thciir Tword fhall go through 
their own lieart, and their bow 
ihali be broken. 

A fmall thing that the righte- 
ous hath, is better than great 
j-iwhes of the ungodly ; 

For the arms of the ungodly 
/hall be broken, and the Lord 
upholdeth the righfeous. 

The Lord knoweth the days 
of the godly; and their inher-i- 
tance fhall endure for ever. 

They fhall not be confounded ij\ 
the perilous time; and inthcdavs 
of dearth they fhall have enough. 

As for the ungodly, they fhall 
peri fh, and the enemies of the 
Lord fhall confume as the fat of 
lamb* ; yea, even as the i'moke 
fhall they' confume away. 

The ungodly borroweth, and 
payeth not again ; but the righ- 
teous is merciful and liberal. 

Such ai are olerTed of God, 
fhaii poflefsvthe land ; and they 
?hat are corffd ot him, fhall ba 
fqoted ou^. 

The. Lord ordereth a good 
man's going, and maketh lils 
ways acceptable to hfmfelf. 

Though he fall, he ihali not 
be cad av/ay ; for the Lord up- 
holdeth him with his hand. 

I have'been young, and now 
am old, and yet faw J never tb- 
righteous forlaken, nor his fjcd 
begging their bread. 

The righteous is ever merciful, 
and lendeth ; and his feed is blell- 

Flee from evil, and do the 
thing that is good, and dwell for 

For the Lord loveth the thing 
that is right; he forfaketh not 
his that be godly, but they are 
prefer ved for ever. 

The unrighteous ihali be pu- 
nifhed ; as for the feed of the 
ungodly, it ihali be rootf^d out. , 

The righteous fnali inherit the 
land, and dwell therein for ever. 

The mouth of the rigliteous is 
exercifed in wifdom, and his 
tongue will be talking of judg- 

ThelawofhisGodis in his heart, 
and his goings fhall not flide. 
The ungodly feeth the righteous, 
and feeketh occafioh to flay him. 

The Lord will no: leave him 
in his band, nor condemn him 
when he is judged. 

Hope thou in the Lord, and 
keep hi's \vay, and he fhall pro- 
mote thee, that thctu fhalt poiTefs 
the land : when the ungodly 
fhall perifh, thou fhalt fee it. 

I myfelf havefeeu the ungodly 
in great power, and liouriihlng 
Hkc a green bay -tree. 


Sekftions of P s a l' U i^ 

T went by, and lo, he was > 
gone: I fought him, but his 
pi ace could no vvh?re be found. } 

^Keep innoctrmry, and take 
hf'ed'unto the thing that is right j 
for tii2t fnali bring a man peace 

As for the tranfgrefrors, they p^rifn together: and the 
end of the ungodly is, thc^y fhall 
be rooted out at the laft. 

But the falvation of the righ- 
teous Cometh of the Lord, who 
is alfo their flren^jth in the time 
of trouble. 

And the Lord fhall fland by 
them, and fave them j he ibail 
deliver them from the ungodly, 
and fhall fave them, becaufe they 
put their truft in him. 


Pfalm i. Beatui 'vir, qui non 

BLefTed is the man that hath 
not walked in the counfel 
of the ungodly, nor Itood in the 
way of fmiiers, and hath not 
fat in the feat of the fcornFul : 

But his delight is in the law 
of the Lord \ and in his lav/ will 
he exercife himfeif day and 

And he fhall be like a tree 
planted by the water-fide, that 
will bring forth his fruit in due 

His leaf alfo fhall not wither j 
and look, whatfoever he doeth, 
it ihall profper. 

As for the ungodly, it is net fo 
with them, but they are like the 
chaff which the wind fcattereth 
aw::y from the face of the eirth. 

Therefore the ungodly {h^M 
not be able to i^and in the judg- 
menc, neither, the finners \n the 
cdngregation of the righteous. 

But the Lord knoweth the way 
of the righteous J dnd the way 
of the ungodly ihail perifh. 

Pfalra xr« Dominey quh bahj- 
tabit f 

LOrd, wko fhall dwell in thy 
tabernacle ? or who ihall 
reft upon thy holy hill ? 

Even he that leadeth an uncor- 
rupt life, and doeth the thing 
which is right, and fpeakethtbe 
truth from his heart : 

He that hath ufed na deceit im 
his tongue^ nor 6i>r\t evil to his 
neighbour, and hath not (Ian- 
dered his neighbour : 

He that fetteth not by him- 
feif, but is lowly in his own eyes, 
and mahcth much of them that 
fear the Lofd : 

He that fwearet^ unto his 
neighbour, v^n^ difappointeth 
him not, thougli it were to his 
own hinxirautc.: 

He that hath not given his 
money upon ufury, nor taken 
reward againit the innocent 1 

W hoio doeth thefe things^ 
fhall never fail. 

Pfalm xci. ^ihnhifat* 

WHofo dwellcth under the! 
defence of the Mofl 
High, fhall abide under the ihi- 
dow of the Almighty. 

1 will fay unto the Lofd, Thou 
art my hope, and my l^rong hold j 
mv God, in him will 1 tr uft. 


Selcfllons of Ps a l m 9. 

For Kc (hall deliver thee from 
the fnireofthe hunter, and from 
the noii'ome peltiience. 

He ihall defend thee under his, 
wings, and t'lou /hale be faKe un- 
der his feaciiers ; his faithfulnefs 
and truth /hall be thy Ihield and 

Thou flialt not be afraid of any 
terror by night, nor for the arrow 
that rtieth by day j 

for the peftiience that walk- 
eth in darkhcfs, nor the ficknefs 
that deitroyeth in the noon-day, 

A thoufand fhall fall befide 
* thee, and ten thoufand at thy 
right hand j but it ihall n3c come 
nigh thee. 

Yea, with thine eyes iha'.t 
thou behold, and fee the iCward 
of the ungodly. 

For thou, Lord, art my hopej 
thou haft fee thine houle of de- 
fence very high. 

There ihall no evil happen un- 
to thee, neither ihall any plague 
^ome nigh thy dwelling. 

For he fhall give his Angels 
charge over thee, to keep tiiee 
in all thy ways, 

• They iliall bear thee iri their 
hands j that thou hurt not chy 
foot againft a llone. 

Thou ihalt go upon the Hon 
and. adder j the ybiirig lion and 
the dragon (hdit thou tread un- 
^er thy feet, 

Becaufe he hath fet hii love 
.«pon me, therefore will 1 deli- 
ver him y 1 will let him up, be- 
caufc.he hath known thy Name, 

He lliall call upon me, and I 
\K'V\l laear him j yea, J am with 

-a in trouble^ i -^viil deliver 

him, and bring hijji to honour. 
With long lite will 1 fatisty 
him, and /how him my falva 


From Pfalm xxxii. Eeati, quo- 

BLefTed is he whofe unrigh- 
leoufnefs is forgiven, and 
whofe lin is covered. 

BleiTed is the man unto whom 
the Lord imputeth nofm, and in 
whofe fpiric there is no guile. 

1 will acknowledge myfm un- 
to thea J and mine unrighteouf- 
nefs have I not hid, 

1 faid, 1 will confefs my fins 
unto the Lord j and lo thou for - 
gaveft the Wickednefs of my lin. 

For this Ihall every one that i j 
godly make his prayer trnto thee,, 
in a time when thou mayeft be 
found J but in the great watct- 
floous they Aall not come nigh 

Thou art a place to hide me 
in; thou ihalt preferve me from 
trouble ; thou inalt compafs me 
about with fongs of deliverance- 

I will inform thee, and teach 
thee in the way wherein thou 
ilialt go J and 1 will guide thee 
with mine eyes. 

Great plagues remain for the 
ungodly j but whofe putteth \\'\^ 
trui^ in tiie Lord, mercy em- 
braceth him on every fide. 

J>e glaJ, O ye righcejus, and 
rejoice in the Lord ^ and be joy- 
ful,, all ^ethat dio.truii ofhe-r' 
rfal ir,- 

Seledions of P s a l m s. 

Pfalm cxxx, De proff/ndis. 

OUtofthe deep have J called 
unto Wiee, G Lord j Lord, 
hear my voice. 

let thine ears confider well 
ihe voUe of my complaint. 

If thou, Lord, writ be extreme 
to mark what is done amifs, O 
Lord, who may abide it ? 

For there is mercy with thee 5 
therefore ih alt thou be feared. > 

1 look for the Lord j my foal 
doth wait for liim 3 in his word 
is my truil. 

My foul flseth unto the Lard 
before the morning v/atch j 1 
fay before the morning watch, 

O Ifrael, truH; in the Lord j 
for with the Lord there is mercy, 
-and with him is plenteous re- 

And he fhali redeem Ifrael 
from all his iins, 

Pfalm cxxi. Le-va'ui oculo^ m^os. 

I "Win lift up mine eyes unto 
the hills, from whence com- 
eth my help. 

My help com.eth even from 
the Lord, who hath made heaven 
and earth* 

He will not fuffer thy foot to 
be moved, and he that keepeth 
thee will not fleep.. 

Beholdr he th at Jfceepeth Ifrael 
ihali neither flumbernor ileep. 

The Lord himfelf is thy keep- 
er ; the Lord is thy defence upon 
thy right hand : 

So th-at the fun iliall not burn 
thee by day j neither the moon 
by night. 

The Lord fliall preferve thee 

from all evil 5 yea, it is even^he 
that rtiall keep thy foul. 

The Lord /hall preferve thy 
going out and thy coming in, 
from this time forth for ever- 

Pfalm xxiii. Dominus regit me, 

TBe Lord is my fhepherd ; 
therefore can I lack no- 

He fhall feed me in s green 
paflure, and lead me forth belide 
the waters of comfort. 

He fhall convei't my foul, and 
bring me forth in the paths of 
righttoufnefi for his Name's 

Yea, though I walk through 
the valley of the i1-»adow of death, 
I will fear no evil j for thou art 
with me j thy rod and thy fJaff 
comfort me. 

Thou ihalt prepare a table 
before me againft them that 
trouble me j thou haft anointed m 
my head with oil, and my cup 
fhall be full. 

But thy lovhig kindnefs ana 
mercy fhall follow, me all the 
days of my life j and 1 will dwell 
in the houfe of the Lord for 

Pfalm xxxiv. BAiedkam Dontlpd^* 

XWill alway give thanks unto 
the Lord j his praife fhall 
ever be in my mouth. 

My foul fhall make her boaft 

in the Lord j the humble fhall 

hear thereof, and be glad. 

O praife the Lord with .me ; 


Seledions of Psalms. 

and let us magnify his Name 

I fought the Lord, and he 
heard me ; yea, he delivered me 
out of all my fear. 

They had an eye unto him, 
and were lightened j and their 
faces were not aiTiamed. 

Lo, the p^or cricth, and the 
Lord heareth him j yea, zni Idv- 
eth him out of all his troubles. 

The Angel of the Lord tarri- 
cth round about them that fear 
him, and delivereth them, 

O tal^e, and (te, how gracious 
the Lord is : blelfed is the man 
that trufteth in him, 

O fear the Lord, ye that are 
his Saints ; for they that fear 
him lack nothing. 

The lions do lack, and fufFer 
hunger J but they who feek the 
Lord fhall want no manner of 
thing that is good. 

Come, ye children, and hear- 
ken unto me ; I will teach you 
the fear of the Lord. 

What man is he that lufteth 
to live, and would fain fee good 
days ? 

Keep thy tongue from evil, 
and thy lips, that they fpeak no 

Efchew evil, and do good j 
feek peace, and enfue it. 

The eyes of the Lord are over 
the righteous, and his ears are 
open unto their prayers. 

The countenance of the Lord 
is againit them that do evil, to 
root out the remembrance of 
them from th« earth. 

The righteous cry, and the 
Lord heareth them, and deliver- 
N z 

eth them out of all their troubles. 

The Lord la nigh un:o thofc 
who are of a contrite heart, and 
will fave fuch as arc of an hum- 
ble fpirit. 

Great are the troubles of the 
righteous ; but the Lord deliver- 
eth him out of all. 

He keepeth all his bones, fo 
that none of them is broken. 

But misfortune fhall flay the 
ungodly j and they that hate the 
righteous fhall be defolate. 

The Lord delivereth the fouls 
of his fervantsj and all they that 
put their truft in him fhall not 
be deftitute, 

Pfalm Ixv. Te decet hymnus, 

THou, O God, art praifed in 
Sionj and un:o thee fhall 
the vow be performed in Jeru- 

Thou that heareft the prayer, 
unto thee fhall all flefh come. 

My mifdeeds prevail againft 
me : O be thou merciful unto 
our fins. 

Bleffed Is the man whom thoii 
choofeft, and rcceiveft unto thee: 
he fhall dwell in thy court, and 
fhall be fatistied with the plea- 
fures of thy houfe, even of thy 
holy temple. 

Thou f}^lt fhow us wonderful 
things in thy righreoufnefs, O 
God of our falvation ; thou that 
art the hope of all the ends of 
the earth, and of them that re- 
main in the broad fea. 

Who in his flrength fetteth 
fall the mountains, and Is girded 
about with power, 


Sele(5lions of P s a t 

Who ftilleth the raging of the 
fea, and the noife of his waves, 
and the madneis of the people. 

They alfo that dwell in the 
uttermoft parts of the earth /hall 
be afraid at thy tokens, thou 
that makeft the out-goings of 
the morning and evening to 
praife thee. 

Thou vifiteft the earth, and 
bleflefl it j thou makeft it very 

The river of God is full of 
water : thou prepared their corn, 
for fo thou providedll for the 

Thou watereft her furrows ; 
thou fendeft rain into th^ little 
vallies thereof ; thou rr.akeft it 
Toft with the drops of rain, and 
blefleft the increafe of it. 

Thou crowneft the year with 
thy goodnefs, and thy clouds 
drop fatnefs, 

I'hey fhall drop upon the 
dwellings of the wilderrjefs, and 
the little hills ihall rejoice on 
every lidc. 

The folds fliallbefull of fheep ; 
the vallies alfo lba)l ftand fo 
thick with corn, that they (hall 
laugh and fing. 


From Pfalm Ixxxiv. 
deleBa ! 


lings, the 

k How anaiable are thy dwel - 
hou Lord of hofts ! 
My foul hath a deli re and 
longing to enter into the courts of 
the Lord ; my heart and my flem 
rejoice in the living God. 

Yea, the fpan'ow hath found 

her an houfe, and th« fwaitdw > 

neft, where iTie may lay her 
young j even thy altars, O l,ox^ 
of hofts, my King and my God. 

BleiTed are they that dwell in 
thy houfe j they v/iii be aiway 
praifing thee. 

Biefi'ed is the man whofe 
flrength is in thee j in whofc 
heart are thy ways. 

Who going through the va!e 
of mifery, u(e it for a well 5 and 
the pools are filled with water. 

They will go from ftrength to 
flrength, and unto the God of 
gods appeareth every one of 
them in Sion, 

Lord God of hofts hear my 
prayer i hearken, O God of Jai- 

For one day in thy courts is 
better than a thoufand. 

1 had rather be a door-keeper 
in the houfe of my God, than 
to dwell in the tents of nngod- 

For the Lord God is a light 
and defence 5 the Lord will give 
grace and worihip j and no g«od 
thing ihall he withhold from 
them that live a godly life. 

O Lord God of hofts, bleffed 
is the man that putteth his truft 
in thee. 

Pfalm Ixxxv. Bencdixifii, 

LOrd> thou art become gra- 
cious unto thy land j thou 
haft turned away the captivity 
of Jacob. , 

Thou haft forgiven the of- 
fence of thy people, and covered 
ail their lins. 


Selet^ions of P s a l m ». 

Thou haft taken away all thy 
d*fpl«alare, and turned thyfelf 
fruin thy wiathtal indigiiation. 

Turn us then, O God our Sa- 
viour, and ice thine anger ceale 
from us. 

Wilt thou be difplcafed at us 
for ever ? and wilt thou ftretch 
out thy wrath from one genera- 
tion to another ? 

Wilt thou not turn again, and 
qaicken us, that thy people may 
rejoite in thee ? 

Show us thy mercy, O Lord^ 
and grant us thy I'alvacion. 

1 will hearken what the Lord 
God will fay concerning me j for 
he (hall fpeak p ace unto his 
people, and to his faints-, that 
tliey turn not again. 

Forhisfalvation is nigh them 
that fear him j that glory may 
dwell in our land. 

Mercy and truth are met toge- 
ther 5 righteoufnefs and peace 
have kifi'ed each other. 

Truth fhall flourifh out of the 
earth, and rightcoufnefs hath 
looked down from heaven. 

Yea, the Lord fliall Aow lov- 
iDg-kindnefs^ aud our land ihall 
give herincreafe, 

Righteoufnefs I'hall go before 
him i and he fhall uiredt his go- 
ing in the way. 

Pfalm xciii. . Dcmhius ragna'v'it, 

THe Lord is King, and hath 
put on glorious apparel ; 
tlie Lord hath put on his appa- 
rel, and girded himfelt with 
ftrength. '- 

He hath made the round world 
io iure>tha: It cannot be moved* 

Kver Alice the world began, 
hath thy feat been prepared : 
thou ait from e\erlafting. 

The floods are riffn, () Lord, 
the rtoods have lift up their voice j 
the floods lift up their waves. 

The waves of the Tea are migh- 
ty, and rage horribly ^ but yet 
iheJ-ord, who dwellcth on high, 
ii> mightier. 

7hy teltimonies, O Lord, are 
very fure : holinefi becometk 
thine houfe for ever. 

Pfalm xcvii. Dominus regna'oit^ 

THe Lord is King, the earth 
may be giad thereof : vea, 
the multitude of the iiles may 
be glad thereof. 

Ch)uas and darknefs are round 
abour him : rigliteoufnefs ai.d 
judgnivint are the habitation of 
liis ieat. 

'liicre ihall go a fire before 
him, and Uurn up his enemies 
on every fide. 

His lightnings gave iliine unto 
the world j the earth faw it, and 
was afraid. 

The hills melted like wax at 
the pr^fence of the Lord j at the 
piefence of the Lord of the 
whole earth. 

The heavens have declared 
his righteoufnefs, and all the 
people have fccn his glory. 

Confounded be all thifey that 
worlhip carved images, and that 
delight in vain gods ; worfhip 
him, all ye gods. 

Sion heard of it, and rejoiced ^ 
and the daughters of Juc^a were 
glad, becaufe of thv judgments, 
O Lord. 


Sele6lions of Psalms. 

For thou, Lord, art higher 
than all that are in the earth : 
thou art exalted far above all 

O ye that love the Lord, fee 
that ye hate the thing which is 
evil : the Lord preferv^th the 
fouls of his faints 5 he fhall de- 
liver them from the hand of the 

There is fprung up a light for 
the righteous, and joyful glad- 
Jielsfor fuch as are true-hearted. 

Rejoice in the Lord, ye righ- 
teous, and give thanks for a re- 
membrance of his holinefs. 


Pfalm viii. Dom'iney Dcmirusy 

OLord, our Governor, hovir 
excellent is thy Name in 
all the world j thou that haft fet 
thy glory above the heavens ! 

Out of the mouth of very 
babes and fucklings hafr thou or- 
dained ftrength, becaufe of thine 
enemies, that thou mighteft ftili 
the enemy a^d the avenger. 

Fori will confider thy heavens, 
even the works of thy fingers ; 
the moon and the ftars which 
thou haft ordained. 

What is man, that thou art 
mindfu)«of him ? and the fon of 
roan, that thou vifiteft him ? 

Thou madeft him lower than 
the angels, to crown him with 
glory and worfhip. 

Thou makeft him to have do- 
minion of the works of thy 
hands j and thou haft put all 
things in fubjedlion under his 

All fheep and oxen ; ye«, and 

the beafts of the field ; 

The fowls of the air, and the 
fifties of the fea j and whatfoever 
waiketh through the paths of the 

O Lord, our Governor, how 
excellent is thy name in all the 
world ! 

From Pfalm xxxiii, Exuhete^ 

REjoice in the Lord, O ye 
righteous j for it becometh 
well the juft to be thankful. 

Praife the Lord with harp ; 
fing praifes unto hiin with the 
lute, and inftrument of ten 

Sing unto the Lord a new fang ; 
fing praifes unto him with a good 

For the word of the Lord is 
true, and all his works are 

He loveth righteoufnefs and 
judgment 5 the earth is full of 
the goodnefs of the Lord. 

By the word of the Lord were 
the heavens made, and all the 
hofts of them by the breath of 
his mouth. 

He gathereth the waters of the 
fea togetheji, as it were upon an 
heap 5 and layeth up the deep, as 
in a treafure-houfe. 

Let all the earth fear the Lord j 
ftand in awe of him, ail ye that 
dwell in the world : 

For he fpake, and it was done ; 
he commanded, and it flood faft. 


S^le^lions of P s a l m $• 

From Pfalm cxlvil. Lraudate 

OPraife the Lord, for it is a 
good thing to fing praifes 
unto our God j yea, a joyful 
and pleafant thing it is to be 

The Lord doth b-uild up Jeru- 
falem, and gather together the 
outcafts'of Ifiacl. 

He healeth thofe that are bro- 
ken in heart, and giveth medi- 
cine to heal their ficknefo. 

He telleth the number of the 
ilars, and calleth them all by 
thf r names. 

Great is our Lord, and great 
IS his power j yea, and his vvif- 
4om is infinite. 

The Lord fetteth up the meek, 
ind bringeth the ungodly down 
to the ground. 

O (iiig unto the Lord with 
thankfgiving J Ang praifes upon 
the h-irp unto our God j 

Who covereth the heaven with 
clouds, and prepareth rain for 
the earth ; and maketh the grafs 
to grow upon the mountains, 
and the herb for the ufe of men j 

Who giveth fodder unto the 
cattle, and feedeth t'ne young la- 
vens that call upon him. 

' The Lord's delight is in thofe 
who fear him, and put their 
truil in his mercy. 

Praifethe Lord, O Jerufelem 5 
praife thy God, O Sion. 

For he hath made fal^ the bars 
of thy gates, and hath bleiled 
thy children within tliee. 

He. maketh peace in thy bor- 
ders, and filleth thee with tke 
^ax of wheat. 

N 4 

He fendeth ff^rth his com- 
mandment upon earth, and hit 
word runneth very fwiftly. 

He giveth fnow like wool, 
and.fcattereth the h oar -froft like 

He cafteth forth his ice like 
morfels j who is able to abide his 
froft ? 

He fendeth out his word, and 
melteth them j he bloweth with 
his wind, and the warers flow. 

He fhoweth his word unto Ja- 
cob, his llatutes and ordinancefi 

He hath not dealt fo with any 
nation 5 neither have the heathca 
knowledge of his laws. 

From Pfalm Ivil. Mifercre ms'i^ 

SEtup thyfelf, O God, abave 
_ the hcayens ; and thy glory 
above all the earth. 

My heait IsfixeJ, O God, mv 
neart is fixed j' 1 v/ill {ing and 
give praife. 

Awake up, my glory; awake, 
lute and harp -. 1 myfelf will 
av/ake right early. 

i will give chunks unto thee, 

Lord, among tiie people, and 

1 will fin'^ unto thee among the 

For the greatne(5 of thy mercy 
reacheth unto the heavens, and 
thy truth unto the clouds. 

Set up thyfelf, O God, above 
the heavens } and thy glory 
above all the earth. 


Scle£lioiiS of P s A L M Si 


From Pfalm xcvi. Cantate 
J) emir 0, 

OSIng untoths Lord a new 
fong J ling unto the Lord, 
all the whoie earth. 

Sfng unto the Lord, and praife 
his name ; be telling of his fal- 
Vation from day to day. 

Declare his honour unto the 
heathen, and his wonders unto 
all people. 

For the Lord Is- great, and can- 
not worthily be praifed 5 he is 
more to be feared than all gods. 

Pfalm cxlvl-ii. Laudato D^minutfi, 

O Praife the Lord of heaven 5 
praife him in the hei^^ht. 

Praife him, all ye angels of 
his: praife him, all his holh 

Praife him, fun and moon ; 
praife him, ail ye ftars and light. 

Praife bim, ^1 yeheavfcns,and 
ve waters that are above the 

Let them praife the name of 
the Lord 5 for he fpake the vvorJ, 
and they were made ; he com- 
manded, and they were created. 

He hath made them faft for 
ever and ever ; he hath given 
them a law which fhall not be 

Praife the Lord upon earth, 
ye dragons, and all deeps ; 

Fire and hail, fnow and va- 
pours, wind and ftorm, fulfilling 
his word ; 

Mountains and all hills j 
fruitful trees and all cedars j 

Beafts and all cattle j worms 
^nd feathered fowls j 

Kings of the earth and i\\ 
people: princes and all judges 
of the world ; 

Young men a^d maidens, old 
men and children, praife the 
Name of the Lord j for his 
Name only is excellent^ and 
his praife above heaven and 

Kc fhall exalt the horn of 
his people : all his faints (hall 
praife him ^ even the chilorenof 
lAae!, even the people uiia; ftiv- 
eth him. 

From Pfalm cxiix. Catitats 

OSing unto the Lord a sew 
fong : Itt the congregatiott 
of faints praife him. 

Let ifrael rejoice in him that 
made him j and let tlie children 
of Sion be joyful in their King» 

Let them praife his Name in 
the dance j let them fmg praifes 
unto him with tsbret and harp^ 

For the Lord hath pjeafure in 
his people, and hclpethl!i^e meek- 

Pfalm cl. Laudate Dotr.lnyifta 

O Praife God in hisholincfs | 
praife him in the firma» 
ment of hi? power. 

Praife him in his noble a^s } 
praife him according to his ex- 
cellent grestnefs. 

Praife him in the found of 
the trumpet j praife him ujioa 
the lute and harp. 

Praife him in the cymbals and 
dances ; praife him upon the 
itrings and pipe. 



PVailchim upon the wrll-tun- 
cd cvmbals j prajlc him upon the 
load cymbals. 

Let every thing that hath 
%rcath piail'e the Lord, 

fj Portions of Pf dims y to he fung 
cr ffiid at Morning Prayet-y un 
urtain leaps and Fajis, tnjiead 
%J the Venite Exultemus, 
•when at'.y of the foregoing St- 
L'tl'iom are to folloiv ivflead 6f 
the FJjlmi as in tic 'Julie, 

From Pfiilras xlv. Ixxxix. ex, 

THy feat, O God, endureth 
for ever : the fceptre of thy 
kingdom is a right fceptre. 

Thou haft loved righteoufnefs, 
and hated iniquity j whereiore 
Ged, even thy God, hath anoint- 
ed thee with the oil of gladnefs 
above thy fellows. 

My fon» ihall be always of the 
loving kindnefs of the Lord j 
with rny mouth will I ever be 
fiowing thy truth, from one ge- 
neration to another. 

For I have faid, mercy fhall 
be fet up for ever ; thy truth 
thalt thou eftablilh in the hea- 

The Lord is our defence ; the 
holy One of Ifrael is our king. 

Thou fpakeft fome time in vi- 
flons unto thy faints, and faidft, 
1 have laid help upon one that is 
mighty, I have exalted one cho- 
fen out of the people. 

I will fet his dominion in the 
Tea, and his right hand in the 

And 1 will mal^e him my firf^- 
born, higher than the kings of 
the earth. 

The Lord faid unto my Lord^ 
Sit thou on my right hand, until 
I make thine enemies thy foot- 

The Lord ihall fend the rod 
of thy power out of Sion j be 
thou ruicr, even in tlie midft 
among thine enemies# 

In the day of thy power fhall 
the peoplie ofTer thee free- vi ill 
offerings with an holy worlhip : 
the dew of thy birth is of th& 
womb of the morning. 

The Lord fware, and will not 
repent, Thou art a prieft for ever, 
after the order of Mekhizedech. 


From Pfalms xxxii. xxxviii* 

BLefied is he whofe unrlgh- 
teoufnefs is forgiven, and 
whofe fin is covered. 

Blefled is the man unto whom 
the Lord imputeth no fin, and 
in whofe fpirit there is no guile. 

Put me not to rebuke, O 
Lord, in thine anger ; neither 
chaften me in thy heavy difplea- 
fure :* 

For thine arrows ftick faft in 
me, and thine hand prelleth me 

My wickednelTes are gone 
over my head, and are like a 
fore burden, too heavy for me 
CO bear, 

I will confefs my vvickednefs, 
and be forrv formv Un, 


For H O L Y - D a Y S. 

Hafte thee to help me, O 
Lord God ot my falvation. 

Out of the deep have I called 
unto thee, O Lord j Lord, hear 
my voice. 

Let thine ears be attentive to 
.the voice of my fupplications. 

If thou, Lord, ihouldeil be 
extreme to mark what is done 
amifs, O Lord, who rnall lUnd ? 

But there is forgivenefs with 
thee, that thou mayeft be feared. 

From Pfalms xxii. Ixix. xl. 

MY God, my God, look 
upon me j why haft thou 
forfaken me ? and art fo far 
from my health, and from the 
words of my complaint ? 

But thou art holy, O thou^ 
that iflhabiteft the praifes of 

I am a worm, and no man ; a 
reproach of men, and dcfpifed 
of the people. 

All they that fee me laugh 
me to fcorn ; they ihoot out the 
lip, theyfhake the head, faying. 

He trulled in God, that he 
would deliver him j let him de- 
liver him, if he will have him. 

The counfei of the wicked 
layeth ficge againft me j they 
pierced my hands and my feet. 

They part my garments 
among thern, and cart lots upon 
my verture. 

But be not thou far from me, 
O Lord : O my Hr^igth, hille 
thee to help me. 

Thy rebuke hath brok«c my 
heart ^ I am full of heavinefs j 
] looked for feme to have pity 
on me, but there was no man, 
neither found 1 any to comfort 

They gave me gall to eat ; 
and when I was thirfty, they 
gave me vinegar to drink. 

Sacrifice and meat-offering 
thou wouldeft not j but mine 
ears halt chou opened. 

Eurnt oli'erings and facrifice 
for fm haft thou not required : 
Then faid I, Lo, I come : 

In the volume of the book it 
is written of me, that I fhould 
fulfil thy will, O my God: I 
am content to do itj yea, thy 
law is within my heart. ' 

From Pfalms xxiv, xlvil. 

Lift up your heads, O ye 
gates j and be ye lift up, 
ye everlalh'ng doors, and the 
King of glory ihail come in. 

Who is the King of glorv ? 
the Lord itrong and mighty ; 
even the Lord mighty in battle. 

Lift up your heads, O ye 
gates j and be ye hft up, ye 
everlafling doors, and the King 
of glory fhallcome in. 

Who is the King of glory ? 
even the Lord of hofts, he is the 
King of glory. 

O clap your hands together, 
all ye people ; /hout unto God 
with die voice of triumph. 


For the Lord moft high is ter- 
rible ; he is a great Kiftg over all 
the earth, 

God is gone up with a fhout ; 
the Lord with the found of a 

Sing praifcs to God, fing 
praifcs : flng praifes unco our 
King, fing prailes. 
; God reigneth over the hea- 
then : God iitteth upon the 
throne of his hoiinefs. 

The princes of the people are 
gathered together, even the peo- 
ple of the God of Abraham j for 
the Ihields of the earth belong 
unto God : He is greatly ejt- 


From Pfalms ii. IxviiL 

?' Will declare the decree j the 
Lord hath faid unto me, 
hou art my fon, this day have 
I begotten thee. 

Defire of me, and 1 iliaH give 
thee the heathen for thine inhe 
ritance, and the utmoft parts of 
the earth for thy pofleirion. 

Be wife now, therefore, O ye 
kings 5 be intruded, ye judges 
of the earth. 

Serve the Lord with fear, and 
rejoice with trembling. 

Sing unto God, fmg praifes to 
bis nainc : e^^tol hija ih^c ridech 

upon the heavens by his name 
Jah, and rejoice befwe him. 

Thou, O God, lentelt a gra- 
cious rain upon thine inheri- 
tance, and retrefncdlt it when it 
was weary. 

The Lord gave the word ; 
great was the company of thoi'-i 
that publi/hed it. 

Though ye have lain among 
the pots, yet fhall ye be as the 
wings of a dove, covered with 
filver, and her feathers with 
yellow gold. 

Thou haft afcended on high ; 
thou haft led captivity captive ; 
thou haft received gifts for men j 
yea, for the rebellious aifo, that 
the Lord God might dwellamong 

Elefled be the Lord, who daily 
loadeth us with benefits j even 
the God of our falvation. 

Sing unto God, ye kingdoms 
of the earth : O fing praifes 
unto the Lord j 

To hJm that rideth upon the 
hea,ven of heavens, which were 
of old : Lo, he doth fend out his 
voice^ and, thata mighty voice. 

Alcribe the ftrengch unto God 5 
his excellency is over IfraeJ, and 
his ftrength is in the clouds. 

O God thou art terrible out 
of thy holy places ; the God of 
Ifrael is he that giveth ftrength 
and power unto his people i 
BlefTed be God. 

^^ 6 


The psalter, 

O R 


The Fir.l Day. 

Morning Prayif, 

Ffaim i. Bcatus 'vir, qui not: 

BLESSED is the man that 
hath not walked in the 
^.oun^el of the ungodly, norftood 
<n the way of linners, and hath 
MOtfat in the feat of the fcornful : 

2 But his delight is in the law 
of the Lord, and in his law vnW 
he exc'-rife hiiiifelf dayand night. 

3 And he fhall be like a tree 
p'anted by the water-fide, that 
'vii! bring forth his fruit in du€ 
feafcrt : 

4 His leaf alfo fhall not wi- 
liier i and look, vvhatfcever he 
doeth, it fnall profper. 

5 As for the ungodly, it is 
not \o with tiiem 5 but they are 
like the chalf, which the wind 
(Vattereth away from the face of 
the earth* 

6 Iherefore tn^ ungodly fhall 
lot be able to Itand in the judg- 
T.ent ; neither the Tinners in the 
_ongregaticn of the righteous. . 

y But the Lord knoweth the j 
.vay of the righteous j and the 
.ay of the ungodly ihali perifh. | 

iPfalm ii. ^are fremuerunt 
gentes ? 

I \7[7'-^y ^^ the heathen fo 
I W furioufly rage together ? 
I and why do the people imagine 
a vain thing ? 

2 The kings of the earth ftand 
j up, and the rulers take counlel 

together againft the Lord, and 
againft his Anointed : 

3 Let us break their bondj 
afuirder, and caft away their 
cords from us; 

4 He that dwelleth in hcoven 
/hall laugh them to feorn : the 
Lord fhall have them in derifion^ 

5 Then fhal! he fpeak unto 
them in his wrath, and vex them 
in his fore difpleafure. 

6 Yet have I fet riiy King 
upon my holy hill of Sion. 

7 J will preach thi law, where- 
of the Lord hath faid unto me. 
Thou art my Sonj this day have 
I begotten thee. 

8 Defire of me, and I fhall 
give thee the heathen for thine 
inheritance, and the utmolt parts 
of the earth for thy polTe/Tion* 

9 Thou iTialt brulfe then: 
with a rod of iron, and. break 


i. Day, 

The PsA 

them in pieces like a potter's 

10 Be wife now therefore, O 
ye kings; be learned, ye that 
arc judges of the earth. 

1 1 Serve the Lord in fear, and 
rejoice unto him with reverence. 

12 Kifs the Son, left he be 
angry, and fo ye perilh from the 
right way : if his wrath be kin- 
dled (yea but a little) bleffed 
are all they that put their truft 
in him* 

Pfalm.iii. Domlfie, quid tnulti- 
plkati f 

LOrd, how are they increafed 
that trouble me ? many 
are they that rife ajjainft me. 

a Many one there be that fay 
of my foul, There is no help 
for him in his God. 

3 But thou, O Lord, art my 
defender; thou art my worrtiip, 
and the lifter up of my head. 

4 I did call upon the Lord 
with my voice, and he heard me 
©ut of his holy hill. 

5 1 laid me down and flcpt, 
and rofe up again ; for the Loird 
fuftained me. 

6 I will not be afraid for ten 
thoufands of the people, that 
have fet themfelves againft me 
round about. 

7 Up, Lord, and help me, O 
my God ; for thou fmiteft all 
mine enemks upon the cheek- 
bone : thou haft broken the teeth 
of the ungodly. 

8 Salvation belonged! unto 
the L^nrd j and thy bleiTing is 
^poiMlter people. 

LTER. L Day. 

Pfalmiv. Cum inincarem. 

HEar me, when I call, O 
God of my righteoufncfs 
thou haft fet me at liberty, whcr 
I was in trouble ; have mere ■ 
upon me, and he;.rficn unto m 

2 O ye fons of men, how 
long will ye blafpheme mine ho- 
nour, and have fuch pleafure in 
vanity, and feek after falfhood ? 

3 Know this alfo, that the 
Lord hath chofen to himfelf the 
man that is godly : when I call 
upon the Lord, he will hear me. 

4 Stand in awe, and fm notj 
commune with your own heart, 
and in your chamber, and be 

5 Ofi'er the facrifice of righ- 
teoufncfs, and put your truft ia 
the Lord. 

6 There be many that fay. 
Who will ftiow us any good ? 

7 Lord, lift thou up the light 
oi thy countenance upon us. 

8 Thou haft put gladnefs in 
my heart, fince the time that 
their corn, and wine, and oil 

9 i will lay me down in peace, 
and take my reft ; for it is thou 
Lord only that makcft me dwell 
in fafety. 

Pfalm V. Verba ^ea auribus^ 

POnder my words, O Lord, 
confider my meditation. 

2 O hearken thou unto the 
voice of my calling, my King, 
and my God : for unto thee will 
1 make my prayer, 

3 My voice ftialt thou hear 
beiimcs, O Lord; early in the 



fnorning will I dire^ my prayer 
unto thee, and will look up. 

4 For thou art theGod that haft 
no pleafure in wickednefs j nei- 
ther fhall any evil dwell with thee. 

5 Such as be fooliih fiiall not 
iland in thy fight j for thou hateft 
all them that work vanity. 

6 Thou fhalt deftroy them 
that fpeak lies : the Lord will 
abhor both the blood -thirfty and 
deceitful man, 

7 But as for me, I will come 
Into thine houfe, even upon the 
multitude of thy mercy, and in 
thy fear will 1 worihip toward thy 
holy temple. 

S Lead me, O Lord, in thy 
righteoufnefs, becaufe of mine 
enemies j make thy way plain 
before my face. 

9 For there is no faith fuljiefs 
in his mouth j their inward parts 
are very wickednefs. 

10 Their throat is an open 
fepulchre } they flatter with their 

11 Deftroy thou them, O 
God J let them perifh through 
their own indignation j caft 
them out in the multitude of 
their ungodlinefs j for they have 
rebelled againft thee. 

12 And let all them that put 
their truilin thee rejoice : they 
fhall ever be giving of thanks, 
becaufe thou defendeft them j 
they that love thy Name fhall be 
joyful in thee : 

1 3 For thou. Lord, wilt give 
thy blefTing unto the righteous, 
and with thy favourable kindnefs 
wilt thou defend hjni, as with a 

The Psalter. i. Day^ 

Evening Prayeh. 

Pfalm vi. Dofftiney ne in furore* 

OLord, rebuke me not in 
thine indignation, neither 
chaften me in thy difpleafure. 

. 2 Have mercy upon me, O 
Lord, fori am weak : O Lord, 
heal me, for my bones are vexed, 

3 My foul alfo is fore troubled: 
but. Lord, how lo«g wilt thou 
puniflime ? 

4 Turn thee, O Lord, and de- 
liver my foul j O fave me, for 
thy mercies fake : 

5 For in deatji no man re- 
membereth thee j and who will 
give thee thanks in the pit ? 

6 1 am weary of my groaning : 
every night wafh I my bed, and 
water my couch with my tears. 

7 My beauty is gone for very 
trouble, and worn away becaufe 
of all mine enemies. 

S Away from me, all ye that 
work vanity ; for the Lord hath 
heard the voice of my weeping, 
9 The Lord hath heard my pe- 
tition j the Lord will receive my 

TO All mine enemies fhall be 
confounded, and fore vexed j 
they fhall be turned back, and 
put to iliame fuddenly. 
Pfalm vii. Dcmlne^ Deusmeus* 

OLord, my God, in thee 
have 1 put my truft : favc 
me from all them that perfecute 
me,, and deliver me ; ,//;^ 

2 Left be devour my foul like 
a lion, and tear it in pieces, 
while there is none to help, 

3 O Lerd, Doy.G'od, if.^jfchavc 

r. Day, 

The Psalter. 

1. Day. 

ione any fach thing ; or if there 
be any wickedinifs in my hands j 

4 If I have rewarded evil unto 
him that dealt friendly with me } 
yea, 1 bare delivered him that 
without any cauleis mineenemy j 

5 Then let mine enemy perle- 
cute my foiri, and take me } yea, 
let him tread n*y life down upon 
the earth, and \2ty mine honour 
in the dull. 

6 Stand up, O Lord, in thy 
wrath, and lift up thyfelf, be- 
taufc of the indignation of mine 
enemies j arife up for me in the 
judgment that thou haft com- 
manded : 

7 And fo fliall the congrega- 
tion of the people come about 
thee : for their fakes therefore 
lift up thyfelf again. 

8 The Lord fhall judge the 
people : give fentence with me, 
O Lord, according to my righ- 
teoufnefs, and accoiding to the 
innocency that is in me. 

9 O let the wickednefs of the 
ungodly come to an end j but 
guide thou the juft. 

10 For the righteous God tri- 
€th the very hearts and reins. 

11 My help Cometh of God^ 
who preferveth them that are 
true of heart. 

12 God is a righteous Judge, 
ftrong, and patient j and God is 
provp'. ^ >«Jy day. 

wiH^^iot turn, he 

••'ord 5 he hath 

' naacic it ready. 

•>repaved for him 

" death j he 

.v9 agaiail the 

2 i He 

g itioh of'" ^ 
the han^ 

15 Behold, he trataileth witji 
miicbief; he hath conceived lor- 
row, and brought forth ijngodli- 
nefs. • • •' . 

. 1 6 He hath graven and digged 
up a pit, and is falleh himlelf 
into the deftrudion that he made 
for other. 

17 For his travail fhall come 
upon his own head, and his 
wickednefs Ihall fall on his own 

18 I will give thanks unto the 
Lord, according to his righte- 
oufnefs ; and 1 will praife tlie 
name of the Lord moii high. 

Pfalm viii, Dcmine, Dom'ivut 

OLord, cur Governor, how 
excellent is thy Name in 
all the world : thou that hall fet 
thy glory above the heavens ! 

2 Out of the mouth of very 
babes and fucklings haft thou 
ordained ftrength, becaufe of 
thine enemies, that thou mighteft 
ftrll the enemy and the avenger. 

3 For I will confider thy hea- 
vens, even the works of thy fin- 
gers y the moon and the ftars 
which thou haft ordained. 

4 What is man, that thou art 
mindful of him ? and the fon of 
man, that thou vifiteft him ? 

5 Thcu madeft him lower 
than the angels, to crown him 
with glory and v.^orihip. 

6 Thou makeft him to have 
dominion of the works of thy 
hands: and thou haft put all 
things in fubjeition under his 

feet ; 

7 Ai) 


The Psalter* 

\\. Day^ 

7 All rnetp and oxen j yea, 

and the bcai'ts of the JieiJ j 
S The lowU ot the- air, and 

X\\t iiihes of the Tea j and what- 

foevcr walketh through the paths 

of th^ feas. 

9 O Lord, our Governor, how 

excellent is tfty Name ia ail vhe 

world ' 

The Second Day, 
Morning Prayer. 
Pfalni ix. Confitcbor tiii 
Will give thanks unto thee. 

\ O Lord* with my whole 
heart j 1 will fpeak of ail thy 
marvellou's worics. 

2 1 will be glad and rejoice in 
thee \ yea, my longs will I mak'i 
of thy Name, O thou moll 

3 While mine enemies are 
driven hack, they fhall fall and 
-rerilh at thy piefcnce : 

4 i^'or thoTa haft maintained 
my right, and my caufe j thou i 
art fet in the throne that judgeft 

5 Thou haft rebuked the hea- 
then, and deftroyed the angodiy j 
thou haft put out their name for 
ever and ever. 

6 O thou enemy, deftrudtions 
are come to a perpetual end j 
even as the * cities which thou 
haft deftroyed, their memorial is 
periftied with them. 

7 But the Lord fhall endure 
forever^ he hath a Ifo prepared 
his feat for judgment. 

8 For he fhall judge the world 
»n rightcoufnefs, and minifter 
{rue judgment unto the people. 

9 Tht Lord aifo will be a de- 
fence for the w^pprefled, even a 
retuge in due time of truubh:, 

10 And they that know thy 
Name wiUput their truft in thee \ 
tor thou, Lord, haft never failedi 
them that feek thee. 

^ ii O pi^ife the Lord whicK 
dweiieth m Sian ; IhoW the peo- 
ple of his doir«(^s : 

12 For when he makcth in- 
quilltion for bioo<^, he remem- 
bi^reth them, and forgetteth not 
the complaint of the poor. 

13 Have mercy upon me, O 
Lord J consider the trouble which 
i fufter of them that hate me> 
thou that lifteftme up from the 
gates of death j 

14 That 1 may (how all thy 
praifes within the ports of the 
daughter of Sion ; 1 will rejoice 
in liiv fuivatien. 

1 5 The heathen are funk down 
in the pit that they made j in 
the fame net which they hid prii- 
viiy'ijj their foot taken. 

16 The Lord is known to exe* 
cute judgment j the ungodly is 
trapped in the work of his own 

17 The wicked fhall be turned 
- into hell, and all the people that 

torget God. 

18 For the poor fhall not alway 
be forgotten , the patient abiding 
of the meek fhall not'periih for 

19 Up, Lord, and f^fecute 
have the u^er hand" 
heathen be judged in Xp] ^'^^ 

2c Put them in fearpi^^ces, 
that the heathen ma^ «. 
themielv^s to be but men. 

il Day i Tic P 

Plalm X. Ut^i/j^Dimirf. 

WHy ftandeft thou io far 
off, O Lord, and hideft 
-hy i'acc if» the heedful time of 
'.rouble ? 

a The ungodly, for his own 
luft, doth perfecute the poor : 
lot them be taken in the crafty 
wilinefi that they have imagined. 

3 For the ungodly hath made 
boalt of his own heart's denre, 
-nd f^>eaketh good of the cQvet- 

J5, whom God abhorreth. 

4 The ungodly is fo proud, 
chat he careth not for. God, nei- 
ther is God in all his thoughts. 

5 His ways are always griev- 
<)us y thyjudgments are rar above 
cut cf his fight, and therefore 
defieth he all his enemies. 

6 For he hath faid in his heart, 
Tulh, I fhall never be cafl: down, 
*h2re fhail no harm happen nnto 

7 His mouth is full oTcuriihg, 
deceit> and fraud j under his 
tongue is ungodlinefs and vanity. 

8 He fitteth lurking in the 
thievifh corners of the (Ireets, 
«nd privily in hii lurking dens 
doth he murder the innocent 5 
his eyes are fet againd the poor. 

^ For he lieth waiting fecrct- 
ly ; tven as a lioh lurketh he in 
his, den^ ^^t he may raviih the 

10 He doth ravifh the poor, 
-hen he getteth him into his net. 

1 1 He falieth down andhum- 
bletk hihdfelf, that the congre- 
1; itidn ef the poor may fall lAZQ 
the hafid^ of his captains. 

12 He hath faid in his heart, 
I^Cti, G'dd hath forgotten i he 

SALTER. lU Daf. 

hidcth av/ay h;f fac^, and he 
j will never feeSt, 

13 Aiife, O Lord God, and 
lift up thine hafid ^ forget apt 
the poor. 

14 Wherefore /hould the 
wicked b'afphcme God ? while 

j he doth fay in his heart, Tufli, 
j Thou God careft not for it. 
I I 5 Surely thou haft feen it j 
i for thou behuldelt ungodlinefi 
and wrong. 

16 That thoii mayell take the 
j matter into thy hand t the poor 

committeth himfelf unto thee j 
for thou art the helper of thf 

17 Break thoji the power of 
the ungodly and malicious j take 
away hii ungodlinefs, and thou 
(halt find none 

18 The Lord is King forever 
ahd ever, and the heathen are 
periihed out of the land. 

19 Lord, thou haft heard the 
I defireof the poor i thou prepareft 
j their hea^t, and thine ear heark- 

eneth thereto. 

20 To help the fatherlefs and 
, poor unto their right, that the 

man of the earth be no mocrp 
exalted againft them. 

i Pfalm XI. In Domino ctfrfiiio^ 

IN the Lord put 1 my truft ; 
how fay ye then to myfoul, 
' that Ihe (hail ai> a bird uat<> 
: the hill? 

I 2 For lo, the ungodly bend 
their bow, and make ready theix 
' arrows within the quiver, that 
I they may privily fhoot at thei^ 
j which are true of heart. 
! 3 For the foundations wilJ be 

ii. Day^ 


11. Daje 

caft down j and what hath the 
T>ghteou3 done ? 

4 The Lord rs in his holy 
temple 5 the Lord's feat is in 

5 His eyes confider the poor, 
and his eye-lids try the children 
of men. 

6 The Lord allowcth the righ- 
teous ; but the ungodly, and him 
that delighteth in wickednefs, 
doth his foul abhor. 

7 Upon the ungodly he /hall 
rain fnares, fire and brimflione, 
ftorm and tempeft : this ihall be 
their portion to drink. 

8 For the righteous Lord 
loveth righteoufnefs : his coun- 
tenance will behold the thing 
that is juft. 

'Evening Prayer. 

Pfalm xii. Sal^ummefac* 

HEip me, Lord, for there is 
HOt one godly man left \ 
for the faithful are minifhed 
from among the children of me<i. 

2 They talk of vanity every 
one with his neighbour; they do 
but flatter with their lips, and 
diffemble in their double heart 

3 The Lord ihall root out all 
deccn.tful lips, and the tongue 
that fpeaketh proud things : 

4 Which have faid. With cur 
tong^ue will we prevail ; we are 
they that ought to fpeuk : who 
is Ltrd over us ? 

5 Now, for the comfortlef.-; 
troubles fake of the needy, and 
becaufe of the deep fighing of 
the poor, 

6 I will up, faith th« Lord, 
and will help every one from him 

that fwcHcth againft kim, and 
will fftt him at reft. 

7 The words of the Lord are 
pure words, even as the lilvcr 
which from the earth is tried, 
and puriiied it\tTi times in the 

8 Thou /halt keep them, O 
Lord ; thou (halt preferve him 
from this generation for ever. 

9 The ungodly walk on, every 
fide : when they are exalted, the 
children of men are put to re- 

Pfalm xiii. Uf^ue quo, Domine f 

HOw long wilt thou forget 
me, O Lord j for ever ? 
how long Wilt thou hide thy face 
from me ? 

2 How long (hall I fcek coun- 
fel in my foul, and be fo vexed 
in my heart ? How long ihall 
mine enemies triumph over rne ? 

3 Confider, and hear me, O 
Lord my God j lighten mine 
eyes, that I fleep not in death ; 

4 Left mine enemy fay, I hare 
prevailed againft him : for. if I 
be caft down, they that trouble 
me will rejoice at it. 

5 But my truft is in thy mer- 
cy, and my heart is joyful m thy 

6 I will iing of the Lord, be- 
caufe he hath dealt fo lovingly 
with me \ yea, I will praife the 
name of the Lord moft Higheft, 

Pfalnn xiv. Dixit infipieus* 

T"'He fool hath faid in hii 
heart, There is no God. ■ 
2 They are corrupt, and be- 
come abominable in thetr.d^ings ; 

ii.Day. The Psa 

there is none that doeth good, 
no not one. 

3 The Lord looked down 
from heaven upon the children 
of men, to fee if there were any 
that would underftajid, and feek 
after God : 

4 Bucthey are all gone out of 
the way, they arc altogether 
become abon^inable j there is 
none that doeth good, no not 

5 Their throat is an open fe- 
pulchre j with th^ir tongues have 
they deceived : the poifon of afps 
is under thtir lips. 

6 Their mouth is fullof curf- 
ing and bitternefs j their feet are 
fwift to fhed blood. 

7 Deftrudtion and unhappinefs 
IS in their ways, and the way of 
peace have they not known ; 
there is no fear of God before 
their eyes. 

8 Have they np knowledge, 
that they are all fuch workers of 
niifchicf, eating up my people as 
it were bread, and call not upon 
the Lord ? 

9 There were they brought in 
great fear, even where no fear 
was ; for God is in the genera- 
tion of the righteous. 

10 As for you, ye have made 
a mock at the counfel of the 
poor; becaufe he putteth his 
truft in the Lord. 

1 1 Who fliall give falvation 
unto Ifrael out of Sion ? When 
the Lordturneth the captivity of 
his people, then fhall Jacob re- 
joice, and Ifrafel be glad. 

LTiR, ill. Daj. 

The Third Day. 

Morning Prayer. 

Ffalm XV. Dcrtiney quit 
habitabit ^ 

LOrd, who fhall dwell in thy 
tabernacle ? or who fliall 
reft upon thy holy hili ? 

2 Even he that Icadeth an un- 
corrupt life, and doeth the thing 
which is right, and fpeaketh the 
truth from his heart : 

3 He that hath ufed no de- 
ceit in his tongue, nor done evil 
to his neighbour, and hath not 
flandered his neighbour : 

4 He that fetteth not by him- 
felf J butis lowly in hisowneyes, 
and maketh much of them that 
fear the Lord : 

5 He that fweareth unto hit 
neighbour, and difappointeth 
him not, though it were to his 
own hindrance : 

6 He that hath not given his 
money upon ufury, nor taken 
reward againft the innocent. 

7 Wholb doeth thefe things 
fliall never fail. 

Pfalm xvi. Corfervaf me Dom'ine^ 

PReferve me, O God j for in 
thee have 1 put my truft. 

2 O my foul, thou haft faid 
unto the Lord, Thou art my 
God ; my goods are nothing unto 
thee. ' 

3 All my delight is upon the 
faints that are in the earth, and 
upon fuch as excel in virtue. 

4 But they that run after an- 
other G«d fhall have great trou- 

5 Their 

The Psalter 

ill. Day. 

5 Their -dVink-ofFerlngs ©f 
l>lood win 1 ncit offer, neither 
make mention of their names 

-within my Hps. 

6 The Lord himfelf is the por- 
tion of mine inheritance, and of 

my cup J thou /halt raaintain my 

7 The lot is fallen unto me 
in a fair ground \ yea, j have a 
goodly heritage. 

8 I will thank the Lord for 
^giving me warning j my reins 
aJfo chaften me m the night 

9 1 have fet God always be- 
fore me } for he is on my right 
hand, therefore I fhall not fall. 

10 Wherefore my heart was 
glad, and my glory rejoiced j my 
ifle/h alfo fhall relt in hope. 

11 For why ? thou fhalt not 
leave my foul in hell j neither 
fnalt thou fuffer thy Holy One 
to fee corruption. 

iTL Thou flialt iKow me the 
path of life : in thy prefen-ce is 
the fuUnefs of joy, and at thy 
right hand there is ple;;lare for 

Pfalm xvii. Exaud'ty Dcmim. 

HEar the right, O Lord, con- 
fider my complaint, and 
hsanven unto my prayer, that 
goeth not out of feigned lips. 

2 Let my fentence come forth 
from thy prefence, and let thine 
€yes look upon the thing that is 

3 Thou haft^ovcd and vifitcd 
mine heart in the nighc feafon j 
thou haft tried me, and ihalt lind 
Tj.^ wickedxi^^fs In yp,q ^ for I am 

iii. Do) 

j utterly purpofe'd that my mou; 
I fhall -not offend. 

4 Becaufe of mens' works th 
are done againft the words of th) 
lips, J have kept me from the \ 
ways of the dellroyer. j 

5 O hold thou upmy goings in thy 
paths, chat my footlleps llrp not. 

6 I have called upon th^e, O 
God, for thou ihalt hear me ; in- 
cllne'thine«ar tome, and heark- 
en unto my words. 

7 Show thy marvellous loving 
kindnefs, thon thar. art the Sa- 
viour of thsm which put their 
truflin xhee-, from fuch as relift 
thy right hand. . : 

8 Keep me as the apple of *n 
eye j hide me under the fhadow 
of thy wings, 

9 "From the ungodly, that 
troiible me j mine enemies com" 
pafs me round about, to take 
away my foul. 

ic They are inclofed in their 
own fat, and their mouth fpeak- 
eth proud things. 

1 1 They lie waiting in otir 
way or: every ^ide, turning thiir 
eyes down to the ground. 

12 Lik« as a lion that \z 
greedy of his prey^ and as it were 
a liorji"'s whelp lurking in fecrcc 

13 AJp, Lord, difappoint hiro, 
and cafl him down \ deliver my 
foul from the ungodly, which is 
a fword of thine.. 

14 from the men of thy han4> 
O Lord, from the men I fay> 
and from the evil woriji 5 whic)x 
have their portion in this life, 
whofe bellies ;hou ixilelt v»'itii 
thy hid ueufare. \ 

15 The^ I 

The PsALTEa. 

iii. Day. 

' 15 They ha^c chiyren at 

theirdefiic, and leave rhc rc<t of 
their fubftmcc for their babes. 

16 But as for me, I will be- 
hold thy prcfence in righteouf- 
ncfs; and when I awake up after 
thy lilcencts, I ihail b-c fatisfied 
.with lt» 

Evening PaAYER. 

Pfalmxviii, Diligdrnte, Dxsmine, 

IWill love thee, O Lord, my 
ftr^ngth. The Lord 'u my 
ftony rock, and my defence, 
my Saviour, my God, and my 
might, in whom 1 will, truti: ; 
my buckler, tlic horn alfo of my 
faivation, and my refuge. 

2 1 will call upon the Lord, 
which is worthy to be praifed \ 
fo ihall T be fafe fronv mine 

3 The forrows of death com- 
paffed me, and the overflow! nj/s 
of ungoJlinefs made me afi^id. 

4 The pains of hell came 
about me j the fnares of death 
overtook me. 

5 In my trouble I will call 
upon the Lord, and complain 
unto my God j 

6 So ihall he hear my rolce 
cut of his holy cenipie, and my 
complaint fhali^^ome before him J 
it fhall enter into his ears. 

7 The earth trembled and 
quaked, the very foundations 
aifo of the hills fhook, and were 
rejiioved, becaufe he was wroth. 

8 There went a imoke out in 
■ \i prefence, and a con fuming 

:.; out of his mouth, fo tliat 
^' -■ s\t:re kiiidicd dt It, 

iii. Daj."^ 

9 He bowed the heavens alfo^ 
anu came down, and it was dark 
under hisfect. 

10 He rode upon the Cheru- 
bim, and did fly j \\e came fly- 
ing upon the wings of the wind. 

11 He made durkncfs his fc- 
cret place, his paviiion round 
about him with dark water, and 
thick clouds to cover him. 

12 At the brighrnefi of hij 
pretence his clouds removed 5 
hail-llones, and coals of tire. 

13 The Lord alfo thundered 
out of heaven, and the Highcft 
gave his thunder j hail-ftonej 
and coals of fire. 

14 He fent out his arrows, and 
fcattered them j he calt forth 
lightnings, and dertroyed them. 

1 5 The fprinj^s of waters were 
feen, and the toujidations of the 
round world were difcovered at 
tiiy chiding, O Lord, at the 
felafting of the breath of thy 

16 He {hall fend down from 
I on high to fetch me, and ihail 

take me out of many waters. 

17 He Ihail deliver me from 
my ftrongeft: enemy, and from 
them which hate me j for they 
are too mighty for me. 

I S They prevented me in the 
day of my trouble j but the Lord 
was my upholder. 

J 9 Hi brought me forth alfo 
into a place of libtrrty ; he 
brought me forth, even becaufc 
he had a favour unto me. 

20 1 he Lord fhali reward me 
after my righteous dealing, ac- 
cording to, the cleannelsofmy 
hiiiids Hi ill Uc lecompenfe me. 
2.1 Becaufe 

ill. Day. 

The Psalter. 

ill. Day. 

21 Becaufe I have kept the 
ways of the Lord, and have not 
forfaken my God, as the wicked 

22 For I have an eye unto all 
his laws, and will not call out 
his commandments from me. 

23 I was alfo uncorrupt be- 
fore him, and efchcwed mine 
own wickednefs. 

24 Therefore fhall the Lord 
reward me after my righteous 
dealing, and according unto the 
cleannefs of my hands in his eye- 

25 With the holy thou /halt 
be holy, and with a perfe(5l man 
thou fhalt be perfedl. 

26 With the clean thou fhalt 
be clean, and with the froward 
thou /halt learn frowardnefs. 

27 For thou (halt fave the peo- 
ple that are in adverfity, and 
ihalt bring down the high looks 
of the proud. 

28 Thou alfo fhalt light my 
candle ; The Lord my God fhall 
make my darknefs to be light. 

29 For in thee I fhall difcomfit 
an hofl of men, and with the 
help of my God I fhall leap over 
the wall. 

30 The way of God is an un- 
defiled way j the word of the 
Lord alfo is tried in the fire : he 
is the defender of all them that 
put their trufl in him. 

31 For who is God, but the 
Lord r or who hath any ftrength, 
except our God ? 

3Z It is God that girdeth me 
with flrength of war, and maketh 
Hiy way perfe<5l. 

33 He maketh my feet like 

harts' feet, and fetteth me u^ on 

34 He teacheth mine hands to 
fight, and mine arms fhall break 
even a bow of fleel. 

35 Thou haft given me the 
defence of thy falvation ; thy 
right hand alfo fhall hold me up, 
and thy loving correftion fhall 
make me great. 

36 Thou ihalt make room 
enough under me for to go, that 
my foot-fteps fhall not flide. 

37 I will follow upon mine 
enemies, and overtake them; 
neither will I turn again till I 
have deflroyed them. 

38 I will fmite.them, that 
they fhall not be able to fland, 
but fall under my feet. 

39 Thou hafl girded me with 
flrength unto the battle ; thou 
ihalt throw down mine enemies 
under me. 

40 Thou hafl made mine 
enemies alfo to turn their backs 
upon me, and I fhall deflroy 
them that hate me. 

41 They fhall cry, but there 
fhall be none to help them 5 yea, 
even unto the Lord fhall they 
cry, but he fliall not hear them. 

42 i will beat them as fmall 
as the dufl before the wind : I 
will caft them out as the clay in 
the flreets. 

43 1 hou fhalt deliver me from 
the flrivings of the people, and 
thcu fhalt make me the head of 
the heathen. 

44 A people whom I have not 
known fhall ferve me. 

45 As foon as they hear of 
me> they fhall cbey me j but the 


IV. Day. 

The Psalter, 


ftrange children fhall difTemblc 
with me. 

46 The ftrange children fhall 
till, and be afraid out or' their 
; rifons. 

47 The Lord liveth, and blefT- 
ed be ray ftrong helper ; and 

ipraifed be the God of my falva- 
tion : 

48 Even the God that feeth 
that I be avenged, and fubdueth 
the people unto me. 

49 It is he that delivercth me 
from my cruel enemies, and fet- 
teth me up above mine adverfa- 
ries ; thou fhalt rid me from the 
wicked man. 

50 For this caufe will T give 
thanks untothee,0 Lord, among 
the Gentiles, and ling praifes 
unto thy Name. 

51 Geat profperity giveth he 
unto his King, and i>xOweth 
loving kindnefs unto David, his 
Anointed, and unto his Seed for 

The Fourth Day. 
Morning Prayer. 

Pfalm xix. Cali enarrant. 

THE heavens declare the 
glory of God, and the fir- 
mament flioweth his handy 

2 One day telleth another, 
and one night certifieth another. 

3 There is neither fpeech nor 
language, but their voices are 
heard among them. 

4 Their found is gone out into 
all lands, and their words into 
the ends of the world. 

5 In them hath he fet a taber • 
nacle of the fun, which cometh 
forth as a bridegroom out of hi» 
chamber, and rejoiceth at a 
giant to run his courfe. 

6 It goeth forth from the ut« 
termoft part ot the heaven, and 
runneth about unto the end of it 
again, and there is nothing hid 
from the heat thereof. 

7 The law of the Lord is an 
undefiled law, . converting the 
foul : the tcftimony of the Lord 
is fure, and giveth wifdom unt© 
the fimple. 

8 The ftatutes of the Lord arc 
right, and rejoice the heirt : the 
commandment of the Lord 13 
pure, and giveth light unto the 

9 The fear of the Lord It 
clean, and endureth for ever : 
the judgments of the Lord are 
true, and righteous altogether, 

10 More to be defired are they 
than gold, yea, than much fine 
gold ; fweeter alfo than honey, 
and the honey-comb. 

11 Moreover, by them is thy 
fervant taught j and in keeping 
of them there is great reward. 

12 Who can tell how oft he 
ofFendeth ? O cleanfe thou me 
from rny fecretfaults. 

1 3 Keep thy fervant alfo from 
prefumptuous fins, \ti\ they get 
the dominion ovrr me 5 fo iTiall 
I be undefiled, and innocent from 
the great offence. 

14 Letthe wordsof my moutli, 
and the meditation of my heart, 
be alway acceptable in thy fight, 

15 O Lord, my ftrcngth, and 
XM Redeemei', 


5v* l^/iy» 

The Psalter 

Ffalm XX. Exaudiat te Dom'inui, 

THc Lord hear thee in the 
day oi trouble 5 the Name 
of the God of Jacob defend thee : 

2 Send thee help from the 
Sandtuary, and'ftrengthen thee 
out of Zion : 

3 Remember all thyofterings, 
and accept thy burnt facrifice : 

4 Grant thee thy heart's de- 
fire, and fulfil all thy mind. 

5 We will rejoice ia thy (al- 
vation,and triumph in the Name 
of the Lord our God : the Lord 
perform all thy petitions. 

6 Now kPiOw i that the Lord 
hclpeth his Anointed, and will 
hear him from h's holy heaven, 
e/en with the wholelbmeftrength 
ot his right hand. 

7 Some put their trufl: In cna- 
riots, and fome in horfes j but w^e 
will remember the Name of the 
Lord dur God. 

' 8 They are brought down and 
fallen; but we ar; rifen and 
iland upright. 

9 Save, Lord ; and hear us, Q 
King of heaven, when we call 
ypon thee. 

Pfalm xxi. Dominey in I'trtute 

THe King fhail rejoice in 
thy ilrength, O Lord j ex- 
ceeding glad fhail he be of thy 

2 Thou haft given him his 
heart's derire,and haft not denied 
him the requeil of his.lips. 

5 For thou ihalc prevent him 
witn the bleiVmgs of goodnefs, 
and fhalt fet a crown of pure 
gold U;-on hla head. 

TV . Day. 

4 He aikcd life of thee, and 
thou gaveit him a long life, evei^ 
far ever and ever. 

5 His honour is great in thy 
falvation; "glory and great wor- 
fhip ihalt thou lay upon him. 

6 For thou /halt give him. 
cverlaiting felicity, and m.ike 
him glad with the joy oi thy 
countenance. " 

7 And why ? beciufe tHe King 
putteth his truft in the Lord ; 
and in the mercy of the nrwit 
Higheft, he fhall not mifcarry. 

b All thine enemies fnall feel 
thy hand ; thy right hand ihaJl 
hnd out them that hate thee. 

g Thou (halt make them like 
a fiery oven in time of thy wrath s 
the Lord fhail deftroy them ia 
his difpleafure, and the fire ihall 
cjnfume them. 

10 Their fruit fhalt thou root 
out of the earth, and their feed 
from among the children of men. 

11 For they intended mifchief 
againft thee, and imagined fuch 
a device as they are not able ta 
perform : 

12 Therefore, (halt tbdu put 
them to lighc, and the ftrings of 
thy bow ihi*Kt tho-u make ready 
againft the face of them. 

13 Be thou exalted. Lord, ia 
thine own ilrength. j (b will v>t& 
fing, and praife thy power. 

Evening Prayer.. 

Pfalm xxii. DeuSy Deus mein, 
Y God, my God, look 

upon me ! why haft thou 

roriaiCen me ? and art fo far from 
my health, and from the words 
of mv complaint ? <: 

2 O my 


Tiie Psalter* 

5v. Day^ 

7. O my God, I cry in the day- 
time, but thou hearcft noci and 
in the night feafon alio I take 
no relh 

3 And thou continued hely, 
"O thou worfhip of JlVael. 

4 Our fathers hoped in thee ^ 
they trufted in thee, and thou 
didlt deliver them. 

5 They called upon thee, and 
were holpen j they put their trurt 
in thee, and were not confounded. 

6 But as for me, I am a 
worra, and no man ; a very fcorn 
of men, and the out-call of the 

7 All they that fee me, laugh 
in« to fcorn ; they fhoot out 
their lips, and ihake their heads, 

8 He trufted in God, that he 
would deliver him j let him deli- 
yer him, if he will have him. 

9 But thou art he that took 
me out of m} ^ rher's womb : 
thou waft my nope, when I 
hanged yet upon my mother's 

10 J have been left unto thee 
ever fince I was born j thou art 
my God even from my mother's 

11 O go not from me; for 
-trouble- is hard at hand, and 
there is none to help me. 

12 Many oxen are come about 
me ; fat bulls of Bafan clofe 
me in on every fide. 

13 They gape upon me with 
their mouths, a^ it were a ramp- 
ing and a roaring lion. 

14 I am poured out like water, 
and all my bones are out of 

joint J my heart alfo in the midft 

ir. D^. 

of my body is even like melting 

I 5 My ftrength is drieJ up like 
a potlhcrd, and my tongue cJeaV" 
eth to my gums, and thou fhalt 
bring me into the duft of death. 

J 6 For many dogs are come 
about me, and the council of 
the wicked layeth fiege againft 

17 They pierced my hands, 
and my feet : J may tell ail my 
bone:j : they ftand ftaring and 
•looking upon me. 

18 They part my garments 
among them, andcafi i<»ts upon 
my vefture. 

19 But be not tnou far from 
me, O Lord ; thou art my fuc- 
cour, haf^e chce to help me. 

20 Deliver my foul from the 
fwoid, my darling from the 
power of the dog. 

21 Save me from the lion's 
mouth ; thou haft heard me alfo 
from among the Ix^rns of the 

22 I will aeelare thy name 
unto ray brethren ; in the midft 
of the congregation will I praife 

23 O praife the Lord, ye that 
fear him ; magnify him all ye of 
the feed of J acob ; and fear him, 
all ye feed of :l:acL 

24 For he hach not defpifcd 

I nor a:bhorred the low eftat'^ of 
the poor ; he hath not hi-J his 
face from him ; but when he 
called unto him, he heard him. 

25 My praife is of thee in r' 
great congregation j my 
will I perform in the lig 
Chem that fear him. 



The Psalter. 


a6 The poorfhall eat, and be j before meagainft them thattrou- 

fatisiied 3 they that feck after the 
Lord, fhail praife him : your 
heart /hall live for ever. 

27 All the ends of the world 
fiiail remember themfelves, and 
Le turned unto the Lord 5 and all 
t le kindreds of the nations rtiall 
worfiiip before him. 

28 For tne kingdom Is the 
Lord's, and he is the Governor 
ai»iong the people. 

29 All fuch as be fat upon 
earth have eaten, and wor/hipped. 

30 All they that go down intoj 
the duft ihall kneel before him, 
and no man hath quickened his 
own foul. 

31 My feed (hall ferve him 5 
they fhaJi be counted unto the 
Lord for a generation. 

32 They Ihall come, and the 
heavens fhaii declare his righte- 
oufnefs unto a people that ihall 
be born, whom the Lord hath 
made. / 

Pfalni xxlii. Dominus regit me, 

THe Lord is ray fhepherd j 
therefore can I Uck no- 

2 He fhall feed me m a green 
paliure, and lead me forth befide 
the waters of comfort. 

3 Ks fnaii convert my foul, 
and bring me forth in the paths 
of righteouinefs for his Name's 

4 Yea, though I walk through 
the valley of the fhadow of death, 
I win fear no evil j for thou art 
vv,th iViC, thy rod and thy ftaff 
CGiTitort me 

blemej thou haft anointed my 
head with oil, and my cup fhall 
be full.- 

6 But thy loving kindnefs and 
mercy fhall follow me all the 
days of my life ; and 1 will dwell 
in the houfe of the Lord for ever. 

The Fifth Day. 


Pfalm xxiv. Demim eft terra, 

THe earth is the L6rd's, and 
all that therein is ; ' the 
compafs of the world, and they . 
that dwell therein. 

2 For he hath founded it upon 
the feas, and prepared it upon 
the floods. 

3 Who fhall afcend into the, 
hill of the Lord ? r.r who fhall 
rife up in his holy place ? 

4 Even he that hath clean 
handif, and a pure heart j and 
that hath not lift up his mind 
unto vanity, nor fworn to deceive 
his neighbour. 

5 He Ihall receive the blefTmg 
from the Lord, and righteoufneis 
from the God of his lalvation- 

6 This is the generation of 
them that feek him ; even of 
them that feek thy face, O 

7 Lift up your heads, O ye 
gates j and be ye lift up, ye ever- • 
lalting doors 3 and the King of 
glory ihali come in. 

i; Who is the King of glory ? 

it is the Lord ftrong and mighty, 

even the Lord mighty in battle. 

9 Lift up your heads, O ye 

Thou Ihalt prepare a table | gates 3 and be ye lift up, yeever- 

. laflingj 


The Psalter 

lading doors j tind the King of 
^lory Jiiall come in. 

JO Who is the King of gipry ? 
«vcn the Lord of hoiU, he is the 
King of glory. 

yfalm XXV. Adte^Dimir.eykijauji, 

UN to thee, O Lord, will I 
lift up my foui : iny God, 
1 have put my troft in chee : O 
4ct me not be confounded, neither 
let mine enemies triumph oyer 

2 For all they that hope in thee 
(hall not be aihamed j but fuch 
as tranfgrefs without a caufe, 
ihall be put to conAnlon. 

3 Show me thy wa^s, O Lord, 
and teach me thy paths, 

4 L«ad me forth in thy truth, 
and learn me; tor thou art the 
Godofmy falvation: in thee hath 
been my hope all the day long. 

5 Call to remembrance j O 
Lord, thy tender mercies, and 
thy loviog kindne(ies, which have 
been ever of oI*d. 

6 O remember not the fms 
and olJences of my youth ; but 
according to thy mtfrcy think 
thoti upon me, O Lord, for thy 

7 Gracious zvA righteous is 
the Lord ; therefore vviil he teach 
linners in the way. 

S Them that are meek fhail 
be guide In judgment ; and fuch 
as are gentle, them fnali he learn 
his way. 

9 Ail the paths of the Lord 
are -mercy and truth, unto fuch 
aik keep his covenant, and his 

It) For. thy Name'a fake, O 
O 2 

V. Day. 

Lord, be merciful unto my fin ; 
for it is great. 

li What man is he that fear- 
eth the Lord j him ihall he teach 
in the way that he Ihall chooU. 

IJ. His foul ihall dw^il at eale, 
and his fev'i {hall inherit the ian J. 

13 T^»e fecret of the Lord i$ 
among tnpm that fear him, and 
he will ihow them his covcnart. 

14 Mine eyes are ever looking 
unto the Lord j for he (hall plucic 
my feet out of the lict. 

J 5 Turn thee unto me, and 
have meicy upon me ; for I aia 
defoiate, and in mifery. 

16 Th.e forrov.s of my heart 
are enlarged : O bring thou mc 
out of Hiy troubles. 

1 7 Look upon my adverCty 
and mifery, and forgive mc aU 
my fin. 

18 Confider miac enemies, 
how many they are ; and they 
hear a tyrannous iiaceagainl^me, 

19 O keep my fou!, and de- 
liver me ; let me not be con- 
founded, for 1 have put my truft 
in thee, 

20 Let perfedlnefs and righte- 
ous dealing wait wpon me j for 
my hope hath been in t!iee. 

21 Deliver Ifrael, O God, 
out 0/ all his tioublea. 

Pfalm xxvi. Judlcamv, Dorr ins » 

BE thou my Judge, O Lord, 
for I have walked innocent- 
ly : my trutl hath been alfo in 
the Lord, therefore ihall 1 not 

2 Examine me, O Lord, and* 
prove me: try out my reins anxi" 
my heaic. 

3 For 

V, Bay. 

5 For thy loving-kindnefs is 
€ver before mine eyes \ and 1 wiiJ 
walk m the truth. 

4 I have not dwelt with vain 
peifons f neither will 1 have fel- 
lowfhip with the deceitful. 

5 I have hated the congrega- 
tion of the wicked \ and will not 
fit among the ungodly. 

6 J will v^afh my hands in in- 
noceney, O Lord j and fo will I 
go to thine ^litar. 

7 That i may fhow the voice 
of thankfgiving, and tell of all 
thy wondrous works. 

8 Lcia;, i have loved the ha- 
bitation of thy houfe, and the 
place where thine honour dwel- 

9 O fiv-it not up my foul with 
the fmners, nor my life with 
the blood-thirfty J 

10 In whofe hands is wicked- 
xiefs, and their right hand is full 
of gifts. 

11 But as forme, I will walk 
innocently : O deliver me, and 
be me merciful unto me. 

2 2 My foot flandeth right : 
I will praife tlie Lord in the con- 

Evening Pray EP. 

Pfalm xxvii. DcminusiUuminatio, 

T He Lord iarhy'light and my 
falvation, whom then fhall 
I fear ? the Lord is the flrength 
of my life, of whom then fhail I 
be afraid f 

2, When the wicked, even 
xnine enemies and my foes, came 
Upon me to eat up my ftelh, they 
tumbled and fell. * 

The Psalter. 

3 Though an hoft of men 
were laid againft me, yet fhall 
not my heart be afraid j and 
though there rofe up war againft 
me, yet will I put my truft in, 

4 One thing have I defired of 
the Lord, which I will require j 
even that 1 may dwell in the 
houfe of the Lord all the days of 
my life, to beliold the fair beauty 
of the Lord, and to vifit hig 

5 For in the time of trouble 
he inall hide me in his taberna- 
cle } yea, in the fecret place of 
his dwelling fhail he hide me,. 
and fet me up upon a rock of 

6 And now fhall he lift up 
mine head above mine enemies 
round about. 

7 Therefore will I offer in hig 
dwelling an oblation, with great 
gladnefs : I will fing and fpeak 
praifes unto the Lord. 

8 Hearken unto my voice, O 
Lord, when I cry unto thee; 
have mercy upon me, and hear 

9 My h^art hath talked of 
thee, Seek ye my face : thy face> 
Lord, will I ftek. 

10 O hide not thou thy face 
Ifrom me, nor caft thy fervant 
I away in difpleafure, 

1 1 Thou haf^ been my fue- 
jcour: leave me not, neither for- 
j fake me, O God of my falvation.' 

12 When my father and my 
mother forfake me. The. Lord 
taketh me up. % 

1 3 Teach mc tiiy way,0 Lord, 


V. Z)/7>. 


and lead mc in the nght way, 
bccaut'e of mine enemies. 

14 Uelivet me hot over into 
the will of mine aJvcrlaries: for 
there are falfe witnsfl'es rifen up 
againil me, and luch as IpeaK. 

2 5 I ftiould utterly have faint- 
ed, but that i btillcve veri)) to 
fee th? good nc is of the Lord in 
the land of the living. 

16 O tarry thou the Lord's 
leifure ; be if rong, and he (hall 
Comfort thine heart j and put 
thou thy Cruft in the Lord. 

Ffalm xxviii. Ai r.*, V^m'in^ 

UN to thee will 1 cry, O 
Lord, my ftrength : think 
no fcorn of mc ; iert, if thou 
make as though thou heareft 
not, I become like them chat go 
down into tlie pit. 

% Hear the voi<:e of my hum- 
ble petition, when I cry unto 
thee } when I hold up my haiids 
towards the mercy-feat of thy 
holy temple. 

3 O p uck me not away, nei- 
ther deftroy mswith the ungodly 
and wicked do<*rs, which ipeak 
friendly to their n*»»^-hbours, but 
imagine milchief in ihcir hearts. 

4 Reward them accorning to 
iheirdccdb, and according to the 
vackednefs of their ow^n inven- 

5 Recompcnfc thern after the 
work of their hands j pay them 
that they have deiei ved. 

6 For they regard not in their 
jr.ind the wotks of the Lord, 
ikWi ci^ opeiaUoa of hit. \iMvA^ j 

ALTER. T. Day. 

therefore ibatl he break them 
down, and not build them up. 

7 h*raircd b<! the Lord j fur he 
hath heard the voice ^im) hum- 
ble petitions. 

8 The Lord is my ftrength, 
and my ihieiJ j my heart hatH 
trufted in him, and 1 aim hclpcj \ 
therefore, my heart daucech fo^ 
joy, and in myfongwtiil prai** 

9 The' Lord is my ftrengM), 
and he is the whoielome derenife 
of his Anointed, 

JO O fave thy people, and give 
thy hleilmg unto thine inherit- 
ance : feed them, and fet them 
up foi" ever. 

Pfalm xxix. Affirte Domini,' 

BRing unto the Lord, O ye 
mighty, bring young rams 
unto the Lord 3 afcribe unto the 
Lord worship and ftrength, 

2 Give the Lord the honour 
due unto I-kis Name \ worflii^ 
the Lord wi:h holy worfhip. 

3 It is the Lord that com- 
mandeth the waters j it is the 
glorious God that maketh the 

4 It I« the Lord that ruJeth 
the fea j the voice oi the Lord is 
mighty in operation j the voice 
of the Lord is a glorious voice, 

5 The voice of ::heLoru break- 
eth the cedar trees ; yea, the Lord 
breaketh the cedars of Libanus. 

6 Ht maketh them alft> to 
ikip like a calFj Libanus a'fa 
and Sinon like a yoimg unicorn. 

7 The v:)ice of the Lord di- 
vidcth tiie flames of fire 5 the 
voice of the Lord /halceth the 


wildernefs ; yea, jrhe Lord fhak- 
cth the wildernqls of Cades. 

8 The voice of the Lord mak- 
eth the nwvh. to, bring forth 
young, and difcovereth the thick 
buihes : in his temple doth every 
man fpeak of his honour. 

9 The Lord fitteth above the 
water flood, and the Lord re- 
maineth a King for ever. 

lo The Lord fhall give 
ilrength unto his people; the 
X«ord fhall give his peopie the 
bleliingof peace. 

The Psalter, 

The Sixth Day. 

Morning Prayer. 

Pfalra XXX. Exalt aho te, D amine, 

1 Win magnify thee, O Lord 3 
for thou haft fet me up, and 
not made my foes to triumph 
©ver me. 

2 O Lord, my God, I cried 
unto thee, and thou hail healed 

3 Thou, Lord, haft brought 
my foul out of hell ; thou haft 

! jtept my life from them that go 
down to the pit. 

4 Sing praifes unto the Lord, 
P ye faints of his \ and give 
.thanks unto him, for a remem- 
brance of his holinefb. 

5 For his wrath endureth but 
the twinkling of an eye, and in 
his pleafure is life; heaviness 
inay endure for a night, but joy 
Cometh in the morning. 

6 And in my profperity I faid, 
I fliall never he removed ; thou, 
Lord, of .thy goodnefs, hadft 
.made n^y hlU ib ftroag. 

vi. Day. 

7 Thou 4idft turn thy face 

from me, and J was troubled. 

8 Ihen cried I unto thee, O 
Lord J and gat me to my Lord 
right humbly. 

9 What profit is there in my 
blood, when i go down to the pit ? 

10 ShalJ theduft give thanks 
unto thee I or ihall it declare 
thy truth ? 

1 1 Hear, O Lord, and have 
mercy upon me j Lord, be thou 
my helper. 

12 ihou haft turned my hea-. 
vinefs into joy j thou haft put 
off my fackcloth, and girded 
me with gladnefs : 

13 Therefore ftiall every good 
man fing of thy praife without 
ceafing : O my God, I will give 
thanks unto thee for ever. 

Pfalm xxxi. In te^ Domine^ 

IN thee, O Lord, have I put 
my truftj let me never be 
put to confufion : deliver me in 
thy righteoufnefs. 

2 Bow down thine ear to me 5 
make hafte to deliver me. 

3 And be thou my ftrong'rock, 
and houfe of defence, that thoq 
ma) eft fave me j 

4 For thou art my ftrong rock, 
and my callle : be thou alfo my 
guide, and lead me for thy 
Name's fake. 

5 Draw me out of the net 
that they have laid privily for 
me 5 for thou art my ftrength. . 

6 Into thy hands 1 commend 
my fpirit j for thou haft redeem* ^% 
ed me, Lord, thou God of m 
Uuth. , -. , ,f»ij^ 

7 1 have 

vi. Day. 

The Psalter. 

vi. Day» 

7 I have hated them that hold 
ot fuperrtitious vanities, and my 
truil hath been in the Lord. 

8 I wrll be glad, and rejoice 
jn thy mercy ^ for thou hall con- 
fidered my trouble, and haft 
known my foul in adv.^ffities. 

9 Thou haft not fhut me up 
into the hand of the enemy, but 
haft fet my feet in a large room. 

JO Have mercy upon me, O 
Lord, for I am in trouble, and 
mine eye is confumed for very 
heavinefs j jea, my foul and my 

11 For my life is waxen old 
with heavinefs, and my years 
with mourning. 

12 My ftrength faileth me, 
becaufe of mine iniquity, and 
my bones are confumed. 

13 I became a reproof among 
all mine enemies, but efpecially 
among my neighbours j and they 
of mine acquaintance were afraid 
of me J and they that did fee me 
without, conveyed themfelves 
from me. 

14. I am clean forgotten, as a 
dead man out of mind j I am 
become like a broken vefTel. 

15 For I have heard the blaf- 
phemy of the multitude, and 
f&ar is on every fide, while they 
confpire together againft jne, and 
take their counfel to take away 
my life. 

16 But my hope hath been in 
thee, O Lord ; I have faid, 
Thou art my God. 

17 My time is in thy hand j 
<ieliver me from the hand of 
mine enemies, and fiom them 
li)at perfccute me. 

18 Show thy fervant the light 
of thy countenance, and lave 
me for thy mercies fake. 

19 Let me not be confounded, 
O Lord, for 1 have called upon 
thee j let the ungodly be put to 
confufion, and be put to filence 
in the grave. 

20 Let the lying lips be put to 
filence, which cruelly, difdain- 
fully, and defpitefully fpeak 
againft the righteous, 

21 O how plentiful isthygood- 
nefs, which thou haft laid up for 
them that fear thec) and that 
thou haft prepared for them that 
put their truft in thee, even be- 
fore the fons of men. 

22 Thou ftialt hide them pri- 
vily by thine own prefence from 
the provoking of all men : thou 
Ihalt keep them fecretly in thy 
tabernacle from the ftrife of 

23 Thanks be to the Lord ; for 
he hath fhowed me marvellous 
great kindnels in a ftrong city. 

24 And when I made hafte, I 
faid, I am caft out of the fight 
of thine eyes. 

2 5 Neverthelefs, thou heardeft 
the voice of my prayer, when I 
cried unt6 thee. 

26 O love the Lord, all ye his 
faints J for the Lord preferveth 
them that are faithful, and plen- 
teoufiy rewardech the proud 

27 Be ftrong, and he ihall 
eftablifti your heart, all ye that 
put your iruft in the Lord. 


vi. D, 


The Psalter. 

vi. Day;. 

Evening PraVer, 

Pfalm xxxii. Beatiy quorum » 

BLeli'ed is he whofe unrigh- 
teoufnefs is iWgivjen, and 
whofe fin is covered. 

2 Blefled is the man unto 
%vhom the Lord imputeth no fin, 
and in whofe fpirit there is no 

3 For whilft I held my tongue, 
my bones confumed away through 
my daily complaining. 

4 For thy hand is heavy upon 
me day and night, and my moif- 
ture is like the drought in fum ■ 

5 I will acknowledge my fin 
unto thee, and mine unrighte- 
oufnefs have I not hid. 

6 I faid, I will confefs my 
fins unto the Lord } and fo thou 
forgaveit the wickednefs of my 

7 For this fhail every one that 
is godly make his prayer unto 
tbee, in a time when thou may- 
eil be found j but in the great 
water-floods they fhail not come 
nigh him. 

8 Thou art a place to hide 
me in ; thou llia'lt preferve me 
fiom trouble J rhou ihalc com - 
pals mc about with fongs of de- 

9 i will Inform thee, and 
teach thee in ,the way wherein 
thou {halt go; and 1 will guide 
thee with mine e\e. 

10 Be ye not like to horfe and 
rouley which have no under- 
rtanding ; whofe mouths muft be 
held with bit and bridle, left 
they fall upon thee. 

1 1 Great }>1aguts remain for 
the ungodly ; buc whofo puiteth 
his truil in the Lord, mercy em« 
braceth him on every fide, 

12 Be glad, O ye righteous* 
and rejoice in the Lord j and be 
joyful, all ye that are true of 

PfaLm xxxiii. ExultatCy jujl'u 

REjoice in the Lord, O ye 
righteous j for it becometh 
well the juft to be thankful. 

2 Praife the Lord with harp 5 
fing prailes unto him witk the 
lute, and inftrument of ten 

3 Sing unto the Lord a new 
fong j fing praifes iuftily untd 
him with a good courage ; 

4 For the word of the Lord is 
true, and all his works are faith- 

5 He loveth righteoufnefs and 
judgment; the earth is full of 
the goodnefs of the Lord. 

6 By the word of the Lord 
were the heavens made, and all 
the hofts of tlvera by the breath 
of his mouth. 

7 He gathereth the waters of 
the fea together, as it were upon 
an heap ; and layeth up the deep, 
as in a tveafure-houfe. 

8 Let all the earth fear the 
Lord : ftand in awe of him, al'l 
ye that dwell in the world ; 

9 For he fpake, and it was 
done : he commanded, and it 
ftood faft. 

10 The Lord bringeth the 
cotinfel of the heathen to noHght, 
and maketh the devices of the 
people to hz oi none effect, and 


The Psalter. 

vi. Day. 

cafteth out the counfels of prin- 

II The counfel of the Lord 
ihall endure for ever, and the 
thoughts of his heart from gene- 
ration t» generation. 

12 Blelled are the people 
whofe God is the Lord Jehovah j 
and bleHed are the folk that he 
hath chofen to him, to be his 

13 The Lord looked down 
from heaven, and beheld all the 
children of men } from the ha- 
bitation of his dwelling, hecon- 
fidcreth. ail them that dwell on 
the earth. 

14 He fafhioneth all the 
hearts of them, and underlland- 
cth all their works. 

15 There is no king that can 
be faved by the multitude of an 
hoft J neither is any mighty man 
delivered by much ftrength. 

16 A horfe i^ counted but a 
vain thing to fave a man j i-.ei- 
ther fhall he deliver any man by 
his great ftrength. 

17 Behold, the eye of the 
Lord is upon them that fear him, 
and upon them that put their 
truft in his mercy; 

18 To deliver their foul from 
death, and to feed them in the 
time of dearth, 

19 Our foul hath patiently 
tarried for the Lord ; tor he is 
our help and our fhield, 

20 For our heart fhall rejoice 
in him ; bccaufe we have hoped 
in his holy Name. 

21 Let thy merciful kindnefs, 
O Lord, be upon us, like as we 
io put our trull in rhee. 

vi. Day. 

Pfalm xxxlv. Bettedkam Doming, 

I Will alway give thanks unto 
the Lord j his praife fhall 
eser be in my m^^uth. 

2 My foul /hall make her 
boalt in the Lord; the humble 
fli.ill hear thereof, and be glad. 

3 O praife the Lord with me, 
and let us magnify his Name 

4 I fought the Lord, and he 
heard me ; yea, he delivered me 
ou^of all my fear. 

5 They had an eye unto him, 
and were lightened : and their 
faces were not aihamed. 

6 Lo, the poor crieth, and the 
Lord hearethhim ; yea, and fav- 
eth him out of all his troubles. 

7 The Angel of the Lord tar- 
rieth round about them that fear 
him, and delivereth them, 

8 O tafte, and fee how graci- 
ous the Lord is ; hlefTcd is the 
man that trufteth In him. 

9 O fear the Lord, )Z that arc 
his Saints ; for they that fear 
him lack nothing. 

10 The lions do lack, and fuf- 
fer hunger ; but they who feek 
the Lord fhall want no manner 
of thing that is good. 

IT Come, ye children, and 
hearken unto me ; 1 will leach 
you the fear of the Lord. 

12 What man is he that luft- 
eth to live, and would fain fee 
good days ? 

i^ Keep thy tongue from evil, 
and thy lips, that they fpeak no 

14 Efchew evil, and do good ; 
feek peace, and cnfue it. 

15 The 

vji. Day, 

15 The eyes of the Lord are 

over the righteous, ^nd his ears 
are open unto their prayers. 

16 The countenance of the 
Lord is againft them that do evily 
to root out the rennembraiice of 
them from the earth. 

17 Tlie righteous cry, and the 
Lord heareth them, and deliver- 
eth them out of all their troubles. 

18 The Lord is nigh unto 
them that are of k contrite heart, 
and will favc fuch as be of an 
an humble fervant. 

19 Great are the troubles of 
the righteous 3 but the Lord de- 
livereth him out of all. 

2,0 He keepeth ail his bones, 
fp that not one of them is broken. 

21 But misfortune fhall ilay 
the ungodly, and they that hate 
the righteous (liall be defolate. 

22 The Lord delivereth the 
fouls of his fervants j and ail 
they that put their truft in hiaa 
/hall not be deititute. 

The Seventh Day. 

Morn IK G Prayer, 

Pfalm XXXV. JaJica, Dormm* 

PLead thou my caufe, O 
Lord, v/ithtfiem that ilrive 
with me, and fight chou againft 
them that fight agamft me. 

2 Lay hand upon the Ihield 
and buckler, and ftand up to 
help me. 

3 Bring forth the fpear, and 
flop the way againft them that 
perfecute rwe i fay unto my foul, 
i am thy falvation. 

4 Let them be confounded^ 

The Psalter. vii. Bay, 

, and put to Aame, that feek after, 
I my foul J let them be turned 
back, and brought to confuiion, 
that imagine mifchief for me. 

5 Let them be as the dull: be- 
fore the wind, and the Angel of 
the Lord fcatteri ng theni. 

6 Let their way be dark and 
flippery, and let the Artgel of 
the Lord perfecute them, 

7 For they have privily laid 
their net 16 deftroy me without 
a taufe j yea, even without a 
caufe have they made a pit for 
my foul. 

8 Let a fuddcii deftru£llon 
come upon him unawares, and 
his net that he hath laid privily 
catch himfelf j that he may fall 
into his own mifchief. 

9 And my foul be joyful ih 
the Lord \ it ihail rejoice m hij 

10 All my bones ftall fay. 
Lord, who is like unto thee, v.'hc 
delivereft the poor from him that 
is too ftrong for him \ yea, the 
poor, and him that is m mifery, 
from him thatfooiieth him r 

11 Faife witnelles did rife up f 
they laid to my charge things 
that I knew not. 

12 They rewarded me evil foir 
good, to the great difcomfort of 
my foul. 

13 Neverthelefs, whea they 
were fick, I put on fackclotii, 
and humbled my foul with faft- 
ing, ajid my prayer fhall turn 
into mine own bofoin* 

14 I behaved myfelf as though 
it had been my friend or my 
brother ; 1 went heavily, as one 
that mourneth fbr his mother. * 

15 But 

yii. Day* 


vii. Day. 

-'15 But in mine adverfity tfiey 
fejoiced, and gathered themfelves 
together 5 yea, the very abjecls 
fame together againft mc una- 
wares, making mouths at me, 
•nd ceafed not. 

' 16 With the flatterer? were 
Iwfy mockers, who gnalhed upon 
me with their teeth. 

17 Lord, how long wilt thou 
look upon this ? O deliver my 
foul from the calamities which 
they bring on me, and my darling 
from the lions. 

18 So will I give thee thanks 
in the great congregation j 1 will 
praile diee among much people. 

19 O let not them that are 
mine enemies triumph over me 
ungodly ; neither let them wink 
with their eyes, that hate me 
without a caufe. 

20 And why ? their commun- 
ing is not for peace : but they 
imagine deceitful words againil 
them that are quiet in the land. 

21 They gaped upon me w!th 
their mouth;, and fa'd, Fie on 
thee, fie on tb^e, we law it with 
our eyes. 

22 This thou haft feen, O 
Lord } hold not,thy tongue then j 
go not far from me, O Lord. 

23 Awake and ftand up to 
judge my quarrel ; avenge thou 
my caufe, my God and my Lord. 

24 Judge me, O Lord my 
God, according to thy righteoul- 
ncfs, and let them not triumph 
over me. 

2 5 Let them not fay in their 
hearts, There, there, fo would 


26 Let them be put to confu- 
fion and fhame together, that re- 
joice at my troyule ; let ihem be 
clotlicd with rebuke and difho- 
nour, that boall thcmielvei 
a«^ainft me. 

27 Let them hf glsd and re- 
joice, that favour my righteous 
dealing j yea, let them fay alway, 
Bleded be the Lord, who hath 
pleafure in the profperity of his 

28 And as for my tongue, it 
fhali be talking of thy rightc- 
oufnels, and of thy praiie, all 
the day long. 

Pfalm xxxvi. Dixit injujius. 
heart fhcweth me the 
kednefs of the un- 
godly, that there is no fear of 
God before his eyes. 

2 For he flatteietii himfelf in 
his own fight, until his abomi- 
nable \\n be found out, 

3 The '.vofos of his mcuth are 
unrighteous and full of deceit: 
he hath left oft to behave him- 
felf v^ifely, and to do good. 

4 He imagmeth mifchJef 
upon his bed, ana hath fet him- 
felf in no good way 5 neither 
doth he abhor ajiy thing that is 

5 Thy mercy, O Lord, reach - 
eth unto the heavens, and thy 
faithfuinels unco the ciouds. 

6 Thv richicwufnefs ftandcth 
like the ftrong mountains: thy 
judgments are like the grcaC 

7 Thou, Lord, fhaitfave both 

we have it j neither let them fay, 1 man and beafl : how excellent 
Wc have devoured him* i is thy iTiCicy, O God : and the 


vii. Day, 

The PsALTElt. 

children of men fliall put their 
trull under the ihadow of thy 

8 They fhall befatisfied with 
the plenteoufnefs of thy houfe ; 
and thou ihalt give them drink 
of thy pleafures, as out of the 

9 For with thee is< the well of 
life 5 and in thy light fhall we fee 

10 O continue forth thy lov- 
ing kindnefs unto them that 
know thee, and thyrlghteoufnefs 
unto them that are true of heart. 

11 O let not the foot of pride 
com* againft me 5 and let not the 
hand of the ungodly caft me 

12 There are they fallen, all 
that work wickednefs j they are 
cafl: down, and ihall not be able 
to ftand. 

Evening Prayer. 
Pfalm xxxvii. Noll amulari, 

FRet not thyfelf becaufe of 
the ungodly ; neither be 
thou envious againll the evil- 

2 For they fhall foon be cut 
d#wn like the grafs, and be wi- 
thered as the green herb. 

3 Put thou thy truft in the 
Lord, and be doing good : dwell 
In the land, and verily thou 
ihalt be fed. 

4 Delight thou in the Lord, 
and he {hall give thee thy heart's 

6 Commit thy way unto the 
Lord, and put thy truft in him, 
Hnd he ihall bring it to pafs. 

VI 1. Day^ 

6 He fhall make thy righte- 
oufnefs as clear as the light, and 
thy juft dealing as the noon day, 

7 Hold thee ftili in the Lord, 
and abide patiently upon him : 
but grieve not thyfelf at him 
whofe way doth profper, againft 
the man that doeth after evil 

S Leave off from wrath, and 
let go difpleafure : fret not thy- 
felf, elfe ihalt thou be moved to 
do evil. 

9 Vv icked doers ihall be root- 
ed out ; and they that patiently 
abide the Lord, thofe fhall inhe- 
rit the land. 

10 Yet a little while, and the 
ungodly fhall be clean gone : 
thou fhalt look after bis place, 
and he fhall be away. 

11 But themeekfpirited fhall 
poflefs the earth, and fhall be 
refrefhed in the multitude of 

12 The ungodly feekethcoun- 
fel againft the juft, and gnaiheth 
upon him with his teeth. 

13 The Lord fhall laugh him 
to fcorn J for he hath h^n that 
his day is coming. 

14 The ungodly have drawn 
out the fword, and have bent 
their bow, to caft down the poor" 
and needy, and to flay fuch as 
are of a right converfation. 

15 Their fword fhall go 
through their own heart, and 
their bow fhall be broken. 

16 A fmall thing that the 

righteous hath, is better than 

great ricljes of the ungodly } 

17 For the arms of the ungodly 


yii: Bdp^ 

Vpholdeth die i . 
v'|3 r^e ^prv. . j^ the 

days of the godly j and tiiciria- 
Ijcricmce ih.^U eiidurft x"y>f ever. 
M. 19 They ihall nor ^p, con- 
ffti^ndei in t;hc, perilous lime 3 
and ia the days oX deaith tl^ey 
&all have enough. ^ ; . , 
^. ip. As for the ungodly, they 
fhall perilh ; aod the caemies ol" 
iherLoid fhaU cJnfume a^ the fat 
of iamhs j ye^i even as the fraokc 
(hall they confame away, 
, ftj The ungodly barioweth, and 
paye^h not again j but the righ- 
tqaus is merciful and liberal., 

2 2 S uc h as ?re bkifed. gf .G od , 
/hall polfefs the land 3 and they 
that are cu; iz^ of him^ ihai^ be 
looted out. . 

2*5 The Lord ordercth ^ good 
man's going) and maketh his 
way acceptable to himfelr. 

24 Though he fail, he, ijj all 
not be caft avyray ; for the Lord 
u.pholdeth him with his hand. 

25 I have been young, and old, and yet law 1. never 
the rigiiteous forlaicenjj nor" his 
feed begging their bread. 

26 The righteous is ever mer- 
ciful, and ieu^eth j and his feed 
is bieircd. 

\) 27 Fiee frora evil, and do the 
thing that is good, and dwell for 

• 'it For the' Lord . lov-^th the 
thing tiiat isrightj he forfakeih 
not his that be godly, but tbcy 
arc prcierved for ever. " 

• - 29 The unrighteous AaH be 
punifhad; as for the feed of the 
UQ^odiy, it ih ail befooUd out* 



vlt. T>ny* 

30 The rghtp^ flijajl inherit 
the landi ajio dwell therein for 

evei\ - • -s'- - : ' -. 

\\ The^ci|ioutho.ft}ip^(ig^teous 
is exd'ciTed 1)3^ y^jfuom, and hts 
tongue wiil Idc talking o; 

32 TjiiT iat^of MsCCv. . ... 
his KeaVl^i ^i'&d his' ^oihgs^ihall 
not l]ide._ 

33 The Un'gO(ily feelh the 
rrghteous, -and fee-keth occaGon 
to llay him. , , , ' '" 

" 34 The toVd will not leave 
him in his hand, nor condemn 
him when he is judged. 

\\ Hope thou in the Lord, 
and keep his way, and he-^^all 
promote thfee; th^t thoti ' ftalt 
polVefs the land : when the ungod - 
ly fliall pt;rirA3, thou in lit fee" h. 

36 1 myfeif have fcen the un- 
godly in groat power, and flou- 

T-ilhing like a green' bay -tree. 

37 i went by, and lo, he was 
gone J I fought him, but his 
place could nawhere be found, 

3S Keepinnocency, and take 
hc>ej unto the thing that is right j 
for that fh all bring a man peace 
ar rhf* laft. 

3^ As for the tranrgreflbrs, 
they ihdfl prrilh together ; and 
the end of the unjoc^Iy is, they 
Ihall be rooted out at the laft, 
' aO But "the falvatirn of the 
righteous cometh of the Lord, 
^ho is aifo their ftrength in the 
time of trouble, 

41 And the Lord {hall ftcmd by 

them, and fave them ; he fball 

deliver them from the ungodly, 

[ and /hall fave them, bdcaufe 

jthcypuc their trail in hiai; 


. ^^ ^i^litk Bay. 

'D Shine y ne /«' 

Morning Prayer. 

"■'. '''.'jurof'e', 

"IfjtJt itlc iiot to reBuic'e, 6; 
..^ ' I^>f^> 'in tl;xine ^nger j bei-| 
jther chdfttn me m thy heavy! 

dVlple^Kr^:'' "'' *';'";? ! 
• 2 i' or<h1nc 3rro,\ys ^>c»c: faft in, 

TO^y aj)«4 thyliiiaci pr^uetli me; 

iore. '' • •■ • '''''' ■' - • i 
^ There is no he'altk in my, 

fielh, be^caure oV'tliy dirpleaTurc,;| 

neither is there any reil; jn my^ 

ispnes, -by "reaibn of my (-in ; ' 
.-.»4.Iror my v*ick€dneires are! 

g9jQe.over my 'head, ajidareTikej 

^,ibf^ burthen, too hcpyforme' 


5 'My wounds flink, an<J are 
corriyu, through myfooiinirieis. 

6 1 am brc Light into fo gre'ax 
trouble and rnifery^ that I gd 
•mourning all the day long: 

7 For my loins arehUed u^it'h 
« fore dileafe, and there ii» ilo 
whole part in my body. 

S 1 am feeble and fore 'fmit- 
tcn 5 I have roared for the very 
ciifquietnefs of my heart. 

9 Lord, thou knovyeii iall my 
^efire 5 and my groaning is not 
hkifrorn thee. 

TO My heart papt-eth, my 
, ilr^ngth hath failed me, an^ thfe 
fight of mine eyes is gone fr^-TQ 

1 1 My lovers and my neigh- 
bours did ftand looking updn my 
trouble, and my .klufmen flood 
afar off* 

li 1 hey aifo that roughr »f- 
. tlr myJhe, laid in ares for me ^ 

iihd^tlj^^'tfiSttA^ch't -about to ^4 
me evil, talked of 'Aicklkllitfe^ 
hhS iftiagih^d^ d(icek all the day 
loftg. ■' '■■-. ■ " '- 

T 3 As for rrtre, • I ivks !jk« U 
dfeaf inan,'"afnd lie^ard hot j Jnd 
as ohe chiat 'is tiiJfttfb, ' Vv ho «<^ 
h ot open h?^ tHo^MH ' : f' 

14 I becam'e-l^«ii ^s %i i[M[^ 
thaft heartth h(j^, 'a'nd \h \#fofe 
mouth are nb're^^i'oofi. • ' •'--' 

15 Fcv in I'hee^ O Lord; 4ii»-^<i • 
I ^ut my triifl. ; ihou ihult an- 
fwer for m%, O Lord, my Gbiv 

"16 I h:^e v'cq'ufred th^t tHw, 
^veh mri3e 'enettiles, (hbuld'fer>t 
triuiiiph over me ; for Svhelh^fcriy 
fodt'filpt, th'ei' i^jdiicd grfetttly 
againftme. ' ' 

1^7 'Ana Itrr^ly am fc»: m the 
plague, and my hcavihcfs^is^eiF* 
in iny fight : 

• J 8 ']cot I will tonffcfs tny AVkki- 
ednefs, arid be fo/ry for my 'fih» 

19 But mine enemies live, 
-and are mighty^ and they th^'fc 
hiTtc mevVrungfblly are m-ahy i^ 
'niimblbV, " ' ■ 

io They^lib'thnttlgwli^'tfv;*! 
f<Jr ^ood are ag^ainft'me-; b^eiui^: 
} follow the thing that good i«. 

21 yorfjke "trte hot, Q .Lbrd, 
'rhy Gbd 5 be rtot thoU 'far ffbvti 

12 -tefte' th"e€ to -help me, O 
Lord, God of Ai-y SalVaiicJn. 

Pf^lm^itxlx* i>i^', -Ciipdiam, 

I^aid, 1 v^ill take hebd to ftry 
<vays, that I dfpend not ih 
uhy t^jngiie. , 

2 1 wilVkfeep frr/ motith as it;'e vyith a fciidfe, while 'the 
unRO^IyTs'i^lriy • fi:;ht, . 

*" V •■ ^ ' ' U 

riTi.. Daj. 

The P«AL,tlR. 


nothiQg^; cl kcpc filcnce, y&i, 
even tVom good wcxrds j buCiit 
was pain and grief to rne. 

4 'My heart was hot withiri 
mc5 *nd while I v/as thus laaf- 
ingU^ifir*: kindled, and at the 
lail J fpake with n^y tongue : 

Si Lorw, let. me know niy end_, 
and the number.of my days, that 
I may certified iiow long I 
have to live* 

6 Behold, thoo haft made my 
days as it were alpaji lon^j, and 
mine age is even as nothing in 
-refpetli: of thtee ^ ^and verily every 
man living is ^iltogether vanily : 

7 Sm. mAfi vy^ajk^tb m a v^aj n 
fhadovv> and difcjuietcth Kimt^lf 
in vdiii -y he heapeth upiriches, 
and cannot tell who ihviil jja^r 

8 Ap^ noWf Lord) <vhat is my 
ihopc •'' tuuly n^y . hope is even tjx 


9 DdiTermefrom all imine 
offences, and? make me not -a re- 
buke unto the fooii/h. 

ID I became diimh, and opened 
not my mouth j for .it was thy 

1 1 Take th>' plague away from 
jne : I am even confumed by the 
means of thy heavy hand. 

iz When thou with rebukes 
Goft chaften naan for hn, thou 
makeft his beauty to confume 
»way, like as it weie a moth 
fretting a g.arment : every man 
therefore is but vanity, 

*3 fiear my prayer, O Lord, 
and with ch'*fie cars confider my 
cai],iJ^5.; held not thy peace zz 
my te^t^; 

a4 fEcv I am a ilnanper v»ith 
thee, anc? a fojourner, :a$iall;iRy 
fathers were, 

15 O'fpare mea.iltti£,it^< \ 
may re cover: my ft rtngth,: before 
i go hence, afrd be no rapr^fi^cfi, 

I Waited patiently for theXotd> 
and he. inclined unto me, acd 
heard my calling. 

2 Ke brought me aifo out <5f 
the h<?rri^ie [>it, out of tiwi mhc 
and clay, and fet my .feet.ijpon. 
the rock, and ordered my goings, 

3,;Aad.he hatrv put a new fo/if^ 
in,my oiouth, even a.thajikl^iv- 
ing unto our God. 

4<Many fh^ll feeit^ a,nd fear* 
KfldvA^l piut theis triid ia ^th^ 

5 BleHodb the ixianthit Lath 
fet his iijope in the Lord, aad 
turned not unto the prou^^ ^d 
to fuch as go about with iies. 

6 O Lord, my God, great are 
the ^^and^■oy.s works vxhich thou 
haft done j lik? as b^ alfo tiiy 
thoughts, which are to us-\\*ard , 
and yet there is no tz.d^n that Qr- 
dereth litem unto thee. 

7 If i ihouJd decbrc ti8^m» 
and fpeak of them, tlmy fhouid 
be moire th^in I am abje .to ex- 

S Sacrifice and mfat-Q/Jerieg 
thou wouldeft not, but miaeear^ 
haft thou opened. 

9 Burnt-offerings^-and facri^ce 
fov.fin haft thou not requir'^ : 
then faid 1, Lo, I coeje. 

10 in the- volume of the book 

it )s written of me, that J ihouid 

fuliil thy will, O my God : I am 




viii. Day. 

. The Psalter. 

contient to do itj .yea, thy law \i 
within my heart. 

11 I have declared thy rlgh-; 
teoufnefs in the great congrvga-l 
tion : ly, I will not retrain my 
lips,0 Lord, and that thou 

12 I have not hid thy rigHte- 
' rufnefs within my heart; pny 

talk hath been of thy "truth, and 
of thy falvation. - ' 

13 1 have not kept back thy 
loving mercy and truth from the 
great congregation. 

14 Withdraw not thou thy 
mercy from me, O Lord ; let thy 
loving kindnefs and thy. truth 
alway preferve me. ' ' 

15 For innumerable troubles 
are come about me j my fins 
have taken fuch hold upon me, 
that 1 am not able to look upj 
yea, they are more in number 
than the hairs of my head, and 
my heart hath failed me, 

16 O Lord, let it be thy plea 
fure to deliver me j make hade, 
O Lord, to help me. 

17 Let them be afhamed, and 
confounded together, that feek 
after my foul to deftroy it 5 let 
them be driven backward, and 
put to rebuke, that wiih me evil. 

18 Let them be defolate, and 
rewarded with ihame, that fay 
unto me. Fie upon thee, fie upon 

1 9 Let all thofe that feek thee, 
be joyful and g^ad in thee 5 and 
let fuch as love thy falvation, 
fay alway. The Lord be praifed. 

20 As for me, I am poor and 
needy j but the Lord careth for 

viii. Day. 

21 Thou art my helper and 
redeemer f .make no long carry- 
ing, O my God, 

E V £ N I N G ; P R A Y e'r . *' 

Pfalm xli, BcatiiSf qui iajellrgk* 

BLefied is he that cdnfidef- 
eth the poor and- needy j 
the Lord ihall deliver hint in the 
time of troubla. - 

2 The Lord preferve him, and 
keep him alive, th^t he may be 
ble/l'ed upon earth j and deliver 
not thou him into the will of his 

3 The Lofd comfort him. 
when he lieth lick upon his bed } 
make thou allhis'bed in hisfick- 

4 I faid, Lord, be merciful 
unto me ; heal my foul, for 1 
have finned againft thee. 

5 Mine enemies fpeak evil of 
me; When Hiall he die, and his 
name perifli ? 

6 And if he come to fee me, 
hefpeaketh vanity, and his heart 
conceiveth falfhood within hlm- 
felf ; and when he cometh forth, 
he telleth it. 

7 All mine enemies whifper 
together againft me, even againfl 
me do they imagine this evil. 

8 Let the fentence of guiltl- 
nefs proceed againft him, and 
now that he lieth, let him rife 
up no more. 

9 Yea, even mine own fami- 
liar friend whom I trufted, who 
did aifo eat of my bread, hath 
laid great wait for me. 

10 . But be thou merciful 
unto me, O Lord ; raife thou me 
lip again,and i ihall reward thejn. 

'ii By this 1 knew thou fa- 
vourri^ me, tliat mi e enemy 
doth not'triuraph againft me. 

12 And when 1 am in my 
health, thou upholdeil me, and 
Ihalc let me berore thy face tor 

15 BhlTea be the Lord God of 
Ifraeij world without end. Amen. 

Pi aim xlii. . ^temadmodum. 

Like as the hart dell retii the 
water- brooks, fa longcth 
my foul after the.:, O God. 

• a My foui is athiril for God, 
yea, even tor the living God : 
When ihall J come to appear be- 
fore the prelence of God ? 

3 ivly tears have ht^n rny meat 
day and n^hc', whjie they daily 
fav unto mcj V/here is now thv 

God? ..:. '■ . . . ■ 

4 Now when I think there- I 
upon, 1 poiirout nry hearf by! 
myfelf 5 for 1 went Witn the mu;- 1 
titude, and- brought them forth 
into the hoafe of God 5 | 

• 5 In the voice- of 'praife and 
thanhLf^iviiig,. among: iuch aiij 
keep holy-day k y ■ . • j 

6 Why art' thou fo full of hea-j 
vinefs, O my foul'r und why art 
thou fa-di(i^uietcd Within me? .} 

7 Pufthy truiir'iirGod 5 for! 
I will yet give him thanks for | 
tlie help of his countenance. ' \ 

5 My God, 'ray'ibul is vexed; 
within me j* titerefore wjll I re-"^ 
member thee . concerning the 
lanj of Jordan, and the little 
biil of Hermon-. 

9 One deep calleth another, 
becaufe of the noiTe of the wa- 
t(»r-pi>€<i5 .all, thy waves and 
liori::i5 are gone over me. 

p 3 

10 The Lord hath granted his 
loving-kindncfs in thcday-vime, 
and in the night-feafondid i ling . 
of him, and xsiade my prayer 
unto the God of myjife, . . 

I i i will fay unto the Go^ bf 
my ilrength. Why haft thou fojr : 
»jotten me r why go 1 tlius r.ea- 
yily, while the eneroy oppicflcth 
me ? . 

iz My bones are fmit'tcn afun^ 
dcr-as v/ith a fword, while mine 
enemies that trouble me caft m« - 
in the tceih } 

13 Namely, while they fay 
daily unto me. Where is now 
thy Cod ? 

14 Why art thou fo vexed, O 
my foul ? and why art thou fo 
tiifijuieced within me ? 

• J 5 O put ihy truft in Godj 
fori will yet thanlc him, which 
is thenelp-of my countenance, 
ana my God. 
Pfalm xiiii. Jud'ica wf, Leui. 

Give fentence with me, O 
' God, and defend my caufe 
againft,.tbe ungodly people 3 O- 
deliver me from the deceitful 
and wicked man ; 

2 For thoa art, tire God of my 
ftreng^h: why halt thou put me 
;from thee ? and why go i 10 kea- . 
vily, while the enemy oppreteh 

3 O fend out thy light and thy 
truth, that they may lead me,- 
and brin.2;me iinco thy holy hill, 
and to thy dwelling, 

4 And that 1 may go unfo-the 
altar of God, even unto the God, 
of my joy and giadnefs \ and up- 
on the harp will 1 give thanks 
untotliee, O God, my ood. \ 

5 Why 


5 Why aTt-tlTl5u ft) heavy,. O 
my foil I ? and why ^t thou- ft*' 
^ifquict(?d within me ? 

6 O putf thy trufl- in God f 
for I will yet' giv^Rim rhatiks,. 
which is the htip of. my. coun- 
tcrt^icc, and my God*. 

Thc Nibth Day. 

Morning Prayer.. 

^faim xljv. IXeuPy auriht*s» 

iP"TTE hek^e he^d- with our 

VV <^ars, O G6i^ our* fe- 

tliert hiV^ told >3s whaft thoii hali: 

done ift'th'ek t!it*ie of o3d4 

2 How thou haft driven o\!t 
tHr? heathen wnh thy hind, and 
phatited' them in ; how thou hafr 
deil:royed the- nations' ^rid ca(l 
them' out. 

5 For they gat not the land 
m podelFion' through thcits ov'n. 
iVord, neither was it their owiii 
ari» that helped them ; 

4 But thy right hartd, znS 
tHine^rm, and'tlte l^ght of thy 
cotintenahce 5 becauffc chdu'hadiV 
a^fkvour unto th'em^ 

5 Thou artmyKing^ O God ;• 
f€n^ help unto J^cob. 

6' Through thee will wc over- 
throw our enemies, and in thy 
Name will we tread diem- under 
that rife up againfl us. 

7 For 1 wiU'not trU<l-in'ifty 
bdW ; It is not ihy fword thaJp 
/haU' help me. 

8 But it is tho'a that f^veft u3 
fl*6m' our enemies, and putteft 
them to confofion that hate us. 

9 Wo m^ke our boaftof God 
aW' day long, and will praiie tliy 
Namf? for e^erk 

rx. 16 aj^ 

It Bur now- th oil art far off, 
and'putte^l usto'confufion 5 and" 
^oe(l::nct forthwith ouraTmies. 

ri Thou rnakerft' xu. no turu 
our backs upon ourenexnies, fo 
th»t they which hate- u» ipoil 
our goods. 

12 Thou lirtti£ft'.u5ibe??atter. u? * 
Wkz: fheep, and hafl' fcattered us 
among^ the hcathch. 

If Thou Tel feii thy |*oplc for 
nought, aftd. takeiJ bo- mane)6 
for them. 

14^ Thou makeft us to be ts- 
bukcd of our neighboiirsy to hs 
laughed to fcom, and had in de- 
rifion of them that are round 
about uj»- 

5 Thou ma^teft us to be a' 
by-word among the heatiicn^l: 
and that the people ihake thrciif 
heads at uei 

16 My confufioa is daily be- 
fore me^- and the fhame of my 
f^e Itath covered sne y 

17 For the voice of the fian- 
d^rcr and blafphEmer, for the 
enemy aod civoager, " • 

iS And though all this be 
conre* upon^ us, yetdo we not for- 
get thee, nor behave ourfelves 
frowardly in thy covenant. 

ji9 Our heart is not turned 
back, neither our fteps gone out. 
of thy way ,• 

20 No, not when thou haft 
fmitten us into the place of dra- 
gons, and covered us with tk*: 
fhadow of death. 

21 If we have for^ttcn the: 
N-ame oi? oor G^,^ and holden 
up our hands to any ftrange gody 
fltaltuot G«d feairch it pwi ? for 


hfi fcnowefch .the ▼cry (ifc^etj of 
\h« heart. ^ 

22 For thy {dkc ajifo aic \ve 
^'.ilcd i.]\ tl^c day Igi^g, anc^ are 
CAuivted. ai^eqp.apBt^tijtfeci to be 

23 ITp, Lord, why fieepeft 
cKou ? awake, and be Il•^ sJbrcnt 
frap? us for evef . ,, ^ 

24. Wherefore tho'ii thy 
^ciCCj and forgetceft oiu- miCery 
and trpublq ? 

25 For oiir foul h broijght 
low, even unto the dull^ our 
telly cleaveth unto the ground. 

26 AriiV, and hel^ i^s, and 
(deliver us, for thy mercies fake* 

l^lm xlv. EruBa'tyU <ior rsieum. 

MY heart is inditing of a 
good matter J T fpeak of 
ings which, 1 haVe made 
unto the Rln^. 

2 Jyiy tongii^ \\-^i j^cn of a 
teady writer. 

3 Thou, aft rairer t^nai? the 
'children of raenj fall of grace 
are thy lips, becaufe God hath 
VvlelVed thee for i vei:. J . 

4 Gird thee with thy' fword, 
Mpon thy thigh, O thon rnoft 
mighty, 4<:c.or4in^ to th^ w^- 
ihip aod renown. 

5 Good luck have "thou with, 
thine honour : ride on, becaufe 
pf tViCWord of truth, of meek- 
ne(i and righteoufpeCs, and thy 
V.gtvt hand i1i«ill ^^^- ^?^ ^erri- 
j>le things ^ ' ", ' . 

6 Thy arrows are^very fharp, 
and the people fhall be fvbdued 
wnto thee, even in the midft 
tnfioag the\g's enemies. 

7 Thyfs?tt, QGo4,endarcth 


for evci;}- tljif ^ . ^.^pjLrf o/; t^ 
Kin j4qm is a d^k); (c;*^;^ Ci , , , - 

8 Thou halt ioycd rightepylW 
nefs, and bated iivlquityj wKere-^ 
f^rcjood, even thy Cod, i^^tk 
anointed thee with the oil of 
gladn:ei^' aboV^'th^' fellows. 

^ A\\ tjhy ga^-ments fraoll of 
my rrli^, aloes, and caHla; out f)# 
the ivory palaces, whereby th^^ 
have madt thee glad. 

I10 Kings 4^ighceri »\tere amojig 
thy hon9urable women ; upoi\ 
thy right hand did fland thjc 
queen iji a veflure o'i gold, 
wrought about with divers ca-* 

1 1 He?.rken, O daughter^ and. 
confider j incline thine ear j for- 
get aUb thine own people^ an^ 
thy father's hourc. 

1 2 S9 iha,U the king have plea- 
furc in thy beauty j ior he is ^y 
Lor4. Qa4> «^^ wor^p tho^ 
;himf ■ 

I 13 Ana th^ciaughterof Tyre 
'fiiall be. there with a gift 3 like 
'as x\}^^ ^ich among the peo-r 
pie fliaU, make their fupplicatioa 
b^tojce thee. 

14 The King's daughter is s^\ 
glorious, witt^in \ her clothing is 
of wiP^ghtg-qld. 

; 15 She {hall be brought vrntj*- 
the ^ing i^ ^aim^nt of ne^d Re- 
work } the \irgins th^t ^ h^t 
fallows (hail ^ar .her company, 
and fnall be brought unto t^ee-.' 

1 6 Wit.^ joy and gladnefs Ihali 
they be biau'^bi:, and fhj^H ente^ 
ipto x.\\A King's palace. 

17 Jn fteadpf thy fath^r^thovi 
/halt have children, whom thoy, 
nj*Y-eil r©ake prioges \^ all U(i4s, 

18 I 



Tfie Ps 

^S I wiO remember thy N ame 
fr,om <>ne generatit)n to ^itotlief; 
therefore ihaH' the' people give 
thanks unto thee, world vnth- 
<)ut end* '- ' ' " 

Plalm xWii Deu^ nojier refugium* 

GO(i isoiiVhope aridf^ff.ngth, 
a' very pftfent help in trou- 

2r Therefore will we not fear, 
though the earth be moved; and 
though tlie hills be carried into 
the midfl of the fea. '-'' 
• 3 Though tlve waters thereof 
ragt and 1 well, and tnoujh the 
mountains Ihake at the tcmpcft' 
of the fame. '' "'"'"■ 

'^ The rivers 'of the flood 
thereof fhall make glad rhe city 
of God; the hc;ly place of the 
tabernacle T)f the nioft HIghefi;, 

5 God is in the mi'dft of her, 
therefore fliall fhc not be remov- 
ed 5 God fliail help her, and that 
right early.' ■""-' '-■' '-•"- 

6 The heatten mialce much 
ado, and the kingdoms are mov- 
ed ; but God hath iTiowed his 
voice, and the earth fhall melt 
a^vay. ' ' ^ " ' ' • / 

■ '7 The Lord of hofts is with 
us j the God of Jacob is our re- 

8 O come hither, and behold 
the works of the Lord, what de- 
ftrudlion he hath brought upon 
the earth, 

9 He miketh wars to ceafein aU 
the world ; he breaketh the b.^w, 
and^knappeth the fpcar in (under, 
and burneth the chiriots in the 

JO Be i^ill then, and know 

ALTER. ^x,' Day, 

tBat^I^mOb'd : I -will be eti 
alted among the heathen, and 
I wHr be exaPced in'th'C earth.' 
■ I i-'The. Lfytd of hods- is with 
us J iiieGfed^iVf^aeob is our re- 
fugc, ^ 

"iEvjK^lKiG Prayer. 

Ffalm xlvii. * Oin'nes g&ntesj^ ^*- 
plaudite, • ' ,^ 

OClap your hands togethVf, 
all ye people : 0( faig unta 
God \vithi.he,yoJce of melody. . 

2 For the Lord is high, and to 
be feared j. h(? is the gfeat King 
upQn. all the earth. V\ , 

3 He lliall fubdue the people 
under us, and tJbe aatioos under 
our feet» •• 

4 He rt^all choofe out an herit- 
age for US| even the worihip of 
Jacob, whom he loved* 

5 God is gone up with a merry 
noife, and the Lord with the 
fou^nd of .the trump.' 

6 G fing praifes, fing praifes 
unto our God } O fmg praifes, 
fing praifes unto our King. 

7 For God is the King of all 
the earth : Hng ye praifes with 

8 God rejgrieth oyer the hea- 
then j God fittelk'upbn his holy 

9 The princes of, the people 
are joined unto the people of the 
God of Abraham j for God, 
whichisvery high exalted, doth 
defend the earth as it were with 
a fliield. 

Pfalm xlviii. Magnus Dcminusm 

GReat isthe Lord, and highly 
to be praifed in the city of 

our Gcdjcven^pon. his holy hill. 

a The h.Il of bio:i is a U'lr 
place, and che joy of the who • 
earth J upon th^ aorth Tide lieth 
the city ox che great king ; Go . 
is well known in herpaUces as a 
fure reiugc. 

3 For lo, the kings of the 
cavth a;J j,al:heied, and'^one by 

I. veiled to fee fuch 
rn:n_.. ; c;^cy were aitoniihed and 
fuJ.; Mily cdl down. 

5 Feiir came there upon them j 
and forrow, a* upon a woman iri 
her travail. 

6 T h^u ihalt hte:i*< the /hips 
of thr ("id riirough the ea/l wind 

7 i-'ki uG'we have hbird, fo 
have we T^en' in t'ie ciry of the 
l^ *0if3,jn tipe clJy of our 
Oodi God upholdeth fhe fame 
forever.-- '^ ; /^ ; 

' '(A'e wait for thy joving-kind- 
f:, O God, in the midft of thy 

9 O Codj /according, to thy 
Name, fo 13 thy praife unto th^ 
worid's end j thy "nglu hjfijd is 
fuIlJf rights on rnc(s.*' ' 

10 Lee the mount, , Si on re- 
joice, an^i thcd2u>7hter of Judah 
be glai, /feccaufe of. thy jud^- 
Tntnts,, ! ^. 

11 WaUc about Sipn, anil go 
round about hir'^' and till the 
towers, tl'ier^f, 

12 Al:i/k\vef! her baKvarks, 
fet up heV 'lioufes. that. ye may 
teii tbem that 6omb at'^er. 

13 F^r^this •Gq4 i* oar God 
fjr ever and ^vpr : Ke ,hall be 

.1 ^uiJe ttiit6',<i^th. 

Pfalm xlix. Auditihctc, omnt. 

OHcar ye this» ail ye people^ 
-ponder It W4;h y^ur eai$,all 
ye tnat dweii in the wiitdj 

2 Hii;h anu low, rich and 
poor, one with anocner. 

3 My mouth ihall Ipcak of 
wiidooi; and my heart ihaii mufc 
of unQeritandiii^. 

4 I will inc'ime mine ear to 
:he parable, and ihow my dark 
/pcecri upon the harix. 

5 Wherefore ihouid 1 fear in 
the days of wickednels, and wlien 
the wickedneis of my hecii Loin^ 
pafieth me round ai-out ? 

6 There be f jme that put their 
rruft m their goods, anu boaft 
themfelves in the multitude oi 
their riches \ 

7 But no man may deliver hi» 
brother, nor make agreement 
unto. God for him : 

8 For it coft more to redeem 
their fouls j fo that he muie let 
that alone for ever j 

9 .,Yea, though he live long^ 
and fee" not ti>e t;rave. 

10 For he feeth that wife men 
alfo die and penlh to'cether, as- 
weil as the ignorant and fooiilb, 
and leave tlieir richco for other. 

I I And yet they think- that 
their 'houies ihaii continue for 
ever, and that their dwelhn^ 
places ftiall endure from one ge- 
neration to another; and c-ilthe 
lands after their own names. 

12 Neverthelefs, man will not 
abide in honour, feeing he may bo 
compared unto the beaHis ihat 
perjih J this is the way of them, 

I 3 This is their foolifnnefs, 

5c. l>dy. 

tit Psalter. 

Jt. Day. 


14 They lie in tile, hell like 
flieep y death gnaweth upon them, 
5?nd- the righteous fhall have do- 
minion over them in the morn- 
ing : their beauty ihall consume 
in the fdpukhre out oi' their 

15, Bat God hath delivered 
my foul from the place of hell : 
for he ihall receive me. 
. 16 Be not thou afraid, though. 
One be made rich, or if the glory 
of his houfe be increafed j 

17 For he ihall carry nothing 
SKvay with him when he dieth, 
neither fhall hio pomp follow 

iS For while he lived, he 
tounted hlmielf nn happy man ; 
an<4 fo long as thou doeft well 
unto thyfclf, men will fpeak 
good of thee. 

. 19 He ihall follov/ the genera- 
tion of his fathers j and fhall 
hevcr fee light. 

20 Man being in honour hat'n 
no unddrilanding, but is compa- 
red unto the bealh that peri/h. 

The Tenth Diy, . .. .^ 
ivloRKlKG Pr. AYirr. 
Pfalm 1. Dcus dccruh, 
rg'^He Lord, even the mo ft 
ji^' mighty God, hathfpok'cn, 
t.\\di called xhz world, from the 
rifing up of the fun unto the 
going down thereof.. . 

2 Out cf Sion hath God ap- 
peared in perfect ty. 

3 Our God fhitll come, ?ind 

go before hini a CdnTumIng fife, 
and a mighty tempeft {KalJ ^^ 
ftirred up round ahout him. . . ' 

4 Ke fhall call the heavenT 
from above, and the earth, that 
he may judge his people. 
1 5 Gather my faints together 
,unto me ; thofe that have made 1^ 
; covenant with me with facrifice. 

6 And the heavens fhall de- 
clare his righteoufnefsj for Go«i 
is judge himfelf. 

7 Hear, O my people, and T 
will fpeak J I m\felf will tefl-jfr 
againft thee, O Ifrael 5 for I ani 
God, even t-hy^ God*. 

8 I will not reprove thee t)e- 
caufe of thy facrif.ces, or for 

; thy burnt-offerings ; becaufethey 
; were not alway before me. 

9 I will take no bullock ouC 
of thine houfe, nor he-goat out 

iof thy folds J 

10 For all the beafts of the 
jforcf! are mine, and fo arc the 
cattle upon a thoufand hills. 

1 1 I know all the fowls upon 
the mountains, and the wild 
beafls of the field are in my 

12 If I be niingry, I will not 
tell thee J for the whole world id 
mine, and all that is' therein. 

13 Think^ft thou that 1 wilt 
eat bulls fiefh,and drink the blood 
of goats ? 

74 Offer unto' God thankf- 
giving, and pay thy vows unto 
ihe moft'Highef}, 

15 And call upon me in the 
time of trouble 5 io will I hear 
thee, and thou /halt praife me. 

i6 But un;o the ungodly fuld 

3 wur 00a lAitii come, ?ina iO tsut un;o tne ungodly iml 
ihail nvt keep filence j tli^re ihall "> Cod, Why U^fl thou preach my 


laws, and takcfV my. coven ant in 
thy raoutb ; 

17 Whereas thou hated to he 
reformed, and hall caA my 
words b^iilnd thee? 

18 When thou fawefl a tb'ef, 
rtiQu cenfentedll unto him j and 
haft bcon partaker with the 

19 Thou haft \tt thy roouth 
fpeak wiclcednefs, and with thy 
tongue thou haft fet forth deceit. 

, ao Thou fatteft and Ijaakcft 
agjinft thy brother j yea, and 
tuft flandered thine own mo- 
ther's fon. 

21 Thcfc things haft thou 
don?, and I held my tongue, 
;ind thou thoughieft wickedly, 
that I '4m. even fuch a one as 
{hyfel/j buti will reprove thee, 
and fst before tTice the things 
(hat thou haiidone. 

25 O conhder thif, ye that 
far-^et God, left I pluck you 
away, and there be .none to de- 
liver you. 

a 3 Whofo pffereth me thanks 
ai*.d ptaile, he horjoureth me j 
ind t J him tb4t prdcreth his con- 
Verfation righ*", will I i|wvv th? 
falvation of God. 

HAve mercy upon me, O 
God, after thy great good- 
Ijefs , according to the multitude 
df thy itiercies "do away mine 

2 Wafti me thoroughly ' from 
my wickednefs, and cleanfe me 
firom my fir. ; 

3 For I acknowicc^gp my faults", 
sni nay fin ia ever before me. I 
P 6 

4 Againft thee only have I 
finned, and done this evil in thy 
li^t, that thou mighteft be jufti- 
ficd in thy faying, and clear whep 
thou art judged. 

5 Behold I was f^iapen la 
wickednefs, and in fin hath my 
mother cpnceived me. 

6 But lo, thou requireft truth 
in the inward parts, and fhalt 
make me to undcrftand wifdona 

7 Ihovi ftialt purge me wUI]l 
hylfop, and 1 fnall be clean j 
thou ihalt vvafli me, and 1 ihall 
be whiter than fnow, 

3 Thcu ihalt make me hear 
of joy and gladnefs, that t)ie 
bones which thou haft broken 
may rejoice. 

. 9 Turn thy face from iriy 
fips, and put out all my mifdeeds. 

10 Make me a clean heart, 
O God, and renew a right fpirit 
witiiin me. 

11 Cait me not away from 
thy prefence, and take Xiot thy 
Holy Spirit from me. 

12 O give me the comfort of 
thy help again, and ftablifti me 
with thy free Spirit. 

1 3 Then ihall I teach thy ways 
untp the wicke^, and fmnera 
fhall be converted unto thee. 

14 Deliver me from blood- 
guUtinpfs, O God, thou that arf 
the Cod of my health; and in^ 
tongue ihall fing of thy righte- 
oulnefs. ' 

J 5 Thou {halt open my lips^ 
O Lord, and my mouth ikali 
Ihow thy praife. 

16 For dioju (Jefireft no facrl- 
fice, eKe Wvjwld \ jivc it thee j 


The Psalter 

Vut thou deUff^teft not in burnt- 

17 'riie^racn{l.ce of God is a 
troubled fp'irit: a broken and 
contrite .hearty * • Goil> , ihalt 
thou not defpife, ' "" " "' ' . 

16 U be ravourable and gra- 
clou? unto Sion ^ build tKou the 
walls of Jei^ufalera. ' ".'' . 

i 9. Then fhaJt thcu be pleafed 
U'lth "tne facrifice of righteouf- 
nefs^vyiLh the burnt -.offerings and 
oblad'oiisj then fhali' they offer 
J'oung bullcciis upon thine altar. 

Pfalm lii. ^^u'ld gloriarh f 

Wllyboaileft thouthyfelf, 
thou tyrant, that choii 
canfl do miicliicf ? 

2, Whereas the goodnefs of 
God. endureth yet daily. 

3 Thy tongue imaginethwick- 
ednefs, and with lies thou cut-r 
tell like a iharp rafor. 

4 Thou lia'i loved unrighte- 
oufnefs more than goodnefs, and 
to talk of lies more than righte- 
cafnefs. ^ ^_ . _,^. 

5 Thou haf? loved to fpeak 
all w rcis that may do hurt, O 
,tho^ falfe tongue. 

, 6 Therefore fhall G od deftroy 
thee for ever j he fhall take thee, 
and pluck thee out of thy dwel- 
ling, and root thee out of the 
land of the living. - ' . 

7' The righteous'^lfo fiiall fee 
this, and fear, ^ud ihall ^laugh ; 
him to fcorn :^, ..' • 
*' t Lo, this is the man that 
tootc hot Gt>d for-his ftrcngth j \ 
but truiled unto the muitiiuae 
of his riches, an'd Arengdiened | 
hiaifeU' ia bib Wiciicd'hefs. 

X* T>ay, 

9 As foj-W/Iamlik^ agreen 
olive-tree in the hoafe of Gofl ; 
my truft is in the tendef aiercy of 
God for ever and ever. "' ' 
. 10 I .will always give thanks 
unr^ thefe/or that thou ba'/l dohej 
and i will' hope in thv Na^c, 
for thy faints like it wen. : 

E V £ ,N I N^ G P R A Y E R . 

Pfalm liii. Dixit infipiens, 

THe foollf^ body hath faid in 
his heart, There is no God. 
2 Corrupt are they, and become 
abominable in tiieir wickednefs ; 
there is none that doeth good. . " 

3 God looked down fi om hea^ 
ven upon the. children of men, 
to fe? If there were' any that 
would underfta^id, and feek after 
God". - 

4 But they are all gone out of 
the way, they are altogether be- 
come abominable; there is alfb 
none that doech good, no not 

5 x^re not they without under- 
ftanding that work wickednefs, 
eating up my people . as if they 
would eat bread Y they have not 
Qalled upon God. 

. 6''They were afraid, ,where no 
fear was j, for God bach broken 
the bones of him that befieged 
thee ; thou hailpuu them to ton, 
fufion, becaufe God iiuth dti^ 
pifed them. 

^ 7 Oh that , the falvatior were 
given unto IjVael out of ^iun \ 
Oil that the Lord woul.d dejliver 
his people out oi captivity ! 

8 Then ihould Jacob rejoice, 
■Jiiid iiiiel ihouid be ri^iht giad. 

3f. Den* 

Tlie PsA! TFR. 


Pi'alm liv. Dfusy in Nomine » 

8 Ave iiiC, O God, tqr thy 
Nome's fake, and avenge 
me ill thy'llrcngth. 

2 Hear my prayer, O God, 
and hearken unto the words of 
my mouth":' 

3 For ftrangefs arc rifen up 
a^ain't nii; j and tyrants, which 
haw apt God bcrore their eyes, 
feek after my foul. 

4 Beliold, God is my helper j 
the Lord h with them that up- 
hold my Tqul. 

5 Ke fliuH reward evil unto 
mine enemies: deftroy tiiou 
them iii thy truth. 

6 An offering of a fres heart 
will I give th':e, and pralfe thy 
Name, O LorJ j becaufe it is fo 

7 For he hath delivered me 
out of all my trouble} and mine 
eye" hath ittn his defire upon 
min€ enemies. 

Pialm iv. Exaudi, Dcus, 

HEar my prayer, O God, 
and hide not thyfelf from 
my peti:ion. 

2 lake heed unto me, and 
hear me, how i mourn in my 
prayer, and am vexed. 

3 The enemy crieth fo, and 
the ungodly cometh on fo fall} 
for they are minded to do me 
fome mifchiet, fo maliciouily 
are they fct againR vof, 

4 My heart is difquieted within 
me, and the fear of deaih is fall- 
en upon me.. > 

5 Fearfulnefs and trembling 
are come upon mejand an horri- 
ble dread hath overw'rielmed me. J 

6 And I faid, Oh tha: I hid 

wings like a dove; for tlien 
wouia 1 lie? away, and be at relh 

7 Lo, tlicn would 1 i,ct me 
away far otf^ and remain in the 

S 1 would make haftc to ef- 
cape, becaufe of the 'ftormy 
wind and tempefl. 

9 Deltroy their tongues, O 
Lord, and diiiJe them } for I 
have fpied unri^htecufnefs and 
ftrifc in the city. 

10 Day and night they go 
about within the walls thereof} 
mifchief aifo and forrow are in 
the midft of it. 

11 Wickednefs is therein; 
deceit and ^uiie go not out of 

! their ftreets. 

! 12 icr it is not an open^ che- 

i my that ^lath done me this dif- 

I honour } for then I could have 

j bonic it : - ■ 

! 13 Neither was it mine ad- 

verfary tiiat. did magnify himfelf 

againil me } for then peraiiven- 

ture 1 would have hid myfcif 

from him : 

14 But it V as even thou, my 
companion, niy ^tiiae, and mine 
own familiar friend, 

15 We took fvvect counfel to- 
gether, and walked in the houfe 
o; Qod as frienai. . . , 

16 L^t death come haflily up- 
on them, aiid let rhem go aown 
quick in o hell ;*rf'or wicked nefb 

I is in their.d-y^reiiings^ and among 


ij '^As for me, I wilFcall upo-i 
I G6d,' and the Lord ihail fave 

me.'"'. ' ' •^ 
I iS In the evening, and morn- 
i ing; and at nooii-Jay, will f 

xh T>ay. 

pray, and tKatini^antly } and he 
i^ail hear my voice. 

19 It is he that hath delivered 
my Toul in peace, from the bat- 
tle that was againft me ; for 
there were many with me. 

20 Yea, even God that tn- 
dureth for ever fhali hear me, 
?nd faring them down 5 for they 
will not turn, nor fear God. 

21 He Uid his hands upon 
fuch as be at peace with him, 
and he brake his covenant. 

22 The words of his mouth 
were fofter than butter, having 
v/ar in his heart j hjs words were 
fmoorhcr than oil, and yet be 
they very fwords. 

23 O caft diy b'irthcn upon 
the Lord, and he Ihall nourifh 
thee, and fhatl not fuffqr the 
li^hteoui to fail for ever; 

24 And as for them, thou, O 
God, fhalt bring them into the 
pit of deftiuclion* , 

25 The blood-th»r% r.hd de- 
CAJtfui rrien ihail not live out half 
their days: neverthelefs, my 
^rull fnaii be La U^^e, O Lord, 

The Eleventh D?^* 

MoR KINO Pr aye f. . 

j^falm Ivi* Mrferere rtc'i,. Deus* 

BE merciful un*o rre^ O God, 
for njan ^th abc/ut to de- 
vour mc j he; is daily lighting 
and troubling ^c. 
, 2 Min^ ej*?rr>ie? are dally in 
l}fnd to fwallow me up 5 fr^r 
they be many that fig'st ajalnft 
r»s, O ihpu Mo(i Kiglitvil'* ; . 
3 ;viev-nh?,l<?4^ i^y.^k\^^ 

Th^ Psalter. 

xu Day* 

fan>etimes afraidf yet put I my 
truft in thee. 

4 I will praifeGod becaufeof 
hft word : I have put my truft iij 
God> and vvill not feiir what fleih^ 
can do unto me. 

5 They daily iftlftakc m|f^ 
words i ail that they imagine is, 
to do me evil, 

6 They hold all together, and 
keep themfeives clofe, and mirk 
my fteps, when they lay wait for 
my foul, 

7 Shall they efcapc fof their 
wickcdnefs ? thou, O God, in 
thy difpleafure, (halt caft them 

8 Thou tellefi: my wanderings i 
put my tears into thy bottle : arc 
not thefe things noted in th/ 
book ? 

9 Whcnfoever I call upontheci 
then iliali mine enemies be put 
to flight : this I knuw j for God 
is on my fide. 

10 Jn God's word will I re- 
joice ; m the Lord** word will I 

: comfort me, 

j II Yea, in God have I put 

j Tc\\ truft i I will not be afraid 

I what man can do unto me. 

j 12 Unto thee, O God, will l 

! pay my ^qwz j unto thee will I 

t ;^jve thi^nks. 

j 13 for thou had delivered my 

i foul frorn dqath, ^nd my feec 

[ from failing, that 1 may walk 

! b^bre God in the light of the 


Pfalm Ivli. Miferer^meiy Deut» 

BE merciful unto iT!e,0 God, 
ht Ti^.'^Tf.iT^i unto me J for 
' xnj iibul tfV^Jtfi'.ja tkee^ and 

3lK i)^. 

Tlie PsALTEIt^ 

under the fliaJovf of thy wings 
lliall be my refuge, until this 
tyranny be overpaid, 

2 I will call unto the moft 
high God, even unto the God 
that fhiiU pertbrm the caule 
which 1 have in hand. 

3 He fhafl fend from heaven, 
and fave me from the reproof of 
him that would eat me up. 

4 God fhall fend forth his 
m?rcy and truth : my foul is 
among lions. 

5 And 1 He even among the 
cKiUien of men, that are let on 
iire, whofc teeth are fpears and 
Hrrows, and their tdngue a {harp 

6 Set up thyfelf, O God, above 
the heavens, and thy glory above 
»U the earth. 

7 They have laid a net for my 
feet, and prelVed down my foul j 
they have digged a pit before me, 
and are fallen into the midtt of 
it themfelves. 

S My heart is fixed, O God, 
my heart is fixed ; I will fing, 
and givepraifc. 

9 Awake up,my glory ; awake, 
hitc and harp : 1 mjfelf Vvill 
awake right early- 

10 1 Will give thanks unto 
thee, O Lord, among the people ; 
atid 1 will {in^ unto thee among 
the nations. , 

1 1 For the greatnefs of thy 
mercy reachcth untJ the hea- 
vens, and thy truth unto the 

It Set v.p thyfelf, God, 
abnvc H:he heaven?, and thy ^\bry 
aliova all tin car:hw - • ^ 

Pfalm Ivlii. Si itere utique, 

A Re your minds fet tipon 
rightcoulncls, O jc con^ 
gregation .'* and do ye judge, the 
thing th»t 13 right, O ye fons of 
men .'' 

2 Ye^, ye imagine mifchief 
in your heart upon the earthy 
and j-our harnds deal with wick- 
ed ne^f>. 

3 The ungodhf are fnywstri^ 
even from thdr fnother*s womb ; 
a\ foon as they are born, they got 
afKay, and fpcak Vies, 

4 They are a? yenomoa< as the 
poifon of a fcrpenr, even like thfc 
deaf adders that ftoppeth her 
ears j 

5 Which refcrfeth fo h^ar the 
voice of the charmer, charm hfi 
never fo wifely. 

6 Break their te^th, O GoH^ 
in their mouths J fmite the jaw- 
bones of the lions, O Lord: let 
them fall away like water that 
runneth apace, and vrhen they 
/hoot their arrows, let them b« 
rooted out. 

7 Let them confume cway like 
a fnail, and be like the untimely 
fruit of a woman j and let them 
not fee the fun. 

8 Or ever your pots be tnndt 
hot with thorns, (o let indigna*. 
tion vex him, even as a thing 
that is raw. 

9 The righteous ihall rejoicfet 
when he feeth the vengeance ; he 
ihall wa(h his footfteps in the 
blood of the ungodly. 

10 So that a min fliall {ly^t 
V^fily thbl-e is a reward forihe 
righteous; <ioubtlefs there is n 
God thi^ jud^cth.the earth. 

E \ E M N o 

xi. Day. 

The Psalter. 

xl. 'Day. 

Evening Prayesi. 
pfalm lix. Eri^e tne de inimich. 

DEiiver me from mine ene- 
mies;, O Godj detend roe 
from them that rils; up agajiiit 

2 O deliver me from th^vyick- 
ed doerj, and fave me from the 
tlood-thirlty men. 

3 For lo^ they lie waiting fo» 
my. foul ^ ths mighcy men a>'v 
gathered d'^Anil mc, without 
any oitence or fault of me, O 

4 They run and prepare them- 
felves without my fault j arife 
thou therefore to hv'lp me, and 

5 Stand up, O Lord God of 
tofts, thou God of ifrae],to vlnt 
iiU the heathen, anj be nvt mer- 
clf'jj unto them that oii'end oi 
malicious wickednefs. 

6 They go to and fro in the 
evening, they grin uke a dog, and 
run about through the city. 

7 Behold, they fpeak with their 
mouth, and fworcs are i/i their 
lips ; for who doth hear ? 

8 But thou, O Lord, ihalt have 
them in deijfion, and thou fhalt 
laugh ail rhe heathen to fcorn. 
, 9.jVly itrength .will I afcribe 
unto thcc; for thou art the God 
of my refuge. ' ' ^- 

iQ God fhoweth me his good- 
nefs plenteoully: and God ihaii 
lee me fee my d«Iire upon mine 
enemies. , ^ 

11 Slay them not, left my peo- 
ple forget it 5 but fcatter them 
abroad araong the peopk^ aod 

put them down, O Lord, our de 

J 2 For the Hn of their mouth,, 
and for the words of their <ips, 
they fiia i be taken in their pride:, 
and vvhy ? their preaching is oX. 
curling and lies* ; 

i3.cGnfame them in fihy 
wrach j confuaie them, that they 
may periih, aud know that it is 
God that ruicth in Jacob, and 
unto the ends of the, world, 

14 And in the evening they 
will return, grin like a dog, an^i 
wjll go about the city. 

15 They will run here and 
there for meat, and grudge if 
they be not fatlsiied. 

16 As for mc, i will iing of 
thy power, and will praife thy 
mercy betimes in the morning , 
for thou halt been my defence and 
refuge in the daV of my trouh'e, 

1 7 Unto thec) O my Ikength, 
will 1 iingj. for thou, O Gird, 
art my reruge, and my merciiui 
God. -, 

Pfalm ix. Deus^ repulijii nos, 

OGod, thou hail caft us out, 
and fcattered us abroad y 
thou haft alfo been difpieafed ; 
O turn thee unto us again, 

J, Thou haft moved the land, 
and divided it : heal the fores 
thereof, for it ihaketh. 

3 Thou haft ftiowed thy peo- 
ple heavy things^ thou haftgivei^ 
us a drink oj deadly wine. 

4 Tr.ou haft given a token for 
fuch as fear th?e, that they, may 
triumph becaufe of the truth, -, 

5 Therefore wer^ thy beloved 
delivered : help me witiit;hyrigh; 
haiid, ;.;id heaj: me.. -. . 

6 Gcd 


The PjAf LER. 


6 GoU hathrpokem in his ho- 

liner>, 1 will rejoice and divide 
Sicheiti, tind mete out the vuiicy 

Qt SucCOth* , , 

'7 Giiead is irJce, and M*i 
naffcs is mine ; Ephralm alio is 
the iljengch of my head.j Judab 
is my Uw-'giver^ 

S.M.oali) is mywaih-potj ever 
Edom wiil 1 cait out my fhoe j 
Phiiiitia, te thou glad of mc, 

9 Who will lead me Into tiie 
ftron^ chy ? who will brihg" n^c 
into Ldom ? 

jg Haft not thou caft us out, 
O Gcid * vviit not :hou, O God, 
go out with our hoils ? 

II O be thou our help in trou- 
ble; for vain is the help of man. 
11 Through God will we do 
great a<5is } for i: is he that Uiall 
tread down our enemies. 
Pfaim 'xi. Exaur'iy Deus. 
Iky my crymv:, O God, 
five ear unto my prayer. 
From the ends of die earth 
will I ca"!] upon thee,, when my 
heart is in heavinefs.; 

5 O let me up upon the rock 
that is higher than I ; for thou 
haft been my hope, aiad a ilrang 
tower for me againil the eaemy. 

4 i wiii dwelt in thy taberna- 
cle for ever,' and my truil fliaJi 
be under the covering of thy 

5 For thou, O Lord, haft 
heard my defires, and haft given 


7 Me ihall dwell before Go<t 
for ever : O prepare thy lovifig 
.meioy and faithlulncfs, thatthcy^ 
may piefcrve him. . 

S So wfii I always fing praife 
unto thy Name, that I may daily 
perform my vcws. 

The Twelfth Day, 
Morning Prayef. 

Pfalm Ixii- Nonnc Dto f 

^/'t y foul truly wajtecii ftJU 
^ up en Cod J for of "him 
come th Xi\ y fa 1 V a d on . 

2 He verdy is my {treogth and 
my falvaticn ; he i$ my detence, 
io that I /hali not greatly fall, 

3 How long will ye imagine 
mn'chief againft every man ? ye 
fhall te flain all the iorl tf ycu^ 
yea, as a toaefing wait fnali yc 
be, and like a broKen heoge,' : 

f'i heir .device is only lioW 
ut him cut whom God will 
exalt.; their delight is in lies f 
they give good v.ords with theit 
mouth',, but curfe with their 

5 Neverthelefs, my foul wait, 
thou lliil upcn God ; tor my hope 
is in him. 

6 Kc truly is my ftrength, and 
my fahation ; he is my dii^caccj^ 
fo that Jr C:al; no: fall. ,: : 

7 In God 'is my h'.*!'h and* 

my glory, the rock of my might J 
an heritage, unto thofe that fear ' anrti im God is my truft. 

tliy Name. 

6 Thcu fhalt grant the King 
a long life, chat his years may 
ciidure. chrouj^hout all geiiera- 

S O put your truil in him al- 
way, ye people; pour out ycur 
hearts before him ; for God is 
our hope. 

9 As for the children of men, 

3di. D^v 

The Psalter, 

xii. Dnji 

they are buC vanity ; thechJldTcn 
of meii are deceitful upon the 
weights ^ they are altogether I'gh-- 
ter than vanity itfelf. 

j-O Q truft not in wrong and 
robbery ; give no^yourfelves unto 
vanity : if richeairicre.afe^fe.t not. 
y<utr h€iw:t up^an them. 

1 1 God fp^kc once, and twice 
I have alio heard the fame, That 
powej beioigeth unto God j 

12 And riiat thou, Lord, art 
mercifut ; for thou re-wardeit 
every man according to his work. 

Pfalm Ixiil. Dcus, Deus ^eus. 

OOodf thou art my God j 
early will I feck thee. 
2 i\fy foul thirftech for thee; 
my fleih alfo longeth after thee, 
in 3- barren and dry land whe^e 
6o water is. 

5 Thus have I looked for thee 
in holinefs, that 1 might behold 
*hy powe.r and glory j 

4 For thy loving kindnefs is 
f^ctter than the life itfelf : my 
lips ihall praife thee. 

5 As long as I live will I mag-i 
nify thee in this manner, aod 
lift up rfty hands in thv Name. 

6 MyVwil ihall bi fatisficii^ 
even as it were with marrow and 
farnefs,'v^en my mouth pr^f«th 
thee with joyful lips* 

7 Have i not remembered thee 
in my bed, and tiiought upon 
thee when I was waking ? 

S Becaute thou hall been my 
helper 5 therefore under the Sha- 
dow of thy wings will 1 reioice. 

9 My foul hangeth upon thcC) 
Uiy right hand hath upholdenme. 

.r© Thefo ^^io tiwit fcek ^he 

hurt of h>y (bul, they Ihfill g» 
ander the earth, 

1 1 Let them fall upon th$ 
edge of the fword, that they may 
be a portion for foxes* 

12 But the King ffiall rcjbict 
in; God j all they aifo that Iwear 
by him fhall be comfiaended 5 f«r 
the mouth of them th^t fpeak 
Ijies ihall be ftoppe<l, 

Pfalm Ixlv, £xauii, De:i(, 

HEar my valcf, O God, 14 
my prayei- j prcferve ojjj 
life from fear of the eneiyiy* 

2 Hide me from the gathering 
together of the froward, and fron^f 
the irLfurre<5^ion of vvickcd doers; 

3 Who hav.e whet tbeiftong'U|{ 
like a fvvord, and Jhoot out their 
arro-vvs,, even bitter words> 

4 That tluey may privily flvoot 
at hina that is perfeft : fuddenly 
do they hit him, and fear not, 

5 They encourage themfelves ill 
mifchief, and commnne among 
thennfelves, how they may lay 
fnares j and fay, that no mail 
fhall fee them* 

6 They imagine wi(:kedne£9i 
and praftiie it ; thai they keepi 
fecrct among themfelves, every 
man in the deep of his heart; 

7 But God fliall fuddenly iijiool 
at them with a fwift arrow, that 
tliey fhail be wounded. 

5 Yea, their own tongiies fhall 
make them fall; iafomuch that 
whofo feech them, fhall lau§k 
them to fcorn. 

9 And all men that fee it fhall 
fay, This hath God done j for 
they ihall perceitc that it is his 

10 The 


The PsALTBtt. 

xii. D^. 

i<i The ri^iteaus ihali rejoice 
in the Lord, and put i^iis tnaftia 
him j ond all Lhcjr that are true 
oi heart Hi^.be glad. 


Pfalm Ixv. TV ^^r^f hymnus, 

THoo, O" God, art praifed Tn 
SJon J and iintQ thee ihaiT 
the vow be pertoirmed ih Jerur- 

2 Thou that hcareil the prayer, 
unto thee fhalF all fTe/h come. 

3 My mil^eeds prevail againft 
me : O bt thou merciful unto 
our fins. 

4 BleiTed Is the man whom 
thou chonfef^, ahdreceivefl unto 
thee : he fhall dwell in thy- court, 
and fhall be fatisfied with the 
pleafuresof thy houfe, even of 
thy holy temple. 

5 Thou Ihaitihow as. wonder- 
ful things \n thy righteoufcefa, 
O God of our faryation ; thou 
that art the hope of all the ends 
of the earth, and of them that 
remaia in the broad^ (ra.- 

6 Who in his ftrength (etteth 
fait the mountams, and is girded 
aboiat with power. 

7 Who ftilletii the ragjng of 
the fea, and the noife of his 
waves, and the madnefs of the 

8 They aH<y that dwell in the 
a'tcrmoft parts o!^ the earth fhall 
be afraid at thy tokens, thau 
that raakeft the out-goings of the 
icoriiio^ and evening to praife 

a Thou v*f fitcft the earth, and 
bleiTeftit; thou makdl k tery 

10 The river ©f GattiifutJ o/ 
water : thoa prcparell their com> 
for fo thcuprovidci} fou fihc eartii. 

1 1 Thou watercfl her furrows ; 
thou fende/l rain into the little 
^•allies tjheiieof ^ thou makcfl it 
foft with t^ae dfiop«ho/ rnin^ and 
blcfTeft the increafe of it. 

li TUouJ cro\WTfifi'. the year 
with thy- goodncfij. and tli/ 
cloucs drop fatncfa^ 

hi, They fhall drop upon the 
dweliing$.of toe:wiJdemet'J ; and 
the little hills ihall rejoke on 
every fide. 

14 The foJd* Ml be f^W of 
fhecp : thcvallieii allb fliali fiand 
fo thick wlt^ carrij that tiifsy 
fhail laugh and fing. 

Pfalm Ixvi. Jubilate Deo. 

OBe joyful in God, all ye. 
lands j fing prailies unto tha 
honoul- of his Name j make his 
praqie to be g.Ioriaas. 

2 Say uato Gpd> O bow won- 
derful art thou in thy works i 
through the greatnefs of thy 
pjower fhall thine enemies be 
found liars unto thee. 

3 For all the world fhaslX wor- 
fhip thee, fmg of thee, and praife 
thy Name. 

4 O ceme hither, and behold 
the works of God, how wonder- 
ful he is in his doing towitrd the 
children oi flfien ! 

r He turned the fea into dry 
lanid, fo that they went through 
the water on foot j there did wc 
rejoice thereof. 

6 He ruleth with his power for 

ever J hii eyes behold the people : 

and fuch as will not believe 


xn^Daj. The Psalter. :!dih D/zy. 

Pf-^lm Ixvif, Deus m'lfcrtatur^ 

GOd- be ' merciful unto m, 
and blefs us, and ihowuji 
the light of his countenance, irad ' 
be rne^eifui uatO us; 

!2 That thy way may beknowji 
upon earth, tl^y ikying hfaith 
among ail nations. 

3 Let ithe peoplie pralfe thee. 
O God. 5 yea, let' all tfie peopie 
praife thee, . . ,"' 

4 O let thd nations rejoice 
and be glad 3 for thou fhaltjutigr 
the folk .ighteoufly, a*^ ^o\'(^£i 
the nations upon earth. 

5 Let the people, praife ther, 
O God 5 let all the people piaifc 
thee. ' '." ' 

6 Then (hall the earih brir-g 
forth her increafcj ^rid God, 
even our own GoH, fnall give us 
ihis bleiTing. , . , 

7 God'fna}] b'lefs us • and all 
the ends of the v/oridJhail fear 

fliall not be able to exait them- 

' 7 O praife our God, ye peo- 
ple, and make the voice of his 
praife to he heard 5 

•8 Who holdeth guy foul in 
life, and fuffereth notour feet to 

^ For thou, O God, hail prov- 
c4 US5 thou aJfo haft tried us, 
like as filver is tried, 

10 Thou bioughtelt us into 
the fnare, and laidft trouble upon 
our loins. 

1 1 r hou fufferedft meM tb ride 
over our heads j we went through 
fire an J water, and thou brought- 
eft us out into a wealthy place. 

12 I will go into thine houfe 
with burnt offerings, and will 
pay thee my vo\Vs which Tpro- 
mlied with my lips, and fpake^ 
with my mOuth, when I was in 
trouble; « - ' " 

13 I will offer" unto thee fat 
burnt facrifices, wi ch the jhcenfe 
of rnms ; I will oiFer bullocks 
and, goats. .- ■ 

14 O come hither, and hear- 
ken, all ye that fear God, and 1 
will tell you what he hath done 
for my foul. 

15! called unto him with my 
moutli, and gave him pralfes 
with my tongue. 

16 if I incline unto w'ckcdnefs 
with mine heart, the Lord will 
not hear me. ' ' ' 

17 But God hath heard me, 
and confidered the voice of my 

18 Praifed be God, who hath 
Eot call out my prayer, nor turn- 
ed his mercy from me, • J 

The Thirteerith t)ay. 

MoRiiiN<= Prayer, 

Pfalm Ixviii. Kocurg'af Deus» 

LEt God arife, and let hi> 
enemies be fcattdred \ let 
them alfo that hate ham flee be- 
fore him. 

2 Like as the fmoke vanifh- 
eth, fo fhalt thou dfive them 
away 5 and like as wax meiteth 
at the fire, fo let the ungodly 
periih.atth^ prefence-of Cod. 

3 But let the righteous be 
glad and tejorce befotfe God 5 
let them alfo be merry x^d joy- 


xilf; Dayi 

The PsALTKR*. 

xiK. Day* 

1| 4 O fing unto God, and fing 
praiics unco Ijis Name ; mag- 
nify him that ridctii upon the 
h^KTins, as it were upon an 
horlej praife him in his Name 
J.\H, and rejoice before him. ■ 

5 He i& a-tather of. the /at her - 
lefs, and defendeth the caufe of 
•■^e wtd'ivvs J even G&d In hia 
--o!y habitation, -^ 

6 Ke is the God that maketh 
*nen to be oi one mind in an 
h.ufe, and bringeth the prifoners 
.oot of captivity ; bat Ictteth the 
•runagates continuein fcarccnefs 

- ' 7 O God, when th )a wenteil 
forth before the people^ when 
t'loa wente;^ through the wilder- 

S The earth fhook, and the 
heavens droppe-d at the prefence 
of God ; even as Sinai aifo vvas 
m.^ved at the prefence of God, 
who is the God of Ifiael, . 

9 Thou, O God, fentert a 
gracious rain upon thine inheri- 
tance, and refrefhedft it when 
it was weary. 

JO. Thy cpngregation fhall 
dwell therein.} fortiiou, O.God, 
haft of thy good nefs prepared 
for the poor. v , 

1 1 The Lord ga^re the word ; 
great was the company of the 
preachers. - ^ ^ 

12 Kings with their armies 
did flee, and were difcomfited, 
and the) of the houfhold divided 
the fpo'.;. 

1 3 Though ye have Lain among 
the pots, yet {hali ye be as the 
v/ings of a dove that is covered 
with fr.ver wings, and herfea- 
Hicrs iike ^oid. 

I4v When the Ahnighty fi;ar-» 
tered kings for their la^LC, theri 
were they as vvRice as iJiow^lil 
Salmojji , 

15 As the hill of Bafaii, fa 
is God's hill j even In high hillj 
as z\\e bill of Balan. 

1 6 Why hop ye h, ye higti 
hills I thJ3i is God's hill, in the 
which it pleafeth him to dwell ; 
yea, the Lord will abide in it for 

17 The chariots of God are 
twenty thoufand, even thoufandfi 
•.if Angels j and the Lord is 
among them as in the holy place 
of Sinai. 

' 8 rhou art gone up on high, 
thou haft led captivity captive, 
and received gifts for men ; yea, 
even for thine enemies, that the" 
Lord God might dwell among 
them. ' 

19 Praifcd be the Lord dallv-, 
even the G jd who h^Ipeth us, and 
poureth his benefits upon us. 

20 He is our God, even the 
God of whom cometh falvation : 
God is the Lord, by whom we 
efcape death. 

21 God iliallwound the head 
of his enemies, and the hairy 
fcalp of fuch a one as goeth on 
itill in his wickednefs. 

22 The Lord hath faid, I jv'M 
bring my people again, as I dkl 
from Bafan 5 mine own will I 
bring again, as 1 did fometime 
from the deep of the fea. 

23 Thai thy foot may be dip- 
ped in the blood of thine enemies, 
and that the tongue of thy dogs 
may be red through the farr.e. 

24 It is wtil feen, O God, 


-The Psalter 

xiii. Ikiy. 

how thou gocft J -how thou, Jny 
God and King, gocft in the 

25 The fingers.go before, the 
jnirtltrels fpllow afccrj in the 
midfl are the damfeh -phying 
with the tiriibnils. 

26 Give thaftlcs, O Ifrael, 
unto God the Lord, in the con- 
^cegatipns, from the ground di 
the heart. 

27 There is little Benjamin 
their ruler, and the prrnces of 
Jui^a their council} the princes 
of Zebulon, *nd the princes of 

28 Thy God hath fent forth 
Hrength 'for Thee j ftabliih the 
thing, O God, that th-otj haft- 
V/roughl: in us, 

29 Pot thy temple's fake at 
Jerufalein : fo Ihall kings bring 
prefents unto thee. 

30 When the company of the 
Tpear-men, and multitude of the 
^mighty, are fcattered abroad 
among the beaih of the people, 
io that they humbly bring pieces 
of filverj and when hs "hath 
/fcattered the people that delight 

in war 5 

31 Then fhall the princes 
come out of Egypt,; the Moriajis 
land fhall foon Ibecoh out her 

• hands unto God. 

32 Sing unto God, Oyekiqg.- 
.doms.of the earth j O fiiig prai- 

fcs unto the Lord, 

33 Who fitteth in the heaven .s 
over all, from 'the beginning : 
1,0, he doth fend out bis voice 3 
yea, and that a mighty voice, 

34 Aicxibt i^ tlie:pOvysr to 

xiii. Day, 

God over Ifrafil 5 ^is worihip and 
ftrength is in thcclouds. 

35 O Go^, wonderful art 
thou in thy holy places: -even 
the God of Ifrael, he will give 
Itrcngtli and 'power unto his peo- 
ple. Jilefled'bc God. 


Pfalm Ixix. Salnxum wxfac* 

SAve Hie, O God ; fur the 
waters are coonc in., even 


2 I ftickfaft in the deep mire, 
where x\o ground \% \ I am come 
into deep waters, fo that the 
:ftoods run over me. 

g I am weary of crying, .my 
throat is dry j my fight faileth 
me for vMttintg fo long upon mv 

^ They that hate me without 
a ceufe are mare than the hairs 
of my head j they that are mine 
'enemies, and would deflroy me 
g^ihlel^, are mighty. 

5 1 ipaid them -the things that 
I ne\ier took : God, thou know- 
eft mylimplenefs, and my. faults 
are not hid from thee. 

6 Let not them that truft m 
thee, O Lord God of hofiis, be 
aihamed for my caufej let noc 
thofe that feek thee be confound- 
ed through me, O Lord God of 

7 And A^'by ? for thy fake 
h.2£%Q 1 fuffcred reproof 3 ihame 
hath covered my face. 

S I am become a ilranger unto 
my brethren, even an alien unto 
nw mother -s children . 

9 For the zeal of thine houfe 

hath even eaten jae, a^iJ the 1 e- 


isFtikes of thertf- that rebukcJ 
chcE, are fallen upon mc. 
♦^ " -fcr r<ve^t, aftd obathrnfd my- 
'^t^f wkh ifaltJine, > aivi that was 
- . as J to my reprf)of. 

1 1 I tpuc oa fickcloth alfo, 
-n<i they jtiitd upon me. 

J a. *Tliey that fit in the igate 
fpeak a^jairtft me, and the drunk- 
iflis imtti fongB upon me. 
'^ i^ But^Lopiyl make my pra-yer 
' tf*to thee* i n. an ' accep ta b Ic ?i rar . 
34 me, O God, in tbc 
IttiikittideKjf thy mercy, even in 
the tri«h of ^y f:ilvation. 
' - i'5 Take me out of the mire, 
th*t I fink not 5 O let me be de- 
livered frsm-thcm that hate me, 
kn^ oilt <jf the deep waters. 
' 16 LfeC^not the water-flood 
drown me, neither le; the deep 
^^alloW^me up 5 and let not the 
^i^ fhut her mouth upon mc. 

•17 Bear me, O Lord, for thy 
lovlng-kindnefs is comfortable 5, 
^iirn Chde unto me, according to 
the multitude of thy mercies. 

18 And hide no: thy face from . 
'thy fervanr j for I 'am in trouble : ! 
MD hafte thee, iand hear me. 
"' >9 Draw ni^h unto my foul, 
*ilili lave it } O deliver m«, be-; 
. ^caufe of mine enemiis. ! 

"■-■ "io Thou haft icnown my re-i 
proof, my ibame, and my diflio- 
^Aodr : mine ^dveffaries irt all! 
'*n'tt»y fi^ht'. 

"21 Thy rebuke hath broken 
^f iie'att $ 1 ' aim • fii i 1 of hea v i • 
vfeef^ :Hook4j for fbme to have 
'j^^ty on m€, but there wjts no 
■■^^in, rteitbisr •fouhd i any to 
tnfort me. 

and when I was thlrfty, they gave 

me vinegar to dr*nk, 

23 Let their table be made a 
fnare to tuke tljcmfeives withal ; 
anil let tlie things that (houli 
have been for their -wealth, hfc 
unto there en occaflon of faliing, 

^4 Let thfclr eyes be blindcd| 
that th»?y fee not j -and ev^r bow 
tho^ down their backs, 

25 Pour out thine indigntttioBi 
U])on'fri^m, *a):'d let'thy wraihfttl 
difpleafare takthdld t/f 'them. 

26 Let tiiel-V hab?ta"tion be 
Void, and no man "to 'dwell ia 
their tents. 

it 7 l^or they pcrfecutc him 
whom thou haft fmitten, anU 
they talk liovv they may vei 
xhem whom thou haft wounded. 

28 Let them fall from one 
Wickednefs to'an6ther, and not 
come into thy righteoufnefs. 

'2*9 Let tbem be wiped out of 
the took of the living, and not 
be writtten among the righteous, 

36 As for me, when 1 arri 
'p{^or ir^d in heaviiiefs, thy help, 
O God, fm\\ lift me up. 

■31 Twill braife the Name of 
Go^ ^''th a long, and magnrfy 
it with thankfgiving.^^ - 

32 This alfo ili^^ieafe the 
Lord, better tban ti bullock that 
hath horns and hoofs. 

33 The humble fhall ccnfi- 
'i&X thisj-an-d be glad : feek t^^ifi^r 

Co*, and your foul fhall live. 

3^. 'For the Lorii hrareth the 
poor, and 'defpifcth not hi* pri- 

3<5 Let heaven aivd earth 
.praifc hinvj the fea, and ftll 
that rv>oveth therein. ' 

16 For 


xiv. Dav. 

T^e Psalter. 


36. For God will fave Siort, 
and build the cities- of Juda^ 
that men may dwell there, and 
have it in polTeirion. 

37 The poilerity alfo o( his 
fervants ihall inherit it; and 
they that love his Name fliaii 
dwell therein. 

I^falm Ixx, Deus, in sdjutor'ium. 

HAfte thee, O God, to deli- 
ver me J make hafte to 
help me, O Lord. 

2 Lee them be afnamed and 
confounded, that feel£ after "my 
f^ul 5 let them be turned bacl^- 
ward and put to confuiion, that 
>viih me evil. 

3 Let them for their, reward 
be ioon brought to ihame, that 
cry over me, There, tbei:e. 

4 But let all thofe that feek 
thee be joyful and glad in thee ; 
anJ let: all fuch as delight in thy 
Tiivation fay alway, The Lord 
be praifed. 

5 As for me, I am poor and 
in miferyj haile thee unto me, 
O God. 

6 Thou art my helper, an J 
my Redeemer : O Lord, make 
no long tarrying, 

The Fourteenth Day, 
Morning Prayer. 

Pfalm Ixxi. In te, Domit:eyfpe- 

IN thee, O Lord, have I pat 
myjtruft ; let me never be 
put to confufion, but rid me, 
and deliver me in thy righteouf- 
nefs : incline thine ear unco mi, 
and five me. 

i Be: thoir my_ ftrong hold, 
whereiinto 1 may a)vvay<reli'rt : 
thou haft proraiied to- h^ipcm^r, 
fot thou art my honfc, of de- 
fence, ahd my calHe, <.- 
, .3 Deliver me, Q jqpyl Cod, 
out of the hand of the ungodly, 
ouLofthe hand of thciiinrigh- 
teous and cruel man.iii.. ;. 

4 For thou, O Lord God, art 
tbe.thing that I long iovi thou 
art my hope^ eyeirifrosn my 
youth. V. . 

I., 5 Through thee havt I been 
holden up ever finoe i was born ; 
thou art he that took mis ouf: of 
my mother's wombi .xny pra'if; 
ihall be aiways..of thee*. ..; . 

6 i am become were a 
monfter unto m.aay,':b\)SJDny. (ure 
truft is intheQi: . .:>..( , 

7 O let my mouth be filled 
with thy praife, that Tm.ijy.fing 
oi thy glory and hojK)ur atl the 
day long. 

8 Cait me not away m the 
time of age ; forfake me not 
when my ftrength : 

9 For mine . enemies fpeak 
againft me 5 and they that lay 
w.ait for my foul take ih^ir 
counfcl together; faying, God 
liath forfaken hrm ; persecute 
him, and ta!ve him > for there is 
none to deliver hijB* 

10 Go not faj from me, O 
G od j my God, hafte th^ , to 
help me. . . '/'J . ^ 

I \ Let them t* confounded 
and perilh, that are -^gpi nit njy 
foul J let them, be covered wiijh 
fname and difhonour, fchat- feek 
to do me evil. 

12 As for me, 1 wul patiently 


xiv. D/xy,. 

TJie Fs,ALT£'R. 

;?clv. Day: 

^bideahvay, ^v^d vy^ll praife thee 
Sjorc and more. ^1 

13 My mouth ihall daijy 
fpeak of thy righteaufnefs and 
falvationj for I know no end 

14 I v/ilk-^go the 
ilrength o£ the'rLiOrd God, and 
will make rpeniioji of thy righ- 
teoufnef^ only. 

15 Thou, O God hafl taugV.t 
|ne from my yoiith up until 
■ow ; therefore wiii 1 tc'li of thy 
tvondrous r/yrks. 

16 Forfake me not, O Gcd, 
m mine old age, when I am 
grey-headed, until I hava fhovvcd 
^hy ftrength unto this genera- 
tion, and thy power to all them 
that are yet for to come. 

-17 Thy righteoufncfs, O 
God, is very high, and great 
things are they that thou haft 
done : O Gad, who is like unto 
thee ! 

18 O what great troubles and 
adverfities hal^ thou /h9wed me ! 
and yet didll thou turn and rc- 
fre(h me 5 yea, and brjughtefl 
me frona the deep of !fee earth 

19 Thouliafl: brought me to 
great honour, and comforted me 
on every fxiz : 

?o 'iheieforc will I praife 
..,:, and thy faithfulnefs, O 
Gad, playing upon an inftru* 
mem of mufic : unto thee will 1 
fing upon the harp, O ti*u Ho- 
ly One of Ifrael. 

7.1 My lips will be fain when 
1 (,n^ unt ) thee ; and (0 v/:ll my 
foul, whom thou had delivered. 

ii i Mj: tQr;;ue alio faall talk 


^ of thy righteqttfncfj all the day 

long ; for they are confounded 

and brought unto fharae, thaC 

leek to do me evil. - 

Pl:;)m Ixxii. Deusy judicium. 

C'^ ive the kiii3 thy judg-r 
J mcnts, O God, and thy: 
vJghtcoufosls unto tiie i;^ng'5 

' 2 Then /hail he judge tljy 
people according unto ri^hr, aipd 
defend the poor. 

3 The mountains alfo fhill 
bring peace, and the little hills 
rightcoufnefi unto the people. 

4 Ke ihall keep the fimple 
folk by their right, defend the 
children of the poor, and puniili 
the wrong doer. 

5 They Ihall fear thee as 
long as the fan and moon endu- 
rcth, from one generation to 

6 He fhall come dowalike the 
rain into a ^c^ce of wool, evjn 
as the drops tiiat water theearth^ 

7 In his time fhall the righte* 
ous flouriili 5 yes, and:;bundance 
of peace, fo long as the moan 

8 Kis dominion (hall be alfo 
from the one fea to the other, 
and from the ^ood yntQ tl^c 
world's end. 

9 They thatdvt'ell in thewll- 
dernefd fliall kneel before him | 
iiis cn^^ies fhall lick the dud. 

10 The kings of Tharfisand 
of the iiles ihall give prefents ^ 
the kings of Arabia and Sab* 
iiiall bring gifts, 

11 /- 11 kings fhatlfall down 
befype h^m ; a'i nations ihall do 
him fir vice > 

IS For 

12 For he /Iia]l' deliver the 
poor, when he crieth ; the needy 
alfo, and hira that hath no'hel- 

per? ■ --y ■' ■ 

S3 He ihail be'farotirable t<> 
thf^ nnnple ancl needy,' arnj. fi^ll 
preferve'the fouls of the poor. 

14 He fliall deliver their fouls 
fi"3m fal.iliood and wrong^ ^^'ftd 
d-ar (hall their bload be in his 
fight, ■ '■• 

T 5 He fliall Hve, and unto him 
fliaJi be givenof the gold of Ara- 
bia J prayer /hall be made ever 
ufito him, and d^iily fhail he be 

16 There fiiall be an heap of 
corn. in the earth, high upon the 
hills 5 his fruit fhali fhake like 
Libanus, and (hall be green in 
the city like grafs upcn :he e;i!th. 

-17 His name fiia^l endure for 
ever j his name ihall remain un- 
' der the fun amongft the pafteri- 
ties, which /hall be ble'lTed through 
him 5 and ail the heathen ihall 
praife him. 

18 Elefied be the Lord God, 
even the God of Ifrael, which 
only doeth wondroui) things;' 

19 And blefied be the- Ni^me 
of his iMajerty forever: and all 
the earth ihall be filled with his 
Tylajeriry, Amen, Amen. 

Evening P k a y f. r . 

Pfalm Ixxiiie ^^(im bonus Ifrael } 

TRuly God, is loving unto 
Ifrael ; even unto fuch as 
are of a clean heart. 

1. Neverthelefs my feet were 
almoft gone, my treidings had 
well nigh llipt* 

LTER, 'xiv. Day. 

"" 3 And Why ? I v^as grieved ati 
the wicked : I 'do a!fo iee the 
ungodly in fuch prosperity. 

* 4 For they are in no peril pf 
death'; but strc'lufty and ftrong. 

5 They come in no misfortune 
like ether folk ; fieither.are they 
plaguefl like other m.en. 

'6 And this is the caufe that 
they are »fo holden" wi|h pride, 
and overwhelmed With. cruelty. 

7 Their eyes fwell with fat- 
nefs, and they do even what they 

8 They corrupt other, and 
fpcak of wicked blafphemy ; 
their talking is againil the molt 

9 For they flretch f.-.rth their 
mouth unto the heaven, and 
their tongue goeth through the 

10 Therefore fall the people 
unto them, and thereout fuck 
they no fmall advantage. 

i I Tufh, fay they, hc;w Hiould 
God perceive it. ^ is there know- 
ledge in the moll: High ? 

12 Lo, th^fe arc the ungodly: 
thcfe prcfpe'r in the worid ; and 
thele have riches in pqlfeilion : 
and I (aid, Then have J cleanfed 
my heart in vain, and walhed 
mine hands ia innocency. 

13 All the day long have I 
been puniihed j and chailened 
every morning. 

i^Yea, and 1 had almo.T'fafd 
even as theV j but lo, then I 
fhould have condemned the ge- 
neration of thy-chiidren. 

15 Then thought; I to under- J 

iiand this; but it was too hard^' 

16 Uotij^l 

The ?SALT-£!R*^i. 

1 6 Until I went into thefanc- 
*tuiry of God': thenii|idcrllood I 
the ejid ortUeiJe icenj , .. 

J 7 Namely, how thou.iloft.fet 
tham in llippery places, and cait- 
€!l them dWn ajid '•deiV:6yeft 

i8 O how fuddenly do they 
confume, perifh, arid come to a 
feart\il end ! 

.19 Yea, even like as a dream 
when one awaketh j fo ihaic 
thou make their image to vaniih 
out of the city*' 1 

20 Thus my heart wis griev- | 
cd, and it went even through my ! 

21 Sv) foolifli was I, and igno- 
rant, even as it were a beait be- 
fore thee. 

22 Neverthelcfs, I am aKvay 
by thee j iai thou haltholdew me 
by my ri^ht hand. 

2-^ Thou (hall guide me with 
thy counfe],. and after that re- 
ceive rns with glory. 

24 Whom have I in heaven 
blit thee ? and thjre is none upon 
earth that I delue in comparifon 
of thee, . ' - '^ ■". ' ■^' 

25 Mvflefh artd my heart fail- 
eth J but God is the ftrenglh' of 
my heart, ^and my portion foV 

16 For lo, -^tlky that forfikfe 
thee fhalf perifh'; thou haft dc- 
, ftroyed ail them that commit 
fornication againft thee. 

27 But It is good for me to 
hold me faft by Gcd, to put my 
trull: in the Lord GoJ, and to 
fpeak of all thy w^rks in the 
gates of the daujjhtcr of Sion. 

XI ; 


Pfatm-ij^xjv. Ut qu'idy Dcui ? 

Qtjod, wherefore att ihou 
^^btent from us fo long j* 
vvhy IS" thv wi ath fu hot agaiiiit 
the fueepof thy pafture ? 

2 (3* think upon thy cor^:re- 
gatiort, .whom thou haft pur- 
chared'j'"anj icdeemcd of old. 

.3. Think upon the tribe of 
thine 'h^hcritarice, and mourtt 
Sion,' wlrV'Vein th^m haft dwelt. 

4 i.ift^ikp thy feet, that thou 
mayelt. utterly cl.;,*ltroy every ene- 
my, wlnich hath done evii in thy 

5 'i'hincadverfaries roar in the 
midft of thy cq:ig;ega:iwnSi and 
fet up tlieir bahiiers for tokens. 

6 He that hewed timber afore 
out of the thick trees, wai knowrt' - 
to'bVihg:it to an exceilenc wofk^J 

7 'Silt 


ax.c$ aad iiammv.'rs. 

'S Tliey'.have. fit lare upon t^y. . 
holy places, and have defiled the, 
dwelling pl«ii:e_ of thy Nara^'' 
even u ii to "hh'c gf u h d . " J* 

9 Ve?.",' they fa id in thefr' 
hearts, Le? us niake havo 
, them- altogether : • Thus 
chey burnt upi ail the houfes^of ' 
God in the' land. 

io We fee not our tokens | \ 
there is not one' prophet,' moijc j ' 
no, not one is there am' ng us, 
that undyrft-ahde'hjany more. 

1 1 O Ccd,'how'long f]iaU tlic . 
aiverfary do. this difhonouj- ?'* 
hov,' lorig ihkll tl^e' enemy blaf-.^ 
phenlie tliy N^amc'? for ever ?■ " ,\ 

12 Why Withdrawcft thou tl)vr 
hand? why pluckeit th^u *n6c" 


7 But now they break down 
1 . thc-.c ^rved. work rhereof]wiS. 

',-•0 2 n.^ .-n m m.TC ^ - r % 



Xl^•f5^^r* The "ft A Iter. xv.7)ay, 

thy right hand C"Ut'of thy b^fofti, | thihe enemjfs : the prefuin^tiofn 
to Gcnfume the enemy ? ■ I ofthem that hdte thee increat-^ 

13 For God is my Kirrgof > eth ever mote arid -mbre, \^' 

eld; the help that is done upon | — ■- : — — '. i^* 

earth, he doetJ: it himfelf*^ 

14 Thou diditdividcthje Tea 
through thy power j thou brajieft 
the heads of the dragons iii the 
'ivatcrs* I 

The Fifteenth Day* 

MoR^I^G Prayes. 

Pfaim Ixxv. Con^ehimur tibU 

15 Thou fmoteft thr he^ds of i T TNto thee, O God, do wc 
ss> £nd i^aveil ; \J give^ thahks 5 • y«a> 

Xeviathan^i'"^ P'cci 

him to be meat for the pcppU in 

the wilderncfs. 

1 6 Thou broughtetc out/oun- 
tftmsj TivA waters out of the hard 
rocks 5 ihou drisdil up mighty 

17 The cny is' thine, and, the 
ni^ht is thine \ t.\\o\\ haff pre- 
pared the light and the fun. 

*i8 Thou haft fct all the bo r- 
*ieh of the earth 5 thou haf^made 
fumrncr and \vintcr. 

19' Remcrhher this j O Lord, 
hoy/ the enemy hath rebuked 5 
aiXl how the foolfth people hath 
bljrphemed thy Narhe. 

^o O deliver not the foul of 
t^y turtle-dove unto the multi- 
tude of the enerr.les j and forget 
r\qt the congregation' oT the poox'- 
for ever. ^, 

2 1 Look upon the covenant ; 
for all the eart^i is f'jll ot dark- 
ne?fs and cruel habitations. 

22 O let not the fimplc go 
away a"{hamed5, but let tiie poor 
and needy give praife unto thy 

23 Arifc, O God, maintain 
thine own caufe j remember how 
the foolilh man blafpherneth thee 

3^4 Forget" riot' the' voice " of 

thee do we give thanks. 
• 2 Thy Name alfo is fo nigh ; 
; and that do thy wond'^Sus wb'^]8lj^*' 
! declare. . j; : 

I ^ When 1 receive the cotigre- 
, gatiori, I ihall judge accordingL-. 

i 4 The earth is weakj and all 
j the Inhabiters thereof: 1 bear 
' up the pillars'of It. 

5 1 faid unto the fools. Deal 

hot fo madly } and to the un^ . 

godly. Set not up your horn. 

6 Set not up your horn 01^. 
high> and fpeak net with a ftii? , 
neck ; .. ' 

7 For promotion cometh nei- 
ther from the eaft, nor from the ' 
weft, nor yet from the fouth. 

S And v/hy ? God is the Jud-^e 5 
he putteth dov/n one, andfetteth 
*dp another. 

9 For in the'hand of the Lord 
there is a cup, arid the wine is 
red 5 it is full m:xt, and hepour- 
eth out of the famf. 

10 As fct the dregs thcreofj ^ 
all the ungodly of the earth fliall 
drink them, and fuck them out. 

1 1 But 1 will talk of the God 
of Jacob, and praife him for 

1 2'AlI the horns of the 'ungodly 

alfo will I break, and the horns 
of the rightc'-us ihail be exalted. 
Pfalm ixxvi. t^otus in Judaa. 

IN Jury is God "known j his 
Name is great in Ifracl, 

2 At Salem is his tabernacle, 
and his dwelling in Sion. 

3 There brake he the arrov/s 
of the bow, the fhield, the fword, 
and the battle. 

4 Thou art of more honour 
and might than' the hilfs of the 
r >bbQrs. 

5 The proud arfe robbed ; they 
have Ilept tlffelr ffeejj) ; and all the 
men whofehand^ were mi-hty, 
•have found nothing. " ' 

6 At rhy rebuke, O God of 
Jacob, hpih. the chariot and 
horfe'arc fallen. 

■7 Thou, evcri t^^ ar'! to be 
feared J ani 'wlip mayiland in 
thy fight, whefn^diou art angry ? 

8 Thou dicfn: cauie thy ju^- 
n-.pntto be he^iiti from heaven^ 
tee f arrh trembled, and was ftHl, 
^ X)' When God arofe to judg- 
jhent, and to'^help all the meek 
opon earth. 

•10 The ficrten'cTs ^fmanfhaU 
turn to thy pr ^ife, and the ficrce- 
nefs of tlie.Tj'Htalt'-thou refrain. 

II Promife unto the Lord 
yotir God, and keep it, all ye 
thar are round about hirn 5 bring 
prefents unto him that ought-to 
be t'eared. 

1 2 He fhail refl-ain the fpirit 
of 'princes, and is wonderful 
arr.nn^ the k'n^b of the earth. 
Pi'uim IxxvH. Voce "me<it^' ad 
D'jminu^*' ^ •- ;•'• 

IWill cry. unto God with my 
voice 5 -CYcn unto God \viU 

I cry with n^y voice, and he 
flrall hearken unt^'^me. 

2 in the time>of(i»y' trouble 
I fouj^ht che Lord ;^iny. fore ryn, 
and ceafednot ir^ the r.' 

fon^j m^.fjui i-efu/ed^^ 

3 Avthen Tam in heav.n. [i,^\ 
will thir^k upoiiGod : waeii my. 
heart is veied, I will com^.iaia* . 

.4,. Thou hoWsit mine eyes 
wakinj^ : I am To fccbie that i 
cannot fpeak, 

5 .1 have eoniidered the days 
of old, ,^;i4<. ^^ y.ears that aie 

paiU. ,.', .. .., .', ; 

6 J cajl to remembrance my . 
fong, and in the night I com-i . wijj tni^e own heart, and 
l^earcri OLit mj^. fpirits.^ , ,. . 

7 .Will iheTjCrd.abrent him- . 
felf for evef.j .and will he be na 
mcre-ihtreaced ? ' -j 

S Is his mercy clean gone for 
ever j and is his promife ccme 
utterly to an e^a for eve/m^re ? 

9 Hath God forgotten to ,he., 
gracious ^ and Wiir he ilrtjt 'up ' 
his 'loiing-kindf/eis ia difpiea«" 
fare ? - . " ^i 

10 And I, faki, Jfe is mine' 
0W3 infircn-itjt^rj Put I will re- 
member the ^'cars of the lighc- 
hand of the Moft Kigheil. 

Ill will rdmember the v.o:-!:i. 
of the'Loi^(*, tifif'cu.; 
the wonders of old t'lrr.j. 

72 I will- think alfo-ofali ihy 
works, and my laikiiig'fhailw* 
of thy doinj,'^. ' ' 

l3«Thy way, O God, ig holy-r 
who is ib great a Goii as our 
God ? 

14 Thou art the Gad that do- 

-^h wonders, and hail: declared 
thy power among the people. 

i^ Thou haft mightily deli- 
"vefed thy people^ even the Tons 
cf Jacob and Jbfe'ph. 

I 6 7 he waters faw thee, O 
G'od, the wrf^rs faw thfe, and 
Wh-^ airraid j- th;! depths alio 
Were troTVbietJ. 

17 The clnnd5 pnurPd out 
warcr, ths ai)r tH\indrc'd, and 
tjiine arrows went abroad* 

l^" The voice of thy thun- 
der wss heard round aVatit: the 
lightnings iTione npon iheground': 
the earth was moved, ahd fhook 

19 Thy Way IS Tn't^^ fe^,'a'«d 
thy paths in the ' great watdrs," 
iand^thyfoatf^^'ps are hdfknbwh. 

2V Thou lettdeft thy ceople 
lihc fhecp, by the h'aiid or Alo- 
ftfsarid Aaron* 

EvfiNtKG rRAYtn. 

Pfalm Ixxvii.i; yUtcndlte^ pc^v!e. 

H Ear my Jawj O my people ; 
incline your ears untJ the 
Svords of niy mOuth. 

a I will open my nioiith in a 
pa rah?!: ; ! will di^clare hard Icn- 
ten^:e5 of eld, 

^ 3 Which we have hesrd and 
I^nown, dtld fuck as our fathers 
have told us J _ _^. . 

4 1 hat we ihcald not hide 
tiiem from the children of the 
generations to come j but to /how 
the honour of the Lord, iiii. 
mighty and <^'on'derful woiks 
that he hath done. 
, 3 He J^ade^a c^^yenant vvUh 
Jacob, and gave Ifrael a lav.-. 

The Psalter. 

XV. Dj;. 

which hz commanded our fore-^" 
fathers to teach their children, 

6 That their |>Oi>erity might 
know it, and the children whjclt 
were yet unborn j "" 

7 To the intent that when, 
they came «p, thev might ihow 
their children the fame j 

8 That they mig^ht put their 
trufl in God ; aiid not to forget* 
the works of God, but^to keep 
his commandments 5 

9 And nottobeas their fore- 
fathers, a faithlefs and ilubborn 
generation 5 a. generatipn that, 
fet not their heart aright, and 
vvhofe fyirit cleaveih not fled- 
faftJy unto God f 

io Like as the children of 
Ephraim 5 v^ being harrtaiictf 
and carryingbows, turned them- 
selves back in the day oi battlf » 
I 11 They kept not t^c cove- 
nant 6r God, and would not, 
walk in^i« loiw j ., . ^ . 

12 But fprgat what he-hc4 
done, aijid ,the wonderful works 
that he had fhowed for theni. . 

13 Marvellous things did he 
in the f:ght of mix forefathers^ 
in the land of Egypty even in ^ 
the neld of Zoan. 

14 He divided the fea^ and. 
let them go through j he madtf" 
,the waters to Hand on £n heap. 

j 1 5 In the day time alfo he led* 
'them with a cloud, and all-- the 
night through with a light 0^* 

; 1 6^ He clave the hard roclis in. 
! the wild erne 1^3, arid'.j::-vc them 
drink thereof, had bear 
jout -of i^hc ;jrea,t deftly'. - ^;;^ y ^ 
17 Kc broujJBt v.aters out of 


The Ps ALT? P 

the ftony rock, fo tha^ Jtguihed 
out like the rivers. 

» S Vet for *U this, they fin- 
ned more againll hinj, and pro- 
voked th«^ Moii Highcll in the 
wilderners, ^ ., 

19 Thqy tempted Cod in their 
hearts, ahJ required meat for 
their iuti. 

ZO They, fpake againfl- God 
■i\Cof frying, bhall God prepare 
?, table in the wildcrnefs ? 

2 1 Kc fmotc the (lony rock 
indeed, that the water gu(hcd 
out, and the jflreams flowed with- 
al J buc can he give bread alfo, 
or provide fiefli for his people ? 

21 When the Lord heard this, 
he was wroth j lo the five was 
kindled in Jacob, and there came 
up. heavy difplcafure agailift If- 

^■?^^; . i . . ■ 

23 Becaiife tl^ey believed not 
hi God, and put not their truft 
in his i;clp. 

24 So he commsnded the 
tlouds above, ana opened the 
doors of heaven. 

25 He rained, down Twlanna 
a4m,4ipon tfeem for to eat, and 
g^ive thciin food from heaven* 

7.6 So man did eat angels food} 
foV he fent thfui>.meac ono\igh. 
- 27 He caufed. the ^^G: vyind to 
blow under heaven j and through 
l;is power he brought in tne 
iouth well wind. 
. 28 Kc rai(ied^{^.^^^ upop them 
as thick as duif, anci feathered 
foyvi^ii^e xio the faiwi'of tiie Tea. 

2,9; |-]e i/et it fal^j among rheir 
tents, cvei) fpojiu ii>out their 
hurbitation. 2 ii •.^. •.'•.. 

30 So they did cat and -/sers 

XV. d/J>. 

will fi'lcd; for he gave thc^p 
! their own uefire : they UTrc not 
difappointed of their lull. 

31 Eut v.hile the meat was 
yet in their mouths, the heavy 

•wrath of God came upon thcm^ 
ajid (lew the wcalthicft of t^cm jr 

lyea^ and fmote down the chofen, 
men that were in Ifrael. 

32 But for ajl this, they finned' 
yet more, and believed not his 

1 wondrous works. 

33 Therefore their days did- 
he con fume in vanity, and' theit^ 
years in trouble. 

34 When he ilew them, they 
fought Iiim, and turned them- 
eavly, and enquired after God. 

33 And they remembered th^-t 
God was their ftrergth, and that 
the highGod was theirRedcemer* 
^36 Neverthelefs) they did but 
flatter him with their mouth, and- 
diflemtfied with him in their 

37 For their heart was no^ 
whole with him, neither conti-j 
ny^d they f^cdfalt in his covenant. 
^ 38 But he was lo merciful^- 
that he forgave their ipifdteds,) 
and deilroyed them not* 

;39 Yea, many a time turned 
he^hjs wrath away, and would' 
not .i'uffe^ his wh'oie difpleaiure 
to ariJc. 
: 40 For \\t confidered t^at 
they were but ficll), and that tney 
were eve;*' a wind that paffeth 
away, and cometh not again. 

C.J. jVIany ^ time did tl'.ey pro- 
voke him in the wiiderneis, and 
jrieved him in the defcrt. 

42 TLcy tarried back* and, 


XY.Pay. The Ps 

teiripted God; and moved the 
Koi) One in Ifrael. ' 

43 They thought not of his 
hand, and of the day when he 
delivered them from the hand 
of the enemy. • : ■ . 

44 How he had 'Wrought his 
miraeies m Egypt, and his won- 
ders in the held of Zoan. 

45 He turned their waters 
into blood, lo that they might 
not drink of tlie rivers. 

46 He leiiC lice among them, 
and'o.evoured chenri up, and frogs 
to delltroy them, 

47 He ^ave their fruit unto 
the caterpillar, and their labour 
Unto the graiTiopperi ' , ' • 

48 He deftroyed their viri^s 
with hail-ftones, and their mui- 
berry-tices with the froft. 

49' He fmote their cattle alfo 
W-ith haii-rtones, and their docks 
with hot thunder-befts. 

50 He cafe upoii them the fu- 
rjcufnefs of his wrath, anger, 
difpieafure, and trouble 5 and 
fent evil an^:els among them. 

51 He made a way to his in- 
dignation, and fpared not their 
foul from death ; but gave their 
life over to the peftilence ; 

52 And fmote all the firil- 
born in Egypt, the moll princi- 
pal and mightieft io the dwel- 
lings of Ham - 

53 But as for his own pe.op>]e, 
he led thern forth like iheep, 
^nd carried them in the wiider- 
nefs like a flock. 

54 He brought them out fafe- 
ij"; that they fftould not fear, and 
overwhelmed tlisir cncmie^with 

ALTER. XV/Dt^y, 

55 And brought them within 
the. borders of his fandhiary, 
'even to his mountain, 'vvhich he 
purchased with his right hand. 

c6 He caft out the heathen ' 
alfo before thenr, tAu'fed their * 
land to be divided amtinjj them 
for an heritage, and made the 
tribes of Ifrael to dwell ir> their 

57 So they tempted arid dif- 
pleafed the mo'ft high Gcd, and 
kept not his teilimdnies 5 - 

58 But turned their batiks, 
and feii away like therr fere- 
fathers j ftarting alid'e like a hro- ' 
ken bow. • 

59 For they grieved him with ' 
their %ili-altafb-, -and 'ptovoked . 
him to difpleaftttc" wlthv thei^. 
images. ' / • 

60 When God heard thi-s-, he 
was '^^''icth, and took i'oxt 'dif- 
pleafure at ifrad 5 

61 So that he forfook the ta- 
bernacle in Silo, even the ten*: 
that he had pitcFed among men. 

62 He delivered' their power 
into captivity, and their'^eauty 
into the enemies hand. 

63 He gave his people over 
alfo unto the fword, and was 
wroth with liis inheritance. 

•64 The lire conlumed their 
young men, and their maidens 
were not given to marriage, 

6^ Their priertb were (lain 
with the fword, and there were 
no widows ''t*6 make iamenta-v 
tion, t- ' 

66 So the Lord awaked as 
one out of fieepj' 'artd like a 
giant refreshed with Wine. 
i 07 He fitioi* his enemies in 

ilie hinder parW^ and put them 
to a perpftiial ihame. 

6S He rtf'jfc.l the tabernacU 
of Jolcph, afid chofe not the 
tribe ot Ephralm V 

69 Uut choft- the rFvl^e of Ju- 
dah, even the hill ot Sion,vvhrch 
he lored. 

70 And' thci-e he bul!t' Iii> 
temple on high, and laid the 
foundation of it like" the ground 
which he hath made cotitinu- 

71 He chofc Divid alfo his 
fervail't^ and' t5oii^ him away 
trom the fliecp folds, 

72 As he was following the 
ewes great with young ones, he 
took him",, that' he iliight fetd 
Jacob his people", and ii"iael his 

73. So hq' (zd them with a 
faithful and 'true heart, ahd ru- 
led them prudciKly" vC'it.h all' his 

The Sixtcehth Day. 

MoRxiNG Prayer. 

Pfalm Ixxjx, I^eus, I'encrunt, 

O God, the heathen are com2 
into thine inheritance; thy 
holy temple have they defiled, 
and made Jcrufal(^m an heap df 

2 The dead bodies of thy fer- 
raht's haVe they giv^n to Be 
meat unto the fowls of the air, 
and the fieih of thy faiiits unXo 
the beai^s oi the land. 

3 Their bh»od'haye t'iey (hzC 
like water on every fide of Jeru- 
falem, and theie was no man to 
fcury thfem# 

4 "We afe tyetomt in opTen 
fhame to our enemies, a very 
fcorn and deri Hon •unto them 
that are roofid abr>ut us, 

5 Lordi horv long wilt thoii 
be an^ry? /liall thy jtiloufy 

'bur» like fire fot ever ? 

6 Four out thine indignatfon* 
upon the lit^then that have not 
knoWn thee; and upon the 
kin^doTfiJ that have not called 
upon thy 'tJame : 

7 Pot they have devoured Ja* 
cob, and laid' w^llc his dwelling- 

8 O remembCf not O'Jr eld 
ilns, but havd mercy Upon us, 
and that foori ; foV we arc come 
to great mifery. 

9 Help us, O God of ourfaU 
Vation, fbr the' giory^ of thy 
Name : O deliver us, and be 
merciful' unto our /ins, for thy 
Name's fake* 

10 WheTcfcre do thtf tothent 
fay, Where \i now their God > 

11 O let the vengrancc of 
thy fer Van tsi blood that' is fh cd^ 
be openly fbowed uporl the hea- 
then, ih'our fight, 

12* d l«r the forrowful figh- 
'ihg;' of the prifoners come before 
thee j according to X.\\t grcatnefj' 
of thv p.TA'er, preferve thou 
'thofe that are appointed to die, 

1-? ATd for the blafphcrrty 
wheiQivith our neighbours Have 
lilafphcmed thee, reward thou 
tlieiti, 6 librd, fevfen-foid into 
tlicir bofom. 

J 4. Sq v/e tnat arc thy ptoplc, 
and fhfeep iS- thy pafture, fhnU 
givtf ths« thjitiUs for ever, ahd 
will alway be ihowiiig forrh thy 

The Psalter. 

xvi. Bay. 

pralfe from generation to gene 
Pfalm Ixxx. J^i rtgh Ifrael, ^ 
T I Har, O thou Shepiierd of 
Jt i iA-ael, thou .that le^^deit 
Jcfeph like a ilieep 5 fhow thy- 
iell alfo, thou .that fittefr upon 
the Cherubinn : _ 

2 £etoie Ephraim, Benja 
min, and Manafles, ihr up thy 
firength, and cojiie and help us. 

3 Turn us again, O God j 
ihow the light of thy counte- 
iiance, and we Aali be whole. 

4 QLord God of hefts, how 
lo«ng wHt thou be angry with 
tbj people that prayeth ? 

5 Thou feedell them with the 
bread of tears, and givell them 
pknteoufnefs of tears to. drink. 

.6' Thou hall made us a very 
ftrjte unto our neighbours, and 
our enemies lau^h u, fcorn. 

*7 Turn us, thou God 
of.hOi'^Sj iliow theJi^hV of thy 
couiicefiaace, and we ..fhaU/ be 
v/hoie. ,^ ... ,/ .' 

8. Thou haft brought a vine 
out of Egypt J thou haft caft out 
the heathen, and^ 

9 Thou madeft room, for it j 
and when it had taken root, it 
iiUed the land. 

JO The hills were covered 
with the fhadow of it> and* the 
boughs thereof were like the 
goodly cedar trees. 

II She ilreLehed out her 
btap.::hes unco the lea, and her 
boughs unto the river, . 

.12 Why haft thou then bro- 
ken down her htdge, tliat all 
the) that go by pluck cfF her 
grapes ? 

XV u Bay. 

13 The wild boar out. of the 
wood doth root, it up,\and the 
wild beafts o.f the iieid de\'our it. 

14 'rurii thee again,', thou 
God of hoft?, look Gown frono 
heaven j beh/jld and vifit this 

1 5 And the place of the vine- 
yard that thy right band hath 
pbnted,- and the branch iha? 
thou madeft fo ftrong for thy- 

hh\ _ ;^^ .;^< ' ; ;_ 

16 It is burnt witH.'iir?, and 
cut down 5 and, they fji.all p.eriih" 
at the rebuke of thy counte- 

17 Let thy hand be upon the 
man of thy right-hand, and up- 
on the Ion of man, whom thou 
madeft fo ftrong for thine own 

18 And fo will not we go 
back from thee : O let us live, 
and we ftiali call upon tjiy Name. 

19 Turn us again, O Lord 
God of hoftaj. lliow theiight of . 
thy countenaoce, and we ftiall 
be whole, 

Pfaim Ixxxi. Exult ate Deo, 

ig we merrily unto God, 
ur ftrength j make a (phear- , 
ful noife unto the God of Jacobi* 

2 Take the PfaJjpn, bring hi- 
ther the tabret, the merry harp, 
with the lute. 

3 Blow up the trumpet in the 
new moon, even in the time ap- 
pointee-, and upon our folemn 

4 For this was made a ftatute 
f{»r, ifraei, and a law of the God 
of Jacob. 

5 This he ordained In Jofeph 


for a te(^imony, when he came 
out of the land of' Ef;ypt, and 
had heard a lirange hnguagc. 

6 1 ea(cd his ihouliier rrom 
the burden, and his hands were 
delivered from making the pots 

7 Thju calledlt upon me in 
troubles, and 1 delivered, 
and heard thee what time as the 
ftorm fell upon thee. 

8 I proved thecalfo at the wa- 
ters of drift. 

9 Hear, O my people j and I 
will afi'ure thee, O IlVael, if 
thou wilt hearken unto me, 

10 There fiiail no ftrange god 
be in thee, neither (halt thou 
worfliip any other god. 

11 I am the Lord thy God, 
who brought thee out of the 
land of £g>T^ * open thy mouth 
wide, and i (hall till it. 

laBaC my people would not 
hear ray voice ; and Ifra^l would 
not obey me^ 

13 So L ^ave them up unto 
their own hearts lun:s, and let 
them follow their own imagina- 

14, O that my people would 
have hcaikened unto me j for if 
Ifrael had Wi^lked in my wavs, 

15 I fiiouid foon have put 
down their enemies, and turned 
my hand againft their adver- 

16 The haters of the Lord 
fbould have been found liars ; 
but tlieir time ihould have en 
dured for ever. 

17 He ihould have fed them 
alfo with the rineR whe tt-flour : 
and with honey out of the ftony 
rock ihould 1 havefatisiied thee. 

Evening Prayer. 

Pfalm Ixxxii, Deusjhtir, 

("^ Od <lanoeth in the congre- 
J gaiion or princes ; he is p 
judge among gods. 

: .How lon^ will ye give wrong 
judgment, and accept the pcr- 
fons of the ungodly ? 

yDthnA the poor and father- 
lets J fee that fuch as are in need 
and neceiiity have right. 
4 Dcliv^r the i.»ut-ca(l and poor ; 
(ave them horn the hand of the 

5 They will not be learned, 
nor underrtaiid, butwaHc on rtill 
in darknefs : all the foundations 
of the earth are out of courfe, 

6 I have fa id, Ye are gods, 
and ye are the children of the 
Moll: Higheft ; 

7 But ye ihall die like men, 
and fail like one of the princes. 

8 Arife, O God, and judge 
thou the earth ; for thou (halt 
:ake all heathen to thii^e inhe- 

Pfaim Ixxxiii. Deus^ qulsJimUh ? 

Hold not thy tongue, O 
God, keep not dill fi- 
lence: refrain not thyfelf, O 

2 For lo, mine enemies make 
a murmuring J and they that 
hate thee have lift up their head. 

3 They have imagined crafiily 
againft thy people, and taken 
counfel againft thy fecretones. 

' 4 They have faid, Come, and 
let us root them out, that tliey 
be no more a people, and th.ic 
the name of Jfrael may be no 
more in rememi^rance. 

5 For 


The Psalter, 

.^vi. i)^. 

5 For they have ,c;irt their j 

heads together with one confcnt, 
ami are confederate againit thee 3 

6 The tabernacles of the 
,P>domit£s, and the Jfhmaelites j 

the Moabites, ^ikI Hagarenes j 

7 Gebal, and Amrnon, and 
-Amalekj the Philifiines, with^ 
them that dwell cit Tyre. 

■ S Affvir aUb'is joined 'with 
tiiem, and haveholpen the chil- 
dren of Lot. 

9 ^But dothoy to thern 35 un- 
to theMadianites 5 unto Sifera, 
ar>d unto J a bin at the .brook of 
'klfon 5 

10 Who perifhed at Eador, 
and became as the dung of the 

I i-'Make them and their prin- 
€?es like Ore b an<l Zebj yea, 
make all their princes like as 
iCeba and Salmana ; 

12 ^^'ho fav, Let US' take to 
^oatrff^lves tht: houies of God in 

113 O r«y'God, make them 
like unto a v/heel, and as the 
iicdible .before the wind. 

54 Like as the, fire that burn- 
-cth up the ,v/aod, *\nd as the 
, ./iame that coofiui^e.tJh ihe mouai- 

. 1.5 l^-fcc^te thpiji e vfta f o-wi tb 
,thy .tismpcd, and make theni 
,. afraid with thy iti*r^. 

16 Make their f*»ces*^{hamed, 
O Lord, that tb^y ;nay fetjk thy 

1 7 Let them, be confoun<led 
and vexed ever moj:c ?nd mo^re ; 
let them be put to iiiame, .;uid 

I'i J\nd they ftjj)! j^iow that 

thou,wh,Qfe t-f ajxie is Jehovah, ^rt 
only the Moft Higheft over ^U 
the earth. 

Pfalm Wxxiv. ^uam Jik£fa ! 

OHow amiable are thy dwell • 
mgs, thou l^ord of Holls ! 
2 My foul hath a defue and 
ipnging to'enter into the courts 
of the Lord j my heart and my 
i^ living God. 

3 Yea, the tparrow hath 
found her -an honfje, and the 
(vvajiow a n^fty vvheie ihe may 
by her young j evea thy altays, 
O Lord of hafts, my Kiivg and 
my God. 

4 BleflTed are they that dwell 
in thy houfe jcthey y^iii be.alway 
praiiing thee. 

5 .BlelTexi Is the .laan who'fc 
ftrength k in tbce j iiuvyhtHc 
heart are thy ways. " 1 

6 Whi\ goir^, thfQugh the 
vale of mifery, uJJ£ it. for a well { 
and the pools are , filled vrith 

7 They. will ga from ftr&ngth 
to ftrejigth, and unto the God of 
gods appci^r^th every Qoe of 
them. In Sion. 

8 O Lord God e^fhoffs, he?/ 
my pxayet J hearken-^ O God of 
Jai^ob : 

9 , Behold,. O God o«F detend- 

I er, and lock upon the fac^ of 
i, thine Anointed. 

IP For oik; day in thy courts. 
Is bet]:er th^ma tboufand. 
j 51 I had rather>be a door- 
j,:rkeeper in thd HoBfe uf my Ccd> 
1 than to . dwell . ia the teiits of 

t , iZ . X:Ck . the Loi'd ;.G od is , a 

xvl. Day. The Psa 

light and defence j the Lord will 
give grace and worfhip j and no 
good thing lliall he withhold from 
them that live a godly life. 

1 3 O Lord God of holts, blefled 
Is the man that putteth his trui^ 
in thee. 

Pfalm Ixxxv. Bemdlxijii^ 

LOrd, thoti art become gra- 
cious unto thy land ^ thou 
halt turned away the captivity of 

2 Thou haft forgiven the of- 
fence of thy people, and covered 
all their fins. 

3 Thou haft taken av/ay all 
thy difpleafure, and turned thy- 
felf from thy wrathful indigna- 

4 Turn us then, O God our 
Saviour, and let thine anger ceafe 
from us. 

5 Wilt thou be difpleafed at 
us for ever ? and ^It thou ftretf.h 
out thy wrath from one genera- 
tion to another ? 

6 Wilt thou not turn again, 
and quicken us, that thy people | 
may rejoice in thee ? I 

7 Show us thy mercy. O J-v>rd, | 
and grant us thy falvatip^i* 

8 I will hearken ^vhat thej 
Lord God wiH f?/ concerning; 
me 5 fcr he ft^H fpeak peace] 
anto his peopU> and to his faints, 
that they f^-^n not again.^ 

^ For his falvation is nigh 
them ilist fear him j that glory 
m?) dwell in our land. 

lo Mercy and truth are met 

together : righteoufnefs and peace 

have kilfed each other, 


LTER. Xvu.Dayi 

11 Truth ftiall flourifh out of 
the earth, and righteoufnefs hath 
looked down from heaven. 

12 Yea, the Lord ihall /how 
loving kindncfs, and our land 
Ihall givfe her increife. 

13 Righteoufnefs ftiall go be- 
fore him> and he ihall diretl his 
going in the way. 

The Seventeenth Day, 

Morning Prayer» 

Pfalm Ixxxvi. J/idwc, D:n:ir.f» 

BOvv down thine ear, O Lord, 
and hear me ; for I am poor, 
and in mifery, 

2 P/cferve thou my foul-, for 
I am holy : my God, faVe thy 
fer\'ant that putteth his truft In 

3 Be merciful unte me, O 
Lord J for I will z^'A daily upon 

4 C6mfor^ the foul o( thy fer- 
vant3 for «-mto thee, O Lord, do 
1 lift vv '"y ^0^1* 

J- for thou, Lord, art good 
snd gracious, and of great mercy 
unto all them that call upon 

6 Give ear, Lord, unto my 
prayer, and ponder '|^.e voice gf 
my humblf deHres. 

7 In the time of my trOTjble I 
will call upon thee ; for thou 
hearell mt. 

8 Among the gods there 13 
none^like unto thee, O Lord; 
there is not one that can do ac 
thou doeit. 

9 All nations whom thou had 
ID Fide ihali coiT)^ aod wofftiip 


XV 11 


The Psalter. 

xvii,^ Day. 

ihee, O Lord J and /hail glorify 
•h) Name. 

lO For thou «rt gre^t, and 
<ioeflwoiidrousthingo/ thou art 
God alone. ' 

. 1 1 Teach me thy way, O Lord, 
:ind 1 will Walk in thy truth t O 
knit my heart unto tli^^ that I 
in?.y fear thy Name. 

12 1 v.'iil thank thee, O Lord 
my God, with all rny iiear^; and 
will praiie thy Name for ever- 

13 For great is thy mercy to- 
ward me \ and tliou hatl deliv- 
Cied my ibul iVoni the nether- 
mo fl hell. 

14 O God, the proud are rif^n 
againft me ; and the congrega- 
tions of naughty men haveioaghc 
after my foul, aftd have net Tet 
thee liiFore their eyes, 

15 But thou, O Lord God, 
^i full of comp.ii'iion and mercy, 
lojig- fufeingj plenteous in good- 
nefs and truth. 

1 6 O turn thee then uivto me, 
and have mercy upon me, ^vc 
thy ftrcngth unto thy ier vain ^ 
and h'jlp the fen of clfme haiid- 

17 5hj\v Lrre token upon rpc 
for good 5 that tlie.y who hate me 
Diay iee.jf;, and be aflumed, be.- 
caufe ihou, Lord, huik 
nie„ and Ci^mforted mc. 

i fdlm Ixxxvii. Fundqmeuta cj'js^ 

TEr foundations are upon 
_ the holy hills 5 the Lord 
oyeih the gates of Sion more 
!l,an all the dwelling^- of Jacob. 
i Very excellent things ari 
'_ oken of thee, thou city gf God. 

3 i will think upon Rahab 
and Babylon, with them that 
know me. 

4 Behold ye the Philillinej 
alfo, and.they of Tyre, with th'i 
Marians ; lo, there was he born, 

5 x\nd of Sion it ihali be re- 
ported, that he was born in her^ 
and the mofl High lliall ftablilh 

6 The Lord ihall rehearfe it» 
when he writeth up the people, 
that he was born there, 

7 The firhgers alfo and trum- 
peters fhall he rehearfe : All mj 
frcfh fprings fltail be in thee, 

Pfalm Ixxxviii. Doming, . Dsus, 

OLord, Godof myfalvation, 
1 have cried day and night 
before theej O let my prayer 
enter into thy prefencej incline 
thine car unto my calling j 

2 For my foul is full of trou-. 
ble, and my life drav^cth nigh 
unto hell. 

'^ I am counted as one of thc/n 
that go down into the pic, auJ I 
have been even as a man tliat 
^ath IV) f.rength. 

4 Free among the df^ad, like 
unto xhem that are wounded, 
and lie in the grave, who are out 
of rcmembigitce, and are cut 
av. 3y from thy V--,ndk 

5 7 hou hail hi J me in thci 
lovveil pit, in a place ot'darkneis, 
and in the deep. 

6 Thine indignation lietV.haff! 
upon me, end thou hall vej;ed 
me wirh iUthyftorms. 

7 Thou hait put away nfLjie 
acquaintance far frorn me, and 
madu me to be libtvU^-d of -hem. 

S I 

vnh Daj. 

The Psalter. 

XVI i. Diiy, 

8 t am A> fall In prlfoTj that 
I cdDiibr get foi:h. 

9 Mv fight Jfaileth for very 
tr6iibl,e ^ Lord, 1 have called daik- 
uron thee, I have ftr etched forth 
scj h-ir-Zt unto thee, 

id Doft thou iho'.v wonders 
t^rcong tn« dead > or fhsli the 
cead life »Jp agaia and rraife 
thee ? ^ 

II Shall'thy loving -Id ndnefs 
t<* iI:D-*-cd in the grave ? or thy 
fklthfurnefs in deirru6^ion ? 

12. Shall thy wondrous works 
^ k JTwn in rhc d?.Fk ? and thy 
li^htecufEcfa in the land where 
aH thijigs are f:>rgattcn ? 

13^ Unto thee have I crted, O 
Lord 5 and early fkall my prayer 
come before thee. 

14 Lord, why abhorreil thou 
SET four, and hideil tiiou. thy 
fice from mc ? 

15 J am in mifery, and like 
untoiiim that is at ihe point to 
^iej cveri trMn Aiy youth up, 
rby ten©-rs haite'l tiiffcred with a 
troiihied mind. 

16 Thy wrathful dlfpleafure 
gceth ovir mt, ^nl the fear of 
thde bath undone me, 

17 They came round about me | 
diily Tike water, and cooipaflcd 
xne' together on cT'ry fiJe, 

18 fviy lovers and friencs h.^i^ , 
thou put away from me, ■nv.d . 
h^i ieiV.Y:t ac^aalnt::nce 'out of j 
my li^iit. j 


Pfalm IxxxTx. MifinctrJtas "'j 
Doff Am, j 

MV (on^ fhal! ^c^dwayof ! 
the Iov!:]g-:ci:Tdn:l3 of | 

the Lord; with my mouth will 
1 e^cr be ihowiiii^ thy truth, from 
one generation to another. 

2 Fori havcfaid, Mercy /h.i". 
be fet up for ever, thy truth 
ihou f^abiilh-in the heavefis. 

3 I have made a covenant 
wifh my chufen ; 1 have fvvoru 
unto David my ferv.^nt. 

4 Thy feed will I llabli/h f3r 
erer, and fet up thy throne from 

'one generation to another. 

5 O Lord, the very heavens 
I )!t\2\\ praife thy wondroas works j 
I and thy truth in the congrega- 
j tion of the faints, 

6 For who is he among the 
, clouds, that fhdd be compared 

unto the Lord ? 

7 And what is he among tbe 
gods, thatfhall be like unto the 

8 God U vei-y greatly to be 
feared in the council of the faints, 
and to be had in reverence of all 
them that are round about him. 

9 O Lord God of hofts, who is 
like unto thee ? thy truth, moft 
mighty Lord, is on every fide, 

10 Thoy rulcir the racing of 
'■he ^tiy thou flilhil the waves 
thereof when they arife. 

I i Thou haft fubdued Fgypf, 
and d'elhoycd it ; thou haft fcar- 
tered thine enemies abroad with 
thy mighty arm. 

II The heavens are thine, the 
e<?rt:h alfo is thine ; thou \\a\\ 
iaid the foundation of the roand 
world, and all that therein i:. ^ 

13 Thou halt made the ncrtli 
ard the fouth ; labor ahtf Mer- 
ir Ort ihaU Vejoiie ih^i:'/ Kaqie. 
' 14. Thou haft j mi^lTfy afnV;^ 

xvii. Day* 

The Psalter; 




ilrong is thy hand, and high is 
thy right hand. 

15 Righteoufnefs and equity 
are the habitation of thy feat 5 
mercy and truth ihaJl go before 
thy face. 

16 BlefTed is the people, O 
Lord, that can rejoice in thee \ 
they fhall walk in the light of 
thy countenance. 

17 Their delight /hall be daily 
In thy Name j and in thy righ- 
teoufnefs jh^ll they make their 

18 For thou art the glory of 
thfir ftrength, and in thy loving- 
kindnefs thou fhalt lift up our 
horns : 

19 For the Lord is our de- 
feiice 5 the Holy One of Ifrael 
is our King. 

20 Thou fpakeft fometime In 
VifyDns unto thy faints, and faidft, 
I have laii help upon one that is 
mighty, I have exalted one cho- 
fen out of the people, 

2T I have found David my 
fervant J with my holy oil have 
I anointed him, 

22 My hand fhall hold him fafl, 
and my arm /hall ftrengthen him. 

23 The enemy /hall not be 
able to do him violence j the fon 
of wickednefsfhall not hurt him. 

24 I will fmitedown his foes 
before his face, and plague them 
that hate him. 

25 My truth alfo and my 
mercy /hall be with him j and in 
my Name /hall his horn be 

26 I will fet his dominion alfo 
in the fea, and his right hand in 
the /iood»* 

27 He /hall call me. Thou 
art my Father, my God, and 
my ^rong falvation. 

28 And I will make him my 
fir/l-born, higher than the kings 
of the earth. 

29 My mercy will I keep for 
him for evermore, and my cove- 
nant fhali /iand fa/t with him. 

30 Hisi feed alfo will I make 
to endure for ever, and his 
throne as the days of heaven. 

3 1 But if his ehildre«i forfake 
my law, and walk not in nay 
judgments 5 

32 If they break my /tatutes, 
and keep not my command- 
ments J I will vifit their offences 
with the rod, and their /in with, 

33 Neverthelefs, my loving- 
klndnefs will I not utterly take 
from him, nor fufier my trut4i 
to fail. 

34 My covenant will I not 
break, nor alter the thing that 
is gone o*t of my lips : I have 
fworn once by my holinefs, that 
I will not fail David. 

35 His feed /hall endure for 
ever, and his feat is like as the 
fun before me. 

36 He /hall ftand fafl forever- 
more as the moon, and as the 
faithful witnefs in heaven. 

37 But thou ha/l abhorre-d and 
forfaken thine Anointed, and 
artdifpleafed athim. 

38 Thou ha/l broken the co- 
venant of thy fervant, and cafl 
his crown to the ground. 

39 Thou haft overthrown all 
his hedges, and broken down his 
ilrong holds. 

40 All 



The Psalter, 

xviii. Day, 

40 All they that go by fpoil 
him, an<J he is become a re- 
proach to his neighbours. 

41 Thou hiift fet up the right 
hand of his enemies, and made 
all his adverl'arles to rejoice. 

42 Thou hall taken away the 
edge ot his fword, and giveft 
him not vidory in the battle. 

43 Thou haft put out his 
glory, andcafthis thfoac down 
to the ground. 

44 The days of his youth haft 
thou /hortened, and covered him 
with d) /honour, 

45 Lord^ how long wilt thou 
^ hide thyfelf ? for ever ? and ihall 

thy wrath burn like fire ? 

46 O remember how ihort my 
time is J wherefore haft thou 
made all men for nought ? 

47 What man is he that liv- 
cth, and fhall not fee death r and 
/hall he deliver his foul from the 
hand of hell ? 

4S Lord, where ai'C thy old 
loving-kindnefles," which thou 
fwareft unto David in thy truth ? 

49 Remember, Lord, the re- 
buke th:>t thy fervants have, and 
how I do bear in ni,y bofom the 
rebukes of many people 5 

50 V/hcrewith thine enemies 
have blafphemed thee, and flan- 
dei-ed the footfteps of thine 
JVnointed : Praifed Ije the Lord 
for evermore. Amen, and Amen. 

The' Eighteenth Day. 

Morning Prayer. 

Pfalm xc, DombiCf rcfuglum, 

LOrd, thou haft been our 
refuge, from one genera- 
tioji to another. 

R 3 

2 Before the mountains were 
brought forth, or ever the earth 
and the world were made, thou 
art God from cverlafting, an«t 
world without tn<i, 

3 Thou turncit man to de- 
ftrudion j again thou fayeft. 
Come again, ye children of men, 

4 For a thoufand years in thy 
/ight arc but as yefterday, feeing 
that is paft as a watch in thpc 

5 As ibon as thou fcatterefl 
them, they are even as a fleep, 
and fade away fuddenly like the 

6 In the morning it is green, 
and groweth up j but in the even- 
ing it is cut down, dried up, and 

7 For we confume away iri 
thy difpleafure, and are afraid 
at thy wrathful indignation. . 

8 Thou haft fet our mifdeeda 
before thee, and our fecret finS m 
the light of thy countenance. 

9 For when thou art angry, 
all our days are gone ; we brin^ 
our years to an end, as it were a 
tale that is told, 

10 The days of our age are 
threefcore years and ten j and 
though men be fo ftrong tha^t 
they come to fourfcore years, yet 
is their ftrength then but labour 
and forrow j fo foon paiTeth it 
away, and we are gone. 

1 1 But whoregardeth the pow- 
er of thy wrath ? for even there^ 
after as a man feareth, fo is thy 

1 2 So teach us to number o«r 
days, that we may apply our 
hearts unto wi fdom, 

33 Tuna 

5Jviii. Bay, 

13 Turn thee again,.© Lord, 
at the laft-, and be gracioas tinto 
Xk\^ fer'^ncs. 

14 O fatisfy us with tky mercy, 
and that foon : \o Ihall we re- 
joice and be glad all the days af 
uur lite. 

1 5 Comfort us again now after 

The PsALTJpR, 

3CviaL l^i^m 

7 A thayfand ihall fail hetife 
thee, and ten thoufac-d ac t^y 
right hand j but it fhaliJKJtCDnjc 
jftigh thee. 

8 yc:i, with tiiln? eyes {Kj5< 
thou behold, and fee the reward 
of the ungodly. 

9 For thou, Lord, srt s!3f 

the time that thou haft plagued I hope j thou haft fet, thine hoi:;l(c 
lis J and for the years wherein we of defence vei^ high. 

have fuffered adverfity, 

i6 Show thy fervants thy 
vork, and their children thy 

17 And the jiorious Majcfty 
of tlie Lord our God be upon us ; 
profper thou the work of our 
hands upon us ; O .profper thou 
our handy-woivu 

Pfalm xcu ^/i habitat, 

WHoli) dwelleth under the 
^tiznit of the Xvloft 
JFi'gh, ihall ribide under the iha- 
-dow of the Almighty. 

2 I will fay unco the Lord, 
Thou art my hope and my 
,l!:rong.hold, my God, in him 
will I truPt, 

3 For he fhall deliver thee 
from the fnsre of the hunter, and 
from the noifome pi-ftilence. 

4 Wz^zCi\ defend thee under 
iiis wings, and thou fiialt be ii^i^ 
under his feathers j his faithful- 
nefs and truth ffiail be thy ihidd 
aad buckler- 

5 Thou fhalt not be afraid for 
any terror by ,night, nor for the 
arrow that fiieth by day \ 

6 For the peftikrice thatwalk- 
cth in darknefs, nor for the f^ck- 
nefs that deilroyeth in the ncon- 

10 There {iiall no ei'il hap^joi 
unto thee, neither 'iKali airy 
plague come nigh thy dweliin^ ; 

J I For he ihall, give his anscSs 
charge over ihec, to keep thseeia 
all thy ways,. 

J 2 They ^dl bear thee m 
their hands, that thou 5iurt not 
thy foot againll a ftone. 

1 3 I'liou ihak go -anon tlaj 
lion and adder j the yo\in^ lioa 
ai:d the dragaa, flialt thou tread 
under thy feet. 

14 Becaufe he hath fet f^ 
love upoQ me, therefore -isill 1 
deliver. him \ I will fet him.«|% 
becaufe he hath knqwn .?»f 

J 5 He fhall call upon/me, ani 
I will hear him 3 yea, I am vrA 
him in trcuble 5 1 vrill deliTor 
him, and hrin^ him to horio^r. 

16 With long life v/ijl I f*- 
tJsfy him, and ihow him my Ui» 

Pfalm xcii. Bimim^Ji-cyyifta-l, 

IT is a good thing to ^lyc 
thanks unto the Lord, and 
to fing praifes wnio thy NanaCji 
O MoftHigheft> 

z To tell of thy loving rklaiJ- 
nefs early in the morning, andjef 
thy truth in :he Jii^ht fcafon j 
3 Upva 

xviil. Day, 

The Psalter, 

xviii. Z).7y. 

3 Upon an inftrument of ten ^ 
{brings, aiKl upon tl.e lute j upon 
a iouJ iiUbament, and upon the 
harp : 

4 For thou, Lord, haft made 
me glad tlirough thy works ; and 
I will rejoice in giving praife tor 
the operations of thy hrinds. 

5 O Lord, how glorious are 
thy works j thy thoughts arc 
very deep. 

6 Art unwife man Hotb not 
well confider this, and a fool 
doth not underiiand it. 

7 When the ur><j;odly are green 
as the grafs, and \vh?n all the 
workers of wicked nefs do flou- 
riih, then ihall they be d?{^royed 
for ever ; but thou, L^-rd, art thp 
Moft fiigheft for g^-ermore. 

8" For lo, thine encnVie?:, O 
Lord, lo, thine enemies ihall pe- 
rl/h } and all th.e v/oikers cf 
wjckednefs /hall be deftroyed. 

9 But mine horn fnr.ll he ex- 
alred like the horn of an uni- 
corn j for 1 am anointed with 
frefli oil. 

10 Mine eye alfo (hall f^e his 
lufl of mine ene^Tiies, and mine 
rzT fhall hear his defire of the 
wicked that arifc up ajrainft me. 

1 1 The righteous lliall flourift 
iikea palm-tree, and ihall fpread 
abroad like a ced^ in Libanus. 

12 Such as are planted in the 
houfe of the Lord, fhall llourilh 
in the courts of the houfe of our 

13 Thfv alfo iha'd bring forth 
snore fruit in their age, and ihall 
he fxt and well liking ; 

14 That they m.ay Ihow how 
true the Lord my ftrengthis,and 


that there is no unrlghteouuiefs 
in him* 

Evening Pp aykr. 
r fa I m X c i i i • Dominus rfgt:ai ;.*. 

TKe Lord is Kln^^, and liatli 
put on glorious apparel 5 
the Lord harh put on h's a^-tpa- 
re!, and girtied himlcif v%itli 

2 He hath made the round 
world fo fure, that it cannot be 

3 Ever fince the world began, 
hath thy ftidt been prepared j 
thou art from everlafting* 

4The floods are rilen, O Lord, 
the floods have lift op tlieh voice, 
the n jods lii^^t up their waves. 

5 The \\ave3 of th^ fca are 
mighty, and rage horriblv : hut 
y6r the Lord, who (i^vellcth oa 
high, IS mightier^ 

6 Thy tcftimonies, O Lord, 
arc very fure : holinefs becometla 
thine houfe for ever. 

Pfalm xciv. Dcus uIt:or,um» 

OLord God, to whom vcn* 
geance beiongeth ; thou 
Cir.d, to whom Vengtartce be- 
iongeth, (how thy4elffc 

1 Arfle, thou judpe of . the 
world, #nd reward the proud af- 
ter their deVerving, 

3 Lord, how long fliall (he un- 
godly, how lor g ihall the un- 
godly triumph ? 

I 4 How long /hall all v.ickf J 
docra' lj:eak fo difua'niully, aiid 
I make luch proud b^^afting ? 
I 5 They fmite down thy peo- 
ple, O Lord, and trouble thine 

6 Ihey 

XViii. Day. 

The Psalter. 



6 They murder the widow ; thy comforts have refrpilied my 
and the flranger, and putthq fa- j foul. 

therlefs to dp;ith. I ao Wilt thou have any thing 

7 And yet they fay, Tufh, | to do with the ftool of wicked- 
the Lord /hall not fee, neither ; ncfs, which imagineth mifchief 

/Iiall the God of Jacob regard it 
S Take heed, ye unwife among 
the people : O ye fools, when 
will ye underiUnd ? 

9 He that planted the ear, 
iliall he not hear ? or he rhat 
made the eye, fliall he not fee ? 

10 Or he that nurtureth the 

as a law 

21 They gather them together 
againft the foul of the righteousj^ 
and condemn the innocent blood, 

22 But the Lord is my refuge^ 
and my God is the ftrength ot 
my confideni:e. 

23 He ihall recompenfe theni 

heathen, it is he that teacheth their wickednefs, and deftroy 
man knowledge J iha^l not he them in their own malice; yea. 


I J The Lord knowcth the 
thoughts of map, that they are 
but vain. 

12 Blelfed is the man whom 
thou chafieneit, O Lord, and 
teacheft him in thy law ; 

1 3 That thou mayeft give him 
patience an tiirac of adverfity. 

The Nineteenth Day. 

Morning Prayer. 
Pfal'm xcv. Venitey exultetnui^ 
Come, let us Zing unto the 
_ Lord J let us heartily re- 
until the pit be digged up for the | io^^e in the ftrength of our fal- 

the Lord our God fhall deftroy 


14 Fur t];ie.Lord will not fail 
his people ; neither will he for- 
fake his inheritance; 

1 5 Until righteoufnefs turn 
again unto judgment: all fuch as 
are tryc in heart ftiaU follow it. 

16 Who will rife up with me 
againft the wicked ? or who will 
take my part againft the evil- 
doers ? 

1 7 If the Lord had not helped 
3Tie, it had not failed but my foul 
Jiad been put tofilence. 

18 But when 1 faid, My foot 
hath flipped; thy mercy, O Lord, 
held me up. 

19 Irt the multitude of the 


2 Let us come before his pre- 
fence with thankfgiving j and 
iliow ourfelves giad in him with 

3 For the Lord \% a great God; 
and a great King above all god*^ 

4 In his hand are all the 
corners of the earth; and the 
ftrength of the Kills is his aifo. 

5 The Tea is his, and he made 
it;, and his hands prepared the 
dry land. 

6 O come, let us worfhip, 
and fall down,, and kneel before, 
the Lord oyr Maker : 

7 For he IS the Lord our God; 
and we are the people of his paf- 

ibrrows that 1 had in my heart, : ture, and the ftieep of h|s ha;i4v 

o To-=- 

•xix. Day. 

The Psalter* 

xi;f. Day^ 

8 To-day if ye will hear his 
voice, harden not your hearts as 
in the provocation, and as in 
the day of tomptaticn In the wil- 
derncfs ; 

9 W lien your fathers tempted 
me, proved me, and faw my 

10 Forty years long was I 
grieved with this generation, and 
faid, It is a people that do err in 
their hearts, for they have not 
known my ways : , 

1 1 Unco whom I fwear in my 
wrath, that they iliould not en- 
ter into my reft. 

Pfalm xcvi. Cantate Domino, 

OSing unto the Lord a new 
fong J fing unto the Lord, 
all the whole earth. 

2 Sing unto the Lord, and 
praife his Name ; be telling of 
bis falvation from day to day. 

3 Declare his honour unto the 
heathen, and his wonders unto 
all people. 

4 For the Lord Is great, and 
cannot worthily be praifed j he 
is more to be teared than all gods. 

5 As for all the gods of the 
hrathen, they are but idols j but 
kis the Lord that made the hea- 

6 Glory and worihip are be- 
fore him 5 power and honour are 
in his fandluary. 

7 Afcribe unto the Lord, O 
ye kindreds of the people, afcribe 
unto the Lord worihip and power. 

S Afcribe unto the Lord the 
honour due unto his Name; 
brjrg prefents, and come into 
his courts. 

R 5 

9 O worfltip the Lord in the 
beauty of holinefs ; let the whole 
earth lland in awe of him. 

10 Tell it out among the hea- 
then, that the Lord is King ; and 
that it is he who hath made tho 
round world fo Ui\ that it cannot 
be moved J and howrhathefhall 
judge the people righteoufly. 

ij Let the heavens rejoice^ 
and let the earth be glad j Ice 
the fea make a noife, and all 
that therein is. 

12 Let the field be joyful, and 
all that is in it; then fhall all 
the trees of the wood rejoice be- 
fore the Lord. 

13 For l;e conieth, for he 
Cometh to judge the earth ; and 
with righteoufnefs to judge th^ 
world, and the people with his 

Pfalm xcvli. Dcwinus tegnavit^ 

THe Lord is King, the earth 
may be glad thereof; yea, 
the multitude of the illes may 
be glad thereof. 

2 Clouds and darknefs are 
round about him ; righteoufnef5 
and judgment are the habitation 
of his feat. 

3 There fhall go a fire before 
him, and burn up his enemies 
on every fide. 

4 His lightnings gave {hint 
unto the world ; the earth faw 
it, and was afraid. 

5 The hills melted like wax 
at the prefencc of the Lord ; at 
the prefence of the Lord of the 
whole earth. 

6 The heavens have declar&d 
his righteoufnefs, and all the 

people have feen his glory. 

7 Confounded 

X2X. Day. The Psalteh. xix* Dgjm 

7 Confounded be all they that 
vcrfhip carved images, and that 
d^jg'nt in vain gods : worihip 
him, all ye gods* 

S Sion heard of It, and re- 
joiced ; and the daughters of 
Judah were glad, becaufe of thy 
judgments, O Lord. 

9 Tor thou, Lord, art higher 
than all that r-re in the es.rth 3 
lihou art exalted far abovcjai! gods. 

10 O ye that icvc the Lord, 
fee that y€ hate the thing which 
is evil : the Lord prefer\'eth the 
fouls of his faints j he ihall de- 
liver them from the hand of the 

11 There Is fprun* up a light 
for the righteous, and joyful glad- 
Fiefs for fuch as are true-hearted, 

12 Rejoice in the Lord, ye 
5'lghteoMS, and give thanks for 
a remembrance cf his holinefs. 

Evj:kjns Praver. 

Pfaim xcviii. Cant ate Dcmlrtv. 

OSing unto the Lord a new 
fong ; for he hath done 
aiarvellous things. 

1 With his own right hand, 
and with his holy arm, hath he 
gotten himfelf the vi£lory. 

3 The Lord declared his fal- 
vation ; his righteoufnefs hath 
h^ openly fnowed in the fight of 
the heathen. '• 

4 He hath reinembered his 
mercy and truth toward the 
houfe of Ifrael, and all the ends 
of the world have then the fal- 
vation of our God.. 

5 Show yoiirfelvcs joyful un- 
to the Lord, all ye lands j hng, 
rejoice, and give thanks* 

G fralie the Lord apon ti* 
harp J f:ng to the harp with % 
pfalm of thanJcfgiving, 

7 With trumpets alfo zrA 
Hiawms, O iliow yourfelves joj- 
ful before the Lord the Kin^, 

S Let the iea make a noii% 
and all that therein is 5 th« 
round world, and they that dweH 

g Let the fioods xlap thor 
hands, and let the hiJls be joyful 
tojfither before the ILord i terisr 
i£ come to judge the ear:^. 

10 With righteoufnefs ihaii 
he judgf tue world, and th« pee* 
pie with equity. 

Pfalm xclx, DoTfiinus reTna^m 

TKe Lord Is Kiagyoe the peiJ- 
ple never fo impatient 5 he 
fitteth between the cherubiin, 
be the earth never fo unt^\«et. 

1 The Lord is gi^at in Sioss, 
and high above all people. 

3 They /liail give thanks ain* 
to thy Name, which is ;grca% 
wonderful, and holy* 

4 The King's power lovcta 
judgment j thou haft prepared 
equity J thou hall executed judj;- 
ment and righteoufnefs in Jacob. 

5 O magnify the Lord <mT 
God, and fall down before hia 
footftool 5 for \iii is holy. 

6 Mofes and Aaron annon* 
his prlefts, and Samuel amcn^^ 
fuch as call upon his Nam*; t. 
thefe called upon the Lord, ansa 
he heard them. 

7 He fpake unto them o\a of 
the cloudy pillar 5 for they kept 
his tefti monies, and the law that 
he gave them* 

S TbQ« 

XIX. Day. 

8 Thou hearG^fl them, O 
Lord our God j thou tbrgaveit: 
them, O God, and punilheJrt 
their own invencions. 

9 O magnify the Lord our 
Cod, and worfiiip hinn upon his 
holy hill J tor thy Lord our God 
is holy. 

Plalm c. Jubilate Dec. 

OBc joyful in the Lord, all 
ye lands ; lerve the Lord 
with gladnefs, and come before 
his prefencc with a fong. 

2 Be ye fure that the Lord he 
is God j it is he that halh made 
us, and not we ouiTelves j we are 
his people, and the fheep of his 

3 O 50 your way Into Ms 
gates with thanJcfgiving, and 
into his courts wicli praife j be 
thankful unto hinn, and fpeuk 
good of his Name ; 

4 For the Lord is gracious ; 
his mercy is everlafting 5 and his 
truth enduneth from generation 
to generation. 

Pfalm ci. Mij-ncordiam et 

MYfong ftiall be of mercy 
and judgment; unto 
thee, O Lord, will I Hn^, 

1 O let me have underftand- 
Ing in the way of godlinefs. 

3 When wilt thou come unto 
me r I will walk in my houfe 
with a pcrfecTb heart, 

4 I will tike, no wi-^ked thing 
jn hand \ I hate the; dv.i cf un- 
fa ithfulnefs : there fhall no fuch 
cleave unto me. 

5 A froward heart fhall de- 
pan from me ; I wiJi n<;t knv>v/ 
a wicked perfon* 

K 6 

The Psalter, 

'xx. Day. 

6 Whofo prlv'dy flandcreth his 
neighbour, him will 1 dcftioy, 

7 Wliv:;io hath alfa a pioud 
look ?.nJ high ilomach, 1 will 
not fuffv'r him. 

8 Mine eyes look upon fuch 
a?; are faithful in the land, that 
they may dwell with me, 

9 Whofo leadeth a godly life, 
he /hail be my fe;?ant, 

10 Thefw fhal! no deceitful 
pcrfon dwell in my houlc ; h« 
that tellethlies fhall not tarry in 
my fight. 

1 1 1 jLall foon dcftroy all ths 
ungodly that are in the lund^ 
that I m.ay root out all wicked 
doers from the cicy of the Lord- 

The Twentietji Day, 

Morning Prayer. 

PfaJm cii, Dcmltie, exaudu 

HEar my prayer, C Lord 5 
and let my crying come 
unto thee. 

2 Hide not thy face from m* 
in the time of my trouble ; in- 
cline thine ear unto me when I 
call ; O hear me, and that ri^ht 
foon : 

3 For my days are confumcd 
away like fmoke, and my bones 
are burnt up as it were a iire- 

4 My heart is fmittPn (*nwr, 
and withf;red like grals ; fo that 
I forget to eat my bread. 

5 1 o": the voice of my gr:">aT>- 
ing, my bon^s wili icaice cieavc 
to my fiefh, 

6 I am become like a pelican 
in the wiiderneis, and like an 
owl that is in xlv-i, cti^rc. 

7 I 

XX. Day, 

The Psalter 

7 I have watclicd, and am 
even as it were a fparrow, that 
iitteth alone upon the houie-top. 

8 Wine enemies revile me all 
the day long j and they that are 
mad upon me, are fworn toge- 
ther againll me. 

9 For 1 have eaten afhes as it 
were bread, and mingled my 
drinJc with weeping. 

10 And that, becaufe of thine 
indignation and wrath j for thou 
ijaffc taken me up, and caft me 

1 1 My days are gone like a 
fhadov/, and I am withered like 

12 But thou, O Lord, /halt 
endure for ever, and thy remem- 
brance throughout all genera- 

13 Thou ihaltaiife, and have 
mercy upon Si on j for it is time 
that thou have mercy upon her j 
Nea, the tJme is come. 

14 And why? thy fervants 
think upon her ftones, and it pi- 
tieth them to fee her in the duih 

15 The headien fhall fear 
thy Name, O Lord j and all the 
kings of the earth thy Majefty. 

16 When the Lord ihall build 
up Sion, and when his glory 
/hall appear j 

17 When he turneth him un- 
to the prayer of the poor defli • 
tute, and defpifech not their 
<3efire 5 

18 This fhall be written for 
thofe that come after, and the 
people which (hall be born ihall 
praile the Lord. 

19 For he hath looked down 
from his fanctuary j out of the 

XX. D€iy* 

heaven did the Lord behold the. 

20 That he might hear the. 
mourning of fuch as are in cap- 
tivity, and deliver the children 
appointed unto death ; 

21 That they may de;clare the 
Name of the Lord in Sion, and. 
his worfhip at Jerufalem 5 

22 When the people are ga- 
thered together, and the king- 
doms alfo, to ferve the Lord. 

23 He brought down my 
ftrength in my journey, and 
ihortened my days. 

24 But I laid, O my God, 
take me not away in the midfk. 
of mine age ; as for thy years, 
they endure throughout all gene- 

25 Thou, Lord, in the begin- 
ning haft: laid the foundation of 
the earth, and the heavens are 
the work of thy hmds. 

26 They fhall perifli, but thou, 
flialt endure; they ail ihall wax 
old as doth a garment, 

27 And as a vellure ihalt thou 
change them, and they ihall be 
changed j but thou art the fame, 
and thy years fhall not fail._ 

28 The children of thy fer- 
vants fhall continue, and their 
feed fhall fland fafl in thy fighu 

Pfalm cili» Benedk, an'ima mea» 

PRaife the Lord, O my foul j 
and all that is within me 
praife his ho'y Name. 

2 Praife the Lord, O my foul ; 
and forget not all his benefits ; 

3 Who forgiveth all thy fin, 
and healeth all thine inhrmitiesj' 

4 Who faveth thy life from 


XX. Day. The Ps 

deftru^iion, and crowneth thee 
with mercy and loving -kindnelsj 

5 Who fatisfieth thy mouth 
with good things, making thee 
young and lufty as an eagle. 

6 The Lord executcth righte- 
oufnefs and judgment^ for all 
them that are opprefled with 

7 He fhowed his w^ys unto 
Mofes, his works unto the chil- 
dren oi Ifrael. 

8 The Lord is full of compaf- 
fion and mercy, long-Kiffering, 
and of great goodnefs. 

9 He will not alv/ay be chid- 
ing j neither keeoeth he his anger 
for ever. 

10 He hath not dealt with us 
after our fms j nor rewarded us 
according to our wickedneiTes. 

1 1 For look how high the hea- 
ven is in comparitbnof the earth j 
To great is his mercy alfo toward 
them that fear him ! 

12 Look how wide alfo the 
eaft is from the weft j fo far hath 
he fet our fms from us ! 

I 3 Yea, like as a father pitleth 
his own children j even fo is the 
Lord merciful unto them that 
fear him. 

14 For he knoweth whereof 
we are made ; he remeinbereth 
that we arc but duft. 

15 The days of man arc but 
as grafs j for he flourifheth as a 
flower of the field. 

16 For as foon as the wind 
goeth over it, it is gone 5 and the 
place thereof fhall know it no 

17 But the merciful goodnefs 
of the Lord cndureth for ever 

ALTER, XX. Day. 

and ever upon them that fear 
him } and hii righteoufncfs upon 
children's children j 

18 Even Upon fuch as keep 
his covenant, and think upon his 
commandments, to do them. 

19 The Lord hath prepared 
his feat in heaven, and his king- 

, dom ruleth oyer all. 

20 O praife the Lord, ye An- 
gels of his, ye that excel in 
Itrengthj yc that fulfil his com- 
mandment, and hearken unto the 
voice of his words. 

21 O praife the Lord, all y^ 
his horts j ye fervants of his that 
do ills pleafure. 

22 O fpeakgood of the Lord^ 
all } e works of his, in all places 
of his dominion : Praife thou the 
Lord, O my foul. 

Evening PRAYza. 
Pfalm civ. Bjnedic, anima tnea* 

PRaife the Lord, O my foul : 
O Lord my God, thou art 
become exceeding glorious, thou 
art cloathed with majeity and 

2 Thou deckefl thyfelf with 
light as it were with a garment, 
and fpreadeft out the heavens like 
a curtain. 

3 Who layeth the beams of 
his chambers in the waters, and 
maketh the clouds his chariot, 
and vvalketh upon the wings of 
the wind. 

4 He maketh his angels fpl- 
rits, and his miniilers a Haming 

5 He laid the foundations of 
the earth, that it never jhould 
aiove at any time. 


XX, Day* 


6 Thou covered ii, i.t with the 
deep like as with a garinent j the 
waters ftand in thci hills. 

7 At thy rebuke ,tlwy flee ; at 
the voice of thy thunder they are 

8 They ^o up as high as the 
hills-, and down to the vallies be- 
neath ; even unto the place which 
thou haft appointed for them. 

9 Thou haft fct them their 
bounds, which they Ihall not 
pafs, neither turn again to cover 
the earth. 

ic He fendeth the fprlngs Into 
the rivers, which run among the 

11 Allbealls of the field drink 
thereof, and the wild afies quench 
their thirfl. 

12 Befide them fhall the fowls 
of the air have their habitation, 
and fmg among the branches. 

1 3 He watereth the hills from 
above ; the earth is filled with 
the fruit of thy works. 

14. He bringcth forth grafs for 
the cattle, and green herb for 
rhe fervice of men. 

15 That he may bring food 
out of the earth, and wine that 
snaketli glad the heart of man ; 
and oil to make him a cheer- 
ful countenance, and bread to 
frrengthen man's heart. 

J 6 The trees of the Lord alfo 
are full of fap 5 even the cedars of 
Libanus, Wiiich he hath planted^ 

17 Whe^la. the birds make 
their neds faad the fir-trees are a 
dwelling for the *?torV, 

jS The nigh hills arc a refuge 
f^ir the wild goats 5 and fo are 
?lhc ilonv rc-^s for tJie co#ie5> 

XX. Day. 

19 He appointed the moon iot 
certain fenlcns, and the fon 
knoweth his going down. 

20 Thou makeft darkncfs^ 
that it may be night j wherein 
all the bealls of the foreft do 

21 The lions roaring after 
their prey, do feek their meat 
from God. 

22 The fun arifeth, and they 
get them av/ay together, and lay 
them down in their dens. 

23 Man goeth forth to hla 
work, and to his labour, until 
the evening. 

24 O Lord, how msnifoJd arc 
thy works J in wifdom halt thou 
ma<ic them all j the earth is full 
of thy riches. 

25 So is the great and wide fea 
alfo J wherein are things creeping 
injiumerable,; both fraali and 
great beaits. 

26 There go the fhips, and 
there is that Leviathan, whom 
thou haft made to take his pgf* 
time therein. 

27 Thefe wait all upon the-e^ 
that thou may eft give them meat 
in due feafon. 

28 Vvjien f.hou giveftitthem, 
they gather it 5 and when thou 
opencft thy hand, they are filled 
v/ith good. 

29 When thou hidefc thy facCf 
they are troubled : when thou 
takeft away their breath, they 
die and are turned again to tl^ir 

30 When thou ktteft thy 
breath go forth, they fliali be 
madp j and thou /halt renew the 
facecf die earth. 

SI Th': 



'Phc Psalter. 



51 TbcgloriOHjrrajcily of the 
I«ord iha'ii eoilare for ever; the 
L'^ril fhall rejoice in his works. 

32 The earth (hall tremble at 
tile look ot him j if he do but 
touch the h'Us, they iTiall imoke. 

3;j 1 will fmg unto the Lord 
as long as I livcj I will praife 
my God while I have my being; 

34 And fo /hall my words 
pleafe him : my joy ihall be in 
the Lord* 

35 As for finners, they fhali 
te confuiTKd out of the earth, 
and the ungodly /hall come to an 
end : Praile thou the Lord, O 
my foul, praife the Lprd. 

r ■- • " ■ - — ~ 

The Twenty-Firil Day. 

Morning Prayer. 

Pfalm cv. Conjjfetnin: Dc^jfiino, 

OGlve thanks unto the Lord, 
and call u^on his Name j 
teli the pe©ple what things he 
hath done. 

2. O let yourfcngs be of him, 
and praife him ; and let your 
talking be of all his wondrous 

3 Rejoice in his holy Name; 
Jet the heart of then; rejoice, that 
feck the Lard. 

4 Seek the Lord and his 
ftrength J feekhis faccevermcre. 

5 Rem;;mber the marvellous 
works that he hath done j his 
WDnders, and the judgments of 
ilk mo\ith ; 

6 O ye feed of Abraham, his 
fervantj ya children of Jacob, 
his chofen. 

7 He is tbe Lvordotir God ; his 
ju^^mcri*-; Arc i i a:i :hi; '.vc/ld. 

8 He hath been al way mind- 
ful of his covenant and promifcy 
that he made to a ihouiand gc- 


9 Even the covenant that he 
m<ide with Abraham j and the 
oath that he fware unto Ifaac ; 

10 And appointed the fame 
unto Jacob for a law, and tolf- 
rael for an everlafting tellamcnt, 

IT Saying, Unto thee will I 
give the land of Canaan, tlic 
lot of your inl>eiitance. 

12 When there were yet but • 
few of them, and they ftrangert 
in the land ; 

13 What time as they went 
from one nation to another, from 
one kingdom to mother people; 

14 He fuffered no man to do 
them wrong, but reproved even 
kings for their fakes : 

I 5 Touch'not mine Anointed ; 
and do my prophets no harm. 

16 Moreover, he called for a 
dearth upon the Isad, and de- 
stroyed all the provifion of bread, 

17 But he had fent a man be* 
fore them, even ]ofeph, who 
was fold to be a bojid-fervant, 

iS Whofe feet they hurt In 
the ftoclis J the iron entered into 
hig foul, 

19 Until the time came that 
his caule was known : the v.ord 
of the Loid tried hiiri. 

20 The king fent, and deli- 
\*ered bim j the prince of the 
people let him go free. 

21 He made him lord ^fo of 
Uis ho'Ue, and ruiar of all hi»^ 

XXI. Day, 

princes after his will, arid teach 
kis fenators wlfdom, 

2,3 liVael alio came into Egypt, 
and Jacob was a fir anger in the 
land of Ham. • 

24 And he increafed his peo- 
pie exceedingly, and made them 
itronger than their enemies j 

25 Wiiofe .heart turneth fo, 
that they hated his people, and 
dealt untruly with his fervants. 

. 26 Then fent he Mofes his 
fervant, and Aaron, whom he 
had chofen j 

ay And thefe fhowed his to- 
kens among them, and \vonders 
in the land of Ham. 

28 He ferjt darknefs, and it 
v^-aadark, and they were not 
cbedi^ntuntu his word. 

29 He turned their waters into 
blood, and flew their iiih, 

30 Their land brought forth 
frogs j yea, even in their kings 

31 He fpake the word, and 
there came all manner of flies, 
a-nd lice in all their quarters. 

32 He gave them hall-ftones 
for rain; and flames of fire in 
their land. 

33 He fmote their vines alfo 
and fig-trees 5 and deftroyed the 
trees that were in their coafts. 

24 He fpake the word, and 
the grafhoppers came, and cater- 
piiUrs Innumerable, and did eat 
up all the grafs in their land, 
and devoured the fruit of their 

35 He fmote all the firft-born 
in their land ; even the chief of 
all their ilrength. 

36 He brought them forth alfo 

The Psalter, 

xxi. Daj^ 

with fiiver and gold ; there was 
not one feeble pcrfon among 
their tribes. 

37 Hgypt was glad at their 
departing ; for they were afraid^ 
of them. 

38 He fpread out a cloud to 
be a covering ; and fire to give 
light in the night-feafon, 

39 At theh defire he brought 
quails J. and he filled them with 
the bread of heaven. 

40 He opened the rock of 
flone, and the waters flowed our,, 
fo that the rivers ran in the cry 

41 For why ? hs remembered 
his holy promife j and Abraham 
his f&rvant. 

42 And he brought forth his 
people with joy, and his chofen 
with gladnefs ^ 

43 And gave them the lands 
of the heathen : and they took 
the labours of the people in pof- 
feflicn ; 

44 That they might keep his 
fliatutes, and obferve his laws. 

"Evening Prayer. 
Pfalm cvi. Conjitemtni D rilno, 

OGive thanks unto the Lord; 
for he is gracious, and his 
mercy endureth forever. 

2 V/ho can cxprefs the noble 
afts of the Lord, or /how forth 
all his praife ? 

3 Blefled are they that aUvay 
keep judgment, and do righ'ce- 

4 Remember mc, O Lord, 
according to the favour that 
thou beareft unto thy people 5 O 
vifit me with thy falvation. 

5 Th/t 

XXI, Day, 

The Psalter. 

xxi. Day* 

5 That I may fee the felicity 
of thy chofen, and rejoice in the 
giadncfs of thy people, and give 
fhanks with thine inheritance. 

6 We have finned with our 
fathers j we have done amlfs, 
and dealt wickedly. 

7 Our Fathers regarded not 
thy wonders in Egypt, neither 
kept they thy great goodhefs in 
remembrance J but were difobe- 
dient at the fea, even at the 
Red fea. 

8 Neverthelefs, he helped 
them for his Name's fake, that 
he might make his pov/er to be 

9 He rebuked the Red Sea 
alfo, and it ^as dried up 5 £b he 
led them through the deep, as 
through a wildernefs. 

10 And he faved them from 
the adverfaries" h^nd, and deli- 
vered them from the hand of the! 

1 1 As for thofe that troubled | 
them, the waters overwhelmed 
them ; there was not one of 
them left. 

12 Then believed they his 
words, and fangpraife unto him. 

13 But within a while they 
forgat his works, and would not 
abide his counfel. 

14 But lul^ came upon them 
In the uildernefs, and they 
rerapted God in the defert. 

I c And he gave them their 
defire, and fent leannefs withal 
in:o their foul. 

16 They angered Mofes alfo 
in their tentsi and Aaron the 
faint of the Lord. 
17 So the earth opened, and 

fwallowcd up Dathan, and co- 
vered the congregation of Abi- 

18 And the was kindled 
in their company } the flame 
burnt up the ungodly. 

19 They made a calf in Ho- 
reb, and worfhipped the jnolten 

20 Thus they turned their 
glory into the fimilitude of a 
calf that eaterh hay, 

21 And they forgat God their 
Saviour who had done fo great 
things in Egypt j 

22 Wondrous works In the 
land of Ham ; aud fearful things 
by the Red Sea. 

23 So he faid he would have 
deftroyed them, had not Mofes 
his chofen ftood before him in 
the gap, to turn away his wrath- 
ful indignation, leii he fhould 
dellroy them. ^. -., 

24 Yea, they thought-^ifewii 
cf that pleafant land-, and gave 
no credence unto his word j 

25 But murmured in their 
tents, and hearkened not unto 
the voice of the Lord. 

26 Then lift he up his hand 
^gainft them, to overthrow them 
in the wildtrncfs; 

27 To cafl out their feed 
among the nations, and to fcat- 
ter them in the lands. 

2S TTiey joined themfclves 
unto Baal-peor, and ate the 
offerings of the dead. 

29 1 hus they provoked him 
to anger with their own inven- 
tions J and the plague Mjas great 
among them. 

30 Then ftood up Phinees, 


XXI. Dav» 


xxii. Z^^r. 

and prayed j and fo the plag-ue 

31 And that \v2s ccjnted un- 
to him for righrecnilncfs, among 
ail pt)fteritiei: for evermore. 

32 They angered him alfo at 
the waters cf ftrife, fo that he 
punirned MoA^s for their fake* 5 

33 Bcc.jufe they provoked his 
fpirit, fo that he fpakeunadvi- 
fedly with his lips. 

3-» Neither dedroved they the 
heathen, as the Lord contimand- 
cd thrm : 

35 But were mingicd aKiong 
the heathen, and learned their 

36 Infomuch that they wor- 
fhipped their idols, which turned 
to their own decay j yea, they 
ofr'ercd their fons apd their 
daughters cnto devih j 

37 And fned innocent Hood, 
even the hlood of their fons and 
of their daughters, whom they 
offered unto the idols of Ca- 
r.aan ; and the land was defiled 
with blood. 

38 Thus were they fl:ained 
with their own v/orks, and went 
a whoring with their own inven- 

39 Therefore vv^s the wrath 
of the. Lord kindled ajiainft his 
people, infomuch that he abhor- 
red his own inheritance. 

40 And he gave tihem over 
into the hand of the. heathen j 
aad tbey that hated thenn were 
lords over them. 

41 Their enemies apprpffed 
them, and had them in fubjec- 

4z Many a time did he deli- 

ver them ; but they rebelled 
againft him with their own in- 
ventions, and were brought down 
in their wickednefs. 

43 Neverthclefs, when he faW 
their advcrfity, he heard their 

44 He thought Ijpon his co* 
vcnant, and pitied them, accord'- 
ing unto the multitude of his 
mercies ^ yea, he mude all thofc 
that \tA them away captive to 
pity them. 

45 Deliver us, O Lord ouf 
God, and gather us from among 
the heathen j thkt we may give 
thanks unto thy holy Name, and 
make our boaft of thy praife. 

46 BlefTcd be the Lord God 
of Ifrael, from everlafting, and 
world without tnA j and let all 
tiic people fay, Amen. 

The Twenty-Second Day. 
Morning Prayir. 

Pfalm evil. Ccnjitcmini Dcmino^ 

OGive thanks unto the 
Lord ; for he is gracious, 
and his mercy endurerh for ever. 

2 Let them give thanks, whom 
the Lord hath redeemed, and de- 
livered from the- hand of the 
enemy ; 

3 And gathered them out of 
the lands, from the eaft, and 
from the weft ; from the north, 
and from the fouth. 

4 They went aftray in the wil - 
dernefs out of the way> and 
found no city to dwell in. 

5 Hungry and thirfty, their 
foul fainted in them. 

6 So they cried unto the Lord 


xxli. Day. 


xxii. Da\ 

ia their trouble, and he delivered 
them from their diitrefs. 

7 He led them forth bf the 
jrlghc way, that they mi^ht go 
to the city where they dwelt, . 

8 O that roea wduid there- 
fore praife the Lord for hi«? good- 
uefs ; and declare the .wonders 
tliat he doeth for the children oi 


9 For he fatlsfieth the empty 
^ul, and lillcth the hungry foul 
tvith goodnefs j 

10 Such as fit in darknefs and 
m the ihadow of death, being 
tail bound in njifsry and iron ; 

11 Becaufe they rebelled a- 
.jgaJnft: the words of the Lord, and 

lightly regarded the counlel of 
the Moft Higheft. 

12 He alfo brought down their 
lieart through heavinefsj they 
fell down, and there was none to 
help them* 

13 So when they cried unto 
the Lord in their trouble, hcde- 

^livcred them out of their diihefs. 

14 For he brought them out of 
darknefs, and out of the fha^iow 

fOf death, and brake their bonds 

^a funder. 

- 1 5 O that men would therefore 
prajfe the Lord for his goodntifs : 
and declare the wonders that he 
.4oeth for tiie children of men ! 

16 For he hath broken the 
ffates of brafs, and fmitten the 
iars of iron in funcier. , 

17 Fooliili men are plagued 
for their offence, and becaufe of 
their wickednefs. 

18 Their foul abhorred all 
manner of m^at, and they weic 
even hard at deatli's door. , 

19 So whea they crieci ur . . 
the Lord in their trouble, he ^' 
livered themoutlof their diftrcl- 

ao He lent his word, and he.. 
ed tl^enj \ and tticy were; favc^^ 
from their dertruc^im. 

21 O that men would there- 
fore praife rite Lord for hfsgood- 
ncfs y auJ dcclaiL ti^e wonders 
that he d(*eth fur the children of 
men ! 

22 That they would offer unto 
him the facrilice of tbankf^W- 
ing, and tell out his works with 
glad ncfs ! 

23 Tbey that go down to the 
(dA in fhips, and occupy thieir ba* 
fmefs in great waters ; 

24 Thefe men fee the works 
of ^he Lord, and his wonders m 
the deep. 

2 5 For at his word , the ftormy 
wind arifeth, wh^ch iifteth up 
the waves thereof. 

26 They are carried up to the 
heaven, and down again to the 
deep^; their foul meltetii away 
becaufe of the trouble. 

27 They reel to .i:id fro» and 
ilagger like a drunken man, and 
are at their v/it's e*"!d. 

28 Sovvhen they cry unto thjl 
Lord in their trouble, hcdeliver- 
eth them out of the-r diftrcfs. 

29 For he maketh the ftorm 
to ceafe, fo that the waves thereof 
are ftill. 

30 Then are they glad, becaufe 
they arc at reft j and fo he bring- 
eth them unto the haven where 
they would be. 

31 O that men would there- 
fore praife the Lord for his good- 
nefs j snd declare the wonders 


xxn. Day, ThePsA 

^hat he doeth for the children of 
men ! 

32 That they would exalt 
him alfo in the congregation of 
the people, and praife Him in the 
feat of the eiders ! 

3 3 Who turneth the floods into 
a wildernefs, and drieth up the 

34 A fruitful land maketh he 
barren, for the wi^^-^ednefs of 
them that dwell therein. 

35 Again he maketh the wil- 
dernefs a ftanding water, and \va- 
ter-fprings of a dry ground. 

36 And there he fetteth the 
hungry, that they may build 
them a city ro dwell in 5 

37 That they niay fovy their 
land, and plant vineyards, to 
yield them fruits oF increafec . 

38 He blelieth them, fo that 
they multiply exceedingly ; and 
fuffereth not their cattle to de- 

59 And a gam, when they are 
mmif^ted and brought lowthroug-h 
eppreil;on, through any plague, 
or trouble ; ' " 

40 Though he fuffer them to 
be evil-entreated through ty-; 
rants,' and let them wander out 
of the way in the wilder nefs ] 

41 Vet helpeth'he the poor 
out of mifery, and maketh him 
houfholds like a flock of fheep. 

42 'i'he righteous will ccn- 
f}der this, and rejoice j and the , 
mouth of all wicked nefs ihall be 

43 V/hofo is wife, w-ill ponder 
thefe things j and they ihail un- 
'derftand the loving-kindnefs of 
the Lord, 

LTER. xxii. Day. 

Evening Prayer. 
Pfalm cviii. Paratum cor meum^ 

O God, my heart is ready, 
my heart is ready j I will 
fing, and give praife with the bcft: 
member tliat 1 have. 
^ 2 Avvake,tiiou lute and harp ; 
I myfelf will awake right earl^, 

3 I \wll give thanks unto thee, 

Lord, am^ng the people j I 
will fmg praifes unto thee among 
the nations. 

4 For thy mercy is greater 
than the heavens, and thy truth 
reacheth unto the clouds. 

5 Set lip thyfelf, O God, above 
the heavens, and thy glory abovie 
all the earth, ^ 

6 That thy beloved may lie 
ielivered : let thy right haqd 
fave them, and hear thou me. ^ 

7 God hath fpoken in his ho- 
linefs J I will rejoice therefore, 
and divide Sichem, and mete out 
the valley of Succoth. 

8 Gilead ismine, andManailrs- 
is mine ; Ephraim alfo is the 
ftrength of my head-; 

9 Juda is my law-giver : Moab 
is my waih-pot 5 over Edom wiR 

1 cafl" out my fhoe ; upon Philif- 
tia will I triumph. 

10 Who will lead me into the 
llrcng city ? and who will bring 
me into Edom ? 

1 1 Haft not thou forfaken us, 
O God? aad wilt not thou, O 
God', go forth with our hoUs ? 

12 O help us againft the ene- 
my 5 for vain is the help of maiu 

13 Through God we fhall do 
great afls 5 and it is he that ihall 
tread down our enemies. 


X^ii. Day. 

The Psalter 

Pfalm clx. Dcui laudum. 

Hold not thy tongue, O God 
of my praile ; for the 
mouch of the ungodly, yea, the 
mouth of the deceitful is opened 
upon me. 

2 And they have fpoken agairift 
me with falfe tongues ; they 
compafled me about alfo with 
words of hatred, and fought 
againll me without a caufe. 

3 For the love that 1 had unto 
them, lo, they take now my con- 
trary part i but 1 give my felt' 
unto prayer. 

4 Thus have they rewarded 
me evil for good, and hatred for 
my good-will. 

5 Set thou an ungodly man to 
be ruler over him, and let Satan 
(land at his ri^ht hand. 

6 Whe]i fcnrence is given upon 
him, let him be condemned j and 
let his prayer be turned into fin. 

7 Let his days be few, and let 
another take his office. 

8 Let his children be father- 
lefs, and his wife a widow. 

9 Let his children be vaga- 
bonds, and beg cheir bread j let 
them fcek it alfo out of defolate 

10 Let the extortioner confume 
all that he hath j and let the 
ftranger fpoil his labour. 

1 1 Let there be no man to pity 
him, nor to have conipai3ion 
upon his fatheriefs children. 

12 Let his portcrity be de- 
f^royed j and in the ncjct genera- 
tion let his name be clean put out. 

13 Let the wicked nefs of his 
fathers be had in rennembranvs 

XXii. Day* 

in the fight of the Lord, and let 
not the fm of his mother be 
done away. 

14 Let them alway be before 
the Lord, that he may root out 
the memorial of them from oft' 
the earth j 

15 And that, becaufe his 
mind was not to do good j but 
perfecuted the poor helplefs man, 
that he might llay him that was 
vexed at the heart. 

16 His deliglit was in curfing^ 
and it /hall happen unto him ; he 
loved not bleifing, therefore Ihall 
it be far from him. 

17 He cloathed himfelf with 
curfmg like as with a raiment, 
and it fhallcome into his bowels 
like water, and like oil into his 

18 Let it be unto him as the 
cloak that he hath upon him, 
and as the girdle that he is al- 
way girded witl^al. 

19 Let it thus happen from 
the Lord unto mine enemies^ 
and to thofe that fpeak evil 
againft my foul^ 

20 Cut deal thou with mey O 
Lord God, aceordlng unto thy 
Name; for fvveet is thy mercy. 

21 O deliver me, for 1 am 
helplefs and poor, and my heart 
is wounded within me. 

21 I go henceUkctiie ihadow 
that departeth, and am driven 
away as the grafnopper. 

23 My knees are weak through 
failing ; my fleih isdried up for 
want of fatnefi. 

24 I became alfo a reproach 
unto them j they that looked 
upon me ihakcd their heads. 

25 Hefp 

xxilL Day* The Ps 

25 Kelp mc, O Lord my God ; 
O fave mt, according to tKy 

26 And they fhr-ll know how 
that ihis is thy haad, and tkat 
thou, Lord, haft done it. 

^7 Though .they curfe, yet 
Ulefs thou J and let them be con- 
founded that rife up againil me 3 
but let thy ferv ant rejoice. 

2S Let mine adverfaries be 
cloathed with /hame j and let 
them cover th*=mfeiVes with thrir 
own confufioj], as with a cloak. 

29 As for me, I will give 
great thanks- unto the Lord witii 
my mouth, and praife him 
among the multitude t 

30 For he ihall u:and at the 
rigiit hand of the poor, to fave 
his foul from unrighteous judges. 

The Twenty -Third Dliy, 

Mo R N I N C. pR A Y E R • 

Pfalm ex. Dixit Dcinmus, 

THe Lord faid unto my Lord, 
' Sit thou on my right hand, 
until I make thine enemies thy 

2 The Lord fhall fend the rod 
of thy power out of Sion 5 be 
thou ruler even in the midfb 
among thine enemies. 

3 in the day of thy pov;er 
/hall- the people o&r thee H:&t- 
xvilK'bftenngj with an ho^y Wor- 
/liip J the dew of thy birth is of 
the womb of the morning. 

4 The Lord fware, and win 
not repent. Thou art a PriolL for 
ever after the m*der of Melcfei- 

^ The Lcrd upon thyj^^rlght 

ALTER* xxiiL "Day^ 

I hand- iTiall wound cvenkin^s, fu 
the day of his wrach. 

6 He fhall judge among fhc 
heathen j he fhall fill the places 
with the dead bodies, and fmicc 
in funder the heads over divers 

7 He ihall drink of the brook 
in the way , therefore iUall he 
lift up his head. 

Pfalm cxi. Confitehor iiht, 

I Will give thank-i unto th^ 
Lord with my whole heart, 
fecretly among the faithful, and 
in the congregation, 

2 The works of the Lord arc 
great, fought out of all them 
that have pieafure therein, 

3 His work' rs worthy to be 
piaifcd and had in honou;-, and ' 
his righteoufnefs endurcth *«r ' 

4 The merciful an^ gracious 
Lord hath lb done his marvellous 
works, that they ought to be had 
in remembrance. 

5 He hath given meat unto 
them that fear him ; he IhaU 
ever be mindful of his covenant. 

. 6 He hath fhowed his people 
tlie power of his work?, that he 
may give them the heritage of 
the heathen. 

I 7 1 he works of his hands are 
verity ar.d JGdgment; all his 
comrnandments are true. 

'■ t They Itand faft for ever ^d 
ejver, and'aie'done in 'truth dnd ' 

^julty.' ■ ' '"''.. "^' 

9 He iJcnt'redempLldn unto his • 
yieopie ^ he hath commanded his"' 
coven an r for ever } holy and re- 
verend h ins N'arae^. - 

10 The 

xxiii. Day. The Ps 

1 3 The fear of the Lord is the 
bej';n:»/mg of wifdom ; a gooJ 
unaenlan^ing have all they that 
d« thereafter J the praife gf it 
cndureth for ever. 

Ffalm cxii. Bfatui fir. 

BLelfeJ 13 the man that fcar- 
cththeLordj hi^ hath great 
delight in his commandments. 

2 His feed fhall be mighty 
upon earth j the generation of 
the faithfiil ihall be blelTed. 

3 Riches and plenteoufnefs 
Ihall be in his houfe j and his 
fjghteoufriefs endureth for ever. 

4 Unto the i[od!y there arifeth 
up light in the darkiiefs j he is 
maiciful, lovinj, and righteous. 

5 A good man 'is mcrcifui, 
and lendeth, and will guide his 
words withd'fcretion; 

6 For he fhall never be move4 : 
and the righteous fhaH be had In 
cvcrlafting remembrance. 

7 He will not be afraid of any 
evil tiding^, for his heart llandeth 
fafl", and belleveth in the Lord. 

8 His heart is flabliilied, and 
will not ihrink, until he fee his 
defire upon his enemies. 

9 He hath cifpcrfed abroad, 
and. given to the poor, and his 
righteoufnefi remaineth for everj 
his horn ihall be exalted with 

10 The ungodly ihall fee it, 
and it lliail grieve him j he fhall 
gnaili u'it]i his tebth, and con- 
lume awayj the delire of the 
ungodly ihall periih. 

Ffalm cxiii. Laudate, puerj, 

PRaifethe Lord, jefcrvants; 
' O praile 'he Name vt the 
j-ord « 

ALTER, "XXlll. Day. 

1 Blcfled be the Vamc of the 
Lord, from this tim;} forth for 

3 The Lofd's Name is praif«d, 
from the rifing up of the fun, 
unta tiie going down of the fame* 

4 The Lord is high abo\e all 
heathen, and his glory above the 

5 V. ho is like unto the Lord 
our God, that hath his dwejling 
f.) high, and yet humbleth him- 
felf to behold tlie things that 
are in heaven and earth r 

6 He taketh up thelimpleout 
of the duft, and llftetii the poor 
out of the mire ; 

7 Th^t he may fet him witK 
the princes, even with the prin- 
ces of his people, 

8 He maketh the barren wo- 
man to keep houfc, and to be ^ 
joyful mother of children. 

Evening Prayer, 

PfaLm cxiv. In ey'itu Ifracl. 

WVltn Ifrael came out of 
Fgypr, and the houfc 
of Jacob from among the ilrangc 

2 Juda washis fanftuary, and 
Ifrael his dominion. 

3 The lea faw that, and fled j 
Jordan was driven bsck. 

4 The mountains ikipped like 
rams, and the little hiils like 
young />ieep. 

5 What aileth thee, O thou 
fea, that thou fieddeft ? and tliou 
Jordan, that thou waft diiven 
back ? 

6 Yt mountains-, that ye flap- 
ped I'ke rams ? and yelitJc hills, 
like young fh.cep ? 

7 Tremble 

Xxiii. Day* 'The Ps 

7 Tremble thou earth at the 
prefence of the Lord j at the 
|)refence of the God of Jacob \ 

8 Who turned the bard rock 
iflto a ftanding water, and the 
flint-ftone into a fpringing-well. 

Pfalm cxv. Noil nobh^ Domiie, 

NOt linto iis, O Lord, not 
unto us, but unto thy 
Name give the praife j fqr rhy 
loving mercy, and for thy truth's 

2 Wherefore fliall the heathen 
fay. Where is now their God ? 

3 As for our God, he is in 
heaven: he hath done whatfo- 
eyer pleafed him. 

4 I'heir idols a/c 'Hlver and 
gold, even tht work of men's 

5 They have mouths, and 
fpeak not j eyes have they, and 
fee not. 

6 They have ears, and hear rrot 5 
nofes have they, and fmell not.- 

7 They have hands, and han- 
dle not; feet have they, ^and 
walk not i neither fpeak they 
through their throat. 

8 They that make them are 
like unto them j and fo are alt 
fuch as pat their truft in them. 

9 But thou, houfe of Ifrael, 
truft thou in the Lord ; he is 
their fuccour and defence. 

TO Ye houfe of Aaron, put 
your truft in the Lord j he is 
their helper and defender. 

1 1 Yc that fe-ar the Lord, put 
your truft in the Lord j he is 
their helper and defender. 

12 The Lord hath been mind- 
/# of u-s/ and he fhali blefs u« ) 

ALTERo xxir. Dayt 

even he fhall blefs the houfe of 

Ifrael, he ihall blefs the houfe of 


; 1 3 He fiiaii blefs: them that fear 

the Lord, both fmall and great. 

14 The Lord /hail inrreafe 
you more and more, you and 
your children. | 

1 5 Ye are the bleffed of the" 
Lord> who made heaven and 

16 All the vvhole heavens arc 
the Lord's J the earth hath he 
given to the children of men. 

17 The dead praif"^ net thee, 
O Lord, nerthci- all they that go 
down into filence j 

18 But we will praife the Lord, 
from this time forth for ever- 
more. Praife the Lord. 

The Tvs;enty-Fourth Day. 

Morning Phay**. 

Pfalm cxvi. Dilexif qiiomam* 

I Am well pleafed^ .that the 
Lord hath heard the voice of 
nry prayer j 

2' That he hath inclined his 
ear uiito me j therefore v.ill I 
call upon him as long as«l live. 

3 The fn ares of death com- 
pared me round about, and the 
pains of heil gat hold upon me. 

4 1 fhall find trouble and hea- 
vinefs, and 1 will call upon the 
Name of the Lord; O Lord, I 
befeech thee, deliver my foul. 

5 Gracious is, the Lord, and 
righteous J yea, our God is mer- 
ciful * 

6 The Lord prefJerveth the 
fimple: I was in mifery, and he 
helped me# 

7 Tiu-ft 

xxiv. Day, 

7 Turn again then unto thy 
reli, O my Joul; foj the Lord 
hiith rewarded thee. , 

8 And why? thou haft deli- 
vered my foul trom death, mine 
eyes from tears, and my feet 
from fjlling. 

9 I will walk before the Lord 
in the land of the living. 

10 1 believed, and therefore 
VN'ill I fpeali ; but I was fore 
troubljd : I faid in my haile, AH 
men are liars. 

11 What reward fliall 1 give 
unto the Lord, for all the bene- 
fits that he hath done unto mr. ? 

12 I will receive the cup of 
falvation, and call upon the 
Name of the Lord : 

1 3 I will pay my vows nmv In 
the prefence of all his people : 
right dear in the light of the Lord 
is the death of his faints. 

14 Behold, O Lord, how that 
I am thy fervant ; I am thy fer- 
vant, and the fon of thy hand- 
maid; thou hall broken my 
boi>ds in funder. 

1 5 I will orticr to thee the fa- 
crifice of thankfgiving, and will 
c*ill upon the Name of the Lord. 

t6 I will pay my vows unto 
the Lord, in the fight of all his 
people, in the courts of the Lord's 
houfe ; even in the midft of tiicc, 
O Jeruf;iiem. Praifc the Lord. 

Pidlm cxvil. Laudatc D:^n:inum, 

OPraifethe Lord, all ye hea- 
then j prafcie him, all ye 

2 For liis merciful kindnef^ 
is ever more and more toxyards 
Uij and the cruth yf the' Lord 

The Psalter. kkW, Day, 

cndureth for ever. Pralfe tht 


Pfalm cxviii. Ccnfitcmini Dowir'^, 

OGive thanks unto^h^? Lord 
for he is graciot s j becaufc 
his mercy cnduicth f:jr ever. 

2 Let Ifrael now conftf; that 
he is gracious, and that his mer- 
cy endureth for ever. 

3 Let the houfe oi A aron n.-.w 
conicfs, that his mercy cndureth 

4 Yea, let them now that 
fear the Lord onfefs, that his 
mercy endureth for ever. 

5 i called upon the Lord in 
trouble ; and the Lord heard me 
at large. 

6 The Lord Is on my fide, I 
will not fear what man doeth 
unto me. 

7 The Lord taketh my part 
with them that help me ; there- 
fore fhall 1 fee my defire upon 
mine enemies. 

S It is better to truft in the 
Lord, than to put any conlidence 
in man. 

9 It is better to truft In the 
Lord, than to put any confidence 
in princes. 

10 All nations comuafTed mc 
round about j b'-it In the N'ame 
of the Lord will 1 d-^ftroy them. 

11 They kept me in on every 
fide, they kept me in, I fay, on 
every tide; but in t!ie Name of 
the Lord will I deftroy them. 

12 They came about mc like 
bee», and arc extinct even as tiie 
dte among the thorns j for in the 
name of the Lord I will deftroy 

13 Thou 

XXIV. Day. 

13 Theu haft tliruft fore at 
me, that I might fall, but the 
Lord was my help. 

14 "Ihe Lord is my ftrength 
and my fong j and is become my 

15 The voice of joy and health 
is in the dwellings of the righ- 
teous J the right hand of the Lord 
bringeth mighty things to pafs. 

1 6 The right hand of the Lord 
hath the pre-eminence j the right 
hand of the Lord bringethmighty 
things to pafs. 

17 I fliall not die, but live, 
and declare the works of the 

18 The Lord hath chaftened 
and corred:ed me ; but he Hath 
not given me over unto death, 

19 Open methe gates of righ- 
teoufnefs, that I may go into 
them, and give thanks unto the 

20 This is the gate of the Lord, 
tl^c righteous iliali enter into it. 

21 I will thank thee j for thou 
hz{\ heard me, and art become 
my falvation. 

22 The fame ftone which the 
builders refufed, is become the 
head-ftone in the corner. 

23 This is the Lord's doing, 
and it is marvellous in our eyes. 

24 This is the day which the 
Lord hath made j we will rejoice 
and be glad in it, 

15 Help me now, O Lord: O 

fend us now profperity. 

Bkfled be he that cometh 

Name of the Lord : we 

•i/hed you good luck, ye 

-•• ofthe houfe of theLord. j 

:, ^ ■- the Lord, who hath j 

The Psalter 

xxiv. Day* 

fhowed us light : bind the facri-- 
fice with cords, yea, even unto 
the horns of the altar. 

-28 Thou art my God, and I 
will thank thee j thou art my 
God, and I will praife thee. 

29 O give thanks unto the 
Lord J for he is gracious, and his 
mercy endureth for ever. 

Evening Prayer. 
Pfalm cxix. Beati immaculatt, 

BLelfed are thofe that are un- 
defiied in the way, and walk 
in the law of the Lord. 

2 Ble/Ted are they that keep 
his tellimonies, and feek him 
with their whole heart. 

3 For they who do no wicked» 
nefs, walk in his ways. 

4 Thou haft charged, that we 
/hall diligently keep thy com- 

5 O that my ways vvere made 
fo diret't, that I mi^ht keep thy 
ftatutes 1 

6 So iliall I not be confounded, 
while I have refpe^ unto thy 

7 1 will thank thee with an 
unfeigned heart, when I ihall 
have learned the judgments of 
thy righteoufnefs. 

8 1 will keep thy ceremonies j 

for fake me not utterly. 

In quo ccrrlget ? 

WKerewithal ihall a young 
man cleanfe hit way ? 
even by ruling himfelf after thy 

2 With my whole heart have 

1 fought thee ; O let me not go 
wrong out of thy commandments. 

3 Thy v^ordshave I hid within 


The Ps 

my heart, that I /hould not lin 
againlt thee. 

4 BleU'cd art thou, O Lord j 
teach mc thy ftatutes. 

5 With my lips have I been 
telling of all the judgments of 
tliy mouth. 

6 I have had as great delight 
in the way of thy tcfi-imonies, as 
in all manner of riches. 

- 7 I will talk of thy command- 
ments, and have refped unto 
thy ways. 

8 My delight fhallbein thy fta- 
tutes, and 1 will not forget thy 

Retribue fcr'vo tuo, 

ODo well unto thy fervant; 
that I may live, »nd keep 
thy word. 

a Open thou mine eyes ; that 
J may lee the wondrous things of 
thy law. 

3 1 am a ftranger upon earth 5 
O hide not thy commandments 
from me. 

4 My foul breakcth out for the 
very fervent defire that it hath 
alvvay unto thy judgments. 

5 Thou haft rebuked the 
proud 5 and curfed are they that 
do err from thy commandments. 

6 O turn from me iliame and 
rebuke,' fori have kept thy tef- 

7 Princes alfo did fit and fpeak 
againft me 5 but thy fervant is 
occupied in thy ftatutes. 

8 For thy tcftimonies are my 
delight, and my counfellors. 

Adbujit pa'v'imento, 

MY foul cleareth to the duftj 
quicken thov me, ac- 
cording to thy word. 
S 2 


2 I have acknowledged my 
ways, and thou heardeft me : O 
teach mc thy ftatutes. 

3 Make me to underftand the 
way of thy commandments ; and 
fo (hall I talk of thy woiidrous 

4 My foul melteth away for 
very heaviJiefs ; comfort thou me 
according unto thy word. 

5 Take from me the \\'ay of 
lying, and caufe thou me to 
make much of thy law. 

6 I have chofen the way of 
truth, and thy judgments have 1 
laid before mc. 

7 I haveftuck unto thy tcftimo- 
nies J O Lord, confound me net. 

8 1 will run the way of triy 
commandments, when thoo haft 
fet my heart at liberty- 

The Twenty-Fifth Day. 

Morning Prayer. 

Legem pone, 

TEach n)e, O Lord, the way 
of thy ftatutes, and 1 ftiall 
keep it unto the end. 

2 Give mc underftanding, and 
I ftiall keep thy law j yea, I ftiali 
keep it with my whole heart. 

3 Make mc 10 go in the path 
of thy commanolments 3 for 
therein is my ccfire. 

4 Incline mine heart unto thy 
teftimonies, and not to covecouf- 

5 O turn away mine eyes, left 
they behold vanity j and quicken 
thou me in the way. 

6 O ftablifti thy word in thy 
fervant, that 1 may fear thee. 

7 Take away the rebdkc that 

1 am 

XXV. Day. The Vs 

I am afraid cf ; ffu- thy judg- 
jjients are goo«i, 

8 Beholdj my delight is in thy 
<iommandmcnt3 j O quicken me 
in thy righteoufRCis. 

Et ^ocn'iat juper 7ne, 

LEt thy loving mercy come 
/ alfo unto me, O Lord, even 
thy lulvation, according unto thy 
word. ' 

2» So ihall I make anfwer unto 
my bljfphcmers j for my truil is 
In thy word. 

3 O take r^t the word of thy 
fruth utterly out of my moutk j 
for my hope is in thy judgments, 

4 So Jhall I alway keep thy 
law } vea, for ever and ever. 

5 And 1 will walk at liberty j 
for 1 feek thy carrimandments, 

6 i will fpeak of thy teftimo- 
nies alfoj even before kings^ and 
will not be a/hamed. 

7 And my delight fliall be in 
thy commandments, which i 
have loved. 

? My hands alfo wlU I iift up 
unto thy commandments, which 
I have loved j and my iludy ihali 
• be in thy fc ;tarG6. 

Monor ejio Jcri'i tut, 

OTliink upon thy fervant, 
as coj'.cerning thy vvori, 
fl'hcrein thou haft caufed me to 
put my trufl. 

2 The fame Is my comfort in 
my trouble j for tliy word hath 
quickened m-e. 

3 The proud have had meex- 
ceediiTgly in derifionj yet hav« 
I not Ihrinked from thy law. 

4 For i remembered thine 
everhafting Judgmenti, O Ldud, 
and ie*ei\'cu conifvrt. 


i 5 I am horribly afraid, for the 
! ungodly that forfake thy law,' 
J 6 rhy ilatutc^ have been my 
fongs, in the houfc of aiy pil- 

7 I have thought upon thy 
Name, O Lord, m the nisht- 
feafon, and have kept thy l.VvV. 

8 This I had, becaufe i kept 
thy commandments. 

Port 10 me J, Dotnwe, 

THou art my portion, OLord ; 
i have promilcd to keep tiiy 

2 I made my humble petition 
in thy prefence with my whole 
heart j O be m.ercifui unto me, 
according to thy word. 

3 I called mine own ways to 
-remembrance, and turned my 
feet unto thy teftimonies. 

4 I made hafte, and prolonged 
net the time, to keep thy com- 

5 The congregations 'of the 
ungodly have robbed me j but I 
have not forgotten thy law. 

6 At midnight 1 will rife to 
give thanks unto thee; becaufe 
oir^hy righteous judgmenXS. 

7 I am a companion of all 
them that fear thee, and keep 
thv commandments. 

'8 The earth, O Lord, Is full of 
thy mercy: O teach me thy lla- 

Bonhsitem fec'iftu 

OLord, thou haft dealt gra- 
ciouily with thy fervant, 
according unto thy word. 

2 O learn me true urderftand- 
Ing and knowledge j for I have 
beiieyei tby commandments. 

3 Before 

yxv. Day. 

3 Before I was troubled, I 
went wrong y but now have I kept 
tliy word. 

4 Thou art good and gracious : 
O teach me thy ftatutes. 

5 The proud have imagined a 
4ie againft me; but I will keep 
thy commandments with my 
whole heart. 

6 Their heart is as fat as 
krawn j but my delight hath been 
in thy law. 

7 It is good for me that I have 
heen in trouble j that 1 may 
learn thy Itatutcs. 

8 The law of thy mouth is 
dearer unto me than thoufands 
of gold and filver. 

Evening Prayer. 

Manus tuae fccevunt mc, 

THy hands have made me, 
and fafhioned me ; O give 
me undcrftanding, that I may 
learn thy commandments. 

2 They that fear thee will be 
glad when they fee me; becaufe 
ihavc put my truft in thy word. 

3 I know, O Lord, that thy 
judgments are right, and that 
thou of verv faithfulnefs haft 
caufed me to be troubled. 

4 O let thy merciful kindnefs 
be my comfort, according to thy 
word unto thy fei-vant. 

5 O let thy loving mercies 
come unto me, that I may live; 
for thy law is my delight. 

6 Let the proud be confounded, 
for they go wickedly about to 
deftroy me; but I will be occu- 
pied in thy commandments. 
7 Let fuch as fear thee, and 
S 3 

The Psalter. 

XXV. Z)/?t. 

have known thy teftimonics, be 
turned unto me. 

S O Let my heart be found 
in thy ftatutci, that 1 be not 

Dtfcclt an'm^a tftfj, 

MY foul hath longed f)r 
thy falvation, and 1 have 
a good hope becaufe of thy word. 

2 Mine eyes long fore for thy 
word ; faying, O when wilt thou 
comfort me ? 

3 P'or I am become like a bot- 
tle in the fmoke j yet do 1 not 
forget thy (latutes. 

4 How many arc the days of 
thy fervant ? when wilt thou be 
avenged of them that perfecMtc 
me * 

5 The proud have digged pits 
for me, which are not after thy 

6 All thy commandments arc 
true : they perfecute mc falfely j 
O be thou my help. 

7 They had almoft made aq 
end of me upon eai ch j but I fcr- 
fook not thy commandments. 

8 O <juicken me af^er thy lov- 
ing kindnefs j and fo ihall 1 keep 
the teltimonies of thy mouth. 

T/t aternumy Z):;«;r^. 

OLord, thy word cndufetli 
for ever in heaven. 
2 Thy trurhalforemaineth from 
one generation to another; thou 
haft laid the foundatioii of the 
earth, and itabideth. 

3 They continue this Jay ac- 
cording to thine ordinance; for 
all things ferve thee. 
4 li my dsliij'ht had not been 

XXVI. Day^ 


XXV!. pay. 

in thy law, I ihould have periihciti 
ifi my trouble. 

5 I nil! never forget thy com- 
mandments J for with them thou 
haft quickened me. 

6 1 im thine : O fave me, for I 
have fought thy commandments. 

7 Tlic ungodiy laid wait for 
me, to deftroy me ; but I will 
coniider thy te^Ki monies. 

8 I fee that all things come to 
an end ; but thy commandment 
is exceeding broad. 

^luimodo diicxt, 

LOrd, what love havalunto 
thy law 5 all the day long is 
Kiy lludy in it. 

2 Thou, through thy com- 
mand m.cnts, hail made me wifer 
than mine enemies J for they arc 
ever with me. 

3 1 have more underftanding 
than my teaclurs j for thy tefti- 
itionies are my ftudy. 

4 1 am wifer than the aged ; be- 
caufe 1 keep thy comm:^ndments. 

5 I have refrained rny .feet 
from every evil way, that i nfiay 
keep thy word. 

6 1 liave not fhrunk from thy 
judgmf nts 5 fortnou tcacheft me. 

7 O how fweet arc thy words 
unto my thjoat; yea, fweeter 
than honey unto my modth ! 

, 8 Through thy commmand- 

ments I get 
therefore I hat^ 

aii evil ways. 

The Twenty-Sixth Day. 

Morning Prayer. 

Luctrra pedihus rr.ei^ 

THy word is a iancrrn unto 
my feet, and a iighl unto 
my paths* 

2 I have fworn, and am fted- 
faftly purpofed, to keep thy righ- 
teous judgments. 

3 i am troubled above mea- 
fure j quicken me, O Lord j 
according to thy word. 

4 Let the fiee-will offerings of 
my mouth pleafe thee, O Lord j 
and teach me thy judgments. 

5 My foul is ahvay in my hand j 
yet do I not forget thy law, 

6 The urijodly have laid a 
fnare for me ; but yet 1 fwcrved 
not from thy comraandments. 

7 I'hy teftimonics have I 
claimed as mine heritage for 
ever j and why, they are the 
very joy of my heart, 

5 i have applied my^ heart to 
fulfil thy ftatutes alway, even 
unto tiie end. 

IniquDs odio hahu'u 

Hate them that imagine evil 
things j but thy law do I 



Thou art my defence and 
ihleld J and my trui^ is in thy 

3 Away from me, ye wicked ; 
I will keep the commandments 
o( my God. 

£. O itabliih me according to 
thy \v,.;d, that I may live ; and 
let mc not be difap^-ointed of my 

5 Hgid thou me up, and I 
iliall be fate 3 yea, my di.light: 
mall be ever in thy ftatutPS. 

6 Thou halt trodden dowu ill 
them that depart from thy ita- 
tr.tes j for they ima^iiie but de- 

7 Tiiou putteft awiiv all the 

r. n^'od ly 

xxvi. Day. 

The Psalter. 

XXVI. D,iy. 

ungoclly of the earth like drofs j 
therefore I love thy tcftimonies. 
8 My flefii trcniblcth for tear 
of thee } and I am afraid of thy 

Feci judklunt, 

IDea} with the thing tint is 
lawful and right j O give 
mc not over unto mine opprefibrs, 

2 Make thou thy fervant to 
delight in that which is good, 
tliat the proud do me no wrr^ng. 

3 Mine eyes are waRed avvsy 
with looking for thy health, r»nd 
for the word of thy righteoufnefs. 

4 O de.ii with thy fervant ac- 
cording unto thy loving mercy, 
and teach roe thy ftatut^s. 

5 I am thy fervant ; O grant 
me underilanding, that 1 may 
know thy teitimcnies. 

6 It is time for thee, Lord, to 
lay to thine hand j for they have 
deftroyed thy law. 

7 F.or I love thy command- 
ments above gold and precious 

S Therefore hold I ftiaight all 
thy commandments ; and all 
falfe ways I utterly abhor. 

THyteftimonies are wonder- 
ful ; therefore doth my 
foul kf^ep them. 

2 When thy word gocth forth, 
Itgivcth light and underltanding 
unto the fimple. 

1 I opened my mouth, and 
drew in my breath 5 for my de- 
light was in thy commandments. 

4 O iDok thou upon me, and 
be merciful unto me j as thou 
ufed to do unto thofc that love 
thy Name. 

5 Order my fteps in thy word j 
and fo (hall no wickcdnefs have 
dominion over mc. 

6 O deliver me from thr. 
wrongful dealings of men j and 
(o (hall I keep thy command- 

7 Show the light of thy coun- 
tcna:ice upon thy fervant, and 
tcrxh me thy flatutes. 

S Mine eyes gu.^i out wlt?i 
water, becaufe nicji keep net 
thy law. 

Jufuiesy Dcmlr.e,^ 

Righteous art thou, O Lord ; 
and tri-e is thy judgment. 
1 The teftimonie? that thou 
halt commanded, are exceeding 
righteous and true. 

3 My zeal hath even con- 
fumed me; becaufe mine ene- 
mies have forgotten thy viNDrds. 

4 Thy word is tried t6 ths 
uttermoil, and thy fervant lov- 
eth it. 

5 I am fmall and Qf no rep'i- 
tation ; yet do I not forget thy 

6 Thy righteoufnefs Is an ever* 
lading righteoufnefs, and thy 
law ^s the truth, 

7 Trouble and heavineis have 
taken hold upon me; yet is my 
delight in thy commandm.ents. 

8 The righteoufnefs of x.hy 
teilimonies is everlafting : O 
grant me undcrflanding, and I 
ihall live. 

Evening Prayer, 
Clajrai'i in toto ccrde meo, 

I Call with my whole heart; 
hear me, O Lord, 1 will keep 
thy ftatutes. 

2 Vea, 

xxvi. Day, 

The Psalter. 

2 Yea, even unto thee do I 
call ; help me, and I fhall ke€p 
thy teftimonies. 

3 Early in the rooming do I 
cry ujico thee j far in thy word is 
9iy truft. 

4 Mine eyes prevent the night- 
watches j that I might be occu- 
pijri in thy words. 

5 Hear my voice, O Lord, ac- 
cording unto thy loving-kind- 
ncfs } quickeo me according as 
thou art wont. 

6 They draw nigh that of ma- 
lice perfecute me, aad are far 
from thy law. 

7 Be thou nigh at hand, O 
Lord 3 for all thy commandments 
are true. 

5 As concerning thy teftimo- 
nies, I have known long iince, 
that thou haft grounded them for 

P'^ide humilUatflH* 

OConfider mine adver/lty, 
and deliver me, for I do not 
forget thy law. 

2 Avenge thou my caufe, and 
deliver me j quicken me accord.- i 
ing to thy word. 

3 Health is far from the un- i 
godly 5 for they regard not thy 

4 Great is thy mercy, O Lordj 
quicken me as thou art wont, 

5 Many there are that trouble 
me, and perl'ecute me; yet do i 
not fwerv-e from thy teftimonies. 

6 It grieveth me when I fee 
the tranfgreffors j becaufe they 
keep not thy law. 

7 Confider, O Lord, how I 
-^ve thy commaiidmeiits j Q\ 

xxvi. Daj. 

to tty 

quicken me accordir. 
loving kindnefs. 

8 Thy word is true from ever* 
^•iftingj all the judgments of thy 
righteoufnefs endure for ever- 

Frincij>es pcrficuti Junt, 

PRinces have perfccuted me 
without a caufe; but my 
heart ftandeth in awe of thy word. 

2 I am as glad of thy word, 
as one that findetii great i'poils. 

3 As for lies, I hate ;m^ abhor 
them ; but thy law do I love. 

4 Seven times a day do I 
praife thee ; becaufe of thy righ- 
teous judgments. 

- 5 Great is the peace that they 
have who love thy law j and they 
are not orrcnded at it. 

6 Lord, I have looked for thy 
laving health, and done after 
thy commandments. 

7 My foul hath kept thy tefti- 
monies, and loved them exceed- 

8 I have kept thy command- 
m.ents and teftimonies; for ail 
my ways are before thee. 

j^pprcfir.^ue't deprecation 

LEt my complaint come be- 
fore thee, O Lord ; give 
me underftanding according t« 
thy word. 

2 Let my fupplication come 
before thee , deliver me according 
to thy word. 

3 My lips ftiail fpeak of thy 
praife, when thou haft taught 
me thy ftatutes. 

4 Yea, my tongue /hall fijig^ 
of thy word ; for all thy com- 
mandments are righteous. 

5 Le4 

xxvii. D^y. The Psalter. xxvli. D^y: 

3 He Will not fufferthy foot 
to be moved; and he that kecp- 
cth thee will not lleep. 

4 Behold, he that keepclh 
Ifracl ihall neltiier ilumber nor 

5 The Lord himfdf is thy 
keeper; the Lord is thy dcfcnjre 
upon thy right hand ; 

6 So that the fun fhaH not 
burn thee by day, neither the 
moon by night. 

7 The Lord (hall prefervt thcc 
from a^l evil j yea, it is even he 
thit fliall keep thy foul. 

8 The Lord ihall prelerve th^ 
going out and thy C'*€nin£; ill, 
troni this time forth for ever- 

Pfalm cxxil. Ltttotui jum, 

I Was glad when tl.^.y fali 
uuto me, We will go into th« 
houle of the Lord. 

2 Our feet iKall Iland in thy 
gates, O Jcfufalcm. 

3 Jerufalem is built as a city 
that is at unity in itfclf. 

4. For thither the tribes go up, 
even the tribes of the Lord, t» 
teftifyunto Ifrael, togivethanks 
unto the Name of the Lord. 

5 For there is the feat of 
judgment^ even the feat of the 
houfe of David. 

6 O pray for tbs peace of Je- 
rulViem 5 they fnali profper th-at 
love thcc. 

7 Peace be within thy walls, 
and plcnteoufnefs within tliy pa- 

8 For my brethren and com- 
panions fake, J will wiih thee 

9 Yea, 

5 Let thine hand help me \ 
f »r"l have chofen thy command- 

6 I have longed for thy favlng 
health, O Lordj and in thy law 
is my delight. 

7 'O let my foul live, and it 
/hall pr^aife th?c; and thy judg- 
ments ihall help me. 

S I ha\'C gone aftray like a 
fiiet'p that is loilj O feck thy 
ferva?it, for I do not forget thy 

The Twfr.ry-btvcnch Day. 

Morning Pp. a y£R. 
Pfalm cxx. Ad Domirvm. 

WHcn I was in trouble, I 
called upon tiie Lord, 
and he heard me. 

2 Deliver ray fouU O Lord, 
from lying lips, and from a de- 
ceitful toHEue. 

3 What reward ihall be given 
or done unto thee, thou falle 

;':gue? even mighty and fharp 
-rrows, with hi>t burning coals. 

4 Woe is me, that I am con- 
nrained to dwell with Mefech, 
and io have my habitation among 
the tents of Kcdar. 

5 My foul hath long dwelt 
among them that are enemies 
unto peace. 

6 I labour for peace; but 
when I fpeak ante them thereof, 
they make them ready to battle. 
Pfalm cxxi. LctuTvi oculosmeos, 

I Will lift up mine eyes unto 
the hills, from whence Com- 
eth my help. 

2 My help Cometh even from 
the Lord, who hath made hea- 
ven «ind (ra#h. 

xxvii. Day, The Psalter. 

9 Yea, becaufe of the houfe 
of the Lord our God, I will 
feek to do thee good. 

xxvii. Day* 

Pfalm cxxiii, ^ ielcva'vt oculcf 

UNto thee lift I up miae 
eyes, O thau that dwelled 
in the heavens. 

2 Behold, even as the eyes of 
fei-v^nts look unto the hand of 
their mailers, and as the eyes of 
a maiden unto the hand of her 
niiftrefs, even fo our eyes wait 
upon the Lord our God, until 
he have mercy upon us. 

3 Have mercy upon us, O 
Lord, have mercy upon us j for 
^ve are utte'-ly delpiled, 

4 Our foul is iilled with the 
fcornft'.l reproof of the wealthy, 
and with the defpitefulnefs of 
the proud, 

Pfalm cxxiv. Nifi quia Dombtus* 

IF the Lord himfelf had not 
been on our fide, now may 
Ifrael fay j if the Lord himfelf 
had not been on our fide, when 
caen rofe up againft us j 

2 They had fwallowed us up 
quick ; when they were fo wrath - 
fully difpleafed at us. 

3 Yea, the waters had drown- 
ed us, and the ftream had gone 
ever our foul, 

4- The deep waters of the 
proud had gone even over our 

5 But praifed be the Lord, 
who hath not given us over for a 
prey unto tlieir teeth. 

6 Our foul is efcaped even as 
» bir4 out of the fnare oi the 

fowler 3 the fnare is broken, and 
we are delivered, 

7 Our help ftandcth ijj the 
Name of the Lord, who hath 
made heaven and earth. 
Pfalm cxxv. ^ic&nfJunt, 

THey that put their truft in 
the Lord fhall be even as 
the mount Sion, which may not 
be removed, but liandeth fail 
for ever. 

2 The hills ftand about Je- 
rufalem ] even fo ilandeth the 
Lord round about his people, 
from this time forth for ever- 

3 For the rod of the ungodly 
cometh not into the lot of the 
righteous 5 left the righteous put 
their hand unto wickcdnefs. 

4 Doweli, O Lord, unto thofe 
that are good and true of heart. 

5 As for fuch as turn back 
unto their own wickednefs, the 
Lord ihall lead them forth with 
the evil doers 5 but peace Ihall be 
upon Ifrael. 

Etening Prayer, 
Pfalm cxxvi. h: convertendo, 

WHen the Lord turned 
again the captivity of 
Sion, then were we like unto 
them that dream. 

2 Then was our mouth filled 
with laughter, and our tongue 
with joy, 

3 Then faid they among the 
heathen, The Lord hath done 
great things for them. 

4 Yea, the Lord hath done 
great things for us already j 
whereof we rejoice, 

5 Tujn 

xxvii. Day. 

The PsA 

5 Turn our captivity, O Lord, 
as rlic rivers in the fouth. 

6 They that low in tears, ftiall 
reap in joy. 

7 He that now goeth on his 
way weeping, and beareth forth 
good feed, ihall doubtlefs come 
again with joy, and bring his 
Iheaves with him, 

Pfalm cxxvii. Nlfi Dom'mus, ^ 

Except the Lord build the 
houfe, their labour is but 
lolt that build it, 

2 Except'^ the Lord keep the 
city, the watchman waketh but 
in vain. 

3 It is but loft labour that ye 
hafte to rife up early, and fo late 
take red, and cat the bread of 
carefulnefs 5 for fo he givcth his 
beloved fleep. 

4 Lo, children and the fruit 
of the womb, are an heritage and 
gift that Cometh of the Lord. 

5 Lfke as the arrows in the 
hand of the giant, even fo are 
the young children. 

6 Happy is the man that hath 
his quiver full of them j they 
lliall not be afhamed when they 
fpeak with their enemies in the 

Pfalm cxxviii. Beatl omnes, 

BLelfed are all they that fear 
tlie Lord, and walk in his 

-2 For thou Hialt eat the labour 
of thine hands : O well is thee, 
and happy ihalt thou be. 

3 Thy wife lliall be as the fruit- 
ful vine upon the walk of thine 

LTER. xxvii. Day 

4 Thy children like the olive- 
branches, round ab.jut thy tabic, 

5 Lo, thus fhall the man be 
blefled that fearcth the Lord. 

6 The Lord from out of Sion 
rtiall fo blefs thee, that thou 
fhalt fee Jerufalem in profperity 
all thy life long j 

7 Yea, that thot^fhalt fee thy 
children's children, and peace 
upon Ifracl, 

Pfalm cxxix, S^epc expugno've^ 

MAny a time have they 
fought againft me from 
my youth up, may Ifrael now fay; 
7. Vea, many a time have they 
vexed mc from my youth up ; 
but they have not prevailed 
againft me, 

3 The plowers plowed upon 
my back, and made long furrows; 

4 But the righteous Lord hath 
hewn the fnarcs of the ungodly 
in pieces. 

5 Let them be confounded and 
turned backward, as many as 
have evil will at Sion, 

6 Let them be even as the 
grafs growing upon the houfe- 
tops, which vvithereth afore it be 
plucked up; 

7 Whereof the mower filleth 
not his hand, neither he that bind- 
eth up the (heaves his bofom. 

8 So that they who go by fay 
not fo much as, The Lord prof- 
per you, we wi/h you good luck 
in the Name of the Lord, 

Pfalm cxxx. De prafunJis, 

OUt of the deep have I called 
unto thee, O Lord j Lord, 
hear my voice. 

z O 

xxvUi. Day, The Psalter. xxviii. Day, 

2 O let thine cars confider weU 
the voice of my complaint. 

3 If thou, Lord, wilt be ex- 
treme to mark v»hat is done 
amifs, O Lord, who may abide 

4 For there^ mercy with thee^ 
therefore {half thou be feared. 

5 I look for the Lord ; my 
foul doth w^ait for him j ia his 
word is my truft, 

6 My foul fieeth unto the Lord 
before the morning watch, Lfay, 
before the morning ^atch. 

3 I will not come within the 
tabernacle of mine houfe, nor 
climb up into my bed j 

4 1 will not fuffer mine eyes 
to deep, nor mine eye-lids to 
iiumber5 neither the temples of 
my bead to take any rcltj 

5 Until I find out a place for 
the temple of the Lordj an ha- 
bitation for the mighty God of 

6 Lo, we heard of the fame at 
Ephrata, and found ;tinthe\vood» 

7 We will go into his taberna- 

7 O Ifrael, truft in the Lordj i clc, and fall low on our knees 
fof with the Lord th^re is mercy, ; before hisfootftool. 

and with him ii plenteous re- j 8 Arife, O Lord, into thy reft - 
demptian. j ing-olace j thou, and the ark of 

8 And he faail redeem Ifrael [ thy ftrength. 

from all his hns. j 9 Let thy priefts be cloathed 

ryr ^ • 7^ • /I ^'^^h rlghteoufnefs , and let thy 

' -^ ; iaints fing wjth joytulni.'fs» 

LOrdjlan^ net high minded 5 j lo For thy Tervant David^s 
I have no proud looks. j fake, turn not away the pre- 
2,1 do not exercifc myfclf in . fence of thine Anointed, 
great matters which ui-e too high I ii The Lord hath made a 
forme; .. i f?ithful oath nnto David^ and 

3 But I refrain my foul, and j he Oiall liot fhrink from it ; 
k^ep it low, like a:> a child that j 12 Of tiie fruit of thy body 
)s weaned from hisnrother ; yea I /hall I fet upon thy feat. 

my foul iu even as a weaned! i; If thy children v.i 11 k'-cp 
»*hHiJ. :■ ; I my covenant and my tellinionics 

4 O Ifraei, truft in the Lord, ^ that I fhaJI ifarn chemj their 
fromthistiineforthfofreverniore. . children aifo fhall fit upon thy 
— - — ' : — 5 — ' l"eat for evormof!:. 

14 For the Loid hath choJe • 
Sion to be ,an h tbi cation for hin . - 
felf: he harh longed for her. 

15 This fhall be my re it for 
ever : here will I dwcll^ for I 
hciveadfji'^lit therein. 

16 1 will' blefs her viituaU 
with ir.creafe, and v.IU fatisfy 
"aer pcov with brduit, 

ly I 

I he T.vcnty-Eighth Day, 

AIo R ^; I N^ P R A V E r'. ■ 

F U\ m cx'^ixii . McmcntOy Dojnine. 

L'Oti, remt-mber David, and 
ail his trouble. 
2 How he fware unto the Lord, 
2.:id vowed a vcvv unto th^' Al- 
K-'-^p; O A of r- -'^K ■ 


Day, The Psaltfr. xxviii. Day, 

17 I will deck her priefts with 
health, and her faints ihall re- 
joice and fing. 

18 There fhall I make the horn 
©1 David to flourifh : I have or- 
dained a lantern for mine anoin- 

19 As for his enemies, I (hall 

clothe them with ihame ; but 

\ipoR himfelf iTiall his crown 


!*ralm cxxxiii. Ecccy quam 


BEhold, how good and joyful 
a thing it is, brethren, to 
dwell together in unity. 

2 It is like the pr«cioiu oint- 
ment upon the head, that ran 
down unto the beard, even unto 
Aaron^s beard, and went down 
to theflvirts of his clothing. 

3 Like as the dew of Hermon, 
which fell upon the hill of Siv^n. 

4 For there the Lord proniifed 
his bleHingjand life for evermore. 

Pfalm cxxxiv. Ecce rune. 
TJ Ehold now, praife the Lord 

3 O praife the Lord j for the 
Lord is gracious : O fing praifes 
unto his Name J for it is lovely. 

4 For why ? the Lord hath 
chofcn Jacob unto h'mfclf, and 
Ifrael for his own politMhon. 

5 For I know that the Lord is 
great, and that our Lo.-d is above 
all gods. 

6 Whatfoever the Lord pleafcd, 
that did he in heaven, and in 
earth j in the fea, an., in all deep 

7 He bringcth forth the clouds 
from the ends oi the world, and 
fendeth forth lightnings with the 
rain, bringing the winds out of 
his treafures. 

8 He fmote the firiVbom of 
Egypt, both of man and bealh 

9 He hath fent tokens ind 
w )nders into thv- midrt of tliee, 
O thou land of Egypt ; upoa 
Pharaoh, and all his fervants. 

10 He fmote divers nations, 
and Hjw mighty kirij,s ; 

11 Sclion, king of the Amo- 

,^ rites i and Og, the king of Ra- 

allyefervantsofthe Lord.i fa^. 3,,^ alf the kingdoms of 
z Ye that by night ftand in the! Canaan • 

houfe of the Lord, even in the 
courts of the houfe of our Cod. 
3 Lift up your hands in the 
ftnduary, and praife the Lord. 

4 The Lord, that made heaven 
and earth, give thee blefllng out 
of Sion. 
Pfalm cxxxv. Laudatc Ncmen, 

O Praife the Lord, laud ye the 
Name of the Lord j praife 
It, O yc fervants of the Lord 

2 Yc that ftand in the houfe of 
the Lord, in the courts of tha 
houfe of our God. 

12 And gave their land to be 
an hci'tagc, even an heritage 
unto Ifrael, his people. 

13 Thy Name, O Lord,, en- 
dureth for ever j fo dorh t!iy me- 
morial, O Lord, from one gene- 
ration to another. 

14 For the Lord will ^vengs 
his people, and be gracious unto 
his fervants. 

15 As for the images of the 
heathen, they are but Giver and 
gold J the wrk of men's hands. 

16 Thev mouths, and 


:?cxviii. Day. The Psalter. xxviii. Day^ 

fpeaknotj eyes have they, but 
they lee not, 

17 They have ear?, and yet 
they hear net; neither is there 
any breath in their mouths. 

18 They that make them are 
like unto them 5 and Co ai'c all 
they that put their trufi: in them. 

19 Praife the Lord, ye houie 
of Il'rael \ prr.ife the Lord, ye 
houie of ,^aron. 

20 Praile the Lord, yehoufe of 
JLevi 5 ye that fear the Lord, 
praife the Lord. 

21 Prai fed be the Lord out of 
Sion, who dwclieth at Jerufalem. 

E V E N I >: G P R A Y E R.. ■ 

i-'farm cxxxvj. Ccnjitcniini 

Give tluirjcs unto the Lordj 

for he l.s graciouo, 'in'X l;;ii3 

mercy endLtrLiii for ever, 

2 O give tiianks unto the God 
of all gods 5 for his mepcy endur- 
eth for ever. 

^ O thank the Lord of all | 
3ordi> 3 forhio mercy cndurcthfor I 
ever. ^ I 

4 Who only iioc:!i great won- ; 
ders 3 for iiij n\eri"v eno.urcth for 1 
ever. I 

5 Wh:) h- h*::^ excelK^nt; wil- j 
dom made tru; 'r.\::.-\.:\- • i.;i _..s , 
mercy t;ndui-e;;:\ i^i' v.\xv. ' 

6 Who laid out tiiiZ earth' 
above ti\e waters 3 ior ;iis mercy ' 
enduredi for ever. I 

7 Who hath in.tJ^ .^rcit V'y^':^ [. \ 
fo'- hi^ mercy cn.:u;;;:h '^r cv'.,r3 | 

o The fun to r^'i^j ;;i'c ti;M^ :oi- 
]}is merc}- endrr-jih i'>r v^w. ; 
c) The Uioon anj the i-.wi to 

govern the night 3 for his mercy 
ejiduretli f(h ever. 

10 Who fmpte Egypt, with 
their firll-born ; for his mercy 
cndujreth for ever 3 

II And brought out Ifraelfron? 
aiuong them 3 for his mercy en- 
dureth for ever 3 

12 With a mighty hand and 
flretched-out arm 3 for his mercy 
endureth for evei> 

13 Who divided the Pvcd Sea 
i^to two parts 3 for his mercy 
endureth for ever 3 

14 And made Ifrael to go 
through the inidft of it 3 for his 
mcrgy endureth for ever. 

1 5 But as for Pharaoh, and hij; 
hoil, he overthrew them in the. 
Rt'd Sea 3 for his merqy cnduretl> 
for ever. 

16 Who led his peoide through 
the wildernefs 3 for his mercy en- 
dureth for ever. 

17 Who fmote great kings 5 
for his mercy endureth for ever j 

18 Yea, and fiev/ raighty 
kings 3 for his mercy endureth 
for ever. 

19 Sehon, king of tlie Amo- 
riteo 3 for his mercy endyueth for 
evci- 3 

20 And Og, the king of Bafaaj 
for his mercy endureth for ever 5 

21 And taxeaway their lai>d 
for an iierita^e3 for his mercy 
eiidurerb for ever.^ 

zz Lyen tor an herit.ige unto, 
Ifrael, his iervaHl 3 for his mercy 
endureth for ever. 

2^s Wiio remembered, us when 
v^l: V.J.C r: uoub'ej iordiismer^y 
c.u' lii .-ri) i^>i- ever; 

24 AnJ hath delivered us iV(>m 

)c5fvlii. Day, The Psalter, xxix. Day. 

Pl'alm cxxxvlji. Covfitchr t'lhi^ 

Our enemies ; for his mercy en- 
dureth for ever. I 

25 Who giveth food to all ' 
flcfh; for his mercy endur^fth for 1 
ever. I 

26 Ogive thanks unto the I 
God oF heaven 5 for his mercy \ 
endureth for ever. ; 

27 O give thr.nks unto the j 
Lord of lords ; for his mercy en- ' 
diircth fc»r ever, 

Plalin cxxxvii. Super fi,wi'ia, , 
!")> V the waters of Bab) Ion we 
J3 fat down and v.ept, '.vhcn 
vc remembered thee, O Sion. 

2 Asforourharps, we han^'ed : 
them ^ip wpon the trees that are ; 
therein. j 

3 For they thxt Jed us away ! 
•captJve, required of us then a 
fong, and melody in o*ir heavi- 
ncfs : Sing us one of the fongs 
of Sion. 

4 How fhall we fing the Lord's 
fong in a (rrange land ? 

5 If I forget thee, O Jerufa- 
lem, let my right hand forget 
her cunning. 

6 If I do not remember thee, 
let my tongue cleave to the roof 
of my mouth; yc-., if I prefer 
not Jerufalem in my mirth. 

7 Remember the children of 
ildom, O Lord, in the day of 
Jcrufaic-m; how they f?.id, Dov.-n 
with it, down with 1':, even to 
the ground. 

8 O daughter of Babylon, 
v/afled with miiery ; yea, l^appy 
"(hail he be that rewardeth thee 
as thou hafr fcrved us.. 

9 Bleficd ihall he be that 
takeih thy children, -^n^ thrcw- 
nth them againft v'-e iion.'s-. 

U' 2 

I Will give thcinks unto the«> 
O Lord, with my whol-is 
lieirtj even before the gods will 
I (ing praife unto thee. 

2 I will worfhip toward thy 
holy temple, and praife thy 
name, becaufe of thy loving- 
kindnefs and truth ,• for thou 
haft magnified ti^y Name and 
thy word abovt" all ti)ings» 

3 When 1 called upon thee, 
thou heardeil me ; and enduedit 
my fcui wiih ir.ucii ftrength. 

4"'AI1 th-c kings of the earth 
(hall praife thee, O Lord j for 
they have heard the words of thy 

5 Yen, they fhall fing in the 
ways of the Lord, that great is 
the glory of the Lord. 

6 For t'-.ough the Lord be 
liigh, yet hath he refpe*^ unto 
the lowiy ; as for the proud, he 
•beholdetli them afar off. 

7 Tlioughl walk in themidft 
of trouble, yet fi-ialt thou refrera 
me ; thou fhalt Ihetch forth thy 
hand up^n the furionfnefs of 
mine enemies, and thy righc 
hand fliaii f've me. 

8 The Lord Hiaii make good 
his loving -kindnefs t-./wnid me; 
yea, tliv rr\ercy, O Lord, endur- 
eth for ever ; dclpif- not then the 
works of thine own hands. 

The Twenty-Kin til Day. 

Mo II N I N n P R A V 7. R • 

Pfalm cxxr.ix. D:*?::rCy ptcbafiu 

OL->rd, thou haft feavched 
me out, and knov.-n me; 

XX ix. Daw 

The Psalter. 

thou knoweft my down-fetting, 
and mine up-rifing j thou under- 
ft.-.nderr my thoughts long before. 

2 i hou art about my path, 
and about my bed j and Tpicft 
cut all my wayj:, 

3 For lo, there is not a word 
in my tongue, but thou, O Lord, 
knovvell it ahogcthcr. 

4 Thou hall t'artiionec me be- 
hind and bc/ore, and laid thine 
ham! upon nic. 

5 Such knowledge is too won- 
derful and excellent for me j I 
csnno. attain unto it. 

6 Whitlier iTiall 1 go then 
from thy Spirir, or whither ihall 
I go then from thy prcfence ? 

7 if I climb up into heaven, 
thou art there j if I go down to 
hell, thou art th^re ^{\d, 

8 ]f I take flie wings of the 
morning, and remain in the ut- 
termoii parts ol" the fea j 

9 Even there aifo lliall thy 
hand lead me, and thy right hand 
ihall hold me. 

10 if I fay, Peradventure the 
darknefs n^ail cover me j then 
ihall my ni jht be tAirned to day. 

11 Yea, the darknefs is no 
darknefs with thee, but the 
niglit is as clear as the day j the 
darknefs and light to thee are 
both alike. 

12. For my reins are thine j 
thou haft covered me in my mo- 
ther's womb. 

15 1 will -ive thanks unto 
thee, for I am fcarfwll) and won 
derfully made : marvellous are 
thy works, and that my foul 
knoweth right well. 

14 My bones are not hid from 

XXIX. Day, 

thee, though I be made fecretly> 
and faihioned beneath in the 

I 5 Thine eyes did fee my fub- 
ftance, yet being imperfedl } a^id 
in thy book were all my mem- 
bers written; 

16 Which day by day were fi- 
fhioncd, when as yet there was 
none of them. 

17 How dear are thy counfeis 
unto me, O God j O how great 
is the fum of them ! 

iS If I tell them, they arc 
more in number than thefand; 
when 1 wake up, 1 am prcfent 
with thee. 

19 Wilt thou not ilay the 
wicked, O God J depart from 
me, ye blood-thirfty men. 

20 For they fpeak unrighte- 
oufly againft thee j and thine 
enemies take thy Name in vain. 

21 Do not I hate them, O 
Lord, that hate thee ? and am 
not I grieved with thofe that rife 
up againft thee } 

12 Yea, I hate them right 
fore J even as though they were 
mine enemies. 

23 Try me, OGod, and feek 
the ground of my heart 5 prove 
me, and examine my thoughts. 

24 Look well if there be any 
way of wJckednefs in mej and 
lead me in the way everlafting. 
Pfalm cxl. Enpe me, Dcmlne, 

Eliver me, O Lord, from 

the evil man ; and pre- 

fcrve me from the wicked man j 

2 Who imagine mifchief in 

their hearts, and ftir up ftrile all 

the liay long. 

3 They 


The PsALTrn. 

\'xix. Day, 

3 They have fliarpcned their 
tongues like a ft^rpent j adccrsj 
poilbn is und^r theif lips. j 

4 Keep me, O Lord from tlie j 
hands of the ungodly j prefer vc j 
me from the wicked men, who' 
are purpofed to overthrow my ' 
goings. I 

5 The proud have laid a fnare : 
for me, and fpread a net abroad 
with cords; yea, and fct traps; 
in my way. 

6 1 faid unto the Lord, Thou '• 
art my God J hear the voice or 
my prayers, O Lord. | 

7 O Lord God, thou {Irength 
of my health ; thou hail covered 
my head in the day of battle. 

8 Let not the ungodly have his 
defire, O Lord ; let net hi^ mif- 
chievous imagination prolper, 
left tliey be too proud. 

9 Let the mifchief of their 
own lips fall upon the head of 
them that compafs me about. 

10 Let hot burning coals fall 
upon them j let them be caft into 
the lire, and into the pit, that 
they never rife up again. 

1 1 A man full or v/ords fhall 
not profper upon the earth : evil 
ihall hunt the u'icked pcrfon> to 
overthrow him. 

12 Sure I am that the Lord 
will avenge the poor, and main- 
t?-in trie caufe of the hclplefs. 

T -? The. righteous alfo fhail give 

aanks unto thy Name ; and the 

j ift fhall continue in thy fight. 

IM'alm cxli, Doinine, clafruiuu 

Ord, I call upon thee ; haf^e 

r thee unto me, and confider 

voice, when i cry unto thfee. 

Let mv pravcr he fct forth ' 

XXIX. Day, 

in thy fight as the incenfe; an-1 
let the lifting up of my hands ' 
be an evening farrificc. 

3 Set a watcli, O Lord) be- 
fore my mouth, and ke,;p the 
door of my lips. 

4 O let nbt mine heart be in- 
clined to any evil thing; let 
me not be occupied in ungodly 
works with the men tiiat v»'ork: 
Vvfickednefs, leli: 1 cat of fucli 
things as pleafe them. 

5 Let the rigiiteous rather 
fmitc me friendly, and reprove: 

6 But let not their precious 
balms break my head ; yea, I 
will pray yet againll their wick- 

7 Let their judges be over- 
throvvn in the ftony places, that 
they may hear my words j for 
they arc fwcet. 

S Our bones lie fcr.ttjred be- 
fore the pit, like as v.heji one 
breaketh and heweth wood upon 
the eart'i, 

9 But mine -"yes look unto 
thee, O Lord <Tod ; in tlire is 
my truft ; O call ncit (uit my fouJ. 

10 Keep me irom the InarJ* 
that they ha\e laid for me, and 
from the trapr, of the wicked 

IX Let the ungodly fall inf) 
their own nets together, and \':i 
me ever efcape them. 

E V E N I N G P AA\T,1K. 

Pfalm cxiii. /^ra ; .: .: t 


I Cried unto the Lord with my 
voice ; yea, even unto th ; 
Lcrd did I m^ke mv fupplica; ioi*- 

2 I 

XXIX. D^y* 

The Psalter. 

XXX. Day* 

2 I poured out my complaints 
before him, and ihowed him of 
my trouble. 

3 When my fpirlt was in hea- 
vinefs, thou knowcil my path ; 
in the way whaein 1 walked, 
have they privily laid a fnare 
for me. 

4 Hooked alfo upon my right 
hand, and fa w there was no man 
that would know me. 

5 1 had no plice to flee unto, 
and no man cared for my foul. 

6 I cried unto thee, O Lord, 
and laid, Thou art my hope, 
and my portion in the land of 
tlje living. 

7 Co^fider my complaint,- for 
I am brought very low. 

8 O deliver me from my per- 
fecutors, for they are too ftrong 
for me. 

9 Bring my foul out of prifon, 
that I may t;ivc chunks unto thy 
Name j \.hich thing if thou wilt 
grant me, tiien iTiaii the righte- 
ous refort unto my company. 

Pfalm cxliii, Domine, txaudi, 

'Ear my prayer, O Lord, 
and eonfidcr my defire j 
hearken unto me, for chy truth 

and rj^hteoufnefs' fake. 

2 And enter not into judg- 
ment with thy fervant j for in 
thy fiyht /hall no rnaji living be 

3 For the enemy hath perfe- 
cuted my foul ; he hath fmitten 
my .I'if! down to the ground j he 
hath laid me in the uarknefs, as 
the men that have been long 

TiicreforeU my fpiritvexcd 

within me, and my heart within 
me is defolatc, 

5 Yet do I remember the 
time part J I mufe upon all thy 
works J yea, 1 exercife myfelf in 
the works of thy hands. 

6 I rtretch forth my hands 
unto thee} my foul gafpeth unto 
thee as a thirty land. 

7 Hear me, O Lord, and that 
foon J for my fpirit waxeth faint : 
hide not thy face from me, left 
I be like unto them that go down 
into the pit. 

8 O let me hear thy loving- 
• kindnefs betimes in the morning; 
i for in thee is my truft : (how 

thou me the way that I fhould 
I walk in ; for 1 lift up my foul 
; unto thee. 
j 9 Deliver me, O Lord, from 

mine enemies ; for I flee unto 

thee to hide me. 

JO 'J'each me to do the thin j 

that pleafeth thee; for thou art 

my God : let thy loving Spirit 

lead me forth into the land of 


J I Quicken me, O Lord, for 

thy Name's fake J and for thy 

righteoofwcfs* fake bring my foul 

out of trouble. 

12 And of thy goodnefs flay 

mine enemies, and d»ftroy all 

them that vex my foul j fori 

am thy fervant. 

The Thirtieth Day. 

Morning Prayer. 

Pfalm cxliv. Benedi^us Dcni'wus» 

BLeifed be the Lord, my 
ft-rength, whoteacheth my 
hands to war, and my lingers to 

a My 

XXX. Day. 

2 My hope and my fortrefs, 
my calUc and deliverer, my de- 
fender, in whom I truftj who 
fubdueth my people that is under 

3 Lord, what is man, that 
thou hall fuch refpedl unto him r* 
or the (on of man, that thou (o 
regardelt him ? 

4 Man ii like a thing of nought; 
his time paileth away like a (ha- 

5 Bow thy heavens, O Lord, 
and come down j touch the 
mountain*, and they jliall fmoke. 

6 Call forth thy lightning, and 
tear them ; ihoot out thine ar- 
rows, and confumc them. 

7 Send down thine hand from 
above; deliver me, and take me 
out of the threat waters, from the 
hana of llrange children j 

8 Whofe mouth talketh of va- 
nity, and their right hand is a 
right hand of wickednefs, 

9 I will fing a new fong unto 
thee, O God i and fing praifes 
unto thee upon a ten-ltringed 

10 Thou haft given vidlory 
unto kings, and ha.l delivered 
David, thy iervant, from the pe- 
ril of the fword. 

11 Save me, and deliver me 
from the hand of llrangc chil- 
dren, whofe mouth talketh of 
vanity, and their right hand is a 
right hand of iniquity j 

I i That our Ions may grow 
up as the young plants, and that 
our daughters may be a^ the po- 
lilhcd Corners ot the temple ; 

13 That our garners may be 
full &nd plenteous with all man- 

Thc Psalter. 

XXX. Daj^ 

ner of ftore j that our ihecp may 
bring forth thoufar.ds, and ten 
thoufand,s in our ilrcets ; 

14 That our oxen may be ftrong 
to labour j thut ihcve be no de- 
cay, no leading into captivity, an4 
no complaining in our ftrects. 

15 Happy are the people that 
are in fuch a cafej yea, bleiTcd 
are the people who have the 
Lord for their God. 
Pfalm cxlv. Exaltaho tCy Dfui, 

I Will magnify thee, O God, 
my King j and I vvil-1 praifc 
thy Name for ever and ever, 

2 Every day will I give thanks 
unto thee, and praifc thy Name 
for ever and ever. 

3 Great is the Lord, and mar- 
vellous, worthy to be praffed j 
there is no end of his greatnefs. 

4 One generation ihall praife 
thy works unto another, and de- 
clare thy power. 

5 As for me, I will he talking 
of thy worihip, thy glory, thy 
praife, and wondrous works j 

6 So that men fhall fpeak of 
the might of thy marvellous adU j 
and I will alfo tell of thy great- 

7 The memorial of thine abun- 
dant kindnefs Hiall be fhowed ; 
and men fhall fmg of thy righ- 

8 'I he Lord is gracious and 
merciful j long-fuffering, and of 
great goodrels. 

9 The Lord is loving untro 
every man, and his mercy U 
over; all his works. 

10 All thy works praife thee, 
O L-ord ; and thy faints give 
thanks unto thee. 

IX They 

XXX. Bay^ 

The Psalter. 

xx\'. Day\ 

1 1 They fhow the gl^^ry of thy 
kingdom, and talk of thy power : 

12 That thy power, thy giory, 
and might. ncfs of thy kingdom, 
might be known unto men. 

1 3Thy kingdom is an cverlaft- 
ing kingdom, and thy dominion 
«ndureth througijout all ages. 

14. The Lord uphold-th all 
fuch as fall, and iifteth up all 
thofe that are down. 

15 The eyes of all wait upon 
thee, O Lord 5 and thou givell 
them their meat in due fcalon. 

16 Thou openeii thine hand, 
and iiiieft all things living with 

17 The Lord is righteous in all 
bis ways, and holy in all his 

18 The Lord is n;gh unto al! 
them that call upon him ; yea, 
all fuch as call upon him faith- 

19 Ke will fulfil the dcfire of 
tliem that fe^.r him j he alfo will 
hear their cry, and will help Lnem. 
^ 2,0 The Lord prefervcth all 
diem that love him ; but fcatter- 
eth abroad aU the ungodly. 

2 r My mouth ihall fpcak the 
praife of the Lord ; and let all 
fleih give thanks unto h'.s holy 
Name for ever and ever. 

Pfalm cxlvi. Lnuda, an'ww mca, 

'T5llaife the Lord, O my foul : 
j[ .while I live, will I praife tiic 
Lord ; yea, s.s long as I hc^wt any 
being, I wi)l fmg piaifes unto my 

2 O put not your truilinprln- 
ces, nor in any child of nia^^ j for 
there is no iielp in ciicm. , 

3 For wl^.en the breath of maili 
goeth forth, he fhaii turn again 
to his earth, and then all his 
thoughts periili. 

4 Blelfed is he that hath th'r 
God of Jacob for his hclpj and 
whofc hwpe is in the Lord his 
God 5 

5 Who made heaven and earthy 
the iea and all that therein is j 
who keepeth his promifcfor everj 

6 Who heipeth them to right 
that fuffer wrong j. who feedeth 
the hungry. 

7 The Lord loofeth men out of 
prifon ; the Lord giveth fight to 
the blind. 

8 The Lord heipeth them that 
ar6 fallen j the Lord careth for 
the righteous. 

9 'i'he Lord careth for tli 
'(trangerj he defendeth the fa 
ciierlefs and widow : as for the 
vvay of the ungodly, he turneth 
it upfide down. 

10 The Lord thy God, O 
Sion,lhali be King fo;- evermore 5 
and throughout all generations. 

Evening Prayer. 

pfilm cxlvii. Lnudate Dom'tnum, 

OPraife the Lord ; for it is a 
good thing to fmg praifes 
unto our God j yea, a joyful and 
pleafantthingltis to be thankful* 

2 i'he Lord doih build up J:^- 
rufalem, and gather together c':.- 
outcaus of Ifracl. 

3 He healeth thofe that arc 
broken in heart, an;l giv^ith m.e- 
dicine to heal their fickiv-^fs. 

4 1 ' e te i 1 e t h 1 1 1 e n u m b e r o f t h ? 
I ftarr., and calleth them all by 
I their names, 

K Grsat 

XXX. Dav.^ 

The Psalter 

5 Great is our Lord, and great 
is his power j yea, and his wif- 
dom is infinite. 

6 The Lord fetteth up the 
meek, and bringcth the ungodly 
down t« the ground. 

7 O ling unto the Lord with 
thankfgiving j fing praifes upon 
the harp unto our Ood ^ 

S Who covereth the heaven 
with clouds, and prepareth rain 
for the earth; and maketh the 
gra/s to grow upon the moun- 
tains, and herb for the ufe of 

9 Who giveth fodder unto the 
cattle, and feedeth the young 
ravens that call upon him. 

10 He hath no pleafureinthe 
ftrength of an horfe j neither de- 
lighteth he in any man's legs. 

11 But the Lord's delight is 
in them that fear him, and put 
their truft in his mercy. 

11 Praife the Lord,'0 Jerufa- 
km J praife thy God, O Sion j 

13 For he hath made fafl the 
bars of thy gates, and h.-^.tli biefs- 
cd thy children within thee. 

14 He maketh peace in thy 
borders, and filleth thee with 
flour of wheat. 

1 5 He fendcth forth his com- 
mandment upon earth, and his 
word runneth very fwiftly. 

16 He giveth fnow like woo), 
and fcattcreth the hoar-froft like 

17 He cafteth forth his ice 
like morfeU ; who is able to 
abide his froft ? 

iS He fcndeth out his word, 
and melteth them j he blowcth 
withhiswind,and the waters flow. 

XXX. Daj, 

19 He rtiowtth his word «nt» 
Jacob, hisflatutes and ordinan* 
CCS unto Ifrael. 

20 He hath not dealt fo with 
any nation, neither have the hea- 
then knowledge of his lawt, 

rfalm cxivi \\,Laudau Dcm'inumm 

O Praife the Lord of heaven 5 
praife him in the height. 
2 Praife him, all ye angels of 
his J praife him, all his hoiK 

^ Praife him fun, and moon \ 
praife him, all ye flars and light, 

4 Praife him, all \e heavens^ 
and ye waters that are above the 

5 Let them praife the Name 
of the Lord j for he fpakc the 
word, and they were made j he 
commanded, and they were crea* 

6 He hath maHe them faft 
for ever and ever j he hath given 
them a law, which Ihall not be 

7 Praife the Lord upon earthy 
ye dragons, and all deeps ; 

S Fire and hail, fnow and va- 
pours, wind and ftorm, fulflUing 
his word j 

9 Mountains and all hills j 
fruitful trees and all cedars j 

10 Beafts and all cattle j woritig 
and feathered fowls ; 

1 1 Kings of the earth and all 
people J princes and all judges of 
the world j 

12 Young men and maidens, 
old men and children, praife the 
Name of the Lord j for his Name 
only is excellent, and his praife 
above heaven and earth. 

13 He ihall exalt the horn of 


y.y:x. Day, 

The Psalter^ 

5^xx, b.^y* 


his people : all his faints fhall 
praife him ; even the children 
of Ifrael, even the people that 
ferveth him. 

Pfalm cxllx. Cantate Dcm'im* 

OSing-iinto the Lord a new 
fonj; J let the congregation 
of taints praife him. 

1 Let Ifrael rejoice in him 
that made him, artd kt the chil- 
dren of Sion be joyful in their 

3 Let them praife his Name 
in the dance \ let them fmg 
praifes unto him with tabret and 

4 For the Lord hath pleafure 
In his people, and helpeth the 

5 Let the faints be joyful with 
glory j let them rejoice in their 

6 Let the praifes of God be in 
their mouth, and a two-edged 
fword in their hands j 

7 To, be avenged of the hea- 
then, and to rebuke the people J 

8 To bind their kings in 
chains, and their nobles with 
links o;^ iron. 

9 That they may be avenged 
of them j as it is v;ritten, Such 
honour have all his faints, 

Pfalm cl. LauA<ite Domimim, 

OPraife God in his holinefs 5 
praife him io th" firma- 
ment of his power. 

2 Praife him in his noble a(f-s j 
praife him according- to his ex- 
cellent greatnefs. 

3 Praife him in the found of 
the trumpet 5 praife him upoil 
the lute and harp. 

4 Praife him in the cymbals 
and dances \ praife him upon 
the firings and pipe. « 

5 Praife him upon the w?lU 
tunedcymbals J piaife him upon 
the loud cymbals. 

6 Let every thing that hath 
breath praife the Lord, 

ne Er<i c/ tht P s a l t k R • 





o r 

? S A L M s, 


"V/ I T H 





ijTi The Feasts and Fasts of tte CHURCH, m 



11 E W .r R Ki 


HANOVER-bQUARE, m,dcc,xciv. 


nr the Bijhopsy the Clergy^ and the Laity of the Protejiant 
Epif copal Church in the United States of Aynerica-i in 
Convention this thirteenth day of O^obery in the year of our 
JLord one thoufand fe'ven hundred and eighty-nine ; 

This tranflation of the Whole Book of Pf alms into Met re j 
fLuith Hymns is fet forth, and allowed to be fv-ng in all 
Congregations of the faid Churchy before and after Morn^ 
ing and Evening Prayer ; andalfo before and after Sermons y 
dt the difcretlon of the Minijier, 

And itfhall be the duty of every Minijler of any Churchy 
either by /landing diredions^orfrom ftfne to time, to appoint 
the Portions of Pf alms nvhich are to befung. 

And further, it fhall be the duty of every Minifler, <with 
fuch ajjifiance as he cayt obtain from perfons fkilled in mufic, 
to give order concerning the tunes to be fung, at any time, 
in his Church: And, efpecially, itflmll be his duty, tofup^ 
prefs all light and unfeemly mufic ; and all indecency and 
irreverence in the performance ; by (which, vain and ungodly 
ferfons profane thefervice of the Sanduary, 

The P s A L M s <?/ Da'vldy in Metre, 

HOW bleft is he, who ne'er confeuti 
by ii I advice to w4k» 
Nor ftands in Tinners ways, nor fits 
where men profanely talk j 
z Bat makes the perfe<f> law of God 
his b'.'s-nels and delight; 
Devoutly reads therein by day, 
and meditates by night. 
I Like fome fair tree, which, fed by ftreams, 
with timely frait does bead. 
He ftill fhail floiirilh, and fuccefs 
all hisdeiigns attend. 

4 Ungodly men, and their attem|>ts, 

no laftine root Ihall fin i j 
Untimely blafted, and dirpers'4 
like chaif before the windC 

5 Their guile Oi^ll ftrike the wicked dumb 

betore their Judge's face : 
No formal hypocrite fliall then 
among the faints have place. 

6 For God approves the juli man's ways ; 

to haprinds they tend : 
But Tinners, and the paths they tread, 
fliall both in ruin end. 

P S A L M II. 

I XXriTH refUefs andungoveru'd rage, 
'f" why do the heathen ftorm ? 
Why in fuch rafh attempts engage, 
as they can ne'er perform I 
1 The great in coanc'il and in might 
their various forces hxing ; 
Againft tbe Lord they all unite, 
and his anointed King. 

3 " Muft we fubmit to their commands ?'» 

prefamptuoufly they Uy : 
" No, let'us break their ilavifli bands, 
" And call their chains away." 

4 Eut God, who fits inthron'd on hi^, 

and fees how they combine, 
Does their confpiring ftrength defy, 
and mocks their vain dengn. 

5 Thick clouds of wrath divine fhall break 

on his rebelliojs foes ; 
And thas vvill he in thunder fpeak 
to all that dare oppofe : 

6 " Though madly you difpute my will, 

" the king that I ordain, 
*' Whcfe throne is fix'd on Zion's hill, 
" fhalJ there fecure'y reign." 

7 Attend, O earth, whilft I declare 

God's uncontroul'd decree : 
*' Thou art my fon : this day, my heir, 
" have I begotten' thee. 
Z **Ask, and receive thy full demands j 
«* thiae (hali the heathen be j 

u i *' The 


*'The utmoft limits of the lands 
*' ihall be poiiefsM by thee. 

9 " Thy threat'ning Iceptre thou fhalt fnake, 

" and criifh them ev'ry where j 
** As mafly bars of iron break 
" the potters brittle ware." 

10 Learn then» ye princes ^ and give ear, 

ye judges ot the earth; 
>i WoVrtiip the Lord with holy fearj 
rejoice with awful mirth. 

12 Appeafe the Son with due refpeft, 

your timely homage pay : 
Left he revenge the bold negleft^ 
inccns'd by your delay; 

13 If but in part his anger rife, 

who can endure the dame ? 
Then bleft are they, whofe hope relies * 

on his moft holy Name. 


1 TTOW many. Lord, of late are grown 
"'■ ^ the troublers of my peace ■ 

And as their numbers hourly rile, 
fo does their rage iacreafe. 

2 Infulting, they my foul upbraid, 

and him whom I adore'; 
The God in whom he trafts, fay they, 
(hall refcue him no more. 

3 But thou, O Lord, art my defence -, 

on thee my hopes rely; 
Thou ?.rt my glory, and fhall yet 
lift up my head on high. 

4 Sine" whenfoe'er, in like diftrefs, 

to God i made my pray'r, 

He heard me from his holy hill; 

why fhould I now defpair ? 

5 Guarded by him, I laid me down 

my fweet repofe to take ; 
For I through'him ferurely fleep, 
through hun in fafety wake. 

6 Xo force nor fury of my foes 

my courag? ihall confound. 
Were they a? many hofls as men, 
that have befet me rQund, 

7 Arife, and fave me, O my God, 

who ofr haft own'd my caufe. 
And icatter'd ott thefe foes to me, 

and to thy righteous law?. 
^ Salvation to the Lord belongs j 

he can defend : 
Kis blell^ng he extends to all 

that on his pow'r depend, 

I r\ LORD, that art my righteous judge, 
^-^ to my complaint give ear : 
Thou ftiU redeein'ft me from diftrefs j 
have mercy. Lord, and hear, 
a Hov/ long vviil ye, O i'ors of men, 
to blot^n^^y fame devife .' 


How long your vain defigns purruC, 
and fpread malicious lies r' 
J Conftder that the righteous man 
is God's peculiar choice ; 
And, when to him I make my prayY, 
he always hears my voice. 
4. Then ftand in awe of his commands, 
flee ev'ry thing that's ill ; 
Commune in private with your hearts, 
and bend them to his will. 

5 The place of other facrifice 

let righteournefs fupply ; 
And let your hope, fccurdy fix'd, 
on God alone rely. 

6 While worldly mipds impatient grow 

more profp'rous times to fee; 
Still Jet the glories of thy fice 
fhine brightly, Lord, on me. 

7 So fhali my heart o'erflow with joy, 

more laiting and more true: 
That tl'.eirs, who Ilores of corn and wine 
fuccei^ively renew. 
S Then down in peace I'll lay my head, 
and take my* needful reft ; 
Ci^ other guard, O Lord^ i crave, 
Foi thy defence poiTels'd. 

1 T ORD, hear the voice of my complaint, 

•*-i accept my fecret prav'r'; 
z To thee alone, m.y King, liiy God, 

will 1 for help repair. 
3 Thou in the morn my voice fhalt hear, 
and with the dav.'jiing day 
To thee uevoutiy I'll look up, 
to thee devoutly pray. 
4. For thou the wrongs that I fuftain 
canft never. Lord, approve, 
Whp from thy facred dweliir.g-place 
ail evil doft remove. 
5 Not long fiiali fiubh-orn fools remain. • 
unpunifh'd :n thy view ; 
All fuch as act unrighteous things 
thy vengeance fnalipuriuc. 
C The Cand'ring tongue, O God of truth, 
by thee in.iA be Gcuroy'd, 
Whohat'ft diike themauia blood, 
and in deceit employ 'd. 

7 But when thy boimdiefs grace thall nie 

to thy lov'd courts relVjre, 
On thee I'll fix my lor.ging eyes, 
and humbly there adore. 

8 Coaduft me by thy righteous laws, 

for watchful is my foe; 
Therefore, OLord, majce plain the way 
wherein I oightto gc. 

9 Tl-.or mouth vents nothing hut deceit i 

their heart is ftt on wrong ; 
their throat is a devouring grave j 
tliey flatter with their tongue. 

L' J ic By 


io Ey their own eomnfels let them fall, 
opprefs'd with loads of fin ; 
For they againft thy righteous laws 
have harden'd rebels been. 

1 1 But let all thole N-^ho truft in thee, 

with fhouts their joy proclaim ; 
Let them rejoice whom thy prefcrv% 
and all that love thy name. 

12 To righteous men, the righteous Lor(J> 

his bleiTing will extend j 
And with his favour all his feints, 
xs with a (hi eld, defend. 

I 'T'HY dreadful anger, Lofd, reftrriiif 
A and fpare a wretch forlorn ; 
Corred me not in thy fierce wrath, 
too heavy to be borne, 
a H.ive mercy, Lord ; for 1 grow faint, 
unable to endure 
The an€ui(h of my acliine bones, 
which thou atoiie can'ft cure. 

3 My tortur'd fielh dJftrafts my mind, 

and fills my foul with grief j 
But, Lord, how long wilt thou delay 
to grant me thy relief ? 

4 Thy wonted goodnefs. Lord, repeat, 

and eafe my troubled fodl; 
Lord, for thy wond'rous mercy's fakfg 
vouchfafe to make me whole. 

5 For after death no more can I 

thy glorious ad>s proclaim j 
No pris'ner of the filent grave 
can magnify thy name. 
6' Quite tir'd with pain, with groanii'.g famf , 
no hope of eafe I fee ; 
The night, that quiets common griefs, 
is fpent in tears by me. 
7 My beauty Fades, my fight grows dira,- 
my eyes with weakness dofe ; 
Old-age overtakes mff, whilft I think 
on my infuiting foes. 
S Depart, ye wicked: in my wrongs 
ye fliali no more rejoice ; 
l='or God,-l'fiiid, accepts my tears, 
and liilens to my voice. 
9, loJiehears, and grants my humble pray* 5 
and they that wiih my fall. 
Shall blufli and rage to fee tljat God 
protedls me from them ail. 

J /^LORD my God, fince I have plac'd 
^^ my trufV alone in thee. 
From ail my perfecutors' rage 
do thou de'iver me. 
1 To fave me from my threatening fo«ii 
Lord interpofe thy pow'r ; 
Left, like a favage lion, lie 
tny heiplefs P^l devour. 


P Si A L M VIII. 7 

J, 4 If I am ^uiJtyi or did e'er 
againft his peace combine ; 
Nay, if I bad nOf fpar'd his life, 
who lought unjulily mine ; 

5 Let then to perfecuting foes 

my foul become a prey; them to earth tread down my life, 
m dult my honour lay. 

6 Afife, and let thine anger> Lord, 

in my defence engage ; 
Exalt thyfelf above my foes, 

and their iiifuking rage : 
Awake, awake, in my oehalf, 

the judgment to dii'penlc, 
Which thou luift righteouily Ord*in*d 

for injur'd innocence. 

7 So to thy throne adoring Crowds 

(hall ftill forjuftice fly : 
Oh ! there'ore, for their fake, refurte 
thy j'jd^menr-ie3t on high. 

8 Impartial Judge of all the world, 

I truft my caule to thee ; 
According to my jurt delerts, 
fo let tjiy fenteijce be; 

9 Let wicked arts and wicked men 

together be overthrown ; 
Bv^t gii2-d the juft, thou God, to wJioal 
the hearts of both are known. 
10, 1 1 God me protefTs ; not only mcj 
but p.ll of upright heart; 
And daily lays ut wrath fof thofe 
who from his laws deoart. 
il If they perfift, he whets his fword, 

his bow ^ands ready bent ; 
I J Ev'n now, with fwirt deflruclion wing'd^ 

his pointed fhaCts are fen t. 
i4 The plot;s are fruitlefs which my foe 

iinju'f^ly did conceive ; 
15 The pit he di^gM for me, has prov'd 

his own untimely grave. 
j6 On his own hend his fpife returnt, 
whilft I from harm ara tree; 
On him the violence is fairn 
which he defignM for itiz. 
J J Therefore will I the righteous wiyj 
of providence proclaim ; 
I'll fing the praiie ofGod moft high^ 
and celebrate his Hame. 

PSALM Vlli. 

1 f^ Thou, to whom all creatures bow 
^^ within this earthly frame. 
Through ftU the worid how great art thoul 

how glorious is thy name ! 
In heav'n thy wond'rous ad^s are fang, 
nor fuily reckon'd there ; 

2 And yet iliou mak'ft t!ie infant tongue 

thy bnuMlefs praife declare. 
Through tlieethe w^eak confoand theftrong 
and crulb their haughty foes ; 

V 4 And 

5 P S A L M IX- 

And fo thou quell the wicked throng, 
that thee and thine oppofe. 
5, When Heav'n,thy beauteous work on higl!^ 
employs my wond'ring fight ; 
The raoon, that nightly rules the sky, 
with ftars of feebler light ; 

4. What's man, lay I, that. Lord, thou lov'ft 

to keep him in thy mind ? 
Or what his offspring, tliat thou prov'xi. 
to them fo wonuVous kind ? 

5. Hitu next in pow'r thou did"ft create 

to thy celeilial train j 

6 Ordain'd, with dignity and ftate, 

o'er all thy works to reign. 

7 They jointly own I\is pow'rful fway ; 

the beaits that prey or graze ; 

8 The bird that wings its airy way 5 

the fifh that cuts the feas. 
g O thou to whom aU creatures bow 
within this earthly frame, 
Thro;igh all the world how great art thou ! 
how glorious is thy name! 

•* T^O celebrate thy praife, O Lord, 
* 1 will my heart prepare j 
To all the liit'ning world thy works, 
thy woncProU'S works declare. ' 

2 The thought of them fliall to my foul 
exalted pleaCures bring j 
Whiia to thy name, O thou Moft Highy 
triuraphint praife 2' ling. 
-J Thou mad'rt my haughty foes to turn 
their backs in^fhameful flight : 
Struck with thy prefence doVn theyfeil^ 
they perSih'd at thy fight. 

4 Againll inl'ulting foes advanced, 

thou didfl mycaufe maintain •, 

Vry right averting trom thy throne^ 

where truth and juitice reign. 

5 The inlolence of heathen pride 

thou hart reduc'd to fhanie 5 
Their wicked ofFspriug quite deftroy*d^ 
andbl(;tted out their name. 

6 Mirtaken foes, your haughty threats 

are to a period come : 
Our city ftands, which you deftgn'd 
to maxe our comBiou tomb. 
7, 8 The Lord for ever lives, who has, 
his righteous throne prepared,, 
lmp:Artial jufticeto diipenie, 
to r-Uj-ndi or reward. 
Q God IS a conllant furedefeiice- 
a!i;ainlt x')ppreinng rage : 
As troubles rife, Itjs needful aida 
in our behaH' engage. 
10 All thofe who have his goodnefs prov'd 
will in his truth confide j 
\Vl\oie niercy ne'er tbrlbok the man 
thiit OR his help rely'd. 

P S A L M X. 5 

11 Singpraifes therefore to the Lord, 

from Sion, his abode •, 
Proclaim his Heeds, till all the world 
coniels no other God. 

P A R T II. 

12 Whea he enquiry makes for blood, 

he'll call the poor to mind : 
The injur'd humble muns complaint 
relief troin him ihali find. 

13 Take pity en my rroubles, Lord, 

which ipitetul tees create, 
Tiiou that haft relcu'd mefo oft 
from death's devouring gate. 

14 III Sion then I'll ivng thy praife, 

to all that love thy name ; 
And, with loud fhouts ofgratefu! iov, 
thy f:'.via^ pow'r {proclaim 

15 Deep in the pit they dia:g*d for me 

the heathen pride is lali ; 
Their guilty ftret to their own fnar? 
areheedlefsly betrayd. 

16 Thus, by the juil returns he makes, 

the mignt>' Lord is known i 
While wicked men, by their own ploti, 
^e fhnmefiiUy overthrown. 

17 No ungle fmncf Ihall el'cape, 

by p r : vacy obicur'd ; 
Nor nation, from his juit revenge, 
by nambv'rji be fecurd. 

18 His furFering faints, whenmoft diftrefsM, 

he ne'er targets to aid j 
Their expei^.itions fhiU be crowu'd, 
though frvr a tim? deJay'd. 

19 Arife,''0 Lord, affertthy powY, 

and let nut man o'erccme ; 
DefctrO to judgment, and pronounce 
the gjilty heathen's doom. 

20 Strik'j terror through the nations rouni, 

till, by conlVnting fear. 
They to other, and themselves, 
but mortal nun appear. 


THY prefence v/hy withdraw'^ thoa, Lord • 
why hid'rt thou now thy face. 
When difmal times of deep'diftrefs 
call for thy wanted grace ? 

2 The wickea, f veli'd with lawlefs pride, 

have nnde the por r their prey ; 
C let them fall by thofe defigns 
which they for others iay. 

3 For ftr^jghc they triumph, if I'uccefs 

their thriving crimes artend; 
And fordid wretches, whoin God liates, 
pervenely they commend. 

4 Toorvn a pow'r'above themfelves, 

their haughty pride difdait.s; 
A:id therefoi^in their ftubborn mini 
i\v thoUj^iit of God remain*, 

i- S 5 Opi5reil!ve 

io P S A-t M iC* 

5 OppreiJive methods they purfue, 

and all their foes they Jljght ; 
Becaufe thy judgments, unobferv'd, 
are far above their fight. 

6 They fondly think their profp'rous (late 

fhali anmolefted be j 
Thsy think their vain defigns fhall thrivCt 
from all misfortune free. 

7 Vain and deceitful is their fpeech, 

with curies fill'd, and Ires j 
By which the miichief of their heart 

they ftudy to difguife. 
S Nearpubhc roads they lie conceaj'di 

and all their art employ, 
The innocent and poor at once 

to rifle and dei^roy. 
9 Not lions, couching in their dens, 

furprife their heedleis prey 
With greater cunning, or expreft 

more lavage rage, than they. 
JO Sometimes they aft the harmlefs man, 

and modeil looks they wear ; 
That, 10 deceiv'd, the poor may lefs 

their iudd^rn onfet fear. 


11 For Cod, they think, no notice take» 
of their unrighteous deeds ; 
He never minds the fuff'ring poory 
nor their oppreffion heeds. 
SI But tho-j, O Lord, at length arife,^ 
ftretch forth thy mighty arm ; 
And, by the greatnels of thy powVf 
Defend the poor from harm. 
f-j No longer iet the wicked vaunt, 
and, proudly boaihng, lay, 
*' Tufn, Goa regards nut what we do;^ 
** he never will repay." 
14; But fure t^.ou feeft, and all their deedt 
impartially dolt try ; 
The orphan,' therefore, and the poor, 
on thee for aid rely. 
tS Defercelefs let the wicked fall, 
ot ali their ftrength bereft j 
Confound, O God, their dark defign«^ 
till no remains are left. 

16 AlTert thy juft dominion^ Lord, 

which fhail for ever ftand ; 
Thou, who the heathen didft expel 
from thi* thy chofen land. 

17 Thou hear'ft the humble fupplicants, 
that to thy throne repair ; 

Thoufirft prepar'ft their hearts to pray, 
and then accept'ft their pray'r. 
j'SThou,in thy righteous judgment,weigh^d 
thefatherlefs and poor ; 
That lb the tyrants of the earth 
may perfecute no more, 

P & A L M- 


1 CINCE 1 have plac'd my trull in God, 
'*^ a refuge always nigh. 
Why ihould I, like a tiin'rou;j bird, 
to diftant mountains fly i* 
i, Behold, the vvjcked bend tlicir bow, 
and ready fix their dart, 
XiUrking in ambulh to dcftroy 
the men of upright heart. 

3 When once the firm aJTurance fails, 

which public l4ith imparts, 
'Tis time for innocence to fly 
from fach deceitful a ts. 

4 The Lord hath both a temple here, 

and righteous throne above j 

Whrre he furveys the fons of men, 

and how rheir councils move. 

5 If God the rii^hteous, whom he tove»; 

for trial doesccrre^, 
What mult the fons of violence, 

whom he abhors, expe''^ .' 
4 Snares, fir.', and brimitone, on their head^ 

fhall in one tempeit fhow'r ; 
This dreacjful mixture his revenge 

into their cup ihall jiour. 
7 The righteous Lord will righteous deedi 

with lignal favour grace. 
And to the upright man difclofe 

the brightnefs of his iace. 


t CtNCE godly men decay, O Lord, 
^ do thou my caufe defend ; 
For fcarce thele wretched times aflfbrd 
one juft and faithful friend, 
a One neighbour now can icarce believe , 
what t'other does impart ; 
With flatt'ring lips they all deceive, 
and Aith a double heart. 

3 But lips that with deceit abound 

can never profper long ; 
Cod's righteous vengeance will confouacj 
the proud blafpheming tongue. 

4 In vain thofe fbolifh boafters fay, 

*•*• our tongues are lure our own ; 
** With doubtful words we'll ftill betray^ 
** and be controul'd by none." 
y For God, who hears the fufTring poor, 
and their opprefTion knows. 
Will foon arife and give them reft, 
in fpite of all their foes. 

6 The word of God fhall rtili abide, 

and void of falinood be, 
AS is thefilver, leV'n times try'd, 
from droiTy mixture free. 

7 The promife of hi^j aiding graca 

(hall reach its purpos'd end ; 
Hie fervants from this faithiei* race 
he ^ver fhair defead. 

U4 Tlit 

t^ PSALMS Xlir, XIV, 

^ Then fhall the wicked be perplexM, 
nor know which way to fiy ; 
When thofe vvhoni they defpis'd and vex'd^ 
ihail be advanced' on high» 


1 OOW lT)ng wilt thou forget me, Lord ' 
-*^ muft I for ever raourn ? 

flow long wilt thou withdraw from me. 
Oh, never to return ? 

2 Kow longlhall anxious thoughts myfouJ^ 

and grtet my heart oppr-fs ? 
How long my enemies ir.fiitt, 
and I hMve no redrefs ? 

3 6h I hear, and to my longing eyes 

reftore thy wonsed light, 
And fuddenly, or 1 fliali fleep ^ 

in everlafting night. 

4 Rertore me. left they proudJy boaff 

'cwas their own flr^'ngth o'ercame j 
Permit not them that vex my ioul 
to triumph In- my Ihame. 

5 Since I have always piac'd my truft 

beneath thy mercy's wini^;, 
Thy laving health will cr/ine •, and theu 
my heart with ioy Ihali fpring. 

6 Then fhall my foug, with praileinlpird, 

to thee my God alcend ; ' 

Who to thy fervant in diftrefs 

iuch bou]:ty didft extend. 

P 5 A L M XIV. 

1 CURE wkked fools muft needs fuppoff, 
^ that God is nothing but a name : 
Corrupt and le.wd their praa'ice grows ; 

no breaR is wartji'd with holy flame. 

2 The Lord look'd dovm froDi Hcav'n's high tcvv'?, 

and all the fons ot men did view. 
To fee if any owiVd hjs pow'r> 
if any trutli or juilicekuew. 

3 But all, he faw, were gone ande, 

all were d^grn'rate grown andbafej 
None took religion for their guide, 
not one of all the linful race. 

4 But can thefe v/orker£ of deceit 

bey'.li fo dull and Itnfelefs grown. 

That 2hey, like bread my people tat, 

sncGjd's alaiighty pov/'r difown t 

5 IJow Yvili they tremble then for fear, 

when his juil wrath fhall them o'ertarke f 
¥f>r to the righteous God i= near, 
and never will their caulefcrfake. 

6 111 men, in vain, withfcorn expofe 

thofe methods, which the good purfue 
Since God a refuge is for thofe^ 
whonj hisjuft eyes with favour view. 

7 WouIlI 


7 Would he his faving pow'r employ 
to break his people's fervile bnnd. 
Then (houts of univerial joy 
ihoald loudly echo through the land, 


1 T ORD, whofe the happy man that may 
■■-* to thy blelt courts repair, 
Not, ftrang'er-fike, to vint tlieni, 
hut to inhabit there ? 
1 "i is he, wiioiecvry thought and deed 
by rul*3 of virtue moves ; 
\\ h'olir genrous tongue difd^ins to ipeak 
the thing his heart di»proves. 

3 Who never did a ilander torge, 

liis neighhoiir's fame to Aound ; 
Nor hearken to a falfe report 
by malice whifper'd round. 

4 Who vice, in all its pomp and povv'r, 

can treat with jurt neglecl j 
And piety, though cloath'din rags, 
religioufiy refpect. 

5 Who :o his plighted vows and trufl 

has '.'ver hrmly ftoo.I ; . 
And tliough he promife to his lofs, 
he mates his prouiMe good. 

6 Whofe foul ill u^ury dii Jains 

his treafure to employ ; 
Whom no re\vards can ever bribe 
the gi:i!tl?is to c'itroy. 

7 The man, who by his fteady coarfe 

has happinels inliir'd. 
When earth's foundition fhakesjfhall ftand, 
by providence iecur'd. 


I pROTECT me from my cruel foes, 
^ a id ihk^d me. Lord, from harm; 
Eecaufe my truft I rtill repoie 
on thv almighty arm. 
a My foul all help but thine does Hight^ 
all gods but thee dilown ; 
Yet can no d?ed5 of mine requite 
the gooJnefs thou haii fliown. 

3 But thofe that i\ric\ly virtuous are, 

and love the thing ih:u's right. 
To fa^ournlways, and prefer, 
(had be my chief delight. 

4 Hov/ IhrJl their lorrows be increas'd, 
•^-vho other gods adore ? 

Their biooayWrings 1 deteft, 
th(?ir very iiimcs abhor. 

5 My lot is fall'n in that bleft land 

where God is truly known j 
He fills my cup with lib'ral Kand, 
'tis he fuppo'rts my throne. 
C In nature's moi\ delightful fcenc 
my happy portioa lies j 



The place of my appointed reigu 
all other lands oatvies. 
7 Therefore rnvfoul fhall blefs theLord^ 
whole precepts give nie light j 
And private ouniei ftill afford 
in lorrow's difmal night. 
S I itrive.each aftion to approve 
to his -all -feeing eye j 
No danger fhall my hopes removej 
becauie he ftiri is nigh. 
^ Therefore my heart all grief defies,* 
my glory does rejoice ; 
My flefh fhall reft, in hopes to rife, 
wak'd by his pow'rfui voice. 
io Thou, Lord, when I refxgn my breathy 
my foul from hell flialt free ; 
Nor let thy holy one in death 
the leaft corruption fee. 

1 i Thou fhalt the paths of life difplay, 

which to thy preience lead j 
Where pieafures dwell without allay^- 
and^pys that never fade. 

PSALM xvir. 

t fO tny juft plea and fad coraphinf 
-» attend, O righteous Lord ; 
And to my pray'r, as 'tis unfeign'd, 
a gracious ear afford. 

2 As in thy fight I am approv'd, 

lo let my lentence be ; 
And with impartial eyes, O Lord, 
my upright dealing fee. 

5 For thou haft fearchM my heart by day,^ 

and viftted by night; 
And, on the ftrideft trial, found 

its fecret motions right. 
Nor fhall thy juftice, Lord, alone 

my heart's defxgns acquit ; 
For I have purpos'd that my tong«« 

(hall no offence commit. 

4 I know what wicked men would da^ 

their fafety to maintain ; 
But me thy juft and mild commands 
from bloody paths reltrain. 

5 That r may ftill in fpite of wrongs, 

rav inn''cence fecure, 
O guide me in thy righteous ways,- 
and make thy footiteps fure. 

6 Since, heretofore, I ne'er in vain - 

to thee my priy'r addrefs'd ; 
O ! now, my God, incline thine ear 
to this my juft requeft. 

7 The wonders of thy truth and love 

in my defence engage 5 
Thou,whofe right hand oreferves thy faintt 
from their oppreiioi-'s rage. 



8, 9 O ! keep me in thy tend'reft carej 
thy fh<;lt'ring 'vings llretch out, 
To guard me Tafe from favage foes, 
that compals me about : 
lo OVrgrown with luxury, inclos'd 
in their own lat they lie ; 
And, with a proud bbfpheming mouth, 
both God and man defy. 
fl Well may they boafl, for they have now 
ray paths encompafs'd round ; 
Their eyes at watch, their bodies bow'd, 
and couching on the ground j 
la In pofture or a lion fet, 
v/hen greeuy of his prey ; 
Or a young lion, when he lurks 
within a covert way# 
»j A rife, O Lord, defeat their plots, 
their fwelling rage controul ; 
From wicked men, who are thy fword, 
deliver thou my foul ; 

14 From worldly men, thy fliarpeft fcoui'gei 

whofe portion's here below j 
Who, ftll'd vith earthly ftores, afpire 
no other blifs to know. 

15 Their race is numerous, that partake 

their fubftance while they live ; 
Their heirs furvive, to whom they miiy 

the vaJ\ remainder give. 
j6 But I, in uprightnefs, thy face 

flnll view without controul j 
And waking, fhall its imagefin^ 

re/le(5tedin myfoul. 

tf, 2 T^O change of time iliall ever fhocfe 
^^ my firm aiTectiOn, Lord, to thee ; 
For thou halt always been a rock, 

s fbrtrefs ana defence to me. 
Thou my delivYer art, my God, 

my truft is in thy mighty pow'r j 
Thou art my Ihielci from foes abroad, 
at home my fafeguard and my tow'r, 
J To thee I will addreis my pray'r, 
to whom all praife we juiUy owe; 
So Ihall I, by thy watchful care, 
be guarded from my treacherous fo?, 
4, 5 f'y*" floods of v/icked men diftrefs'd> 
with feas of forrov/ compafs'd round. 
With dire infernal pangs oppreis'd, 
In death's unwieldly fetters bound. 

6 To Heav'n I made my mournful pray'r, 

to God addrefs'd my humble moan j 
Who graciouily inclin'd his ear, 
and heard me from his lofty throne. 

PART n. 

7 When God arofe my part to take, 

the cojifcious eartb \y4? iiruck wJth feari 

i6 PSALM XV nh 

The hills did at his prefence /hake, 
nor could Ms dreadful fury bear. 

8 Thick clouds ofinioke diipcrs'd ;^broad, 

enfieiis of wrath, before ium cftt.c i 
Devouring fire around him giowd, 
that coals were kindled at it* fl:Anie. 

9 He left the beauteous realms of iight, 

whil'll Heav'nbow'd down its av/hai head ^ 
Beneath his feet fubltantial night 
was, like a fable carpet, fpread. 
JO The chariot of the King of kings, 
which active troops of angels clre\y. 
On H ftrong tempeft's rapid wings, 
with moll amazing fwiftnefs Hew. 
11, 12 Black watry mills and clouds confpir'd, 
with thickeft Ihades, his face to veiij 
But at h'.s brightnefs foon retired, 
and fell in (how'rs or fire and hail. 
1 3Thro'Heav'n's wide arch a thund'ring peal, 
God's angry voice did loudly roar ^ 
While earth's fad face with iieaps of hail, 
anvi flakes of lire, was cover'd o'er. 
14. His fharpen'd arrows round he threw, 
which made his fcatter'd foes retreat j 
Like darts his nimble light'nings fiew, 
and quickly finifli'd their dctcsu 

15 The deep its fecret ftores difclQs''d, 

the worivi's foundations naked lay; 
By his avenging wrath expos'd, 
which fiercely rag'd that dreadful day. 


16 The Lord did on my fide engage: 

from Heav'ii, his throne, my caufe upheld j 
And fnatch'd me troai the furioas rage 
of threat'ning waves, that proudly fwell'd. 

17 God his refUflefs pow'r employed 

my ftro.igeil foes atteuipts to break ; 

Who elfe wich eafehad foon deftroy-d 

the weak defence that I could make. 

18 Their fubcle rage had near prevail'd, 

when 1 V iftrc-fs'd and friendlcfs !ayj 
But Itil!, when other fuccours fail'd, 
God was my firm fupport and fxay. 

19 From dangers that inclos'd me round, 

he brought me forth, and fet me free; 
For feme jult caufe his goodnefs found, 
that mov'd him to delight in me. 

20 Becaufe m me no guilt ramains, 

God does his gracious help extend : 
Wy hands are free from bloody flains ; 
therefbre the Lord is full my friend. 
ft I, 22 For 1 his judgments kept in fight, 
in his ju/t paths 1 always trod ; 
I never did hi. ftatutes ilight, 

nor loolely wander'd from my God. 
^3,14. But Hill my fOHl, fincere and pure, 
did e/'n fro 2:1 darling fins rtfruin j 


r S A L M XViri. 17 

}Ii^ favours therefore yet endure, 
Oecaufc my heart and hands are dean, 


»5, 16 Thou fuit'ft, O Lord, thy righteous ways 
to vario\ds pathc of human-kind; 
They wlio for mercy merit pr;ii!e, . 

with thee fliall wond'rous mercy find* 
Thou to thejuil fhalt juaice fhow j 

the pure tjiy purity fhnJI lee : 
Such as pcrverfely chule to go, 
fnallnieet with'due returns frcm theer. 
27, 28 That lie the humble loul will fave, 
and crvifh tlie haughty'k boafted might. 
In me the Lord ah in fiance gave, 
■whole darkneia he has tuin'd to Light. 

29 On his firmiuccour ' rcly'd, 

and did o'er niin>er'ous foes prevail ', 
Nor fear'd, whiilt he was oh my fide, 
the belVdjfended walls to fcale. 

30 For Go;i's d?fiR;r? fhall iliil fucceed; 

hisvtord wjil bear the utmort ttlt; 
He's VL ftrong fhield ro all that need, 

and oi: his fure proteftiou rclt. 
jl Who then deferves to be adord, 

but God, on whom my hopes depend? 
Or who, except the migiuy Lord, 

can with rciiltlcia pow'r defend i 


52, 35 'Tis God that girds my armour on, 
and all my jiiit defigns fulfils ; 
Through hin'i my feet can fwiftiy run 
and nimbly climb the Iteepeft hills. 

34 Leifons of war from him I take, 

and manly weapons learn to wield } 

Strong bows of Iteel with eafe I break, 

forc'd by my Urorger arms to yield. 

35 The buckler of his laving health 

protects iTie from afianlting foes ; 
His hand luitains me ftill : my wealth 
ind grcatnefs from his bounty flows. 

36 My goings he enlarg'd abroad,' 

till then to narrow paths confin'd ; 
And, when in fiipp'ry ways 1 trod, 
the method of my l^eps deiign'd. 

37 Through him I numr'cus holts defeat, 

and i^.ying Iquadrons captive take j 
Nor froni iiiy fierce purfuit retreat, 
till 1 a nr.rJ conqueft make. 

38 Covered with wounds, in vain they try 

their vanquilh'd heads ai^ain to rear ; 
Spite of rheir hoaited itrength, they lie 
beneath ray feet and grovel there. 

39 God, when frei'h armies take the field, 
recruits my strength, my courage v;arms ;' 

He makes my Itrong oppofers yield, 
iubda'd by my prevailing arms. 

40 Throi^gN 

ts PSALM xrx* 

40 Through him the necks of proftrate foe? 

myco-iqii'ring ft.^et ia triumph prefs j 
Aided by him, I root out thofe, 
who hate and envy my fuccefs, 

41 With loud complaints all friends they try'^j 
but none was able to defend i * 

At length to God for help they cry'dj 

but God would no affiftance lend; 

4z Like flying duA, which winds purfue,- 

their broken troops I fcatter'd round j 

Their flaughter'd bodies forth I threw, 

like loathTome dirt,that clogs tlie ground. 

P A R T VI. 

43 Our fadious tribes, at ftrife tili now, 

by God's appointment me obey ; 
The heathen to my Iceptre bow, 
and foreign nations own my fway. 

44 Remoteft realms their homage fend, 

when my fucceisfu! name they hear j 
Strangers for my commands attend, 
charnrd with iefpe<^, oraw'dby fear, 

45 All to my fummons tamely yield, 

or fooninbanleare difmay'd; 

for Wronger holdsthey quit the neldj 

andfti'.I ia firongelt holds afraid. 

46 Let the eternal Lord be prais'd, 

the rock on whofe defence I reft ! 

To higheilKsav'ns his name be rais'd,- 

who me with his falvation blefs'd ! 

47 'Tis G04 that ftill fupports my right; 
hisjuft revenge my foes purfues j 

*Tis he, that, v/ith reiiftlefs might, 
fierce nations to my yoke fubdues; 
4^ My imiverlai fafeguard he ! 

fr-m whom my lading honours flow ; 

He made me great, and let me free 
from my remorie'efs bloody foe. 

49 Therefore to celebrate his fame, 

my grateful voice to Heav'n rll raifej 
An^nations, flrangers to his name, 
fhall thus be taught to fing his praife : 

50 ** God to his king deliv'raSce fends ; 

** fnbws his anointed fignal grace ; 
'* his mercy evermore extewds 
" to David, and his- promised race, 

I^ S A L M XIX. 

i nhH6 Hesv'ns declare thy glory, Lord, 
A which that alone can hll ; 
The firmiment and ftars exprefs 
their great Creator's skill. 
jb The dav/n of each returning day 
frefn beams of knowledge brJne:^; 
And f'om the dark returns of niglit 
divine inftru6\ion fprings. 
J Their powerful :anguage to no realm 
or region is coniin'd j 



Tis nature's voice, and undprftooi 
alike by all mrinkind. 

4 Their doctrine Joes its lacrrd fcr\fe 

through e.irth's extent diiplay ; 
Whofe bright Cjntenti. the circli-.g iuw 
does round the world convey. 

5 No bridegroom on his nuptial day, 

has fucn a cheerful face; 

No giant does like him rejoice 

to run liis glorious race. 

6 From eafl to w^it, from weft to eJft> 

\\i< reftlef;i courfe he goes : 
And, through his prog refs. cheerful light 
and vital v.-armth bertows. 


7 God's p«ffe'f> hv/ converts the foul ; 

reclaims from falfe deilresj 
With facred'wifdom his fare \"^rd 
the ignorant infpire?. 
S The ftcitutesofthe Lord are juft, 
and bring fincere delight ; 
Kisj^urecomTiands in irarch Of tri*th 
aniil the icelj);it fight. 

9 His perfe^ v.orfliip here is fix'd, 

on lure founvlations laid ; 
His e-^ual Irws are in thefcales 
of truth and iuftice weigh'd ; 

10 Of more eileem than golden mine?, 

or gold refin'd with skill: ; 
More fweet tlvan honey, orthedropt 
that from the comr dirtil. 

1 1 My trufty cminfeliors they are, 

and friendly warnings give j 
Divine rewards attend C"n thofs, 
who \y)' thy precepts live. 

12 But wh ft fraH man obferves how oH 

he does from virtue fall ? 
O cleanfe me from my fecret faults, 

thou God that know'tt them all ? 
I J Let Mopreftimptuous fin, O i.ord, ♦ 

dominion have o'er me ; 
That, by ttry grace preferv'd, I may 

the great tranfgreilion iiee. 
14 So fliftl! my pray'r and praifes b<e 

with thy accepta;ice bl-ft; 
And I fecure 011 thv defence, 

my ftrength and fdviour, reft. 

P S A L ?.f XX. 

1 T^flE Lord to thy requeft attend, 

^ and hear thee in diftrefs ; 

The name of J?cob's God defend, 

and grant ihy arras fuccefs. 

2 To aid thee from on high repair, 

?rnd l^rength from Sion give ; 

3 J^emember all thy ofFring& there, 

thy receive. 

4 '70 


4 To compafs thy own heart's defirc 

thy counfels Hill direct ^ 
Make kindly all event's confoire 
to brin2 them to effeft. 

5 To thy falvation. Lord, for aid 

we cheerfully repair. 
With banners in thy name difplayd; 
'•'■ The Lord accept thy pray'r." 

6 Our hopes are f\\\U that now the Lori 

our ibv'reign will defend : 
From Heav'n refiiHefs aid aifbrd, 
and to his pray'r attend- 

7 Some trult in fleeds for war defignMi 

on chr.riots ibme rely -, 
Againit them all we'ii call to mind 
thepow'r of God moi^ high, 

8 But from their fteeds and ch'ariots thrown, 

behold them through the plain, 
Di.brder'd, broke, ?ud trampled dovvii, 
whilft firm our troops remain. 

9 Still faveuG, Lord, and fti 11 proceed 

our rightful caufe to bieis'^ 
Hear, Kmg of Heav n, in times of need^ 
th<i pray'rs that we addrefs. 


THE king, O Lord^withfongs ofpraife^ 
(hall in thyftrength rejoice; 
With thy ialvation crown'd, (hall raiie 
to Heav n hi? cheerful voice. 
a For thou, wbate'er his lips requeft^ 
not only doll impart j 
But haft, with thy acceptance, bleft 
the v/iilies of his heart. 

3 Thy goodnefs and thy tender care 

have all his hopes outgone ; 
A crown of gold thou mad'fl him wear, 
and fett'ft it firmly on. 

4 He pray'd for life , and then, OLord, 

did'il to his pray'r attend. 

And graciouily to him niford 

a L?fe that n.e'er fhall end. 

5 Thy lure defence through nations round 

has fpread his glorious name •, 
And his fuccelsfulad^ionscrowH'd 
with majeiry and fame. 

6 Eternil ble/llngsthou beftow% 

and mak'ft hisjoys inci»;afc; 
Whill> thou (.0 hj'm" unclouded /how'ft 
the brightneis of thy face. 

P A P. T IJ. 

7 Becaufe the king on God alone 

for tinjely aid relies f 
His mercy ilili lupports his throne, 
and all his wants furplies. 

8 But righteous Lord, thy ftubboni fow 

ilvill feel thy keavy hand j 



Tby vengeful armQiall ftr.d out thofr, 
that bate thy mild command. 
9 When tliou againlttheni dfjtl engage, 
tby juft but dreaat'ul doon^ 
Shaif, like a glowing even's rage, 
their lv>f>es and them conl'um^, 
I a Nor Ihall tJ\y tuj'ious auger ccale». 
or r.'ith their ruin en J ; 
But root out all their guilty race, 
and to their feed extend. 
XI For all thrir thoughts werefet on ill, 
tl\eir hsarts on malice bent j 
But thou w'th watclitul care didrt ftill 
the ill eifec'ts prevent. 
12 While/he^/ their iwi/t retreat fhall make 
toMcipethy dve^diul migl't, 
Thy iwiftcT arrows Ihall overtake, 
and gah rhem in their flight. 
liThus,Lord,thy \\o\iii ilrength diidofe 
and thus ocal': thy f&me ; 
VVhihl wc gbd ibngs ot praile compoic 
to thy almighty name. 


I ]Vy[Y Cod, my God, why leav'ft thou me 
IVl vvjic'ji i with rtiigriiAi faint ! 
O ? why fo far from rne removed, 
and from roy loud complaint ? 
X All day, but aiJ the da>' unheard, 
to thee J do complain ; 
"^Vitli cries implore relief all night, 
but cry all nij'ht in vain. 
I YetthfMi art itjii the righteous Judge 
of Tunoceiice opprefs'd ; 
And therefore ICucrs rraifes are 
of right to thee adilrefs'd. 
4, 5 On thee our ancefturs rely'd, 
and thy deliv'rance found j 
With pious confidence theypray'd, 
and with fuccefs were crown'd. 

6 But I am treated likes woimj 

like none of hum'.n birth ; 
Not only by the preat revil'd, 
but made the ribble's mirth. 

7 With Iftughtcr ail the gazing crowd 

my agonies furvey j 
They fhoot the lip, 'they fhdke the head, 
and thus deriding iay ; 

8 «•' In God he t ufK^d, boa.'ting oft 

*»• that he was Hr:av'ir3 delight; 
** Let God come down to lave him now, 
" and own his iavourite.'' 


9 Tho!i mad ft my teeming mother's womb 

:i living '-itsprin^.bear j 
>M\en but a Juckling at the breaft, 
J V/4S thy early cure. ... . 

10 Thou 


10 Thou, guardian-Iike, didft fhield from wrongft 

my hei pit fs infant days j 
And fitice haft been my God, and guide 
through life's bewildered ways. 

11 Withdraw not then io far from me, 

when trouble is fo nigh ; 
Oi ft^nd me help I thy help, on which 
1 only can rely. 
xz High-pamperM bulls, 5 frowning herd, 
from Bafan's foreft met, 
With ilrength proportion'd to their rage, 
have me around belet. 

13 They gape on me, and ev'ry mouth 

a yawning grave appears j 

The defert lion's favage roar 

Jeiis dreadful is than theirs, 


14 My blood like wciterfpiU'd, my joints 

are rack'd and out oi frame 5 
My heart difiblves within my breaft, 
like wax belorethe fJame. 

1 5 My ftrength, like potter's earth, is parched 

my tong'>ie chaves to my jaws j 
And to the filent fliides of death 
11) y fainting ibul withdraws, 

16 Liite blood-hounds, to furround m?, thcy 

in pack'd affemblies meet : 
They pierc'd my inoffenfive hands ; 
they pierc'd my harmlefs f^^et, 
1"? My body's rack'd, till all my bo;ie2 
d]ftin(511y may be told; 
Yet fuch a fpedtaclecf woe 
as paftime they behold, 
;ft As fpoil, my garments they divide, 
lots for ny vefture czf\ j 

19 Therefofe approachiO Lord, myftrengtb, 

and to my fuccour hafte, 

20 From their Oiarp fwords proted thou mcj 

of all but life bereft: 
Nor let my darlinj^ in the pow'r 
of cruel dogs be left, 

21 To fave me from the lion's jiv/5, 

thy prefent fuccour lend ; 
As once, from goring unicorns, 
thou didft my liff defend, 
zzXhtn to mv brethren I'll declare 
the triumphs of thy name ; 
In prefence of an*emblrd faints 
thy glory thus proclaim : 
13 " Ye v.orihippers of Jaocb'c God, 
''all you of Ifriel's line, 
*' O Liraife the Lord, knd toyour praife 
*•■ nncere obedience join. 
24 *' He ne'er difdain'd on low diftrefs 
" to caft a gracious tye ; 
•' nor turn'd from poverty his face, 
»* bat hears its huaible cry." 

^^ PA R T 



25 Thus, in thy facred courts, will I 
my cheerful thanks exprei: ; 
In prefjnce of thy faiu*;* penorm 
the vows of my diitreit;, 
z6 The meek companions of my grief 
fhall find my table fpread ; 
And all that leek the Lord f)\all te 
with joys immortal fed, 
J7 Then fhall the glad converted v/orld 
to God their homage pay ; 
And IcatrerM nations ot the earth 
one fov'reign Lord obfy. 
28 'Tis his fuprt-meprerogitive 
o'er lubjecl king's to reign i 
•Tis juft that he Zhou Id rulr^ the wprld, 
who does the world iuitain. 
Z9 The rich, v/ho are wi:b plenty fed, 
his bounty miift confefs ; 
The frtn* of want, by him relieved, 

their gen'rous patron bieiV, 
With humble wonhip to his throne 

they al! for aicj refort ; 
That pow'r, which firft their belrgs gave, 
can only them lupporr. 
30, J I Then fniil a choien fpotlefs race, 
devoted to his iianie, 
To their admiring heirs his truth, 
and glorious idts, proclaim, 

P 5 A X. M XXII r. 

1 ttHE Lord himi'elf, the mightv Lord, 

•»• vouchsafes to be my guiae ; 
The fhepherd, by whofc cojiftant care, 
my v/ants are all fapply'd. 

2 In tender grafs he makes me feed, 

and gently there repofe ; 
Then leads me to cool fliades, and wher©- 
refreihing water flows. 
5 He does my wand'ring foul reclaim, 
and. to his endlefs praif.', 
Inflru£t with humble zeal to walk 
in his molt righteous w:iys. 

4 I pafs the gloomy vale of death, 

from fear and danger free ; 
For there his aiding rud and ftaff 
defend and comfort me. 

5 In prefence of mv fpiteful foes 

he does iijv table fpread : 
He crowns riiy cup with cheerful wine, 
with oil anoints my head. 

6 Since God doth thus his wond'rous love 

through all my life extend. 
That life to him I will devote, 
and in his temple fp end. 

I TTHE fp-'.cious earth is all the Lord's, 
'*'^ the Lord's Ler fLUne^s is : 




The world, and they that dwell therein, 
by fov'rcign right are his. 
fi He framed and fix'd it on the ieas: 
and his almighty hand. 
Upon inconftant floods, has :nade 
the liable fabric itand, 

3 But for himieK this Lord of all 

one chofen feat defign'd ; 
O f who fhall to that lacred hill 
deferv'd admittance ftnd ? 

4 The m:ui, vvhofe hands and heart are purCj 

whofe thoughts from pride are free j 
Who Jionelt poverty prefers 

to gainful perjury. 
^ This, this is he, on whom the Lord 

fnaU ihov,?'r his bleiftngs down j 
■\Vhoni God, his faviour, fhall vouchfafe 

with rij',htc:oufnef3 to', 
C Such is the race of faints, by v/hom 

the facred courts are trod'; 
And fuch th-e pfo^elytes that leek 

the face of Jacob's Coa. 
7 Ereft your heads, eternal gates ; 

unsold, to entertain 
The KJBg or Git)ry : fee ! he coroes 

with his celelliril train. 

5 Who is the, Xing of Glory ? who ? 

the Lordj ibr ftrength renov/n'dj 
In battle mighty ; o'er his foes 
eternal victor crovvird. 

9 Ereft your heads, ye gates, mifoli 

in ftateto enctTt;\irr ^ 

The King of Glory : fee! he comes 
with all his i>iiaing train. 

10 Who is the -King of Glory ? v/ho i 

the Lord oi hons renowa'd i 
Of glory he iJor-e is King, 
\vho IS witn giory crowji'd, 


r, 2 'yO God, in whom I truft, 
J- 1 lift my heart and voice j 
O ! let me not be put to ihame^ 
nor let my iocs rejoice. 
3 Thofe who on thee reiy, 
let no difgrace attend ; 
Be that tlie Aametul lot of fuch, 
as wilfully o.-T.-nj, 
4^ 5 To me thy truth impart, 
Hnd lead me in thy ..'ay y 
For thou art he that brings me help j 
on thee 1 wait all day, 

6 Thy wiercies, and thy love, 

O Lord, recall to mind i 

And graciouily continue fti.'], 

as thou wert ever^ kind. 

7 Let all my youth fal. crimes 

be plotted out by thet: j 


P S A r M XXV. 

And, for thy wond'rous goodnei's' fake, 
in mercy think on me. 
J His mercy, and his truth, 
the righteoub I>or<l difplays. 
In bringing wand^riiJg fmners home, 
and teaching them his ways. 

9 He thofe injufticc guides, 

who his direSion Jeek ; 
And in his ficred pr.ths iTiall lead 
the humble and the meek. 

10 Through ali the ways o*^ God 

both truth and m^rcy Ihine, 
Tofuchas, v/ith rc.'igiotis hearts, 
to his blefl will incline. 


11 Since mercy is the grace, # 

thatmort exalts thy fame, 
Forgive my heinou ; fn., O Lord, 
andlo advance thy r.iine. 

12 IVhoeVr, with humble iear, 

to (;od his duty pays. 
Shall hnd the Lord a faithtul gaid?, 
to all his right*inu8 ways. 
1 5^ His (juiet foul with peace 
ftjall be for evfr hl.-fs'd ; 
And by Jiis numerous race the land 
jfuccemveiy ponefo'j. 
1 1 For God to ail hjs faints 
his fee ret will inipttrts, 
And does his gracious cov'nant write 
in their obedieiit hearts, 
i 5 To hnn I lift my eyes, 
rind wait his tuiK;!y aid. 
Who breaks the (^rong and treach'Vv'j 
which for my feet ^vao laid* 
j6 O ! turn, and ail uiy griefb, 
in mercy. Lord, redrefs ; 
For L^m compafs'd round with, woes 
aauplung'd in deepdiftrei's. 
%y The iorrows of my heart 
to mjghty funis iiicrcafc ; 
O ! from this dark and dilmil ftite 
ir.y troubl'jd foul rehafc ! 
x8 Do thou, with tender eyes, 
my fad affli»f>ion lee ; 
Acq I it me, Lord,a«d from my guilt 
entirely let m? free. 
jg Coiifider, Lord, my foes, 

how vitft their numbers grow ' 
What lawiefi: force and rage th.°y ufe, 
y/hit boundlefbhate they flio.v ! 

20 Proteft, an:i fet my foul 

fr)&i their fierce inaiicefree ; 
lAior let mo be afhr.;n'd, who place 
my fteut ut truil in thee. , 

21 Let hU my righteous afts 

tofu'I per fe^ ion rile; 
tfrca jfe my f>j\H and conftant hope 

zi T» 


aS > S A L M S XXVI, XX^VU^ 

SZ To Ifrael's chofen race 
continue ev^^r kind ; 
And, in the midll of all their wantj, 
let theui, thy fuecour find. 

9 TUDGE me, O Lord, for I the pathe 
J or r ghteoufueib have trod -, 
1 cdf.not fail, vho all my trult 
repcie en thee my God, 
ft, 3 Search thou my heart, whofe innoccttc* 
•vviil fh;ne the more 'tis try'd ; 
For I have kept thy grace in view, 
ajid m?id'; thy tfut* ruy guide, 

4 1 never for compariions took 

the idle qr prophane ; 
No hyvjocrite, withip, 1 his arts, 
could e'er my fri- ndfhip gain. 

5 I hate the bify plotting crew, 

who make difiracted times •, 
And iTiun their v^uciced ccmpanyt 
As I avoid their crimes. 

6 I'll vv-aiTi my hands in innocence, 

and bring a heart fo pure. 
That, when thy airar I approach, 

my welcome fli?.ll fecure'. 
7, 8 M'y thanks I'll puhlifn there, and teJ] 

how thy renown excels ; 
That feat affords me moft delight, 

in which thy honour dwells. 

9 Pafs not on me the finners' doom, * 

v/ho murder nnVe their trade; 

10 Who others' rights, by fecret hribe^ 

cr open force, invade. 

11 Bat I wiil walk in paths of truth, 
and innocence purfue ; 

Proteft me, therefore, and to me 

thy mercies, Lord, renew, 
jz In Tpit? o: ail aiTauitine foe?, • 

I ftiil maintain my ground 5 
And fhail furvive amo:',^ thy faints, 

thy praifes to relound. 


1 TT1 HOM fhould I fear, firce God to me 

W is faving health and light r 
Since ftrongly he my life lupports, 
what can my foul aifright r 

2 V/ith fierce intent my flefh to tear, 

when foes befet me round. 
They rtuttibled. 3nd their haughty crefts 
were made to ftrAe the ground. 
3 Through hira my heart, undaunted, dares 
with mighty Kofts to cope; 
Through him. in doubtful itraits of war, 
for good fuccefs I hope. 
4 Henceforth, within his houfe to dwell 
I earneAly defire ; 
His wond'rous bea ity there to view, 
ana of his wi!] enquire. 


!• S A L M XXVIiL i^r 

jf Tor thfre I miy with comfort reft, 
in times of deep diltrels ; 
Aivl fafe, as on a r./ck, abide 
io that fccurc recjfs : 
§t Whilft God o'er aii my haughty fQ«e 
my lofty head fhail raife ; 
And I my joyful tribute bring, 
with grateful fongs of praiie. 


7 Continue, Lord, to h -ar my vQicc^ 
vviiene'er to thee 1 cry j 
In mercy vav complaints receive, 
nor my requeft deny. 
9 When us to leek thy glorious facr 
thou kindly dnf^ advife ; 
** Thy gl ^.rioiis lace Til always feek," 
my'gV:.te'uI heart replies. 
5 Then hide not thou thy face, Lord, 
nor me in wrath rejefl ; 
My God and Sav cur, leave not him 
th.'U didft lo eft rrote^t. 
^oThout;h all my friends, and kindred to©» 
thsi/helpiefs chirge forlake ; 
Tet thou, whofe love excels them 311,^ 
wilt care and pity take. 
tt Inltru<fl me in thy paths, O Lord ; 
my ways diredlly guide; 
Lefl envi ,us men, who watch my fteps, 
flioul I fee me tread afide. 
Xr Lord diinpiJcint my cruel foes ', 
defeat their ill defire, 
1^'1'Crfe lyi: g UpG, ^.nd bloody hand»^ 
againil my peace conipire. 
ij I trufted that my future lifo 

iho<ild with thy love be crown'd ; 
Or elfe my fainting foul had funk, 
witii ferrow compafi'd round. 
r4 God's time with patient faith expeft, 
v\'tio Willi nipi re thy breaft 
With inward flrtrgth : do thou thy part, 
and leave to him the reft. 


t r\ LORD, my ro-k, to thee 1 cry, 
^^ in fighs conf:me mv breath j 
O I anfwer, or I ihii: become 
like thefe that fl-'ep in death. 
2 ReEcarJ my fuppiication. Lord, 
the cries tint I r2prat, 
Wnh w'i'epi-ig eycK,* and lifted hands, 
before thy mercy-f?at. 
I Vei tne <^fi ape th£ fi.^ners' doom, 
who m^ke a tride of ill j 
And ever fi^eaV the perfon fair, 
whofe b'nd ther mean to fuilL 
4 Accori5-!g to fhi?ir crimes' extent, 
t?t jMflice have its conrfe ; 
Relenr'efs be. to them, a? thev 
Jttȣ fi!i*'d without remoFfe. 



5 Since they the works of God defpife, 
nor will his grace adore: 
His wrath Ihall utterly deftroy, 
and build them up no more. 
/6 Biitl, with due acknowledgment, 
his prailes will relbund, 
From whom the cries of my diftrefe 
a gracious anivver found. 
fj My heart its confidence repos'd 
in Gcd., my ftrength and fhield 5 
In him I trufted, and return'd 

triumphant from the field. 
As he hath made my joys complete, 

'tis j aft that I Hiould raife 
The cheerful tribute of my thanks, 
and thus refound his praife : 
% " His aiding pow'rfupports the troops, 
" that my juil caufe'maintain ; 
*4 'Twas he advanc'd me to the throne^ 
" 'tis he fecures my reign." 
9 Preferve thy chofen, and proceed 
thine heritage to blefs j 
With plenty proiper them, in peacCa 
in batLie^ withluccefs. 


1 V^ princes, that in might excel, 

■*- your grateful facrince prepare ; 
God's glorious adlions loudly tell, 
his word'rcus pow'r to all declare, 

2 To his great name frerti altars raife j 

devoutly due refpecSt af'o'-d; 
Him in his holy temple praife, 
where he's Avirh iblemn itate ador'tl* 

3 'Tis he that, with amazing noife, 

the v^at'rv clouds in funder breaks : 
The ocean trembles at liis voice, 
when he from heav'n in thunder fpeaks. 
4, 5 Kow full of pow'r iiis voice appears, [ 
with what m^jefiic terror cmwn'd! 
Which from their roots tall cedars tear.^, 
and ftrows their icatter'd branches round. 
<& They, and the hills en which they grqv., 
are fometimes hurry'd far away '5 
And leap, Hke hinds that bounding go, 
or unicorns in youthful play. 
7, 8 When God in thunder loua'ly f peaks, 
and fciitter'd flames of lightening feud% 
The foreft r^ods, tlie defert quakes, 
and Ifabborn Kadefh lovyiy bends. 
9 He makes the hinds to call their \ wing, 
and Uys the beafts' dark co»/eits bare j 
While thofv that to his courts beioiig, 
fecurely iing his prailes there. 
ip, 1 1 God rules the angry floods on ^^gh^ 
his boandk'is fway UriW never ceafe : 
Ilis vAxnti v.'i?h llren^rh he nill fuppiy', 
ai.d biers Jiis owa wi-tii coriitant p^ytc. 

p b A L :a 

PSALMS XXX, xxxr. 29 


I I'LL celebrate thy prilics. Lord, 
* who didll thy powr employ 

To raife my drooping head,"an3 checfc 
my toes' iniulting joy. 
2, 3 la my diftrefs I cry'd to thee, 
who kindly didft relieve. 
And from the grave's expe*^ing jaw« 
my hopclefi, life retrieve. 

4 Thus to his courts, ye faints of his, 

with fongs of praile repair; 
With me commemorate his truth, 
and providential care. 

5 His wrath ha? but a moment's reign, 

his favour no decay j 
Your Bight of grief is recompensed 
with joy's returiiing day- 

6 But 1, "in'profp'rous days,'prefamd", 

no i'udden change I fearMj 

Whilftin my funfTiine offuccefs 

no low'ring cload appear'd. 

7 Butfoon I found thy tavour, Lord, 

my empire's cnly trult ; 
For,' when thou hidd':^ thy face, I lav/ 

my hon>iur ilid in dull. 
3 Then, as i vainly had prefumM, 

my error 1 confefs'd i 
And'thus, with fupplicating voice^ 

thy mercy's throne aildrefs'd : 

9 *' What profit is there in my blooi, 

*- *■ con^eard by death's cold night ? 
" Can fitent aihes fpeak thy praife, 
*' thy wcnd'rous truth recite i" 

10 *-*■ Hear me, O Lord; in mercy hearj 

** thy wonted aid extend ; 
*' Do thou fend help, ca whom alone 
«•' I can for help djpend." 

II Tis done! thou haft my mournful fcei^C 

to fongs and dances tiirn'd ; 
iBvefted^'me with robrs of ftate, 

who late in f^ckcloth mourn'd. 
32 Exalted thus, Til gladly fmg 

thy praife in graceful verfe ; 
Ar.d, as thy favours endlefs are, 

thy endlefs praife rehearfe. 

I "PXEFEND me, Lord, from fhame, 
-*--' for Hill I truft in thee ; 
As iuft and righteous is thy Mame, 
from danger let me tree, 
Z Bow down 'thy gracious ear, 
and fueedy fuccour fend ; 
Do thou my rtedfal^ rock appear, 
to Ihflter and defend. 
3 Since thou, when foes opprefs, 
rav rock and fortrels art. 

To guide me forth from this diftrefe, 
tiTy wonted help impart. 



4 Relfafe me from the inare, 

wbieh they have clofely laid^ 
S'lixzs i, O Gv:ci» my ftrength» rfi^ir 
to thee alone for aid. 

5 To thee, the God of truth, 

my life, and al! that's mine, 
(F«r thou prelerv'dft me from my youtfe,^ 
I WilliRgly refign. 

6 All vain deftgns I hate 

of thoi'e that truft iti lies; 
And ftiU niv Toal, in ev'ry ftate, 
to God for faccour files. 


^ ThoT« mercies f hou haft fliown, 
I'll cheer r-?liy exprefci 
For thou hai> feen my ftraits, aild ks^wji 
my foal in deep diftrefs. 
S When Keiiah's treach'roui race 
did all my ilrength inclofe, 
TliOii gav'ft 'At/ feet a larger fpaec, 
to fhTuu my \/atchfuI foes. 
9 Thy mercy. Lord, difplay, 
and hear rny ju.t complaint; 
For both myi'oul ana fle(h decays 
with gritf and hunger faint, 
ic Sad thoughts my VJp opprefs ; 
my years are Ip'ent in groans ; 
My fins have rna<le my lTren.,;th decree, 
and ev'n confum-d my bones. 

1 1 My foes my fuft'rings mofck'd ; 

my neiii^hbours did urb-aidi 
My friends, at fight of mt?,, were ftock'i^ 
and fled, as men difmayd, 

12 Forfook by all am I, 

as dead, asd out of mind ; 
And like a fhatterM vejT4 lie, 
V. hofe parts can ne^er be ioin'd. 
il Yet fjand'rous words they I'peaJc, 
and feem my p0"?'r to dread ; 
VVhilA they together counfei take 
my guiltiefs blood to ftied. 
14 But ftili my ftedfall truft 
I on thy help repofe :' 
That thou , m.y God, art good end jui?^ 
my foul vvitii comfort kndws. 

Part iiL 

J 5 Whate'er events betide, 
thy wifd<*.m times them all^ 
Then, Lcrd, thy fervant fafely hidfe 
i from thofe that feek his fall. 
l6 The brightnefs of thy face 
to me, O Lord, difclofe ; 
And, as thy mercies iUll increa/e, 
prefer ve me from my foe?. 
J 7 Me from difhonour fave, 

who Hill have cali'd on thee ; 
Let that, and filence m the grav^ 
*he 6nuo's portion be. 



^S Do thOu their tongues rei^rain, 
whole breath >n lies isfpetu j 
Who falfe reports with proud dtfdain, 
aga:ii:l the righteous vent. 

19 Ho'.v great thy mercies are 

tofuch as tear thy name. 
Which t'-.oa tor thole that truftthycarij 
dort to th«.* wor.a oiOclRim ! 

20 Thou keep'it them in thy fight, 
from proud C'ppreiibrs free j 

From tongues tnat do in ihife delight^ 
they are preleCyd by thee. 
a I With glory and rsnowu 
i;od''s name be ever blert ; 
Whore lave, in Kdlali's well-fenc'd towrij 
was wond'roufiy exprils'dl 
iilfAi'U in h-.ifty flight, 

»' Vm baniih'dfrom thine eyes;*^ 
Yet ftill thou '<eep'fl me in thy iight> 
and heard'lt myearneft cries, 
i] O ! all ye iaints, the Lord 
with eager love purlue -, 
Who to thejuft will helpafTord, 
and give the proud their due. 
»4 Ve that on O-id ri^ly, 
courajeoufiy proceed; 
Tqt he will ftill your h-.-arts fapply 
with ftrengthj in tiiiie ofnead. 


t t-JE's bleft whole fins have pardon ^^?lV^j 
*^ no more in juc^raent to appear 3 
Whofe gjilt reijji'fiion has obtaiu'd, 
and whoie r<fp"ntinc- is fincerc. 
A While I conceaPd the fretting fore, 
my bones confion'd wiriiout relief 5 
All day d^d I with angiiifh ro^r ; 
but no c );-nplaints aif.vag'd my grief. 

4 Heavy on me thy hand rfnldia'd, 

by day and night alike diftrcfb-'d, 
Till quite of vital inoifture drain'd, 

like land with I ummer'sdrought oppreft'd* 

5 No foonor I fty wo.ind difclos'd, 

the guilt that tortar'd me within, 
But tH"y forgive nefs interpoi'd, 
and mercy's healing balm pour'd in, 

fc True penitents fliall '^hus fucceed, 

who feek thee whilft thou mayMt he found j 
And, from the common d" uge freed, 
(hill fee re-norfelefs fi'mers drown'd. 
J Thy favour. Lord, in all dillr.'fs, 
my tow'r of refuge I mail own; 
Thou (halt my haughry f3es fupprefs, 
and me v/ith fongs of triumph crown, 
t la my inllruaion then confide, 

ye that would truth's f:ife path defcrv^* 
Vour progrefi I'll fecureiy guide, 
and kesp you ia my watchfi^ eye, 

X 4 9 ?iifcmii 


9 Su''>mit yourfelves to -wifdom's rwle, 

like mtrn that reafon have attain'd ; 
Not like th' ungovern'd horfe and mule, 

whofe fury m>j.l\ be curb'd and rcin'd. 
JO SorrovvTs on forrows multiply d, 

the hardened I'tnner fnaH confound: 
But theru-v^^ho in his truth confide, 

bieilings of mercy fhall furrmiiid. 
1 1 His laints, that have pcrf&rm'd his laws, 

their life in triumph fhall employ j 
Let them, as they alone have caufe, 

in grateful raptures ftiout for joy. 


I I ET all the juft to God, with joy, 
■*-* their cheerful voices raifc J 
For well the righteous it becomes 
to fmg glad iongs of praife. 
a, 3, Let har{>s, and pfalteries, and lutcf^ 
in ioyful concert meetj 
And new-made longs of loud appiaufc 
the harmony comi5tete. 
4, 5. For faithful is the word of God j 
his v.orks with truEh abound; 
He juftice loves; and all the earth, 
is with his goodnefs crown'd. 

6 By his AlmiSjhty word, at firft, 

the heav'nly arch was rearM, 
And all the beauteous holts of light 
at his commana appear'd. 

7 The fweJlin^ floods, together roird» 

he makes in heaos to lie ; 
And lays, as in a liorehcufe fafe, 

the wat'i y treafures by. 
8, 9 Let earth, and all that dwell thereia 

before him trem.^ling Itand j 
For, Vviicn hefpake the word, 'twas madc;» 

'twas fix'd at his command. 

10 H?, when the heathen clofebj'' plot, 

their councils undermiiies ; 

Kis wifdoni ir.effedtual makes 

the peoples' rafli deligns. 

11 \Vhate'?r the mighty Lord decree? 

fhall ftand for ever fure ; 
The fettled purpofe of his heart 
to ages fhall endure. 


12 How happy then are they, to whom 
the Lord r^^r God is known ! 

Whom he, from ?.ll the world befidcs, 

has cho/en for his own. 
13, 14, 15 He all the nations of the earth, 

from heav'n, his throne, furvey'd; 
He faw their works, and view'd tlieir thoughts 5 

by him their hearts were made. 
16, 17 No king is fafe by numerous hoflsj 

their llrength the ftrong deceives: 



No manngM horfe, hy force or fpecd» 
his warlike rider f:ives. 
tK, 19 ''tis God, who thofe that truft in him 
bcl'.olds vvitj^ gracious eyis ^ 
He frees their foiil frora death ; their want, 
in time of dearth, iupy)lies. 
ia,2i Our foul on CJod wn h i>atience waits ; 
our help and ihitld is he; 
Then, Lord, let Uill our hearts rejoice, 
hecauf. we trult in thee. 
22 The riches of thy mercy. Lord, 
do thou to us extend ; 
Since we, for ali we want or wifh, 
on thee alone depend. 


1 TPHroiigh all the changing fcenes of life^ 
*- in trouble and in iov, 
The praifes of thy God'^ihail ftill 
my heart and tongue empioy. 
z Of his deiivrance i wjli boaft, 
till all that arc diftreft, 
From my example comroi t take, 
and charm rheir griefs to reA. 

3 O I magnify the Lord with me, 

with me exalt his name j 

4 When in difcrefs to him 1 call'd, 

he to my refcue came. 

5 Their drooping hearts were foon refrefh'd^ 

v.-r.o look'd to him fcr aid j 
Deftr'd luccefs i;i ev'ry tace 
a cheerful a-r difplny'd. 

6 „ Behold, (fay tJley) behold the man, 

" whom providence reliev'd; 
** The man fo dang'rouily befet, 
*■'■ fo v/ond*rouilv retriev'd!" 
•- The holis of 'God eiicar.ip around 
the dwellings of the juil ; 
Deliv'rance he affords to all, 
who on his fuccour truik. 
S ! mike but trial of his love, 
experience will decide 
How bleft they are, a;id only they, 
who in his truth condde. ' 
9 Fear him, ye faints ; and you will then 
have nothing elfe to fear : 
AUke you his ferv ice your delight, 
your wants ihali be his care, 
to While hungry lions lack their prey, 
the Lord wiil food provide 
For fuch as put their trull in him, 
and lee their needs fupply'd. 
PART il. 

11 App'-oftch, ye piouily difposVl, 
and my iiiitructio.i hear ; 

I'll teach y<.-u the true cifcipline 
of hi;; religious fear. 

12 Let hi.^i who length of life deiires, 

and p»-Qib"r:us clays would let, 

X 5 15 Frotrj 


Ij From nand'ring- language keepliiitojigac, 

his iips from ralihoodtree ; 
14 The crooked paths of vice dedmc, 

and virtue's ways piirfue ; 
Eiia'olifh peace, where 'tis begun ^ 

and where ?!•; loft., renew, 
f 5 The Lord noaa heav'n beholds the jtfll 

with favourable eyes ; 
Ai->d, when diftrefs'd, his gracious ear 

is open to their cries ; 

16 But turns his wrathful look on thoCe, 

whom mercy can't reclaim. 
To cut them oif, and from the ear^j 
biot out their hated name. 

17 Deliv'ranceto 2i:s faints he givses^ 

whe:i his relief they crave ; 
-J 8 He's nigh to heal the broken heart, 

ana contrite fpirit fave. 
ig The wicked oft-, but ftill in vain, 

againft the juft corfpire; 
20 For under their afHiOion's weight 

he keeps their bcnes entire. 
li The wicked, from their wicked arte, 

their ruin fnaii derive j 
Whiift righteous men, whom they deteO, 

fnall them and theirs furvive. 
S:Z For God preferves the fouls of tho^e 

who on his truth depend ; 
To them, and ISheir pofterity, 

his Weffings Hiall defcend. 


1 A GAINST all thofc that ftrive with me^ 
■^ O Lord, affert my right ; 
With fuch as war unjiiftly v/age, 
do thou my battles fight. 
3. Thy buckler take, and bind thy fhield 
upon thy warlike arm 5 
Stand up, O God, in my defence, 
and keep me fafe from harm. 

3 Bring forth thy fpear ; and Hop their courfCp 

thut haite my blood to ipill; 
Say to my foul, " 1 am thy health, 
*' and will preferve thee ftiil." 

4 Let them with fhame be cover'd o^cr, 

who my deilrudHon fought ; 
And fuch as did ray iiarm devife, 
be to confufion brought. 

5 Then fhall they fly, difpers'd like chtif 

before the driving wind; 
Cod's vengeful minifter of wrath 

iTiall foilov/clofe behind. 
4 And when, through dark and Hipp'ryvwiy^ 

they ilrive his rage to ftiun, 
His vengeful miniilers of wrath 

(hall goad them as they run. 

*f Since, unprovok'd by any wrong, 
th^y hid th«f treadi'fouslaare 


t> S A L M XXXV^ ii 

And, for my hirmlels loul, a pit 

did, witlioiircaufe, prer-ar-v- ; 
t SurpnsM by niilchiefs u;\:jn, 

bytheir own arts betray'J, 
Their feet /hall fall inio the net, 

which they lor mc had laidi 

9 Whihl my giud foui thnli God's grsat namf 

for this aciiv'r<ince bleis. 
And, by h/s i'tving health fecur'd, 
its gr.itetui joy exi refs. 

10 My very uoiJi's (hxA fay, *' O Lord, 

" who ci.i com; are with th.e ? 
•♦ Who fetfrt the poor and heiplefs man 
" from ftroag cpprctlors free." 


1 1 Falfe witneiTes, v/ith f^irg'd complaints^ 

agiinil my trath cnmbin'di 
And to my charge luch tilings th?y laid, 
as I had ne'er di'fign'd. 

12 The good v.hith J to them had doae, 

with evil they repaid ; 
And did, by malice uud^*ferv*d, 

my harralcls life invade. 
Ij But as for me, when they werefic^ 

I itill iti fickcloth mourn'd ; 
I pray'd and falted, and my pray'r 

to my own breall return'd. 

14 Had they my friends or brethren beenj 

I could have done no more; 
Nor with more decent figns of grief 
a mother's lois deplore. 

15 How diifr^nt did their carriage prove, 

in times of my diftrefs ! 
Wh^n they, in cro.v^^. together met, 

did lavage joy exprefs. 
The rahble too, in nunrroiis throngs, 

by tneir example canie : , 

And ceas'd not, with reviling words, 

to wound my fpotlefs fame. 
i6 Scoffers that noble tables haunt, 

and earn their }:read with lies. 
Did giiaOi their teeth, and Hanu'ring jefisy 

maiicio-iny devilV. 
17 But, Lord, how long wilt thou look on f 

on my beh: IT appear ; 
And fave my guiltlefsioul, which they, 

like rav'ning beafts, would tear. 

iS So I, before the liff^ning world, 
fball grateful thanks express ; 
And whcie the »»eataftembly niecttj 
thy name wit*!i praifes blefs. 
59 Lord, lufi"oT not my caulelefs foes 
who unjiiiHy hate ; 
With open joy, or fecret figns, 
to mock my lad el^ate. 
Z9 For they, with hearts averfe to pcacf j 
indaflfioufiy 'leviio, 

X 6 A£ein/t 


PSALM xxxvi; 

AgainA the men of quift minds 
to fcrfre n}alicious lies. 
3.1 Nor with thele private arts content, 
aloud tliey veut their fpitc; 
And fay, " At laft we found him out, 
" he did it in our Aght." 
XI But thou, who doft l)0Lh them and me 
witli rJghteouB eyes lurvey, 
Afiert my innocence, O Lord, 
and keep not far away. 
Z3 Siir up thyfelf in my behalf; 
tojudgment, Lord, awake, 
Thy rignicous lervant's caufe, O Godj 
to thy dccifion take. 

24 Lord, as my^ heart has upright been, 

let me thy juixice find ; 
I^or let my cruel foes obtain 
the triumph they defign'd, 

25 O I let then: not, amongft themfelves. 

in boailing language, fay, 
*' At length our wifSes are complete j 
*-• dtlaJj. lie's made our prey." 

26 Let luch as in my harm rejoic'dj 

for fhame their faces hide J 
Ai.dfoul difhcncur wait on thofc, 
rhav pro-dly me defy'd; 

27 Whiilt they with cheerful voices fliout, 

wlio my jufi caufe befriend ; 
And biefs the Lord, who loves to make 
fucceis- his faints attend. 
a8 So fiiail my torgu-2 thy judgments fing^ 
infpir'd with grateful jcy j 
And cheerful hymns, in praife of thee, 
fjiali all my days employ. 

1 TVAV crafty fee, with flattl'ing art, 
^^^ his v-kked purpofe would difguifej 
But realon whifners to my heart, 
lie ne'er fets God betore his eyes. ' 
3. Kefoothes himfelf, retired from fi[:ht ; 
iVcurehe thinks his treach'rous game 
Till his dark plots, expos'd to light, 
their fa lie contriver brand Vkiih fhame. 

3 In deedshe is my foe confefs'd, 

whilit wi-th his tongue he fpeaks me fair j 
True wiiaom's haniih'd from his breaf^, 
arid vice has fole dominion there. 

4 His wakeful malice fpende the night 

in forging his accurs'd defigns 5 
His cbili'uate, ungen'rous fpite 
no execrable means declines. 

5 ru':, LvOrd, thy mercy, my fure hope, 

above the heav'niy orb afcends ; 
Thy facred truth's unmeafur'd icope 
beyond the fpreadin^ sky extends. 

6 Thy'juitice like thehiiii. remains; 

unf'aM'Om'd depths thy judgmeiitG arcj 
Thy providence the wcr'd fui^ains; 
tW vyt«k cjcaLion is thy cais. 

7 fekice 


7 Si'-.f P of thy gnodiiefs all partnkc, 

with wli'at aiVur.nicc Oiouldtlicjiift 
Thy /helt'niig win^js their rolugc mak?^ 
and faints to thy protcdion truit; 

8 Such guefts ihall to thy courts be led, 

to banquet on thy love's repaft ; 
And drinJt, as from a fountain's head, 
of joys that inali for ever laft. 

9 With thee thefprings of life remain; 

thy prefence is eternal day ; 
ID O I let thy fainto thy favour gain; 

to upright hearts thy truth difplay. 
1 1 Whilil pride's infultiag foot would fpurn^ 

and wick;od han'is my life furprife, 
IZ Their niiicliiets on themfelves return ; 

down, down they're fall'n, no more to rif|, 


1 'y Hough wicked :r.en grow rich or great, 

-* Yet let not their fuccefsful ftate 
thy aneer or thy envy raife ; 

2 For they" cut d>jwn li!ce tondtr g;raff. 
Or like young flow'rs, avvay fnall pais* 

whofe blooming beauty foon decays. 

3 Depend on God, and him obey. 
So thou wiihin the hnd ftialt'iUy, 

iecure from danger, and from want : 

4 Maice his comm-indsthy chief delight j 
And he, thy duty to requite, 

Ihall all thy earn-il v/iihes grant. 
$ In all thy ways truii thou the Lord, 
And he will needful h.elp uffordj 
to perfe,^t evry iultdehgn ; 

6 Hellmake, like Light, ferene and elea*, 
Thy clouded innocence appear, 

and as a mid-d?.y fun to Oune. 

7 With quiet inlud on God deocnd, 
And patiently for him attend ; 

nor let thv an^er tbndly rife, 
Thoa2;h wicked hien with wealth aboiinij 
A ad with Hiccefs the plots are crown'd 

which they nsHJiciouily devife. 

8 From anger ceaie, and wrath forfakc ; 
Let no ungovern'd paiTio.i make 

thy wav'rin'i heart tfpoufe their cri»iie« 

9 For God (hairnnful men deftrry; 
Whiht only cliey the land enjoy, 

who truil on him, and wait his time. 
.10 How foon fhall wicked men decay ! 
Their place ihall vaniih quite Hv/ay, 
nor by the ftrii^eilftitrcii be a)und; 
I ! Whllil humble fouls poiTeis the earth. 
Rejoicing ftill with godly mirth, 

with peace and plenty filways crown'd. 

P A R T II. 

ji While finfu! crowds, with f:\ire def:gn, 
Agxmij the righteous few com:?ine, 
ttfiu gnjiiii their teeth %n^ threat'niig ftand; 
^ isGji 


J 3 God ihfill their empty plots deridf , 
And laugh at their defeated pride r 
he i't;es their ruin near at hand. 
!4 TJiey draw the fword,and bend the bow. 
The poor and needy to certhrow^ 
and men of upright lives to fiay ; 
i$ But their ftrong bows fnajl foon be broke 
their fharpen'd weapon's mortal itroke 
through their own hearts fliail force its wsf , 
16 A little, with God's favour blefs*d 
That's by one righteous man poirefs'd, 
the weaitli of many i^ad excels ; 
37 For God jupports theiuil man's caufe i 
But as for thcfethat break his laws, 
their unfuccefsful pow'r he quells. 
i8 His conftant ere the upright guides. 
And over all their life prefide5 ; 
their portion (hall for ever lad : 
19 They, vv' hen diAreis o'erwhelms the cartfc. 
Shall be uninov'd, and ev'n in dearth 
the happy fruits of plenty tafle. 
10 Not fo the wicked man, and thofe 
Who proudly dare God's will oppofe ; 

deftruftion is their hapkfs fhare : 
Like fat of lambs, their hopes, and they,' 
Shall in an inftant melt away, 
and vanilh into fmoke aud air. 

PART iir. 

0.! While Hnners, brought to fad decay. 
Still borrow on, and never pay, 
the jaU have v/i{l and now'r to give. 
22 For fuch as God vouchfafes to blefs. 
Shall peaceaMy the earth pofTefs ; 
and thofe he curfes (hall not live. 
13 The good man's way is God's delight j 
He orders all the fteps aright 
of hiru that nivoves by his command ; 
34Thoui^h he fometimesmay bediftrefs'dj 
Yet fliail he ne'er be quite oppreis'd y 
fcr God upholds hitn v.dth his hand. 
x^ From my .<irft youth, till age prevail'd, 
I never faw the righteous fail'd, 
or want o'ertake his nam'roUi race ; 
i6 Becaufe compafnon fiil'd his heart. 
And hedidcheerfuliy irrpart, 
Gou made his oifspring's wealth increafe* 
2,7 With caution (hun each wicked deed, 
'in virtue's ways with zeal proceed, 
and fo prolong your happy days ; 
aS For God, who judgment loves, does ftiU 
Prcferve his faints fecure from ill, 
while foon the wicked race decays. 
i9-, 30, TT Theupright fliall po/fefs the land; 
His portion fhall ior ages iiand ; 

his mouth with wifdom is fiipply'd : 
His tongue by rules of judgment moves } 
His heart the law of God approves j 
fthere/ore hisic&tfteps never Aide. 


PSALM xxxviir, %^ 

jz.rn wait the watcrh:! fi.iser lies 
in vain th: rigliteou:. to « irpriie; 
in vain his ruin doew decr:e : 
jj God will not him d{:tcnce».'i\. leave. 
To hs revenue exposM, but lave ; 
and when he's lent«nc'd, fet him free, 
J4, Wait ftiii on God ; ke?p his coiiiin?viid -, 
And thc.i, txaited in the land, 

thy bliii'd poneiTiOii ne'er (h^U quit r 
The wic;^,:;d loOn deftroy'd fha'l be. 
And at his dJmal tragedy 
thnu (h"At a fafe Ipi-d^tor fit. 
J5 The wicked I in pow'r have feen, 
And, like a hav-trte, trefli and green, 
that ipreads'itsple.'.lant branches rounds 
56 But he was ^one as Iwitt as thought j 
And, though m ev'ry place 1 fought, 
no fign cr track of' him 1 found. 
37 Ohferve che perred man with care, 
AJKiniark ail iuch hs upr''^^t are j 

their rougheildays Ln p'.ace fhall enda 
j8 While on rhe latter end of thofe, 
Who dare God's facred will oppofe, 
a common ruin fhail attCiid. 
J9 God totlie iutt will aid aiTi.rd ; 
Their only lifeguard is the Lord ; 
their ftren?:th in time or need is he : 
40 Becaufe cn'him they fjil depend. 
The Lord will rimeiy fuccour And, 
and from the wicked let them free. 


1 T^HY wrath, O Lord, reftraiH, 
■*- thoui;i\ I deferve it ad ; 
Kor I:^ ^t y !ice on me the itorm 
ov thy difvleafure rail, 
X In ev'ry \\Te:ched p.nrt of me 
thy ariows deep remain ; 
Thy heavy hand's afHiiling weight 
1 can no mor? fuilain, 
J My flefh ii one continued wound> 
thy wrath fo fiercely glows ; 
Betwixt my puniihment and guilt 
my bones have no rcpcfe. 

4 My iins, which to a deluge fwcl!, 

mv firiking heal o'erflow. 
And- tor my feeble ftr.\ng^t)« to bear, 

too vail a burden grow. 
5; Stcsch and corruption fid my v/ounds ; 

my felly's juft return ; 
t With trouble I 2m w^.rp'd and bow'd, * 

and ail :Uy lon^ I mourn. 
7 A loathd diieafe airlifts my loins, 

infevT' n? ev ry part ; 

5 With fi€'<ueis worn, I groan and roar 

CiiruugL 2n»uiih oi my heart. 


40 P S A L M XXXIX, 

PART 13. 

^ Buty Lord, before thy fearchinge>'«s 
ail rny deiires appear ; 
And fur e my groans have been troo loafl, 
not to have reach'ci thine ear. 
FO My heart's »ppreis'd,my ilrength decay''d, 

my eyes de{-yfiv'd of light ^ 
1 1 Friends, lovers, idnlinea gazh aioof 

on ^"li^i^ dirm;-d fight, 
12, Mean .w^le, the foes that feek cay life 
their iiiarcc to take we fet : 
Vent ilanders, and contrive ail day 
to forge iome new deceit : 
i; But I, as If both deaf ar.d dumb, 
nor Jicar'd, nor once rsply'd j 

14 Qitite deaf and dumb, like one wlic^e tomgvit 

with confcious guilt is tyd, 

15 For, Lord, to thee I do appeal, 

my innocence to clear ; 
Ailur'd that thou, the righteous God© 

my injur'd caufe wilt near, 
f 6 ^^ Hear me," i'lid 1, « leri my provd foei 

" a Auteful Joy diiplay j 
«' Inluhlng, it they lee my foot 

*•* jbut once to go artray." 
17 And, \vith continual grief opprers'4» 

to fink I now begin f 
J 8 To thee, O Lord, I will confefs, 

to thee bewail my fin, 
19 But wniht I languiih, my proud foe» 

their ftrength and vigour Doaft -, 
And they that hate me wirhout caufe 

are grovvn a dreadful hoft. 
2.0 Ev''n they whom I obiig"*d, retur.i 

my kindnefs v/ith defpite ; 
And ire my enemies, becaufe 

I choof? the path that's right ; 
21 ForiaJ-i^'me not, O Lord my God, 

nor tar from me depart ; 
Z2 2vlak:ihafte to uvy relief, O thoa, 

who my iaivation art. 

s "D EfolvM to watch o'er all my wa^'s, 
*^ i kei i: my tongue in awe j 
J curbed my haSy words, when I 
the wicked proip'rous la//^ 
S. Like one that's dumb, I (-ilcnt rJood, 
and did my ro:;gae refrain 
From gc'od difcourfe. Hut that reftraiat 
increased my inward pain. ' 

3 My hcaxt did glow with working thoughts, 

and no repoie cojH take ; 
TiJi ihoog redeftion fanned the iire, 
a^id thus at length 1 fuake : 

4 L{;rd, Jet me know my term of days, 

h<AV ibou my lifr wiii end : 
The num'rouc rrain o^ jils difclor?! 
w^CA tiiitfisii iUi^ attgnJ. 

5 ^'y 


5 My life, thou know'il, is but a I'pan : 
a cypher lums my years ; 
And cv'ry mir, in beft eftate, 
but vanity appcirs. 
$ Man, like a ihacloA, vninlywallcs, 
with fruitlcis care opprelsM ; 
He heaps up vvtiltli> but cannot tell 
by whom 'twfll be poncfs'd. 
7 Why then (hould I on vvorthlefs toys, 
with anxious attend f 
On thee alDr.e my fteclf'ail hope 
fhall ever. Lord, depend. 
t» 9 Forgive my fms ; nor let me fcorn'd 
by fboiifh dancrs l-e ; 
Fot I was dumb, and murmur'd not, 
becaufe 'twas done by thee. 

10 The dread All uuJHien uf thy wracJi 

in nuTcy loon remove ; 
Left my frail fleOi too weak to bear 
the heavy loai ihoulci prove. 

11 For when'thou chaftMieftman for iln, 

thou maic'it hi; beauty fade, 
iSo vair. a thing is he 1} like cloth 
by fretting moths decay'd. 
II Lord, hear my cry, accept my tear f, 
and lilten to hiy pray'r, 
Who foiourn iikeailranger here, 
as ail rayfathers weret 
13 O ! fpare me yet a little time ; 
my waited ftrength reftore, 
Before I vaniih quite from hence, 
and fhail be leeu no mure. 
P S A L M XL. 
I T Waited meekly for tlie Lord, 
•■■ till he vouchl":;fd a kind reply j 
Who did his gracious ear afford, 
and heard from heav'n my humble cry. 
i He took me from the difmal pit, 

v/hen four.derd deep in miry clay j 
On folid ground ke plac'd my feet,' 
and futter'd not my Aeps to dray. 

3 The wonders he for me has wrought 

ftiall fill m.y mouth with fongs of praifcj 
And others, to his worfnip brought, 
to hopes of lik? deliv'rance raiie. 

4 For blcliings ihall that man reward, 

who on th' Almighty Lord relies; 

Who treats the proui with difregard, 

and hates tlie hypocrite's diiguife. 

5 Who Cxin the wond'rous works recount 

whichthou, O God, for us haft wrought/ 
The treafures of thylovefurmount 
the pow'r of numbers, fpeech, and thought, 

6 I've learnt that thou haft not defir'd 

oft'rings and facri:ice alone 5 
Nor blood of guilticis beafts requir'd, 
for man's tranlgredjon to atone. 
-7 therefore come — come to fulfil 
the ciacies thy books impart j 



S 'Tis my delight to do thy will ; 
. thy law is .vritten in my heart. 
PART 11. 

9 In f.ill affemblies i have told 

thy truth and ri^^hteoafaefs at largf ;; 
Nor did, thou knovv'i^, my lips withhoiii 
from att'ring what thou gav'H in charge z 

10 Nor kept within rnvbteailconAn'd 

thy^aithfuliiefs and laving grace ; 
But preach'd thy love, for all deiign'd, 
that all mi J fit that, and truth, ernbracc* 

11 Then lee rhoie mercies I declar'd 

to others. Lord, extend to me y 
Thylovi-.g-k-ndnefs my rs.'Vvard, 
thy truth my laie protection be., 
II For 1 vith troubles am diftrc^iVd, 
too numberlefs for me to bear ; 
Kor lefjs with loads of gviilt opprefe'd? 
that plunge and fink me to deipAJT. 
As foon, alas! may I recount 

the hair? on this afHif^ed head ; 
My vanquijTi'd courage they (urmount, 
and iil! my drooping foul with dread. 
B^ A R T HI. 
J 3 But, Lord, to my relief drav/ near, 
for never was more prefling need ; 
In my deliverance. Lord, appear, 
and add to that deliv'ranc2 fpeed* 
I4 Confufion on their head? return, 
who todeltroy my loiil combine ; 
Let them, defeated, blufh and moUrJt, 
enfnar"d in their own vile defign. 
f 5 Their doom let defolation be, 

with fhnm'^ their malice be repaid, 
Who mock-'d my confidence in thee, 
and fport of my affli£ii6n made. 
!6 While thofe who hutnbiyfeek thy facCi 
to joyful trium-:)hs fhiU be fais'd ; 
An i all who prize thy faving grace, 
wJch iiiertfound. The Lord be prais'd. 
17 Thus, wretched though I am and ',>oor^ 
. of me th' A might./ Lord takes c*re : 
1 liou.God. whoo-ly canfl reflnrc, 
to my relief with fpeed repair. 

i TLIAPPY the man, whOfe tender cart 
* ■*• relieves the poor diftreii'd ! 
When iroubljs compuf. him around, 
the Lord iliall £,ive him ref^. 
2 The Lord his life, with bleilings crown^ip 
in lafety fhall prolong ; 
And difappoint the will of thofi 
that feek to d > him wrong. 
I If he in languifliing eftate, 
opprefs'd with fxcknefs lie ; 
The Lord ^'<ill -afy make his bedj 
akiil inward llrengtiV fuppiy. 

4 Secure 


4 Secure of this, to thee, my God, 

I thus my pray'r addrel's d j 
•» Lord, for thy m?rcy, hfal n:y Voiil, 
'•• though i liave much tran'grel.'J."' 

5 My cruel foes, with naii.l'rous worJs, 

attempt to wound ray fame ; 
«' Wlicu fhall he die, "fay they, "andmeit 
*' forget his very nan:e r" 

6 Suppofethey formil vifits ma'ie, 

'tis all but emotyOiow j 
They gather miJ*cliief m their hearts, 
and vent it where they go. 
7, 8 With private whifpcrs, fuch as there, 
to hurt mc they devife j 
*' A fore difpafe affilf>? him now j 
he's fali'n, no more to iiie." 
9 My own familiar hofon-frjend, 
on whom I mort rciy d. 
Has r»e, whofe daily gueit he was, 
with o{)en fcorn de.yd. 
*o But thou my i'sd and wretched ftatc, 
in mtTcy, Lord, r-^gard ; 
And raife 'me up, that all their crimo« 
may meet their juft reward. 
II E^ this I knew thy gracious ear 
is\)pen, when I call ; 
^ Becau'fe thftu fuff.'r'ft not my foes 
to triumph in my fall. 
Iz Thy tender care fecitres my life 
from imger and dife;rice j 
And th )u vouchfaf'ft to let me ft:!! 
before thy glorious face. 
I J Let thfreforj IfraePs Lord and Goi 
from age to fige be blefs'd ; 
And all the people's glad applaufe 
with load Amen's expreit, 


1 A S pant^ the hart for cooling ftrearr.r^ 
>**■ wlv?n h edited in the chaco ; 
So lon«?^ my (cul, O God, for thee, 
and r-iyrefreOiing grace. 
a For thee, >.nv G'>d, fn.^ living GoJ, 
my thirfVy <ou! dcth pine ; 
Q ] when fhall 1 bel.old thy nice, 
thou Maje<^y Divine ? 
) Tears are my cr.rftant food, while thus 
infultine; foes upbraid ; ' '• 

** Dt-ludcJ V r j:c:\ ! where's no^v thy God 2 
*' and where Ms prouiis'd aid ?" ' 
4 I figh, whene'er my mujlng thoughts 
fhofe happy days prefenr. 
When I, With tfoops of pious friends, 

thy temple did frequent. 
■^Vheri I advanc'.i v/ith for js of praile» 

my f^lemn vows to pav, 
Ann led the ioyf:;! ficred throng, 
tkAt kept the feltai day. 

5 Whj 


5 V^niy rcftiefs, why caft down, nryfo'il? 

truftCod ; wlio will empk>y 
Jiis aid for thee, «nd change thefe fii^s 
to tliankfnl hymns of jtjy. 

6 My iQui's caft.down, O GodJ bwt thinks 

on thee and Sion ftiU ; 
Froni Jordan's bank, from Hexraon's lieiSfWte 
andIvli^ar's humbler hill. 

7 One trouble caUs another on, 

and, giith'Ting o'er my Jiead, 
Fall fjXiuting down, till round my ibifll 
a roaring i>a is fpr^ad. 
3 But when thy.prefence, Lord of Iific» 
has on-ce difpeii'd this ftorm. 
To thee I'll midnight anttiems/mg, 
and ail my vows pey^'orm. 
^ God of my lircngth, how long ThaB S, 
like ore foi^octcn, moitrn ; 
Forlorn, ron'aken, and expes'd 
to my oppreiTor's (corn r 
10 My heart is pierc'd, as with sfworS, 
while th:i5 my foes upbraid : 
♦^< Vain boafter, where it nowthy^Godf 
'' and wliere his promis'd aid f" 
ti Why rertleis, v^hy caft down, my foxu 
hope i'^ilJ ; andthGai^jalt fing 
The praife of him who is thy GgS, 
thy health's eternal fpring. 

J TUST J iidge of heav'n, againft my 'feta 
J do thou aflerr my injur'd right.^ 
O ^etme free, my God, from thofe 
that in ckrcit and wrong deiight. 
* Since thou art ftill my only iia>% 

why leavft t>ioum.e in deepdilireJBs? 
Why go I mourning all the day, 
whiltl me ini'ulting foes opprefs ? 

3 Let m.e with 'light an^^ truth bebleft-, 

be thefe my guides, to lead the way. 
Till on thy holy hill i reft, 
aiid in thy facred temple pray* 

4 Then will l there irefh altars raifJc 

to Cod, who is my only joy 5 
And weil-tun'd harps, with fangs' of prasi?, 
fiiail all my grateful hours employ. 

5 Why then caft down, my foul ? and v/h^ 

fo much opprefs'd with afixious cai<e 
©ft God, thy God, for aid rely, 
who#ri]rthy ruined ftate repair, 

I r\LORD, our fathers ofc have told 
^ in our attentive ears. 
Thy wonders, in their days perforni'c?., 
and elder times than theirs*: 
i How thou, to plant them herp, didfi driv^ 
the heathen from this land, 
©ifpeopled by repeated fk'rokes 
«f thy averfegiaghaad. 


- For not their courage nor their fwcrd, 
to them porieir.on gave^ 
Kor llrength, thatlrjm unequal k^rcfr 

their fainting troops couUl fave : 
But thy right-n and, and pow'rfuJ arm^ 

v/hoie fuccour they imp lord ; 
Thy preience with thechofen racc» 
wii3 thy great name ador'd^ 
4.AS thee their God our fathers own'd, 
thou art ourfoVreign King ; 
©■f theretnre, as thoud:<l'it to them, 
to as deliv'raHce brins:. 
5 Through thy vifYorious'NTame, our arn» 
the ptoudeft foes ihall quell ; 
Aad crmli rhem with repeated Uroices^ 
as-oit as they rebel. 
# Ell Rcith^rtruft my bow norfword, 

when 1 in fight eiigage ; 
J But thee, who hrr't^nir foes fubda^d^ 

and fham'd their iDitefui rat^e. 
S To thee the triumph we afcrlhe, 
from whom the cojvqueftca-me: 
la, God, we wiil reioice all day, 
and ever blefs his Name. 


9 But thou hal? cad as off"; and now 
mod ihamefuily we y.eld; 
For thou no more vouchiai'n to lead 
our armies to the fkid : 
fo SLnce when, to evry upflart foe 
we turn our backs iJi fight j 
And with our fpoil their malice feail, 
who bear tis antient fpite. 
If To .^laughter doom'd, we fail, like 2jeep> 
into tlTeir butchDng hands 5 
Or -what's more wretched yet; furvive, 
iiii'pers'd through heathen lands. 
la Thy people thou haf: fold for ilaves, 
and let their price lo low. 
That not thy treasure, by the fale, 
but vhe.r difgrace, may grow. 
fi, 14 ReprouCh'd by all the nations rounds 
the heathen's by-word grown ; 
"SVliofe fcom oi us is bi/th in ipeech^ 
and mocking geftures, ihown. 
j^ Confoiion ftnkes me blind : my face 

i I cwilcious fname i hide; 
j5 While we are feoiPd,andGjdbIai*phe:n*d, 
ry their licentious pride. 


J7 On us this heap of woes is fa.'Pn ; 

all this we hav^ endurd ; 
Yet ha. e not, Lord, rcinouiiCd thy name, 

or taith to ihee abjur'd: 
i2 But in thy nghteous paths have kept 

our hearts ar.d fte^.s u'lth ere: 
%7 Tho'.i^htho'-: haat broke.''. r.:l our rircngth, 

ar t! •.%••: aia.o.'* deipiir. 

i-5 COUiJ 

4€ PSALM XLr. 

10 Could we, forgettingthy great Nam?, 

on other gods rdy, 
ii And not the Searches- of al' hearts 

the treach'rocis crJHie defcry ? 
zi Thou feeft what lufF'rings, for thy fak« 

we ev'ry day Ijiftain •, 
All Haughterd, or referv»d like :)-ieep 

appointed to be /lain. 
ij Awake, arife ; let f?eming ficcp 

no longer thee detain; 
Nor let us. Lord, v/ho fue to thee, 

for ever fue in vain. 
24 Oh ! wherefore hideft thou thy face 

from our afflided ft^te. 
45 Whofe fouls and bodies fink to earth 

with griePs